Wednesday, May 12, 2021

MKUltraterrestrial 3.0

A brain, being washed

As the apocalyptic process fires up back to a boil in the dark months of April and May, it's only fitting that the Great Work MKULTRA3.0 psychedelic research is heating up as well. I'm sure Secret Sun regulars (and irregulars) know my take on what the true goal of this program is, and if not, check out my most recent appearance on The Higherside Chats.


I'd also like to steer you towards this spirited discussion, in which I continue to PinkOrangeRed-Pill my friend and X-Cast host, Carlito S. Way, as to the increasingly-obvious subtext of The X-Files: that Mulder and Scully are mind-controlled assassins who are also part of an ongoing eugenics program to breed super-powered Nephilim. They're tasked with hunting down the mistakes and escapees of that program, and so are programmed to see their prey as monsters and aliens as to assuage their consciences and allow them to continue to do their work.

It sounds pretty bonkers at first until you rewatch the episodes while keeping this theory in mind. Then all of the weird continuity tics and narrative quandaries suddenly make a lot more sense. You begin to wonder if their overly frequent hospitalizations in and around the MythArc are in fact brainwashing and/or programming sessions. 

MK programs, eugenics,  spirit possession and even the Nephilim are alluded to in the series again and again, so for me it's basically a question of seeing what's hiding in plain sight for the past three decades. 

Most of this comes in the second half of the podcast if you want to skip ahead.

I didn't go into the entity possession aspect of my X-Egesis with Carlo, but I will point out that the first we ever see of any alien in the entire series, it's actually a noncorporeal entity that possesses the head of NASA's shuttle program in order to put the kibosh on any notions we meat-monkeys might harbor of escaping our gilded cage.

I should also point out the Black Oil is explicitly a medium for spirit possession, as we see in the series as well as in a number of unrelated movies and TV shows. The supersoldier virus is essentially a mechanism for spirit possession as well.

So who cares, right? Ancient history. 

Well, try this: have a look at what's been going on in the news the past few weeks and then watch this again...

...then remember that half of this episode deals with a flashback of a retrieval team dealing with the so-called "Crash at Roswell." Then recall this particular arc centers on a manufactured pandemic.

Take note that the Roswell crash actually took place on the Plains of San Agustin in Corona, New Mexico, and not Roswell proper. And in case any "predictive programming" knees start jerking, remember that the corporate media threw an absolute hissy fit over this episode, with mock-yeah-bird-yeah outlets like The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly being so incensed they each had to publish not one but two separate hit pieces on it and Chris Carter.

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