Friday, June 24, 2022

Let Meme Entertain You

This conversation is taking place literally everywhere these days. Bet on it.

Monday, June 20, 2022

The Meme of the Crop

Not only is the world suddenly waking up to the End of Innovation, the world will soon be forced to wake up to the reversal of Innovation if Russia and China stop exporting all those rare earth metals and noble gases we need to make semiconductors. 

I've been saying it for a while: if we stay on our present course, we'll be lucky to have a working internet in ten years.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Empire of Lies' Collapse Proceeds Apace

I've been saying since day one that the Metaverse is a born loser, a white elephant that will most likely lead to Facebook's insolvency and implosion (and arguably already is). Problem is no one believes me since I tend to come to these conclusions by let's say unorthodox means. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Johnny Depp, Stranger Things, the Apocalypse and You

Well, there's a lot shaking in Secret Sun City, and the syncs are swarming like starlings all over the liminal sphere. I hadn't planned on getting into the whole Johnny Depp thing again, but then he and Jeff Beck had to go and cover a Killing Joke stomper during a victory gig at Royal Albert Hall. And as you might imagine, a new gaping hole then opened up in the Swiss cheese we once naively called "Reality."


Friday, June 03, 2022

Stranger Things Deep Dive Sizzle Reel

We took a very deep dive on Stranger Things and the real-life horrors lurking behind it during a Secret Sun Institute livestream last night. There's more to come, because to understand where we are today, we need to understand how it all began. 

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Stranger Things Deep Dive Livestream

Come join us for an epic deep dive on the disturbing history (and unsettling future) behind the Stranger Things phenomenon. There's a lot more going on with this series besides monsters, mind control and Eighties nostalgia.