Wednesday, November 04, 2020

And the Winner is Choronzon, Lord of Chaos!

This is what Big Tech, Hollywood 
and Wall Street have spent
hundreds of billions on

Oh, 2020. You minx, you saucy maiden.

If I were a Rockefeller Republocrat (meaning a Globoligarchial impostor trading under the stolen name, 'Democrat') my worst nightmare would not be Trump getting re-elected.

My worst nightmare would be a creepy, senile, corporatist pirate with 47 years in the Senate - yet no major accomplishments or real constituency - getting pushed through the primaries over the the preferred candidate of the Party's hardcore base. And then pushed over the finish line by an unprecedented effort on the part of Wall Street, Big Tech overlords and laughably-corrupt election officials too stupid and arrogant not to show their hands well ahead of time.

My worst nightmare would be a party ruled over by octogenarian ghouls and gargoyles facing a major uprising by spunky sass-pots whose only real constituency is in faculty lounges, newsrooms and HR offices. My worst nightmare would be a party whose Boomer voting base was being inexorably harvested by the Grim Reaper, and being replenished by dipshit Millennials completely ignorant of any reality outside their privilege bubbles.

No, wait: none of those are my real worst nightmare. 

My real worst nightmare is pissing away hundreds of billions on an insanely-exaggerated pathogen that failed to kill the desired numbers of useless eaters, and then spent billions more funding, promoting and advertising a failed insurrection that I stupidly entrusted to a hyper=privileged gaggle of daddy-issue man-haters and man-bunned cucks, along with their worthless. meth-casualty brownshirts. 

All of which left millions of men who actually know how to use their firearms feeling extremely pissed-off, if not existentially threatened. Probably a lot of whom are actually working for me, on account of I was never taught about real-world politics in my elite Ivy League schools.

Remember the rules I, as a Rockefeller Republocrat, set: It's not who "wins" that matters. It's who has the most compelling argument for losing that actually takes all the prizes that matter. 

Of course, I never thought this day would come. I was certain that the Oligarchs couldn't be that fucking stupid.  I mean, they actually trusted their trillion-dollar color revolution to a mentally-sick bunch of cultural-studies victims? 

I guess I didn't realize how weak these people are once you peel away their money and trappings of power. Once the polling turned against their little 1917 LARP, they pulled the plug, posthaste. Especially after the military publicly announced they weren't interested in playing along. So despite a number of election cancellation trial balloons being floated, they went ahead with Plan B.

But who knows what will happen? Maybe they'll see which way the winds are blowing and give up on the whole ballot-stuffing shenanigans they're doing such a shitty job at now (Mayor Daley's ghost weeps, honestly). Maybe they'll decide four more years dealing with a guy they've already brought well to heel is better than the curtain being pulled back on just how grotesque and repulsive their fake little party is without all the media makeup.

I'm not counting on it. No matter all their money or power, these are small men. And small men put their pride above all else. Small men always insist on jamming the square peg into the round hole, even if it kills them and everything they ever worked for,

So it appears that the GOP will keep the Senate and hobble Madam Fixodent in the House. Then the Rockefellocrats willl have to contend with a pissed-off Trump and his pissed-off millions. You've see what a handful of meth-heads and gender dysphorics could do to a rich and powerful city? Just imagine what a handful of disgruntled cops and veterans could do without their Trump security blanket. No wonder Horseface McHorsemeat is nailing New Zealand down so tight. It may well be the Oligarchs' last resort

Me, I didn't vote for either of those guys. I'm still the same as I ever was politically: anti-authoritarian, antiwar, anti-CIA, anti-surveillance, anti-corporatist, anti-Cylon, anti-monopoly capitalism. I still favor trust-busting, collective bargaining, public healthcare, and progressive tax rates. Which means I am absolute light-years to the left of Madame Fixodent, Handsy Joe, Senator Sneer and the rest of the Fake Democrat freak show.

Which also means I just put myself atop the Big Tech kill-list.

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