Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Great Eclipsing of America, Part One

Seven years ago I began ranting about how the death of a 90s rock star marked the beginning of the Apocalypse, and that an obscure dream-pop diva from the 80s was its chosen herald. Needless to say, I was greeted with laughter and derision. 

But I have a feeling a lot of people aren't laughing anymore.

2017 might not seem particularly relevant to some people, but the fact is that it couldn't possibly be more relevant. And one of the most important connectors between 2017 and 2024 are the Great American Eclipses.

I wrote about this year's eclipse a few weeks back and the history of ritualism attached to eclipses throughout history. Eclipses are ominous enough but on top of we'll also see a comet. 

Not just any comet, mind you, but the "Devil's Comet." It goes without saying that this one-two punch would have ancient soothsayers hiding under their beds.

Both eclipses and comets are associated with the deaths of kings and other disasters, so you know the black magicians in Washington are working overtime trying to figure out what's heading their way. 

There's a lot of dark rumblings going around these days and a palpable stink of fear wafting from a lot of corner offices out there. I have a feeling that their little digital toys are not going to protect them from the wrath of their gods.

What do I mean by that?

You can never tell with these things, but let's just say that it wouldn't surprise me if Old Man Karma is finally going to be catching up with the Globalist junta currently in power. Or even that those dark gods of theirs are fed up with their endless hubris and have decided they all need a visit from Nana Nemesis. 

An extended visit.

Which may be why we're seeing a lot of alarms being raised by authorities over the eclipse, with the National Guard being called out in some states. Oklahoma is mobilizing their HAZMAT troops, which makes you wonder just what the hell they think is coming in April. 

Especially since some state governments are advising folks to stock up on essentials, just in case.


I was on Sam Tripoli's show a couple weeks ago discussing the P Diddy situation and speculating that it may be his turn to get Harvey Weinstein'd. You can only get away with being a noxious sexpest as long as you're raking in the Benjamins, to paraphrase the man himself. Well, you know what I mean.

But Diddy's gravy days are long since over and the ratf**king in store for him is almost certainly a harbinger of much darker times ahead, just as Harvey's humiliation was a foreshadowing of the current catastrophic collapse in the movie racket. 

I don't know enough about Diddy to opine on the specifics, but I can spot a campaign when I see one.
There's gotta be something afoot because the ironically-named "Justice Department" is giving Diddy the same boot-to-the-neck treatment it usually reserves for Catholic grannies and disabled Trump supporters. 

This is what so often happens to the bagmen who get too big for their britches - they get stitches. If not ditches.

And you know whatever Diddy did to piss off the Regime, it's especially egregious. He's part of the same downlow-mafia that Obama and his crew are, so one can only imagine. He's been protected for nearly 30 years now, so clearly something out of the ordinary is at work here. 

And it will probably come out, in the not-too distant future.

Diddy's sponsor - music mogul Clive Davis - is still with us, but I don't know what kind of condition he's in (he's very old) or what his current status is with the Regime. Whatever it is, he doesn't seem to be in any position to help his protege. 

Diddy's dilemma is especially interesting given this bizarre story, that still has yet to be properly explained. No one seems to believe the official account, but the story has vanished down the memory hole. 

The corporate media has never and will never do or say anything that might make Obama even vaguely unhappy, so he could literally do anything to anyone he chooses and totally skate on it. 

That said, all this drama only adds fuel to the rather disturbing fires that seem to be flaring up for the Regime these days. For all of us, really.

And then there's this story, which may well finally break the truth embargo the overlords have enshrouded the Smiley Face situation with. The drownings seem to have been increasing in frequency this past year, which may bolster my suspicion that this is the work not of a serial killer, but a cult. 

A cult that may have military origins and may be dedicated to drowned gods like Osiris or Antinous. The choice of victims strongly seems to suggest the latter.

And it hasn't escaped anyone in the conspiracy community's attention that this poor kid was fished out of the river on 3/22, the same day of the "ISIS" massacre in Moscow.

Which brings us back to Chris Cornell's death. 

See, it wasn't until I realized he was very close to the late Jeff Buckley - who also drowned in a river in Tennessee, 27 years ago - that the full significance of his passing became clear to me. 

Researcher William Ramsey has speculated that Buckley may himself been a victim of SFK, which would certainly fit the victimology. There was also an annual crypto-Masonic pageant taking place in Memphis that weekend, which might speak to the cultic angle.

So let's remind the clock back to the week that the Apocalypse began and look at the events at hand.

Let's start with this episode of The Leftovers, which featured Doctor Who, a drowning, a nuclear attack, and...

...well, see for yourself.

Yeah, it's like that. Did I mention that this aired the day after the 40th birthday of the Cinematic Sibyl, Samantha Morton? Well, it did. Note that particular Sibyl played in an explicitly apocalyptic drama two years later.

And you not only had a Buckley scenario but a sex cult dedicated to Fraser.

Wait: I meant Frasier

Not that Frasier, but the legendary lion. It also kicked off in Tasmania, where by sheer chance the Siren Song ritual took place a few months later. 

What was the Siren Song ritual?

Well, it was basically an "art exhibit" where a bunch of random singers did their best Elizabeth Fraser imitations. The music was blasted across the city of Hobart by an elaborate system of loudspeakers, some suspended from a helicopter.

The same group repeated the ritual in England the following year and actually got the Sibyl herself involved. The name of this ritual - "Clarion Call" - syncs with the many symbolic connections between the Sibyl and the Archangel Gabriel, which we'll dive into some other time.

Given that the first act of the Apocalypse was about to unfold, it must be mentioned that our precious Sibyl resurfaced from her bower to announce her appearance at Royal Albert Hall, two days after the Frasier cult insanity. She was invited to give a talk with Iceland-based musician John Grant as part of the BBC Proms festival.

Of course, we've discussed Iceland recently, haven't we?

Remembering Frasier the Lion, it was inevitable that Chris Cornell would leave this mortal coil two days later at the MGM Grand in Detroit (at the end of Elizabeth Street). MGM Grand's logo being a lion and all.

Welcome to Sibylogy, folks.

The same day tickets for the Sibyl's Royal Albert appearance went on sale, (Cocteau) Twin Peaks: The Return premiered at the Ace Theater in Los Angeles.

The Ace was once run by United Artists, which was once part of the MGM empire. Go figure, right?

As Synchronicity would have it, the Sibyl's consort and protector was the drummer for Spiritualized during their Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space period. 

BACK TO 2024


In what future historians may see as the kickoff of full-scale hot world war, 3/22 also saw the massacre in Moscow, allegedly committed by "ISIS." Whatever that's supposed to mean.

If you were wondering what that disgusting squirty sound you heard on Friday was, you should know that chickenhawks all over Washington spontaneously spooged in their tighty whiteys as soon as they heard the news about the atrocity.

"Chickenhawks" in both meanings of the term, of course.

And as Fate would have it, the next day the Soyuz took off to dock at the International Space Station, or ISS. 

Pronounced "ISIS." Weirdness abounds.


Three days after the Apocalypse began - and on the day Twin Peaks: The Return premiered on Showtime - Donald Trump took part in this insanely creepy orb adoration ritual with the leaders of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The ostensible (read: "bullsh*t") explanation for this was counterterrorism something or other bla-bla-bla, but let's see what happened the very next day....

... a reported ISIS attack at an Ariana Grande concert in England. What are the odds, folks?

Weirdly enough, Ariana later underwent her own creepy orb adoration the following year in the video for "The Light is Coming."

More recently, RICH-TV host Richard Hall got himself in legal jeopardy when he questioned the official narrative about the Ariana Grande concert.

England is a straight-up police state, folks. It's also even more doomed than the rest of Europe. If you still live there, please start thinking seriously about emigrating before you get rat-effed by that satanic government. 

Because you eventually will, trust me.

A few months after the Ariana Grande situation, we saw the Harvest 91 debacle in Las Vegas, involving yet more MGM properties and Jason Aldean, who stirred controversy last year with his "Try That in a Small Town" single.

Note the Sphinx there, as well as the pyramid and the obelisk. Which is to say my friggin' goldfish instantly spotted the ritualism that was sprayed all over this situation.

And this brought us back to The Leftovers, since the password for admittance on the Frasier cult's orgy boat was in answer to "I'm 91 and I'm having a son."
That in turn connects us to the 91 counts of lawfare the Regime - meaning the Regime's oligarch overlords - have brought against Donald Trump. 

I really don't care about Trump's travails one way or the other - I don't trust him and I don't think there's any stopping the apocalyptic process now underway - but it's very likely this is all some kind of ritual working as well. 

It could all be to bolster Trump's rep with his voters, or it could have a deeper meaning...

... specifically that the Regime's puppetmasters are dedicated to reviving Babel in hopes that their gods (AKA the Watchers) may return to this plane and grant them immortality. 


The fact that the Etemenanki - AKA the Tower of Babel - was 91 meters and 91 meters wide doesn't exactly dissuade me from that suspicion.



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