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AstroWorld: There Will Be Giants on the Earth in Those Days

Oh, you KNEW this was coming.

So the other night some guy on Twitter was telling me how much my previous Astroworld piece sucked, but at least I didn't try to "desperately" shoehorn the Sibyl into my exegesis. I merely said "the night is still young" in reply.  

See, I wasn't even looking for the footprints of the OA (Oracle of the Apocalypse) in this story, but it turns out they were looking for me.

In a way, the evil and insane corporate media may be right that Astroworld wasn't a Satanic ritual. On further examination, it seems to me more like a Nephilim ritual -slash- Watcher ritual. You simply need to plug Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls into your equations and the sums fall into place. 

Happily, it turns out that's already been done for us.

But wait, I hear you asking: how can you connect a wee little Scottish grannie who used to be a semi-obscure New Wave singer with a young, ostensibly-macho Hip Hop superstar? 

You'll be shocked how easy that is, but let me just explain how this all came about.

Like I said, I wasn't looking for this at all but I happened upon a 2005 video of Our Lady recording with French composer Yann Tiersen, who doubles as a post-rock guitarist. She sang two songs on his Les Retrouvailles album: one a heart-wrenching lament of a mother for a lost daughter and the other an enigmatic bit of continental pop featuring some prime sibylline multitracked glossolalia.

Who cares, right? Well, no one should, until you hear the name of the film the video there is pulled from...

... La Traversee...

...which is actually the root word of Travis. Note the meaning is to cross, as in cross dimensional gateways. 

So, I'm thinking Traversee and a Scot. Huh

Looks like it's time to get the synchromystic pickaxe out of the toolshed.

A much different arrangement of 'Kala' appeared on Tiersen's live DVD the following year, boasting a big finish that has the Sibyl keening wordlessly while the band hammers away in a style highly reminiscent of Godspeed! You Black Emperor.

But Kala; Kala. There's an interesting word for you. It has several different meanings in Sanskrit, depending on how it's accented.

Performing arts, eh? That's appropriate.

It means 'time' and 'black' as well. Wow. But not just any kind of time.

At Bhagavad Gita 11.32, Krishna takes on the form of kāla, the destroyer, announcing to Arjuna that all the warriors on both sides will be killed, apart from the Pandavas:

This verse means: "Time (kāla) I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people." This phrase is famous for being quoted by J. Robert Oppenheimer as he reflected on the Manhattan Project's explosion of the first nuclear bomb in 1945.

A Kala is also the Kronos of Balinese religion, closely linked to Hinduism. 

The Kalachakra is connected to the Cosmos-- meaning the world and all of Creation -- as well as the Zodiac.

The Kālacakratantra revolves around the concept of time (kāla) and cycles or wheels (chakra). Regarding the outer or external aspect of conventional reality, the wheel of time refers to the passage of days, month, and years (as well as the cycles of the zodiac) while with regard to the individual or inner aspect, it refers to "the circulation of pranas [vital airs] within the wheel of the nadis [subtle channels] in the body," which is linked with the 12 aspects of dependent origination and the 12 signs of the zodiac.These different cycles are interconnected and correspond to each other.

Because of time (kalat), from the voids (sunyesu), originate wind, fire, water, the earth; the continents, mountains, and oceans; the constellations, the sun, the moon, the host of star-planets, and the sages; gods, bhutas, and nagas; animals that have four types of birthplace; humans and hell beings also, on the manifold earth and below -originate in the middle of void (sunyamadhye), like salt in water, and the egg-born in the middle of an egg.

So Astrology and the World? Got it. And remember the egg connection; we'll be getting to that shortly.

The term Kala is also closely connected to the goddess Sarasvati, who is very much like the Egyptian goddess Hathor and the Greek goddess Aphrodite, both of whom we've seen pop up quite a bit in Sibylogy. I'm guessing the Sibyl chose this name for the song herself.

So, aside from Kala, we have the epithet "Bharti" associated with Sarasvati.

And tragically, a Bharti was the ninth and most recent casualty from the Astroworld. So this connects us to both "Kala" and "Mary," sung by the Scottish Sibyl in La Traversee. 

So, big deal, right? Exactly the kind of desperate shoehorning the Twitter troll was referring to, right?

Not so fast.



Despite what any rational person could be expected to believe, it's a shockingly quick trip from the Scottish Sibyl to Travis Scott. And the traversing comes, as you'd expect, via The Weeknd, friend and sometime collaborator with Scott. Also, current Fraserfarian Hierophant, by all accounts.

The Weeknd is also a friend and sometime collaborator with OneOhTrix Point Never, who produced the music for The Weeknd's Super Bowl Halftime Show performance this past year.

And OneOhTrix released this incredibly strange track which sounds like the MP3 of "Orinoco Flow" was corrupted yet played anyway while the Sibyl sat by the window, singing to exotic birds in their native language.

Remember 'Kala'? While as it happens this weird track was released the same day as this year's Met Gala. And you and I both know what "Gala" they're really referring to.

The Gala (Sumerian: 𒍑𒆪 gala, Akkadian: kalû) were priests of the Sumerian goddess Inanna. They made up a significant number of the personnel of both temples and palaces, the central institutions of Mesopotamian city states. These were thought in modern times to have been individuals with neither male nor female gender identities.

Originally specialists in singing lamentations, gala appear in temple records dating back from the middle of the 3rd millennium BC. According to an old Babylonian text, Enki created the gala specifically to sing "heart-soothing laments" for the goddess Inanna.

But remember the whole egg business? Here's where get to the insane supernaturalism. 

Drake, singer and entrepreneur, was Scott's partner in the Astroworld debacle. Looks like both of them are about to make their attorneys wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, but that's not a Secret Sun problem.

However, Drake also owns a chain of boutiques called OVO, short for "October's Very Own," whatever that means. Maybe he's referring to the Orionids, the October meteor showers the ancients associated with the Fallen Ones.

OVO is also the title of the soundtrack to The Millennium Dome Show. 

The OVOs in question are those of the character sung by the Sibyl, who becomes the Mitochondrial Eve of a new race of human-alien hybrids. Or human-fallen angel hybrids, whichever you prefer. 

Think I'm exaggerating? Watch this.

Hardly anyone has heard of The Millennium Dome Show these days but it was a huge deal, the centerpiece of the UK's y2K festivities. The Royal Family and the rest of those miscreants attended the opening show. 

Note the commercial here has fallen stars/pearly dewdrops returned to their place in the Heavens, kind of a reversal of Revelation 12:8-9.

And there were giants in the Dome in those days

And whether you realize it or not, the people who created The Millennium Dome Show are the same people who created the kind of mass open-air rituals we take for granted at stadium concerts and games these days, including Astroworld.

That's actually real - hard to believe, I know.

Here's what I wrote about this a ways back:
Now, here's the deal: I've heard all the theories and theologies about the Nephilim and Genesis 6:4 and the Book of Enoch and so on and so forth for a very long time. 

I didn't really pay it all too much mind until I looked into The Millennium Dome Show, an event hardly anyone has heard of and no one seems to actually remember.

Then I started paying the Nephilim a lot of mind. 

(The Millennium Dome Show) was Great Britain's big to-do for the new millennium and went along with the London Eye (or the London OA) and all the rest of that jolly rot. The project was started by John Major's government and then finished by noted war criminal, Tony "Baloney" Blair.

So this wasn't just some lark by some theatrical troupe. This all meant something to someone.

The production was supervised by the late Mark Fisher - the grand-daddy of the mass public rituals we're all so familiar with these days - and the music was composed by none other than Mr. Globalism himself, Peter "Blofeld" Gabriel. Who, as some of you may remember, rose to fame as the lead singer of Genesis.

Here's some major bullshit for you from the BBC:

"The message at the show is that our social and technical experiences of life come in cycles and the millennium marks the moment to be optimistic about the future," said (Mark) Fisher.
Dome organisers, the New Millennium Experience Company, added: "Fisher and Gabriel have created a timeless piece of visual story-telling, a contemporary fable."This is the story of a family in transition, each generation struggling with the coming and the passing of their own time."
From Gabriel's site:
Created by Mark Fisher and Peter Gabriel, OVO - The Millennium Show, was universally acclaimed as the most successful entertainment in the Dome. 160 performers and 60 technicians staged the show three times every day during the year 2000; a total of 999 performances. The show was seen by 6.5 million people.  
The show sketched a parable of man's relationship with the earth - innocence, corruption and enlightenment - in three spectacular technical and acrobatic tableaux.
What was it all about you may ask? 
The Romeo-and-Juliet-like story told of a feud between the earth-people and the sky-people. A young boy from the sky and a young girl from the earth fell in love, but the feud between their people made it difficult for them to meet.
Eventually the earth-people suffered a crushing defeat, which ultimately led them to unite with their sky enemies. At the end of the show, the lovers flew together into a better future.
All of which adds up to the Sons of Heaven come to Earth and find the Daughters of Men quite comely. The Earth folk steal the Sky-People's technology or some shit and then a war starts and then Elizabeth Fraser blows up the Tower of Babel. The End.


The Tower(s) that get blown up were consciously modeled on the Tower of Babel or the Etemenanki. It/they were blown up 999 times through the entirety of y2K. 
999 is the UKs equivalent of 911, incidentally.
Then this:
The Millennium Show is steeped in the imagery of William Blake's great epic poem, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, and features fire-breathing Mad Max-style contraptions doing battle with with the "earth people" and their huge dragonflies.
Yes, quite literally the Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Since as the official comic book of the Millennium Dome Show unambiguously portrays the Sons of Heaven/Sky-People as demons of the air.

Doubling back to the BBC report:
In the end, said Ms Page, "a child is born symbolising hope. We think it is a modern, timeless story with a subversive edge. It's also a story where the girl gets the boy..."


Bear in mind all of this was supposed to have something to do with Great Britain-- especially London-- standing at the threshold of the new millennium. And there's the lucky couple with their little Nephilim hybrid, Ovo. Ain't he cute?
Peter Gabriel- formerly of Genesis- described the story as a "creation myth" and that the offspring of the Daughters of Men and the Sons of Heaven are "representative of the future."   



As it happens, Travis Scott appeared in a Super Bowl Halftime in 2019, which by an astonishing coincidence so impossible there aren't numbers high enough to calculate it, was produced by Hamish Hamilton. 

Who was - make sure you're sitting down now - one of the producers of The Millennium Dome Show. 

Here's another shocker: Hamilton also produced the Weeknd's Half Time Show. 

Breathtaking, I realize.

Note that Squidwardthulu announces Scott's entrance.

Scott comes in the form of a falling meteor, stunningly reminscent of the Nephilim, but also The Color Out of Space and Annihilation, whose highly-potent Sibyljacency needs no explanation.

Interesting to note Scott performed with Maroon5, whose singer Adam (speaking of Genesis) Levine has a giant winged Siren tattooed upon his back. The combination of which can't help but remind me of this passage from Enoch:
CHAPTER XIX. 1. And Uriel said to me: "Here shall stand the angels who have connected themselves with women, and their spirits assuming many different forms are defiling mankind and shall lead them astray into sacrificing to demons, (here shall they stand,) till the great judgement in which they shall be judged till they are made an end of.  
"And the women also of the angels who went astray shall become sirens."

So bearing all this in mind, why do I maintain Astroworld was in fact a Nephilim/Watcher ritual and not a Satanic one? 

Well, leaving aside that "Satanism" as it's understood is a fake religion for narcs, HGH abusers, dumpy weirdos and idly-rich sexpests, I think this Travis Scott/Fortnite coproduction might give you a better understand of the imagery you saw there.

See what I mean? Very Nephilimistic, wouldn't you say? 

No? Did you even Watcher it?

So back to Astroworld: this is Mount Hermon here and the inverted cross is a bit of Knowles's First Law, with the double meaning of crossing the dimensional portal.

The Eyes on the hands emerging from the Mount Hermon portal are those of the Watchers, as is a lot of the Eye symbolism you see that doesn't have a stellar meaning, such as the Great Seal and Eye of Ra. That connection is reinforced by the flaming creatures crossing through the doorway.

This is the timeline you're living in, friends. There's no going back. Thankfully, we have the Sibyl, not only to help put these all pieces together for us but to heal our hearts and refresh our souls. Bless her.

UPDATE: I forgot this was released 36 years ago today. If all this business still confounds you, I think this will help clear it up. 

This is not a song, it's a Call. This is not a singer, this is a Herald. I don't mean any of this figuratively or metaphorically. I grew up in a family of professional musicians and I've heard every kind of music there is in my half century on this earth and I've still never heard anything like this, or any number of other "songs" she's sung. 

This is how it is: she is the Sibyl of our Age and she has channeled invocations from forces outside our reality. And that is why impossible and/or earth-shaking syncs follow her around like a lost puppy. Whatever is behind this is going to rather extreme lengths to put that message across. 

You may want to consider that when you see what's going on outside your door this very moment.

If you still don't get it, listen to this playlist every afternoon at sunset. If you're ready, you'll get a peek behind the Veil, guaranteed.

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