Monday, February 18, 2019

Old Black Oil, Keep on Rolling

Things are very, very hectic here but I didn't want to keep the Sunsters without some fresh grist for their mills. 

Coincidentally with my OCD ruminations on The X-Files as MK allegory came this latest depressing symptom of the overall collapse of mass-culture, which folds into all this mayhem either explicitly or otherwise....

This was an interesting sync, since I've come to see all of the major alien-colonization methodologies in The X-Files as direct MK allegories. 

The Black Oil infects its hosts, controls their minds, steers their actions and then moves onto another host.

The Supersoldiers are targeted replacements of people in law enforcement, the military and the government, whose human nature is replaced by a ruthless and murderous alien nature. All the abductions and implants most often imply the control of the hosts' minds, movements and destinies.

So what do we make of this Billie Eilish (read: Elizabeth) video, with its weird Beyond the Black Rainbow resonance and Black Oil stand-in? And do we want to know? 

I think we know already. 

What does interest me is that this young woman is the daughter of the actress Maggie Baird, who herself has a very direct connection to The X-Files, having played the police psychic Sharon Pearl (of course) on the unsettlingly-relevant episode, "Invocation."

I have to get back to my business now, but here's a list showing how episodes about aliens and alien abduction were always-- and I mean always-- paired with episodes about mind-control and other MK-related subjects.

This is way, way too consistent to chalk it up to coincidence, especially considering that at least a plurality of the "Mytharc" episodes themselves incorporate MK-related themes, usually explicitly but sometimes indirectly.

So what is this series really supposed to be about? Is it about two highly FBI agents investigating the paranormal? 

Or is it about two highly-intelligent and extremely attractive high-achievers with MIC family backgrounds chosen for an advanced Eugenics-based breeding program, who are then mind-controlled into chasing urban legends around while they are regularly brought back into hospitals-- most often military and/or religious-order hospitals-- to refresh their programming? 

Are their partners all subjects in the same or a related program?

If so, what then is the very well-connected Chris Carter really trying to tell us? What is the real underlying narrative at work? Is this "predictive programming" or is someone telling stories out of school?

Enter your vote in the comments section.

Pilot — MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, Mental Hospital, Eugenics
Deep Throat—MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, Drugs, MILABS,  Mulder MK'd

Jersey Devil— Escapee from mental institution

Space—MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, Hospitalization, Scottish Rite
Fallen Angel—MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, psychiatric drugs

Gender Bender— MIND CONTROL, (Alien cultists that secrete Mind-control drugs), Scully “initiated”
Lazarus— MIND CONTROL, Scully’s ex Mind-controlled by dead criminal, Psi

Miracle Man— MIND CONTROL, EvangeliCIAlism, Mulder mind-controlled by faith healer, Hallucinations, Psi

Roland— MIND CONTROL, Janitor mind-controlled by dead brother
Erlenmeyer Flask/Little Green Men— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Mulder abducted (MILAB)  

Sleepless— MIND CONTROL, Mental Hospitals, Psi
Duane Barry/Ascension— MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, Scully abducted (MILAB)

3— MIND CONTROL, cults, vampirism
One Breath— MYTHOLOGY, Scully abducted (MILAB), Scully Hospitalized, Hallucinations

Red Museum— MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, hallucinogenic drugs,  Eugenics, Pedophilia
Excelsis Dei— MKULTRA (Worcester setting), Hallucinations, hallucinogenic drugs

Fresh Bones—MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, drugs, prison, occultism
Colony/Endgame—MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Mulder Hospitalized, Scully Abducted, MILABs

Our Town— MIND CONTROL,  Cults, Hallucinations, cannibalism
Anasazi/Blessing/Paperclip— MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, Hallucinogenic drugs, Eugenics, Mulder Incapacitated

Oubliette— MIND CONTROL, Lucy Householder Mind-controlled by unknown force, Pedophilia
Nisei/731— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, MILABS

Piper Maru/Apocrypha— MYTHOLOGY, Mulder Hospitalized, Skinner Hospitalized, Krycek Mind-controlled (Black Oil is functionally a Mind-control drug)
Pusher— MIND CONTROL, Hospitalization

Jose Chung's From Outer Space— MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, MILABS
Avatar—MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, drugs, Hospitalization

Wetwired— MIND CONTROL, Scully Hospitalized
Talitha Cumi/ Herrenvolk— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Hospitalization

Tunguska/Terma— MYTHOLOGY, drugs, Mulder put under medical tests, prison
Paper Hearts—MIND CONTROL (Mulder mind-controlled), Psi, Pedophilia

Never Again— MIND CONTROL, hallucinogens
Memento Mori— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, MILABs. Scully Hospitalized

Unrequited— MIND CONTROL
Tempus Fugit/Max— MYTHOLOGY, Mind-control (Max Fenig MK’d by aliens, instilled amnesia), Mental Hospitals,  MILABs

Demons— MIND CONTROL (MKULTRA), Hallucinogens,  Mulder Hospitalized, Samantha MILAB
Gethesemene/Redux/Redux II— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Scully Hospitalized

Christmas Carol/Emily— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Hospitalization
Kitsunegari— MIND CONTROL, Hospitals, prison

Bad Blood— MIND CONTROL, Mulder drugged
Patient X/Red and the Black— MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, MILABs, Eugenics, Scully Hospitalized

Folie a Deux— MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations,  Mulder Institutionalized
The End— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Psi, prison, implied Pedophilia

Fight the Future— MYTHOLOGY, Mind Control, Mulder Hospitalized, Scully abducted (MILAB) 
The Beginning—MYTHOLOGY, Psi, Hospitalization

Dreamland/Dreamland II— MYTHOLOGY,  Aliens, prison, MILABS
How the Ghosts Stole Christmas— MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, psychiatry

SR 819— MIND CONTROL, Skinner Hospitalized
Two Fathers/One Son— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Hospitalization (Production order)

Field Trip— MIND CONTROL, Drugs,  Hallucinations, Mulder & Scully abducted, hospitalized
Biogenesis/SixExtinction/Amor Fati  MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, Mulder Hospitalized, Drugs 

Sein Und Zeit/Closure— MYTHOLOGY, Hallucinations, Pedophilia, Hospitalizations, MILABs
X-Cops— MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations

Theef— MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, Hospitals, Scully MK'd
En Ami— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Scully drugged

Requiem/Within/Without— MYTHOLOGY, Psi, Hospitalization, Eugenics, Mulder abducted, Scully Hospitalized (twice)

Via Negativa— MIND CONTROL, cults, Hallucinations, hallucinogens, MK ULTRA citation
Per Manum— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Scully Hospitalized (Production order)

TINH/Dead Alive/Three Words  MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, cults, Mulder Hospitalized
Empedocles— MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, Pedophilia

Essence/Existence/NIHT/NIHT2— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, MIND CONTROL (Supersoldiers as MK & Eugenics allegory)
Daemonicus  MIND CONTROL, Mental Hospital

Trust No1— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, Mind Control (Supersoldiers as MK allegory)
John Doe— MIND CONTROL, drugs (mind control vampire)

Providence/Provenance— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, cults, Psi, Doggett Hospitalized
Audrey Pauley— MIND CONTROL, Drugs, Hallucinations, Reyes Hospitalized
Scary Monsters  MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations, 

William— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics
Release— Mental institution, Psi, Pedophilia

Sunshine Days— MIND CONTROL, Hallucinations
The Truth— MYTHOLOGY et al

I Want to Believe— Drugs, Psi, Hospitals, Pedophilia, Abductions

My Struggle— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, MIND CONTROL
Founder’s Mutation— MIND CONTROL, Eugenics, Hospitals, Psi, implied pedophilia

Babylon— MIND CONTROL, Drugs, Mulder Hospitalized, Hallucinations
My Struggle 2— MYTHOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, Eugenics, 

My Struggle 3— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics, MIND CONTROL, Scully Hospitalized
Plus One— MIND CONTROL, Mental Hospitals, Hallucinations
Lost Art of Forehead Sweat— MIND CONTROL, Mental Hospitals, Aliens

Ghouli — MYTHOLOGY,  MIND CONTROL, Eugenics, Hospitals
Kitten — MIND CONTROL, MKNAOMI citation, drugs, Hallucinations, Skinner Incapacitated

Nothing Lasts Forever — MIND CONTROL, cults,  Hospitals, cannibalism, vampirism
My Struggle— MYTHOLOGY, Eugenics