Tuesday, April 20, 2021

420 Reasons to Live

What better way to celebrate 4/20 than to listen to two young chaos magicians and a young(ish)-at-heart Chaos Mystick riffing on a virtual catalog of stoner movies and TV shows and all kinds of synchro-madness?  

That's right: there is no better way.


 Six Of Cups #96 - The Internet As The Beast System, or A Secret Sun Shines Through Archangel Michael and The Watchers 

 Holy Holy Holy and Welcome Back To The Six Of Cups 

A pleasurable roundtable conversation and Value-For-Value Podcast! donate at www.occultfan.com to show what this show means to you! I do my best to make this show the deepest show possible, or at least the deepest I can, and that is to say, and no 420 pun, the highest as well. But really, as long as it hits you in just the right way that is useful to your overall upwards evolution, I shall consider myself satisfied.

Secret Sun obsessions like Mandy, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Repo Man, Stranger Things (the one that doesn't suck) are thrown in with a DMT field trip report, a round table on Stephen King's fixation on the "magical boy" trope, Fripp, 1947, Gematria, the Montauk mythos and over-the-horizon radar, a first-person account on the opened-stargaze year of 1983, more syncs and symbols than you can shake your bong at. 

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