Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Apocalypse Like Sugar

Hey, are you busy? Can I borrow you for a few minutes?

Yeah, I got a few little syncs you might find interesting. Y'know, just for grins and giggles.
Go on, take a click. It'll be a hoot and a holler, I guarantee.

Don't be shy, now...  

NOTE: Take heed, folks. Err on the side of caution with these events. Take some advice from someone who's been through a historical (and devastating storm) not so long ago.


Myrtle Beach, Hurricane  

Myrtle Beach, Siren, Twins, Dolphins

Steamboat-- most active year since 1982


Steamboat, Cincinnati, River

Tyler Davidson Fountain, 

September 6, Cincinnati
Tyler Davidson Fountain, Apollo

Cincinnati, Tyler Davidson Fountain,
Apollo, Dolphins


Elizabeth Davidson Fraser

September 6, Abyss 

September 6, Apollo 

September 6, Burt Reynolds (aka "Ben Frazer"),
actress Liz Fraser dies

Pearl, Fraser

Pearl, Fraser 

Pearl, Fraser, Apollo

Well, you know.

Apollo, Dolphin, Twins

Dolphin, Pearls, Music

Apollo, Dolphin, Oracle

September 3, Fraser, Dolphins

September 3, Swallow (Jebi) 

Fraser, Swallow (Jebi), Twins, Abyss, Moon

Moon, Superstorm

"Above anything else (Apollo) was a god of oracles and prophecy - and the oracles he gave out were riddles, full of ambiguities and traps.  

Typhoon Yancy, 
 August 29 

Hurricane Harvey, August 29

 Hurricane Florence, August 29 

  Hurricane Florence, "worst since" Hazel

Flooding from Hazel

Flooding from Gordon

"Hazel," featuring Gordon

Hazel, B-side of "Peppermint Pig" 

Peppermint Pig EP cover, flooding

Cincinnati, Pig

Florence, Pig,  Fountain

Florence, Cocteau Twins

John Grant appeared with Elizabeth Fraser,
duetted on 'Shenandoah' (Mississippi River, steamboats)
Note harp, gown, androgyny

Androgynous Apollo, Garlands, Gown, lyre (Harp) 

Oracle at Delphi, gown, lyre, Garlands

"SABBE" pronounced "Sa-BEH"

Manson, Androgynous Fraser,
August 29, Scotland, Twins

Manson, Scotland

Manson, August, 29, Twins

Manson, Twins, Pearl (Daisy), Androgyny

Manson, Scotland, twin Bene Frasserit keynote


Apollo-Oulios= Apollo the Destroyer 

First national story on Cocteau Twins,
September 11, 1982

"Meltdown" Interview,  September 11, 1993 (11 years later)

Went on sale September 4, during
Japan's last worst super-typhoon

Millennium Dome Show at 02, Fraser voices "Sofia"
Sofia destroys Tower(s)
999 performances in y2K


Twin Towers, Destruction 

9/11, Earthquake, Androgynous, "Season 2"

9/11, Earthquake, California, 

Buckley, Androgynous

9/11, Earthquake, California,

Buckley, Siren, California


Buckley, Siren, California,  

 Fraser,  River, Androgynous

September 4, Siren, Twins

Earthquake, California, 

September 7 is 7/7 in old Roman calendar 


"And his oracles were spoken by his prophet in a voice heavy with trance: oracles full of repetitions and riddles, expressed in a poetry that at times hardly seemed poetry at all."

2012 fan video of Sugar Hiccup, 9/11 Melody Maker Cover 


Five of ten top sugar producers are on Ring of Fire, 
the other five are all close to it.

Hiccup makes the "earth toss and tumble"

Hiccup makes the "earth toss and tumble"

Sugar, Gravel

Gravel= Rub, Grind



"Heavens curtsy and bow"

Heavens curtsy...



...and bow.



Grave, Seashore

Grave, Seashore


Elizabeth Fraser, September 3, London


Well, that's all the Syncs I have time for now, gang! Hope you had fun. And don't forget, kiddies...


• The Erythraean Sibyl is said to be the first Sibyl to sing her prophecies.

Erythrea was destroyed by earthquake in the Great Lydia Earthquakes of 17 AD.


  1. As if we needed further proof that synchronicity can work in ugly ways...

    I saw on the news today that Wanda Barzee, one of Elizabeth Smart's kidnappers was set to be released from prison soon; and, with a little research, a few minor syncs jumped out at me.

    Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from the bedroom she shared with her 9 year old sister. She was held captive by Wanda Barzee and Brian David (after the famed harpist) Mitchell for 9 months. She was rescued a mere 18 (twice 9, of course) miles from her house.

    Due to a debate about his competency to stand trial, it took 9 years for Mitchell to be tried and sentenced.

    On 9/11, prison officials announced that they had miscalculated Barzee's sentence, and will release her on 9/19.

    Elizabeth Smart has went on to become quite an accomplished young woman, however, and has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music for Harp Performance.

    I hope a few more syncs for the pile are of some use. As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    1. Yeah, I need to check my records but I do recall there being a lot of weirdness of the Freemly variety attached to that case. There were some other abductions at the time as well. The harp business just adds fuel to the fire.

      Cheers, Khadirody.

    2. I don't want to clog up the comment section with too much material unrelated to your actual post (and someone could honestly write a book about the High Strangeness around this case; for instance, Barzee testified that they had attempted to abduct Smart's cousin just a few weeks after they abducted Smart herself). But since you mentioned the Masons...

      Mitchell supposedly got the idea to kidnap Elizabeth Smart when her father hired him to do some roof repair; because when you own a multimillion-dollar mansion, you of course want to hire random homeless street preachers to do the roofing, rather than, say, a licensed contractor.

      Which puts a very ugly, blackly ironic spin on the phrase "unworthy craftsman".

  2. I was reading an old post of mine 'A Day in the Life' of The Muse? from 2017 which featured the Burt Reynolds movie 'Deal' and the Barry Gibb song 'Drown in the River' off the movie's soundtrack -


    To "drown on the river" is to lose a poker hand because of the last card drawn.
    Kind of thought it was synchy in hindsight that Shannon Elizabeth starred in that movie with Burt and her birthday is September 7th and that Burt passed away on September 6th.
    Shannon ("wise river") is an Irish name, Anglicised from Sionainn.
    Sionainn derives from the Irish name Abha na tSionainn for the River Shannon.
    The name Sionainn alludes to Sionna, a goddess in Irish mythology whose name means "possessor of wisdom".
    She is the namesake and matron of Sionainn, the River Shannon. Sionainn is the longest river in Ireland.
    Sionainn is one of seven rivers of knowledge said to flow from Connla's Well, the well of wisdom in the Celtic Otherworld (the realm of the dead).
    Nine sacred hazel (or, by some accounts, rowan) trees grow near the well, and drop their bright red fruit in it and on the ground.
    In the United States, the name first appeared on the United States's SSA in 1881 for males.
    [Oh ... and 1881? The 'dead-man's hand' is a pair of aces and eights in poker]
    It later gained popularity as a feminine name in 1937.
    During the 1970s, American parents began to confer the name on boys and girls alike.
    It was during this time that the name's popularity peaked in the United States.


    1. Gil Cates Jr. who was the director and writer of 'Deal' made a documentary straight after on the World Series of Poker called 'Pass the Sugar'.


    2. Those Tuatha De Danann. They sure planted some pretty potent semiotic seedlings, didn't they?

      I got excited for a minute when you mentioned Gil Cates. I mistakenly believed he was the father of For Phoebe still a Baby Cates, the star of the greatest scene in motion picture history.

    3. Keep moving in stereo Sir Loring.


    4. Don't...don't. Don't ever cover Moving in Stereo. Perfection cannot be improved upon.

  3. Well blimey. That is enough to keep one's eyes fixed on the stars and chimeras. I very much appreciate the work you're doing. And it's a careful and rare work, indeed.

    1. Well, there's a method to my madness.

      I'm thinking maybe there are some messages here that we need to decipher in order to stave off a disaster worse than a wannabe rock star's death or even a hurricane.

      Crazy, I know.

  4. 33: This is Chaos Theory. Magic. A butterfly calls Bullmoose. I mean a butterfly flaps its wings... in, well.... its not buckley, its Burkley, Birkley, from Cincinnati, well KY... It's Berkeley. Despite angels hog tied, though they otherwise would fly and end up somewhere near napa. so they somehow cause tornados and wild fires and earth quakes in lands where all fairy's wings get clipped so they learn to swim butterfly. I'm now working in a vineyard, in the land of Drake's first circumnavigation, south of mendacindo, making wine for a physics professor from Berkeley who's kids work for space x and an old gangster from NEWPORT KY [which was called 'little mexico', the 'las vegas before las vegas' ( i couldn't make this up if i tried)] Newport KY is a 9 block walk from the 5/3rd shooting on fountain square. My father's birthday is 9/11. Cinci is 513. Drake is my mothers line, from hills of Kentuckee (dark and bloody ground) (home of the giants) (the 5th eden)... but now I live 15 mins from Drakes bay, 15 mins from bohemian Grove. Cincinnati, is overlooked by OUR LADY... the church of the steps. the original hiram abiff. Mother Mary sits in Mt. Adams overlooking 2 pillars of east and west over a book along the river. There are many high preistesses. You're synchs could be clarifying a prophecy of which you are yet to see the full picture ... and echoing off of angels once burnt at the stake that you are yet to meet. The aliens, they have their eyes on you. Both the good ones, and the bad ones. Keep ur eyes turned towards the stars. Keep listening, speaking their message... and Stay blessed.

    This is for those who never dream... One love.

    1. Funny you should bring up the butterfly theory given the certain someone writing all kinds of tunes about butterflies.

      I doubt this is a one-off. In fact, I doubt it's limited to female singers, females or singers.

  5. 33/99: for the 11th time. Birkley. not Buckley. Siren. California. Cincinnati. Androgynous. Me and My brother are twins. Juuuust a-checkin-inns, love dove. Daughter sophia to be born in a Vineyard on a Friday. The story goes fire flood, fire fire flood, quake quake, flood.... big hug. Something ab Gold. Ruby Slippers every day to 1st grade. A wall fire in Oroville. The fall of San Francisco I've already seen flying men in suits that look like locusts. Me and my brother are twins. Once loved this Islamic Prince named Zafar. Best friend Hesham from just outside Mecca is in South Africa. 9/11 dad was the inspiration for breaking bad. Not poem or metaphor, those are facts. We all have synchs. There is more than one siren blaring. In like flint, is in effect. The song goes like this now...

    SYNCH OR SWIM (wink)

    1. All righty then. Cheers for the Synchery to add to the latticework.

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  7. Chris,

    One of Burt Reynolds' last roles was appearing as an exaggerated version of himself in the animated show, Archer. He spends the episode paired off with the title character, Sterling ("silver") Archer (whose manners and alcohol intake are a better match for Bacchus). He appears in the episode because he is dating Sterling's mother. Bert repeatedly shows himself to be the superior of Sterling, and intervenes to save him and his comrades from assassins. The ep is called, "The Man From Jupiter".

    The twins Diana and Apollo are known as archers. Diana is also associated with the moon, whose color is silver.

    The mother of Diana and Apollo is the queen of the gods. Sterling Archer's mother, Malory, is also his employer, owner of a spy agency (all-seeing) called ISIS. (FWIW, "Malory" means "unfortunate" or "ill-fated", which reflects on the many mishaps that occur)

    Their father is Jupiter, the supreme god.

    1. Tasty sync-snacks indeed, Mosowody. Let's not forget Chris Carter cast Burt as God in his Synchromystic manifesto as well. Burt seems to be especially well-charged with semiotricity.

      Mallory could be seen as "evil gold" as well.

  8. Storm has changed direction; full on strike at Myrtle Beach and Elizabeth city

  9. Great food for thought as always Chris.

    I have to admit that, even though I've been a secret sun reader for almost 10 years, I wasn't getting into the whole Elizabeth Fraser mythos posts but weirdly enough one thing I got from the posts was that I'm now Cocteau Twins fan.

    Funny story, my wife and I named our eldest daughter Ruby and the syncs in the blog about Ruby bothered me a little and then we almost named our second daughter Lyre but you started on the whole Lyre buzz on the blog, so I was like nope.
    We then instead went with the Latin variation of my mothers name, which was Isabella but stupid me thinking I've avoided associating my new daughter as well with the Fraser mythos, forgot that our Sibyl's name is Elizabeth which is my mothers name as well.

    Shit, writing this I also just realized that Belle is short for Isabella.

    1. Good one, Brentody! That completes the circuit. Pearly Watson is Belle=Isabella=Elizabeth. Or better yet, Isabella=I, Sibyl.

      Don't let those names trouble you any. It's not like naming your kids Asmogorathia or Satanella or something.

  10. Canada's version of the Loch Ness monster is here (right on time, Stingerson Stingernicity) https://globalnews.ca/news/4442397/it-was-like-a-giant-snake-kelowna-man-captures-possible-video-of-ogopogo/

    1. Cryptids are cryptids until they're "we knew about them all along."

  11. Fascinating as always, Chris, thank you.

    How do you think you'd react if you had the opportunity to meet her and she knew of your blog? How would you feel?

    Something happening atm that may be related is the increase of troops in Afghanistan, once home to the Hellenic Bactrian Kingdom. From there the Greek sculptural traditions entered India, with Apollo serving as the model for Buddha. At the same time as the Gandharan period, Thomas the Apostle entered India.


    Speaking of India, here is their water dragon:

    For giggles:

    1. You are assuming that Elizabeth Fraser is an actual woman and not an avatar/idoru. I don't assume any such thing.

    2. If the Sibyl saw the blog? She'd almost certainly think "Good grief. Another of these nutters again."

      You can clearly tell her general opinion of idol worship from that pic with Shirley Manson family. But you can't spend 20 years playing the idol game--no matter how ambivalently-- and not expect some idolatry to come your way. More importantly you can't spray that voice and those melodies all over creation and not expect a few smart cookies to wonder what's really behind it all. Something never comes from nothing and if you're hosting "The Voice of God" for an eternity in music biz years then that god might have had ulterior motives for gifting it to you.

      The Afghan stuff is fascinating- Alexander is still very much with us.

    3. Is that Manson playing the thumbnail of the 'Suspira' trailer? A film about witches co-constellating The Next Day BlackStar doppelgänger & Chloë Grace Moretz? CGM currently the Star of silver-screener 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' about gay conversion therapy? Moretz who looks 'almost entirely unrecognizable' on her 'AnOther' cover shoot promoting 'Suspira'? Moretz who was 7 when she Star Birthed in 'The Amityville Horror' do-over (the same age of Heather O'Rourke when she was Star Born in Poltergeist)? Moretz:


      Well... has she never heard Bess?

    4. Tinseltown, baby. The Eater of Souls.

  12. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)9:48 AM, September 12, 2018

    As many "Florence" syncs as I can remember here and now:

    -The magnificent Florence Welch, singer of Florence and the Machine, considered to be an indie "goddess" complete with life-long siren/mermaid symbolism, begins her US tour around the same time hurricane Flo also begins her "US tour".

    -In Arthur Machen's classic proto-Lovecraftian novel "The Great God Pan", the all-consuming demi-goddess Helen Vaughan meets her first lover/husband (whom she later destroys) in FLORENCE, Italy, while singing a beautiful song with her enchanting voice.

    -The character of Hannibal Lecter has always been obsessed with the same city of Florence. In the brilliant Bryan Fuller (American Gods) television series Hannibal (season 3, episode 6?), Dr. Lecter tells Gillian Anderson's character: "Florence is where I first became a man (where he first became a cannibal serial killer)". This particular version of Hannibal is also obsessed with performing countless acts of defiance against God Himself, imagined in the form of the Celtic Cernunnos or sometimes a hybrid of Cernunnos and Shiva the Destroyer (season 2).

    -Despite his apparent occasional racism, the "Dream-Prophet" H.P Lovecraft married a jewish woman named Sonia Greene. She had a daughter named Florence, she even wrote and published a poem entitled "To Florence" for her. Her daughter, however, for some unknown reason, never spoke to her again after she married Lovecraft. Sonia Greene and Lovecraft never officially divorced, so she later "remarried" and thus became a bigamist.

    As to why they divorced, Lovecraft later commented: "I was APOLLONIAN, she was Dionysian (she really enjoyed sex, while HE saw all human beings as alien and repulsive)".

    1. The whole Florence signifier is also fascinating, if not in a scary kind of way, given the history of Florence, its role during the Renaissance and the Age of Empire and its connection with secret societies and the like.

      Well done, FunkyJB-ody.

  13. i hadn't put it together until just now reading your post. i had previously understood the connection of the astrological signs to the various symbols attributed to specific ages. like taurus, for the golden calf in the bible, aries, for the lamb of the new testament and pisces also. well, i extrapolated backwards and found that the age previous to taurus was gemini, twins! i admired your work on the adam and eve story, but that always stuck in my craw. could it be that adam and eve...any connection to gemini?

    1. One of the clearer twins myths is Romulus and Remus although this clarity is due to it being the founding myth of the Empire. One created much later than a supposed age of Gemini which would have two ages after the ice age but long before the foundation of Rome.

    2. The Bible doesn't say that Cain and Abel are twins but the myth is old enough that it could come from the age of Gemini.

    3. Gemini are also the Two Witnesses of Revelation. So don't forget that.

  14. Clever title for this post. Was going to crank up "Lips Like Sugar" this morning - but got distracted with life. And Echo & The Bunnymen are always good for a sync reference. Ask Ian McCulloch! (Or Bill Drummond, anyway). The "Apollo" references and syncs caused the proverbial lightbulb to "shine on" and explode over my noggin. It's a mess. Was supposed to be in DC this weekend to see Paul Simon on his final tour. But Flo ("she don't know, 'cuz the boy she loves is a Romeo") made me change my plans. Guess I'll go down to Dallas (33 degrees) to see Simon's wife Edie Brickell & New Bohemians instead. My best friend in high school was keyboardist for that band - until a man there in Dallas shot him - 11 years to the week before the tragic police shooting in Dallas of Botham Jean. Tend to be trigger-happy in Dallas, going WAY back. Fuck!

    1. Well, Arderody, as you know there's a number of connections between the Bunnies and Our Lady.

      Bring on the Swimming Horses...

    2. Belinda Carlisle sung about 'Runaways Horses':

      'Can't sleep tonight
      I feel so shaken
      Baby the wind has changed again
      You come to me
      Straight out of nowhere
      Taking me where I've never been'

      ...just sayin'

    3. North Carolina's wild horses expected to survive hurricane http://www.ktiv.com/2018/09/11/north-carolinas-wild-horses-expected-to-survive-hurricane/

    4. pray for the pigs, abandoned to drown

  15. Thank you for the information, but Quora is wrong
    Brazil is in the Atlantic side, not Pacific.

    Biggest Earthquakes Near Brazil

    Why the earth shakes in Brazil

    1. Actually, that's not true. Western Brazil lies snugly within the Ring, according to all the maps I've seen.

  16. Florence, Italy...Lots of surprises there:


    Plus its home to the Church of Dante Alighieri.

    1. Yeah, interesting place. Grist for future posts.

  17. More watery synch--The original name for Florence, "Fluentia", meant "Between the Rivers" (courtesy of Julius Caeser):


    "The Etruscans initially formed in 200 BC the small settlement of Fiesole (Faesulae in Latin),[14] which was destroyed by Lucius Cornelius Sulla in 80 BC in reprisal for supporting the populares faction in Rome. The present city of Florence was established by Julius Caesar in 59 BC as a settlement for his veteran soldiers and was named originally Fluentia, owing to the fact that it was built between two rivers, which was later changed to Florentia ("flowering").[15] It was built in the style of an army camp with the main streets, the cardo and the decumanus, intersecting at the present Piazza della Repubblica. Situated along the Via Cassia, the main route between Rome and the north, and within the fertile valley of the Arno, the settlement quickly became an important commercial centre."

    1. Major storm surge warnings literally between two rivers:


    2. The Tigris and Euphrates, anyone?

      That's brilliant scoopery on the Florence semiotics, btw.

  18. Its the aftermath of this storm that's going to be worse than the storm itself. Because, hey, even the weather is politicized:


    Wheeee.....Go Go Societal Collapse-a-go-go!

    1. Weather isn't politicized. But dealing with weather has been a matter of politics since the priests of Egypt dealt with the annual flooding. One of the signs that your country is going downhill is that suddenly you start paying attention to the weather, instead of taking for granted that the government has taken all necessary actions for dealing with the weather appropriately.

      The good news is that Trump may pay more attention to a hurricane when the area affected isn't Puerto Rico.

    2. Good Lord. What a mess. I guess it's America's turn to completely destroy itself with the aid of the Politics ("many ticks") cancer.

  19. The Gematria within 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley that Crowley complied from the records of The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn (GD) and the GD obtained that information from Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim; whom complied the sacred knowledge of the ancient world.

    Okay now that the preamble is made clear we can get to another esoteric significance of 9/11. Within Gematria one of 911 meanings is Hell of Tiphareth/Tiferet. Check page 188 within 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley - Liber at the pdf link below.


    Tiphareth/Tiferent is the Sphere of the Sun upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. In other words the spiritual sphere/dimension of the sun.


    Now since 911 translates as the Hell of Tiphareth of the sun, but remember it's the spiritual dimension of the sun which translates as the patriarchy/solar religions that currently dominate the world are taken into their demonic, inverse, negative manifestation.

    I know some may belive I'm just waxing poetic but look at the never-ending insanity within the Islamic nations post 9/11. Yes I am well aware of Deep State Shenanigans from CIA and MI6 often being involved within the chaos of the Arab World. However, it's not simply all designs by man and there is clearly something else going on; "Evil Faces in Smoke of 9-11"


    ^^^The video above between 00:19 – 00:42 seconds observe the infamous face-like apparition that appeared in the WTC smoke. That entity like form just happens to look like the nefarious entity Ahriman sculpted by Christian Mystic Rudolf Steiner


    1. Nutritious informational biscuits, sir. There's all kinds of that sort of thing around that day.

    2. The ONLY thing left to say about the 911 event... is that the USA hive-mind sheople DO NOT WANT to know the truth about September 11 2001.

    3. I believe that's been said quite a few times, actually.

  20. 'Sugar Hiccup' gives 'Lips Like Sugar'

    'She floats like a swan
    Grace on the water...' etc.

    This Echo & The Bunnymen hit 'reached number 36 on the UK Singles Chart & number 24 on the Irish Singles Chart.', 'The B-side to the 7-inch single is a track called "Rollercoaster" ... & was released as a double A-side backed with a cover version of The Doors' "People Are Strange"'

    As a fellow water traveller It's no wonder Bessie came to sing with McCulluch on 'Heaven's Gate', It's a pearly gate afterall.

    What other sweet-syncs have been sung?

    'Spin Spin Sugar' by 'Sneaker Pimps': an invocation of a gyre if ever there was especially Armand Van Heldon's 'Dark Garage Mix', the single release also includes a song titled 'Walk the Rain', the 'Becoming X' album on which the original 'SSS' is heard features songs titled 'Waterbaby' (followed by) 'Roll On'.

    'Big Rock Candy Mountain' by Harry McClintock the lyrics of which describe a topsy-turvy world, & Harry Windsor's was 'turned Upside Down' by the siren that lured him to his 'big day'.

    'Sugar Sugar' by 'The Archies':

    'Pour your sugar on me, honey'

    Too much sweetness is sickly, makes a soul dizzy & prone to collapse if overly indulged in...

    & as for being moved & rubbed-up against, Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven is a Place on Earth' sings:

    'They say in heaven love comes first
    We'll make heaven a place on earth
    Ooh, heaven is a place on earth

    When the night falls down
    I wait for you and you come around'

    For 'Heaven' to be made on 'Earth' Upside Down's been done.

    Belinda's belting was nominated for 'the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance' that year but was vocally smacked down by Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)", B's a natural redhead though so she's the real Queen.

    Of course the vessel of the waters should have been recognised as 'Best' for a cut from 'Blue Bell Knoll', 'Carolyn's Fingers' perhaps on which It's stated:

    'She fell down & he's so sick of it all'

    The ripples of this misjudging are tributaries of the crack is wacking resulting in Houston drowning. Houston also won for The Bodyguard a soundtrack to a tale of what happens to Stars after they're 'Born' & who would be a star? It doesn't work out well even if "we are Stardust" - that's 'dust' as in "ashes to ashes" 'dust', I bet a 'Blackstar' makes a huge pile of dust as part of It's processing of oblivion.

    Other Grammy winners for 'BFPVP' include Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand (1 of her wins being for a song featured on 'ASiB1976' &... Lady Gaga who won the final awarding of this prize as in 2012 the apocalypse was intersectionalized, I mean mermaided, & 'all solo performances in the pop category (male, female, and instrumental) were shifted to the newly formed Best Pop Solo Performance category'.


    As I type I'm listening to Blue Pearl's 'Naked in the Rain' which sings:

    'I'm in over my head
    Fire fills me, hot and red...
    Change this crazy world around, first we gotta cool down'


    'Take me dancing naked in the rain
    Feel it washing over me, oh oh
    Join me dancing naked in the rain
    Cover me in ecstasy, oh'

    Quite a paean to the oblivion of heating & cooling - there's a blue pearl in the ring of fire - especially considering that the sweet covering rush of ecstacy, or 'X' ('Becoming X'), results in the crash of the 'come down'.

    1. Sugar Sugar is a weird song. It faintly reminds me of what a creepo would say to the grade-schooler he's trying to seduce. Catchy as hell, though.

      I had a major crush on Belinda Carlisle back in the Go-Go days. She looked like the cutest girl at a Negative Approach show. Lost interest entirely when she morphed into Kim Novak.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. It would come as no surprise if a creepo is what wrote It, whether channelled or in the flesh.

      'catchy', 'hook', 'reeled in', 'ear-worm'

      pop-cult is a creepo.

      Novak played a witch in 'Bell, Book and Candle' in which she bewitches Jimmy Stewart... the same year she bewitched him again in 'Vertigo' during which part of her spell casting involves an attempt at suicide by drowning & one of the twins she plays in 'Vertigo' is called 'Judy'. (Novak also co-constellated in 'Just A Gigolo' with the BlackStar.)

      Belinda Carlisle is a witch she sings It so on 'Circle in the Sand' (the StreiSand? on the beach BS & her fellow HollyStars sought to keep free of gutter dwelling Star Gazers?)

    4. Good god that woman was so adorable in her New Wave days. Belinda, I mean.

  21. I don't know if this is the best time to mention a little film called "In Dreams". Guess who is featured on the soundtrack? It features a church under water and more. So much more.

    1. Yep. Covered that here: https://secretsun.blogspot.com/2017/07/the-two-towers-or-sirens-ultimate.html

      Thanks for reminding me.

  22. 33: p.s. my brothers name is Tyler. My name is Danielle. King Davidfeom Mendocino is around too, but not gonna get into on here n now. Synch up.

    1. Danielle, your Secret Sun name is officially Tuatha De Danielle.

  23. His story or eeh story is a compendium of plausible when-where-who that sorta kinda fit what is thought-not-known. None of the story lines are true. Islam, Xtianism, IsRaElism are all inventions of remnants of whatever was left after the last big dis-aster as are most-if-not-all of the other worshipful masters, all all in-vented round about 550 years back. Lesser dis-asters have occurred since and hid away under the cloaca of "war". Synching skies portend another. Synchs abound. Twenty-three.


  24. A chimeric wind syncylynkyd the typhoon Jebi & hurricane Florence in the form of the Stormy Williams (Williams 'back' from a watery Struggle), USA Vs. Japan = Pearl Harbour = a most unladylike display of sportsmanship turning Things Upside Down Stranger, kamikazeing *ahem* her rep with a firey outburst on court followed by press conference tears, solution? Transvestigate.

  25. The Anti-Christ is coming soon.

  26. Just a couple minor syncs to add to some of the brilliant work other commenters have done linking Florence, Italy, and Hurricane Florence (and apologies if any of this has already been pointed out, and I missed it).

    The most famous native son of Florence, Italy, was of course Dante Alighieri, whose most famous poem is largely a description of Rings of Fire within Rings of Fire (since, in the Inferno, he pictured Hell as circular). Dante also famously spent much of his adult life in exile from Florence; and hundreds of thousands of people have already went into (hopefully short-duration) exile from Hurricane Florence.

    And Dante died on September 14, when Hurricane Florence is expected to make its first landfall.

    1. Hercules was the symbol of Florence during the Renaissance, I said, apropos of nothing.

    2. Don't forget the Fountain of Neptune for another watery connection.

  27. Not a sync, but I notice a new song from Anna Calvi, 'Don't Beat the Girl out of my Boy', got compared to the Cocteau Twins by the music magazine The Quietus. Can't really hear it myself but the video is interesting. At times, Calvi (whose father is Italian) looks a bit like Rain Dove - who Asia Argento called a 'monster' recently:


    1. That sounds like Toni Basil or Sophie B Hawkins or something similarly fhneh.

  28. I was revisiting Tim Buckley's Starsailor today, and I was struck that one of the tracks is "Monterey." And, honestly, at 3:12s he kind of sounds like a dolphin!



    1. Oh, Our Lady made dolphin noises during pretty much every song on the "Um, Robin, I really think she needs to be in a hospital" tour. Fans used to refer to that tour as the "Dolphin in Distress" tour back on Mmmender's old board.

  29. I know the town affectionately known as Dumbo quite well. I have been wracking my brain as to what's been magnetising various British royals to the place since Lizabert's coronation. I've got nuthin but next time I'm there the subconscious will be hard at work.

  30. Hey Chris,
    Db here
    Thought it was amusing that I’ve heard about Cincinnati a lot this week on some podcasts mainly it’s creepy history.
    Funny sync how I read your post and just so happens to be the only nfl game tonight and guess where? Cincinnati...
    While I’m writing this the guy on tv is ranting about 47 points...

    On the same note. Is Cincinnati just another form or different way to say sin city (b).
    Because there is some wild history there... especially with the freemies... and elites from back into the day...

    Thanks again Chris...
    I feel like I need to email with a good list of my syncs... but this Cincinnati thing happens to be the one I would like to point out right now

  31. You can also add "androgynous" to Gordon/Cindy Sharp, since he/she is transgender.
    He used to be the other amazing voice on This Mortal Coil´s It´ll End In Tears. In fact he sings the final words on "A Single Wish", the closing song on the album.
    There is another sync to yet another otherworldly, tragic voice from Scotland: The late Billy MacKenzie, the amazing androgynous voice of The Associates. The other half of whom was of course Alan Rankine, who produced the Hazel EP.