Thursday, April 29, 2021

Algol Maps, or "OK, Now Be Really Evil"

There’s an old saying that millionaires don’t believe in Astrology, but billionaires do. I think that needs to be updated, given how many billionaires are running around out there these days.

Try this: “Millionaires don’t obsess to the point of madness on UFOs, secret societies, and occult symbolism, but billionaires do.”

“Also, millionaires.”

This was supposed to be a simple, straight-forward decoding on the ultimate source of Google’s name, but quickly became a rabbit hole. It occurred to me while digging my way through it that so many people out there have no idea how weird today’s Titans of Industry really are, or how the technology that rules our lives owes just as much to the Occult as it does to math or science. Actually, much more so.

Even if you don’t think aliens or interdimensional entities had anything to do with the creation of the transistor and other breakthroughs, you can’t discount the fact that UFOs, cults, remote viewing and other emanations of High Weirdness were an integral, inseparable part of Silicon Valley’s glory days, when everything we now take for granted was created out of whole cloth. 

Nothing truly important or groundbreaking has emerged from Big Tech in at least the past 30 years, and it may well be that the culture in the engineering and management classes has become so dull, materialistic and unimaginative by comparison.

So what does this mean? Why do so many of us still walk around believing the ridiculous lies hammered into our heads by the media and the education system? Has it occurred to Joe or Jane Q. Average that everything they’ve been conditioned to believe has been deliberately engineered to disempower them? That it’s all been specifically designed to limit their perception and their experiences? Maybe a lot of them do and that’s why wokeness was created: to shut people up and terrify them back in line.

Let’s start with our new lord and master, the almighty Algorithm. Where does this term come from?

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