Thursday, January 31, 2019

"Mouse Kontrol Ultra," or Ascension of the New Metatron

Massive Attack onstage in Manchester

2019 seems to be recognized as a pivotal year of some kind by a number of different observers so I guess it's appropriate that Massive Attack is taking its Mezzanine 21st Anniversary extravaganza out on the road, along with MK-Ultra's own Adam Curtis furnishing the visuals.

I think it is safe to say that this will be another interesting year (in the Chinese-curse sense) if the augurs accompanying the tour's kickoff on Monday. Especially since a certain someone is along for this ride...

I realize I should be, but I've never been a huge fan of Mezzanine. I like MA's previous albums Blue Lines and Protection quite a bit, but found Mezzanine to be a bit too predictable and one-note, sort of a Trip-Hop-for-Export kind of thing.

Mind you, the movement had been appropriated and exploited pretty savagely by the time of its release (you couldn't turn on a TV without hearing fake Trip-Hop somewhere in the background) so the whole sound had kind of lost its sting.

But do note that the album has been encoded in DNA and is now available as spray paint, quite possibly a nod to MA leader "3D" being assumed by many to be the man behind Banksy. I'm not personally aware of any other pop culture artifact that's been garnered the same honor, in fact the only other thing I've seen encoded is the Bible. 

So make of that what you will.

The tour (does anyone else think at 21st anniversary is a weird landmark to celebrate?) also continues Massive Attack's ongoing collaboration with British documentarian Adam Curtis (HyperNormalisation), who clearly seems to spend a lot of his free time surfing conspiracy channels on YouTube.

Curtis' video collages are rife with Conspiracist, Apocalyptic, and Synchromystic-adjacent imagery and text, albeit leavened with the crypto-Fabian tut-tutting you'd expect from a BBC producer.

But I will say that this approach is simply a higher-tech version of the video presentations that The Clash (an acknowledged touchstone for Massive Attack) featured on their stage-sets, which were always appreciated when they lapsed into a boring momentum-killer like "Jimmy Jazz" or "Junco Partner."

These screenshots all come from one song (an Ultravox cover) and demonstrate that Curtis is certainly familiar with many of the central conspiracy tropes. He intersperses these cards with old footage of people mindlessly dancing to pop music, a message that many out there would certainly appreciate, I'm sure.

And of course the big story for this tour is the presence of the Oracle of our ongoing Apocalypse, none other than Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls herself. I am pleased to see she seems more comfortable onstage than in times past and her voice seems in fine form as well.

That being said, I'm not really a huge fan of her singing on Mezzanine. It's a major comedown from the tour de force performances she gave with the Cocteau Twins on their final tour, the mind-boggling power and range of her gifts boiled down to a sultry whisper.

But before we go deeper into Massive, MK-ULTRA and the Sibyl, let's take a quick look at some of the signs and portents heralding this latest act in the great Mystery Play of our times...

So we just got done looking at the avalanche of rampant Jupiter symbolism connected to the media's ritual scapegoating of insubordinate schoolboys, and lo and behold this week brings us a Syzygy of Jupiter, the Moon and Venus. 


Seeing how the boys were not all murdered-- as the instigators of the ritual openly and repeatedly called for-- I'm thinking old Jupes is going to be ripping some major chunks out of mediaoid asses in the days and weeks to come. 

In fact, I think he already got started.

The Horned and Hidden God is a lot of things, but tolerant of fuck-ups he is not. Especially when it comes to his supper.

In light of another rapidly-unraveling incitement ritual in the Windy City, it should be noted that Chi-town is currently colder than Victoria Land. The temperatures have been perilously cold especially at night, which might discourage random gangs of MAGAites from prowling the deserted streets looking for random micro-celebrities to assault. At least by my reckoning.

Because I am absolutely right about everything all the time (especially when I'm wrong), former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has answered the siren song of politics and has decided to throw his crown into the ring for 2020.

No word yet if he sought the guidance of the Sibyl before making his announcement. My guess is no.

The announcement roused The Langley Town Crier (AKA The New York Times), to lead the charge against his independent candidacy, which subsequently set the demon-possessed NPCs to launch angry hashtags at Schultz and --inevitably-- kick off a vicious harassment campaign aimed at wage-slaves toiling for the company the would-be Commander-in-Chief no longer even works for.

Yes, those are the same demon-possessed hatefreaks that Schultz endlessly pandered to during his time at the overpriced-coffee monger.

I have no idea what this candidacy is about and don't much care. I suppose it's some kind of ritual or another but what isn't anymore?

Speaking of rituals, we also hear news on that headless body found in Simon Fraser's coffin, which feels all too reminiscent to me of some kind of elite Headless Rite (AKA "the Bornless Rite").

These are the same Frasers who sold Boleskine House to weird old Uncle Aleister. Note that Frasers are featured in Outlander which I would rather eat earthworms than watch. Your mileage may vary.

I...uh...I mean, that

I got nothing. You figure it out. 

Bonus factoid: DeLonge's old band recently held a residency at the Pearl Theatre in Heaven or Las Vegas.

Speaking of which, the FBI released a zesty, totally-evidence-free analysis of Stephen ("Garland") Paddock's alleged shooting spree to coincide with the Sibyl's return to the stage. This Rouse fellow looks like he has a bright future in screenwriting.

Speaking of paddocks, a body of a missing man was pulled out of a canal in Falkirk on Monday...

...just a wee walk down the auld lane from the Kelpie's paddock. Weird timing, don't you think?

Which brings us back to the show... 

Curtis and Massive Attack first joined forces in 2013 for a series of shows also featuring a certain Sibyl of some note. And as you can see, Curtis is clearly on a MKULTRA bender going on several years now.

So weird they'd enlist Lady Fraser for this, don't you think? I mean, who could have ever imagined that? 

Well, other than me, I mean.

As you can plainly see, Curtis is very plainly influenced by the brainwashing film shown in the classic 70s conspiracy caper, The Parallax View. Which kind of makes you wonder, what's that old boy really up to? I mean, this is a classic scene and all but to make it your career? Well, it takes all kinds.

Curtis even teamed up with a dance company for 2017s MK-ULTRA ballet, which got quite a bit of attention in the press, given Curtis' notoriety for HyperNormalisation. If you haven't seen the ballet it was essentially Massive Attack vs. Adam Curtis crossed with Sprockets.

I kid.

Seeing that HyperNormalisation was so Trump-o-centric and that the Massive Attack vs. Adam Curtis show played a mere block away from Trump Palace when it came to New York, it should be noted that it did so the week Trump announced to Larry King that he was seriously considering a presidential run.

Remember I made that postulation that people in high places like to use this woman to rub on their own workings for extra luck? Good times.


And yes, that's the old World Trade Center flashed at the end of Our Lady's performance of "Yanka's Song," originally written by a Russian singer who committed suicide by drowning.

Which of course leads us back to Our Lady's starring role in The Millennium Dome Show. If you haven't heard of that, I'd recommend you click that link.

So MK-ULTRA is definitely a thing with these characters, which is especially trenchant in this case given that that program segued into the psychic-spying industrial complex. 

Which, I would argue, was one of the core mission statements all along. Creating oracles, I mean. Training psychics, preferably vulnerable young girls. Often with very ugly, very nasty methods indeed.

Just like in the olden days of Greece, Rome, Egypt and everywhere else on the planet all throughout human history. Like, y'know, you see in Stranger Things, sort of.  

Or better yet, Minority Report.

For it is written, "...MKULTRA monster Ewen Cameron was born and raised twenty minutes up the road from (Elizabeth) Fraser and consulted with doctors in the area working on similar programs at hellholes like Lennox Castle Hospital, programs that reportedly survived well into the 80s and possibly beyond." 

What exactly did Fraser's Stirlingshire neighbor Cameron do to his subjects?
Psychic driving was a psychiatric procedure of the 1950s and 1960s in which patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape to alter their behaviour. 
In psychic driving, patients were often exposed to hundreds of thousands of repetitions of a single statement over the course of their treatment.  

Tape loops, you say? Where else do we see tape loops a lot?

I thought so.

Makes you wonder what Curtis might know that most of the rest of us don't, given the MK-ULTRA and Apocalypse stuff, doesn't it?

Especially since some of the numbers Fraser performs are more than a bit repetitive and are accompanied by rather unsettling (read:"terrifying") visuals.

In fact, the "frames removed" in this performance were originally footage of maimed and mutilated victims of war. They were reportedly shown the night before in Glasgow but apparently aroused quite of bit of complaint from punters. 

It's so weird how the soft, sweet vocals of a humble, middle-aged Scottish lady seem to go so well with scenes plucked from our modern waking nightmare, don't you think? What's that all about?

So weird.

Actually, I've had a very long time to accept this paradox. I've often told you how when I first really fell under this woman's spell that I got these strange ideas that she was the herald of aliens/angels, who channeled encoded prophecies of the Apocalypse through her. 

Crazy, right?

Sure. It's just that I'm not alone in this. Interesting how so many others are well-known directors, don't you think?

Anyhow, I've spoken of that life-changing mix tape I was given in the spring of 1986 so it's worth noting this was the first song on it. I remember exactly where I was when I first put the cassette on; I was in the bathroom of this very old house we were living in, about to get into the big old bathtub. I guess you could say it was a baptism.

How appropriate then that this YouTuber mixes in play from El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron to their fan video of the song. I should add this song has lost not one whit of its power for me. Here's the gist of it:
The story is inspired by the apocryphal Book of Enoch, and follows Enoch (Shin-ichiro Miki/Blake Ritson), a scribe seeking seven fallen angels to prevent a great flood from destroying mankind.[2] He is helped in his quest by Lucifel (Ryota Takeuchi/Jason Isaacs), a guardian angel in charge of the protection of the world who exists outside of the flow of time, alongside four Archangels: Michael (Kazuaki Yuguchi/Martin Glyn Murray), Gabriel (Atsuko Tanaka/Kirsty Mitchell), Raphael (Hirofumi Nojima/Adam Sopp) and Uriel (Hiroki Yasumoto/Chris Obi). 
Obviously, I can't say for sure that otherworldly beings have ever seized control of a little group of on-the-spectrum musicians and used them as vessels for angelic communications, but if they did you're probably hearing it now. 

Note that Metatron was known as the "Recording Angel."

Get ready, is all I'm saying. 


  1. Metatron and Santana: time during his meditations in 1994, Santana was taken over by a transcendental spirit.  He was made to grab a yellow legal pad and start automatic writing whatever he was channeling from this being. "It's kind of like a fax machine". .it was...The Archangel Metatron, who can heal you with his love through the transmissions of the spiritual radio.  And it was to be Santana's mission to re-broadcast this spiritual radio to the children of the world. "I'm not Carlos anymore.  I'm not bound to DNA anymore." Metatron told Santana explicitly, "You will be inside the radio frequency for the purpose of connecting the molecules with the light." Santana explained 1999 .."in my meditation..Metatron - said, 'we want to hook you back to the radio airwave frequency. We want you to reach junior high schools, high schools and universities. Once you reach them - because we are going to connect you with the best artists of the day - then we want you to present them a new menu. Let them know that they are themselves, multidimensional spirits with enormous possibilities and opportunities. We want you to present them with a new form of existence that transcends religion, politics or the modus operandi of education today'” –  Enter the album " Supernatural". Here's the creepy part.  This mofo hadn't been on the charts in any serious way for over a decade or longer.  It just wasn't popping off for him.  But Metatron had the solution... Santana was told to connect with the pop stars of the day. Basically it was his spiritual mission to sell out as hard as possible.  And it worked. It went 15 times Platinum!  It won the frickin' Album of the Year at the Grammy's plus eight other Grammy Awards... It has sold over 30 million copies and took the number one spot on the charts in ten countries. Maybe there's something to this whole Metatron business..."

    1. Last year i was at a Dollar Tree looking through the books and saw a book by Santana, The Universal Tone. Just before this i was hearing the name Carlos Santana associated with the Philadelphia Phillies. I thought it was him, that he had bought into them or something. Right after i found that who they were referring to was actually a new batter, who i gather is good (i don't follow sports).

    2. Yeah, this was a strange event. I came across it when noticing a few gnostic references in Santana's song titles. Didn't really find anything clear that linked him to anything regarding gnostism but I came across this story, apparently the pop artist he worked with also had dreams about working with him before they were approached to work with him.

    3. That album, in particular "Smooth", such a foreboding augury.

    4. A bit more from Carlos Santana's Rolling Stone interview in 2000:

      “The energy of devils and angels is the same energy; it’s how you use it. It’s fuel. There is a saying: If you scare all your devils away, the angels will go away with them. You know, the halo and the horns are the same thing. I mean it’s OK to be spiritually horny – that’s what creative genius is all about. Geniuses don’t have time to think about how it’s going to be received… they don’t have time to think whether people like it or not, is it morally right, will God like it?....."

    5. Having followed Carlos for years since I first started playing, he's always had a somewhat tortured spiritual side. Musically I thought his peak was Welcome, with the similarly spiritually-focused, eastern-influenced John McLaughlin. Carlos has also said in interviews he was sexually abused as a child. His singing, stinging guitar sound is well known and sometimes copied. The reason that crossover idea worked was because his distinctive sound melded so well with so many. So yeah, he's been "tapped/tapping" for years, perhaps involving spiritual forces, perhaps something more earthly.

    6. Soundtrack to the days shop:

      "Se mira Maria on the corner
      Thinking of ways to make it better
      Then I looked up in the sky
      Hoping of days of paradise"

      "Carlos Santana has collaborated with chef Roberto Santibañez to open five restaurants of the same name, after the song. The majority are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and other locations are in Arizona and Texas."

      "Producer Wyclef Jean has revealed that the melody riff was inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan song "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit""

      The "Danville" diet?

      ""When people came to me and said, 'The symmetry with your sound is there,' I felt confident that it was a win-win-win situation," Santana says. The triple-win he refers to is syncing his musical and culinary aesthetics, providing employment and serving his community through the Milagro Foundation."

      "Brown says that the inspiration for the garden came from the fact that Marin City has no grocery store and three fast-food restaurants. "It was about finding underserved communities that needed health and nutrition," she says. "The children and their families need to have access to healthy food and see that it comes from the ground up.""

      "Santana says he sees the opening of his restaurants as an opportunity "to affirm that life is delicious, especially in the hand of people that have passion for what they do. Nothing gives me more joy than to share with people in the world." He's adamant about keeping the restaurant's prices reasonable ($6-$22), and about letting his chef have control over the menu."

      "Santana" "released an album Shape Shifter consisting of mostly instrumental tracks" in 2012 & is an Las Vegas resident.

      "The '60s were a leap in human consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Mother Teresa, they led a revolution of conscience. The Beatles, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix created revolution and evolution themes. The music was like Dalí, with many colors and revolutionary ways. The youth of today must go there to find themselves."

      "Santana" isn't wrong on "the youth" source being found in the "'60s", but the "themselves" to "find" aren't roots they're shackles.


  2. I am reading this while my husband is binging old episodes of Warehouse 13. As soon as I read your paragraph about trip-hop being over exploited, the TV starts blasting a remixed version of Sour Times. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

  3. 21 is the 8th Fibonacci number and 21*21=441, 441hz is the standard pitch. It is also called the King's Chamber Frequency. Graham Hancock wrote about it, and i think it has something to do with the sarcophagus (can't verify at the moment). Reportedly 441hz is a healing frequency.

    1. 21 is also 3x7, which is a good rectangle to have if you are wondering about the inclination of the ecliptic.

      The standard pitch is 440Hz, not 441Hz, but it's close enough. It's an A and it's pretty close to the natural voice pitch of most women. Men's natural voice pitch is more variable among men.

      The King's Chamber famously contains a (3,4,5) right-angle triangle and a (2,square root of 5,3) right-angle triangle. Figuring out what those triangles have to do with pi, 3 and 7 is left as an exercise for the reader. People are really, really, really not kidding when they say that you've got to do the work yourself.

    2. Standard, or Concert, pitch is 440 Hz, designated ISO 16.

      I know 432 Hz gets a lot of publicity (and probably as much scorn) as a more 'natural' tuning, but hadn't heard about 441. Must investigate further....

  4. Ya gotta wonder about those galaxy-class minds who thought that making large numbers of psychics furious was a good idea.

    1. Dammerung, let me give you a clue: nobody thinks that making large numbers of psychics furious is a particularly good idea. Same way that absolutely nobody thinks that the politics that a few major countries have today are a particularly good idea, including USA, UK, France and Germany (and I don't follow Russia, China and India all that closely, but from time to time I detect gurgling noises from there too).

      Sometimes disaster happens, and it's nobody's fault, or to be precise, it's a collective disaster. Collectives are incapable of coherent decisions. Keep repeating this until it dawns on you what is really going on.

      In fact, once it dawns on you, you might like Germanic names even more than you do already. But before you get too enthusiastic, I suggest you read a bit about Sparta and Athens, and wonder about why Athens won the war in the end, if collectives suck so much at coherent decisions.

      I don't have very high expectations that you get it. I've seen the piss-poor track record most psychics have had so far of seeing the trajectory of the world, in spite that it's described in fairly good detail in any decent astrology book, chapter on Saturn. Remember that Saturn's influences, like that of any planet, are temporary. Which is why Athens won.

    2. Maria. Did it ever occur to you that when psychics get angry about things that never happen it's because they get so angry they wipe out the entire timeline?

    3. SS hints at reality changes...with the 'i am in a coma' catch phrase.The angry pychics must be American Gen Xers, because USA pop culture from the 1980s is being edited.We all knew the original 1984 version of "Karate Kid" wore a red on white Japanese Rising Sun bandana,but now he wears blue on white Lotus Flower Print.You can search YouTube for the "Ralph Macchio where are they now" clip and he will tell you the story about the Iconic "Lotus Flower" bandana.

    4. A 're write'.
      A change in the programming.
      Color is not the issue; it itself is just frequency.
      HOW it is utilized, directed, FORMED??
      Another thing altogether.
      Think about it; the 'Lotus Flower'.
      'IT' opens (reveals) itself and???
      Chris has proposed a 'Japanese' version of this complete total nonsense; our 'reality'.
      The 'Red SUN'?
      Thanks mate.

    5. "Mindblown" was the correct answer, Bob.

    6. My old Karate Kid vhs still has the red bandana on the cover.

    7. Re: still has red bandana on the vhs cover? Please post a image or video clip.

    8. I seriously do not understand why i was sleeping and then my stereo turned on and played lacuna coil ep. Internet was extremely new so i searched for them. Anyway my sister told me that this cd belonged to a "dark" friend of her. And she gave me his icq contact.I talked to him and he sent me pandora and alice. From then on I developed another personality and tried to get all cocteau twins songs. I dont think there is one I havent heard. My life sort of developed after that. I just feel someone clicked the play button of that stereo. I had never configured an alarm and it was the afternoon. Anyway, Liz is a channel. After all these years, I feel conflicted cause I love this music. Some people called me an oracle before, what you wrote has a profound impact on me.

  5. Miss you on Facebook. Come back lolz
    Hope all is well.

    1. King Zuckerborg still tracks and keeps tabs on you after you leave.

    2. The G people (see blogspot) have been tracking and retaining all calls and emails (texts, too, probably), including confidential communications between clients and doctors, accountants, attorneys and counselors, for years. Why there hasn't been a massive class-action suit by the AMA, APA, ABA, etc. is beyond my understanding at this point.

    3. Because they kill those that dare defy & even though 1 way or another the coup de grace is coming, slow-kill or quick-chop, pepple want to live even if they live in/as shit.


    4. A few of us were unable to be killed.

  6. When Enoch "was no more, because he went with God" he became the angel Metatron, with 365,000 eyes and an insane number of wings too, and bigger than the earth. Of course he was on earth mere 365 years (his son Methuselah was famously over 900). Obvious Sun symbolism.

    In Supernatural Metatron was the 'Scribe of God' who wrote the 'Word of God'.

    The name is obviously derived from Greek and not Hebrew.

    1. Check out a geometrical figure called "Metatron's cube". And think of numbers 3, 5 and 7 while you are at it.

    2. SIX, SEX, XES Maria.
      The Carbon atom.
      Building block.
      To jack 'ESSENCE'??
      Perhaps we are not the sum of our parts.

  7. One sync that immediately jumped out at me concerning the Chicago Incitement...

    Pouring bleach publicly over a black man (whether true assault or only ritual) is surely one of the most diabolically potent symbols anyone trying to start a race war could invoke. Bleach was first manufactured on an industrial scale in Scotland, by a chemist named Charles Tennant, who founded a commercial bleaching empire so vast his descendants were ennobled. Among those descendants: Simon Christopher Fraser, current Chief of Clan Fraser, and the Chief's sister, Honor Fraser (whose name seems to be an imperative sentence).

    Just like the Covington Incitement, this has bizarre and disturbing echoes by the ton (for instance, the most famous Smollett is Tobias Smollett, a Scottish novelist who's largely unread today, but who was considered one of the giants of Scottish Literature back in the Victorialand era; he lived in Renton, just a bit due East of Falkirk).

    As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work.

    1. Are you msm fake news level stupid? Sicko Bryan Singer needed a distraction and tmz was there to help.

    2. @Anon156: I'm not sure if you decided to insult me without reading what I've actually written, if your reading comprehension is poor, or if you simply have no clue about semiotics. But I don't particularly care, either.

      For anyone else who might be interested enough to read this, allow me to be more plain: the archons would love to see violent racial unrest in America, if not full on Race War. Not that they care about one race or the other (they see themselves as genetically distinct from us commoners): they just want the blood. The Covington Incitement was an attempt at evoking such racial unrest. The Chicago Incitement is another attempt. The symbolism is so loaded that it doesn't matter if it actually happened, if it was staged, or, for that matter, if none of the people reported to be involved even exist outside of a television studio. The image of a black man getting noosed up and doused in bleach is out there in the group mind now: even among those who think the whole thing was a staged provocation. Therefore, the syncs and echoes are well worth tracing.

      But I doubt that many of my fellow Secret Sunners needed it spelled out like that. With the exception of the stray troll, it's a pretty sharp crowd here.

    3. This is probably an unnecessary clarification, but in my original comment I meant to write that Renton is due *West* of Falkirk. I'm not advancing any radical new theory that Tobias Smollett was a merman living in the North Sea, *honest*.

    4. TMZ "White Pow(d)er" "Bleach" "Rope Noose" "Attacked" "Cruising 2am" "Gay Victim" "Hip Hop" "Black" "Empire" "White Powder Sent to Smollet (small head) [days before he was lol attacked] Is Identified (as aspirin)"

    5. @Khadir
      The archons are going to get a race war because that's what happens when you mix tens of millions of people with no shared history, culture, or identity and shake violently. You can't stop it. Why would you want to stop it? There's too many damn people on the freeway, and I'm tired of being confronted by hostile la creatura everywhere I go. People need to have security in their heritage or they go absolutely berserk. The conditions were set up decades ago, now it's just going to carry on to its natural conclusion, and all the kumbayah and all the children of the rainbow nonsense isn't going to mean jack shit. Were we set up? Sure we were set up. But any animal will fight with its back against the wall, even if it was an intentional plot we're still stuck in it. Thank your local baby boomer for not fighting hysterically against this agenda when it first started rolling out because now it's too far along to stop, all that's left is to survive (or not) the consequences and try to breed enough to not have your genetic legacy annihilated.

    6. The Script: After getting a death threat in the mail.Smollet turned down Fox offer of 24 hour security while filming in Chicago, because "he did not want to be encumbered".And no way to pull off this psyop if he did.All the markings of a hoax.

    7. @Dammerung: Unlike a lot of folks, I'm going to do my best to give your comment a considered reply (rather than just dismissing you), because I think this world could use more Angry Young Men...provided, of course, that we can keep them from running from one trap set by the archons right into the opposite trap. It might take me quite a few words, so bear with me.

      First: too many people on the freeway? Well, America is a huge, largely empty place. I'm sure you can find somewhere where the population density suits you. You say you're tired of being confronted by hostile 'la creatura' (I'm guessing you mean Latinos)? Then why are you living where you're living? Move to a place you find more congenial. It really is that simple.

      Why would I want to stop a race war? Because the violent death of any fellow human is a thing to be mourned. Because no one would win a race war but the archons (you think we have a police state now? Just wait til the slums start burning). And because it would achieve *nothing*at*all*. Ask any Rwandan.

      People don't go berserk when they don't have security in their heritage. They mope through their lives listless and aimless. Go to the rez and ask any Indian.

      Don't make the mistake of confusing your genetic legacy and your *cultural* legacy. The "children of the rainbow" spiel is one trap the archons have set. The opposite trap is the idea that your DNA defines you. It's easy to continue your genetic legacy (especially if you're a man, and can dodge a paternity test); but that only continues your physical traits, not your language, your religion, your philosophy, your values, or your worldview. My children all inherited my height and my eye color. It was no work on my part, and there's nothing they could do to change it. But it's also the least important thing I could give them. The things that *matter* to me- love of the English language, love of learning, the values of generosity, loyalty, and pride- don't get transmitted through the blood. Had my children been raised by a man other than me, they would still have my height and my eyes, but *his* worldview.

      And that's the crux of my argument. Worldview passes *across* as easily as *down*. A man convinced his culture is worth preserving (as I am of mine)would, it seems to me, try to spread it to as widely as he could, and try to ally with similar cultures, rather than immediately writing off the majority of humanity as enemies.

      Something to consider: if race war is inevitable, why are the archons having to work so hard to make it happen? And if it could achieve anything worthwhile for commoners like us, why wouldn't the archons be trying to avoid it at all costs?

      They've been trying the same trick since Sumer: to keep us fighting us, so that we don't fight *them*.

    8. @Khadir
      Why are you living where I'm living?

    9. @Dammerung: translate that question for me, please.

      I'm living where *I'm* living because 1: this is the culture I was raised in (Appalachia), and even though it's taking its last gasp, I still love it, and 2: I'm convinced that the next great civilization will come out of these mountains, and I want to do my part to make sure that happens (hey, three centuries of my ancestors helped create this culture- there was an Appalachia even before there was an America!- and I'm bound by Honor not to break the chain).

      But I'm still honestly curious: just judging by your comments here, you seem to find the place you live extremely uncongenial. Why stay? Honest question, asked with zero snark.

    10. @Khadir, Dammerung

      I have much i both agree and disagree with from both of you on this. One thing i very much agree with that i think is worth especially noting is this from Khadir: "I think this world could use more Angry Young Men...provided, of course, that we can keep them from running from one trap set by the archons right into the opposite trap." This is a VERY important point, since pretty much every group and movement is either a manufactured limited hangout or so heavily infiltrated with Judas' that they will be used against those movements. Like in the Matrix, there's layers of controls, you no sooner break past one gatekeeper than you find another one. That's why i have spent the last 20+ years intently learning all that i can about how the Black Iron Prison operates and have passed many intentional and unintentional gatekeepers in the process. In the end the only thing that is undeniably worth our loyalty and dedication is Truth.

    11. @Dammerung, Khadir

      Another VERY important point Khadir makes that i think needs emphasis: "[The archons] keep us fighting us, so that we don't fight *them*."

      I think i understand both of the environments that shape your views. I currently live in a majority black ghetto with a significant minority of hispanics, but my family always revolved around my grandmother who was from South Carolina at the foot of Appalachians, and through her my roots run deep, to Jamestown and the Mayflower, and through the Cherokee (and some other tribes) even further back. My ancestors literally founded much of the country (and are in history books).

      My neighborhood, Frankford, was settled even before the English showed up. It's actually world famous, and was one of the great manufacturing centers of the world for a long time (eg Frankford Umbrella and Frankford Chocolate being two examples, both factories (used to be) just blocks from where i live). It's only recently that it became a ghetto. It was always a mixed black/white working class neighborhood, and a rare model for racial harmony (we were all near the bottom together). The second oldest AME church in the country is just two blocks from me. The first blacks to be hired as regular workers was at a factory a few blocks away. There is a black business that is 150 years old nearby. I could go on. For generations people lived here (partly) separate but equal. We went to the same stores, same schools, etc. This is where my mother and i were both raised. Just the other day at that AME church we ran into a black woman who was my late aunt's best friend from childhood. My 'Uncle Barty', a close family friend was black, and one of the first faces i saw. We have always gotten along with diverse people, and my southern grandmother is no small part of the reason for that. One of my best (and one of the few) friends i have is an Ethiopian Jew. Much of this i bring up to stave off the charges of racism that may be leveled at me because of some of views.

      Race matters, and much of this "diversity" and "multiculturalism" is a fraud and a weapon being used against all of us. I judge individuals as such, but there are differences, and ignoring them helps no one. Biology does matter. Twin studies have shown that biology affects more than just height and eye color. Twins raised separately from birth do indeed have similar thoughts and worldviews. There is a large amount of literature on this, where often they live very parallel lives, having the same preferences and very often choosing similar work. Things like gestures are also known to be inherited, and one acts like one's father even when never having laid eyes on him. Intellectual faculties are also similar. I have a story written by my great grandfather about his escape from the the French Foreign Legion (which he wrote for personal reasons later in life and starts with a mention of it not being like the portrayal on the 'Silver Screen', probably the trigger). What is most interesting is that my style of writing is IDENTICAL. In that respect, I COULD HAVE WRITTEN IT. My grandfather, his son, died when i was 6, and he was older when my mother and her siblings were born. Transmission through the generations is a bit disjointed, so that can't explain the precise stylistic similarity. It should be obvious that culture is going to be at least partly based on biology. A blind man is not going to create a culture where color is important, nor a deaf one where music is, and different peoples do have different sensibilities.

      [More to come. Please refrain from any attacks until i finish making my case, then attack away if you wish.]

    12. @Khadir
      Why stay? I don't. I keep moving, and there keep being hordes of hostile welfare dependents everywhere I go. Eventually you stop believing that the future is going to look like Starfleet acadena and start asking yourself why there need to be any invaders.

    13. @dan: no worries, my friend; I have zero intention of attacking you, or your arguments. I'm a big believer in civility in debate; and I also believe that intelligent people of goodwill can hold opposing beliefs.

      With that said, I also might be able to save you quite a bit of typing. I'm familiar with the studies that claim that identical twins seperated at birth grow up to lead very similar lives, and the studies that claim children grow up to act like fathers they've never met. But I have yet to see any positive study of behavioral genetics that I find convincing. The field is rife with poorly designed studies, sloppily collected (or absent) raw data, cherry-picking, and outright fraud. But I also don't want to hijack CLK's comment section grinding *my* own axe in the Nurture-versus-Nature debate. So on this we'd probably do best just to agree to disagree.

      But on a positive note: I could not agree more than with what you said about the one undeniable loyalty we all being to Truth. I only wish more of the world thought that way!

    14. @dan: it dawned on me that my last comment could easily be read as adversarial, so I thought it'd only be proper to point out that we seem to agree much more than we disagree (and, for the record, it's not that I believe biology plays *no* role in behavior; rather, it's been my observation that culture trumps biology pretty easily).

      As a for instance: I agree strongly that multiculturalism is being used as a weapon against us. The Appalachia of my youth was an ethnically diverse place, and had been for a long while: but the reason the Scots-Irish, Germans, Mingo Indians, coalfield Jews, Italians, and "Turks" (the term the old folk used for the Lebanese Christians among us) were able to live peacefully together was because we all shared a language, and a culture we all took pride in. The only examples I can think of where radically different cultures have been able to coexist harmoniously are those where one of the cultures is a small minority content to live seperate from, and encapsulated within, the dominant culture. (The Amish, and the Hasidim in NYC, are two of the examples I have in mind.) I might wish it were otherwise; but Reality unfortunately didn't consult with me.

      So I'm with you: by making sure that America 2019 is a welter of conflicting cultures, the archons know exactly what they're doing.

    15. @Khadir

      I wasn't anticipating an attack from you, it's just that these days the mere mention of race at all, or even biology as it relates to humans (but no problem if applied to non-human animals) especially from a cis male white devil, brings out the lynch mob (oops, shouldn't have said lynch, better check my privilege!). Most readers on this blog are reasonable, but there are 'activists' who search out 'offensive materials' in order to troll.

      As to Truth, most people don't have the capacity for it. It's not easy to discard deeply held beliefs if they prove untrue. It take some fortitude. I have done it many times, and there have been occasions where even i resisted. Sometimes delusions do have survival value, in some cases even bring good, depending on what it motivates one to do.

    16. @Khadir

      Ha, precisely one of the points i was going to make about multiculturalism, when it works, and how lacking those conditions makes it a weapon. Societies are being poisoned from within, and the stage is being set for conflicts to keep us from being able to offer any resistance, organized or not. The Stasi used to randomly target a percentage of the population just to create stresses that kept people from functioning properly, with it's attendant effects on the larger society. With what's being done, they don't have to be so hands on, they need only set the stage.

      As to what seems adversarial, it's understandable. Sometimes it is what one disagrees with that is what perhaps needs to be discussed. I tend to focus on disagreements as well. My late best friend once asked me about Graham Hancock, and my review seemed negative. I had to tell him later just how much i respect and value his work.

    17. [Part 2]

      I should state that i believe that we are more than our meat-suits. The relationship between our spirit and our body/environment is a whole other philosophical discussion, but perhaps we incarnate in bodies that best suit our soul.

      Maybe the blind/deaf example is a bit extreme. A better example may be cats and dogs. If a dog is let out, the first thing they do is sniff everything. This makes sense, it is their most well developed sense. A cat on the other hand, will sit and look around and listen, since these are their primary senses (their sense of smell is comparatively weaker). Everything naturally delights in what it is. Most neurotypicals enjoy socializing for it's own sake, they gain pleasure from it, because that is how they are constructed. I, being autistic, do not, not for it's own sake at least. If i have something to learn or teach it's different, so i do enjoy thoughtful discussion. Otherwise i can go long periods without human contact without feeling in any way deprived.

      In many humans, perhaps culture can more easily override biology, but that may be biological. One of the ways humans are differentiated from animals is by the dominance of instinct, 'animals' being driven by instinct more than culture. Chimps can be taught most 'human' tasks, but cannot be civilized because their inborn drives dominate as they mature. Most animals have a certain 'code' that they follow, the morality of their 'race'. Individuals vary, but most adhere to it. Anyone familiar with dogs know how much their behavior is driven by their breed, and despite the apparent differences in form, all dogs are more closely related than are the human races to each other. Humans may be a peculiar animal, but an animal nonetheless.

      My views are informed by my autism. I am more 'primitive'. I have always seen myself as being more akin to an animal than human. I think more on their 'level' which is why i generally get along better with them, and prefer their company. I may not be intellectually stimulated by them, which is something i value as an expression of my natural capacities, but if i were to just 'hang out' i'd rather spend time with deer or cats than humans. I am also more driven by instinct than most humans. Maybe i am 'less human'. That's fine by me because 'human' has always been a derogatory term to me meaning the same thing as is meant when humans say 'animal' (i have often been maltreated by humans, and generally well treated by animals.)

      Autism is a 'developmental disorder', and finding that out made sense of my being 'primitive'. Despite my intellectual abilities, i am essentially a simpleton. I never got passed 5 years old in some ways, i never became 'fully human', though at 5 i was intellectually more developed than most people. My views and values have not really changed since then. People begin to absorb society's values at around 8-9 years old, and having never reached that level, am more driven by my biology/instincts, as children are. That, and growing up in the shattered remnants of our civilization, mean i essentially have little more culture than a chimp. I only behave in ways that suit me, my instincts. I didn't always trust them, but that itself is instinct. I always trusted them over the claims made by two-legged simians. I learned what was of interest to me, without concern for what society wants or expected. I took to Star Trek, which my father introduced me to, but rejected his example of violent alcoholism. Spock was my childhood role model, but i didn't absorb all of those values (in some cases i would critically ask 'WHY is THAT logical?').

      Let me end this segment here. Next i will go into how i believe my instincts/biology has informed my worldview.

  8. Simon Raymonde in a recent article:

    "It sounds corny to talk of 'magic'..., but something very odd happened when the three of us got into a studio. It’s hard not to think of it in terms of unexplained mysteries, alchemy, even magick, and while we smoked a lot of dope and took a lot of speed in the early days, our states of mind were not drastically altered!" (

    Large collection of live Cocteau Twins recordings:

  9. The UK has voluntarily put itself in Cuba crisis level news cycle for several years now. Our political class has proven itself not only to be corrupt and self-serving but totally useless and ineffectual in every way. If sacrificing innocent blood in a ritual to the Metatron and praising is awesome wingage is what it takes to not be a useless overeducated idiot then maybe they should start. The idea that these useless tossers in the UK elite could perform some dark satanic ritual is conceivable but the idea of them doing it correctly with the minimum level of competence is laughable.

    1. Hence the blowback on all & sundry? "Elites" are only able to "Lord" over Folk because Folk allow It, plenty punsihment to go round for all.


    2. People in the UK fawn over every halfwit inbred with the right accent and suit. It's true that they technically deserve it but I like to be more generous than that.

    3. Anon 3:15, it's way deeper than that. After years of colonialism, the world has been trained for the British way. I once met a powerful person who allegedly was "raised to meet the Queen." He was from a very Anglophile middle class family with ties to the UK. Oddly, this weird bit of family training seemed to have served him well. He ultimately met the queen as part of his life working for the archons.

      On a semi-related note, before cutting the cable I noticed more and more British newpeople were embedded in local broadcasts. My cynical assumption has been that BS is somehow believed more when delivered with a Brit accent.

      And to close with a reply to Anon 5:41, yes, they are a bunch of inbred morons and IMO their incompetence and ego are probably our best defense to whatever horrible plans they are currently fumbling to implement.

    4. Anon 3:15, it's way deeper than that. After years of colonialism, the world has been trained for the British empire's way. I once met a powerful person who allegedly was "raised to meet the Queen." He was from a very Anglophile middle class family that proudly traced back to the UK. Oddly, this weird bit of family training seemed to have served him well. He ultimately met the queen as part of his life working for the archons.

      On a semi-related note, before cutting the cable I noticed more and more British newpeople were embedded in local broadcasts. My cynical assumption has been that BS is somehow believed more readily when delivered with a British accent.

      And to close with a reply to Anon 5:41, yes, they are a bunch of inbred morons and IMO their incompetence and ego are probably our best defense to whatever horrible plans they are currently fumbling to implement.

    5. IMO their incompetence and ego.
      Yeah buddy!!
      Alive and well unfortunately.
      DETACH perhaps??


      "MEGHAN ... got fruity with sex workers...", "She said: “I saw this in the States. It’s incredible.”", "“On each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation, to make the kids feel really, like, empowered.", “It was the most incredible idea – this small gesture.”, "Meghan declared she was now ‘in charge of the banana messaging*’...", "...Sam, praised the Duchess’ gesture. She said: "I can imagine being on the van, and 'Meghan wrote this thing, and what?' “I think they might not eat it. I think that banana would be at home until it is rotten.", "At boxing charity Empire Fighting Chance Harry comforted a lad who’d lost his dad, saying: “The same happened to me” — a reference to Diana..."

      "The Duchess of Sussex wrote notes like “You are special!” and “You are strong!”"

      "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stopped by One25..."

      1 + 2 + 5 = ate.

      "...complete with little hearts.", "The bananas were a part of snack bags the charity hands out to the women they help."

      "The duke and duchess visited ... a boxing organization that aims to “fight the impact of deprivation on the lives of young people...”"

      "...the duchess spotted that Sam was looking nervous at the prospect of having to talk to the group. She told her: “Sometimes it is the lead-up that makes it more nerve-racking. You go first! It’s like ripping a bandaid off.”"

      "“Channeling the energy you have into the creative arts and theatre and all of that is equally as important ... You can know that there's a place [here] where you can find community, and sort of explore self discovery and other things you might be thinking about."

      "The Duke told youngsters of drama: "It's more than a hobby isn't it? It runs in your blood.""

      "Meeting nursery school children, they appeared to be preparing for their impending parenthood as the Duke asked a woman supervising toddlers: “How do you keep them under control?”"

      (*What part of a John's anatomy does a "banana" resemble? Bananas are also one of the foodstuffs oft mentioned as being at risk of extinction due to fungal infection/"climate change" & every banana on Earth is a clone:

      "If you want to see an evolutionary dead end ... Every banana you eat is an infertile clone, and its wild ancestors weren't much better when it came to finding new genes."

      "Genetic analysis can then pick the story up and tell us that bananas then began hybridizing ... in ways that must have required human cultivation."

      "Donohue argues that any solution will require the creation of local diversity for bananas so that one banana can no longer take down an entire population."

      So distinct & separate groups are not only good but necessary so as to ensure best chance of survival for all?

      "That said, the real hope for the researchers - and banana cultivators - is to find the one banana type out of the hundreds of still undiscovered wild varieties that can be resistant to disease."

      ...oh, guess not, well 'tis a "gizmodo" article afterall.

      "Many parts of the world, like Indonesia, don't really know the sort of genetic diversity that's out there - there's never been a survey ... there's probably a specialized variety ... that can hit that [disease resilient] niche quite well if we could only find it."")


    7. That banana idea is a rip off. The idea started years ago when some woman in i think Equador wrote something on a banana and threw it at the president. It was something like 'i need a home'. Whatever it was he did it. It became a thing.

  10. Brillian post Chris, and your description of Adam Curtis is spot-on. Just after reading it, I started on Shoshana Zuboff's new book 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power'which I think would be of interest to you and the Secret Sun community. Extract and interview here:

  11. Pop-occult-u-r-all tags:

    "...I felt that I was the lucky one because I was an artist and it would never happen to me because, as long as I could sort of put those psychological excesses into my music and into my work, then I could always be throwing it off.’"

    If these "excesses" were channelled into Bowie's Work what effect did & does It have on those entertained?

    Glam-bam thank you um... "ma'am" It?

    "Lady Gaga Hit! This dress looked gorgeous on Lady Gaga, it's very Marilyn Monroe! However, I think her hair and makeup are slightly off, but she still looks confident and really happy."

    Raising up whilst tearing down must cause a lot of stress, "LG" pulled off a more convincing "MM" glamour when she posed with the 5 U.S. Presidents a year or two ago.

    "Celine Dion Miss! Celine has been criticized a lot recently about the way she looks, but she is an icon so she can wear what she wants! I’m not overly keen on this look however, the boots are an odd accessory!"

    More mixed signals, the "fashion world" is confusing I suppose this tactic generates custom.

    2 "slayers":

    "Lady Gaga Hit! Another woman who is continuing to slay on the red carpet at the moment..."

    "Chrissy Teigen Hit! Chrissy very rarely gets it wrong on her fashion choices and this is another example of how she is slaying the red carpet events at the moment."

    That's Chrissy "get your pedo on" Teigen, married to John Legend a man unafraid to join the R Kelly take down chorus.

    "Lady Gaga Hit! Lady Gaga stole the show with this lilac gown, she was the talk of the red carpet and rightly so! The dress is true Gaga style, with matching hair of course, simply stunning."

    From the "Golden Globes", the lack of mention re: "Judy" acts to emphasise her ghoulish presence.

    Nicole Kidman also makes a no. of appearances &

    "Julia Roberts Hit! Julia looks gorgeous here, I love this look! She looks powerful and sophisticated. We are starting to see more of this look - trousers and an open dress, it’s a hard one to get right but I think Julia has nailed it."

    "We are starting to see more of this look"? How very "bohemian" just as the "roaring twenties" of the 21st century begin final preparations for kick-off.

    More from the space-spore:

    "The phytochemicals—or naturally occurring plant chemicals—in mushrooms “seem to be especially potent, displaying some anti-cancer and anti-aging properties,” ... Because mushrooms have a savory, umami flavor similar to meat, blending them and mixing them with meat, or eating mushrooms as a meat replacement, are popular ways to reduce meat intake"

    Mushrooms are so versatile they're veritably "intersectional"!


  12. This just in from CIAnn “Sightings of rare oarfish in Japan raise fears of earthquake and tsunami”, meanwhile in other Groundhog Day nooze cycle nonsense “17” bipartisan lawmakers negotiate to avoid a shutdown joining the 17 new lawyers defending he who shall not be named and Bennu’s 17-paloza fest

  13. Just wanted to point out that Adam Curtis has been making documentaries, many of a political, or even 'conspiracy' theme, since at least 1983, long before the existence of YouTube, so I doubt he's getting his ideas from there. The excellent 'Pandora's Box' was from 1992, and 'The Century of the Self', one of my faves, was made in 2002.

    1. Adam Curtis has full access to the BBC archives. From a time when journalists actually did journalism instead of whatever brand of crowd pleasing, cut and paste crypto-nonsense they do on the internet.

    2. I was a fan of Curtis and his Century of the Self doc but I am not so sure of who he is lately. In interviews he comes across as lacking any sensible self doubt in direct proportion to his obliqueness. I don't really know what to make of his latter work. He portrays most political disasters as misunderstandings and accidents when I plainly see deliberate and willful corruption.

    3. Curtis hasn't updated his BBC blog, "Adam Curtis The Medium & The Message", since the release of "Hypernormalisation".

    4. Anon 12:42, those are reasons not to trust him. He always struck me as sketchy.

    5. Anon 12:42.
      Deliberate and willful corruption?
      I concur.
      Kinda defines our current status.
      Mental DISORDER maybe??

    6. Curtis has access to the BBC archive yet 0 said about the child abusers instead he reinforces notions of powerlessness in the face of some program beyond human understanding & control Working through us to destroy us.


    7. Curtis has said over and over that he sees the problem as people no longer believing in anything bigger than themselves. They are not willing to sacrifice themselves for a greater good because they don't believe in it.

      What problem have social conservatives identified other than "degenerate morality, lack of literal belief in bibble and general preversion"? What do they really offer other than going back to the old way of hiding "indecency" from the public eye and pretending that it never happens?

    8. Anon 11:57 My 30hour reply: the bearing of personal responsibility for your well-being and that of others.

    9. A1:21 The idea of helping people to help themselves is fine but the fish rots from the head down. When the people at the top don't believe in sacrificing themselves for the good then how are the people in the middle supposed to?

    10. The head is a reflection of the body.

    11. We are all made from the same stuff but people want to take the benefits of leadership without the responsibilities. Talk about personal responsibility.

    12. What "body" would want a rotting head?

  14. Some 'shrooms aren't such "Fun Guys":

    "Mushroom" (Given Name "Andrew Vowles") was a founder member of "Massive Attack":

    "Their rise climaxed with Mezzanine,"

    "It was the moment the band broke with their hip hop/soul roots and embraced a darker, more electronic sound."

    "...'Mushroom’... didn’t like the albums’s new direction and left shortly after it was released in acrimonious circumstances. He hasn’t spoken to Marshall and Del Naja since."

    "This ships-by-night approach wasn’t conducive to collective harmony..."

    "...‘Teardrop’ was nearly covertly given to Madonna. “Mushroom felt like he had an attachment to ‘Teardrop’, because the other guys weren’t around when we were first putting down the essential melodic ideas for that. We got Liz to put a vocal down on it, she came up with an early version of what’s there now. It was great, everyone was loving it, except for Mushroom – he had a very fixed idea of whist the vocal should be on that track, and it wasn’t what Liz was doing.” Without anyone knowing, Mushroom sent the track off to Madonna’s camp: “I got a phone call from management saying, “I’ve just had a phone call from Madonna’s manager, saying there’s a track that she’s been sent that she loves, and she’s wondering what’s the deal?””"

    "One track that changed the course of the album considerably was album opener ‘Angel’, plucked out of thin air at a mixing session at London’s Olympic Studios. After an abortive attempt to record a “kind of cover version” of The Clash’s ‘Straight To Hell’ – Horace Andy “wasn’t keen on singing the word ‘hell'” – the band decided to “do something completely different..."

    "It’s worth noting that, while Mezzanine didn’t signal a halt in their commercial fortunes ... it was their last album to rank as an out-and-out critical success."

    "Vowles", who answers to "Mush" is a "vegan" "whose allergy to dairy products has rendered him able to eat only a fraction of Earth's food".

    "The albums' working tide was Damaged Goods"

    "Teardrop" had the working title of "No Don't - a back-to-front way of saying "don't know". It already had the potential to be the equal of Protection s heart-tugging tide track.", "When Eraser sang her chillingly lovely melody line (on what was now called Teardrop), it wasn't to the instrumental backing of No Don't, but to a similar instrumental constructed by Davidge from several other sources. Petulantly, Vowles had taken his ball home with him."

    (The "E" of "Eraser" being as typed".)

    "Fittingly, since Frasers vocal had given the sessions its greatest boost of energy. Teardrop would stand out as many listeners' favourite track. "It sounds good now," is all Vowles will say of Frasers remarkable performance."

    ""Are we a fucking punk band now ?" Vowles is alleged to have shouted at one point"

    "Del Naja's image of the album - an agitated mutant unable to communicate - now mirrored the bad feeling in the band."

    "Daddy G" "who has described the recording of Mezzanine as the most traumatic time of his life, tells Q he has no wish to repeat the experience"


    "3D" collaborated with David Bowie on "Nature Boy", as heard on the end credits of the Nicole Kidman co-constellating "Moulin Rouge!".


  15. Also:

    "Internet child pornography charges against Massive Attack's frontman Robert Del Naja ... have been dropped because of insufficient evidence..."

    "Del Naja says he was "caught in the sweep" of Operation Ore, the investigation into internet paedophilia founded on a list of 7,300 UK-based credit card numbers passed on to the national crime squad by the FBI ... In 1999, his card had been charged $3 by a website - he doesn't remember which one, he says, but probably some porn site."

    "Always one of rock's most disarmingly frank interviewees, Del Naja has never denied being an enthusiastic consumer of pornography: "I love having sex and I love watching people have sex..."

    ""I've always been open about porn," ... I've got nothing to hide. My views are on public record. When the police were interviewing me, it was funny, I was answering the generic questions that they ask people in cases like this, but I kept interjecting with my opinions about what I felt about abuse in society and my views on pornography as well ... I said to them, this is absurd, gave them access to every part of my life, no problem: have my life, get on with it.""

    "It was hard, but it was amazing how many people rallied around me. The music industry on this occasion was really honourable. Obviously, I'm not party to the conversations that went on behind closed doors, in bars or in gentlemen's toilet cubicles, you know what I mean? But, on the whole, what we were getting back was really positive."

    "The video for the forthcoming single, Butterfly Caught, features Del Naja turning into a moth: "It's not deliberate, it's the director's vision, but it's another self-fulfilling prophecy isn't it?" he says, laughing grimly. "I'm not going to martyr myself with what's happened this year, but I will turn into a moth. I will become uglier and darker and lonelier and more undesirable, because that's the way it's got to be this year.""

    "Butterfly Caught is out on June 2 on Virgin."


  16. I spent three hours last night watching The Minds of Men ( and truly know you are right Chris. Scary shit.

  17. For us Brits 21 is one of our biggest birthday's,it's from the time when you came of age at 21

    1. & "21 again" = a joking way to hide one's age once the shine of youth begins to wear off.

  18. "David Bowie's son blocks new biopic from using music"

    "If you want to see a biopic without his [Bowie's] music or the family's blessing, that's up to the audience".

    "The film is said to document a young Bowie's first visit to America in 1971, which gave him the inspiration to create his Ziggy Stardust character and 1972 album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.", "But Jones, who is a Bafta-winning film director and producer, said his family has not been consulted on the film, nor does he know anything about how it will take shape.", "...if Peter Ramsey and his team wanted to make it as an animated film, I would urge everyone on my end to pay attention and give the pitch serious consideration."


    "Beyonce encourages fans to go vegan with 'life' ticket competition"

    "Beyonce has offered her American fans the chance to win free tickets to see her and Jay-Z "for life".", "The catch? You have to commit to eating more vegan meals.", "Beyonce is running the competition through the Greenprint Project - which highlights the positive effect veganism can have on the environment.", The Greenprint Project site says "we each have the potential to save our planet with our meal choices"., "by eating nine plant-based meals I could have the environmental impact equivalent to 14 trees absorbing harmful gases from the air in a month,"


    "Beyoncé", like F1 Champ & fellow "vegan" Lewis Hamilton, would do a whole lot more for "the planet" if they withdrew from the privileged jetset lifestyle unashamadly shown off on their social medias. It's an Oddity that they, & their fellow-travellers, are oblivous to the vortex generating abyss that exists between their words & deeds.

    Also promoted on the BBC site:

    "Food costs have soared in the last decade. Prices of meat, bread, cheese and eggs have increased by about one-third, leaving many shoppers sandwiched between rising prices and falling wages."

    Hmmmnnn... all things a Human Body makes very good use of & not found in other foodstuffs.


    "Tinned food - healthy enough?"

    "Retailers are warning that a no-deal Brexit could lead to temporary food shortages...", "One of the concerns I would have is around canned meats. They are generally quite salty because of the way they are preserved...", "Some people worry that cans can contain harmful chemicals, including a substance called Bisohenol A (BPA).", "The UK's Food Standards Agency has examined BPA, and says that levels of the compound people would typically consume do not represent a risk to consumers."


    "The US National Toxicology Programme has been carrying out a long-term study into BPA ... A final report is expected in the autumn of 2019."

    "2019" "final report" "expected" "autumn" aka "fall".

    & guess who else is a Vega? "True Detective" Siren "Amelia Reardon", also noted in epidode 4, "The Hour & The Day" (Bowie?) being rich in orange/blue juxtaposition especially in scenes between "Purple Hays" & "Amelia". (The previous episode mentions the death of a (mainish) character in "Las Vegas").

    Aye, get ready (just don't stock up on tins otherwise if you survive the "transition" you'll not for long).


    1. "I'm a vegetarian", an exotic admission in 1980.

    2. A "True Detectice" sync (via the Mathhew McConaughey dive "Serenity") in the shape of sacrificing & sobbing co-constellator Anna Hathaway:

      "...Even the most positive thing can be upheavals to your identity. So to just have this moment and not really know who I was - and the moment when you just feel like you're on display - it wasn't a comfortable feeling. And I didn't do what I hoped that I would if I ever found myself in that moment.", "I feel much emptier now. It would have been nice if (feeling good) had happened then, but I'll still take it."

      It's not fair that stars suffer for their art especially when they gotta go without, no grub = no Work! & no word if this "Teardrop" risen water level will help the floundering fortunes of her & "MM" currently at "the box office".


    3. The vega "no meat" contract offered by Beyoncé doesn't mean "no human" whether "clump of cells" or "21 again".

      "Let us be Heroes - The True Cost of our Food Choices" by "PLANT BASED NEWS" on Youtube now!

    4. "We can be vegans, just for one life"

  19. -15 degrees in Chicago and Antarctica?
    Don't forget though that it is summer in Antarctica right now.

  20. Every time I see those two horse heads in Scottish Ground Zero I invariably think, 'The Four Horseman emerging from the Abyss begin their run.' And to find a drowned man there on such an important day.

  21. Sam Adams has a limited edition beer for the super bowl, baphomet on the can. They are not even trying anymore.

    1. "Baphomet in a Bottle" will be part of the Phase II rollout....

  22. last night dreams be like

  23. What's more "under reported"? Previously reported "hate crimes" revealed as hoaxes perpetuated by some victim class member or crimes against victim class members by those of the same (or other) victim class?

    "Chiraq" is a perfect example, what exactly are the crime stats of "The Windy City"? "Somebody's doing the raping" & the dealing, pimping, stabbing, shooting etc in "the hood", but lets not ponder truth, no matter how chill, when "Black Panther" is free at the movies for "Black History Month"!

    As for the layoff of the msm frauds a phrase comes to mind: "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad".

    & as I typed on "Mind Control Missile Murder Madness":

    "'The Parallax Corporation' 'Division of Human Engineering' - a telling name, is located in room "105" (= 6/9). The 'visual materials' of the 'test' are projected onto a screen, that when lowered into view, resembles a 'Close Encounters of The Third Kind' unidentified object hovering over the head of the soon to-be patsy. The program played resembles a juxtaposition of the 'Soylent Green' funeral images & title-sequence montage, the 'Soylent Corporation' is referred to as 'The Corporation' & 'SG' was released a year before 'TPV'.

    It also recalls 'A Clockwork Orange' ('71), 'Executive Action' ('73)... more 'Human Engineering'."

    (Hi Wordman, I don't have a Google account at the moment hence lack of recent comments.)

    The "Oracle Program" = "this is how you do It" & not just in a "don't you want to be an oracle too" sense but also "don't you want to be an oracle programmer", a "maker"/"mentor" kind of "mad" made "disruptor", It inculcates further abuses sold on a never-never payoff of developing psi-powers like "11" (or "Tchalla" or whichever non-appropriation "stay in your lane" "hero" is passed off as aspirant model).

    My "MCMMM" comment also mentioned some "Stranger Things" Season 3 production comments:

    "If you think about it we're time travelling"

    "...then it got really exciting for me when we started talking about 'Klute', 'Silkwood' these other darker little grittier american movies..."

    "...which is the double-edged quality that we want all things to be on 'Stranger Things' - cool & creepy"

    "we all want ... cool & creepy"

    Alan J. Pakula directed both "The Parallax View" & "Klute", "cool"!

    "El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron" had a sequel titled "The Lost Child".

    Pop-occultisation = Parallaxing.


    1. Warren Beatty also went on to star in another "conspiracy" movie of another type. Ishtar by "Delphi V productions" who were also credited with Labyrinth. That's quite a Gordian knot of symbology there.

      Bowie was also a fan of Clockwork Orange, using its Russian "Nadsat" slang on his last album.

      "Burgess, a curmudgeonly interviewee, always refused to be drawn in any detail on his inspiration for A Clockwork Orange. When asked about the famous scene in which government scientists pump images of torture into the mind of its delinquent antihero, Alex, to rid him of violent thoughts, he dismissed it as an idea that came to him in a dream. Now, a decade after Burgess's death, respected biographer Roger Lewis believes he may have uncovered the truth, thanks to a mysterious retired British intelligence agent. According to the anonymous source, Burgess became involved with the CIA while working as a Colonial Service education officer in Malaya in the 1950s."

      Before Kubrick filmed Clockwork Orange there was already The Ipcress File and The Prisoner. But possibly the "stream of images" type conditioning can be traced to Burgess.

    2. There's also "Bulworth" & one of his earlier roles in "Lilith" ("A war veteran gets work at a mental institution where he meets the beautiful, but eccentric, Lilith.") too.

      Mr. Annette Bening has also been in a no. of other movies in which he takes on "the identity" of someone else, in "Heaven Can Wait" he plays "A Los Angeles Rams quarterback, accidentally taken away from his body by an overanxious angel before he was meant to die, returns to life in the body of a recently murdered millionaire."

      I'd not pondered Burgess' (potential) spook connections but it comes as no surprise given the milieu. We're all "Droogs" in need of a "Ludovico" "horrorshow" in the providential eye of the conspirators against The Human Race, spookings being one of the consequences of the "therapies" on offer, what dimension this adds to his "1985" though I don't know.

      Michael Caine later went on to appear in the adaptation of Graham Greene's "The Quiet American", Greene being an MI6 man... "6", "Number Six" as in McGoohan, "Danger Man" ("Secret Agent" in The U.S.) before his abduction to "The Village" & as "Dr. Paul Ruth" in "Scanners" the "scanner research program head" of "ConSec" (another 'Con'), developer of "Ephemerol" (another psi-gifting bit of experimentation). "Ipcress File" is like a splice between an episode of "Danger Man" & "The Prisoner".


    3. In terms of the practice of "MC tech" it is easy to cause brain damage through psychoactive drugs and sleep deprivation. Both of which are common cultural norms today. I suppose that someone with brain damage can be easier to manipulate but to manipulate them to do complex tasks reliably?

      The actual effectiveness of inception, implanting memory or simple hypnotic suggestion is a more curious. A lot of it is due not to the supposed tech but the expectation that the tech actually works. The subjects apparently seem to go along with it if they have already been convinced that they have no alternative and that the tech it is so powerful that it directly compromises their free will.

      Paradoxically, understanding that there is, systematically, no such thing as free will allows you to understand that there is no such thing as tech that directly works to subvert the mechanism of free will. But it would certainly benefit the owners of "MC tech" to culturally preload people with both an exaggerated fear the effectiveness of said tech and an exaggerated sense of the value of their individual free will.

    4. "no free will" = a program? & 1 program can be "disrupted"/overwritten by another?


    5. How would you overwrite the whole thing? Easier to start from scratch or create a machine if those are the parameters.

      Perhaps you worry that the "shell" can be taken over and puppeted as per body snatchers? No "system" of free will is different to no "perceived phenomena" of free will. The perception of free will is totally independent of any symbolic mechanism of cause and effect describing why the "act of will" occurred. The free will phenomena can be maintained even for actions triggered by signals sent to the brain by a third party. It is quite flexible in that way. You may be a puppet but even if you see the strings you will probably still feel like a real boy.

    6. Jiminy Cricket's the bug to ask I suppose at the very least It will have The Blue Fairy's ear.


  24. 'Metatron' is the 'recording angel'.
    I think with my literal brain that there is a very simple understanding of this metaphorical 'metatron'. Think: recording, record... What IS that? What is there to be recorded? Easy. The answer is : Memory or memories. And what does memory record? Things that happened. History.
    Why is that important? For survival reasons. For establishing and keeping the bond between past and present, and each and everyones place in it, and to enable living things to accuartely label, understand, foresee, and decide.
    Memory is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of any lifeform and any individual living being. Without accurate memory no one can honestly claim to know themselves or even be themselves, or anything around them.

    The Memory Market:

    Are your 'memories', is your history really your own? Are they really true? Or are they just stories...

    1. "Brainstorm", "Total Recall", "Strange Days" immediately "come to mind".

    2. We tend to think that the manipulation, corruption and control of memory is something new, to do with modern technology. But it's been the main weapon against natural man since the beginning of civilization. It's the very tool without which the entire fake world we find ourselves in would and could have never happened. No one in their right mind would have allowed it.
      It's the tool constantly being used by every system, every powerhungry madman working for it. Which is nearly everyone.
      But no more than perhaps a few thousand people in all the world do actually and really see that. They re-member(ed).
      And it's that ability, that choice, that authentic impulse that technology seeks to destroy, forever.

    3. Anon 5:10
      Once in a great while you come across another 'yourself'.
      I would say this to you; original essence will never cease to exist as existence itself is based upon 'it'.
      Unfortunate actually.
      True power comes from linking to and becoming one with this original essence.
      Once this takes place, even if just for a fraction of time, you are forever changed by the experience.
      The true absurdity of the 'what' that they seek to obtain is complete madness.

    4. Anon 2:27
      Two statements in your assessment that are actually one and the same; Memories and History.
      Sorry mate but 'you' are not your 'memories'.
      You exist, memories are 'bytes' in the programming.
      AI again.
      The real conundrum; would 'IT' exist without "US"?

    5. Anon 11:17
      Humans are not computers. Such equations are false, and have it totally backwards.
      And a (wo)man's memories are part and parcel of the (wo)man, they are inseparable once formed, even if it might appear that things can be 'forgotten'.

  25. Always chuffed to get a mention on your fabulous posts.

    Please could you update the MK Ultra video? This one is from the 2018 tour of the work and features some of the documentary elements of the work:

    I'd also recommend looking at The Adam Curtis documentary The Living Dead, if you find it, on MK Ultra itself.

    Rosie Kay
    Rosie Kay Dance Company

    1. Curtis' next Work's titled "What Is It That Is Coming?" due "2019".

      "I met with some of these Democratic leaders, and they talk about polling and market testing like they’re bad network executives. I have to tell them: the second you do that, you’re dead. That’s why the Democratic party is not tackling global warming – because it polls terribly. And why wouldn’t it? It’s about the end of human life." (Adam McKay)

      "That’s because they present it as a doom-laden dystopia, and not an opportunity to do something to change the world in an extraordinary way."

      The latter quoting Curtis who agrees that "The Green New Deal" is "exciting".

      "Exactly. Because that allows you to combine it with attacking austerity and the badness of the present day, and saying we can produce a better world, for now and for the future."

      "What Is It That Is Coming?" has "nine episodes".

      "What I find is that, increasingly, audiences are happy if you make big jumps. They don’t mind that at all, whereas five years ago, say, they would have been more wary. You did it in this film. You made this big jump in time and in subject area.", "I think it’s because they spend their time online nowadays, making jumps.", "they also feel quite flattered that you’re saying to them: “OK, catch up.” Rather than: “I’m patronising you.” They work at it and they like it. Like being a collaborator with you."

      "nine" gets another mention when the other interviewee states:

      "I’ve been trying to work on a utopian movie.", "The idea is that nine people from our time are frozen in some accident and come back 200 years from now. And they’ve solved everything..."

      Curtis on why "everyone believes in conspiracy theories nowadays":

      "It’s an empowerment thing, I think. It goes back to politicians not telling you stories any longer. If they don’t tell you stories any longer, you’re left in this dark world by yourself where all these frightening things come rushing in."

      & revelling in his myopia states:

      "I think there is a great capacity among those on the left to tell good stories, but that they’re frightened of doing it...", "...unless the left comes up with its own dramatic narratives, which offer an equally powerful vision of a better future, the right are going to win..."


  26. words fail me...

  27. Sorry Maria, but Ellie Staple is the villain. No doubt about it.

  28. “Giant deep-sea fish have been found washed up dead along the coast of Japan.

    Three oarfish have been found on beaches or caught in fishing nets over the past week, bringing the total discovered this season to seven.

    The creatures, which can grow to as long as much as 11 metres (36ft), are believed by some to be an omen of disaster and have prompted people to fear an earthquake or tsunami could strike.”

  29. "does anyone else think at 21st anniversary is a weird landmark to celebrate?" um...yes?!
    it's likely a ritual related to the 2019/2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction which happens every 30 something yrs

    nov-1982 being the last time (Garlands released sep-82)

    aug-1947 before that (Roswell july-47)

    just saying...the never ending ritual will RITE U ALL

  30. A quarter revolution of Uranus.

  31. Chris, Here’s what to do if Adam Curtis comes anywhere near you….You know that M9 flamethrower you got from Santa for Christmas…. Point it straight at him, turn it on full power and keep blasting away till all the fuel runs out. Don’t worry. Adam won’t feel a thing. He’s made out of a special bendy Bakelite invented by Kurt Lewin at the Tavistock Clinic many years ago. His little, shiny, smiling, Socialist cheeks will probably be the last to go. If doing this gave you a warm glow inside, refuel and search out the Rosie Kay Dance Company. Repeat the prior process…. Alternatively, you could hire Stormy Daniels to kill the lot of them with her tits. Any woman who can floor a US law enforcement officer with her own bosoms would make short work of these English bastards in a trice! All the best, Chris.

    1. Dear friend I would leave it to spontaneous human combustion, for better sleeping at night. He sounds primed.

  32. Sound Gardens Blow Up The Outside World music video seems to be influenced by the Parallax clip as well

  33. 50-55 days after Orthodox Easter there's a Mermaid Week in Russia and other Slavic countries. It is also called Green Week. This festival has roots in pre-Christian Slavic culture. During this period in which mermaids, or rusalki, emerge from lakes and streams to water crops and to claim lives. Lots of rituals are performed during that week. People should stay away from the water during that time to prevent drowning.
    Yanka Dyagileva drowned during that week in 1991. Her body was found on May 17. She was born in 1966, same as Jeff Buckley.