Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It's No Game

There's so much stupid out there that sometimes it gets pretty hard to figure out which particular flavor of stupid takes the cake. But my vote goes to all these idiots who dick around with black magic in hopes of scoring virtue points with Twitter bluechecks.

And by that I mean numbnuts who screw around with hexes and curses in hopes of making some kind of political statement, however garbled.

I mean, why not just try juggling chainsaws? It's probably a lot safer in the long run.

On the face of it, this little LARP is little more than silly, an obvious publicity stunt for a Brooklyn boutique that will probably be gone this time next year. And it looks rather doofy and inert, at least to me, on a magical level.

What's more, I seriously doubt most of these people really believe in any of this. It's just a minor Millennial fad, really. Nothing to think twice about. Well, nothing for you or I to think twice about, unless we're hankering for a good smirk.

But here's the thing; these symbols and names have been around for a very, very long time. So for the sake of argument, let's assume that there may be spiritual entities lurking behind these spells and icons. Very, very old entities that have seen empires off. 

If so, do you really think they'd appreciate some hyper-privileged dysphorics constantly ringing them up and demanding that they take sides in some dumbass partisan pissing match?

And why-- oh, mother of fuck, why-- do these morons always assume that someone like Trump or Kavanaugh doesn't have a bunch of these entities (if not cabals of Kabbalists) in their corners already? It beggars belief. I guess for the same reason they need to believe that no one might be throwing any hexes back at their dilettante asses, like maybe someone who actually knows what they're doing?

I realize these emotional cripples are programmed entirely by the corporate media-- who are usually only slightly less stupid than themselves-- but do they really think those Republican types actually believe in the religions they give lip service to for Bible Belt votes? 

And how often do these spells need to fail before these folks shuffle back to their Maoist macaroni art or their Syndicalist interpretive dance (or cashing their trust fund allowances)? I guess some folks just don't get the message.

We saw the exact same kind of foolishness back in the 1980s. The parents of these poseurs actually believed that Reagan and his coterie were all a bunch of Bible-bashing yahoos who were out to create some ridiculous Handmaid's Tale fantasy world. Risibly stupid, I know.

Still, you heard this gibberish morning, noon and night for bloody years until former White House Chief of Staff Don Regan revealed that a San Francisco astrologer was the real power behind the throne and that the Gipper couldn't even wipe his ass without her writing up a chart first.

And that was Reagan, who was raised in a far more innocent age and place than the current occupant of the Oval Office. Does anyone believe for a second that Trump isn't deep into some weird shit, or at the very least pays someone to be into it for him? 

A New Yorker from a weird and connected family who spent his career in Atlantic effin' City gambling and Manhattan real estate? A guy who shot his game show at Mithraic Shrine Central (aka Rockefeller Plaza) for a decade and change?

I mean, get real.

Now, I don't want to give this nonsense more credit than it's worth, but it speaks to a larger issue that's been weighing on my mind lately. And that's the fact that more and more people out there seem to be acting as if they're demonically possessed. It's actually starting to get a little concerning.

I mean, you can look it all in purely secular and psychological terms (and in most cases, you probably should) but that's just a question of your own personal bias. 

But the constant barrage of occultic symbolism out there-- overt or covert-- isn't being shoved down everyone's throats for shits and giggles. These symbols have also been around for a long time and have been pretty well road-tested. They do stuff, however you choose to explain how or why.

Toss that in with all the divide-and-rule tactics-- which are by far the most egregious I've seen in my lifetime--and you've got a handy recipe for mass psychic meltdown.

As cliche as it might sound it is very much like ancient Babylon, particularly during the Neo-Assyrian period. And that's what troubles me, since even a cursory glance at some of the literature from that era depicts a population teetering on the verge of --you guessed it-- a mass psychic meltdown.

Demons were said to be absolutely everywhere at all times. And witchcraft and/or magic were practiced by pretty much everyone. In many ways, that was the religion of the people.

Some great magical literature came out of this time, such as the more metal-than-Morbid Angel Maqlû (which Peter Levenda gleefully appropriated for his Necronomicon) and the Šurpu. But you also had a corpus of laments that seem to paint a picture of a culture trapped in the teeth of the black dog of depression:

My god has forsaken me and disappeared,
My goddess has failed me and keeps at a distance.
The benevolent angel who walked beside me has departed,
My protecting spirit has taken to flight, and is seeking someone else.
My strength is gone; my appearance has become gloomy;
My dignity has flown away, my protection made off...

And we all knew how it ended up not long after all this. Namely with a Persian fellow named Koresh blowing into town and making Babylon, the envy of the world for centuries, his personal footstool.

That's the thing with trafficking with spirits; they're fickle as hell, or so I've been told.

Now, any random Babylonian kindergartener was probably better-versed in magic than these poor squibs with their sad Trump "spells", but that same kid probably was taught to be a good deal more circumspect about using it. I have no doubt that these people don't actually believe in magic because if they did they wouldn't be nearly as thoughtless about using it.


Because the only way you believe in magic is having experienced it and that usually entails a lot of having your ass kicked by it. That's my understanding, at least.

I mean, think about it for a second; let's just posit there's some ancient entity with the power to change the course of history. Why the fuck would they care if you sat around and lit candles and blew smoke up their asses? What's in it for them? How exactly would you even get their attention?

How did real witches get the spirit world's attention? Well, I hate to break the news to everyone who's thrilled to the feminist vegan wicca wisdom of Marjorie Von Wombat-Raven and Gertrude Silver-Squirrel, but real witches got themselves noticed by killing things and offering them up to whatever demon they wanted to throw a curse at their husband's mistress or catamite.

I mean, god-damned housewives thought nothing of slitting a lamb or piglet's throat at some minor ritual to some minor god or goddess as some minor shrine. You think actual witches settled for less than that? I mean, I realize you don't think that, but those Tumblrista feebs in Brooklyn seem to.

So, yeah, the spirits are most definitely not vegans. Have I said that before? Well, it bears repeating.

That's what's so brilliant to me about A Dark Song. Sure, the gates get good and opened but only after long, excruciating months of pain and terror. Angels and demons (but I repeat myself) seem to enjoy human suffering as much as they love blood and death. If you want them to fudge your tax returns you'd better be willing to pony up the pain, bitch. Just natural facts.

And no half-measures, either. Half-measures seem to earn you double the life-fucking, for some reason. I can't quite explain it but I'm sure someone like Gordon White or Paul Weston could. Ask them.

You see, however you choose to define or explain it, all this shit has real consequences. It's not a hobby and it's not a game. Fuck around with it with imperfect courage and a lack of humility and best-case scenario, you'll go insane. Worst case, you kill yourself. But only after everyone you care about is destroyed.

But even if you approach it all with utter dedication there's still no guarantee it won't destroy you. There's a very long line of brilliant magicians, men with IQs that'd make Einstein or Hawking weep in desolate despair, who were annihilated by their commerce with angels and/or demons. Look it up.

Again, think about it rationally. I mean, I fully realize that's a raging oxymoron but humor me; if you really believe there are powers that are able to overrule the laws of physics on your behalf, what's in it for them? I mean, why would they? 

The only reason I can think of is that they're fixin' on eating your fucking soul, only they're not going to let you know that until they've set their table and poured the bubbly.

And again, if you want to take a reductionistic, psychiatric kind of POV on all this, be my guest. It all ends up going down the same hole either way.

One of the most sobering books I've ever read is Mysteries and Romances of the World's Greatest Occultists by the Irish pop-esoterica author Cheiro. It's a grim account of desolation and destruction for the most part. It doesn't deal with Crowley or Parsons but I suppose it doesn't need to.

Because Cheiro dives into the histories of folks like Dee, Paracelus and Cagliostro and catalogs the wreckage they made of their lives. I'm sure you all have plenty of your own examples to cite. Maybe these folks were trainwrecks to begin with but I'm sure you could find a lot of folks who were riding high before the spirits took notice of them

Don't get me wrong, there really isn't an epidemic of dimwits screwing around with black magic out there. Not by any means. But there actually doesn't need to be for things to get good and fucked up. 

Terence McKenna once said that a healthy society could only afford to have some minuscule proportion of the population seriously involved with psychedelics. I forget the exact figure but it was something like .025% or something. Double that number to .05% and things got kind of shaky, or so the Bard seemed to think. 

For my dollar the exact same can be said about the occult.

Which may be exactly why so many people out there seem to have become demon-possessed and/or ragingly psychopathic. (I mean, is a bluecheck some kind of new-model demon's brand? Let me know in the comments). You can only bend a paperclip so much before it breaks, if you get my meaning.

So, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, ritual magick, astrology? I say leave them to the adepts, the ones willing to accept the consequences if it all goes tits up.  Same way climbing skyscrapers and diving off cliffs can be quite thrilling to watch but in my opinion they're not really something you can dabble in. 

The best thing that could happen otherwise is that you just waste a lot of time and money and those pesky spirits pay you no never mind.

And Satanism? Ugh, forget it.

Call me a square, call me a stick in the mud, go to town. But I believe any halfway qualified magus will tell you the exact same thing. I wouldn't bother to say anything if I didn't care. 

I realize this sounds facile and ridiculously corny but I only want everyone to be happy and enjoy their lives as best they can. I'm sure that will be my ultimate undoing.


  1. Chris,

    It seems unlikely to me that the members of a culture awash in mind-numbing chemicals and digital distractions could muster up the primal anger or ecstasy needed to break the bonds of reality and cause an effect like a curse to work. Even if they did, broadcasting your curse ritual after the fact on YouTube seems counter-productive. Doesn't that tell your target/adversary your intentions, as well as give them a lot of faces to run through their recognition software? Counterattacks of magickal and temporal styles to commence. And, if you're going to curse someone well-known and well-protected you'd better be ready for splash damage Peter Carroll describes such magickal warfare as "dueling with hand grenades" for a reason.

    Seems more productive in the long term to engage in some subtle sigil magic, perhaps a kind of neighbor-be-gone spell mass-distributed in the style of a Dying NASA Scientist video on YouTube. Soften the ground beneath their feet, and sprinkle it with acid to corrode their shoes. It requires too much patience, I suppose. Probably not immediate enough for today's crowd.

    1. Moses, I wouldn't assume that all those people take a lot of mind-numbing chemicals or are engaged in plenty of digital distractions. In principle, as long as some of them are seriously dedicated, something could happen. It all depends, of course, on what exactly they are trying to make happen. I'm assuming they are doing this publicly because their adversary is well aware that he's got enemies, and what sort of attacks to expect. And in that case, you might as well go public. There is no subtle way of dropping a nuke, and equally, no subtle way of starting a magical civil war, I suppose.

      Basically, I'm not so sure that this activity is as unlikely to produce results as Chris seems to imply. Whether you'd like the results or not is another question entirely.

  2. There is this book called the fate of empires which estimates the average length of the greatness of a country, which was 265 years. America will be that old in 2026.....

    A lot of those leftists will bash Christianity and religion but somehow think that anyone will take them seriously when they are doing their wicca garbage. You know, marx called communism a science. All of them, straight to the gulag. The whole witch, wicca, motif seemed to have sprung up out of nowhere the second trump won, i remember some of their first protests all the hip click bait websites would cover them and talk about how some people were dressing as witches. The whole thing seems to have been seeded into the left wings consciousness by a higher earthly power. Some sort of psyop maybe.

    I know what you are saying when it comes to the idea that people seem possessed. There is a high intense rage on both sides of the aisle.

    What needs to happen. Someone or something needs to unite the tribe again. Then...... a sacrifice.
    From there, catharsis.

    1. The whole thing seeded by... NYC Kosher-Billionaires,Silicon Valley Tech Titans, Hollywood,MSM and Langley Office of Psychological Operations...Same as the proud abortionist 'modern feminist movement'.Sacrifice? Why not start with yourself.

    2. Relax Chris.. You still seem to be watching too much TV..

      Remember this from our friend Billy:

      "The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged & numerous senses could percieve.

      And particularly they studied the genius of each city & country, placing it under its mental deity.

      Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav'd the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects; thus began Priesthood.

      Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales.

      And a length they pronounc'd that the Gods had order'd such things.

      Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast."

      Everything is magic..relax pal...

    3. "why not start with yourself"

      I am the son of the son of god.

      Dont you hate reboots?

    4. Wicca has been around for quite a while. It just happened that a particular bunch of wiccans decided to take on Trump when he got elected. And if you look it up, you can easily find who they are. They're not making any secret of it. Which is unsurprising, because wiccans tend to be greenies, and Republicans for some reason I really can't figure out, have decided that they can screw with the planet as much as you like, and there will be no consequences.

      Also, not all leftists are Marxists, that's typical Republican propaganda. There are a pretty mixed bunch when it comes to religion, and there are even left-wing Christians. Christianity might sound somewhat more believable to you than wicca, but that's probably because you grew up with it.

      And Kim, are you saying you are the grandson of God? I find that odd, most people think they're children of God. I'm not sure that theologically, thinking that you are the son of Jesus works too well. I'm fairly confident Jesus is supposed to be your brother, not your dad. I know that creates logical issues with Jesus being the only son of God the Father, but that's why the Trinity is supposed to be a mystery. It doesn't necessarily work logically.

    5. True power simply involves will,spells,incantations,invocations are used by individuals to try and get an entity (angel ,demon,whatever)to do something for them,Faith is simply the belief that your will alone can perform "miracles" Jesus said, “If you have faith no bigger than a mustard seed...” (Lk 17:6) not pushing Religion,just the power of will....In his book THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM Charles F. Haanel writes The law is that Thought is an active vital
      form of dynamic energy which has the power to
      correlate with its object and bring it out of the
      invisible substance from which all things are created
      into the visible or objective world.

    6. @Maria Rigel
      "Wicca has been around for quite a while. It just happened that a particular bunch of wiccans decided to take on Trump when he got elected."

      Hmmm... In this particular case, what they were actually doing during the ritual resembles less something wiccan and is more akin to the type of hoodoo popularized by Catherine Yronwode. I mean, c'mon, set aside for a while the theories and the preconceived ideas and look at what they were actually doing and listen at what they were actually saying(reciting in this case)!! The psalm, the colored candles, the statues, they resemble the hoodoo or caribbean paraphernalia. Take a look at Yronwode's website, luckymojo, for similar examples if you like(I am not insinuating that she or someone close to her is somehow involved in this action, only that the type of magic used in the video resembles quite strongly the type of magic she described in her books, at least to me).
      And as a curiosity, in some images from the video I thought i had seen some candles made from wax(or paraffin)in two colors - black on the inside and red at the outside(?) - in the far left side of the altar. This seems to me somewhat unusual, since I know that usually you can use red in the inside and black on the outside for reversing hexes. This opposite combination of colors is quite unfamiliar to me.
      You can read a little bit about the type of reversing candles of an initial red color dipped in wax of black color here, if you are curious(the ones used in the video seem to me the exact opposite):

    7. Anon, I stand corrected. I automatically assumed they were wiccans, because that's what most people that call themselves witches are in my part of the world. You are right. This reminds me of what I've seen of Cuban santeria, not that I know much about santeria, either. Anyway, I wasn't assuming that this bunch in particular would subscribe to the rede, I assumed that they'd be your usual eclectic type.

      I've looked a little more at this hex, and it gets interesting. (Chris, I read all your warnings about dabblers. And... look, you know I'm a science girl. Science. Girl. Who gets their nose where they shouldn't, in almost all stories you've ever heard? Scientists and girls. So... it's fate. There was nothing you could have done to prevent it.)

      The first interesting thing is that the Facebook page of these witches had a post pointing to a blog of somebody that described the ritual for those who weren't there. And if you clicked on the link, well, it didn't take you to the blog. It took you to their Twitter instead. I wasn't going to get stopped by such minor issues, so I applied my Dr Strange time-reversing spell, aka the Wayback Machine site, and got to see the post. (Resisting the temptation to pry further into the technical details of how that redirection happened... for the moment. I'll pry into that later.)

      The next interesting thing was that Kim is particularly wrong in saying that leftists are Christian-bashing in this case, because the curse was lifted directly from the Bible. I'm not all that surprised, I'm sure you could learn a lot of black magic from a careful study of the Old Testament. It's just that most people don't read the Bible with that intention, same way that most people don't read mushroom guides with the intention of poisoning people, though it would work very well for that purpose.

      The third interesting thing was that Moses was wrong in assuming these people were naive by telling their hex to all and sundry. It turns out, they weren't telling it all. At one point, they asked the journalists to stop recording and taking notes for a part of the ritual. Ostensibly, because people were going to share personal stuff about sexual abuse. But there was also a recitation of something-or-other that is never described. And possibly other stuff.

      And the final interesting thing, Chris has a point when he says that this isn't going to stay vegan. In fact, the ritual had a tagline in Latin that means "We bathe in the blood of tyrants". Add to that that people were being encouraged to write the names of their abusers in pieces of paper, and you have to wonder at what point the bloodbath begins.

      So... since that little research didn't kill me yet, I see it as a sign that I must pry further. I'll report on any further discoveries for as long as I can.

    8. I'm still here and haven't lost any fingers yet to werewolves or unnameable horrors from outer space. Probably because I haven't got any closer to the actual action. But I tried, I went to a bunch of talks organized by a witches collective in London during the weekend and started talking to people. After all, New York and London are practically twin cities. Somebody must know something. I have collected some thoughts from people who seemed knowledgeable.

      A nice witch that gave me a long rant that started: "We are all trying to learn in and from this Earth School for different reasons but I firmly believe in the basic spiritual principal of "do no harm" and putting a hex on Kavanaugh would neither honor that principle not allow balance between the energies to occur through natural karmic or divine principles." And went on along those lines from there.

      Another opinion, from a guy that seemed to really know his stuff: "Our actions are legally spiritually binding whether we realise it or not." This was a generic comment, not specifically about them... but the "legally" got my attention. Maybe the Official Secrets Act has some clauses about entities from other dimensions.

      I thought these people were a bit too mild for my research, so I asked them where I could find books by Aleister Crowley, who seems to me more in the wavelength I'm looking for. They suggested a bookshop and there I went, browsing idly. I asked the guy in the bookshop if he was aware of 109 having any mystical significance (it was the number of the psalm the witches were chanting) and he didn't know, but suggested looking at "The book of lies" because the chapters are all related to the mystical significance of the number of the chapter. Unfortunately, the book didn't go as far as 109, but it did have a page 109, so I checked it out just in case. The page was a commentary on chapter 49, and clarified that this chapter was all about Babalon that seems to me the same entity as the Scarlet Woman in the Bible. Getting warm, but I have a feeling that for the bunch of witches I'm after, Babalon is maybe not ancient and powerful and horrible enough. I also checked chapter 60, thinking that hey, 109=49+60, and it had the line: "In the hour of success sacrifice that which is dearest to thee unto the Infernal Gods." That looks to me as good a definition of black magic as any, but what do I know.

      And while I was quietly making notes from the book, I noticed this woman was looking at me with an amused smile. She was dressed in full goth attire, and she asked me why I was interested in the book. I explained the best I could I was researching possible breaches of inter-dimensional portals in horrible ways by New York witches. She was really understanding, and she said I should really attend a Halloween party she was involved in, I may meet people that can help me in my research.

      So I'll report after Halloween, assuming they really want to help me, as opposed to sacrifice me. I'm pretty sure that won't happen, because like Crowley says, you are meant to sacrifice what's most valuable to you, and clearly, my value is close to zero to any witch worth her salt.

    9. @Maria Rigel
      In the eastern orthodox version of the Bible that psalm has the number 108.
      And 108 is a number widely seen as being somehow sacred in the East, especially outside the strictly christian milieu, for example in India.
      I've just given you a hint. You could search further if you like.

  3. I realize this post is largely aimed at the recent doings of the left-leaning Brooklynista hobbywitches, but I'm still intrigued by the magically not-so-delicious events that occurred in Orlando, Florida in June of 2016. Three consecutive days of dark happenings, initiated by the murder of singer Christina Grimme, under a banner of the sigil for phosphorus. The next day was the Orlando Pulse nightclub dance macabre/ massacre, and the day after that, the tragic death of youngster Lane Graves by alligator attack at (wait for it) The Magic Kingdom. So we had singing and dancing, mixed with violent death. From Grimme to Graves. Not long after these events we got SpiritCooking in the news, along with MozzarellaGate, Kek and Shadilay, and all the resultant chaos. I'm writing from near Detroit, erstwhile home of the infamous satanic statue that the local edgelords rally around every so often. When I see and hear these people in action, I usually feel like their stance is largely a form of 'corrective imbalance' aimed at the rigid control mechanisms they dealt with in sex-negative, conservative households. Like Oscar Wilde said, everything in the world is about sex, except for sex, which is about power. The Kavanaugh controversy is of course also about sex and power. And I believe it was the aforementioned Peter Levenda who pointed out that the weaponized 'Manson Secret' consists mainly of the harnessing of a mixture of eros and fear. Thanks so much for the recommendation of the Cheiro book, I wasn't aware of it and I'm putting it on my reading list for sure.

    1. I don't think Kek and Shadilay are directly connected to Orlando in any way. They seem to me pretty separate issues.

  4. Some have speculated that one or some of the reasons that we're seeing so many people act "demonically possessed" in the last few years, is because of facilities like CERN opening up other dimensions/realms to let in literal "armies" of demons.

    Just look at some videos of structures and art and other depictions of ancient india and other far east places on youtube, some have correlated certain ancient unexplained devices, structures, and technology or pictures/art of the devices with that of CERN today. It seems more than likely that they had their own ancient CERN's opening up portals to other dimensions/realms to commune with entities or let them in.

    Factor in the possibility that many "humans" today are perhaps empty vessels without souls, And you have a plethora of bodies for these "demons/archons" to infect/infest.

    What easier way for the entities who are higher up in the hierarchy such as those associated with/in control of the political and royal elite of the world, To control the masses and harvest energy to keep this matrix system working in their favor.

  5. I want to comment on the general themes of the post but first some pearlple:


    Two nice examples from Apple Marketing the first one showing the indigo/purple shimmer, and the second showing the orange --> purple transition ''shimmer''.

    Also Poppy has been gestating in some kind of pink/purple tank on youtube and was ''released'' into more mainstream channels this year. But maybe expect her to take the colours of 2019 and move away from the pearlple, not sure on that yet. Also she is a good one to look at for ''pink/purple/pearlescent silver ore'' then ''extract the silver'' if you look at the frequency she is showed in silvery/metallic costume/necklaces.


    Using the Tree of Life now we can not only backcheck whether this was the actual underlying ritual being used but we can also make predictions for 2019. 2019 should use the colours of Malkuth, which unlike those that went before is made up of four colours - citrine, olive, russet and black. Since I am in quite a few things that are going to be released in 2019 I know for a fact that there is already going to be evidence out there for that. My prediction (based on what I know and the colours they have to use) would be a lot of drab/gloomy steampunk/military type stuff. If this is fundamentally the G.D ritual used in reverse (going down the Tree) to ''de-initiate'' the population and ultimately produce a variety of different ''clones'' of them (digital, biological) or continue to ''split their personalities'' (mass MKUltra) then in the early part of 2019 we will be descending from Purple via the Path of Saturn, ''the Gates of Death'', the 32nd path. So mass Death, or mass murder would be a theme of those movies, at the very least I would think. In the middle part of 2019.

    Looking ahead though a lot of the films for 2019 seem to be continuing the purple at least in terms of production stills we have and the planned cover art for releases like Dumbo, Aladdin etc, so just like we saw the orange --> purple crossover we should see the purple --> citrine, russet, olive and black if this theory is correct and if we watch closely.

    1. I work in fashion and many of the forecasts for late 2019 and especially 2020 are drab dystopianesque utilitarian styles. I mostly expect to see it on the runways but it will be interesting to see if it is taken up by the protest crowd. Looks perfect for the “protest is the new brunch” crowd, honestly. Good predictions!

    2. Cheers for this. It makes sense that film and fashion are dovetailed for the sake of maximum profit.


      Here is the general scheme again. Now thinking more about this it would make sense if by mid 2019 we will see Olive, Citrine, Russet, Black (maybe debased to green, yellow, brown?) in full flow (in the movies and therefore impacting mainstream fashion more?) then we will be seeing ''the leaders'' seeding those colours right now.

      So I did a quick search for citrine and lo and behold it took me to the Emmy Awards, September 2018


      Just scrolling down we see a lot of this, ''Citrine'' and ''Olive'' going on. So while purple is full flow (and on display in this article), we still see some lingering orange, and the seeds of the new ''Malkuthian'' colours beginning especially by Poppy Delivigne... While they are quite vibrant in this article I think they will dull them down into something more grimy steampunk/world war 2.

      Anyway - thinking out loud here really!

    3. @blogos
      "My prediction (based on what I know and the colours they have to use) would be a lot of drab/gloomy steampunk/military type stuff. [...]then in the early part of 2019 we will be descending from Purple via the Path of Saturn, ''the Gates of Death'', the 32nd path. So mass Death, or mass murder would be a theme of those movies, at the very least I would think. In the middle part of 2019."

      How do you think the season finale of Game of Thrones will fit into this scheme of things? It is, after all, probably the most anticipated media product of the next year. And to my mind a horde of undead "soldiers" unleashed upon the living is a pretty suggestive symbolic representation of the "Gates of Death".

    4. I'm sorry. I meant the final season of the Game of Thrones series.
      I am not a native english speaker so I am prone to make mistakes like that from time to time.

    5. I find that Game Of Thrones has interesting syncs with the Marvel Cinematic Universe via 'Stark' and that 2019 will see the finale of Thrones on TV as well as the resolution of the Thanos Storyline in the Marvel Movies.

      These tie in with the Fourth Turning Generational theory of William Strauss & Neil Howe who suggested the current cycle's Fourth Turning (the Crisis period aka 'Winter' of their seasonal model) began with the 2008 Financial Crisis. The Marvel Movie Universe launched that year with Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, and of course the Stark words in Game of Thrones are 'Winter is Coming' We're 10 years into the Fourth Turning's 20 year period, tells us 2019 could be a rough one and things will probably get worse before they get better.

    6. Strauss and Howe said that the 4th turning would begin in 2005 and the crisis would peak in 2025. This isn't to contradict you. It's likely that they may have attempted to fix change their forecast later. As you are interested I thought you ought to know. The 4th turning crisis began with Hurricaine Katrina.

    7. I believe the book suggests 'around' 2005. based on the theory and when they believed the Unraveling period began, but I believe Neil Howe has suggested the Crisis for the current cycle kicked off with the financial crisis of '08.


      So a revision, hindsight 20/20 and all that. It's certainly open for debate. Katrina is a solid crisis event as well, as it eroded confidence in institutions and certainly represented a definite widening of the ugly partisan divide we are seeing now. At any rate, it all feels like it's gonna get worse before it gets better, and maximum crisis still hasn't arrived, I don't think, so 2019 could represent the arrival of 'Winter'.

      Stark also had his conflict with the 'Winter Soldier' in Civil War, the great divide among the involved parties in the MCU before reuniting for the maximum crisis in Infinity War.

    8. Speaking of the fashion thing, look at Gucci Gothic. it is a film with dystopian "farmer punks" building Noah's arch. very odd, when I first saw a add for it all I could think was secret sun.

  6. Chris, to address the main theme of your post most of the Western Mystery Tradition these days believe that the entities are fed by your attention (prayer, sacrifice, etc) and they return that attention in the form of boons. They also gain power this way, the more worshippers the more powerful the ''God''. Socrates pointed out in Euthyphro that if these ''Gods'' need us to feed them in this way then they aren't really Gods they are closer to being vampires and its this comment that leads to his downfall and the ''forced'' drinking of the hemlock.

    So in this belief the primary reason that the scattered activities of these witches have no effect is that they are going up against Enlil, the most well-fed deity of living history. Ellil, Eli, El, Al, the Christian ''God'', Allah, and all the rest could be thought of as ''subsidiaries'' of Enlil. So basically those witches are going up against other esoteric practitioners who are summoning/working with ''God''. So most of their Hekate-etc backed rituals will bounce off/bounce back. I mean Allah has a whirlwind of souls around a meteorite rock, the Kaaba, as his basic ongoing ritual - Brooklyn witches aren't up to that scale.

    The key factor in success in these endeavours and to mitigate the negatives is astrological timing. Most of the blowback from amateur magic tends to come from mis-timing or neglecting the clock. Its the equivalent of asking an entity for help in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's where impatience and cutting corners is definitely going to hurt. You often have to wait which many of these people aren't capable of as they are driven by ego and petty desire.

    In terms of obtaining the right items etc, you should not ''haggle for the egg'' because by haggling you are cheapening the quality of the experience for the entity and in your mind, the most important part of the ritual magic.

    I don't think it actually works like this this is just what most people believe but don't pursue the logic of. I think this whole model is fundamentally wrong alongside the equally wrong more hard form of polytheism which sees these beings existing beyond the veil and not in need of your love, cuddles or sacrifice.

    I have a temporal entanglement theory of magic, which would probably be considered a theory of anti-magic from people who are still trapped in ''free will'', ego and linear time. Effectively in this theory there is no distinction between Gods, spirits, other entities, there is no otherworld behind a veil, we are all beings entangled with each other through time, time is the veil. People conjuring Osiris, are entangling/entangled with either a) the actual person Osiris and/or b) his ''dreams''. Most spirits were originally people at some point so in this theory you are not communicating with the dead in the underworld you are communicating with the living across time. If anyone is interested in looking more into this most of the posts on Hermetic Lessons from 2015-2017 were dealing with theories of block time and magic.

    Finally most of the G.D. Qabalah is corrupted by fundamental errors in composition because texts were not interpreted/translated correctly during the Renaissance, these errors stacked up over time and have never been corrected. So most of the Qabalistic work from groups derived from the G.D. (Thelema, etc) are faulty - they might produce ''results'' but they are not the ''best'' results possible. I'd say that includes certain groups of the elite, their systems are still faulty even if they are powerful.

    1. @blogos
      "So in this belief the primary reason that the scattered activities of these witches have no effect is that they are going up against Enlil, the most well-fed deity of living history. Ellil, Eli, El, Al, the Christian ''God'', Allah, and all the rest could be thought of as ''subsidiaries'' of Enlil."

      Oh, but they were not attempting to do that, just the exact opposite. They were using a psalm as their main invocation which means they were trying to appeal exactly to "the most well fed entity in history". Which is stupid in its own way because they were actually using some of the weapons(the psalms) used against them by far more numerous opponents(those conservatives from the christian prayer groups that supported Kavanaugh). I mean, if you have just a bunch of buddies and you are confronted with a horde of opponents armed with swords, it is stupid to choose exactly swords as weapons for your side, instead of some other different weapon - in the end you'll get slaughtered simply by being overwhelmed and outnumbered.

      Look, I like what you are usually writing here and on your website and I particularly liked what you wrote about orange and Mercury a while ago. But this time it would be more useful if you set aside a little the theory dear to you and instead just look and listen at what those wannabe magicians were actually doing and reciting during the ritual depicted in the video.
      Psalm, check. Colored candles, check. Double colored candles(weird ones, black on the inside, red on the outside, the opposite of those used for reversals), check. No apparent magic circle, check. Statues of apparent christian provenance on the altar, check.
      The whole ritual smacks of hoodoo or of some caribbean type of practice. The only thing odd to me is the painting on the wall. I was unable to identify the figure, but strangely it seems somehow familiar. Can you by any chance identify it?

    2. You're right I was mixing this particular ritual up with all the other attempted ritual hexes from the witchcraft community which call or have called upon a variety of different deities and speaking generally about these types.

      But this is another reason why these guys are so ineffective (and I know or monitor a lot of this type) and its because they are incredibly faddish. It'll be Hekate one week, St. Cyprian the next, the edgelords getting all into their Abramelin or other niche grimoire, ever following whatever's in, never really giving anything the time it needs. Utter flakery. That's why it feels hollow. Or they mix it all together as Wicca (and other western ceremonials) often does, fusing paganism/christianity willy nilly borrowing terms from KBL/QBL etc. I wouldn't be surprised if that even happened that night, that they segued from the Voodoo to the Hellenic or whatever. I mean they are all going AUM in the background of the Psalm. Occult writers don't help as they have a vested interest in always putting out new books so they drive a lot of these wasteful circles/trends. Consistency is all I ask! as Rosencrantz said to Guildenstern.

      But I go on to make basically the same point as you're making I think. Scale. Even if this Tuesday Coven A have decided they'll put on a Hoodoo show to attempt to hex conservatives it's pissing into the hurricane of what is being created in Mecca or other hotspots for ''El'' - spiritually speaking. And all those different versions of ''God'', Christian, Muslim, Jewish - do derive from the Sumerian Enlil. Why would their appeal work over counter appeals to the same entity if that's all they've got? And if we are talking about feeding these things, do these people even ''believe'' in the same way or ''as much'' as their opponents do?

      I digressed into theories of temporal entanglement at the end there because I wanted to stress as an esoteric practitioner I don't entirely sign up to this model of prayer/sacrifice feeding entities I don't believe in this particular metaphysical explanation for it all. As a ''QBList'' I don't sign up to the broken Tree of Life used by the G.D. et al. Reading this site and others like them sometimes it makes us feel like we are all bad guys y'know. There are ''white'' wizards y'all and I just wanted to put the useful offerings I hope I am making in that context. After all without esoteric knowledge or theory I am not sure how you [general pronoun] can situate all these observations? For example without knowledge of planetary alchemy how could I even come up with the orange stuff? Anyway its just me being insecure I'm sure I'll try and keep it to what's useful in future and not try to justify myself or give disclaimers. :-)

      The symbol on the wall looks like some sign of an Order to me. Maybe they just threw it up for the night? Arrow through an eye crowned by arrowheads. Blind Eye? Samael? Lucifer? Gnostic Jesus?

    3. The thing about "occult" gods is not that they are marginal compared to sky daddy but that they are worshipped constantly in obscured forms. Hecate might seems like some marginal figure to US politics, picked up by kooks and hippies in recent years. But who is it that is chosen to represent the concept of "liberty" which is so key to the foundational national myth?

      “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
      With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

      Hecate, the new colossus, the last titan, light bearer and guardian of doorways.

    4. Again for the record I am just trying to explain how many esoteric practitioners think this works not my own position. I am explaining that in this way because the magic(k)al literacy in the secret sun community (?) is mixed and I have no way of determining what the correct level to pitch it is.

      If we are talking about ''fuel'' in ritual then that comes from belief. However you can fuel a rocket as much as you like but it won't matter if your aim is off. So in this sense Hekate is less powerful than El because the belief, the direct fuelling is less, or occluded as you put it - she might feed a little off indirect belief via the Statue of Liberty but compared with El who is fuelled mostly directly by things like the whirlwind of human souls at Mecca, etc and without occlusion, there is no comparison in power level. However we could argue that certain individuals for a variety of factors might have belief that is worth more than another's. One of these key people might be worth a million ordinary souls - who knows? These Brooklyn witch types don't necessarily go in for this kind of belief these days as it offends them politically but make of that what you will.

      Lets explore that second point a bit more though which is ''aim''. A well aimed rocket with less fuel can do damage if everything comes together right or you hit a particularly vulnerable spot. In this sense a magickal guerrilla-style war might work a bit to chip away at conservatives (???). However when your ''enemy'' is better fuelled, has better accuracy and a better relationship with the deity that you are attempting to work ''magic'' through then you are just fucked, right?

      This belief in ''fuel'' has shifted recently amongst some into a more hardened form of polytheism which would say that they are all GODS and are absolute within themselves and are not dependent upon us for ''food'' of any form. They might argue that the ''food'' is not ''food'' its just a sign of respect if you want to open a dialogue.

      As I said, after many Moons of research, experiment and experience and as healthy a dash of logic as it is possible to apply to this and other esoteric problems I have come to the conclusion that there is no spiritual otherworld where these beings or the dead ''live'' or ''feed'', there is no astral plane persay - these beliefs arose out of observations of lensing effects and energy discrepancies caused by the temporal entanglement of living things with each other. More broadly I would argue that ''elementals'' are the result of entanglement with the ''deep past'', most spirits or ''Gods'' are entanglements within the ''broad present'' and ''archangels'' are entanglements with the ''deep future.''

      I'll get my hemlock :-)

    5. 8:46 again.

      You have a big fish eats little fish vision of reality, it seems, and have decided that sky daddy is the biggest fish of them all. It's not hard to see how you come to that conclusion because I'm pretty sure that is nothing more than the job description written on his business card.

      Your position that a direct relationship and common belief mean something special is not something I have a strong opinion about. But if we take this "big fish little fish" position then we cannot say that the biggest fish is the one swimming in our dinky little pond.

      So, say, I know for sure that there is this planet out there called "RUSerious B" that has been faithfully worshiping a certain goddess for 1 billion years with a stable population of 100 trillion souls. All of them are on a higher spiritual/magical level to the best of us. If one person on our world could establish a meaningful relationship with that goddess then the bigger fish would be visiting our pond.

    6. 8:46

      I spelled out pretty clearly that these were not my beliefs but just the beliefs of a lot of Western Mystery practitioners. Push that logic about belief feeding and even creating deities a little and you end up with Chaos Magic. For those in the Western Mysteries not happy with those conclusions there was a push back into what I would call Grimoire Realism but some would call Post Chaos. But yes if you believed in that theory then by your logic RUSerious B would produce the ''bigger'' God. And also that there are lots of similar hypergods out there - hyper relative to our now seemingly puny local God. Unless Enlil is a subsidiary of a more galactic Sky Daddy in which case our logic has now placed us firmly in the plot of Jupiter Ascending.

      But I don't believe that - I've given you a brief presentation of what I believe above in the last paragraph and there are no Gods as they are commonly understood. To be clear I don't know if I even believe in stars. I believe we are in a closed temporal loop which is in a much much smaller space, time and possibility than most of us imagine.

    7. Yeah well, we're getting a bit Socratic I guess. The basic problem with trying to make a system where worship stacks up in a way like this is that worship isn't about things adding up but believing in something. When dealing with fear and uncertainty it seems reassuring for everyone to be pulling in the same direction.

  7. No man of woman born shall harm Macbeth.

    Are people acting like they are demonically possessed? I would say, absolutely yes. People are exhausted, run down, and are demanded more than ever to play a character that is different to their more natural (boring) one.

    Look at Kanye West, for example. Do we really think that the strange guy who appears on the newsreels isn't just a character he invented to sell records and make money?

    Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk?


  8. Chris, genuinely curious about your intense fear of this as reflected in your writing - certainly black magic and related are not things to be trifled with, but I'm not sure that the torture and suffering and craziness that we as people have so adeptly practiced on ourselves is any better. Isn't it pretty much same shit, different day, different perpetrators?

    "So, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, ritual magick, astrology? I say leave them to the adepts, the ones willing to accept the consequences if it all goes tits up. Same way climbing skyscrapers and diving off cliffs can be quite thrilling to watch but in my opinion they're not really something you can dabble in."

    Well sure sounds like good conventional advice, but there will obviously be people who have thought of the consequences (fully informed or not) and still be willing to engage for perhaps nefarious purposes or maybe just for the truth. So I'm just curious - and again I thoroughly appreciate your writing and what you have shared with us, but why do you even write about these things then since you could easily be engulfed and cursed by these forces? Are you risking your own soul for us to live happily?

    You are obviously highly interested in these matters and delve deeply into it yet then say it's dangerous and should be avoided...but ultimately it's hard to really understand something sometimes unless you get your hands dirty. It's not like we can zap on off to another dimension or planet if we want to (as average profane humans) so whether we like it or not we should probably get involved and pick sides or just be slaughtered like cattle (sure I understand that there are many fates worth than just death but who’s to say that by staying away from it all our souls aren’t ultimately still taken anyway since we just idly observe from the sidelines?) How does examining all the syncs and signs and prophecies extricate us from the dark forces rather than ensnare us further?

    1. I think your missing the point here.
      To say 'this' is 'this' when it is in fact 'that' is subversion.
      Better to point out the obvious that 'this' is actually 'that'.
      Like 'Dark' is really 'Light'?
      Perhaps the best 'play' is NOT TO PLAY!

    2. Good point. However not sure that not playing is necessarily the best play.

    3. Anon5.18 "Are you risking your own soul for us to live happily?"

      That's the job.

  9. Those wannabe witches and warlocks were reciting psalm 109, or my ears deceived me? If that is true, then the main entity petitioned was none other than Yahweh himself.
    And Yahweh was a great fan of the "killing stuff". See for examples in this regard all the detailed prescriptions from the Old Testament concerning the animals well suited for sacrifice(goats, sheep etc.).But, if I remember correctly, Yahweh sometimes could be satisfied with non-bloody offerings like those elaborate mixtures of incenses and oils(which included some psychoactive substances) described for the use in the Tabernacle.
    Those guys and girls really knew what they were doing or they were just imitating some hoodoo and judeo-christian magic practices like those described in old texts like the Shimmush Tehillim?
    The irony of the situation is the fact that the hardcore neoprotestant supporters of people like Kavanaugh and Pence do in fact petition the same entity in some of their prayers. So who is gonna listen Yahweh to in this case? :) I guess he will have a hard time deciding which of the opposite petitions will choose to fulfill.. :))

  10. While not related to magic (as far as I can tell) this story had me thinking almost the exact same thoughts about stupid risky dabbling in areas best left alone, like shooting a rap video on an airplane wing.


  11. This, on the other hand, may have had a hidden meaning, given the sky-penis was not visibly traced, and only "seen" by those with "eyes to see."


  12. fra p.251 of *on What is*

    "if there is not an individual destiny set for every star, you k-now, you, dear reader, the current incarnation of your immortal soul; is there just your current plight, or is all divine counsel, and those Divine emanations that drive all, is it not a "mandate of heaven," a query of sorts along the line of "who will hold up the foundation of it all"? It may be left (or right) to each and every theurgist, possibly resident in every absurdist, eye am sure you understand, because is it not absurd to "think" you can effect things, that is, eye mean, effect the ways of the hole creation with each and every thought."

  13. I listened more carefully and the text recited is definitely the psalm 109. This is its number in the King James Bible at least, because in other non-protestant editions the numbering of the psalms differs.
    So, to whom is gonna Yahweh lend his support in this case? To a small group of wannabe magicians, or to the swarm of conservative christians(evangelicals or catholics like Kavanaugh) that pray regularly to him, not just in some special occasions when somebody presumably deserve some magical spanking(hexing, whatever..)? :) The conservative christians have at least the sheer number on their side in this battle. :)
    The situation is indeed quite hilarious if you think better about it. :) And if I remember correctly there was also a group of christian supporters that ganged up in support of Kavanaugh with the occasion of this ritual. Or am I mistaken? If not, I wonder if somehow they used the same psalm in their prayers, or others akin to it that falls in the category of "imprecatory prayers".

    Oh boy, if stupidity could physically hurt it would be a real blessing sometimes.. :))

  14. It seems that I was not mistaken and some christian prayer groups were actively trying to influence, in their own way, the situation even before that hexing ritual was conducted. And they were definitely involving the psalms as a sort of "combat weapons". :)
    You can't make this stuff up.. :))


  15. //I realize this sounds facile and ridiculously corny but I only want everyone to be happy and enjoy their lives as best they can. I'm sure that will be my ultimate undoing.//

    Of course it will, or already is. But you have good company here. As for vegan spirits and angels, I think they're there, if "as above, so below" applies. I don't know how things stack up vis a vis vegan versus carnivorous people/entities, if gore always trumps veggie, or if the tables can be turned. It's a good question to raise, though. Anecdotally, from personal observation, those who eschew bloody offerings (and those don't need to be sacrifices, as one can use a package of ready-cubed beef from the Meats section) tend also to follow the via negativa, and to be willing to bear any and all crosses life presents them. Self-sacrificing saints, potentially.

    On the other hand, those who insist greatly on left-handed rites and offerings (which include sex, booze and flesh) want to meet deity face-to-face, and have the best possible experience of life's pleasures. They are fighters and business-oriented. The bottom line matters immensely to them. They have the most to lose, the most fear, and therefore obviously, the most aggression. They are more successful in life, more visible in public, and (needless to say) have more body odor, and shorter lives, for the most part. They have more enemies, and have to engage in many conflicts to hold onto whatever they have.

    So who wins in the end? Depends on how one defines winning, I guess. But wielding Occam's razor as a matter of principle in the world of magic and mysticism, and based on the observations just cited, there seems to be only one general, sane conclusion.

    1. Who is the winner in the end? To be born on this world is to be born a loser with a losing hand. For you Tommy, ze war iz over! Some take the news easier than others while some just seem to take the news easy on the surface like good old Andy Dufresne.

  16. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?

    My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Regards!

  17. Another thing about that particular psalm. I think that its content could be somehow more appropriate for a reversing spell rather than a hex. At least this is my impression regarding some particular lines of the text.
    So what were those guys and girls actually trying to do? :)


    "17 As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him.

    18 As he clothed himself with cursing like as with his garment, so let it come into his bowels like water, and like oil into his bones."

  18. The law of equivalent exchange from the anime Full Metal Alchemist “ In order to get something you must give something of equal or greater value.” As shown in the anime that cost is usually not known up front and usually is a terrible price to pay.

    The novel American Gods talks about the importance of sacrifice which got me looking at the world in a different way. It seems that sacrifice is what fuels change. Black magic uses the sacrifice ofothers as a substitute for the fee. It would also appear that true positive change can only come from a source of love and is solidified by an act of selfless martyrdom.

    1. The sacrifice of others is not a substitute for the fee.
      It IS the fee.
      Has anyone REALLY wondered just how we came to this system of commerce?
      Follow the money, FIND the sacrifices; "FEES" PAID!
      SSDD; same shit, different DEMON.
      "Family" bonds made to specific entities; "Demons" to some.
      Most of the true players are born into this; "LEGACY".

  19. Speaking of being impossibly square, those interested in communing with angels or minor deities can always, you know, look to established religious traditions instead of edgelords who destroyed their lives like Crowley.

  20. It's a Supernatural world, and the weak get played. Don't let the wrong one in, lol.

  21. I don’t think the suburban witch movement just popped up out of nowhere. From what I can tell most of them have discovered various New Age groups and practice positive thinking, healing crystals, essential oils, reiki, etc. and have gotten there in very much the same way we, the community that resonate with this blog, have gotten here. My instincts told me that there is something missing from the New Age. Something is off. I realize that the price to play is never mentioned. Lovecraft has made me a bit more cynical of bodiless entities that can inhabit a person or transmit timeless information and ask for nothing in return. The law of equivalent exchange shows that there is Always a price.
    Also the Golden Compass mirrors what little I know about trying to look into the future. Each situation has 2 outcomes but by trying to divine which is which the future defaults to the worst case scenario. Reminds me of the importance of living in the here and now while everyone else sings “ what’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening!”
    Lastly the triggered state of society is a direct result of the divide and conquer thought/mind control that is used to keep society focused on the circus and unaware of the shinanigans happening off stage yet becoming more and more in view of the audience. Distractions must get bigger and more elaborate so people don’t look too closely

  22. Frankly it sounds like the spirits - or at least the ones most likely to traffic with humans - have their own metabolism and face their own evolutionary pressures. What's so bad about killing anyway? Ask last night's dinner. Win, expand, reproduce, or lose, retreat, and be extinguished. There is no stasis in nature, you must either always be winning, or you will find yourself always losing.

    A healthy trick is to learn to channel superluminal energies without allowing yourself to be possessed by them. A tough order of course and the road is littered with broken men and the corpses of those who tried and failed. But some men are just born with the instinct to climb the tallest mountain they can see, and they are unable to be dissuaded from risking death or worse for no better reason than "because it's there."

    1. Dammerung 9:14; "A healthy trick is to learn to channel superluminal energies without allowing yourself to be possessed by them."
      Dangerous road, one best left untraveled.
      They literally see you as FOOD.
      Their intent is to EAT.

    2. Dammerung doesn't like non-whites and non-hetero folks, so maybe he should just get eaten.

    3. So do I, @Anonymous. So do I. The weak, they eat, the strong, they bargain with. Just make it clear that your soul isn't on the negotiating table and they'll just have to settle for (somebody else's) blood. Look around. Is the world not yet filled to bursting with two-legged rodents who would be better off dead? Who's going to feed Africa for the next hundred years; I heard somewhere that their traditional benefactors are becoming fed up.

    4. I guess we know where Dammerung is going to be reincarnated to in the next hundred years or so;-)

    5. @Brizdaz

      Yeah I remember when my ancestors cucked so hard to foreign invasions that ceased existing. Oh wait no I don't that's why I exist in the first place. To Hell with all you creatures, go back where you're happy.

    6. That's a funny to say to someone who also exists Dammerung.
      But how long will you exist in your present incarnation you "heavenly" creature you?
      Tick ... tick ... tick ...

  23. JB at http://metalogiccafe.blogspot.com/9:31 AM, October 24, 2018

    There is (SECRETLY) no contradiction is being a Christian and an occultist, if you keep in mind that the Creator/Dreamer is the Great God Pan, and that Satan the Prince of Darkness, the GOAT, and Jesus the Prince of Light, the MAN, are one and the same in Pan, both a man and a goat, both light and darkness as one.

    Also keep in mind the Magi from Persia who followed the Star of Bethlehem, Simon the Magus who so desperately wanted to be an Apostle, Merlin and his devotion to fully Christianize England, and so forth. Some of the most important magicians/occultists in history had a big hard-on for JC.

    1. Jesus was just one of many guys back then claiming to be supernatural. Its just that he was the only one who succeeded. His intent was to sacrifice himself, and for his followers to spread the gospel. Which carries that intent. And it spread all over the world. And pagan sacrifice of animals and people ended. And the world was changed by the prince of peace.

  24. Back in the late 80's, when I was in college, I had an interest in the "occult". Crowley, Theosophy, Golden Dawn, Jack Parsons, etc. This was brought on by reading Hammer of the Gods, incidentally. However, what I learned rather quickly was that things don't seem to turn out so well for most magical practitioners. I suspect the ones who things do turn out well for are not famous, well known people because they obviously don't have time for things like celebrity and ego. So I decided way back then to never mess with magic. I'd prefer to live life in there here and now, and I'd rather not catch the attentions of malevolent entities while I do it. I suppose that could happen anyway, so I try to stay knowledgeable about various magical practices and schools. But I have zero interest in doing what is necessary to practice it myself. The danger and peril is just too great. I think you have to be a very special sort of person to actually want to practice this stuff. I'm not that special, thank the gods.

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWq8_tI_fUE&feature=youtu.be

  26. Shemp Beezle the Interweasel11:35 AM, October 24, 2018

    The 2017 film Cold Skin deals with an Antarctic weather outpost under siege by fish like humanoids. Dagonit that sounds familiar.

    1. Here's an odd Antarctic synch, then:


      Personally, I'd probably not want to be locked up there looking at either of those faces for very long.

  27. To have any hope of survival, we must become familiar with the tools being used against us. (Your friend GW has written entire books on this).

    And yet, here we are (at the tail end of the latest 'magickal revival'), being told by the Kewl Kidz that we must Universally Disarm.

    Sorry, Chris. The 'squat and pee' defense is for cowards.

    You can pry our wands from our cold, dead hands...

    1. The Harry Potter kids were programmed and now have grown up to "play with magic".

  28. Venerable Druid and prolific author of books on how to do magic John Michael Greer also thinks the political hexes and curses are bloody stupid.

    1. @MorvernC: many thanks! I was getting ready to hunt down that exact link, and you saved me the trouble!

      I'd recommend Greer to anyone seeking to better understand the occult (a contradiction in terms, as CLK's pointed out, since it's being done right out in the open, for anybody that has the eyes to see it) dimension of modern American politics.

  29. I dunno, man, I’m taking more of a Darwin Award approach to all this magical revival business. If a few LARPing hipsters and suburban wannabes get their fingers burned, or worse, that certainly works for me.
    After my experiences with ayahuasca in the Amazon that ended in 2015, I guess I was kinda nudged to take a more hands on approach. Before that, all this stuff was mostly just fun and interesting ideas I liked to read about and consider. That has changed. I got Gordon’s Chaos Protocols last year, but have only just recently started to do the work. Have had mixed results; strikes and gutters . . . It seems to work better on a proper dose of mushrooms.

  30. As far as all the political theater (happenings?) we've been seeing lately goes, I tend to think that the US is being prodded in a direction that's less tail-end Weimar Germany & more like Italy in the 70s: the "Years of Lead" when their economy sucked, & they had right & left-wing terrorism across the board--shootings, bombings, kidnappings, false flags galore, courtesy of the Red Brigades & moreso the P2-affiliated neo-fascist Black International/Gladio crowd, some of whom were certainly turning to folks like Julius Evola for advice.

    Ever read Gary Lachman's "Dark Star Rising"? Might want to add it to your list. Here's a link to a good interview:


    "Well, we know that Trump was a devotee of Norman Vincent Peale and his book "The Power of Positive Thinking." Its very optimistic, forward-looking "never say die" perspective informed him from an early age. It was something that was also part of Trump's family upbringing. His father was very influenced by Peale as well. He carries that through in his own series of self-help books, "The Art of The Deal" and a variety of others, in which he can share with you his insights into how you can recreate yourself: "You too can become like me if you follow these rules." This is a version of the "prosperity gospel."

    An additional part of Trump's life mantra and approach is chaos. Most people say, “Oh, well he's an idiot. He doesn't know what he's doing.” Or they make excuses: "Well, he's new to the game and he's coming in from a different arena." In many ways Trump is obviously intentional.

    It's something that he aims to do and it's something he makes clear in his books, where he talks about how he doesn't like things to be too set and he doesn't want things to be too planned and he wants to be able to change his plan at the last minute and keep people on edge. He creates a type of glamour that he then offers to others to share in. It is also mystifying. That too is part of this magician’s bag of tricks. He is a master of chaos.

    You basically use whatever is at hand. It's the same principle as in found art. You can take something and suddenly put it in some other context and then it's a piece of art. You can do the same thing and it turns into a magical implement. Part of it is creating this fluidity of things, not being stable, not being fixed into some set pattern or set identity. These are all things that Trump seems to do naturally."

  31. "I have no doubt that these people don't actually believe in magic because if they did they wouldn't be nearly as thoughtless about using it. "

    If you're messing with magic and you're not looking at your spell / ritual / whatever like a lawyer pouring over a contract, then you're not doing it wisely. And probably wrong. These tools who can't find their ritual implements (i.e., lighter) and haven't bothered to memorize anything. There's a reason the doxology and an LBRP makes you feel something in the room - the group is doing it right and fully; everyone takes it seriously enough to know it beforehand. I'm sure the gods are pleased with his little viral witchcraft and are tripping over themselves to do their bidding.

    And you also raised a good point in re veganism: I wonder if it's - partially at least - a way to take away a good portion of magic from certain folks. Especially coming from Gordon's perspective of magick as our birthright.

    And they've got weakening people intellectually and emotionally covered to boot.

    Whoever 'they' are, they're good at what they do. Which is unfortunate.

  32. Very Fatherly. I commend you for your compassion.

  33. Well, Chris. I think the Thin White Duke said it best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7APmRkatEU

  34. "Silhouettes and shadows watch the revolution, no more free steps to Heaven"

  35. I've been reading a lot of Peter Levenda of late and Book 3 in the "Sinister Forces" series - "The Manson Secret" - really caught my attention. And this paragraph stood out: ""America itself is a housing development built over a series of 'Indian' burial mounds, a development erected largely with the aid of African slaves, so it should come as no surprise when our children become deranged, violent, and possessed. An alien past has come back to haunt us, so it should come as no surprise when we confront demons we do not recognize, demanding sacrifice we do not understand. "

  36. The Brooklyn Trustfund Hipsters are devout followers of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.Remember Hillary spoke at and was awarded
    lifetime membership in a NYC 'witch coven' called "The Wing".

    1. The Wing is a separate organization of Hispster Witches from the one in Bushwick Brooklyn that featured in Chris latest blog entry. However, it's no stretch of the imagination there are young witches that know each other from those two enclaves and a few may be members of both occultish groups.

  37. Mr Knowles, do you think that there is magic to which this doesn't apply? Ie magic that isn't about getting the attention of entities (that have an independent will which might or might not be alligned with the will of the conjurer), but rather about harnessing one's own inner strength or something like the "Force" in Star Wars ? If so, is there anything you could recommend in that regard?

    1. This course in occult practice should fit the bill:


      But if you are an arrogant psycho you ought to stay away from it. In the words of Mr Greer it WILL mess you over.


    2. Fox -
      First read this post:
      Read all the posts linked to in the guide.

      Jason Miller's books are also excellent. Ignore Greer's moralizing. He's a good magickian and I respect him, but his views are representative of only a narrow subset of practitioners of magick, and they are not the ultimate truth.

  38. I believe you got a very valid point about the whole possession business; "2 Florida girls accused of plan to kill classmates and drink their blood"

    "ARTOW, Florida -- Two middle school girls in central Florida brought knives to school in a foiled plot to kill classmates, cut them up and drink their blood before killing themselves, police officials said Wednesday."

    "The two girls, ages 11 and 12, were armed with knives Tuesday at Bartow Middle School before they were caught, according to arrest affidavits released by the Bartow Police Department. No one was hurt."

    "The girls face charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and possession of a weapon at school, among other charges. It will be up to prosecutors to decide whether the girls will be charged formally as juveniles or adults, Deputy Police Chief Bryan Dorman said in an email."


    1. "Girls, 11 and 12, planned school massacre, claimed to be Satanists, police say"

      "BARTOW, FL (WFTS/CNN) - Police in Florida have disclosed that two middle school students who admitted to being behind a foiled school attack claim they’re Satanists. Authorities also said the students claimed that they wanted to drink the blood of their victims."

      "The girls, 11 and 12 years old, brought a butcher knife, pizza cutter and scissors to Bartow Middle School on Tuesday to allegedly kill classmates."


      ^^^^Why of course they're are Satanists. There's all those super-cool After-school Satan clubs nationwide that Chris has written about in numerous posts. I wouldn't be shocked if those two young heathens are alumnis of that program.


  39. As for the hipster millennial witches in Bushwick, Bkyln. I'm glad I never got mixed up with that lot. I thought about visiting their enclave as I reside in Brooklyn NYC. However, I was put off years ago by them and decided to watch from a distance that was before their whole monthly Trump-hexing ritual that they been doing since 2015.


    Well that's one of the best decisions I made not getting mixed up with them. I agree that they keep throwing out magicakal daggers and it's only a matter of time before it boomerangs back hard on their clique.

  40. Humanity is a'Working but what is It Worked in aid of?

  41. "The Trump Curse" usually refers to a list of Hollywood Celebrities and other Intel-MIC MSM Puppets who have suffered some type of negative event(s) after attacking the President.

  42. Some details of the ritual are described in mainstream media. See for example a recent depiction of the ritual published by Newsweek. They published there also a good, clear photo of the drawing on the wall - the eye and the arrow to me suggest the evil eye, but other than that i can't identify the symbol more precisely.
    The graveyard dirt, the coffin nails, the poppets, the colored candles, all of these combined with a psalm strongly suggests, in my opinion, hoodoo as the main source of inspiration for the ritual.
    And the Newsweek journalist didn't fail to mention that the use of the psalm was deliberately made with regard to the previous use of the same "weapon" by conservative christians against Obama.


    "Outside, Christian protesters chanted Bible verses and urged nonbelievers to come to Jesus and turn away from wickedness. Inside, the group’s collective “ohm” attempted to drown out the prominent Christian voices for the ritual’s opening prayer.
    Throughout the ritual, Bracciale invited attendees to participate, making sure to clarify that they should only do so if they were comfortable and offering the option to “ohm” instead. Psalm 109 was read as a group, which Bracciale said was appropriate given that it was used by Christians to denounce former President Barack Obama."

  43. Psalm 109 is also associated with the fourth pentacle in The Greater Key of Solomon, one of the nastiest pentacles in that grimoire:


  44. The psalm is associated with the fourth pentacle of Saturn.I omitted to mention the planet. My mistake.

  45. Also, the ritual was conducted on a Saturday night, that is on Saturn's day.
    Does anyone know the approximate hour of the ritual and how it relates, astrologically, with the location? If it was also a planetary hour of Saturn, then the timing was quite well chosen.

    But I still think that the choice of a psalm, while a group of opposite christians probably used at the same time something similar at least, if not the same psalm, as countermeasure, was less than fortunate.

  46. "For no thought of man made Gods to love and honour. Ere the Song
    within the silent soul began. Nor might earth in dream or deed take heaven upon her till the Word was clothed with speech by lips of man."

  47. I thought about this topic immediately when i was watching this Russell Pine aka "Jordan Maxwell" interview. Puts it bluntly:


  48. I have found that the so-called modern Black Magicians, witches and wanna be occultists are full of gas/shit. Literally and they are so full of it that they cannot see the light of their ignorance because they too have been turned upside down by the very inverted pentagrams they proudly proclaim as their soul symbols.

    When it comes to battling black magick, Satanism and demon possession, one of the oldest and longest operating institutions here in the West for real magic is the Catholic Church - You know, the magicians in the Vatican and in the East, the Orthodox and up North, the Russian Orthodox who by the way, don't fuck with the Russ.

    Many people seem to miss the history that Jesus was a Bad Boy magician and a descendant of the king of demons who is named Asmodeus (Ashmedai). According to the Kabbalah, Asmodeus is a Demon Asmodeuscambion, born as the result of a union between King David, and the Queen of Demons named Agrat Bat Mahlat who was a succubus. David was the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah, and also an ancestor of Jesus.

    in the book, Tobit, where he bears the title “King of the Demons (Hebrew: Shedim).” He is referred to as murderous and lustful (v. 14); and “the destroyer,” from ‘shamad, “to destroy.” He incites gambling, and is the overseer of all the gambling houses in the court of Hell. Asmodeus has 72 legions of demons under his command, and he is one of the Kings of Hell under the official Emperor Lucifer.

    Let it be said that Jesus and his Apostles from Galilee with their demon Nergal and God Iao were and still are some of the most famous magicians to ever live. Then there is one of Jesus' favorite Apostles, Simon Magus who we know today as Satan - you know, that dude the Satanist pray too, well, he actually works for Jesus and Christians as the defacto prosecutor of the Satanists.

    How fricken ironic is that? These Christian magicians must be smart, LOL...

    And please do not say I did not warn you wanna be black magicians and so-called internet chaos magicians selling your pathetic courses online one Tweet at a twitty time.

    Let me inform you of an ancient but open secret - "Your days are numbered, to say the least..."

    In case you fools didn't get the Apocalyptic decree handed down to us by our ancestor's thousands of years ago and you are hopelessly under the crappy spell of some Crowley shit show that simply you do not understand or turned upside down by the words in Laveys Bible for spiritual degenerates.

    As it has been said and how it has been proved time and time again, history has a prophetic way of always repeating itself like the Gnostic Ouroboros eating its tail.

    Round and round, here we go...


    1. You forgot to mention Carlos Casteneda - lol - Whoever wrote those books set up the 'soft kill' introduction to possession for the modern american.

    2. Moe 857
      Thank you for this post.
      On a personal level, I would just LOVE to see "LA LA LAND" go "BYE BYE" but these/this power outright refuses.
      "IT" is 'HUBRIS'; a real 'thing'.
      Exaltation of the self is a fools endeavor.
      If you have any true understanding this is known.
      So we have "POWERS" in competition with other "POWERS"!!
      See the syncs, understand the WHY behind 'competition'.
      The gnostic snake eating his own tail is showing a repetitive 'cycle'; NOT naturally occurring.
      "I" do NOT need to beat 'you'; 'you' and 'I' are of the SAME "Possibility".
      So PERHAPS 'you' and 'I' can find a mutual agreed upon 'Manifestation'???
      One can only dream...
      And HOPE.
      Your "VOTE" counts.

    3. Agreed Anon. Thank you for your posts.

  49. Thanks, Chris. I agree, a little knowledge is sometimes deadly.

    I got the chills when I read this. Posted 24 October.

    Perhaps, this is the sacrifice. Here, the bodies of two-women-tied-together, fully clothed with no sign of trauma, wash ashore on the Hudson River in NYC.

    When it comes to civic magic, often the actual sacrifice is hidden, while the public one is used more of an amplifier.

    Even if it is not related, the swirling torrent of coincidence makes the connection within the collective mind. It think we are in for a shit storm.

    1. Would of been interesting to hear Twilight Language's take on yet another "Hudson" named tragedy.Instead,the TL blog went full NPC/SJW on the "fake bomb - fake news" story by blaming Trump for standing up to the deep state run Corporate Media Establishment.

    2. Anon 3:17. I hear you. Once I began to explore name origin and meaning searches on my own I didn't need the middleman.(wink) What triggered my sync-y sense is the twinning and the timing (22 October) of the well publicized ritual at Catland.

  50. Study some Gurdjieff. We are all already "food for the moon". Entities are already eating you. The only way out is to become conscious.

  51. The Millennial "Witches of Bushwick" been around a few years. They started getting press in 2013 from the New York Times and other "high brow" publications; "The Witches of Bushwick - The neighborhood is aglow with sorcery-book shops, pagan churches, and party-throwing covens."


    Also the "Witches of Bushwick" seem to start out around the 2012 by their own claims so they seem to be inspired by the 2012 New Age Ascension/End of World but they appear to be mostly a trust fund baby/hipsters art collective that does crappy art. Sort of the post-post-punk scene if such a thing still exists.


    The Witches of Brooklyn are just the latest manifestation of the feminist/riot girl/witch activist current we seen arise in the 1970's.

    "This was the latest monthly party put on by Witches of Bushwick, an 18-month-old social and creative network of young neighborhood women (and, to a lesser extent, their male and transgender friends) who have co-opted some of the more accessible ideas of witchcraft — female bonding, creative enrichment, being in touch with a higher spiritual realm — while eschewing its Elvira-like Halloween clichés. Its monthly parties draw crowds of nearly 200, and their Facebook and Instagram followers are approaching a combined 4,000."


    As for the hexing rituals itself featured in Chris' latest blog entry those seem to be centered in Catland which holds regular workshops on Occult how-to for suburban transplants. Catland's members also been apart the whole hexing Trump on a regular basis since 2015 even before Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. Well it clearly didn't work but they certainly keep trying with greater
    displays of dramatis personae.

  52. Some indispensable advice from Alan Moore:


    "Remember that when I say that magic and art are equivalent, you should not construe that I am saying that magic is only art; that I’m in some way attempting to downplay magic by conflating it with something everyone believes is commonplace and possible.

    What I am actually saying is that art is only ever magic, that all of the spectacular rewards said to be achievable by magic are attainable through art, and all of the nightmarish horrors and dangers reputed to be implicit in magic are similarly attendant upon the artist or the writer.

    Approach your work with as much awe, compassion, intelligence and practical caution as you would bring to an encounter with a supposed angel, god or demon. Art can kill you or can drive you mad as certainly as any of the six dozen performers in the Goetia of Solomon and if you doubt me then consider all the crushed or suicided artists, poets and performers, easily as long a list as that containing Edward Kelly or Jack Whiteside Parsons.

    Art and magic are perhaps the greatest human works and are an interface with the eternal. Take them seriously; take yourself seriously and remember that your art and magic are as big, as powerful, as dangerous and beautiful as you yourself are able to conceive of them as being.

    Don’t pursue them in the hope of wealth, power, fame or notoriety, or as a style accessory, but for their own sake. This is the meaning of devotion and if properly applied it can transform you and the world that you exist in.

    Oh, and find yourself a god or its equivalent or, better, let a god or its equivalent find you. I would suggest a god with good hair, although that may be merely a personal preference. Good luck."

  53. Sure, magick has its risks, but no more than driving a car.

    The real reason why the ritual to affect politics is ill-advised is, first of all, because they aren't the only players on the board, as has been mentioned in the post. Both physical (how many Christians are praying their own psalms over Trump for protection? Especially psalms that include petitions to smite their/his enemies?) and non-physical (your local park has spirits meddling in everyone's affairs, you don't think there aren't bigger fish out there?). Their spell won't even get close and the group doing it will get hit back.

    Secondly, they don't have proper links to what they're trying to affect, especially an issue since they're working hoodoo inspired workings.

    Thirdly, they are just throwing shit out there and hoping it will stick. How probable is it will work even if you ignore other factors I've listed? You work with probability that is available.

    And lastly- I don't think they actually believe in what they're doing. They said they're reciting psalm 109 because that's what some Christian groups used previously. This is thinking in terms of political theatrics, not occult strategy.

  54. Are you dog whistling at Michael Hughes and the "bind Trump with a stubby orange candle" crew, Chris? I'm sure many folks would love for you guys to throw down on this.

    1. No, I think it's pretty clear from the opening paragraphs that I'm talking about curses and hexes. It may be semantic to some but the difference here is defensive vs offensive. If you think someone is moving against you you're entitled to defend yourself. It may be a total waste of time, but what really isn't anymore?

      It really cuts to my entire philosophy about this stuff and the whole concept of will. If you're a total fucking asshole--like our old friend Aleister Crowley-- you're deluded into thinking your will is control of these forces you claim to conjure. And that always ends with you and/or everyone around you getting spiritually chainsaw raped. Or psychically or psychologically. Take your pick.

      Michael's talked a lot of shit about me behind my back but he's really a pretty decent guy once you get past all the tsuris. I don't buy this magic stuff with him but hey, it's show business. The book market is pretty harsh. I don't begrudge him whatever rituals he thinks he needs to do to spiritually punch Nazis or sell books or whatever. I do warn him and everyone else to watch their Ps and Qs, though. Which is what this piece is about.

    2. Your warning is spot on and rather prophetic. I think we are going to see some very big things go down in the area of religion and magic which are the very fabric in which the Satanic State of America was built.

      In my opinion, this Michael Hughes is dangerous to say the least. You mention will which is key to all the mysteries. His willful breaking of eternal occult and Magi laws by selling magic for profit to anyone and everyone with the intent to cause harm WILL be his undoing.

      I have interviewed quite a few self-proclaimed magi-k-i-ans - even your beloved Gordon White and in my opinion which is based on over a decade of occult and magical studies and thousands of years of Babylonian/Druidical Samaritan Levite DNA is that they are ALL so full of shit. They thrive on people's ignorance which is the engine of there deceit and commerce.

  55. Damn straight, Chris. I know some real witches - meaning that they do not play around with this stuff: Its a serious way of life for them and if they take it up in their practice to make something happen, then its about to get real in terms of intention. Not playtime or for show, by any stretch of the imagination. Now, I don't know about these wannabe's but I agree that it's more to do with people who feel marginalized by society and are pressured in ways that most of us just blow off as 'the way things are' enough to just get on with our lives best as we can. But those that are left feeling helplessly hoping that the 'evil side' of politics will be resolved by 'the good side' are already lost in it. There is no pulling them out without assuming collateral damage of some kind or the other whether that illuminates as psychic or physical damage--mostly to themselves and sometimes to others caught in their thick gravitational fields. And that is sad and unfortunate. Because those who pull the strings know good and well that those at the other end of said strings will dance any-which-way they decide to pull them. It's how they do it. And if you are one of the unknowing puppets, then you will dance and never know or see the strings but you feel the pull and that makes you think its coming from somewhere inside yourselves.

    All the more reason to ask yourself the real questions whenever you might feel these strong pulls to lean one way or the other. It is imperative in these dark days that you try to remain steady and thoughtful rather than jerky and reactive. Try to fix your own bullshit first and then lets see where that gets you. Clarity is the watchword and you absolutely must and foremost DO THE WORK. Don't rely on others to tell you how it is. Work that out for yourself.

    And kids, please--don't invoke forces that you have no business trying to get attention from. You don't want that kind of attention because in your innocent righteous rage to make something happen; you won't. At least not in the way you want it. It will rip through your nonsense and show you who exactly is using who. And it won't be good for you in that moment.

    Work on yourselves and not others. Leave those attempts to fight like Dr. Strange against ultra-dimensional magical forces to those who know what that really means--and what that entails. Cause this is an area you do not want to half-ass especially while in an ego-driven delusional state that appears to be where a good deal of these poor souls seem to be suffering in.

  56. Shemp Beezle the Interweasel5:51 PM, October 25, 2018

    "Does anyone believe for a second that Trump isn't deep into some weird shit, or at the very least pays someone to be into it for him?"

    Don't you think that a whole lot of us would be into some seriously weird shit if we didn't have to work so hard keeping our family's collective nose above the drowning level?

    Idle hands and all.

    Personally I've never been into the witchy stuff. Spent a night at a Stevie Nicks' concert to appease my girlfiend & the psychological scarring has been extensive.

    I used to like Alan Moore, but the flippant way that he dismissed his conversations with demons such as Asmodeus seemed, oh, I don't know, a tad bit suicidal. I'm sure that the last thing a demon would want you to see him as is dangerous. At least, right up until the point payment is due.

    Not that I believe in gods or demons. But disbelief is probably a piss poor shield should you wander into their wheelhouse.

  57. I'm not sure what Twitter bluecheck is, but I'm familiar with this phenomena you speak of online. I know a few talmudic inspired female witches (who also are in the art scene / music) but the ones who dress up for halloween every day are the ones who I assume you're talking about. Like any pop-culture scene, most that occupy each scene are empty vessels for the promotion of the said culture. Excellent blog.

  58. solid thinking. and funny as hell :)

  59. Does anyone believe for a second that Trump isn't deep into some weird shit, or at the very least pays someone to be into it for him? Definitely!

  60. A good assessment, I think.

    Not entirely unrelated, I finally got around to watching "Suicide Squad" and noted some things. Quite a few winks at Secret Sun type themes - some small little taunts and others normalizing?

    - Some DoD guy lists off methods of homeland security, including fluoride in the water. (Very funny!)
    - "...getting people to act against their own self-interest for the national security of the United States is what I do for a living."
    - Flag talks about falling in love, and compared love to UFOs, which is an odd comparison. "A lot of believers; no proof."
    - The Enchantress pontificates: "It is our time. The sun is setting and the magic rises. The magic humans are a sign of change."
    - One ancient deity fights another ancient deity conspicuously below the American flag.
    - ...and Deadshot's quality time with his daughter is a lesson in geometry.

    Some more explicitly magical things I didn't expect to see, like the Enchantress has legitimate magical seals for the planets and their spirits in her headdress.

    After their helicopter, "Savior 10", is highjacked, Waller gets onto a new one numbered 23. I thought it may have been coincidental, but she specifically shoots through the number 23 written on the window (which does not shatter) while fighting off eldritch zombies. Kind of carries the point home. TOPY?

    And Jared Leto... I'd mentioned in a comment once before that his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, has a lot of Dianetics lyrical themes and symbols. The rune for Tyr/Mars was one of their early logos. One of their videos boldly declares, "Yes we are a cult." And his eyes look so empty!

    Leto's "method acting" highjinks made some press, but the Wikipedia article mentions a couple things I wouldn't expect from the performance we got in the movie. Apparently to prepare for the role, he'd studied shamanism and got deep into Jodorowsky. He'd apparently commented "Joker may be much older than people think."


    I couldn't help but remember your thoughts on Heath Ledger, KJ, and wishing Leto good luck with the task. He seems to be doing just fine, which may be telling.


  61. And right on cue, I receive a promo from Netflix in my email this morning inviting me to Sabrina's "Dark Baptism". The letter reads:
    "Your presence is requested at the Dark Baptism of the teenage witch Sabrina Spellman.
    Join us as we gather under the eclipsing blood moon, at the stroke of midnight on her sixteenth birthday.
    Bear witness as Sabrina signs her name to the Book of the Beast and begins her journey on the path of night, just as the Dark Lord intended."

    I shit thee nay. Here comes the new norm, Fort's dominant of witchcraft.

  62. I've wondered about the Buffy influence lately. Lots of those prime time viewers are well into their alleged "adulthood" now and at least some of the memes from the show appear to remain current.

    At least Buffy got "there's a price to pay" correct.

    1. I love that show, and yes, it was about maturity and consecuenses.

  63. Mindfulness helps develop your sense of creativity.
    It teaches you ways to be less critical about yourself, and instead to concentrate your mind in paying attention to new things.
    Mindfulness helps you learn to let go of your anxieties, regrets and doubts, so
    you'll be able to completely engage yourself in activities that's
    happening in the present .

  64. At least Buffy got "there's a price to pay" correct.

    - This BUffy thing - and you are right.. I saw the first episode of Buffy a few weeks ago while at someones house.
    First thing I realized was that 75% of girls I knew 20 years ago, were wholly influenced by this show. Many took the part to heart, many were very beautiful, they chain smoked and some actually carried Tarot around with them.

    The 'price to pay' is their ignorance. 20 years on, most I knew that were playing that game are single mothers of 2.5 baby daddies, which none are still in the picture and these once visible beauties are all pretty much obese and slovenly angry witch mothers. It happened so fast.

  65. Someone used some magic on NJ Senator Corey Booker and changed his name to "Cory" Booker.

  66. Every weekend i used to pay a visit this site, for the
    reason that i wish for enjoyment, for the reason that this this site conations genuinely good funny material too.

  67. This requires wisdom. Stasis, awakening, and removal from this plane requires a state of being at zero. Understand the rune of zero, understand its true meaning, understand your place in it, and liberate your being from this state. Only then will anyone find what they are truly seeking and not a moment less.

    1. Zero means 'before'; as in "That which was before THIS".
      And "IT" is actually a 'ZERO' point between THIS and THAT.
      Agreed that this is paramount; gracias.

    2. And the true meaning of the rune of zero then.. is....?

      What path did you take in order to liberate yourself?

    3. This requires wisdom. The no-thing is the all.

    4. If I understand correctly it's also called the Void.

  68. Sirens:


  69. Proverbs 12:15
    "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise."

  70. Ancient Babylon? More like Germany 1933.


    As much as I can't stand douchebag hipsters from Brooklyn they aren't the real danger.

    1. Too true. & it would appear that the perpetrators of the most recent violence in the US are disillusioned, alienated X-ers. Its been reported that Sayoc lost his home in the '08 fiasco, DK details about the others, but if that were the case with them as well, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Another big economic downturn/recession = even more violence, probably on a larger scale. & it looks like we're on the cusp, judging by recent indicators.

    2. Sayoc's real name is Patsy.

    3. More info on Sayoc's foreclosure:


  71. Is the Secret Sun Facebook page still a thing...like is it up and running?

  72. Not related to this post ... but more about the purple and the mermaids...
    Kanye West is shooting a music video today in Detroit. .. there’s a mermaid scene. He showed up wearing a purple hat and sweatshirt... one scene looks like it’s going to portray a black light/neon Hollywood sign type of weird... also there’s an actress on the call sheet by the name Millie Brown... I am doubting it’s the famous one but you never know...
    oh kanye. Part of me thinks like he has like half woken up from some mkultra programming and then I see what he’s trying to do with this video (to be released literally 24hrs after its shot...well. Maybe he’s not awake at all. The whole point is to entrain and confuse, right?
    Well then he’s a smashing success.

    1. I just took a bunch of pictures of the artist renderings of what the video was going for and I was bombarded by symbology I don’t have the capacity to break down... I would like to submit it somehow to you Chris to see what you make of it....
      How do I do that?

  73. This weeks Doctor Who - Arachnids in the UK. An obvious Michael Bloomberg character is dealing with a crisis at one his UK real estate sites. It turns out that one of his buildings is built atop a very dodgy site. It releases giant spiders into the surrounding area. "What's wrong with you people; what's wrong with this country? Why don't you do what normal people do? Get a gun, shoot things like a civilized person."

  74. Maybe related? Another billionaire killed in a helicopter crash:


  75. Weaponizing religion:


    And then there's weaponizing everything:


  76. As if on cue... News story of an eastern European female clairvoyant-turned-powerful-politician:



  77. "Imperfect bodies are not reducible to Sanity and Perfection unless the contrary be operated in them; that is the Manifest be made Occult, and the Occult be made Manifest.”

    - Jābir ibn Hayyan (Geber)

    Conscious preparation is key.

  78. Learning mindfulness helps you cultivate a more positive outlook in life.

    It might be a bit discouraging at the beginning of your mindfulness training class, but gradually you'll learn to
    master your skills over time and gain the benefits.