Monday, April 12, 2021

"I'd Like to Be in USA, Pretending that the Wars are Done"

It's funny: I keep hearing corporate media people claim Russia is only bluffing by moving what looks like at least a quarter of its active infantry (100K+ men-at-arms) as well as thousands of armored vehicles, and now, nuclear-capable artillery to the Ukrainian border. 

I mean, I sure hope to hell they're bluffing, but that seems like an awfully big bluff.

Maybe they realize that US military readiness has been decimated by two decades of fruitless engagements, that its command structure is filled with extremely trivial people fixated on extremely trivial things, and that Grandpa Dribblecup and the Harris of Babylon's fragile regime is already preoccupied with waging economic and political war on the provinces that actually produce most of the personnel for the American fighting machine, out of sheer spite.

Maybe those cold-eyed generals in Red Square look at the much-vaunted American military and see a paper tiger, one that will crumble the moment it picks on someone its own size. 

Again, I sure hope not. But hope, as they say, isn't a strategy.

And it also looks like the Twin City is gearing up for its annual orgy of social self-immolation. At least someone grew a pair and got the National Guard on the streets before it's too late. At least I hope it's not too late. Odd timing, either way.

Like I've said before; political, military, racial issues? No matter how thorny or intractable, you can at least dialogue over them. But when the Earth begins to toss and tumble and the Heavens curtsy and bow? Forget it, we're all fucked. I'm hearing volcanos in Iceland and Hawaii are getting cranky on us, and that's just flat out bad news.

As is these cruise ships leaving the unvaccinated to fend for themselves. Only the vaxxed with be evacuated. What about the people who wanted a shot but one wasn't available for them?  This world gets more and more messed up every single day.

And speaking of our trivial military, what exactly are they playing at with this so-called UFO business? This just looks to me like conventional aircraft with some weird gaussian blur filter or focus pull. Unless flying saucers use navigational lights that pulse at the same rate our Earth crafts do. 

I realize even space aliens make safety job #1, but you think they'd at least use a slightly different system than ours,

Luckily, the indefatigable John Greenewald of The Black Vault is shooting down some of this noise. Like the mylar Batman balloon that some poor kid lost at his birthday party and was magically transformed into a Pleiadian beamship. There are so many miscreants like Marco Rubio and James Woolsey serving this baloney that you have to wonder what's being planned for. I have a feeling it will be stupid.

"Honey, wait! It's not what it looks like!"

Unfortunately, Mr. Greenewald hasn't turned his attention to the latest "Mars mission" (sic) and its magical Martian lens flares. The ones which uncannily duplicate the effect of a rainbow rising over the Nevadan desert in early Springtime. Even going so far as to follow the landscape's lines of perspective. 

Technology these days, eh?

Oh, before I forget: the Secret Sun Facebook group is back in action, after a three year hiatus. Come commiserate with kindred spirits.

Finally, some folks have been asking me what I thought about the Matt Gaetz scandal. Unfortunately, I haven't thought much about it since the last time I heard about this guy he'd apparently pulled the old James Randi move, adopting an underage twink from Cuba. 

You know, the old Bruce Wayne making Dick Grayson his "ward" move. Actually, Gaetz kind of looks like a bargain-basement Ben Affleck, don't you think? Maybe it's just me.

Anyhow, I'm kind of getting the feeling this is all an elaborate bearding op, an attempt to make Gaetz look like a total chad-daddy who bangs three chicks a night, sucks down jello shots from their belly buttons, and then sniffs powdered Adderall off their nipples. Teenaged chicks, at that. 

So unless this all ends up with this cat in leg irons, I'm just going to assume it's the kind of deal where a gay rapper (redundant) is accused of slapping his "girlfriend" around or some such. The media will blow their load on this story and will subsequently have a hard time dredging up the whole twink angle again. Time will tell.

I don't care either way, on account of fuck this guy and fuck everyone else in Washington. Also, fuck U2, and motherfuck Bono.

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