Monday, November 19, 2018

Sync or Swim: The Moon and the Maladies

You've probably seen some articles on this bizarre advertisement for Celine Dion's (literally: "Moon Goddess") new gender-neutral clothing line. It's every bit as weird and unsettling as you heard it was, but guess what? It's 2018 and this is where we are now.

In the ad, Celine breaks into a hospital maternity ward and sprinkles her magical fairy dust on all the poor cis-babies and liberates them from the prison of gender. Or something.

Now, I don't know what kind of mentally-sick parent would buy this death-fixated trash for their kids and I have a very strong feeling this whole line is going to tank hard, but maybe actual sales are not the issue when there are certain envelopes that need pushing.

I don't know exactly when consensus reality turned into an mass LARP of an old Jack Chick comic but I don't think any sane person can argue it hasn't. But given the overweening symbolism at work in the ad I wonder if there's another power at work behind all of this Satanism for Tots imagery here.


I'm referring to the white cross on the black field that repeats throughout the spot. While some might associate the equidistant cross with Christianity, it's actually no such thing, Jack.


It actually dates back to-- wait for it-- ancient Babylon and was identified with the sun-god Shamash (aka Utu), the Twin brother of Inanna the Sky Goddess. I can't say for certain at the moment, but it's reasonable to assume the white cross-black field icon is a symbol of the Moon Goddess.

Known to the Greeks as Selene.

This exact icon was the standard of the Knights Hospitaller, the powerful rivals to the Templars who are now known as --- wait for it, now-- The Knights of Malta.

In fact, the Hospitaller cross is used by hospitals to this very day.

Selene, Celine, Hospitaller, hospital. New Order. Are you all with me out there?

I know you are.


We're seeing a big push for witchcraft-- especially satanic witchcraft-- in the Borgsong these days. This Sabrina reboot seems to be closely tied in with this, especially seeing as how open the embedding of ritualism and symbolism is with this thing.

I did get a little chuckle out of the waxes and wanes reference there, for reasons that should be obvious to the initiates.

I guess the only thing that's newsworthy about the ritualism in Sabrina is that it's being done so openly. Nutjobs like me have been pointing out that ritualism is being injected to so much of what we're being fed and I guess now it's safe for them to 'fess up to it.

And the mastermind behind this reboot--as well as the revisions of the entire Archie Comics Universe-- first made his bones with this charming little production. So there you have it.

And where that kind of this goes, this sort of thing is sure to follow. Without fail.

Now matter what your personal beliefs or politics are, you will soon come to rue all this. Mark my words. Unless, of course, you're a Satanist as well. More specifically, a high-ranking Satanist.

But their time to rue and weep will be coming eventually as well. 

Millennials reject Christianity, eh? Well, there were a lot of people who warned that just such a thing would happen back in the 90s and tried to reform Christianity by expanding our understanding of what had essentially been weaponized into a sizable but reductive and parochial icon cult.

These people argued that what Christianity had become had little to do with the historical Church, never mind the primitive faith and certainly not any number of heterodox sects crushed for purely imperial prerogatives. But the status quo was too useful to powerful interests.

And now, here we are. I hope all the gatekeepers are happy. 


Here's an interesting story: the statue of Ceres (aka Isis-Demeter) is being taken down from the Missouri statehouse while renovations are being done. Let me know if you have information or juicy connections on this situation.

Especially given the fact that the takedown was undertaken shortly after Dawn (aka Aurora) ended its mission to surveil Ceres. Oh NASA, what laughter and hilarity you bring into my life. Bless your evil hearts.

Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, Slugger.

Now Jimmy, I know that sometimes it's fun to pretend it's not aliens...


I've been saying for the past several months that the Revelation to Saint John is in fact embedded with star maps. I do want to get back to that soon but I should note that this binary (read: "Twin") star is reportedly on the verge of going nova. It's in the constellation of Scorpio, which may well coincide with the scorpions in Revelation 9, which I believe encodes a certain section of the night sky. 

More on this to come. I just wanted to plant my flag there for future reference.

The Sky Father continues to produce fresh doses of pareidolia for the Borgsong. Recently the silhouette of a dolphin was spotted in a storm cloud there. It got a lot of folks all worked up for some reason. 

Not sure if it was a Fraser's Dolphin or not, but given the circumstances I'd say chances are pretty good it is.

Shortly after that we saw this grim headline. Was this some kind of animal sacrifice? Animal sacrifice was a central facet of the old Jupiter cults, but the killing of dolphins was widely seen to be a sacrilege.

So is this some sicko's idea of a black magic working?  Given the pandemic of dank occultic nonsense frothing around the LA basin, I wouldn't count it out.


Don't forget this story, in light of the dolphin hullaballoo.

Do also note the 17 meme here. Also please note that Khashoggi was killed on the advent of the Orionids, identified with the Nephilim in antiquity. Do remember that the Belt of Orion was called the "String of Pearls."

I trust I don't need to spell the rest of that little cypher out.


Is there a secret Fraserfarian embedded in the White House? Do note that this Fraser Fir is 19 1/2 feet tall. Or in the decimal rendering, 19.5.

Remember also that the veneration of the fir/pine can be traced back to the Attis (Cybele's Shepherd Boy consort) cult of late antiquity.

Speaking of Shepherd Boys, the first anniversary of Lil Peep's death by OD was this past week. Earlier in the month we saw a posthumous release of the unfinished second album of Peep's, which couldn't help but remind us of the posthumous release of Jeff Buckley's unfinished (and highly Sibyl-centric) second album shortly before the first anniversary of his death.

Especially in light of all the oracles Our Blessed Lady seems to have left us concerning this fellow.


The day after that we saw the release of a career-retrospective for Chris "Horned Christ" Cornell. Note the fir trees around Cornell's head on the cover art...

Which just so happen to correspond to the literal "Garlands Evergreen" identified with Attis.

The specific reference in case you just happened to drop by accidentally.

And an interesting illustration of a possible interpretation of "die in a rosary."


And lest we forget...


The Chris Cornell box was released the day before the 21st anniversary of Scott "Shepherd Boy" Moorhead's death as well. Timing, as they say, is everything.

This photo of Boyle Cornell and Moorhead Buckley takes on added resonance in light of these connections. I mean, that blindfold and all. 

Or should I say the hoodwink?

Special thanks as always to my tipsters and research partners.


  1. Something I picked up on in recent comments but pulled together today with your reference to St John (San Juan).

    Maybe they are responding to Arecibo message?

    "The Arecibo message is a 1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth sent to globular star cluster M13 in the hope that extraterrestrial intelligence might receive and decipher it. The message was broadcast into space a single time via frequency modulated radio waves at a ceremony to mark the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico on 16 November 1974"

    San Juan submarine wreck found on 16 Nov with 44 on board

    Connected by San Juan (St John)

    Connections: San Juan, 44, 16 Nov

    Note : a city in W Argentina: almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1944.


    1. I've been looking recently at the Arecibo message, because of Oumuamua and the 44th anniversary celebrated by Google.

      The odd thing is that the M13 globular cluster, where the message was supposedly aimed to, is 25,000 light years away. What sense does it make to send a message to somebody who will receive it the next Great Year? So I started thinking that maybe it was sent to the nearest noticeable star, Eta Herculi, that is sun-like and only 112 light years away. And then I noticed that Vega is pretty much on the same sky declination as Eta Herculi. And then it hit me: the message wasn't sent to M13. The beginning and the end of the message was sent to M13. Then, the selection of interesting stars and things it might have covered, depending on how far the fine controls of declination would go, include: Eta Herculis, Pi Herculis, Vega (of course!), Cygnus X-1, 61 Cygni, the Andromeda Galaxy (at a stretch, but...), WASP-33, open cluster M38 (closer than M13), Gliese 411, Argelander's Star, Cor Caroli, Alkalurops, Kappa Corona Borealis and Ogma. Plus plenty of many other stars that look less interesting today, but who knows in the future. A pretty good selection, overall.

    2. This is fascinating. Any references for those of us looking to find out more?

      Also, are you suspicious that Oumuamua is originating from on of these places?

  2. Here's a weird one from the NFLim yesterday - QB Alex Smith #11 of the Washington Redskins had his lower leg broken in the same way, in the exact places as QB Joe Theismann #7 who ALSO played for the Redskins. These injuries occurred 33 years apart to the DAY.

  3. I knew Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa for a while. The son of Nicaraguan exile elite. Georgetown undergrad. Part of a "gay mafia" intellectual/entertainment nexus led by Michael Kahn, Julliard/Shakespeare Theatre. Roberto loved b-horror and was in love with Archie Andrews. It is no surprise that he transmorgrifier of this terribly wholesome genre.

    1. With both Georgetown prep and uni under his belt, I wonder if Aguirre-Sacasa ever hung out at Comet Ping Pong?

  4. Yeah, I got sick of watching Sabrina and all of that satanic shit after making it up to the spirit cooking (with a real body) orgy episode.
    I find Satanists as appealing as Fundamentalist Christians to tell the truth.
    It's just extreme sides of the same coin to me.
    I did notice in the satanic baptism episode that Sabrina's cross marked by the priest on her forehead quickly turns into a cock and balls Crowley type signature when the camera PANS/cuts back to her head.
    I wrote a post showing screen shots from my iPad of the mark on her head if anyone wants to check my claim out for themselves -

    I read somewhere yesterday that Netflix are bringing out a stand alone "Christmas" episode of Sabrina soon, too.

  5. "Shortly after that we saw this grim headline. Was this some kind of animal sacrifice? Animal sacrifice was a central facet of the old Jupiter cults, but the killing of dolphins was widely seen to be a sacrilege.

    So is this some sicko's idea of a black magic working? Given the pandemic of dank occultic nonsense frothing around the LA basin, I wouldn't count it out."

    Yes, because Satanist always just wontonly shoot their sacrificial lambs and just leave them to wash up on a random beach.

    More likely is some gun-worshiping tweaker asshole who just doesn't give a fuck. Come on!

    1. @Anon452 You're right: it's *way* more likely that a random gun nut was boating off the coast from Los Angeles, happened to have his rifle with him, and decided to risk prison time and a mountain of fines by shooting a Protected Species for no reason at all.

      Do Satanists just shoot their sacrifices, and leave them where they fall? Yes: ask Richard Ramirez, or David Berkowitz.

    2. Hi Khadir, I had a friend whose mother went missing in pretty bad circumstances. We all assume she was murdered and the body has never been recovered.

      It's a tough thing to go through and she has my full sympathy.

      One day she told me she had written to Richard Ramirez, including a photo of herself and then showed me his response letter. Needless to say, I was dumbstruck. Not to his response, which was pretty normal because she was a beautiful girl. No, it was why would you even write the letter in the first place?

      It's something I still can't wrap my head around. I think she regretted telling me because the look on my face was one of horror.

      Why these people fascinate, I do not know. They should be shunned. I can't begin to understand her reasoning, knowing what she went through, to write to him.

      I doubt she would have written to a dolphin killer. That ain't sexy.

    3. Berkowitz was part of a cult that appears to have been an offshoot of the Process Church (see Maury Terry "Ultimate Evil") and a few years ago they tested some of the DNA from at least one of the Nightstalker cases showing that Ramirez had a partner for at least some cases. For more on the associations between serial killers and Satanic cults Dave McGowan's "Programmed To Kill" is also relevant.

      And as to this particular case, some Satanists want to debase and terrorize, thus leaving sacrifices in plain sight, especially something as loved as Dolphins, certainly accomplishes that.

    4. Anon 2:24, I also know someone who befriended two notorious, now-imprisoned killers. While perhaps her education background was part of a natural curiosity to discover how they ended up the way they did, I also picked up a very self-centered, almost smug, sense of personal satisfaction in her voice describing her "friendship." Yes, it's very creepy.

    5. Anon 8.04. Yeah, there was a sense of pride which I could not understand. I was really revolted. Having seen many shocking things in my own life I couldn't understand it. And knowing what she'd been through it really disturbed me.

      Is it her reliving her trauma? It's totally beyond me.

    6. People, I don't think *who* killed that dolphin is the most relevant thing here. The question is why a random dolphin is getting attention, when all the time random dolphins are killed by fishermen in their nets (don't think little guy - think corporate fishing ship).

    7. For whatever it's worth, here's one man's conjecture as to how we know the dolphin that got shot in Cali was part of a Working (and, yeah, this is gonna be one of the crazier comments I've posted here)...

      During the 2016 presidential race, Trump (or, rather, whoever he pays to handle the occult side of politics) tried hard to esoterically identify himself with Jupiter (for obvious reasons, and apparently successfully; details available upon request). Flash forward 2 years: something resembling a dolphin appears in the clouds of Jupiter, and this non-story is made into a trending topic...and very soon after (for the first time, according to the head of the wildlife rescue agency that found the poor creature) a dolphin is shot in California waters, washing up on *Manhattan* Beach. (Apparently (and I freely admit that I'm not an expert), most active dolphin-killing (as opposed to incidental dolphin deaths in fishing nets) happen in the Gulf of Mexico).

      This could be taken two ways: obviously, killing a totem animal and leaving it out in plain sight is meant as disrespect for whatever group or entity that has the animal as its totem. But its also generally held acceptable to sacrifice an animal with missile weapons when the animal is so charged with spiritual energy that it's not safe to touch. Consider the Theophany in Exodus, where any living thing that touched Sinai was to be shot to death with arrows; or the details of the Scapegoat ritual in the Talmud, where the goat to be sacrificed to Azazel was preferentially driven off a cliff, and, failing that, was stoned to death.

      So it looks like the dolphin was killed as part of a Working either for or against our current embodiment of Jupiter (and I don't think we commoners will ever know which). At least, that would connect the dots, and explain why the story seems to be given so much more weight than it otherwise would.

      As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    8. A few more syncs (or maybe just strong echoes) for the pile, concerning Chris Cornell and dolphins...

      CLK has pointed out that "Chris Cornell" could be translated as "Horned Christ". Although he was raised Catholic, Cornell was, according to Halacha, Jewish, because his mother was Jewish, and Halacha follows a very strict rule of matrilineal descent. The prophet par excellence in Judaism is Moses...who was also horned (Exodus 34); and who famously brought victory in battle to the Israelites by standing in the Jesus Christ Pose (Exodus 17).

      During the Theophany, Moses received the blueprints for the Tabernacle in which Jehovah (and any number of historians have noticed the Jehovah/Jove and Adonai/Adonis connection) would physically manifest. It was to be covered in goatskins dyed purple, and in tachash skins.

      Bad thing is, "tachash" is pretty much a unique word in the Torah, and translators have tossed out any number of guesses as to what it might have been (from badger to giraffe). But in Arabic (the closest living relative to Hebrew) and most other Semitic languages, "tachash" simply means "dolphin". This translation (the Tabernacle covered in dolphin-skin) has always been scoffed at by historians, on the grounds that, well, where would a desert tribe like the Israelites get dolphin skins? But then, where would they get all that purple dye (which was made from a certain species of marine snail)?

      Alternately, in Akkadian (and remember that Abraham was Akkadian/Sumerian), "tachash" means "bright orange". So if Jehovah/Jove wasn't manifesting in a tent covered in dolphin-skin skin, he was manifesting in a tent covered in skins dyed purple and orange: which puts a new spin on the Color Magic the archons have been working lately.

      And it also might be worth mentioning (since Cornell was in the Dionysian business of Rock music) that the dolphin was sacred to Dionysus; who was also a Horned God (it was only late in Antiquity that he began to be portrayed as an androgynous youth), and who also died and rose from the dead...and who also was famously portrayed in the Jesus Christ Pose (on the "Orpheus Bachkikos" Amulet; typing "Dionysus crucified" into any image search will bring it up). And Dionysus was always portrayed wearing a garland on his head.

      And I hope the info is useful, or at least entertaining!

    9. When it comes to sea lion deaths, humans seem to be killing far more of them than porpoises.

    10. @khadi
      During the 2016 presidential race, Trump (or, rather, whoever he pays to handle the occult side of politics) tried hard to esoterically identify himself with Jupiter (for obvious reasons, and apparently successfully; details available upon request“

      Requested! ;)

    11. @Anon237

      Good deal! Here are just a couple of the easy examples: you can decide if I'm onto something, or just on something.

      Trump had himself photographed with an eagle (the bird sacred to Jupiter) perched on his arm; just as Jupiter was frequently depicted in Classical art. As both the photographer and wildlife handler admitted, there was some risk involved: eagles are ill-tempered and can never really be completely domesticated (and the media had a few laughs when the eagle got aggressive and Trump briefly panicked). Thing is: if someone had just wanted a pic of him with an eagle on his arm, it could have been easily photoshopped in, with indistinguishable results, and zero risk and hassle. But apparently it was very important to actually, physically, have the eagle there, with Trump in the Zeus pose.

      Or consider the press conference Trump gave on March 8, ostensibly to celebrate winning the primaries in Michigan and Minnesota. It was held in Jupiter, FL; and, of course, behind the podium was a row of flags topped with gold eagles. But beside the podium was a table that, to my eyes, appeared to have the dimensions and shape of a Roman altar; and on it was water, wine, and a pile of raw, unwrapped beef: all the things that you would have needed, in Antiquity, to make a sacrifice to Jupiter. Waiters circulated with trays of the wine and the beef (grilled charcuterie, of course). And more than one reporter mentioned that Trump kept pressing everyone to drink some of the water, also. Remember that in Antiquity, a sacrifice was a sacred *meal*, with part set aside for the god, and the rest eaten by the worshippers.

      Trump claimed that the water, wine, and meat were all Trump-branded, and were there to show his business success. But it turns out that the Trump-branded water and steak lines he had launched had failed years before: and he was getting mocked in the press for it the very next day. Why, if you're a candidate putting forward your business acumen as one of the reasons you should be elected, would you put two of your businesses that had failed on display, knowing that you were going to get called on it immediately?

      Simple: the whole thing had nothing to do with showing off Trump's success in business. It was pure Ritual; and everyone there who ate the meat, or drank the wine or the water, added their energy to it. And apparently it worked.

      Hope the explanation was useful, or at least entertaining!

    12. Just cycling back. Thanks for your astute senses and observational skills. I’d say you are on point. It all seems like Ritual to me these days! Interesting times. Thanks again. (I love your comments as much as I love this blog!)

  6. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

  7. Dear Lord. If you know how to look, you really see jeff behind the firs, not cornell. Cornell is recognizable in his avatar below, but those eyes and hairdo scream Jeff.

    1. Hello Lady Amaltea, you seem to really like Jeff. I'm not trying to be at all rude. Is there a specific reason for this?

    2. He is a rare species and a patron saint of Synchronicity. That is, in my humble opinion, of course. And also, no one really wants to revisit his story after he went for a swim in a Wolf River. Chris's take on this all fascinates me. So... yes, you may refer to me as an expert in Jeff :-D here. A budding expert, of course, because what do I know.

    3. Well, you probably know a lot. Personally, I was obsessed with Jeff back in the day, so I get it. Probably the best gig I ever saw was him performing at the Phoenician Club in Sydney, a whole lifetime ago. Sadly, that venue shut down not too long after because an underage girl on ecstasy drank herself to death with....water.

    4. "I'll be waiting right here just to show you, How our love will blow it all away."

      Jeff Buckley 'Everybody Here Wants You'

      Which opens with the lines:

      "Twenty-nine pearls in your kiss, a singing smile, Coffee smell and lilac skin, your flame in me."

    5. Anon 3:33, I think that whitewashing of Jeff and picturing him as this "Golden boy" ultimately helped to sweep him under the rag, while he was something more than a bit consort to a Black Goddess. Each time you guys here discuss him, something new comes up, which is a healthy change from nauseous Jeffy boy lover shit smeared all over the Facebook fangirl groups.

  8. The first "Gay Mafia" controlled intel-msm-corporate-academic demonic parasite attacks were about "toxic masculinity" and "anti-white" brainwashing.Then they became obsessed with destroying the gender of children and babies.At a base level,Gender represents the Great Archetypes of male and female.Why is the Dark Cabal trying to erase the Male Archetype?

    1. The pendulum is just swinging back the other way.
      The male archetype has been dominant.
      I keep saying this but a very ancient (dark) 'goddess' is rising again.

    2. Because they are not & can never be Men.

    3. No, the pendulum swinging is not swinging.The Gay Mafia Deep State also known as the Demonic Archons, are using Corporate Media to brainwash Women to turn children gay and to transgenders.

    4. Y'all really put the "phobia" in homophobia.

    5. Anonymous says:
      Because they are not & can never be Men.

      What sane entity would wish to be a human male? For to be male is to be horrid; a member of the Slave Gender...subjugated by reason of his revolting appendage to serve the Superior Female from cradle to grave.

    6. I was a little surprised at the blog owner...usually a rather tolerant soul...with the degree of invective launched against the gender non-conforming at the top of the article.

    7. Because a lot of women are sick and tired of the male archetype??

      Alternative, men, feel free to demonstrate that all that has ever been said about the male archetype is 100% correct and you really need to be violent and aggressive. It isn't brainwashing, it's who you really, really, are. Fine, if it really is that way, then humanity needs less of you, full stop.

      I mean, as a woman, what else would you expect me to say? Do you really think I enjoyed it every time a man did some demonstration of force to me? I know full well that it doesn't matter at all how much brains I have, if somebody is strong enough to kill me with his bare hands, and has the attitude that it's OK to threaten casually. Why would I want such people around me?

    8. The ongoing child rape epidemic in the Catholic Church has not been prosecuted and STOPPED because these vile crimes are mostly being committed by judicial protected homosexuals.It is a fact the "Gay Lobby" has taken over the Vatican.The Catholic Church and Pope Francis must be held accountable for it's crimes.

    9. Anony 3:35

      "universal suffrage" = emasculation as emancipation

    10. Nearing its end
      Christianity lurches
      Unable to maintain
      The lies of the churches

      As I reveal
      The unholy con
      I lift up My Cup
      And adore Babylon!

      God is dead!
      Satan lives!
      The Year is One!
      The Daughter of Satan has begun!

    11. Archetypes are a modern invention created with the alchemical purpose of dividing certain traits so they can be "reintegrated" as a whole in an individual. Someone who tries to fully embody an archetype will make themselves mentally sick if the idea of archetypes is taken seriously on it's own terms.

      Traditionally some concepts that are associated with gender are that women should be expected to be chaste or men should be expected to have honor. Since we are talking about men the concept of honor would normally involve generosity, fair play and courage to do what is right. Certainly not a modern "manly" idea of someone who aggressively takes what they can or is scary because they are so hopped up on steroids that they can't control their fits of temper.


    12. I am the Reconciliation of Opposites; the Apotheosis of the Impossible; a walking manifestation of the Hegelian Dialectic!

      One came as a man; and was weak and failed
      Another came as a woman; and was foolish and failed
      But thou art beyond man and woman; and thou shalt avail!
      ___Liber 49

    13. A real man doesn't take steroids, those that do so may as well be authenticating themselves as a woman by mutilating their genitals.

    14. Replace 'archetype' with 'program' and it might make sense.
      Alchemy, from this perspective just gives possible outcomes based on frequency manipulation and expression; sound into form.
      Intention is the key element here; WILL directed ACTION.
      HURT or HELP.
      One is 'Human'.
      The 'other' is NOT!

    15. Anon 8:02
      You think this just a game?
      Magic manipulation of polarity itself?
      Foolish and FAILED!
      Take a look at THAT!!
      The 'vessel' is not the impetus.
      What 'animates' it IS!
      Hegelian Dialectic/Dialectric??
      PUSH me PULL you.

    16. My Queendom come
      My Will be done
      On earth as it is in Hell

    17. Literally more batshit craziness in that one comment thread than in most major cities.

  9. Trouble in England's dark satanic mills. People are getting so burnt out and traumatised slaughtering animals that it's getting hard to find the staff. This is why we need immigrants, and so on.

    The thing about "satanic" animal sacrifice that people don't understand is that the sacrifice itself is not designed to gain "demonic power". Instead it is supposed to somehow sanctify the act of killing beloved domesticated animals, and wash away the guilt, by sharing their meat with the gods or ancestors.

    1. In Eastern Europe this type of actions are still performed in a ritualized way in some areas, particularly the rural ones. Just one example:

      "Before the big Christmas holiday there is another great moment to celebrate, namely St. Ignatius. Even if it’s not part of the ceremonial complex of the 12-day holidays of the Christmas period, in his absence Christmas is unimaginable. Now it is sacrificed the pig from which will be prepared the food for the holidays. So, to the pig was "dedicated" a celebration - the Ignatius, the slaughter of the pig, the Ignatius of the pig, etc. As a result, now in campaign the pigs are sacrificed. There are, however, areas in which the sacrifice of the pig takes place on the eve or on Christmas Day, for the ban of the Advent.
      However, the Church appropriated this sequence so strong that, in rural areas, after the sacrifice and "treatment" of the pig follows a very solemn moment: it is made a cross to the pig with a knife (which is sprinkled with salt, that meat will be not damaged), people use to say: "God bless us"!, "Eat it healthy", "See you next year, etc.", after which the landlord serves brandy plums to everybody. In some places in Transylvania, nowadays, this moment is celebrated by the parish priest who blesses the family and their home, saying a little prayer."

    2. the town of, get this, 'savile' in England has a population of 4,033, according to the last census (taken in 2011 by only 48 are not muslim.

    3. Given the whole "Is eating meat causing climate change, go plant based soylent green FTW" nonsense, it shouldn't be a problem. Within 10 years or so, Veganism will have taken over as the dominant diet of the proles and oh how docile they will be...

    4. Guess you won't be lining up for 3D printed "meat" then.

    5. @anon 4:54
      I doubt veganism will make people docile. I can only speak for myself given that i am the only vegetarian that i know.. But i have been a vegetarian for almost two decades, and am effectively vegan, and i am FAR from being docile. That seems to be one of those myths that they push continually in the media. Much like the disdain for chiropracters they constantly push, even though every person i have ever met who has been to one sings their praises, and in my mother's case corrected a problem "pain management" wanted to just drug her for indefinately. Back to veganism, i know their are nuts that contain more edible protein than meat.

    6. @Dan Plato wrote that in order to keep slaves subservient, don't feed them meat. Same deal with slaves on plantations, lots of rice and beans, hardly any meat. It's not about having no physical energy, but about having no capacity for abstract thought. You can't rebel against a system if you don't know you're in one. Vegans don't know they are in a system, they think they are all making individual choices to "affect change". What you're saying is that you personally don't identify as being docile....okay cool, but that's just you and the zero vegetarians you have met. Veganism as a movement and as a culture though, sure they might be high energy and healthy, but they are so wonderfully easy to herd. A few youtube videos in the right place and the majority of them start thinking that voluntary sterilisation is great because it's good for planet because people are a "disease". I'm not making that up or exaggerating, I've researched into that culture and "community" a lot and it is truly shocking. It's bordering on a Khmer Rouge type level of thinking, they feel so strongly reinforced by their group that they are "right" and can't see any other way of being. Again, not interested in your individual experience with your diet, only interested in large scale group behaviours over time. Studies show that people are, on average, more subservient, less likely to riot and trusting of that state than at any point since WW2. It's more complex than just the number of grams of protein you get, it's about the group as much as the individual. Maybe the reason you aren't docile is because you don't know other vegans, it isn't part of your socialisation?

    7. How can Vegans be too militant and annoying while at the same time being too docile and passive? Everyone knows that the real problem with modern diets is people getting too fat. Leading to a staggering number of complications and multiple dependencies on drugs to survive. In practice, for these people, most consumed protein from meat is in excess of what is needed and is just turned into more body fat.

    8. Pity the poor oppressed vegans - the latest victims du jour!

    9. Anonymous8:4 - you are 100% right. A friend of mine who is a prophetic dreamer has seen a time coming where people are forced into veganism because there is no meat - and what you describe is exactly what she saw. Docile people, enslaved. I never heard of that until she dreamed it, and now you confirm it.

    10. @anon8:46
      I respect Plato, but i would take what he says with a grain of salt. I think you are putting the cart before the horse. It is more likely that the easily brainwashed are induced to follow the diet. As to abstract thought, there are any number of scientists and mathematicians that can be cited to dispute that (like DaVinci.) You can't rule diet out completely though, as the effects of soy are well established (it gets converted to estragen), and most vegans are conditioned to eat soy (like tofu).
      You have a point about my lack of socialization, as i do it for my own reasons rather than conforming to any established group or ideology. I have found that some beliefs of vegetarians to be strange, like that food should dull.
      As to the rest of what you said about this vegan cult, i largely agree. I consider it to be a frightening development.

  10. This story connects to the recent gender-bending acceptance and the backlash:

    1. Interesting that one of the groups advocating the deception/exclusion in the decision-making process is called 'Mermaids'.
      This sort of thing, as well as polarized discussion about homosexuality above, absolutely drives me up the wall. I support those with a genuine need to transition, just as I support the rights of any adult capable of consent in any scenario, sexual or otherwise. As a lesbian, I feel very torn about and alienated from my community, as I feel our needs and pleas for basic rights have been co-opted or completely corrupted by groups who have no one's interests at heart save for the elite of elites. ANYTHING can be weaponized and misused-- calls for gender equality, racial equality, religious tolerance, etc. Just because there are agencies out there dedicated to being divisive and perpetuating the issues does not mean that there aren't genuinely good (insert minority group here) people out there who deserve to be treated fairly. These violent emotional reactions are part of the psychic driving.

      Be discerning about the aims of those who claim to 'fight' for others. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, or we will all eventually suffer the narrowing definition of what is 'right'.

    2. No one has a "genuine need" to transition apart from a hermaphrodite. Transgender people are just as suicidal, if not more, after transitioning. There is nothing to suggest that transitioning does them any good whatsoever. Oh but it's "what they want" right? Well mentally ill people usually want to do self-destructive thing. The key is to treat them with compassion and stop them harming themselves and others. You don't allow a schizophrenic to choose whatever drugs they would like to take at whatever dosage, or encourage a bi-polar person to cut themselves if it makes them feel better. Entertaining the fantasy of that transgender people actually exist (outside of 1 in 10000 intersex birth defects) is itself a violent emotional reaction. If you're a lesbian, I would be more worried about the increasing pressure that young lesbian teens are coming under to transition to male. Coming out used to be hard enough, now imagine coming out and having your "guidance councillor" at school recommending you for hormone therapy instantly. That's happening now, right now, in the western world.

    3. If you're a lesbian, I would be more worried about the increasing pressure that young lesbian teens are coming under to transition to male.
      I certainly am concerned about that, especially considering the fact I find Chris' argument re certain agendas that ultimately seek to replace the female with 'birthing bags' and sex dolls very compelling.

      No one has a "genuine need" to transition apart from a hermaphrodite.
      Given that I am not a doctor, psychologist, or person suffering from gender dysphoria, I have no basis upon which to judge whether or not a genuine need exists-- I simply allow for it as a variable. As a layperson, I would expect the cases to be extremely rare. (If you are in a field that would expose you to more data, I would differ to your expertise. If not...)

      Oh but it's "what they want" right? Well mentally ill people usually want to do self-destructive thing.
      I don't think this impulse is exclusive to the mentally ill-- it may be exacerbated in that population, but part of it is simply human nature. We walk a fine line between being responsible stewards of our fellow humans and excessively policing behavior. Your rights end where mine begin. I would caution against assuming those who want to transition are "mentally ill", simply because homosexuality was so recently deemed a mental illness. You can have deep psychological issues and still not be "mentally ill". I thought the theory of 'hating one's body due to prior abuse' presented in the article was interesting. The idea of 'metamorphosis' into an entirely different person is likely very appealing, and work should be done to exclude that as a primary motivator.

      Entertaining the fantasy of that transgender people actually exist (outside of 1 in 10000 intersex birth defects) is itself a violent emotional reaction.
      Not really. I have no investment one way or the other, save that the sudden rise in transitions is alarming and likely artificially generated to one degree or another. Adults may do what they like within the parameters of the law, but influencing children to their own ends-- be it conversion therapy, transitioning, or anything else-- is unacceptable. I have no 'fantasy' about the existence of transgender persons. If someone tells me they are, I shrug and don't argue because it's really none of my business (unless they want to date me and label me 'transphobic' if I turn them down-- not something I've had personal experience with, but I find the reports I've heard appalling).

      In truth, I only put the sentence about "genuine need" in there as a sort of disclaimer, because my comment wasn't about that so much as the use of ideology for exploitation.

    4. A nice comparison (also from the UK) on how the fight for gay rights was much different than the "fight" we see now over allegedly trans kids.

      Here's the beginning few paragraphs.

      One of the great myths of the new, identitarian left is that the transgender movement is the political and spiritual heir to yesterday’s gay-rights movement. It isn’t. At all.

      To begin with, the old gay-rights movement did not win the effusive backing of Tories, cops, CofE bigwigs and the entire educational establishment, as the trans movement has.

      Stiff Tories were not falling over themselves to institute laws that would heap ‘recognition’ on gay people, as they are today with trans people: see the Gender Recognition Act, an eccentric, reality-defying proposed tweak to the law that would allow anyone to change sex as casually as they change their hairstyle, which is being championed by Theresa May of all people.

      Also, the old gay-rights movement agitated against the idea that their sexuality was a mental disorder, as it was horribly defined by American psychologists up to 1972. In contrast, the trans-rights movement craves medical diagnosis, in particular of the mental malaise ‘gender dysphoria’.

      Warriors for gay rights demanded autonomy, from medical paternalism, state policing and moral-majority approval; the trans movement seeks these things. It wants validation rather than freedom. State backing rather than state absence. And the approval of every social and cultural institution instead of not giving a fig what these people think.

      Most strikingly, where it was a nasty myth that gay campaigners were trying to mislead ‘our youths’, unfortunately the same cannot be said of the trans movement.

      That ugly anti-gay prejudice about youth-corrupting ‘queers’, as captured in old black-and-white American public-information films in which handsome teen Chad would be led astray by an ageing pervert, was successfully challenged by gay-rights activists. Because it wasn’t true. The trans movement, though – there is no escaping the uncomfortable fact that trans activists, and their many supporters in the establishment, are leading children astray and could well have a detrimental impact on the lives and futures of the new generation.

    5. A nice comparison (also from the UK) on how the fight for gay rights was much different than the "fight" we see now over allegedly trans kids.
      Yes, _thank you_. I very much appreciate the article provided, especially since it so clearly articulates some of the reasons I am now uncomfortable in the 'LGBTQ' community. I have reservations about any child being allowed to make any decision that will impact the rest of their life. Finding your comfort zone amidst the gradations of sexuality is a far cry from the irrevocable health risks and changes that come with transitioning. Yet, if you have concerns such as those expressed in the article, or if you are uncomfortable about who might be pulling the strings behind the scenes, you're somehow a traitor. I don't like the notion that a category I fall into automatically weds me to a prepackaged set of beliefs, which is really where all identity politics seem to lead today.

    6. This one is a bit mind-boggling and I'd never heard of it before. It's from 1990 and events since then seem to at least partially attest to its truth. Especially with similar persuasive modes used then seemingly used again in the trans "debate".

    7. More on UK trans promotion here.

  11. Celine +

    You need to see the Season 6 episode of Adventure Time about the 'food chain'.

    Chris Cornell... I'll have to remember what it was - I think he was a sacrifice, as you may as well.

    1. Cornell was a mortal not a God.The real One is called "The Anomaly".There has been thousands of pages of posts on different conspiracy forums about this mysterious individual.Note - Most of the interesting information is removed from forums and the disinfo is left.

  12. So... no mystery why they felt compelled to headline it "Broomstick sexual assault" at "the private high school where annual tuition is $19,500"

  13. It's funny this month I've seen some of the things you've posted mentioned pomegranates in passing but you've glossed over those parts and November is considered the month of the pomegranate.


    2. Football players, broomstick, 15-year olds now charged as adults - this is happening frequently?

  14. It's my understanding that practitioners of the left hand path hold sacrosanct the breaking of taboos. What a disappointment it must be to them to now find Celine Dion among their ranks. What can they possibly rebel with now? The mind boggles. Our civilization has really decayed tremendously in the space of a scant 20 years.

    I sound old. I'm not. But it has become increasingly obvious I can't keep up with any of this nonsense. The new rebellion will be dressing your daughter in pink. PINK! Imagine the outrage!!

    1. Actually, I can remember in the late 80's Miami Vice days when it was all the rage for men to wear pink shirts and ties and such.
      I used to be into it back then as well, but now I'm into blues again.
      The only people I recall wearing all black back then were Johnny Cash and the New Zealand Rugby Union team.
      After the Kiwis loss to Ireland on the weekend maybe it's time for the pink jerseys to be worn?-)

    2. How could there possibly be humans in this world who favour novelty seeking and have low harm avoidance. It's absolutely a new thing from the last twenty years or so and not something inherent in human behaviour. The only reasonable explanation is demonic possession from entities that make a mockery of both time and space.

    3. Darren, a man wearing pink is no taboo. Not for a long time. They really seem to enjoy dressing up the footy and cricket players in that colour for quite the last few years. Yeah?

    4. Yeah, but those pink uniforms are usually worn to raise awareness and money for breast cancer, hence the pink colour.
      I'm not suggesting men wearing pink is taboo now, but when I was growing up in Australia in the 70's it was frowned upon to the point that if you were to wear pink you were considered a "poof" (Gay) even if you were straight (like me).
      I only wore pink when it was fashionable to do so in the late 80s.
      To do that in the 70s would have probably meant getting the shit beaten out of me.
      Today I would have no problem wearing a pink shirt and most people wouldn't give a shit if I did, although there would still be people who would question my sexual preferences if I did I'm sure.
      Sky blue is my favourite colour anyway and the colour of my favourite Rugby League team, so I tend to wear blue a lot anyway.
      And call me old school, but I like seeing boy babies wearing blue and girl babies wearing pink.
      Where is the crime in that?
      Celine's just making a mountain out of a molehill with her black clothes baby bullshit.

    5. Anon 7:01
      This is an outright abomination.
      A true human being would not only have nothing to do with it, they would have never considered the possibility in the first place.
      So there is/are other intelligences at work here.
      A parasitic predatory action.
      Propagated by WHAT?
      AI does make sense here; sacrificial energy feeding the 'source'; AI itself.

  15. Diana is also a Goddess of childbirth and children (helped her mother give birth to her twin brother) so here is Celine Dion/Selene/Diana helping (and blessing) the birth of the new age of non-binary gender.

    1. Yes, bless her. She's casting all our demons out.

    2. Cinimod_ofCarthach11:21 AM, November 20, 2018

      On Trumps 666 day in Office in stood in the middle of Paradise to witness the devastation. It was his pleasure.

    3. for orange man bad paradise = pleasure

  16. Just want to let you know Chris, I did mess around with making a pact with Lucifer, as GW recommended. I ended up coughing blood for a month. Scared the hell out of me, literally. Yeah, it worked. Was it worth it? No, it was not. I will never do that again.

    1. I've read GW's practice on this (Pieces of Eight, I believe?). I couldn't believe how reckless it sounded, that and his Baphomet workings, which was surprising given how much I respect a lot of his thoughts on magical practice. I do find that a lot of what Chris is writing about in his blog the past few weeks seems to be at strongly disparate ends with some of GW's teachings - like demonic binding, for instance - that I wondered what his (CKs) thoughts were on his friends work in that vein. I'm not casting stones at all. I have plenty of friends who get involved with things I don't abide by, and there's a lot to be learned from Gordon's work aside from demonic magic (I'm indebted to him for introducing me to the work of Tim Ingold). But it is an interesting topic of debate given the material written about here recently.

    2. Well, all I can say works. But kids, don't do it. You don't want to mess with these things. At. All. The price paid is very high. Too high. And GW is not the only person who advocates such practices, but that doesn't excuse him.

    3. GW is like all the internet stage show sophist magicians who are not really magicians. I have interviewed him and have read many articles and listened to many podcasts. His work is mostly made up of 100% bullshit with a dash of sophistry writing and a boyish face with a nice accent.

      These people shit on magical tradition. But they sure have a nice accent and can talk circles around the typical occult and magical researcher who many hopelessly fall under their spells.

      These are the new school of Anton LaVey and Harry Potter trained internet black magi-kians who do not know what the fuck they are doing.

      In the end, there is ALWAYS a heavy price to pay for occult crimes and as we well-know from the past, these true heretics are some of the first to meet their demise from the Gnostic Christian storm troopers.

      By the way, I see fellow Catholic, Celine is bringing out the real magic Sigils of our ancestors for the final battle of the 6th Age. You know, the Upright Pentagram and the Cross Pattee which Satanists profane and hate. Imagine how upset some of our ancestors and spirits on high must be enraged that their own prodigy for being so damned stupid and to sell their souls so easily.

      Nothing new under the secret sun, just the same sharp dreSSed Gnostic storm troopers from the past with some real magic. Watch the fuck out my fellow occultists and magicians, it will be one hell of a show.

    4. Gordon's so in it, it's not funny. I enjoy his work but I wouldn't take magic advise from him. It took me many years to accept this but everything has its price. Including using magic as a shortcut. Lucifer is a very responsive entity, being cautious is recommended. That being said, he is charming and whip smart... Use wisely.

    5. Lucifer is not an entity, it's a title for Jesus Christ that appears in the original Biblical texts and Church liturgies. What people commonly call Lucifer is something else, some kind of counterfeit title for Satan or whomever. Luciferians were a sect of ultra-orthodox Christians who got on the bad side of Saint Jerome, hence the textual fudging.

      I recommend that folks who have issues to take up with Gordon do so at Rune Soup. I'm not going to try to speak for him but I think a lot of assumptions are being made about him and his work that have no basis.

    6. I agree that Lucifer is nothing more than an title or an honorific that could be applied to many famous figures or "entities". So if you believe that you can "dial an entity" with a name then if you pray to "the king" can you really be sure that you will get in touch with Elvis and not Vlad the Impaler?

      Perhaps, it's all relative and cultural. Maybe belief and conditioning have something to do with it. Even if you know intellectually that Lucifer could very easily refer to Jesus all of your culture is still telling you that he is the worst demon imaginable. Then to call on Lucifer you might as well as well be praying to Cthulu and asking him to tear off your flesh and turn you into a living statue of pain.

      Are seemingly innocent names and characters deliberately turned bad by some sinister agenda that crosses the centuries? You bet.

    7. I don't know what Lucifer is, but something comes when ca!led, and it comes with a roar. That is the point. It's an easy spirit/entity/whatever. To me that implies a lot of people using it. Whatever wears this name is near and listening. Make of it what you will.
      I mean no disrespect to Our Gordon, your point is made.

    8. mick jagger's "the man".

  17. Story here in the UK, lots of children "transitioning" at the same school, most of them found to be many of them are there? 17 of course!

  18. Yukon Slurpies the Human Herpies12:28 PM, November 20, 2018

    I can honestly say that I know absolutely nothing about Celine Dion & I've never heard her music unless it was background noise in a mall that I had the misfortune of shopping in.

    As far as Millenials rejecting Christianity, haven't they also rejected learning how to boil an egg, change a flat tire or sew on a button? When I was a young adult I firmly rejected the idea of spending a day without being baked to the gills. You'll have to excuse me if their forays into 'the occult" don't bunch my panties very much.

    Personally I think their phone addiction is far more alarming since the little screwballs tend to stare at the things so obsessively that they don't notice annoying meat space items like red lights.

    1. While I wholeheartedly agree with your smartphone statement (I don't even own one), I do think their haphazard adaptation of occult practices are going to backfire dangerously, primarily BECAUSE of their smartphone/social media addiction. It's not like they are hunkering down with the ancient texts in search for a shrouded truth - they are being influenced solely by digital media and entertainment that is fueling their reactionary engines to a physical world run amok. Wicca was reactionary for it's time, and while harmless, was ultimately debunked as a fantastical creation of a megalomaniac. Same goes for the countercultural birth of satanism via LaVey and Aquino. What we're dealing with now is corporate manipulation through the internet that is throwing a bunch of symbolism around to generate the idea of religious rebellion. (Since when did the Baphomet become a specifically satanic symbol? Because that's what it is now.) And since they are all hopelessly addicted to the smartphone and view it as reality, the screwball information they are receiving on whatever the "occult" is presented as will ultimately fry their wiring. That won't be good for anybody.

    2. Yukon Slurpies the Human Herpies8:45 PM, November 20, 2018

      I only mentioned phone addiction because I almost creamed one of the little darlings last week on my way to the grocery store. Maybe 75 yards away from a green light that I wanted to make I watched a young fellow walk from behind the corner building staring at his phone and heading towards the crosswalk. I thought, junior isn't going to stop & he didn't. If I wouldn't have slowed down before he hit the crosswalk I would have hit him dead on. Although, as I passed him, I couldn't resist suggesting that he Google red lights and their meaning. He wasn't happy. I didn't care.

      Personally, don't give a fuck how people kill time till they die. If they want to stare at a phone screen, more power to them. You could probably make a good case that Western Civilization's major function is inventing oodles of ways for people to kill time while they wait for the Grim Reaper to stop by. I really don't see the difference between staring at your phone or staring at a sporting event or staring at Anton LaVey's bald pate.
      Everyone rationalizes a deep meaning to their time killing occupations as they simultaneously rip on other folk's time wasting activities.

      Don't have a smartphone. Don't own a TV anymore. But I don't feel all zealot-ey if someone has either device. It's their choice. Whatever bad results from that choice is their own fault. And probably well deserved.

      I mean everyone knows smartphones spy on & record your entire life yet that doesn't appear to deter anyone from getting all stiff & erect when they unleash a new surveillance device on the buying public.

      My sympathies for human stupidity are incredibly limited.

    3. It's not "western civilisation", "the west" is what's had globalisation done to it 1st (& it is a construct of globalisation), at least in this round of the demiergic control-grid scheme do-over.

    4. Correct.
      It is not a location.
      It is an agenda.

    5. Yukon Slurpies the Human Herpies10:37 AM, November 21, 2018

      Sorry that my terminology isn't up to snuff.

      I've also been thinking about the whole "corporate manipulation of occult symbols" bit & I can't help wondering why anyone thinks this is just part of the Internet age.

      Madison Avenue has been manipulating minds using symbols pretty much since advertising began. They've done an amazing job creating a population that has an incredibly creepy emotional attachment to its junk shop level consumer goodies. Any smartphone ad that I've seen makes me wonder how I am ever able to smile & feel happiness without one of their surveillance devices in my pocket.

      You could also make a case that a television is just a modern day votive altar where people sacrifice their lifetime & the lifetimes of their children to the arcane gods of consumerism & laugh tracks.

      Just last week Victoria Secrets faced a backlash from "body positive activists" who are insulted by Victoria Secret's refusal to include plus size women in their ads. Which is all well & good, but the function of fashion advertising isn't to make women feel good about themselves. It's designed to do the exact opposite. Enhancing their insecurities while chipping away at their fragile self esteem so they race out & buy a plethora of beauty products that they don't really need. None of this involves "empowerment" and it never will. If women were serious about fighting sexual stereotypes they should collectively decide that potato sacks are the new sexy & if men didn't like it they could go and suck their own dicks from here on out. I guarantee that the boys would soon come to heel because, well, because no one really wants to suck their own dick now do they? (Well, maybe a few would, but they'd have to have a rib or two removed and it would quickly get very complicated.)

    6. A stereotype is an archetype in search of its "authentic self".

  19. What was that about animal sacrifice making a comeback? Hey folks, the "old ways" (& old ones?) are returning, whether we like it or not. & it ain't just our pagan pals who are invested in it; the inheritors to ancient Israel's priestly orders are brushing up on it too:

    Islam has its sacrificial rites as well:

    Its all about the blood...& it kinda looks like a divine shakedown. Offer up the blood of another living creature (its life essence, basically), & you're off the hook for your sins. Easy-peasy:

    "Leviticus 17:11 is the Old Testament’s central statement about the significance of blood in the sacrificial system. God, speaking to Moses, declares: “For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.”

    A “sacrifice” is defined as the offering up of something precious for a cause or a reason. Making atonement is satisfying someone or something for an offense committed. The Leviticus verse can be read more clearly now: God said, “I have given it to you (the creature’s life, which is in its blood) to make atonement for yourselves (covering the offense you have committed against Me).” In other words, those who are covered by the blood sacrifice are set free from the consequences of sin."

    All them oligarchs got piles of sin to spare, so...whole lot of sacrificing to come me thinks.

    1. The christians from Eastern Europe are still doing it, too, although the Church doesn't recognize officially the practice as being a type of religious ritual sacrifice. But the orthodox priests are traditionally involved, in one way or another, in the ritual sequence of actions.

      But the biggest number of animals sacrificed is that of the animals sacrificed by the muslims. And given the very big number of muslims alive today on the planet(over one billion), this means that the number of animals sacrificed each year in honor of the abrahamic god is actually much bigger today than it was when the Temple of Solomon was still functional.

      So the practice is not reduced today, globally, as compared with the ancient times, but is actually done on a much bigger scale.

    2. Just a quick note on Islam and animal sacrifice: *all* meat that an observant Muslim eats has been sacrificed, because for us, "sacrifice" just consists of saying a very short prayer, then slaughtering the animal in a specific way designed to be as quick and painless as possible. And it's a valid sacrifice whether one does it himself, or someone at a commercial slaughterhouse 100 miles away does it.

      The Quran goes to some pains to point out that the pagan notion of sacrifice as "feeding God" is incorrect, and that nothing from the sacrifice reaches the deity but one's prayers; also that the shed bled means nothing to the deity, and that sacrifice only gains one merit through the sharing of the meat with the poor. You could gain the same merit by going to the store, buying a roast for the family down the street that's having a hard time making ends meet, and then, after you've delivered it, going home and praying over a bowl of rice.

      Please, please, no one hear me as trying to proselytize: I just wanted to point out that Muslim sacrifice is a very different thing than traditional pagan sacrifice.

      And, hey, a Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Secret Sunners!

    3. Thanksgiving's come round again already? Where does the time go? (That's a question for Saturn's Black Cube).

  20. Along with the definitely real accident risks from phone addiction consider some of the negative social elements. People who talk to someone who is not there while walking around in public, even if there is now a bluetooth connection to a real person somewhere else, still seem a bit crazy to some of us, especially given some of what we overhear. Social niceties also go out the window when the stranger you try to politely say something to in person has their ears pre-stuffed with some other sound.

    And for such a vain country it's a bit surprising people don't even care about their ugly triple chins popping out just about everywhere phones do. Not a good look for America posing for a pristinely perfect selfie then looking like hell watching your perfect picture on the phone. That glazed eyes down/frogneck look should be a meme for many of the phone addicts you see filling coffee shops and other wifi enabled places. I've notice those on laptops seem more engaged with their surroundings and even look around once and while!

    1. Maybe the phone addiction, the obesity epidemic, & the opiate (& other drug) addiction is just sacrifice in slow motion. It only looks like the herd is being culled. Method to the madness & all that.

    2. Well, if you really want to cull the herd, just keep going to war. We'll be doing more of that soon enough:

    3. Forgot to mention this in my original post.

  21. I remember reading about C.S. Lewis saying that the old paganism was a pathway to Christianity, and didn't view it as a negative, with a lot of common ground between the two beliefs. However when asked about the neopagan uprising at the time and how he felt about the younger generation taking up "paganism", he's response nails it for these current times: “If only they would! For there is wisdom in Pagan culture that we need… But alas, in this new Dark Age, the post-Christian is cut off from the Christian past and therefore doubly from the Pagan past.”

  22. Stock Market Today : Tech FANG Stocks lost more than $1 Trillion in Market Value reported on Nov.20,2018 Also n
    serveral articles with FANG 'Death Cross' in title

    1. the "value" wasn't real to begin with

    2. Which iteration of faking will be the one to end the system upheld by usury?

      fiat currency as a form of cash-money pareidolia

  23. & in titanic although dion's "heart will go on" there's no place for "jack" to do so with "rose", his life sacrificed to the icy waters.

    Another red - a redhead, a fake with a dye-job rivalling Ariel's locks that would make any drag-racer bitchshade with envy due to their natural inability to be that way, Amber Heard as "Mera", drags Aquaman "under the sea" so as to gift him his inheritence to "unite above & below".

    Aquaman's got a Yuletide release date so the water/fire combination continues to percolate.

  24. & gerard butler, whose hollywood house went up in the paradise flames, stars in "the vanishing" due out next year, he's paired with a redheaded wife & plays one of three lighthouse men gifted riches from the waters the hoarding of which brings nowt but trouble.

    1. The Woolsey fire was in Malibu,Southern California.The Camp fire was in Paradise,Northern California.

    2. hollywood is paradise, according to hollywood that is.

    3. 79 deaths and 700 missing? Seems the actual death toll of Paradise Fire is being grossly underreported due to fears by Government officials of creating "public anxiety and mass panic".Several news stories have hinted that the remains of 100s of missing will never be found.The Wildfire was preventable,but PG&E had not yet installed safety lines in the area near Paradise,Ca 2010 census population 26,218.

    4. Why are the living in a waterless desert? (the human waste enriched streets of san francisco don't count as a source of life giving waters)

  25. Keep up the good work, my man. This 'world' kinda sucks, but it sucks a lot less with you in it.

    1. Likewise, my man. Love the new vid.

      Here's the link for anyone who's never seen Raj's video collage work:

      Be well, sir.

  26. Exorcisms on the rise...

    "Father Vincent Lampert, the official exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, told me in early October that he’d received 1,700 phone or email requests for exorcisms in 2018, by far the most he’s ever gotten in one year...

    The Church has been training new exorcists in Chicago, Rome, and Manila. Thomas told me that in 2011 the U.S. had fewer than 15 known Catholic exorcists. Today, he said, there are well over 100. Other exorcists I spoke with put the number between 70 and 100. "

    "According to Catholic doctrine, in order to take possession of a person in the first place, demons rely on doorways... the priests I spoke with kept coming back, over and over, to two particular doorways.

    Nearly every Catholic exorcist I spoke with cited a history of abuse—in particular, sexual abuse—as a major doorway for demons."

    Lots of confirmation here, Chris. Keep up the good work.

    1. Good point. & to further drive the point home, just like in '73, another big exorcism movie in time for holiday season, "The Possession of Hannah Grace":

      Because, hey, its holiday season! & like the Black Iron Prison & High School, the 1970s never ended.

    2. A demon offers a treatment.

    3. There's a name-game aspect to "Hannah Grace" going on. Both first and last names translate to "God's Favor". Curious that.

    4. Thank you very much indeed, Chloe. And The Atlantic, no less.

    5. Ha, good, I just shared this same article without having seen this thread. Glad others are on the trail.

  27. @@This photo of Boyle Cornell and Moorhead Buckley takes on added resonance in light of these connections. I mean, that blindfold and all.
    Or should I say the hoodwink? @@
    Maybe you should :-)

  28. Celine Dion is "calling her agent".

    & Alex Jones on a Bill Hicks channeling tear about the gayfrog chemical atrazine calls "her" clothing line "sea-hag mother of death" chic.

    11's also trending giving podesta's best buddy colbert a blue nailjob to promote her being unicef's youngest ambassador.

    The way things be stranging what won't Jones be proved right about?

  29. the latest raid boss in pokemon go is Cresselia...the moon pokemon. also lots of 777, 666, 444's and such.

  30. "The father of a nine-month-old baby found dead on a Gold Coast beach, following what police say may have been a "sacrifice", has been extradited to New South Wales.
    The baby's body is believed to have drifted in the water for two days after she was allegedly thrown into a harbour at Tweed Heads by her father, the ABC understands.
    Investigations commenced after her body washed up at Surfers Paradise beach where she was found after midnight on Monday."

  31. Correction,

    People, I don't think *who* killed that dolphin is the most relevant thing here. The question is why a random dolphin is getting attention,

    when all the time random dolphins are SHOT by fishermen for eating their catch and tearing up their nets (mostly Vietnamese that live on the Gulf Coast around New Orleans, Pass Christian, and Bayou Labatri.

    Happens so often that's it's not even reported.

  32. The gods have long list of crimes to avenge. Hopefully they won't just take it out on the little people but the actual perps. The hubris of our ruling caste is truly monumental and comparable in scope only with the malice with which they deal with theie social inferiors.

  33. The very early universe is just a big damned baby.
    Best to tend that without more machinery and noise than is required.
    Being woke by dead stuff that has not happened yet leads to fits and such.
    The trick is to love your children as yourself. I am sure that is a sneaky plan.
    The only thing that matters.

  34. Chris, as a lover of unknown films containing material related to subjects discussed on your blog, have you ever seen The Enchanted (1984) ?

  35. On the question of whether it is, or isn't, aliens, or sirens, I have a thought: The siren bites so the origin is still.

    I don't know if it's a very good thought.

    1. The answer to your thought seems obvious to me: Byron's kite alights to heights while Shelly's tyres start forest fires.

  36. I guess my real beef with Celine Dion and her black and white gender neutral baby-ware is that pink and blue baby-ware is really so adults and others can tell what sex the baby is without the baby having to be naked, which would pretty much make it obvious to all around what sex the baby was.
    Kids will have plenty of time to work out what they prefer to be as far as sexual preferences go, or what sex they want to be later.
    So what's Celine going to do in hospitals that might leave the baby naked in all its glory?
    Put black tape over the private parts?

  37. Coming soon to your local self-help magick bookstore!

    1. Personally, I think I'll hold out for Alan Moore's "Moon & Serpent Bumper Book of Magic":

      Less gothy state-sanctioned death cult BS, more gnostic comic book psychedelica says I.

  38. The security guards are obviously rural Republican deplorables while Ms Dion reps the smooth sleek urbane Democrats.

  39. The gods have long list of crimes to avenge. Hopefully they won't just take it out on the little people but the actual perps.

    Participation in the system is consent, how does one be meek without inheritance?

  40. The Turkey Liberation Front12:35 PM, November 22, 2018

    Speaking of Anton LaVey

  41. Meanwhile in Bristol,home of the Sybil

  42. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Sir Loring.

    Much appreciation for everything you do.

  43. Tried posting this earlier as it synchs up hospitals, crosses, the Catholic church, sexal assault and murder all in one package.

    Short story: man goes to Catholic Supply store and demands sexual favors from three women at gunpoint, killing the first who denied his demand and sexually assaulting the two who submitted.

    It's like a Tarantino movie synched up to whatever SS has tapped into.

  44. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the other usual suspects on here I'm thankful for your work Chris and for all you guys that comment and add enrich this experience. And did you guys all see the little UFO drone MIT just made? The one that uses the ionic wind? Anybody remember that early 90's article in Popular Mechanics about the B-2 stealth bomber that details how the wingtips were charged with high voltages prior to takeoff? Chris I remember you talking about the push to Mars and such as a way to magically bring the "new" propulsion tech out. I've long agreed with that sentiment and looks like we're right on schedule.
    They're calling it The New wright brothers.

  45. Video of previously mentioned ionic plane.

  46. Some interesting links I found today:

    On folk magic, read this carefully to understand this particular version of folk magic in Africa, where apparently the shaman dude actually used an animal to find buried objects presumed to be part of the curse:

    For the ancient roots of robots and the CD-AI, this is a fascinating look beyond the golum.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone: if your bigwig exec smokes pot on camera your entire company may have to suffer a "cultural assessment study." Thanks, Elon!

    While on it's face this story about falling for a "join the Illumunati" scam is kinda funny, it's a bit unsettling as to exactly how/why this was initiated. It doesn't seem the rest of us have been inundated by such phone scams, so who exactly targeted this guy and why? I keep hoping he was just some loudmouth drunk getting played by the locals, though there are certainly other implications if not.

  47. USA MSM is not harmless 'pop news'.Anyone who promotes us corporate media as "truth" is shilling or is suffering mental illness due to brainwashing and mind control.USA MSM is "fake news".Wake Up, Sheeple.There is no such thing as free press..."SCRIPT - TOP 10 Staged Events!"


    Pearly dew drops at Blenheim Palace

  49. Occasional Cortex says "clutching their pearls" .. how secret sun scrabble that is.

  50. Things found out over last couple weeks that may be of interest from the mermaid/siren angle:

    Procol Harum's song "A Whiter Shade of Pale" was originally written and recorded to be about twice the length usually played on radio. The lyrics of the latter part of the song are interesting; and make content of first part clearer:

    "She said, "I'm here on a shore leave,"
    Though we were miles at sea.
    I pointed out this detail
    And forced her to agree,
    Saying, "You must be the mermaid
    Who took King Neptune for a ride. "
    And she smiled at me so sweetly
    That my anger straightway died.

    And so it was that later
    As the miller told his tale
    That her face, at first just ghostly,
    Turned a whiter shade of pale

    If music be the food of love
    Then laughter is it's queen
    And likewise if behind is in front
    Then dirt in truth is clean
    My mouth by then like cardboard
    Seemed to slip straight through my head
    So we crash-dived straightway quickly
    And attacked the ocean bed"

    Looking over DVDs for sale at a local store, I saw a copy of the following: with short review from Rotten Tomatoes: a movie intended for tween girls probably: I do not think it has been mentioned on Secret Sun before; so apologies if I am wrong:

    Scales: Mermaids Are Real (2017) (PG)

    "Siren Phillips has lived her life thinking she's an ordinary girl, in an ordinary town. On the eve of her twelfth birthday, however, she learns that she is far from ordinary. Destined to turn into a Mermaid at the age of twelve, Siren must struggle with her new reality, saying good bye to her mother and friends, while she transitions into the water. To make matters worse, a group of Hunters are after her, trying to catch her. She soon becomes friends with Adam Wilts, a new boy at school, who she turns to for help. He agrees to help her, but finds himself caught in the middle, when it's his own father who is after Siren. When Siren's mother is taken, the town must rally behind her, and help her make a peaceful transition into the water, before the hunters can find out where she is."

    Although rated PG, according to other comments about it on Web, there is a death in the movie of an unsympathetic male character, with the deed carried out by actions of a mermaid. Apparently the mermaid types in the film treat this matter lightly; as in no big deal if someone is killed who gets in their way...

  51. Chris,

    on a different but slightly related note here is a article from the Atlantic about Exorcism in the USA is increasing at staggering rates. seems to support some of your statements about how ya better hope the gods don't notice you.

    Anyway, take care good sir and thanks for all the insightful work.