Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Johnny Depp, Stranger Things, the Apocalypse and You

Well, there's a lot shaking in Secret Sun City, and the syncs are swarming like starlings all over the liminal sphere. I hadn't planned on getting into the whole Johnny Depp thing again, but then he and Jeff Beck had to go and cover a Killing Joke stomper during a victory gig at Royal Albert Hall. And as you might imagine, a new gaping hole then opened up in the Swiss cheese we once naively called "Reality."


I will also be doing a livestream on the West Memphis murders tomorrow night for Secret Sun Institute scholars - June 8th, 10 PM EST - and I hope you will come over and join us. 

This is another decoding which turned out to be nutsac-kickingly obvious once you understand the basic symbolism at work. I'm actually a bit shocked the symbolism here hasn't been more widely discussed (if at all), but I suppose that it doesn't even register on most people's radar like "Satanism" does. It sure as hell does with Damien Echols, though, based on his own statements.

Do come over and enroll at the Secret Sun Institute. Regret it, you will not. Remember: the world has gone insane, so you need to be institutionalized. 

The West Memphis Three were able to buy their way out of prison, thanks in large part to boatloads of Hollywood money and an endless stream of Hollywood propaganda. One of their biggest supporters is Johnny Depp, who is also best buds with ringleader Damien Echols. We'll have a look at how this fits a pattern with the one-time matinee dreamboat, who I've come to see as a naive pretty-boy searching for macho validation, more so than some kind of malevolent Illuminist or something.

The WM3 organization is taking the circus back into town, with a publicity stunt based around some experimental DNA process. As you can tell, the corporate media is 100% in their pocket, so look for a major hullabaloo if the results are anything other than definitively incriminating.

But do remember the WM3 have never been exonerated; they took an Alford plea and had their sentences reduced to time served. Being from Braintree and all, I don't buy their crap for a minute. I know far too much about these types and what they're capable of, believe it. Remind me to tell you a story or three sometime.

One wonders if the WM3 association sank Duncan Trussell's Midnight Gospel, which had cast Echols as a voice actor. Netflix are in the midst of a radical course correction at the moment, having sucked hard on the Woke pipe to the inevitable catastrophic consequences. They're also 86'ing all the animation projects they green-lighted during the lockdowns, so there's that.


Johnny Depp is an interesting case. He went out to Tinseltown to launch a music career but ended up in the picture shows on account of being very, very pretty. His first role was the first Nightmare on Elm Street, a mind-control caper which is getting the Stranger Things tribute treatment this year, all the way down to casting Robert Englund himself.

Depp knocked about some low-profile projects before getting cast in 21 Jump Street, a Steven Cannell production that the nascent Fox network picked up. The series - essentially David Cassidy: Man Undercover writ large - turned Depp and costar Richard Grieco into teen idols overnight. But Grieco soon landed a spinoff (Booker) and Depp then left the series, and it limped to its death without him.

But for our purposes, note that pretty much everyone who worked on 21 Jump Street went to work for Chris Carter when The X-Files pulled into town. 

Depp took up with a series of starlets, including my little 'Nonnie, here in her peak-pretty period. And of course she'd later show up on Stranger Things, though her part has been whittled away considerably since the first - and by several country miles - best series.

Depp went on to become Tim Burton's favorite paper-doll and established himself as a chameleon of the olde-tyme Lon Chaney school. I found the returns to be rather diminishing with each increasingly-cartoonish incarnation, but I'm not his target audience, am I? That said, I just picked up the From Hell DVD and will be poring over it like the obsessive nutcase I am for Diverfodder in the coming days.

And then came Johnny's biggest role: in the latest trial - rather, trials - of the century between he and his dangerous psychotic of an ex-wife. It was a ratings blockbuster and went quite a ways in distracting the plebes from the total catastrophe the Woke-Capital/Globo-fuckwads are making of every single, solitary thing they touch. (And no, they're not playing fourth-dimensional chess: they really are that useless and incompetent. They just had rich parents).

Here's a handy timeline in case you're like me and didn't waste your time with the clown show:

• Heard was married to actor Johnny Depp from 2015 to 2017. Their divorce drew media attention when Heard alleged that Depp had been abusive throughout their relationship and pledged the proceeds of her settlement to charity. 

• In 2018 and 2020, Heard stated that she had donated the entire $7 million settlement to charity; in 2022, she acknowledged she had yet to fully do so, citing legal costs...

• In 2018, Depp filed a lawsuit against the publishers of British tabloid The Sun for libel over an article that asked, "How can JK Rowling be 'genuinely happy' casting Johnny Depp in the [then] new Fantastic Beasts film after assault claim? 

• In 2018, Heard wrote, with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an op-ed published in Heard's name by The Washington Post under a title stating, "I spoke up against sexual violence" with text stating, "two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse."

• Heard followed her tweet about the published article with a tweet announcing her appointment as an ACLU ambassador for women's rights. Heard has also been appointed as a Human Rights Champion for the United Nations' Human Rights Office.

• In 2019, Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard in relation to the 2018 op-ed. In 2020, Heard filed a counterclaim inclusive of a claim of defamation originally over statements made by Depp as well as by his lawyer Adam Waldman. 

• In 2020, Heard testified as witness in the Depp v News Group Newspapers Ltd trial from which the judge "found that the great majority of alleged assaults of Ms Heard by Mr Depp have been proved to the civil standard." 

• In 2022 the Depp v. Heard trial came to court in Fairfax County, Virginia where the jury found that Heard defamed Depp with the op-ed's references to "sexual violence" and "domestic abuse", and that Waldman defamed Heard in alleging she "roughed up" their penthouse as part of a "hoax" but that Waldman's "sexual violence hoax" and "abuse hoax" allegations had not been proven defamatory. 

• The court awarded Depp and Heard US$10.35 million and US$2 million respectively from each other. 


Another reason I didn't pay attention to the trials was because I still have a functioning memory -  for the time being, at least  - and recalled the inconvenient fact that Amber Heard had already come out as a lesbian quite a long time ago.

There's also the fact that Amber assaulted her longtime girlfriend back in 2009, which Depp's lead attorney reminded her of. 

Plus the fact that any time I happened to stumble upon footage of the trials, I saw that Heard was not only a total and complete phony, but also the least convincingly-emotive actress this side of Natalie Portman.

So what the hell was this all about? An out-lesbian hothead marrying a Hollywood icon? Whatever for?

Well, let's see what our pals over at the Beard Club had to say about it...

Yep, the Beard Club say pretty much what they say about everyone in Hollywood. Also, everyone everywhere. But do they have a case in this case? 

The usual YouTube types have collated some evidence pertaining to Depp and his pals, but like Beard Club, you can find a YouTuber who can make a convincing argument about anything. But was this whole branigan in fact a bearding gone wrong?

Again, there's the fact that Depp is quite well-known for his extremely campy characters, something you can't quite imagine say, a David Harbour or Tom Hardy pulling off as convincingly. Who knows, maybe this whole Amber Heard business was just another role for the Great Chameleon. 

In this day and age of government-mandated transgendering and corporate-sponsored pedo-grooming, a mutual Hollywood bearding is practically quaint anyway. Traditional, even.


Either way, Depp has shown a fanboy's need for validation from other men - often older men - especially those with an assumed or imagined "outlaw" reputation. There are probably some thorny daddy-issues at work, hence Depp forming a band with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, both of whom are old enough to be his father. And now he's pulled Jeff Beck - who's even older than the two Vampires - into his fannish orbit. 

There's also Depp's bromance with Marilyn Manson, who aside from being considered a total fucking asshole by those who know him best, has had his own issues with #metoo type controversy.

Most notoriously with the statuesque androgyne, Bene Frasserit Sister Evan Rachel Wood (even her name is ambiguous) of Westworld fame, who went so far to testify about Manson before Congress. I have a tendency to get a little suspicious when it comes to #metoo kerfuffles since I know about the power players pulling its strings, but I have no problem seeing Manson as a violent asshole towards women, "cis-" or otherwise. 

Marilyn has his defenders, but I just get a whiff of sulfur whenever I see his ugly puss. 

Then there's the Hunter S. Thompson bromance, which led to Depp portraying the man in the film adaption of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I've heard all the stories about Thompson from the Chuckee-Cheese crowd, but I'm not sure I find them very convincing. HST made a lot of enemies with the Bush-Cheney Cabal, so they could have been seeded into the rumor mill by those vipers. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't give two shits about Thompson either way, since I've heard first-person accounts of what a dangerous lunatic he was (we had a dealer in common at one point). I'm just on the side of the truth is all.

Either way, this whole Depp-Thompson bromance was typically creepy and cringe.

Speaking of dealers and creepy bromances, there's also Depp's fawning over George Jung, a chap from my old neck of the woods (I used to walk by his old house on the way to my ninth-grade girlfriend's place) who Depp portrayed in Blow. Who was this guy, you may ask?

George Jacob Jung (August 6, 1942 – May 5, 2021), nicknamed Boston George and El Americano, was an American drug trafficker and smuggler who was a major figure in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s. Jung and his partner Carlos Lehder smuggled cocaine into the United States for the Colombian MedellĂ­n Cartel. Jung was sentenced to 70 years in prison in 1994 on conspiracy charges, but was released in 2014. Jung was portrayed by Johnny Depp in the biopic Blow (2001). 

Yeah, bad news. And another case of an insecure Hollywood pretty boy sucking up to a criminal in hopes of having some of that transgressive mojo rub some macho off on him. 

Speaking of my old stomping grounds, there's also the case of Whitey Bulger, whom Depp portrayed rather unconvincingly in Black Mass. At least I thought he was unconvincing, but I have an unforgiving ear for an imperfect Boston accent. Do note David Harbour in this famous scene.

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby was so unsettled by Depp's teenybopper-tier idol-worship of the sociopathic gangster that he wrote an essay about it. Here's an excerpt:

I have also been thinking about Johnny Depp.

More precisely, I've been thinking about some things Depp said at the Boston premiere of "Black Mass," the new film in which he plays the gangster James "Whitey" Bulger. Speaking to reporters before the screening at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline – on the afternoon of Rosh Hashanah, coincidentally – Depp was at pains to emphasize the human qualities of the serial killer he portrays in the film.

"There's a kind heart in there," he said. "There's a cold heart in there. There's a man who loves. There's a man who cries. There's a lot to the man."

Bulger was convicted in 2013 of involvement in at least 11 murders and numerous other crimes; he is now in federal prison serving two life sentences. But Depp said his priority as an actor "was to understand him first and foremost as a human being." He described Bulger as "a man of honor" toward those he loved, and rejected the notion that he was innately wicked. "Everybody, especially the families of his victims, could say: 'He's just an evil person.' I don't believe that exists," Depp said. "People have their humanity.... There's a side of James Bulger who is not just that man who was in that business."

Depp's comments understandably offended many, especially those whose loved ones suffered from Bulger's brutality. To be sure, the Hollywood star was talking about his technique as an actor and his approach to the role of a notorious monster. Perhaps some of his remarks should have been saved for an acting class rather than the red carpet. 


And since I'm on a serious Stranger Things Season One jag - which may be my all-time favorite miniseries now - there's also the fact that Bulger was one of MKULTRA's top graduates. 

Basically what the witch-doctors would do is dose the bejesus out of convicts, watch them lose their shit, then lock them in solitary. Here's an account of the torture, in Whitey's own words:
“In minutes the drug would take over, and about eight or nine men — Dr. Pfeiffer and several men in suits who were not doctors — would give us tests to see how we reacted. Eight convicts in a panic and paranoid state. Total loss of appetite. Hallucinating. The room would change shape. Hours of paranoia and feeling violent. We experienced horrible periods of living nightmares and even blood coming out of the walls. Guys turning to skeletons in front of me. I saw a camera change into the head of a dog. I felt like I was going insane.”
As I wrote about in The Endless American Midnight, Whitey had a guy whacked and thrown in a dumpster not fifty yards from where we used to play basketball every day. 


It had been a while since I watched the first Stranger Things, so I'd forgotten how central The Clash are to the storyline. Specifically, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" from the classic lineup's tepid, filler-ridden swan-song, Combat Rock (sic). Which I hate more than ever now.

Be that as it may, the whole business with Will Byers being a sickly, artistically-inclined twelve-year old with an emotionally-unstable single mother when he discovered The Clash certainly got my attention. Especially with the whole business about interdimensional intruders and such. But The Clash have spread their seed all over the Apocalypse, as initiates all know.

Joe Strummer was another of Depp's role-models/father-figures, as you would come to expect by now. In fact, Depp can even be seen talking absolute and total nonsense about his hero in the Julian Temple documentary on the late Clasher, Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten, along with Bono, John Cusack, Matt Dillon and some of the other usual suspects. 

And speaking of David Harbour, he's married to Joe Strummer's goddaughter Lily Allen, who recorded a duet with The Clash's Mick Jones of one of Combat Rock's four decent cuts, "Straight to Hell."

And just to put a bow on it, Sony queefed out a flimsy 40th anniversary edition of Combat Rock a couple weeks back, loading the already filler-dominated set with even more bottom-scraping filler. None but the most uncritical Clash fanboys regarded the clash-in as anything but cynical Clashsploitation, but Sony finally speed-corrected the "Should I Stay" music video (after 40 years), so thank God for small favors.

Mick Jones himself, looking a bit worse for wear, sings a karaoke version of "Should I Stay" in the 2003 Michael Winterbottom sci-fi potboiler, Code 46. There are all sorts of higher significances at work here, which the Elect are read in on. But for our purposes here, make note that Code 46 itself hinges on mind control and features an unlikely romance between two stars known for MKULTRA/mind control-themed classics.

First is Tim Robbins (another Hollywood Clash devotee) and the film I've obsessed over like a lunatic for some 30+ years, Jacob's Ladder.  

Then there's our Samantha in the Spielberg Sibylfest, Minority Report. Do you know Sam's only done one big Hollywood studio production since then, that being voice acting in John Carter? Watch Minority Report sometime, and pay special attention to the scene in the hotel room. Does she look like she's acting? She doesn't to me.

Bonus factoid: Spielberg's heroes Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock were notoriously into traumatizing actresses in order to coax extreme performances out of them. 

Just saying, is all.

In addition to Firestarter, there's a shit-ton of Minority Report backstory in Stranger Things. The significance of which I didn't truly grasp until I donned my scuba gear. One day schoolchildren will know it all by heart, mark my words.


A homeless guy allegedly splashed red paint on the Elizabeth Montgomery statue in downtown Salem, the cushy seaside burg that Damien Echols now calls home. Interesting in itself, but what's even more interesting is something I noticed about said edifice.

And that's that Elizabeth looks more like a Siren than a witch to me, with the broom head acting as her tail fins. 

Have I finally gone 'round the bend or do you see it too? And is there really even a difference anymore? Between a witch and a Siren, I mean.

I bring it up since Amber Heard depicted a Siren of sorts in the DCU movies. Which, come to think of it, might have been the purpose of her bearding exercise in the first place. She wasn't exactly landing the plum roles until she pretended to be married to Johnny Depp. They tie the knot and voila!

And then there's creepy - though admittedly skilled - depiction of one of Lewis Carroll's underage crushes as a Siren. Dude was seriously on the spectrum, as so many of his fellow enthusiasts are today. And they run Big Tech.

We are so fucked right now. I hope you all understand that.


Back to Stranger Things, it should be no surprise that the star of a girl-traversing-hallucinogenic-alternate-realities-themed series got her start playing Alice in a modern take on the first of the type, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Which may be why Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" is playing in this pivotal scene from the first Stranger Things. Do note the name of the assassin.

Need I mention which boss dreampop combo had a heart-shredding lament called "Alice" as the last song on their last-ever EP? Which was also featured in a film directed by one of the WM3's top bankrollers? To understand that is to understand all things. Also, to believe.

That brings Mr. Depp back into the conversation, in yet another of his epicene creations that I can't really distinguish from all the others anymore.

And as you surely know, Carroll based the Alice character on one of his prepubescent obsessions. The architects of modern pop culture, ladies and gentlemen. Pervs.

And then of course there's the classic X-Files scorcher, "Paper Hearts", in which Tom Noonan (Manhunter, Robocop 2, many others) played a murderous child molester who gets into Mulder's dreams, Freddy Krueger-style. 

So mind control, yet again. It's what's for dinner!

And speaking of 1983, there's that MKULTRA superstar, that mass-shooting Masshole Amy Bishop, formerly of the 'Tree and the Class of '83. Just in case you were wondering about the credibility of Alice in Wonderland themes and mind control - specifically Manchurian Candidate-type mind control - take a gander at the kill-crazed Professor's high-school yearbook entry.

Yeah, good ol' Braintree, home of open pedo-pimp schoolteachers and officially-protected mind-controlled mass murderers. It was good training for the Apocalypse, truly.