Sunday, November 01, 2020

"The Medusa Movement"

Ah, Cardi B. 

The foul-mouthed but ever-agreeable Miss Terry Babalon comes through for her paymasters yet again. Halloween not only saw a blue Hunter's Moon, it also saw the Demon Star at the apex of its brightness. And right on schedule, this high-priced paper-doll for the occult weirdo elite makes sure the Medusa meme gets maximum exposure before the credulous masses. And at the same time, syncs right alongside my latest goggle-eyed theorizing.

I think I'm in love.

Globalist propaganda outlet Buzzfeed was right there to pimp the new sacred icon, along with all the usual demon-addled social media suspects. Realize that the more power that gets sucked into the charnel pits of SiliCylon Valley and Cylon Francisco, the more open and the more explicit the symbolism gets. So start inoculating yourself and your friends and family against it as best you can now.

The timing is exquisite. Sam Tripoli invited me back to the Tin Foil Hat Podcast to talk some Siren on Friday, but instead I served up some fresh-out-of-the-oven Algol insanity. If I wasn't so immersed in all this symbolism, I surely would have predicted that it would be Cardi B who would drop the Medusa stuff on the public's, um, head. 

Who else would you expect in 2020?

And since Algol was traditionally known as a binary star, we should remember the Demon Star also lent its name to the Devil's Pitchfork, the all-powerful ALGOL algorithmic computer language that is the forerunner to AI and social media and all of the other civilization-ending technologies currently menacing our freedom, our livelihoods and ultimately, our humanity.


As I've been saying for the past several years, Woke is the Trojan Horse through which the old state cults will be re-established. The old gods are back, Jack, and this time they're pissed.

What you see happening more and more are causes no reasonable person could argue with-- in this case aiding sexual assault victims, or allegedly aiding them -- and using them as we see at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse. Namely replacing the hurled-down icons of the old, with new and blood-thirsty idols of the new compulsory faith. 

It's a brilliant tactic-- you can't possibly even question the wisdom of installing a seven-foot naked demon holding a decapitated head without incurring the wrath of online hate-mobs, or maybe even having Antifa stormtroopers show up at your house to beat you into a coma. And then set your house on fire.

This painting is called -- get ready for it -- "Me(dusa)Too." So this is clearly very much a top-down directive, getting figures like Medusa into the collective consciousness.

The timing for Cardi's cosplay is almost too perfect for it coincided with the death of the avatar of 20th Century masculinity, Sean Connery. James Bond, as played by the Scottish legend, personified everything the new state-cultists find anathema, so it couldn't have come at a better time for them. 

Note that this world-famous image of Medusa made an appearance in one of Connery's Bond films, From Russia With Love. Interesting times we're living in.

The Medusa Movement has been in the works for several years, as has the Siren program. It made a big splash during the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton was compared to the ill-fated Gorgon. I think that was unfair. Medusa was far less demonic and blood-thirsty, at least according to the myths.

We haven't heard much from Rihanna lately, what with more-willing Barbie dolls like Cardi and Kylie hogging up the spotlight. But do note this cover -- created by Damien Hirst, of all people -- dates back to 2013.

Some other big-name popstars seem to have flirted with Medusa-like imagery, but I can't to seem to find any that've gone the whole hog. Surprisingly, Lady Gaga seemed to have flirted with the meme, but apparently dropped it. You can still find her instrumental demo for "Medusa" online.

Like some tantalizing foreshadowing of his fake marriage, fake paternity, and humiliating public emasculation at the hands of the Pearly Princess, No-Longer-a-Prince Harry, Duke of Gelding, yuks it up with Perseus, Medusa and Algol. 

What a card. Maybe he can do standup once Grammie's payoff money finally dries up.

We last looked at Cardi B with this viral video titled "WAP," or "Wet Ass Pussy." Someone who worked on the video got in touch with me and insisted there was no deliberate agenda to instill the clip with weird symbolism, outside of the suits insisting on the crucial addition of snakes.

I believe him. At this point there doesn't need to be intent at all. This kind of imagery has insinuated itself into the culture like a virus, and can self-replicate without any help. That's really the whole point of propaganda, after all.

Remember also the similarity to Melusine, AKA "the Siren of the Philosophers." The Gorgons were seen as sea-demons in Classical Greece, so there's a clear line of continuity between Medusa and the Sirens of late antiquity, probably midwifed by figures like Atargatis and Amphirite, not to mention all the various Nereids and Oceanids and you name it. It was all fanfic by that point anyway.

Even with all this Medusa symbolism hitting the news cycle, the Siren is still very much out there, demanding tribute...

Note that even with the lockdowns and the coming winter, the Siren is being pushed as much as ever, and even A-list celebrities are required to pledge allegiance to her.

And as you'd expect, there are the usual semiotic connections to the Sibyl, whether intentionally or synchromystically so. Maybe there isn't even a difference anymore. 

Maybe you can even drop the "maybe."

And right on time, top professional mermaid Hannah Fraser had risked cancellation by culturally-appropriationally corn-rowing her blonde tresses to project a Medusa vibe. Brave woman.

Not-Prince Harry, Duke of Gelding's favorite charity is Mermaids, the controversial NGO often accused by some of fronting for a forced-transgendering cult. I don't feel like getting dragged down into that mire (meaning I 'm not ready to get deplatformed and gangstalked quite yet) but I will point out something that Reader JB brought up...

...and that's that Medusa and the other Gorgons were originally transgendered and depicted with a beard. 

Huh. Isn't that a kick in the pants. What will they think of next?

Note the old Medusa bears an odd resemblance to Zardoz, speaking of Sean Connery. What does it all mean? 

UPDATE: Seriously? The Scarlet Witch? She's making this too easy.