Monday, October 29, 2018

Calling Up the Devil and Asking Him to Behave

Well, it's been quite a week. Seems like I've been saying that a lot lately. But despite the atrocity and upheaval, it's also been an elucidating week, in that some persistent delusions have been shattered.

One of those delusions is that you can summon demons and expect them to do your bidding.  

Being kind of old and out of touch, I do have to admit that I thought the "punch a Nazi" meme was spectacularly bad advice. I always saw this particular hashtag as the equivalent of advising someone to punch a hornet's nest. Or to stick their head in a tiger cage. 

Of course, this is because I didn't understand it didn't really have anything to do with punching actual Nazis, it actually meant "threaten or intimidate anyone whose politics you disagree with. Or maybe just anyone you don't like."

You see, painful experience taught me that the best way to deal with an actual Nazi would be to back away slowly and don't make any sudden moves, unless A., said Nazi was dramatically outnumbered and B., you planned on either killing or crippling said Nazi, or similarly preventing them from coming after you later. I don't know, maybe they make Nazis differently these days. 

I've already told you one encounter I had with some real Nazis but I didn't tell you about the time I got my ass kicked by one. It was at the infamous Christmas hardcore matinee at the Paradise in 1984. It wasn't even a fight-- it was me getting wailed a dozen times or so in the space of a few seconds and getting the fuck out of Dodge. Or out of the pit, at least.  

What's more, I was told the kid was still looking for me even after he kicked my ass. I had to ask some Losiada skins I'd only just met (they'd come to Boston for the show) to help mediate. Had I not done so, he'd probably have gathered up a few fellow stormtroopers and done me for real after the show. I shudder to think.

punnish musical interlude

Anyway, after a couple years of Nazi-punching Tweets and street punchups between Antifa and the Proud Boys, a real-life Nazi comes out of the woodwork and does what real Nazis often do, and that's commit a horrific act of senseless violence.

And then, according to some observers, a purported real-life Nazi gets elected as President in Latin America's largest country by a significant margin and promises to bring back the good old days. Meaning bring back the days when Brazil was ruled over by a military junta.

The Twitter bluechecks seemed particularly bewildered by this result because their cushy upbringings have kept them gleefully insulated from reality. As well as from history.

You see, their multicultural utopias have a fairly reliable habit of electing strongmen. Look it up if you don't believe me. They also have a reliable habit of breeding war, as we saw in Beirut and the Balkans not so long ago now. 

Oddly enough, I'm not seeing #PunchANazi trending so much now, when you think Nazi-punchers would be out there manning the stanchions. It looks to me like there's quite a few Nazis that might need punching in Brazil (not to mention the Ukraine, of course). I hear airfare is quite reasonable these days.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I later found out that the Nazi that punched me a dozen or so times in the head and face was a glue-addicted homeless kid who came from a horrifically-abusive family. And reading about this Nazi in Pittsburgh, I see that he fits the classic serial-spree killer template: "neighbors said he was quiet, kept to himself." 

And as the scales continue to fall away from my eyes, I see both of them as candidates ripe for demonic possession.

As I said in my previous post, I think there's a lot of that going around these days. The demon I'm thinking about isn't Asmodeus or Abbadon or even Pazuzu, it's a demonic zeitgeist. It's a mindless, formless, nameless demon that feeds on fear and other negative emotions summoned by social media.

In fact, I recently read a quote that kind of puts it all into context. Someone said, "I'm convinced the Devil lives in our phones."

I'm sorry, what's that you say? Who said this? Alex Jones? Pat Roberson? David Icke? Some Fundamentalist nutter on YouTube?

Hmm, good question. Let me look it up again...

Wait, searching. OK, here we go- it was in The New York Times. Let's see who said this again...

Oh. Someone who works for the Zuckster. Huh.

So Gab got shut down after the atrocity in Pittsburgh. I've never been on there but from what I understand it's a pretty grim place. But at the risk of committing a "whataboutism" the same can be said for most leftist sites as well. I'm constantly putting bluechecks on mute on Twitter because I can't deal with the murderous rage and hate from them either.

Or the self-delusion, for that matter.

Because why not, right?

The problem is twofold-- there's the violent nature of our species. There is the opportunities for riches and power that large-scale conflict brings. And, of course, there's the demonic zeitgeist, which is being fed not only by social media but the increasingly-darkening cast of pop culture. (Yes, I fully intend to cover the new Sabrina-- I've had a post in the queue for months now).

In a weird way, what's going on now--especially in Brazil-- reminds me of a large-scale, slow-motion replay of a massacre that took place in November of 1979 when the Maoist Communist Workers Party held a "Death to the Klan" rally in Greensboro, NC. 

I don't know exactly what the Maoists were expecting but what they got was carloads of heavily-armed Kluxers and Nazis showing up thirsty for blood. So when the CWP attacked the Klan's cars with clubs and baseball bats, the racist goons got out and started gunning the CWP down. Miraculously, only five people were actually killed.

But this is the reality of political violence and civil war. It's not about hashmark campaigns and doxxing. It's not about making crucial speeches and heroic stands. It's not even about pantomime punch-ups in Portland. It's about heads being bashed in and blown off. It's a bunch of old folks getting mowed down at their shul by some psychotic anti-Semite. It needs to be avoided at any and all costs. 

Sadly, I just don't know if Brazil will be able to dodge that particular bullet.

Now, I certainly don't want to equate Greensboro with what we saw at the Tree of Life. Greensboro was two armed gangs of kill-crazy thugs throwing down. Pittsburgh was just senseless slaughter. Gunning down a bunch of senior citizens at prayer is the apogee of evil and cowardice, as far as I'm concerned.

You might even say it was demonic. I know I would. 

But we're seeing a lot of violent and superheated rhetoric every minute of every day on social media and despite their shrill cries of protestation, no small amount of it is coming from the Left. Motes and planks and all that.

I mean, I don't know whose idea #PunchANazi was, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it were originally created by a Nazi troll or agent provocateur looking to rile up the troops. 
Like I said, it's pretty much the same as "#PokeAtAHornetNest" or "#StickYourDickInALightSocket."

I mean, say your name was Johnny Jones and you kept seeing a hashtag that said "#PunchJohnnyJones." You'd get a little irritable after a while, no? Just sayin'.

And to be honest, I can't help but wonder if the original notion of shutting down sites like Gab-- as toxic and ugly as they may be-- might not have come from the same brainstorming session. It's a tough call. Echo chambers like that can really whip someone into a froth of hate or give them the chance to vent off steam.

Either way, this Bowers guy looked like a timebomb that was going to go off eventually. It was just a matter of time.

I'm not going to talk about the so-called "MAGABomber" since I'm trying not to spend too much time worrying about total foolishness. And I still haven't heard an explanation as to how this guy --who was apparently living in his van in Miami-- could run around the New York metropolitan area hand-delivering these parcels to ex-Presidents and billionaires. Maybe he mastered the occult art of bilocation.

Post your suggestions in the comments.

Nor have I heard any explanation as to how parcels with insufficient postage could travel hither and you without postmarks, cancellations or digital sorting codes. How many sorting stations are between Miami and Manhattan? I'd say a few. And with automation these days an unscanned parcel would never have made it north at all. 

I guess all those steroids gave the guy mesmeric super-powers since I've never been able to send a parcel over 13 ounces with stamps. Certainly not since 9/11. But this former male stripper was a super-genius enough to send mailbombs in cheap padded envelopes without any of them exploding so maybe he's some kind of remote influencer.

Just one of those unexplainable mysteries, I guess.

But either way, the "MAGABomber" and the mass-murdering Nazi in Pittsburgh show how an individual bent on summoning Hell to Earth can entire communities to a halt. We've seen this quite a bit recently, of course, all too many times in fact. The European example proves that banning firearms only forces these individuals to resort to other means.

Finally, I couldn't help but laugh at this in light of last week's post. As I said, I think it's the height of folly to assume anyone at Trump's level doesn't have a few tricks up his own sleeve, so to speak. But I almost wonder if this wasn't more than just a joke on his part. That maybe he was sending a signal here. 

People continue to assume that this Administration is just some gameshow host and his bunch of flunkies. If you're not already, I recommend you read VISUP and promptly disabuse yourself of those notions. 

You may or may not have noticed but this guy keeps "winning!" and his opponents keep losing. For the most part, at least. You'd think a change in tactics might be called for but I'm not seeing any of that on the horizon. Kind of makes you wonder.

In the meantime, I'm in the mood for some Sun Tzu. How about all y'all? Want to read a couple passages together? Let's do it.
Thus one who is skillful at keeping the enemy on the move maintains deceitful appearances, according to which the enemy will act. He sacrifices something, that the enemy may snatch at it. 
Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline, simulated fear postulates courage; simulated weakness postulates strength.
Nifty, eh?


  1. And Samhain/Haloween is the Pagan New Year. The astrology is also tremendously provocative.. if a group wanted to unleash something really dark going into the winter, this is the way that they'd do it.

    1. "By the time that the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st, things will be much changed, with Venus risen again in the East, shining upon a road ahead quite different than the one behind." That gave me the chills. It does feel like we're building up to some sort of Omega point with all this.

    2. Diwali is next Wednesday...

    3. I think this short video explains how we got to this point and what's about to happen very well.

  2. Something certainly seems to be getting its fill of garmonbozia at the moment...

    1. Has anyone considered the possibility that all this zeitgeist could be an egregore?

      “We have met the enemy and it am us.”

  3. I was looking out for a calling card of Astaroth and there it is. Can't say that this sort of thing surprises me any more. Silicon valley might not use that clodhopping grimoire notation and symbology for the immortal devouring forces behind the veil, or whatever, but there are seemingly still plenty of trads out there. This demonic duder was also invoked on the CD art of the album Aenema by Tool. Learn to swim, as they say.

    1. I assume that if a company don't know their magic in Silicon Valley, they just don't get very far at all.

    2. I agree Maria but under the understanding that the core of magic is trickery. Fooling others is one thing but the real deal is tricking yourself. As Douglas Adams wrote about flying: The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

  4. " I don't know whose idea #PunchANazi was..." It became a meme after someone smacked Richard Spencer in 2017, though its origins probably date back to the WW2 comics featuring All-American heroes smacking Hitler.

    "Post your suggestions in the comments." Wasn't that particular package delivered by courier? We don't know about the others although am guessing the perp wasn't very good at hiding as it took a couple of days to track him down. Compare and contrast with the Unabomber who was doing similar in the 90s.

    1. Not to mention that somebody in possession of a van might use said van to drive up to New York. They said they found his DNA inside the packages, which would mean that he got identified pretty much straight away. So what took them so long presumably was finding where he was.


    1. Right?! That takes me back. I'd sometimes play this to friends, and they'd ask who is this? My reply...shudder to think.

    2. Agreed! Gonna pull that out and maybe some Jawbox too... Whee.

  6. Should note that the first fictional Nazi puncher was probably George Formby, way back in 1940:

    The film was so popular it was even screened in Russia.

  7. Well chris I've been a fan of your work for a long time. Going farther than most and finding a lot of leads that nobody else would have ever even thought to look for. As for those nazis at punk shows no German unit would have taken them, but if you go into the mosh pit don't fall off your rocker if you get moshed!

    As for why this won't just break out into an episode of Full House, I guess you just have to grow up around enough leering foreigners who talk about you to your face thinking you don't know and stifling your every opportunity to grow. The people who smile to your face will spite your children when you're not there. Who are you going to believe my lying eyes or the media that wants you dead?

    Can you hex me now? Can you hex me now? How about now? Almost everyone I've ever known wants me dead, show me what you've got!

    1. Yeah, sure, the Nazis got all their able-bodied men to fight and by the end of the war were fighting with teenagers and old men, but wouldn't have taken a few thugs? Plus, everybody that's read a bit of history knows the thugs were the first ones to get recruited. If you really believe the Nazis were honorable, you deserve every single insult you get, not just for being a Nazi sympathizer, but for being a fool. And you know why humans are so brainy? Because we kill the fools among ourselves. If people want you dead, that's why.

    2. Alright Maria. Then you're delusional if you think the germans weren't the least bad of the lot. Truman wiped out two cities in japan and the germans were subject to interment camps, starvation, and communism after they surrendered. And that's if you believe in the magic 6,000,000 - a number that certain numerologists have appealed to over and over again to justify their crimes.

      Why are we still fighting world war ii? The germans lost it should be over yet now there are more nazis than ever no matter you believe. World war ii never ended because it was always a war to communize, diversify, and exterminate whites as a unique people. Embrace, extend, extinguish.

      I impolitely decline.

    3. Nazis killed tens of millions of white gentiles and planned to kill hundreds of millions more. They were a bunch of insane death cultists whose brains were warped by meth, black magic and BDSM.

    4. Perhaps you should have brought that to the surface in the first place; 'DEATH CULT'.
      And we are still talking about 'FEEDING' here right?
      That is truly ironic; you KILL to feed entities that KILL and will eventually KILL 'you' and everything that presents as a food source?
      The pathetic 'Nazi' party fucking the world as they themselves BEND OVER to be sodomized by a sick ass evil consciousness, and do NOT kid yourself here; THAT is the DEAL!
      This 'EVIL' has many manifestations but if it's origins are actually "AI", then the current technological/transhumanist 'agenda's' might need to be re-evaluated!

    5. @Chris

      That would be the view of Hollywood and Stalin's propaganda department, yes. Funny that all the death camps were discovered by the Soviets and all the labor camps were discovered by the allies. But we can rehash history all day - what about the ongoing attack on Europe and the USA right now? When America is 80% mexican will people still be saying "Hey at least we aren't speaking German!" I wonder.


      I've ccepted that I was born with a crosshair painted on my back. I've simply come to the determination to fight back instead of coo with all the liberals that whitey is the devil and when he's a minority we're going to show him. After all it's whitey's fault Africa sucks even though Japan got nuked twice and there are two modern metropolises there now eighty years later. Some people are born with more talent than others. Some peoples are born with more talent than others, and that's how you collect the most haterz.

  8. Trump is smarter than media portrays him and how he acts in public. At least when it comes to manipulating the media. The guy is friends with Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWE. As a long time wrestling fan i can tell you, if you know how wrestling works, you know how the media and the world works.
    2016 was def the year things changed. If you look at the albums released that year everything gets much darker in tone. David bowie releases black star. Lenored cohen releases an album called "you want it darker", radiohead releases a moon shape pool, and nick cave releases an album called skeleton key. What do all these albums have in common? Death.
    Bowie and cohen died, thom yorkes wife died, and nick caves son died.

  9. Speaking from Brazil here. Nope, the old canard of calling everyone to the right of che guevara a nazi wont work anymore, we just dont care...and if it is of any interest: meme magic did work here too..that's much more scary than some NYT editorial badmouthing what's left of my country.

    Ed from Brazil.

    1. Well said. Chris complains about the craziness of the Left and then regurgitates some knee-jerk mantra from the self-same crazy Left who call everybody to the right of Hugo Chavez - who had more in common with Nazis than not - a Nazi. That label hardly means anything any more, given the Left who cry Nazi wolf all the time (routinely just a projection), and then a real Nazi shows up...

      Brazil and Latin America really have had far Right Juntas in power, they know what they are. Bolsonaro is about as junta as Mr. Rogers, who by coincidence lived in the neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill, where this murder spree took place.

    2. I didn't repeat anything. I reported what people were saying. There's a quantitative difference.

  10. By the way when it comes to snake staffs, there are two things i can think of. Moses from the bibles staff turning into a snake. And the hermitic symbol the caduceus, although that is two snakes wrapped around a staff

    1. Hi Kim! Also, the Nehushtan from the Bible, a staff erected on the command of YHVH when the Israelites were being attacked by fiery serpents.(linguistics indicated these might be something other than just snakes). The star prefigured the sacrifice of Jesus. In later years, in Jerusalem, during the reign of reformer king Hezekiah, the people had actually started worshipping the thing, and Hezekiah destroyed it during his cleansing of the nation. Same themes as now, sadly.

  11. CLK, I know I'm always telling you to keep up the stellar work, but please hear this as more than a standard commendation when I say that this post is the most intelligent commentary on this horrific week I've yet come across. I'm pointing friends and acquaintances, who might have no interest in Synchronicity, but who are drowning in the pointless left/right blamefest to come here, to get a POV that's something other than partisan name-calling.

    I thought I'd toss out a concept that might (or might not!) mesh up with the idea of a formless demonic zeitgeist: it's what the Catholic Church calls "demonic obsession" and we Muslims call "the Whisperer" (having been raised a Freewill Baptist, I know that they recognize the concept, though they don't have a specific term for it). It can be a precursor to demonic possession, though most often it's a thing that happens in its own right.

    It's basically when a person opens himself up to diabolical influence (sometimes by the usual means- uninformed forays into the occult, a steady diet of violent or gory entertainment- but sometimes just by living too fast, or something similar); a demon/djinn attaches itself to the person, and proceeds to drive them mad: often by arranging disturbing sequences of synchronicities, by making sure the person sees pop culture references as messages aimed straight at them, and finally, once the victim's been battered enough, by speaking directly to them (Muhammad spoke of evil djinn standing behind a person's left shoulder, whispering in the person's ear, until the victim thinks the djinn's words are their own thoughts); and that's when very very bad things happen.

    For someone who believes in an unseen world, it's not hard to find examples of whole civilizations going off the rails because this was happening on a mass scale. Babylon before its fall to Cyrus would be one example. Another would be the Gebusi, a Papuan tribe studied by Bruce Knauft, which lived in terror of/thrall to the spirit world; a tribe where the leading cause of death, by far, was homicide, and one out of every three adults died by murder, killed (and eaten) by members of their own tribe.

    This is just one Sufi's opinion, based on his reading and his (pretty ordinary) life experience...but, if someone were to ask me how they could best fall prey to demonic obsession, I'd tell them to live like the average American, circa 2018.

    At any rate, hopefully someone will find the concept of "demonic obsession" enlightening, or at least useful.

    1. Khadir, so much of what you’re describing here is on display in the Marvel movie Venom, now in theatres . Venom is an alien symbiote that attaches itself to the lead character. Before the attachment , Venom’s voice can be heard in only the main character’s head. I found it noteworthy that immediately after Venom first inhabits it’s host, Eddie Brock,he is inexplicably found atop a tall tree in the forest. I have read that this is also a hallmark of classic shamanic initiation.

    2. Right on. I think this is something everyone has experienced, seen or is observing at this very moment in their life (in people around them). The mindless zombie if you want to be crude about it.
      "It's a mindless, formless, nameless demon that feeds on fear and other negative emotions summoned by social media"
      I have huge memory gaps between the age of about 9 and 19 that I put down to being one such zombie, really. I didn't take to the programming well.

    3. Khadir, thanks for the info! I am a new student to Islam, so appreciate your knowledge.
      I wound up in that position when I was young and careless. It was awful! Possession is real, use care in magic.I have been reluctant to share because , frankly, it's embarrassing to admit. Michael is a good ally against demons, if someone needs help. ~sk

  12. Trump wasn't casting a spell. He was being Moses, ready to throw down with Pharaoh's official state sponsored magicians. And his snake staff ate their snake staff. Staff. Hm. People. Workers. Trump's appointed officials will oust the previous administration.

  13. Everyone (with a Soul) needs to remember that we are just watching a prescripted and fully staged play in the Fake-Reality Theater.Basically,don't let the hyper emotionial content of 'the Play' trigger you into believing it is "real".As negative emotions will turn you into a lower-vibrational dense state and you will become food for the Parasites.The Non-Souled are always triggered by the drama.They take to social media to parrot news puppets or like angry comments left by corporate created celebrities in hopes of receiving 'credits' from the Prison Wardens.The Key is to free yourself from indulgence in the delusion,instead of further binding into the demonic mind prison
    ...leaving no escape.

    1. Anon 12:13
      I am in complete agreement with your post; thank you.

  14. Ah! What you said! Now I get it!

  15. Depression can take several different kinds based on the severity,
    length, and reason for its symptoms.

  16. Yeah, multiculturalism will save us all. That or the Borg.

    And I just watched most of the first episode of Sabrina. 'orrible. Truly 'orrible. I say this as a woman, beyond the girl power mixed in with some satan-lite, it's biggest crime is that it's so boring.

  17. In terms of strategy "punch a Nazi" is playing into their hands. I wouldn't be surprised if they seeded the idea in hope of inciting violence against them. An appearance of rampant street violence against ethnic majorities is exactly what they want to turn potential followers into terrified sheep willing to listen to their messages.

    Anyway, it's the same scam from here to eternity. Keep the little people scared enough and they will follow you even if you honestly tell them that your plan for them is to work them to death or get them killed in a pointless conflict. Strong independent "supermen" are not buying that holiday package. But after a point isn't the promise of a "good death" delivered quickly appealing to all of us? It's what Odin wants for us after all?

  18. Jafar's staff was used to hypnotize - and that's what T has been doing, one way or another

  19. Great work as ever, Chris. Don't let this nightmare shitshow get you down. Sounds a bit redundant at this point, but yeah. All this violence and ugliness can wear down even the strongest souls. But you're on the right side of history, bro. Keep speaking sober and perceptive truths, my man.

  20. Squirrel Hill is practically a poster neighborhood for the type of world that Nazis do not want. It is extremely multicultural. I do believe that practically every race & creed is represented there. My wife & I used to love it there. Book stores with actual books. Record stores with actual records. Food from just about everywhere. Friendly people just trying to get through their day.

    Of course, marriage & children ended the eating out & the frivolous shopping but when my son hit his teen years & got into music I explained to him how those shitty little headphones on his phone are not the way to listen to punk rock. He needed volume & an actual stereo & some vinyl, all of which we found in Squirrel Hill.

    What happened there is truly a shame. Sadly, all that will come of it is trading asshole Republicans for asshole Democrats in some elections. America's usual mass outcry of rage these days is more a mass outcry of total & complete impotence.

  21. Real bombs don’t have exposed timers, and not many exposed wires. This is some bullshit people believe because they watch movies. A pipe bomb would normally have an internal system. These “bombs” look like something picked up out of the training aid box in the team room for practice SSE. My EOD friend laughed his ass off as they are obviously fake or contrived in a very not useful way. We are leaning toward russia / china, as our propaganda is becoming weak and less effective. The US was the Best in the world at propaganda for years, as most of the general public does not believe propaganda exists. We need to get back on top. I would say shitty propaganda is mostly DNC related, but I stopped believing in the party system as my active duty career has not at all changed in 15+ years (both parties do the same shit as I’m sure most of you have noticed). And while we are on fake shit, the vegas shooting was an M240B not an AR15. Impossible to be anything else, the cyclic rate matches perfectly (belt fed).

  22. Chris,

    There's Trump in his Orangeface makeup, wielding a serpent staff. A minstrel show take on Thulsa Doom? Appropriate for his clownish thuggery. He certainly understands the Riddle of Steel.

    As far as #PunchANazi being the work of provocateurs: Great wisdom came to me the day I discovered that the guys outside Fenway Park who sold the "Yankees Suck" tee shirts were the exact same group selling "Red Sox Suck" tees outside Yankee Stadium. Pick a side, they say, but the most profit comes to those who pick both.

    As for all the rest, I'll remind us of what we already know, that ominous quote from Heath Ledger's Joker: "I've brought this city to its knees with a few bullets and a couple of gallons of gasoline." One wonders how many of these unfunny clowns watched that scene and went, "Hey...!"

  23. I suspect strongly the Miami dude was just a patsy, the front man in a CIA-directed story to get the MBS hack-fest off the front page. Some demon high up in US decided that MBS gets to stay, it looks like, thus the distraction story was needed.

  24. Jack Kirby didn't have a problem with punching Nazis:

    "On November 9th 1938, nearly 100 Jews in Danzig were killed; thirty-thousand sent to concentration camps. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's response to Kristallnacht was little more than a strongly-worded letter and the denial of twenty-thousand Jewish refugees. Roughly that same number gathered at Madison Square Garden in February 1939, at a rally for the German American Bund, an American Nazi party. By mid-1940, Germany had invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway and France; over half a million Jews had been ghettoized. Still, public opinion was split."

    Public opinion is still split. & Two days after Midterm elections is the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht. The resemblance to The Purge is frightening.


  26. Not quite related (or maybe it is), but Whitey Bulger died this morning:

    He might have known a thing or two about demons, MK-ULTRA & all that...

  27. Yuk shouldn't demonize the demonz...we have feelings 2😟

  28. "Would you like paper or plastic?" is what most Nazis say to me these days.

  29. Well it'll be interesting to see what Liz' upcoming tour conjures then won't it? An extended Massive Attack at the very least...

  30. My dead neighbor knocked my teeth out.
    Just shy of 13 months.
    He threatened 2 kill me probly a baker's dozen of times.
    First he survived getting hit by a car.
    Then he overdosed on heroin.
    He sold me shitty weed. I called him a 'piece of shit' several times
    I hope he got the message
    His name was Nate

  31. I am Brazilian and live in Brazil!
    You know nothing about Brazil...
    Bolsonaro is not a NAZI or an extremist right wing, just
    right wing, there is a *BIG* difference between the two.
    The NAZI/extremist thing is a fake image created by the corrupted socialist/globalist media…
    Bolsonaro is not nazi, homophobic, racist, misogyny or any other derogatory adjective...
    It is just the other way around!!!
    The PT/Lula communists/socialists almost destroyed this country!!!!
    We barely escaped to be turn into another Venezuela!!!!!
    You really have no idea...
    What the socialists/globalist media tells you is a distortion of the true!!!!!
    I will tell again you have no idea what is happening in Brazil, not a faint idea…

    Do you want to know the truth about what is happening in Brazil?
    This is the guy
    Since 2005 he lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA

    1. Quem vocĂȘ estĂĄ falando, Pictus? Eu sei que vocĂȘ nĂŁo pode estar se dirigindo a mim desde que eu disse claramente "de acordo com alguns observadores" e "pretendido".

      Eu percebo que pode haver um pouco de barreira linguĂ­stica, mas vocĂȘ entende esses qualificadores, correto?

    2. BTW, to easy dismiss this nazi thing, search for two words, Bolsonaro Israel

    3. Shades of Secret Sun's coverage of Ron Paul.


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    There's a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.
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  34. Here's another Fraserling for you, Penelope Trappes:

    And of course the video starts of with her seeming to have emerged from the sea...

  35. you really hit the nail with this one. The "Punch A Nazi" thing. What that did was make everyone who was mildly pro-Trump feel under physical threat. Twitter was full of id clips of little old men with MAGA caps being slapped around by spoiling for a fight. Any time there's a gang of idealistid, Mountain Dew fuelled young people running around looking for a punch up, you can bet your bippy there's a police spy from the FBI encouraging them to really put the boot in. How about that infamous trans- art encouraging folks to smash 'TERFs" with baseball bats. Wow! that is bound to bring those TERFs round to your way of thinkin'! Proud Boys are the same yobs you remember from college, Loudly Witnessing for Jesus on the commons-denouncing sin, sinners and socialism from atop a stone bench. I was the one hanging out with the hippy strumming folk tunes on the other end of the thing.

  36. Bowers = a shady recess
    Shooting was off Shady Ave

    Shady. Peculiar word. LeSean Shady McCoy rushed 12 times for 13 yards last night. The Real Slim Shady? Dropping beats with Dre like its the tenderizing era again. Wonder where that will lyrically be.

  37. RE President Trump and the snake staff: it's a stretch I know; but want to mention Ophiucus the snake handler; and his relationship to Orion. Both represented as constellations.
    Some interesting things related to this on website below

  38. The silliness of these psyops is truly astonishing. WHEN, oh WHEN will the general public start realizing that these media-reported "terror deeds" are entirely phony events staged by their own governments? WHAT will it take to have this world's population reject "en masse" ALL of this disgraceful propaganda scheme?

  39. An example of attempted demonic pact making re: the synagogue shooting:

    The jews were present at a "bris" or "brit milah", their "covenant of circumcision", 'a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed by a mohel ("circumciser") on the eighth day of the infant's life' (wiki).

    'According to Halakha (Jewish law), ritual circumcision of male children is a commandment from God that Jews are obligated to follow' (wiki)

    (Some jews believe that 'metzitzah b'peh, or oral suction' (wiki) must be applied to the bleeding penis as part of the ritual.)

    This is child abuse & there is no possible justification for it, yet not only are jews able to commit these depraved acts with impunity they celebrate doing so as a foundation of their faith - their understanding of themselves & their 'right' to 'the land of israel' & anyone challenging this is smeared an 'antisemite'.

    If this isn't the embodiment of deluded behaviour I don't know what is, a level down these temple leading steps is non-jews allowing these disgusting acts to happen at all.

  40. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this post
    plus the rest of the site is extremely good.

  41. Maybe you touched upon this in the past, but I sensed a sync since reading about Zucker's pal saying he's convinced that the devil is in the phone (which may or may not be allegorical, didn't read the article), then this synced into my purview, about Dalton the Uber killer in 2016 (I did not know this before):

    "This is the moment in his police interrogation when he finally explained:

    Dalton said if we only knew, it would blow our mind. Dalton then explains how when he opens up the Uber taxi app a symbol appeared and he recognized that symbol as the Eastern Star symbol. Dalton acknowledged that he recognized the Uber symbol as being that of the Eastern Star and a devil head popped up on his screen and when he pressed the button on the app, that is when all the problems started…. Dalton said the iPhone can take you over. Dalton explained how you can drive over 100mph and go through stop signs and you can just get places.… Dalton described the devil figure as a horned cow head or something like that and then it would give you an assignment and it would literally take over your whole body….

    A while later, he elaborated:

    Dalton was asked what was different tonight from the other nights and he said as driver partner with Uber, the icon is red and it had changed to black tonight.… I asked him why he was carrying his firearm tonight and he said that the Uber App literally took over his mind and body. Dalton said that when the Uber symbol is red it is just picking up and dropping off people, but when he recognized the symbol and spoke what the symbol was, the color changed from red to black..."

    The full article is worth a read for a wider context (; i.e. he is not mad; this came right out of the blue; it wasn't premeditated; it wasn't set up to be a case for pled insanity; it seems to be what he says it is: the app made him do it.

    JASON DALTON later tried to explain why he had allowed himself to be arrested without a fight. He said that he did reach to his right side for his gun when he was pulled over, but then, once again, something happened with his phone. In one police interview, he said that it beeped. In another, he said that his app turned from black to red. At that moment, he said, “he felt like he was no longer being guided.” As the report summarized, “Dalton said that was the reason he didn’t shoot the officer.”

  42. 33: so Robert (famed or shining) Bowers (orig family name of Rothschilds) committed TREEE OF LIFE massacre to "stop invaders"... "committing genocide on his people" come. On.

  43. I'd back dropped in to see what your take on the Whitey death would be, to see this line:

    the Devil lives inside our phones...

    I had suggested awhile ago what I think is going on. Still do.

    The Critters are 'outside'-- so IMO they don't much care what the particulars of our politics are, as long as they get their 'food' from living inside our heads, and from our screaming at one another over the ether.

    Regarding the uptake in sync events... I imagine that wheat must "notice" the Harvest somehow (within the limits of wheat's 'understanding').

  44. Better Red Than Dead7:51 PM, November 01, 2018

    You're a regular Chuck Todd with the "two armed gangs of kill-crazy thugs", Chris. Funny how one side gets to kill, the other be killed.

    Guess you were just like the Nazi who beat your ass. Luckily you didn't get what you were asking for.

    1. Attacking people with weapons qualifies under any reasonable definition.

      Oh wait, you're a Communist. You're not interested in reason.

  45. I don't recall who wrote it, but when Michelle Obama said Beyonce was a great role model for her kids, some rightward-leaning societal critic said that everything in mainstream American now carries a "vaguely satanic" cultural aura. That would tie right back to SS's "demonic zeitgeist."

    If anybody else knows the piece I'm talking about, please steer me back to it.

    1. "Vaguely satanic" is actually reasonably perceptive.

      It's all about the self, it's all about the ego. It's all about materialism.

  46. Great post, well done sir.