Monday, September 13, 2021

Regression Toward the Meme

Pretty much exactly how it happened. If you look closely, you can see George HW Bush hiding behind one of those trees. 


Like father, like son.

Hey, remember when Democrats hated this guy? They love the shit out of him now.

I still hate him. And his entire administration. Plus, all the neocons. Who are all Democrats now, weirdly enough. 

Welcome to Bizarro World, everyone.

I've been alive a long time but I've never seen a trainwreck like this. Nothing even close to this. Not even Reagan's last year in office.

This isn't a Presidency, this is sadistic elder abuse. I know a lot of people love to goof on this, but I used to work in a nursing home for advanced Alzheimer's and dementia patients and I gotta tell you, I don't find it funny at all. 

I find it uncomfortably familiar.

You know who's laughing the loudest? The guys over at the CCP's primary media outlet, The Global Times. They're practically pissing their pants laughing at what a pathetic joke our ruling elites have become. I don't find that funny either. 

And I sure as hell doubt the Taiwanese do.

They're certainly not laughing with me, that's for sure.

I don't find this funny either. This is beta-testing for the elite's next wave of ideological street enforcers. Or more accurately, gamma-testing.

This isn't funny because "Left" and "Right" have become inverted. People who are called "Left" are now the submissive bootlickers for the Military Industrial Complex and anyone who's against war and censorship and surveillance and everything else the "Left" are supposed to be against are being maligned as "alt.right" by said bootlickers. 

It's not even Bizarro World anymore. It's far more demonic than that.

This must be an old cartoon because those 2021 types have been going full NatSoc in their little online Nuremberg rallies on Twitter and Reddit and so on. Total "starve-the-vermin-in-camps" mode. Go look for yourself if you don't believe me. 

Like I said; demonic.


And from the great Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition fame.

Unfortunately, that ability usually gets dashed on the rocky shores of Narcissism.

This is an old meme. The turnover is now about six weeks. And falling fast.

Last is too high.


Globalism is Late Capitalism unfettered. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

This is absolute genius.

So is this.

Hey, if Tool's superhuman laziness ever exhausts your patience, I recommend a course of Mastodon as a palette cleanser. Kind of the same vibe as Tool back when they rocked, only with a work ethic. And some nice little hints of class-consciousness bubbling under there as well.

I don't know. I just thought this was funny. Sue me.

Goodbye, horses. Have a safe trip.


Gotta ease the kiddies into the Algol idolization. Make it sexy.

See, the problem with whoever tweeted this is that they don't seem to be familiar with Knowles' Third Law, even when it's unfolding right before their eyes: 

"The old statues currently being torn down will eventually be replaced by the icons and idols of the new/old state cult."

And if they read the Secret Sun (say, like the post on the 2018 Met Gala, um, gala) they'd realize the little Cosmo-Demonic Alien's placement is no accident.

It symbolizes that ol' Cosmo is one of Ba'al's bowling buddies, and they/ze/xe waltzed right through the Ba'al Gate someone thoughtfully set up on the Mall there.

And by sheer dint of coincidence, they had a Ba'al on the inside of the Capitol on 1/6, a couple years after they set up Ba'al's gate on the outside. And then there's ol' Ba'al havin' a ball in the Gotthard Tunnel on 6/1.

Nutty, zany AND wacky. Boffo yuks for all and sundry.

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