Monday, November 19, 2018

Satan is in Season: From Celine to Sabrina

You've probably seen some articles on this bizarre advertisement for Celine Dion's (literally: "Moon Goddess") new gender-neutral clothing line. It's every bit as weird and unsettling as you heard it was, but guess what? 

It's 2018 and this is where we are now.

In the ad, Celine breaks into a hospital maternity ward and sprinkles her magical fairy dust on all the poor cis-babies and liberates them from the prison of gender. Or something.

Now, I don't know what kind of mentally-sick parent would buy this death-fixated trash for their kids and I have a very strong feeling this whole line is going to tank hard, but maybe actual sales are not the issue when there are certain envelopes that need pushing.

I don't know exactly when consensus reality turned into an mass LARP of an old Jack Chick comic but I don't think any sane person can argue it hasn't. But given the overweening symbolism at work in the ad I wonder if there's another power at work behind all of this Satanism for Tots imagery here.


I'm referring to the white cross on the black field that repeats throughout the spot. While some might associate the equidistant cross with Christianity, it's actually no such thing, Jack.


It actually dates back to-- wait for it-- ancient Babylon and was identified with the sun-god Shamash (aka Utu), the Twin brother of Inanna the Sky Goddess. I can't say for certain at the moment, but it's reasonable to assume the white cross-black field icon is a symbol of the Moon Goddess.

Known to the Greeks as Selene.

This exact icon was the standard of the Knights Hospitaller, the powerful rivals to the Templars who are now known as --- wait for it, now-- The Knights of Malta.

In fact, the Hospitaller cross is used by hospitals to this very day.

Selene, Celine, Hospitaller, hospital. New Order. Are you all with me out there?

I know you are.


We're seeing a big push for witchcraft-- especially satanic witchcraft-- in the Borgsong these days. This Sabrina reboot seems to be closely tied in with this, especially seeing as how open the embedding of ritualism and symbolism is with this thing.

I did get a little chuckle out of the waxes and wanes reference there, for reasons that should be obvious to the initiates.

I guess the only thing that's newsworthy about the ritualism in Sabrina is that it's being done so openly. Nutjobs like me have been pointing out that ritualism is being injected to so much of what we're being fed and I guess now it's safe for them to 'fess up to it.

And the mastermind behind this reboot--as well as the revisions of the entire Archie Comics Universe-- first made his bones with this charming little production. So there you have it.

And where that kind of this goes, this sort of thing is sure to follow. Without fail.

Now matter what your personal beliefs or politics are, you will soon come to rue all this. Mark my words. Unless, of course, you're a Satanist as well. More specifically, a high-ranking Satanist.

But their time to rue and weep will be coming eventually as well. 

Millennials reject Christianity, eh? Well, there were a lot of people who warned that just such a thing would happen back in the 90s and tried to reform Christianity by expanding our understanding of what had essentially been weaponized into a sizable but reductive and parochial icon cult.

These people argued that what Christianity had become had little to do with the historical Church, never mind the primitive faith and certainly not any number of heterodox sects crushed for purely imperial prerogatives. But the status quo was too useful to powerful interests.

And now, here we are. I hope all the gatekeepers are happy. 


Here's an interesting story: the statue of Ceres (aka Isis-Demeter) is being taken down from the Missouri statehouse while renovations are being done. Let me know if you have information or juicy connections on this situation.

Especially given the fact that the takedown was undertaken shortly after Dawn (aka Aurora) ended its mission to surveil Ceres. Oh NASA, what laughter and hilarity you bring into my life. 

Bless your evil hearts

Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, Slugger.

Now Jimmy, I know that sometimes it's fun to pretend it's not aliens...


I've been saying for the past several months that the Revelation to Saint John is in fact embedded with star maps. I do want to get back to that soon but I should note that this binary (read: "Twin") star is reportedly on the verge of going nova. 

It's in the constellation of Scorpio, which may well coincide with the scorpions in Revelation 9, which I believe encodes a certain section of the night sky. 

More on this to come. I just wanted to plant my flag there for future reference.

The Sky Father continues to produce fresh doses of pareidolia for the Borgsong. Recently the silhouette of a dolphin was spotted in a storm cloud there. It got a lot of folks all worked up for some reason. 

Not sure if it was a Fraser's Dolphin or not, but given the circumstances I'd say chances are pretty good it is.

Shortly after that we saw this grim headline. Was this some kind of animal sacrifice? Animal sacrifice was a central facet of the old Jupiter cults, but the killing of dolphins was widely seen to be a sacrilege.

So is this some sicko's idea of a black magic working?  Given the pandemic of dank occultic nonsense frothing around the LA basin, I wouldn't count it out.


Don't forget this story, in light of the dolphin hullaballoo.

Do also note the 17 meme here. Also please note that Khashoggi was killed on the advent of the Orionids, identified with the Nephilim in antiquity. Do remember that the Belt of Orion was called the "String of Pearls."

I trust I don't need to spell the rest of that little cypher out.