Friday, May 31, 2019

The Sync that Keeps Synching. And Synching. And Synching. And Synching. And Synching. And Synching. And Synching. And Synching. And Synching. And Synching...

 It nev...never mind.

I'm sure some of you heard about the tragic accident on the historic Danube in Budapest on Wednesday, involving a Viking hotel-boat (which I had no idea even existed) and a tour-boat called The Mermaid. I didn't think much of it until I realized what day we were talking about.

We're talking about Garlands Day. 

Garlands Day persists in just a few selected locations anymore, but one of them is in Castleton, England. I can't be sure given the iffy recording, but I believe there may be little girls in there chanting "We! Carry! Death! Out! Of! The! Village!" 

The prevailing theory seems to be that Garlands Day is based on an ancient Celtic fertility rite, which is probably only half the story. Because even though that chap all covered in flowers is having a jolly old time with this Garlands Day LARP,  you all know for goddamn sure that back in the day homeboy'd be pushing up flowers right about now. 

What I mean to say here is I wasn't born yesterday and I sure as hell know a "Killing of the Divine King" rite when I see one. 

Covering sacrificial victims in flowers was (is?) a universal practice for millennia.

Seeing as how it was Garlands Day, The Mermaid sank on the 22nd Anniversary of the Death of the Divine Shepherd Boy in another legendary river on the other side of the world.  

His fate, literally written in the stars and predestined long before his most distant ancestors were born, also co-stars a Mermaid, or more accurately a Siren

And because it had to be, the latest reenactment of the unimaginably ancient drama was immortalized between the Shepherd Boy and his Queen of Heaven in a song so soul-searingly poignant there are entire hosts of Seraphim that will be literally weeping for millennia over the sacred passion and dolorous sorrows carved into every note.

It's the best thing the Shepherd Boy ever recorded by a parsec and I suspect it's because Our Lady probably composed the melody. And just because every single, solitary detail of their saga has to be infused with symbolism long past the point of utter overkill, there are those flowers again.

I mean, seriously: if you listen to that song and still don't get it, you never will. Let's just part as friends now.

Incidentally, the Danube has its own Siren named Isa, sister of Lorelei. And because it literally could never be otherwise, "Isa" is yet another diminutive of "Elizabeth."

Too late.

Seeing how Our Lady and her consort are both of Celtic extraction, it should be noted that Budapest was settled by the Celts. It should also be noted that there were 33 unfortunate tourists from South Korea aboard The Mermaid.

And in one of the eerie coincidences you only find in fiction and brilliant Synchromystic blogs, I should point out that a full Metonic cycle before the collision of The Viking and The Mermaid, there was another tragic Garlands Day collision on another ancient river in another ancient Celtic land when a Norwegian freighter collided with a Korean ship. 

Need I mention the Viking connection to Norway? No, I don't.

Or that, like the Celts, the ancient Vikings made sacrifices to river gods and goddesses?

Garlands Day is observed for another reason in Masonic Manhattan: it's the day of Manhattanhenge. Sadly this year's alignments were obscured by inclement weather.

There's always next year.

I should take this opportunity to inform some of you who enjoy that kind of thing that the pseudo-Saxon fantasia Game of Thrones might spin off into a series that could possibly feature Mermaids.

Which might explain this.  

Let me ask you a rhetorical question: how much more of this kind of thing do we really need to see before we finally accept these people are all speaking in code to one another? 

And by "we," I mean, "you."

I mean, isn't that why you come to blogs like this?  

The reason I ask is that we're all seeing the big "Disclosure" rollout coming out of the Pentagon, and more specifically, the Navy. 

This is no surprise at all, the Navy has always been deeply invested in the UFO phenomenon for whatever reason you chose to name. What it's all leading to is an open question. But your analysis might want to take into account that the so-called "Tic Tac" video is 33 seconds long.

So I wrote about the "Tic Tac" video and the utter insanity of it being filmed by one David "Sex" Fravor, a "sync" that should give any attentive Secret Sun reader pause. 

But I couldn't help but wonder, why not go for the hat-trick? I searched around for the third piece of the puzzle but it didn't all fall into place until this new History Channel series popped onto my radar. 

Then a thousand voices inside my head suddenly all screamed in unison, "WHEN WILL YOU BELIEVE?" 

And by "you," they meant, "you."

It'd been staring me in the face all along, but TPTB's decision to serve up Luis Elizondo and David Fravor as the the point men in this psyop Disclosure campaign just punched me in the face repeatedly when I deciphered the code. 

Do you see it? 

Most of you are much smarter than me, I'm sure you do already. I mean, we already established beyond a doubt that "Fravor" is a just a variant of "Fraser."


ELIZ -ondo 

on---> d=4 (plus) o=15 = 19=



I mean, come the fuck on already. How many thousands more times are we going to see this?

Bonus Sync: the "Sex" nicely syncs with the undeniable fact that Our Lady is an avatar of Hathor, goddess of Sex, Music, Milk and Kisses.

That little cipher that connects nicely to a cinematic version of "Disclosure" released 40 years before the "Tic Tac" disclosure.

Oh, before I forget: Disclosure and "Apocalypse" are actually synonyms.

And since what the hell do middle-aged alternative-rock singers have to do with anything anyway, let's remember that this whole operation is ostensibly being run by former Blink-182/current Angels & Airwaves (who I quite like, incidentally) singer Tom DeLonge.

I guess that's what the hell middle-aged alternative-rock singers have to do with anything.

Who-- because he has absolutely no choice in the matter whatsoever-- has a weird, tangential connection to Our Lady of the Skies. Who, as many of you remember, hails from what some consider the busiest UFO spaceport in the world.

And lest we forget, the entire Siren saga--that ultimately brought the Sibyl and her Shepherd Boy together-- all started with a UFO ("The Frodis Caper").

There's another hat-trick for you playing along at home.

So, what do you guys think? Think my original hunch was right and that something-- for real -- crossed over --for real-- and took up with a very unlikely host? 

And my other hunch was right that people in positions of power noticed this transaction and have been looking to rub their own workings all over that host for good luck for a very, very long time?

I'm kinda thinking I'd bet everything I own on it at this point.

Please note that Our Blessed Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, will be prophesying once again on these shores in the autumn. 

I'd say to look for something rather dramatic to follow in her wake, as it customarily has over the years. I'm sure she'll be performing this old Pete Seeger standard and will be accompanied by the same or similarly-disturbing and syncro-resonant imagery.

So, when will you believe? 

By then, hopefully.