Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sirius Star: ISS Unveiled

The hits just keep on coming. Today is the 10th Anniversary of the launching of the Zarya rocket, which kicked off the International Space Station, or ISS.
I was lucky enough to be at mission control in Moscow's Star City when the Russians launched the first stage of the International Space Station (ISS). They called it Zarya, which means Dawn. 
The enterprise itself was meant to be just that - a new dawn for human space exploration. Moments after the launch, the then head of Nasa, Dan Goldin, said: "Within a few years, the brightest star ever will appear in the sky." He said it would be a sign of hope because nations who had once fought each other had now come together to use their ingenuity, not to blow up humanity, but to make a better world.- BBC
Goldin. Dawn. Gotcha.