Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Apocalypse Like Sugar

Hey, are you busy? Can I borrow you for a few minutes?

Yeah, I got a few little syncs you might find interesting. Y'know, just for grins and giggles. Go on, take a click. It'll be a hoot and a holler, I guarantee.

Don't be shy, now...  

Myrtle Beach, Hurricane  

Myrtle Beach, Siren, Twins, Dolphins

Steamboat-- most active year since 1982


Steamboat, Cincinnati, River

Tyler Davidson Fountain, 

September 6, Cincinnati
Tyler Davidson Fountain, Apollo

Cincinnati, Tyler Davidson Fountain,
Apollo, Dolphins


Elizabeth Davidson Fraser

September 6, Abyss 

September 6, Apollo 

September 6, Burt Reynolds (aka "Ben Frazer"),
Actress Liz Fraser dies

Pearl, Fraser

Pearl, Fraser 

Pearl, Fraser, Apollo

Well, you know.

Apollo, Dolphin, Twins

Dolphin, Pearls, Music

Apollo, Dolphin, Oracle

September 3, Fraser, Dolphins


September 3, Swallow (Jebi) 

Fraser, Swallow (Jebi), Twins, Abyss, Moon

Moon, Superstorm
"Above anything else (Apollo) was a god of oracles and prophecy - and the oracles he gave out were riddles, full of ambiguities and traps.  

Typhoon Yancy, 
 August 29 

Hurricane Harvey, August 29

 Hurricane Florence, August 29 

  Hurricane Florence, "worst since" Hazel

Flooding from Hazel

Flooding from Gordon

"Hazel," featuring Gordon

Hazel, B-side of "Peppermint Pig" 

Peppermint Pig EP cover, flooding

Cincinnati, Pig

Florence, Pig,  Fountain

Florence, Cocteau Twins

John Grant appeared with Elizabeth Fraser,
duetted on 'Shenandoah' (Mississippi River, steamboats)
Note harp, gown, androgyny

Androgynous Apollo, Garlands, Gown, lyre (Harp) 

Oracle at Delphi, gown, lyre, Garlands




"SABBE" pronounced "Sa-BEH"

Manson, Androgynous Fraser,
August 29, Scotland, Twins

Manson, Scotland

Manson, August, 29, Twins

Manson, Twins, Pearl (Daisy), Androgyny

Manson, Scotland, twin Bene Frasserit keynote

9 - 1 - 1

Apollo-Oulios= Apollo the Destroyer 

First national story on Cocteau Twins,
September 11, 1982

"Meltdown" Interview,  September 11, 1993 (11 years later)

Went on sale September 4, during
Japan's last worst super-typhoon

Millennium Dome Show at 02, Fraser voices "Sofia"
Sofia destroys Tower(s)
999 performances in y2K


Twin Towers, Destruction 

9/11, Earthquake, Androgynous, "Season 2"

9/11, Earthquake, California, 

Buckley, Androgynous

9/11, Earthquake, California,

Buckley, Siren, California


Buckley, Siren, California,  

 Fraser,  River, Androgynous

September 4, Siren, Twins

Earthquake, California, 

September 7 is 7/7 in old Roman calendar 

"And his oracles were spoken by his prophet in a voice heavy with trance: oracles full of repetitions and riddles, expressed in a poetry that at times hardly seemed poetry at all."

2012 fan video of Sugar Hiccup, 9/11 Melody Maker Cover 


Five of ten top sugar producers are on Ring of Fire, 
the other five are all close to it.

Hiccup makes the "earth toss and tumble"

Hiccup makes the "earth toss and tumble"

Sugar, Gravel

Gravel = "Rub, Grind"



"Heavens curtsy and bow"

Heavens curtsy...


...and bow.



Grave, Seashore

Grave, Seashore


Elizabeth Fraser, September 3, London

Well, that's all the Syncs I have time for now, gang! Hope you had fun. And don't forget, kiddies...


• The Erythraean Sibyl is said to be the first Sibyl to sing her prophecies.

• Erythrea was destroyed by earthquake in the Great Lydia Earthquakes of 17 AD.


NOTE: Take heed, folks. Err on the side of caution with these events. Take some advice from someone who's been through a historical (and devastating storm) not so long ago.