Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Apocalypse Like Sugar: Links Like Sugar

 NOTE: Since so much is happening so quickly I decided to post some germane links pertaining to the most recent post. 

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Forecasters are now calling for Florence to make landfall at Myrtle Beach. Be advised.

We were just talking about Fukushima. 

And pigs

Someone said it was because of the fisheye lens used for the image. They better not say that around any Flatters.

I'm not entirely comfortable with the wave of "OK, how do we minimize our losses?" articles popping in the past few days when it comes to California and earthquakes. I'm very much getting a sick feeling that something is known and not being said.

See if you agree with me. 


I have two rules when it comes to the media: never pay attention to what is being said. Pay attention to what is being done.

And always--always-- follow the money.



"What is being done." 

 Yellowstone. We discussed that recently too.

Shoes and socks. Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Sugar and spice. Milk and honey. Mass shootings and NASA symbolism. 


I mean, what can I even say any more? You either accept it or remain in denial.

That headline reads like a National Lampoon parody of some far-flung future world when everything has gone haywire.