Sunday, October 14, 2018

Apocalypse Tonight: Compute-Compute-Computer Games

OK, you've probably seen this video by now. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this looks fake as f**k to me. It just looks like mediocre CGI. I'm not seeing any compelling evidence that this thing exists as a complex machine in three-dimensional space with this alleged robot, and certainly not as it comes onscreen.

It's not even that it looks like someone in a suit, it just looks like the most talented kid in your local high school computer animation lab showing off to that girl he's sweet on.

Well, very possibly so. But I definitely need more evidence that these robots are real before I get too concerned. It wasn't that long ago that autonomous robots were a sick joke and now they're doing Jackie Chan routines? 

Excuse while I change the batteries on my bullshit detector. It's been buzzing and flashing like crazy for hours now.

Oh, I bet it will. I do so very much bet it will. In fact, I hear they're calling this new neural network Locutus®.

(Pretend you don't get that joke if you live in the greater Toronto area).

This hurricane continues to get weirder and more disturbing, particularly with this story now. Apparently the AFB in the ground zero-landfall area has been utterly pulverized and several very expensive stealth jets were original listed as "missing." 


...I don't know what this is all about but something smells a bit off about the entire situation. Wild-eyed theories and conjectures are welcome in the comments.

A reader pointed me back to this story, noting that the Cornell statue- so reminiscent of the Elvis statues we looked at during the Siren Saga-- has been illuminated in violaine.

I found a more unsettling connection between Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, concerning Chris Cornell and the 1996 Lollapalooza tour but that will have to wait for another day. 

I've also been reading some stories that don't exactly paint CC in the best of lights, purple or otherwise. That will have to wait too.

There was also this story from a few days back-- a spiral violaine beam. There's some Secret Sun Scrabble for you.

Readers have been telling me about this story too. This is just too strange- what the hell is Trump doing playing "Purple Rain" at his rallies, particularly in light of the hurricane thing, anyway? 

Something very weird is going on out there, my friends.

Haven't written much about mermaids lately on account of it being totally redundant, but readers have pointed this little scrap of Secret Sun Scrabble, which also seems to offer maximum entrainment value as well.

Look for more of this narrative in the near future. 

Well, there's some typecasting for you.

This blog has detected what looks very much like an ongoing effort to recast Ariana Grande as a novitiate in the Clandestine Bene Frasserit (commonly known as a "Crypto-Frase") and so it looks like her dalliance with Pete Davidson completed that initiation in the Stations of the Liz.

Poor fool probably doesn't realize the only thing Ariana Grande Bestia saw in him was his frase-adjacent surname.


As common as a strawberry, eh? Are strawberries really the most common fruit out there?

CRISPR shenanigans.

Some readers were speculating that we'd seen the last of Orange entrainment but apparently it's an ongoing project. Note fresh influencers brought to bear on the project.

You can also wear Orange on your face. And believe us, you will wear it. Unless you're really hankering for an Antifa death squad to haul your ass off to a FEMA camp after the midterms.

Looks like they know what's good for them up there in the Windy City. 

Good job, Bears. Your names are off the list. For now, at least.

Good to see Not Actually a Space Agency have retained that dry sense of humor of theirs.

Very witty, Wilde.

Missions where? How exactly are computer graphics artists going to find aliens? In their sketchbooks, I suppose.

NASA has a plan to save humanity?

We're doomed.

Which clue is that? Those fresh downloads of Anunnaki DNA that they just received at D::Wave headquarters?

Yeah, I suppose that's a pretty good clue.

I know some of you think I'm an alarmist sometimes, but let me just going on the record as not worrying overmuch about this particular eventuality. Plus, where did the 330 number come from? The boys down at the Lodge? Probably.

Well, that's terrific. I'd just hope they didn't name it in my honor if I were that guy.

Oh, teach me, Damien. Please. Your magickal secrets have clearly worked wonders for Johnny Depp.

Why, they've been an absolute satansend.

Right, they're all assholes. We knew that already.

Speaking of which, 
isn't this the whole premise of Caprica? I believe it is. Also, pretty much every sci-fi horror story ever. Am I right?

Finally, take a stroll to those glory days when Silicon Valley was just naive and misguided as opposed to satanic and fascist...

POSTSCRIPT: Holy shit, this still sounds great.


  1. The Great Electro returns!

  2. Wow that robot video is super fake. the environment is more fake looking than the bot. Pause it and it reminds me of the half life2 game engine.

  3. I am v sorry to bear bad news: I work in AI and work adjacent to robotics from time to time. The boston dynamics robot is very real. It makes me upset

    1. Yeah, I was finally convinced when he picked up a cardboard box with 10lbs scrawled in marker pen on the side.

    2. Wired just published an article on them...
      You might have seen the video a few days ago of Atlas doing parkour, bounding up a multi-leveled structure with ease. While the performance seemed effortless, it took over 20 attempts. “In our videos we typically show the very best behavior,” Raibert said. “It's not the average behavior or the typical behavior. And we think of it as an aspirational target for what the robots do.”

    3. Anonymous guy on the internet says it's real, case closed everyone, how silly of us to think otherwise, no one on the internet would ever lie. Anon it seems like your Robots are going to change the way we think of physics as their jumps seem to defy what we currently know. Also when you say you work in AI I assume that's your of telling us you're actually a comment Bot.

    4. But cardboard 10lb box lifted? Case closed!

    5. how silly of us to think otherwise, no one on the internet would ever lie.

      and no one on the internet would feel (quite falsely) overqualified to judge a robot video.

      just because you can't understand something, doesnt mean it's not real.

      (boring narcissists lol)

    6. My only question (closely following Gregory Lipman's) is simply this: if the obstacle course had been rearranged, would the robot have had to be reprogrammed? For that matter, if someone had scattered a handful of gravel across the course, would that video have been possible at all?

    7. Do I really have to point it out again 11.21 anon? Cardboard. Box. 10lbs. Marker Pen. I. Agree. Case. Closed.

    8. Plenty of experts in robotics here, I can tell. OK, an easy question for you all, just so we can separate the people who don't know the true depths of their ignorance from those that might know something or other: How do you run a stepper motor? And where might you find one cheaply?

    9. Hey hey its original Anonymous here, i wouldn't trust an Anonymous poster either (I considered that before posting but was like "eh, we all know how the internet"). anyways: Video-game/simulation theories about the robot video aren't totally off the mark, they actually use game engines to teach CAD simulations of these robots how to "walk" before they know how to do anything(that way, they don't have to worry about their expensive machinery getting damaged when a "newborn" "AI" is put in control of the machine.). OpenAI has a bit of an overview for deploying basic "Reinforcement Learning" techniques here: (Reinforcement Learning is similar to all artificial neural network training, in that the agent tries repeatedly, with limited instruction, to get a reward by controlling its outputs. At first this robot would just flail randomly, but eventually it would figure out it got a reward for standing, a bigger one for remaining standing, an even bigger one for moving in a specified direction while remaining standing etc.)

      I'm no pro 3D artist (and again, just some bot), but I do know that making a 3D render look real (not crisp and uncanny like some new gen console) is incredibly difficult. I've never seen this robot in person, but i've seen the dog (from the same company) that can get kicked and stay upright.

      re: Maria Rigel. I havn't gotten into a proper internet argument in years, is this how it starts? IDK about stepper motors, but I know how to digitally control the voltages on the pins of a micro controller... The networks can figure it out from there. There are lots of people who work on robots in many different capacities :)

      <3 @ chris

    10. @ Khadir: it can adapt, check out a fully digital one doing parkour in a randomly generated environment:

    11. @Anon1214: thanks for the video. But it's one thing to show animation of what something is *supposed* to do, another to build a physical prototype that will actually do it.

      So I still wonder: if someone had scattered some gravel over the track, or if a random tree branch had been tossed in, could the robot have put in such an impressive performance?

    12. "I am v sorry to bear bad news: I work in AI and work adjacent to robotics from time to time. The boston dynamics robot is very real. It makes me upset"
      Don't get upset, AI emissary bot. Pls.

  4. Chris,

    I find it difficult at best to believe that the USAF would leave a squadron of expensive F-22s to suffer damage from a hurricane, when moving them to an adjacent state would literally take minutes to accomplish. Perhaps they were taking them "off the books" for use elsewhere. Missions over a war zone, or some rogue state? Time to watch for reports of a UFO formation in such places.

    Groundcherries? In my day we called them Triffid seeds.

    1. Technician Accidentally Fires Vulcan Cannon And Destroys An F-16 On The Ground In Belgium

      Honestly this does remind me of Catch-22 in that some grade A accounting wizardry is being pulled off.

    2. The loss of aircraft may not be surprising at all. Supposedly many of the lost were "in the shop" (unflyable). The dirty secret of our incompetent overlords is that their overall track record on kinda necessary things like maintenance is pretty shitty.

      Exhibit A: our nation's crumbling infrastructure.

    3. Part of the plan to speed up the rollout of next generation electrogravitic craft?

    4. I think it's almost a given that a certain amount of planes are always going to be down for maintenance. If there was lots of heads-up time perhaps transport using C-5s could have been arranged. I won't be surprised on the whole that's a lot harder to keep a F-22 up and running as compared to say a F-16.

    5. More on the plane losses here at

      What's more shocking in that article is that half the planes are unavailable at any given time, even before this "loss". I mean, does it even matter if a plane that's unlikely to fly gets a little windamaged on the ground?

  5. Damien Echols teaching magic rituals that "set him free". He really has no shame. And that this is the person that the "cool" celebrities threw down the gauntlet for speaks volumes.

    1. Where are Sam and Dean when you need them??
      Salt circle anyone?

  6. Thank you, CLK, for asking for wild-eyed theories!

    The recent resurgence of purple: my best guess is that it's a response to the facts that the Archons ritually sacrificed Prince for the benefit of the Saudi monarchy. I should explain...

    A lot of people think Prince didn't overdose, but rather *was* overdosed. Even the Wikipedia article does a decent job explaining the strangeness around his death. And a few ritualistic numbers will immediately jump out at any Secret Sun reader: the paramedics got there at 10:07am (can you see the 17?), and pronounced him dead 19 minutes later.

    Later that day, landmarks all across the world were lit up in Prince's signature celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday. It was just a coincidence that he had died under questionable circumstances just then. It was also a perfect example of Contagious Magic, as described by Frazer (of course!) in "The Golden Bough"; an attempt to link a man known as Rock and Roll royalty, who was born with a royal given name, and who made the royal color his own (recall that, for something like a millennium, it was a capital crime for commoners to wear purple), with *real* royalty.

    Why would the royals want to do this? It goes back to the "Killing of the King" ritual Frazer wrote about in such minute detail. Basically, it held that, whenever the king became old or enfeebled, or during times of national crisis, the king had to be sacrificed for the good of the nation. Of course, since most of the kings didn't want to die for their nation, various more or less convincing ways to make a commoner a faux king, and then sacrifice him, were found.

    Enter the Saudi monarchy. It's in a state of simmering crisis, having recently adopted European-style primogeniture in place of the unwieldy arrangement where the crown passed between the sons of the first Saudi king (this in addition to the fact that the ordinary Arabian hates their Saudi overlords, and are kept in line solely by housing/food/energy subsidies...which have had to be cut due to declines in Saudi oil production, and the cost of the scorched-earth war they're waging in Yemen), and the common knowledge (there, at least), that, by 2030, SAm's growing internal need for oil will cross its declining production, and SA will have no oil left to export...and, hence, no income.

    A few days after the death of Prince, SA's Crown Prince announced the SA2030 plan, which paints the picture of an SA running entirely on green renewable energy, with its new capital of Neom (which has its logo a Mobius strip folded into a pentagram), which will be the world's largest city, and has as an integral part of its infrastructure a bridge across the Red Sea, flying cars, and android sanitation and service workers, built over the existing city of Tabuk, which is the only city in SA where Baal was ever worshipped.

    Prince would make a good substitute for the SA Crown Prince as Prince was a Jehovah's Witness, who are extremely close to Islam in their view of Christ (believing him to be a human prophet, not a part of a Divine Trinity), and who share the usual Muslim distaste for crosses and crucifixes (holding that Christ died affixed to a simple upright stake).

    I guess here it bears repeating that for centuries, the Phoenicians, those great devotees of Baal, controlled the trade in purple dye.

    And so it seems to me that these new purple skies (always associated with storms) are Baal's way (or whatever is answering to Baal these days) of telling his devotees that their sacrifice has been accepted. Especially when one of those purple skies happened on the day when tens of thousands of of fans petitioned the authorities to investigate what, to them, was a pretty clear murder.

    Will the sacrifice of Prince be enough to save the Crown Prince? No idea. There is war in heaven as on Earth, and it's not just Good vs. Evil; there are at least as many factions there as there are here.

    AS always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    1. I don't know why you were diverted....

    2. Anon from 9.41am commenting again. I love Prince. What a bloody shame he's gone.

    3. Ok, one more. Just because Prince was awesome. Prescient. Written in 1987.

    4. Just a tiny clarification on the Jehovah's Witnesses belief in Jesus. They reject the trinity but they still see Jesus as something more than human. JW's believe his real name and title is Michael the Archangel - the same entity described in Revelation. JW's teach that Jesus/Michael was the first being that Jehovah created and that he helped in the making of all things which is one reason he is called a carpenter. They also use this line of thinking to explain the whole "let US create man in our image" situation and say that it is God and Jesus who are the "us".

    5. I don't often pray but when I do I usually ask the Goddess to fuck up their weather manipulation plans. Lately, I don't ask so much as command. I would love to believe that their jets got fucked up as part of the fulfillment of that prayer I made about a week before this happened. That would be real nice. But I'm with you, this seems "fishy" and I would say those birds were secreted away for some clandestine fuckery or another.

    6. I don't think Jehova's Witnesses would be very happy to be described as "close to Islam". They are really, really Bible people.

      And I don't think the Saudi royal family care much for Prince one way or another. Arabs have their own music, you know.

      As for your prayers having anything to do with weather manipulation, Christa... well, that would depend on whether you know how to pray. And if you did, I doubt you would deliberately cause the amount of mayhem hurricane Michael has made. So I'm guessing that you don't know. Effective prayers are... well, effective.

    7. @Christa: You're absolutely right: the JW's do ascribe superhuman power to Jesus. But, then, Muslims also consider Jesus a direct creation of God, have filled books with the description of the miracles he worked, and assign him a key role in the End Times war against the Antichrist. And both are *very* careful to differentiate between Jesus and the Deity.

      So I think the synch still holds. It seems pretty likely to me that Prince died in a Frazerian "killing of the king" ritual, as a sacrifice to prop up a failing monarchy.

    8. @maria rigel I was mostly joking about the prayer. When I say that I prayed I literally mean I was speaking from my heart to what I consider to be God. I have no idea what you are on about re the correct way to pray and actually the thought of a right and wrong way to talk to the other makes me a little sick. Thank you.

      @khadir Sorry my prayer comment went to your post. I forgot to scroll down to make a new reply. I do agree with your original post regarding the killing of the king. I have read the same things. Interesting this orange / purple thing.. is it from two different sides? Maybe when the orange is on, the orange team is scoring and maybe when the purple is prominent another team is scoring? Lol! I surely don't know but it is all fascinating.

    9. @Maria Rigel: most JW's I've known sort of flip it around: they say that, of all the non-Christian religions, we Muslims are closest to the truth (by which they mean, of course, their interpretation of the Bible). They go pretty heavy on it when they try to evangelize us.

      And I really don't think it would much matter if the Saudi royals cared for Prince's music; it just mattered that he was a fit subject for the sacrifice. There's also the possibility that it was done by a third party for the benefit of the Saudis, without Saudi involvement.

      At the risk of straying too far into evangelism...I generally take the traditional Muslim view that the Maker will always do what, in the vast arc of time, is best; and that prayer is its own reward. The day the Maker needs *my* advice, we are all just screwed!

  7. Gentlemen still call them computer games while the unwashed youth now call them videogames. Not sure how you got from A to B there at the end without going through the famous computer game "Ecco the Dolphin" but perhaps you expect us all to fill in the blank ourselves.

  8. I guess Education Secretary Betsy DeVos little Brother Eric Prince ex-special forces member/ex-CIA (wink, wink) the former-CEO of one of the world's largest mercenary contractors i.e. the company formerly known as Blackwater got his Xmas gift early. Speaking of Eric Prince it was either earlier this year Prince was asking to be made the "Viceroy of Afghanistan" ad let him handle the p̶l̶u̶n̶d̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶o̶u̶r̶c̶e̶s̶ oops finish off the "Al-Qaeda" or "Taliban" or "whoever the current boogeyman" the CIA propped up in that country.

    "Blackwater founder Erik Prince is pushing to privatize America's costly war in Afghanistan — and going on cable TV to persuade Trump"

    "Billionaire Blackwater founder Erik Prince has a vision for America's war in Afghanistan, one that the former Navy SEAL and businessman claims will turn around the conflict the US has been fighting for 17 years with no end in sight."

    "Prince's plan would see troops replaced with private military contractors who work for a special envoy that reports directly to the president."

    "Prince previously pitched his idea for the privatization of the Afghan war last August. Mattis "listened politely," but ultimately rejected his proposal. He is now, according to NBC, planning an aggressive media campaign to get his message to the president, who he says is frustrated by the war."

    "Afghan "Viceroy"? Trump Mulling Blackwater Founder Erik Prince's Plan To Privatize Longest War"

    "Under Prince’s plan, the viceroy would be a federal official who reports to the president and is empowered to make decisions about State Department, DoD, and intelligence community functions in-country. Prince was vague about how exactly this would work and which agency would house the viceroy, but compared the job to a “bankruptcy trustee” and said the person would have full hiring and firing authority over U.S. personnel..... Prince also wants a “composite air wing”—a private air force—to make up for deficiencies in the Afghan air capabilities.

    ^^^^That's just like a real life Bruce Wayne pilfering Tech from Wayne Enterprises to fight his war against crime; except it's a billionaire possible government spook robbing the U.S. taxpayers to use those weapons to rob the Afghani people of their natural resources oops I meant bring them freedom.

    1. Correction - Aha missing stealth jets you say? I guess Education Secretary Betsy DeVos little Brother Eric Prince ex-special forces member/ex-CIA (wink, wink) the former-CEO of one of the world's largest mercenary contractors i.e. the company formerly known as Blackwater got his Xmas gift early.

      Also let me highlight that very important part for the quoted articles:

      "Prince also wants a “composite air wing”—a private air force—to make up for deficiencies in the Afghan air capabilities."

      ^^^^As previously stated; That's just like a real life Bruce Wayne pilfering Tech from Wayne Enterprises to fight his war against crime; except it's a billionaire possible government spook robbing the U.S. taxpayers to use those weapons to rob the Afghani people of their natural resources oops I meant bring them freedom.

    2. This all reminds me that in the book "Fear" one of the possible options mentioned for dealing with Afghanistan was through covert CIA operations. I'd say that if a military operation goes beyond a certain size, it can hardly be "covert" but I don't know anything about the military, do I?

    3. Wholesale Slaughter of Afghan Aryans so the Nwo Mil Industrial Complex can export Heroin for the Bush Cartel.

    4. Via the cartels.

    5. Not just heroin, Anon 1:42, there is also vast mineral wealth the Chinese have already moved on. Prince likely wants to put his private army in the mineral-rich territories to be administered as he chooses (and making Trump look like a genius if there is any profit to be made). How his army will compare to China's (or their proxy's) is an open question should a confrontation arise.

    6. @Anonymous 7:05 AM you are absolutely correct. It's estimated that Afghanistan is sitting on a trillion dollars worth of rare earth metals that are key components for making all the digital devices and space-age tech work that we take for granted.

      "Rare Earth: Afghanistan Sits on $1 Trillion in Minerals"

      "The aerial surveys determined that Afghanistan may hold 60 million tons of copper, 2.2 billion tons of iron ore, 1.4 million tons of rare earth elements such as lanthanum, cerium and neodymium, and lodes of aluminum, gold, silver, zinc, mercury and lithium. For instance, the Khanneshin carbonatite deposit in Afghanistan's Helmand province is valued at $89 billion, full as it is with rare earth elements."

  9. Meanwhile in France:

    "13 people are dead including an elderly nun who was was swept to her death in rising waters as flooding hits southwestern France"

    "Flash floods swamped a number of towns and villages around the fortress city of Carcassonne, leaving a trail of overturned cars, damaged roads and collapsed homes."

    Earlier this year:

    "Locals see red over 'fluorescent yellow' circles covering Carcassonne fortress in the name of art"

    "Dubbed “Concentric, eccentric”, the project is the brainchild of contemporary Swiss artist Felice Varini, famed for creating illusions of flat graphics superimposed on three dimensional spaces via an eye-deceiving technique called anamorphosis. "

    Check out the pictures. It looks like somebody painted a giant bull's eye on Carcassonne. Guess someone or something followed the invitation.

  10. Boston Dynamics started posting robot vids several years ago, and there were real humans (clearly not CGI) present with the robots (and interacting with them) in some of the early vids. The vids show a gradual evolution in the capabilities of the robots, and none of them look fake to me. If you think the latest one looks fake, what do you think about the others? Are they all fake?

    The latest one isn't even the most acrobatic or impressive one, if you ask me. And I see no reason to believe that any of them are fake. They're probably a limited hangout though; I bet covert branches of the military are already using far more advanced technologies in real combat.

    1. I get knocked down but I get up again

    2. And I just want to add, that in this video they have something that looks like a small wrecking ball with 20 on the side taped on with duct tape smashing into a robot. I'm going to assume that means 20lbs coz it's professional looking and all.

  11. Sorry I missed the previous purple post (which was great BTW) as I was at my play but I'll pitch in now. Chris is the one who spotted the orange thing rolling out through movies and I was dubious until I saw Kingsmen Golden Circle where amidst the orange design ''viva las vegans'' is the password on the computer, which was on the nose with everything else he'd been saying.

    Two other shows (amongst the many orange offerings that season) led me to believe that it is specifically the G.D. ritual colours and also the underlying ''alchemy'' being deployed: - the first is Stranger Things 2 where the orange gives way to direct Mercury (Hod for G.D. Qabalists and their ilk) invocation, and also to the extraction of quicksilver (Mercury) from its orange ore in the final scene. This extraction of the Mercury in the show really indicated their transition from ''boys'' to ''adolescents''.

    The other one is the Last Jedi where if you wondered what that red desert and the little crystal ''quicksilver'' foxes are meant to symbolise again it is the extraction of the Mercury from its salts. One of the rebels even leans down into the sand and tastes it and says ''salty''. Yum but why..? After that scene, I was like where is the orange?... then we cut to Luke dying/disappearing into a giant orange sphere of the Sun.

    But with this ''entrainment'' there are going to be leaders and followers that's why I think its important to identify the exact studios (WB, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, who else?) who are leading. The ''orange'' ''bandwagon'' will inevitably carry on with less zeal from those aping it long after the ''Alchemists'' are into their pearlple ''work''.

    So the pearls are clearly key for the pearlple because of pearlescence (Annihilation, Venom, etc) but if they are following the G.D. order which I think is becoming v. clear then Silver is the Metal to be extracted.

  12. There are a variety of these pearlple pearlescent silver ores so when we are watching them use the pearlple you should expect ''silver'', i.e. the extracted metal, to appear in the final scene/setting just like we have the appearance of ''quicksilver'' at the end of Stranger Things 2 ''Ball'' and the ''salt desert with crystal foxes'' at the end of Last Jedi.

    In this light it might be worth revisiting the end of Annihilation as that being at the end probably represents the SILVER metal which has been ''purified'' by the alchemist and also the doppelganger that has been created (more on this later).

    The important thing about putting Chris's theory in this context is we can backcheck it - working your way backwards 2017 - orange, 2016 - green, 2015 - yellow (the year MINIONS came out and a whole host of other yellow movies like MAD MAX from these industry ''leaders''), etc. Anyway I did that backchecking and convinced myself but hey - check it out yourself! Here is a chart:

    2015 - Yellow - Gold Ore (Yellow) - Gold
    2016 - Green - Copper Ore (Green, malachite) - Copper (The Arrivals is a really good example, green fields Amy Adams as copperhead to be extracted)
    2017 - Orange - Mercury Ore (Orange - red, yellow variants) - Mercury
    2018 - Purple - Silver Ore (Pearlescent) - Silver

    Remember to aim at those key studios and look at production/lighting design as well as cover art. Most of 2018 could be solved by just looking at costumes, Wrinkle in Time and House with a Clock in Its Walls just have the character in a purple costume, or Thanatos just actually being Purple.

    Conversely, David Lynch ''ascends'' the Tree of Life in Twin Peaks the Return:

    And ''resolves'' (LOL) the doppelganger situation with all Coopers. However these studios are taking us ''down'' the tree, de-initiating and ''creating'' those doppelgangers. Up towards unity, down towards multiplicity, duality, plurality.

    A change at my work recently (some of you may have seen this) is AI suggesting what you say in your email? And when it learns your style of writing - it can just write them? And obviously virtual/digital clones are one thing (explored in Black Mirror) but as Chris keep pointing out we are talking physical clones as well.

    Anyway a bit rambly but I hope this helps! Keep up the Stellar work Chris ;-)

  13. I have to agree. There's nothing that surprises me about the robot video.

  14. Maybe those F-22s being allowed to get wiped away was just...inventory clearance? Perhaps there's something better about to be unveiled, which would make sense considering Russia's new S-500 air defense system could make mincemeat out of our current stealth craft:

    I bring this up because USAF planes & personnel are being deployed to Ukraine to take part in "training exercises" with lots of NATO participants:

    A slightly older version, the S-300s, which are still considered cutting edge, have been deployed to Syria with Russian crews as a deterrent to US & Israeli airstrikes:

    The forecast is hot...

    1. Isn't somebody else going to imply that maybe more than just a hurricane struck that devastated area, conveniently taking out the F-22's in the process??

  15. //kid in your local high school computer animation lab showing off//

    M̶a̶s̶s̶i̶v̶e̶Boston Dynamics has been developing bots for years. For all we know this is an obsolete model. Who knows what they have in the sub-sub-sub-sub basement...

    As 'Sancho', a retired, self-described "former employee of a partial anagram of USNAVY at a U.S. naval facility by the Beltway" said to me thirteen years ago, if it was high-tech you saw in a blockbuster espionage thriller recently, it's ten-year-old tech already at the black ops level. Presumably Sancho's Law doesn't apply to this kind of silliness. But just for the sake of argument, assuming anagrammatic agency or private firm could have already developed nimble robot tech, it begs the question, might it not have been easier and less costly to develop for practical intents and purposes a cybernetically implanted, remote-operated human who is fully competent at between buildings?

    I'm more apprehensive of John Keel's Pasty-Faced Men in Trenchcoats, as described in The Mothman Prophecies.

  16. & now its time for: Next gen fun in the skies!

    Don't worry, be happy! Skynet loves you:

    "One problem is that all of these sensor, communication and weapons systems have become so complex that they threaten to exceed the task-processing ability of the human brain—remember, the pilot also has to fly the plane! While some Fourth-generation jets incorporated a back-seat Weapon Systems Officer to help out, Fifth-Generation stealth fighters have all been single-seaters.

    Thus, air forces are turning to AI to handle more mundane tasks of fighter management and determine which data should be presented to the pilot. Furthermore, AI and machine learning may be used to coordinate drones."

    A busy borg is a happy borg.

  17. 90% chance of woo here. I 90091ed "violaine" and was redirected to this message.

    I mean, speaking of robots...

  18. Did you consider that orange and violet are complementary colors?

    In the additive color system (RGB) sunset red-orange plus cerulean = lilac (or purple, violet, etc.) So cranky mother nature, or Hurricane Michael's violet clouds, might be somewhat de[o]ranged by all the orangiomania. She can be contrary lass, fer dern sure.

  19. Blue and orange are color complements. Violet and yellow are color complements. You're welcome

    1. You're right, but also depends on what you call "blue" or "orange". But yeah, scuse the brain farts. Early onset de-mencia.

  20. Speaking of Fake humanoids and MSM Brainwashing.The #NPC (non-player character) Meme has gone viral on Twitter after
    the Programmers began censoring it on /pol/.

    1. I’ve been asking if NPCs exist for a while. The NPC acts like malware in the system and, when latched onto a unique soul, the malware will seek to disrupt and corrupt until that unique soul is rendered obsolete.
      “Nobody’s real” - Powerman5000 🤔

  21. Apologies: this is not so much a comment as a kvetch...

    NASA is not going to send men back to the Moon. We can only conjecture what they found there, while the world was watching Kubrick's "1969: A Space Audacity"; but they either eventually found what they were looking for...or got so spooked that they thought it best to cut the series of missions short.

    By the time I was in kindergarten, we had the tech to begin the settlement of our solar system. Instead, NASA chose to keep going from surface to LEO: the most dangerous, difficult, and expensive part of the journey. Almost as if they were trying to convince people that spaceflight was an incredibly difficult thing that was never going to be done routinely. (Any number of competent aerospace engineers and astrophysicists yelled themselves hoarse that space exploration was actually easier than, say, the exploration of the ocean floor.)

    As for the idea of building a Moon base and using what we learn from it to build a Mars base (something that NASA has been periodically announcing for 30 years now); it's like building a base atop Mt.Everest, and using the knowledge gained to settle Arixona.

    Apologies again for the contentless kvetching!


  23. I'm with you man. As freaked out as some people are about DARPA Dynamics ground laying for skynet I always looked at it skeptical. I mean, even if they strapped machine guns on that thing it's still loud and slow. Not to mention limitations on ammunition and battery capacity. Even the black mirror robot was technically defeatable the players just got sloppy ☹️ Least of our worries compared to other stuff.

  24. Read on some site (?) that of the 55 F-22s originally stationed at Tyndall 33 (heh) had been ferried to safety in Ohio. The missing 22 or whatever aren't trashed out in the woods are probably in northeast Syria where our boys can use them to go toe to toe with the Russkis and try to knock out the new improved S-300 air defense systems placed in Syria so Netanyoohu's frequent bombing activities won't be curtailed.

    1. What does "ferried to safety" even mean? Those things are easy to move.

  25. OH man, get me on that CC blog post update mailing list today! Speaking of mail, I attended the 96 Lollapalooza (no way to abbreviate this word, I tried for several minutes and failed) in Syracuse, NY of all places. Not from there. I remember the only "deep cut" they played that day, within a pile of industry hits, was Mailman. A song about a stalking, narcissist, sexual predator slash mailman. "I know how you've give it, now I want you to receive". I'm riding you all the way. Not sure if there is another layer of meaning underneath the choice of playing this song at this time rather than Head Down or 4th of July. All great songs but I even remember thinking that day that it was weird that they played Mailman after their greatest hits album redux...

  26. Here in AZ the selection battle for Flake’s Senate has one candidate utilizing orangey yellow and purple and an optical illusion trick for a twinning effect in their campaign posters (Sinema) and the other a vintage Vega style eagle with a light blue motif (McSally)Who wins this semiotic battle?
    Not us obviously, but I think it’s Violaine
    What does our Northumbrian Sybil say?
    BTW the illusion is cool and the purple mountain in the foreground is doubled with its shadow when the sun hits these posters right. Her campaign images online don’t have even the hint the subtle effect

  27. Well, considering we can't program a two wheeled bike to keep it self upright; doubtful we have robots leaping boxes in single bounds. I vote BS.

    I don't know if anyone bothered to watch the Rogan Musk interview (I had no intention until it was linked by someone that normally has better filters) but Musk talking about a robot that moves so fast a human can't detect it; like WTF does that even mean? Than he says in all seriousness, "its probably already here."

    LULZ and then I close the tab, useless and beyond stupid.

    1. Not sure if DoD cares about pumping a gajillion dollars into making a bike keep itself upright, or if Boston Dynamics cares about devoting time/resources into doing so.
      Warrior robots on the other hand? It's about where the resources are focused. Why is it so hard to think this is currently beyond the capability of MIC funded developers.

  28. As if on cue, NASA's picture of the day for 10/16, Jupiter in Ultra violet:

    1. Nice... From the description of the photo: The String of Pearl storms farther to the right, however, are brightest in near ultraviolet, and so here appear (false-color) pink.

  29. Speaking of "computer games", everyone should read this article about the great Facebook Purge & the Atlantic Council:

    Real McCarthyism in Action! At least now we know who holds Zuckerberg's leash.

  30. Mermaid food is people. And the alternative is only marginally better and not even a little less murderous.

  31. You ask, "What the hell is Trump doing playing Purple Rain at his rallies?" Well, one clue is to look at the original song on Trump's Rally Playlist: "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones. Both songs are signature songs that each artist almost always played at their performances. Both songs have very memorable, sing-along choruses that help to lull the attendee into a group-mind type of vibe, a shared choral experience. The Stones song is largely about the death of 1960s optimism, and settling for pragmatism, which in my view is Trump's dig at Obama's promises of Hope. The album Let It Bleed has some visceral, demonic rock vibes happening, one of the memorable tracks is "Midnight Rambler" about the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo. Prince's explanation of the meaning of Purple Rain also includes blood, its a description of an apocalyptic blue sky mixed with red blood (red+blue=purple), and putting faith in God to get you through. So its a song about putting your faith in God to get you through the apocalypse, seems like an appropriate choice for Team Pence and the Kavanaugh Krew.

  32. The Destruction of Sennacherib
    The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,
    And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold;
    And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea,
    When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee.

    Like the leaves of the forest when Summer is green,
    That host with their banners at sunset were seen:
    Like the leaves of the forest when Autumn hath blown,
    That host on the morrow lay withered and strown.

    For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
    And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed;
    And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
    And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!

    And there lay the steed with his nostril all wide,
    But through it there rolled not the breath of his pride;
    And the foam of his gasping lay white on the turf,
    And cold as the spray of the rock-beating surf.

    And there lay the rider distorted and pale,
    With the dew on his brow, and the rust on his mail:
    And the tents were all silent, the banners alone,
    The lances unlifted, the trumpet unblown.

    And the widows of Ashur are loud in their wail,
    And the idols are broke in the temple of Baal;
    And the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword,
    Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lord!

    1. In other words the Assyrians were paid off so well that they went home without a fight. The obvious lies in that old book are always worth a laugh, however.

  33. Chris, you need to put a search bar on this blog sidebar.

  34. Chris, there have been a huge amount of alchemical goings on in royal circles this year, marriages, deaths, babies arriving, a focus of attention on royalty in other countries, royalty in the arts and royalty dropping their chemistry into the chemistry of other countries with their visitations etc. Today I see Hal and Meg are in tin town Dubbo, Australia because of the sacrifice made of the soldiers from this small town in WW1. They will be sharing food with residents at a picnic in Victoria Park. From there they will stop off at various other places one of which is Queensland's Fraser Island. Hmm… The Monarch butterfly was so called by early settlers of Holland and England to America because they likened it’s mainly orange colouring and the splendid opulence of it’s richly patterned wings to William III, The King of Orange. The green chrysalis has a little crown of gold coloured spotting. One orange fritillary butterfly with a similarity in look (though less showy) is the Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele). They both share a common food source, the milkweed. The Monarch lays it's eggs only on the milkweed to which it is a medicine. It also allows the Monarch to a make defensive poison for it’s body and wings through ingestion. Milkweed is under threat from an invasion of Tropical milkweed and Swallow-wort which mimic the Common Milkweed. The Monarch can feed from their nectar but when lays it’s eggs on the interloper plants they kill the Monarch’s larvae. Monarchs are therefore in serious decline. The Spangled lays its ovum only on Violets. The Violet takes its name from the genus Viola which includes violets and pansies. Fritillaries are also flowers. The name Fritillaria comes from the Latin word 'fritillus', which means 'dice-box' and that would bring me to Charles Rennie Mackintosh – CRM would have loved the little checkered hanging bell shaped heads of the Fritillaria Meleagris (Snake's Head Fritillary). Very Masonic. And it also provides a link to Elizabeth Frazer. And check this perhaps - - the obsession with mermaids - Media – Mermaids of the British Isles - Professor Sarah Peverley is totally in with the vibe. Also this -PURPLE - - Ultra Violet Shades of Purple. Other colours there too along with posy, chaplet etc. I’m looking into eastern star rainbow girls. Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, indigo and violet, the last colour on the arch. All the best, Chris.

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    basis, if so afterward you will without doubt obtain fastidious experience.

    1. Thank you dear, but don't give us fastidious experience ov sanskrit. Meme meme shekel upsharing.

  36. There was a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it. But let's keep going and find out what happens!

  37. The Boston Dynamics videos are real, and there are more of them. The result of a large amount of engineering effort on really difficult problems. You have no idea how difficult solution to these kinds of engineering problems are.

    Your dismal of them betrays real ignorance about the state of the world we live in. Just like your totally indefensible stance about the reality of the lunar landings.

    These kind of messages seriously degrade the intellectual rigor and truthfulness of your otherwise insightful speculations.

    Maybe great for humor, and perhaps increased numbers of followers of your blog ... but factually in error.

    Stop. Your flippant assault on reality does not make it so. But your reach to those of similar lack of critical thinking and fact checking is bound to veil further what others perceive as real.

  38. A lot of relevant stuff going on in this campaign sign. I wish there were a group to share it:

  39. just read this and thought back to some of this discussion from this thread.

    Intelligent Machines

    "An AI physicist can derive the natural laws of imagined universes"

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