Thursday, December 10, 2020

I'll Hiram Your Abiff, Buster!


Before we get into it, let me just thank everyone out there for the incredible level of interest in The Endless American Midnight. It's simply blowing my mind. I'm really going to have my work cut out for me getting those books out. But I have strong motivation getting them out to you as soon as I possibly can on account of I'll have nowhere to store all those boxes.

So let's back to our regular scheduled mind control programming.

Again with the Rituals.

I'm starting to get some older posts back up, since it very much looks like we're going back to the rollicking ritual shenanigans we looked at back in the early says of this blog. I'm starting with the 17 material, because of this. 

I know a lot of Q people think it's all a shout-out to them, but I strongly suspect it's more of the same kinds of crypto-Freem signaling I was charting a very long time before the Q thing ever came around.  

Especially seeing how the Texas State Seal has a tetrahedral pentagram and, of course, Garlands. 

Don't know what the "Lone Star" is exactly as of this writing, and I'm too lazy to go dig around about it. But you can't go wrong with one of these two. The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas, as I'm sure you've heard.

Then there's Duke Elon Musktreides' Starship SN8 launch from, you guessed it, Texas. 

S=19 N=14 SN=33   

Because Elon Musk.

Has anyone seen Lady Gressica and the Kwisatz Fraserach lately? Did they move to Texas too or are they presently enduring the Spice Agony with the Shadout Frapes? Drop me a line if you have any credible information as to their whereabouts.

Then we had the crash of the Fighting Horus in one of those persnicketty battleground states. Happenstancefully.

The base the Fighting Horus took off from lies on US 51, giving us the immortal 3-17. Coincidencefully.

The NTSB also released its report on the horrific B-17 Flying Fortress (as opposed to Fighting Falcon) ritual sacrifice to Tanit accident today as well. Enemy actionfully.

Since everyone in the mainstream media is a fucking useless moron, they got the date wrong. The crash was October 2, 2019. The next day was the Lamentations of Isis and Nepthys, AKA the Seventeenth of Athyr in the ancient Egyptian calendar.

Also AKA 3/17.

Speaking of useless, here's the latest steaming pile of nonsense from the all-time masters of it.

Hate to break the buzzkill, but no one is going to the Moon in 2024, just like no one went the last several dozen times over the past 30 years those nutty noncey conmen said they would "return to the Moon."

We talked about the throat-punchingly obvious ritualism of the fake Biden ankle story, but I forgot to mention he was pulling this nonsense back in November too.

Correction: his handlers were pulling said nonsense. I don't think this guy can even wipe his own ass anymore. You don't think so either.

I'm sure things will be heating up in the next couple of weeks because of the big show on the Solstice. They surely don't want to miss out on surfing this once-a-millennium planet ritual wave. Hang ten, bitches! 

More fake metal obelisk ritualism to take everyone's mind off the police state we're all living under, but especially Britain. 

Oblique Sibyl symbolism to boot.

And guess what? People like this are your new prison-planet gangbosses. 

Sniff the fold-cheese of your betters, serf.

Since Smirkin' Schumer is such a walking hobo toilet (that's my replacement for "dumpster fire"- like it?) I can't tell if he's serious about the QAnon pacification program "conspiracy theory" or he's just been ordered to play the part of the smarmy douche in the ongoing theatrical production surrounding it.

I should ask his wi... I mean, his person thingy. 

Sorry, don't want to misgender them. Don't doxx me, bro!

Check back frequently, as I'll be putting some prime cuts of Secret Sun sirloin up for you to chew on while I work on the new digs. Or at least until the deplatforming axe falls on my neck too. 

The deplatformers are really running amok lately. Have you noticed? I have.

The Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism is waiting for you to take the next step in your synchro-journey. Come level up.

And don't forget the all-night 90s lotus party over at SHRR. We're presently up to 1998.