Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Sync or Swim: Tokyo Storm Warning (UPDATE)

As usual there is way too much going on out there for me to keep with. And it all seemed to really kick in as soon as our calendar turned to September. 

I realize you all hate when I talk like this but I have to admit I've been feeling a tad on the doomy-gloomy side about what exactly might be barreling towards us. 

I hope I can help you see why. I hope even more you can convince me I'm wrong.

UPDATE: OK, this is getting me all doomy again. I'll explain why in my next post.

First off, I'd like to apologize for the erratic posting recently. I've been trying very hard to finish my new book while I have some free time. I'm pretty sure it's the greatest work of prose ever written in the English language but then again I would, wouldn't I?

Luckily, it actually is the greatest work of prose ever written in the English language.  So I don't have to worry about my obvious bias clouding my judgment.

I also just recently found out that my humble little burg is a major 5G testing area and has been for nearly the past two years. Apparently it's quite the little showcase for the new mind-control communications technology. 

Seeing as how I've been struggling with major sleep issues and serious chronic fatigue since, oh, just around the time the 5G network went live here, I gotta admit I'm just a little curious as to whether there might a coincidence there. 

I know, I know, that Secret Sun doofus and his paranoid crazytalk again. What a nutter. 

Anyway, what say you we get down to business here, huh? Let's start in the middle.

Actual Synchronicity content sold separately.

Back in 1983, Bond villain Arch-Globalist™ Sting warbled a bouncy little toe-tapper called "Synchronicity II" while taking a break from his primary occupation as Deputy Assistant Cocaine Sniffer for the People's Republic of Megalomanistan.

The lyrics seemed to suggest that the petty troubles of a typical middle class family were somehow mirrored by a sea monster crawling up out of a "dark Scottish loch." 

Just between you and me, I don't think Stingarini really had the first clue what Synchronicity is really all about.

Sting, if you're reading this, first of all I'm sorry I used to refer to you as "Stink." But you kind of left yourself wide open for it. It's kind of like if I ran around calling myself "Tain."

But just to show you there's no hard feelings I'm going to give you a tutorial on how Synchronicity really works. Take notes, Bond villain Arch-Globalist™ Sting. This will all be on the quiz.

ITEM: On Monday night, a modest and dignified middle-aged woman sang a handful of traditional folk ballads, reportedly bringing a small audience of music biz types to tears at a private performance in London's Soho district. No big deal, right? People are singing in private clubs all over the place.

ITEM: Just a few hours later a K-pop (that means "Korean pop," Charles Stingus) superstar released a new music video. It's already racked up several million views and is trending near the top of the YouTube chart (or whatever).


ITEM: Around the same time that was published, what is now being called a "super-typhoon" slammed into Japan, leaving death and destruction in its wake. It's being called the worst typhoon there in a quarter century.

ITEM: Several hours after that Tropical Storm Gordon (See Sting the Merciless? 'Gordon.' That's your real name. Sync!) may or may not have intensified to hurricane status as it barreled through the Gulf of Mexico and threatened the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama with flooding. 

So what's the connection, right? Just some random events, that's the way the world is. Well, let's go back to the beginning.

First of all, that nice middle-aged lady performing at that secret show?

Oh God, do we have to do this little Kabuki dance every single time?

You know who it was.

It was Elizabeth Fraser. You were expecting someone else?

You remember her, don't you, Stingaroony? Cocteau Twins. Scottish. "Otherworldly." Early 80s. Loch Ness. Aqua Net.

Chosen by the gods and/or the Angelic Host as their Sibyl and/or Oracle. "Voice of God." That sort of thing. Basically retired on account of her prophetic work being more or less accomplished.  

Well, the prophecies themselves aren't even close to being retired (most of them haven't even been decrypted yet) but that's why they call them prophecies. 

They're made to be understood in the future.

But just so we're clear it was Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls' first solo performance since August 2012. She appeared in London during a little soiree you may remember called the 2012 London Olympics.

Purely by chance, you see.

OK. The name of that K-Pop video? "Siren."

You heard me.

Do note the twinning in the thumbnail. 

Back to this in a bit. But just remember that Sirens were said to summon hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and so on throughout history.

That storm? It was called Super Typhoon Jebi. Jebi is Korean for "swallow."

 Swallows were the birds that the ancient Egyptians believed represent souls in Heaven, meaning the stars. Swallows are even mentioned in the Book of the Dead. Isis herself was said to turn into a swallow.

Bla bla bla, who cares. Egypt Schmeegypt. Right, Bruce Stingsteen? Well, cool your jets, Globocop, and read on.

Well, you may not have heard, Stingster, but there's all kinds of Elizabeth Fraser-Cocteau Twin material being re-released this year. Why? 

I think you know why. Hint: It rhymes with "flaflockaflips."

We saw Head Over Heels and Treasure back in March and the Fontana-era stuff is being re-released next month. ("The Fontana Years" being in actual fact "the Jeff Buckley Years" but go back to June 2017 and read all that).

Because that's what you should actually do with prophecies, Stingly Wingleson. You should release them when they start getting fulfilled. 

Kind of like how Milk & Kisses was released the very same day as the Dunblane massacre. 

On second thought, just before they were being fulfilled would be even better, like how Milk & Kisses was supposed to be released a few months earlier (when it might have done some good), but got delayed by the record company.

What's that, old boy? Get to the point? Right.'s the cover. Recognize those birds there, Stingy-Wingy? No?

How about now? Recognize them now? 

Gives a whole new meaning to "Flock of Soul," doesn't it?

Bonus Lost Highway-Song to the Siren connections

OK, OK, I know you've got a hot-yoga class in twenty minutes, Sting Theory, but I already know what you're going to say next. Sure, swallows. Weird.  Uncanny maybe, given the timing. 

But what's the connection to Japan? 

Well, the Fontana Years aren't just also the Jeff Buckley Years, they're also the....

...Mitsuo Tate years. 

Mitsuo began as a touring guitarist but more or less became the Fourth Twin, working closely with the band in the studio as well as onstage, as you can see in any performance video, from 1990 right up to the bitter end. 

Mitsuo hailed from Aizu. You know where that is, Stinger's Sex Party?

You can't miss it. It's right next to Fukushima.

Remember Fukushima, Stingcheese? Made the news a few years back, if I recall correctly.

By the way Typhoon Swallow made landfall at Kobe, Japan.

And weirdly enough-- and by that I mean "entirely predictably"-- there's a Kobe Pearl in Las Vegas, just across McCarran Airport (and Janet Air) from Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. 

Is that Heaven or Las Vegas? Neither. It's Paradise.

By the way, you know how many days there are between this past Monday (when El-Sibyl-Beth Fraser brought them to tears in Soho) and October 1st?


Plus nine.

Plus nine.

Guess how many years there are between the release of Heaven or Las Vegas and the day Stephen Paddock rolled into town for the very last time.

Aw, man-- you peeked. 

Listen Stinger Missile, I know this is all kind of hitting you at once, but I've been doing this nonstop since Chris Cornell died and guess what?

It never ends.


Case in point. Mitsuo Tate was NOT the first Fourth Cocteau Twin. There was another one before him. His name?

Oh, you're going to love this, Sting Crosby.

It's Gordon.

Like you! Like Tropical Storm Gordon! 

That's Gordon there, yowling away with Our Lady when she was incarnating on this earth-plane as a feisty little punkette. As far as I know, Gordon (Sharp) is the only other singer to appear on a Cocteau Twins record, and even that's just on bonus CD tracks. 

On Garlands, of course. But wait! There's more!

Not only is Buckley Hiding: The Mitsuo Tate Years coming out next month, so is the  entire This Mortal Coil catalog. 

Fun fact: Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, duetted with Gordon Sharp on the very first This Mortal Coil single, "Sixteen Days." In fact, "Song to the Siren" was the B-side to it. In other fact, it's basically just a Cocteau Twins single with the original Fourth Twin on it.

Sadly, the A-side blows. It's some cover of a crappy Modern English song. Meaning, not "I Melt with You."

And just to complete the circle, Gordon Sharp sings the leadoff track on the first This Mortal Coil album, a cover of Alex Chilton's "Kanagaroo." Jeff Buckley loved it so much he made it a staple of his live sets. The song after "Kangaroo?"

"Song to the Siren." 

Speaking of which, that Kpop star I told you about does the old Venus on the half-shell bit in that Siren video that came out the day after Elizabeth Frasers secret Soho gig....

...the same one that some blaspheming director forced Our Blessed Lady to perform in the video for "Bluebeard," the second single off the Four Calendar Cafe album. She was not pleased.

Oddly enough--remember when I told you Typhoon was the worst storm to hit Japan in 25 years? Guess what album was released 25 years ago next month?

Four Calendar Cafe.

That last worst typhoon to hit Japan? Guess what day it formed, Sting Low Sweet Chariot?

Three guesses whose 30th birthday that was.

Weirdly enough, Stingset, this video just surfaced last week after 34 years. I had no idea it even existed. 

It's of Our Lady and her Unmercenary Musicians, clearly having just imbibed the sacred fumes of Apollo, attempting(?) to lipsync to a pair of their most enduring prophecies. One that was fulfilled and one I strongly fear is yet to come.

Sting-shot, believe me when I say that Our Lady is so adorationable and so clothed in the radiance of Heaven here that I nearly pulled my own head off. I don't know why. I just didn't know what else to do with my hands .

I'll tell you this though, it's jolly difficult to pull your own head off. I'm not too proud to admit I didn't get very far.

Bonus Factoid: Angel Casas means "The Angel's Estate." Give or take. Contrary to popular opinion it does NOT mean "The Angel Who Kept Not Their First Estate." That guy's name is "Angel que no Guardaron su Primer Estado." I think that guy hosted a game show, though.

But Skring, remember when we talked about how I know believe "Pearly Dewdrops Drop" is in fact a mind-warpingly accurate prophecy of SN 1987A? 

Oh come on, Stingston Jamaica, you remember it. We were Skyping.  You were at Davos. You and George Soros were plotting to how best to destroy the middle class for good and I was checking under the couch cushions for change so I could buy a jar of peanut butter to feed my family. 

Please don't tell me you forgot that conversation.

Anyway-- Mister Sumner-- you might remember how that 5G microwave burst hit me in my brains and got me ranting how SN1987 is too perfect to be natural and might in fact be a manufactured event meant to send a message out into the Universe? 

Well, maybe I'm not as susceptible to carcinogenic mind-control radiation as you might think. Maybe I'm onto something.

Hey, Yoga Boy. Hey, lame-arse Holiday Inn Reggae Man; guess where the study referred to this headline came out of?

Yeah, that's right. That's right. Japan. So suck on some of that, Talent Waster.

Aw man. I'm sorry, Paul Newman and Robert Redford in The Sting. I didn't mean to get salty. Mea culpa.

It's just that, y'know, everything from Dream of the Blue Turtles on. 

Well, I don't know. It

We can still hang and stuff, though. 

And speaking of Rubies, Stars and Garlands.

What's that? Is there more, you ask?

More than you will ever know.


  1. I am hoping that the more rural areas survived better than the urban ones during the typhoon even though the Japanese try to pave over everything, there are still lots of areas affected by landslides from heavy rain. One friend commented that, "This year has really been one for typhoons..." I tried to gently hint that it is probably not going to decrease any the next year either...

    I liked but was never that into the Cocteau Twins, I have to confess, but they were the first CD I ever bought after my parents gave me a CD player for college graduation in 1989 - upon which, I excoriated them for not knowing about my undying devotion to vinyl. But, hey, it was the only CD Forced Exposure would review so...Also honestly, I only put them on when I felt I wanted to be transported to whatever this lush and light yet alien environment that they (she) created (manifested? channeled?)... So, I am constantly amazed at this unfolding story...

    1. Welcome to the secret Mystery club, Gregory. We're clearly not looking at just music here, we're looking at some kind of carrier wave. Which in fact was the original purpose of music.

    2. Mystery cu..., club, however you want to delineate it, there is something powerful happening on your bog, Chris. When l first started reading Secret Sun in 2007, l was intrigued, but only haphazardly read your material. I became hooked with your mind blowing Jack Kirby exposition and never missed a posting from then on. I occasionally read the comments, when a particular voice(s) among your readers stood out. More recently l have really begun to enjoy following the discussion thread as eagerly as l do the blog itself. I have had so many personal synchs (it just autocorrected to syths- weird) with your blog, it is truly uncanny. Too many to list right now, but my Dad was born and lived his early years in Quincy. Keep up the noble work and building this community of free-thinking, insightful souls. Thanks for all the joy l have received in reading your blog. FYI, this is the first time l have replied to one of your posts in all the years of being a reader.

      Kaleb (l wanted to reply while my thoughts were fresh, so l replied as anonymous.

  2. storm rider dorothy, ruby red slippers, stolen august 28 2005, timeline of hurricane katrina, 20,000 people entered the Louisiana Superdome, now september 4 2018, 13 years after, lucky number, the traveling pair is back, fbi is happy:

    1. Good to see our Federal police are taking care of the issues that matter most to this country.

    2. They want to "see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz"?

      Or maybe what they really want is to encounter 'Zardoz' in the hopes of locating Sean Connery's red costume, what there was of It, surely a glamour with power beyond even 'twister' gifted 'ruby slippers'.

  3. ... and another ruby red, just days ago:

  4. The Japanese sometimes saw their awful coastal weather as the divine winds (Kamikaze) that protect their nation from invasion and allow them to dwell in their version of splendid isolation. Worked against the Mongols. Not so much for the previous cultures like the Ainu or when the Americans visited in their metal gunships. Storms like they experience are highly ambivalent blessings at best and folk traditions make clear the fear and respect people had for the weather. The bad weather is naturally a result of a war between two brother deities for control of the sky. You would think that there was enough sky for both of them but that sort of logic never seems to work out. I suppose that day when the US gunship harbored off the coast of Japan and they could do nothing as it threatened them was a sort of apocalypse for the old Japanese way of life. The mythical and colourful demons of art and folklore were swept aside like curtains to reveal more real demons and the bars of the black iron prison.


    2. re 'divine winds' protection ^^


    4. Yeah, Japan is a pretty rough neighborhood. 6.6 at Hokkaido today.

      The Eminem thing is very interesting too. Still working on that one.

  5. That brazilian museum fire is ominous.

  6. Here's an interesting factoid/sync about Sting that you will most likely appreciate being a comic book aficionado. The DC/Vertigo Comic character John Constantine physical likeness is modeled to look exactly like Musician Sting.

    "Moore describes Constantine as being drawn from a number of "really good ideas... about serial killers, the Winchester House, and... want[ing] to draw Sting in a story." Calling these disparate strands a "big intellectual puzzle", Constantine was the result of "fit[ting] it all together." Initially created "purely to get Sting into the story", by the time of the 1985 San Diego ComicCon, Moore stated that "It's turning into something more than that now."

    Now here's where it gets strange. John Constantine first appearance was within DC Comic "The Saga of Swamp Thing #25" in June 1984 a year after Musicians Sting Synchronicity II release. I'll let yourself and other people draw your own conclusions but keep in mind Moore is an occultist that's later claimed to have physically met John Constantine in our world on two different occasion and it scare the shyte out of him.

    1. Yes indeed. I was reading the book at the time. Based on a photo of Sting as Feyd Rautha, I believe.

      Bonus factoid: I attended the Kubert School in 1984, where Bissette and Totleben were part of the first graduating class.


  7. Long afloat on shipless oceans
    I did all my best to smile
    'Til your singing eyes and fingers
    Drew me loving to your isle
    And you sang
    Sail to me
    Sail to me
    Let me enfold you
    Here I am
    Here I am
    Waiting to hold you

    Did I dream you dreamed about me?
    Were you here when I was forced out
    Now my foolish boat is leaning
    Broken lovelorn on your rocks
    For you sing, "Touch me not, touch me not, come back tomorrow
    Oh my heart, Oh my heart shies from the sorrow"

    Well I'm as puzzled as the newborn child
    I'm as riddled as the tide
    Should I stand amid the breakers?
    Or should I lie with death, my bride?
    Hear me sing, "Swim to me, swim to me, let me enfold you
    Here I am, here I am, waiting to hold you"

    1. Which reminds me, is anyone keeping an eye on Stephen Jenkins?

      Better to be safe than sorry.

  8. God I love when you have a new post. And to be the first to read it feels like I’m in Las Vegas er I mean heaven er I mean paradise... “fla flocka flips!!!!!”

    Amazing. Love the love letter to sting btw.

    I’m currently on set. For a show that is owned and produced by mr turner.
    The theme today?

    So many syncs in this one I’m dying.
    I don’t know what I would do without this blog

    1. Well, if you're like me you'd probably pull your own head off.

      I'd strongly advise against it, incidentally.

    2. Wiki states regarding going "off to see the Wizard": 'In the film, it is largely implied that Oz was a head-trauma-induced delirium'.

  9. Hi Chris,
    I found this Ted talk on humans having evolved from the oceans, check it out--she is great.

    1. Takes guts to say something unusual or different at at TED talk. Maybe you get to a certain age and your fucks have all been given out.

    Fandor has all the craig baldwin films. for only 4$ a month(just cancel after a month)
    mock up on mu is pretty damn good. as are all of them. no need to post this if its too spammy i just thought of you while watching. keep it coming!!

    1. That looks terrific, Saboteurody. I can stand it.

  11. The Go Go's inspired Jukebox Musical 'Head Over Heels' hit Broadway this year on June 23. The story line is an adaptation of a 16th century work by Sir Philip Sidney called 'The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia':

    The story begins when the Duke of Arcadia, Basilius, journeys to the oracle at Delphos and receives a bleak prediction: his daughters will be stolen by undesirable suitors, he will be cuckolded by his wife, and his throne will be usurped by a foreign state.

    More oracle stuff...

    I don't know if there are any other Cocteau/Go Go's links, but the Go Go's album with the song 'Head Over Heels' came out in March of '84 following the October '83 release of the Cocteau Twins record of that name...It never ends!

    1. It never does.

      I saw the Go-Gos in 1984. Around the time Constantine first appeared in Swamp Thing.

    2. I could have sworn once reading that Ozzy Osbourne considered 'The Go-Gos' to be the most depraved band he'd ever toured with but I can find no reference to this online, so the truth's either been scrubbed out-there or It's a memory from another time & space (admittedly though I've not exhausted the search options, fellow commentators will understand when considering what splicings of 'the go-gos'/'depraved'/'excesses' etc dredge up from "somewhere over the rainbow")

    3. KTV -
      You aren't imagining that Ozzy story. I recall hearing that as well back in the day, but I don't know where I heard it either- Hit Parader maybe? I read that rag religiously as a kid, and they loved Ozzy!

      I gave a listen to 'Head Over Heels' again after my initial comment and the lyrics have a weirdly Secret Sun vibe right down to mentioning the 'The whole world's out of sync'...

      Been running so long
      I've nearly lost all track of time
      In every direction
      I couldn't see the warning signs
      I must be losin' it
      Cause my mind plays tricks on me
      It looked so easy
      But you know looks sometimes deceive

      Etc. etc.,

    4. 'Ozzy' will out-go the ladies in one sense this year as he embarks on a 'farewell tour', 'The Go-Gos' bid their own adieu back in 2016.

  12. Egad! This one really blew a couple of circuits for me. The Sting sync fell in line with the whole "Wizard of Oz" ruby slippers caper and the fact that the wires refer to their discovery as part of a "Sting operation." I jokingly said, in a joke linking Sting and Oz as saying "Sting sang "Walking on the dark side of the moon," y'know, that Police song. And Tropical Storm Gordon got my attention not because of it being Stingman's (h/t Rob Schneider's "Copy guy" character on SNL - "Stiiiing! The Stingman! Sting-O-Rama! Sting-a-ling-a-ding-dong!") first name. (Nope, that was "Sumner," as in "summoning" ... something ...) it was the name of the Barenaked Ladies' "Gordon" album. Yes. I listened to that this morning after seeing the front page article in the local rag reading: "Gordon's greeting." Yes, Gordon is raining down on Oklahoma. The first track on the "Gordon" album is "Hello City." And OKC is known by Okies as "the city." In the case of the BNL (who sing/perform "The Big Bang Theory" theme song ... hmmm) they refer to Halifax, Nova Scotia - both cities which are known to history for deadly explosions, OKC in 1995 and Halifax in 1917. There is more on the "Gordon" album worth noting, but I'll leave it for a Dust Devil Dreams sync piece I'm working on. In the meantime, here's a link to a sync piece I wrote in 2015, complete with sirens, Jeff Buckley, Spalding Gray and "returning to the sea, our mother."

    1. I commented a few times about syncs from Super Troopers 2 this spring (in a few relevant Secret Sun posts immediately following its theatrical release on 4/20).

      Rob Lowe plays an ex-hockey player nicknamed the Halifax Explosion and the original explosion is discussed. Another gag also features mention of the Barenaked Ladies.

      Other Secret Sun syncs for ST:2

      One scene features the shooting down of a bald eagle for the requisite Vega. The Troopers ride in Car 91 in both films.

      The poster for the film is awash in orange as the Troopers stand on a giant bald eagle.
      The Eagles of Death Metal provide a bunch of music for the film.

      Ursula, the police woman and love interest from the first film appears briefly in the sequel (for our Little Mermaid sync).

    2. Great syncs, Otter. Have not seen that film, but it got my attention! As for the Eagles of Death Metal ... wow!... I did write about them following the 2015 Paris massacre and their sync/link to Duran Duran and their "Save a Prayer" cover, which was performed at the doomed show. And Duran Duran? They were across town with Al Gore at the Eiffel Tower, putting on their own show. I mention it in light of Duran Duran's "007" link and their providing the theme song to "A View To a Kill" in 1985. Watch the music video for a reminder.

    3. The first article on the Twins in a national paper was in Sounds. Cover star? Simon LeBon. Cover date?

      11 September.

  13. A plane from Dubai just landed with 100 people feeling sick and the CDC on the scene
    And as a weird sync, just as I’m typing this post Apple nooze feed sends me a notice CNN story about airplane bathrooms being full of germs

  14. I'm going to take your rip on the Police not knowing Synchronicity as some sort of attempt to be hip???

    As you know very well the less popular Synchronicity I explains exactly what kind of scrying, fabric weaving or post modern determinism you're syncing (pun intact) into...

  15. The initials for "Directed Energy Weapon" spell out "DEW" ... food for thought.

  16. Extra-galactic intelligence signals? Wow! Does this have anything to do with blazars?

    I've been trying to get a mental picture of what's been going on from my position of nearly total ignorance. It would be easier if I was in total ignorance, I wouldn't even be noticing that something is going on. One of the mental pictures looks like a slider. The knob can be up or down and it's very close to the limit (up, I suppose, but not entirely sure which direction to look at it). The other picture looks like two keyrings chained to each other. The space in the middle can be bigger or smaller, and the keyrings are being pulled apart and the space between them is close to zero. Not sure which picture is better, or whether an alternative one would describe it more closely. Does anybody have anything to offer on the right way of picturing things?

    1. There is no right way. There are only ways, Mariarigelody.

    2. Hmm. There is one keyring that is clamped by metal pincers on each side. The two pincers rotate around in opposite directions to twist it into a figure eight then pull the two halves apart where they meet. Two new keyrings are produced of equal size and mass. We see a circle growing larger. The perspective shifts to the side and we see that the circle is a cross section of a trumpet shape extruding into our visible dimensions. I'm afraid that this is what I see when asked to develop your picture.

  17. Well, the weather gods are certainly predicting an active hurricane season for the US:

    Seriously though, why would anyone want to live anywhere near Florida at this point? Its slated to become an archipelago sometime this century...But then again, Disney can always open another mermaid attraction. Or breed them or whatever.

    1. Well, Florida has some nice beaches, I suppose.

    2. The state motto of Kansas:

      'Ad astra per aspera'

      Strange Angels abound:

      'Rescuers evacuated more than 300 people from flooded Kansas college town*', 'Nearly 9 inches (23 centimeters) of rain fell from Sunday night into Monday.'

      (*named 'Manhattan')

      'KC man charged with murder in 2017 shooting. Fight may have started over shoes'

      'The Link trainer is often referred to as the "blue box" because the simulators were painted blue and yellow.'.

  18. Speaking of the climate, is Ireland being targeted because its lagging behind in curbing carbon emissions or because their economy is bounding back a little too well for some elitists' liking?

    Weather warfare as a new front in economic warfare? Kingsman sequel anyone?

    1. Well, so-called climate change is a surefire way of hobbling emerging economies...

  19. Sorry to hear about your sleep issues/chronic fatigue. Have you tried CBD oil or gummies at all? They work, but you may have to do a little self-experimenting to find the ideal dosage. Also, not all brands are the same when it comes to quality. Sunday Scaries & Hemp Bomb worked best for me.

    1. Chewables, yeah. Didn't agree with me, sadly.

    2. Other Anon here. Have you tried Valerian + Hops? We have those as tablets in every drugstore here in Germany. They work very well for me, somewhat soothe that feeling of restlessness when you‘re in bed but your mind is still going everywhere. But you‘d still have to take care of other things yourself... like not having too much screentime in the evening. Which is probably an issue as a writer. When I use them I feel much more refreshed in the morning, I feel like they improve my sleep quality very much.

    3. I'll tell you likes valerian root-- my cats. They like it better than catnip. My wife uses it but it kind of smells like dirty socks.

      I do have a theanine formula I'm experimenting with.

    4. Magnesium Glycinate (pure encapsulations) and a white noise machine (lookup Dohm) As you see it works (I’m up at 3:20 typing this). No seriously this combo and breath right strips work most nights. And not looking at a computer screen before bed, which I’m obviously also doing right now. I should stick to researching all those museum fires we seem to be having this year. Sweet dreams

  20. When you started the post talking about feeling gloomy-doomy, I was empathizing and my mind immediately went to my own very recently discovered possible issues/problems with nearby cell towers, that I had managed to forget for a few hours.

    I realized that the fact that my health problems came out of nowhere soon after moving to my current location (150m from a tower), might NOT be a coincidence after all. Previously, there was no other logical conclusion that I could see. I'd explored all other conceivable possibilities (diet changes, habits, toxins in environment, etc.). Then I read the next sentence and you mention 5G. Spooky-dooky. Well, not really, but maybe a tad.

    Don't know how far you've explored things so far since you've discovered this possible connection in your own life. I've only had a few days. Seems as though a few countries take this a lot more seriously than others and have far stricter regs when it comes to proximities. The amount of fervent skeptoid 'debunking' out there is worrisome. It's all looking like tobacco 2.0 to me, so far. There are dozens and dozens of studies suggesting a connection between health and EMF. But also, a lot of studies don't, therefore it's not proven and there's NOTHING to it AT ALL, tinfoil tard! "Hurrr durrr it's non-ionizing radiation therefore you can't get cancer you nutter!" As if cancer was the only concern.

    Goddammit if it's not one thing it's another. I just want to move to a cabin in the woods.

    This is the best resource I've found so far The ex-head of Microsoft(!) Canada runs this outfit:

    I'm trying to get away for a few weeks, far from any towers, to see if my condition changes.

    All the best and good luck to you, Chris. Looking forward to any updates/info on this you're willing to share.

    1. Yes, maybe we should give the "climate change" a rest and look more seriously into electronic pollution. I'm not holding my breath, though.

    2. i would recommend trying some faraday clothing

  21. New Book?! Can you offer any details?

    And, no mockery of Sting and his Labyrinth Lute? Must be saving that for an entire post of it's own as it synchs heavily with John Dowland and PKD's obsession therein. Flow My Tears the tantric sex-master said.

    1. All I say for now is that it's the most earth-shattering sequencing of nouns and verbs in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy..

      I think I gave my pal Schwing enough of a roasting for now, Seanody. I don't want him to think I'm actually sore at him or anything.

    2. Definitely a fan of verbs. Nouns? Meh. Still, kudos and can't wait!

  22. "I nearly pulled my own head off. I don't know why. I just didn't know what else to do with my hands."

    That's happens to me every time I read The Secret Sun!

    I always suspect something is up when the MSM injects "The Wizard of OZ" into the daily meme-stream.

    K-Pop performer's Korean name Sumni is so close to the English Sumner.

    It never ends.

    1. It never does, Synchrody.

      And OZ is a time-tested MK narrative. Something works, you stick with it. Which is why I never change my socks.

    2. 'TWOO' = The Syncularity of mkculturists.

  23. Can a brotha get a release date on that book before christmas so the people in my family that actually have money can buy it for me as a gift

    1. Um, huh. Christmas.

      When's your birthday, TravisDaveBowmanody? Let's shoot for that.

  24. Some discordian adherents or chaos magicians recently tried to summon Aleister Crowley; "Capstone Hill Tour of Britain bike turned into penis"

    For those that don't get the reference compare the modified bike art glyph to how Crowley signed his name after becoming the "Supreme Magus"

    1. Discordians. They would.

      Were they wearing Groucho masks and wielding rubber chickens? Those are sacred vestments in Discordianism, I believe.

  25. As things feel more and more oppressive in the news, I find myself repeatedly checking your blog. As you were sharing your breakthrough with Der Schtingle, all I could think was...Soul Cages, written to honour his deceased Father, I believe. Based on a tale written as an Faerie tale in 1825-28, a soul cage was a receptacle in which a merrow(merman) kept captive human souls.

    Merrow, mermaid, siren.

    In other Bond global-arch-villain news, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, formerly Nirvana, cancelled shows due to losing his voice and jokingly suggested his problem might have come from kissing Bono, who suffered a similar issue a week or so before.

    Plus, Grohl, Novoselic and some other guy got together for a mini Nirvana reunion during a Foo Fighters show in Seattle. When fans criticized them for doing so without dearly departed Kurt, Novoselic snarkily responded by saying they had attempted to get in touch with Kurt...

    Why is Grohl interesting? Best buds with Killing Joke, Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and the Eagles of Death Metal(the in house music for the slaughter at Bataclan, a venue that saw Sting perform both before and after), and also Grohl is in Them Crooked Vultures with Homme and Led Zep's John Paul Jones.

    The threads keep spinning.

    1. Grohl is quite the interesting fellow, Savethofelody. I'll have to check out that pseudo-nirvana show on YouTube.

      I saw Nirvana back in the day. They were very, very boring. I was quite disappointed. But I wasn't the only one, a lot of people were just lounging around the lobby and such while they played.

    2. Between you and me and the rest of these nice folks,I had spent most of the decade in metal and resisted grunge for quite some time. It seemed too angsty and self conscious to me at the time. Nirvana left me cold, but Scott Weiland, Layne Staley and Chris Cornell were brilliant and ultimately, tragic. (Silence the leading voices of a generation and what do you have left...?)

    3. Ps. There was a headline today about theoretical Space Whales on Europa. I had already scrolled past by the time I realized what I had read.

  26. A K-Pop group called BTS released their music video "Idol" on Aug 24 and by Aug 29 it became the fastest to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Fun fact: Mitsuo Tate and K-Pop star Sumni are both Taurus of the zodiac. I was curious about Gordon Sharp's birthday but there isn't much about them except that they're trans. Oh and also more about Sunmi's "Siren" :
    Sunmi Reveals “Siren” Was First Planned As Title Track For Wonder Girls
    She explained, “About two or three years ago when Wonder Girls was promoting as a band, this song was being considered as a title track alongside ‘Why So Lonely,'” and “It was determined that the song wouldn’t sound as great if arranged for a band, so I’ve been holding on to it and hoping that there will come a time for me to showcase it. Sunmi also went on to talk about the meaning behind “Siren” as she said, “Sirens are used for warnings, and I was also inspired by sirens in mythology. They are known as beautiful but frightening presences that lure sailors in with their beautiful voices and drag them down to the bottom of the ocean. The mermaids that appeared in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ were also sirens. I think I’ll be able to take that unique concept and express it well.” She went on to add, “The reason sirens stuck out to me is that they’re what are used in the most dangerous of situations. And the origin of the word ‘Siren’ is that mermaid figure. The song itself has an ambiguous meaning, so I wanted to use that word.”

    1. Oh, I'm sure she did. Kpop is well known for giving its performers total freedom and autonomy. The music isn't written by computers at all.

      I have to say I was watching and thinking everything is so American everywhere now. And they the chorus comes in and it's in English.

    2. the only thing that's ever interested me about Kpop is that the S. Korean military blasts it via loudspeaker over the border to N. Korea. wonder what they add to the signal to fuck with them...

    3. North Koreans were subject to a performance by k-poppers 'Red Velvet' as part of the progressing détente earlier this year, the faces of the crowd said It all.

      As for what's added It's the same that's done for our entertainment in lands 'of the free'.

      'According to one Japanese fan, “If anyone can help achieve peace, they can.”'

      Ominous, 'peace through pop-culturisation' is it?

      'When K-pop performers went to Pyongyang on several occasions in the early 2000s, the North Korean audiences “pulled faces or were expressionless because they were probably told to react negatively,” said Kang Dong-wan, a professor of North Korean culture and politics at Dong-A University in Busan, South Korea.'

      Yes, that must be It professor.

  27. Confounding as ever. I mentioned my Dad died a horrible Death in the comments a few months back.. I apologise if that is info not really pertinent to the mission here. But I do smell the shit you're steppin' in there Chris. I do however think it's pertinent information that after overlapping dome secret sun filters on my personal life of syncs, it is very strange indeed that my Dad, who died a year and several months ago shares the same birthday as Our Lady. You're right, it doesn't end.

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad, Austin. That's gotta be rough. You have my sympathies. What a fallen world we live in.

    2. to be with a loved one through a rough passage- curse or gift or? hugs sunner companion.

    3. Thank you Chris, Delorus...It has been rough, I'll be okay. Just keep on a flooring us Christopher Loringody.

    4. Sorry my niece's blog was logged on. Shucks. I'm gonna make a blogger account strictly for Sunnin'.


  28. What's up friends, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say regarding this paragraph, in my view its actually remarkable designed for me.

  29. Der Schtingel may be looking to crash at your crib, Chris. I would wonder if he could handle Our Lady and the truth as such.
    Can he cook? That's my question.
    I keep rolling in the synchs and am glad you are catching the cheek slaps too. Hang on. It may never End, but the ferris wheel gets close
    enough to the bottom so we can juuust get that tire iron in the mech to bring it to a grinding halt. Maybe that is what Liz does, for some like VIce...?

    1. Sting probably couldn't tear himself away from the mirror long enough to hear the Sibyl, Annody. He's richer than toast but I never got the feeling he's in any way perceptive or anything.

  30. I ASS/U/ME your pounding of one Gordon Bumble stems from a younger days belief that he once held some more of the answers. We all did then, sigh. Same of Bono. Woah how they are all the best ones indentured. Nevertheless, like the X-Files, those early rubes carried with them some truth. The amount we tin-foiled ones were allow to transport. Hate not the past, Saturn holds it all in his hexfold circumbuitus orbit.

    1. Well, we all know now that all of the charities and NGOs are nothing but grifts and shakedowns, Mattody. I think when they build you up the way they did Sting and Bono you have to make with the kickbacks.

    2. 'Sting' wrote a musical 'The Last Ship' about 'the closure' of a shipyard called 'Swan Hunter'.

      It's not been particularly sea-worthy in terms of stopping liquidity run out Sumner's fingers.

      Also much mention's made that his wife in particular has extravagent tastes sucking the cash wellspring dry not even royalties from the likes of 'Quadrophenia', another sea-sync, will help to top back up.

  31. Yes! So glad you brought up that song by sting. It plays in regular rotation on our classic rock station here in Atlanta and only recently. I remember when I first actually listened to the lyrics and thinking what..the fuck? You know? But it really is a snapshot of reality right? I can't fucking believe the song is titled synchronicity II I didn't know that either as they never mention it on said radio station which happens to be called "The River" hah! We're all riding a huge wave.

    1. Hey listen, when it's the 80s and coke, whores and money-laundering are taking up all your free time, it's tough to make sense with the lyrics on your pre-arranged blockbuster LPs. I just mean that as a general rule, Drewskiody. In fact I have no idea why I just said that. Weird.

    2. You're right about that! You always keep me chuckling. I figured that last bit of the song was a shout out to Boleskin house plus all the stuff we've been covering considering the general landscape geographically and anthropologically. Plus in the neighborhood of our lady and so on.

    3. And hey this just in another airplane sickness incident in Philly. Yikes that was quick. Hope old Bill Gates' dream,err I mean prediction isn't kicking off.

  32. I would conjecture the song juxtaposed a reality we all know (middle class/worker family) with the reality of x-files like scenarios (the monster) which we all love here but are not commonly discussed or known. But it's all really happening. Keep going man great work as always!

  33. "Sea Swallow Me" has always been one of my favorite Cocteau Twins songs. Harold Budd collaborated with them on "The Moon and the Melodies" album. Budd worked with David Sylvian, the frontman for the new wave band (enter sync here) Japan, on his final album Avalon Sutra. Your mention of Isis turning into a bird reminded me of The Cure video for "High" in which Robert Smith turns into a kite. Much of The Cure's music seems to resonate with the Osiris and Isis myth. Well, as long as we're on the topic of shoegaze bands and the sea you should check out The Daysleepers "Drowned In A Sea Of Sound" album. It really is an overlooked masterpiece.

    1. Well, Robert Smith is a very powerful and influential figure in the College of Cardinals in the Orthodox Fraserfarian Church. There's a lot of talk that he might be the first English Pontifex Maxifrase.

    2. The Glove's 'Blue Sunshine' album features 'This Green City' as track no. 7, no idea if 'Judy Garland' features on the album cover collage but a whirlpool does & a doppel of Fraser's on the back, vocals though credited to a 'Jeanette Landray', 'Jean' links to a state of 'grace'.

  34. We demand an end to this charade.September 11 caused the masses to "go to sleep"...and accept Evil as Good! 17 years later,most Americans are totally and mindlessly immersed in corrupt msm fake reality news,video games,thugish entertainment complex of music videos,reality tv and celebrity gossip to further install corporate dumbing-down to hive-mind masses.Arts and Culture have long been hijacked by the 'Derp State' and turned into a Idiocracy-inspired Jeff Koons Balloon Dog.Modern Art's sole purpose is to launder money from crimes by the Billionaire class and of course make society as stupid as possible.In other words : "modern society is dead"...As we aproach 911-Part 17,what coming event could possibly wake up the dead/sleepers? One possibility is the 5G - They Live scenario.

  35. And now a magnitude 6.7 earthquake has struck southern Hokkaido, Japan -

    BTW I like Sting's music and have seen him play live twice.
    I don't know much about his politics, but I don't mind his music though.

    1. Well, yes. This Ring of Fire business is troubling me so exactly because of Sugar Hiccup. "Makes the earth toss and tumble-Heavens curtsy and bow."
      Then I read that Hokkaido is the heartland of Japan's beet sugar industry.

      Yep, feeling just a wee bit antsy these days, Brizdazody.

      Keep the data rolling.

  36. Hey very interesting blog!

  37. While concentration and mindfulness carry extra focus and consciousness into our lives, inventive meditation helps
    us to remodel and apply the habits of the mind with larger effectivity.

    1. Sigh. The only time I could really meditate meditate was when I was doing Karate. Maybe it's time to go back to it.

    2. yin yoga saves me in body and mind. all laying down and sitting. I don't balance or keep up with posture flows well. don't let the high percentage of gals scare you away.

  38. The latest transmission from re-awakened sludge-stoners 'Sleep', titled 'The Sciences', includes these tracks:

    'Sonic Titan', 'Antarcticans Thawed' & 'The Botanist'.

    On this theme of Annihilation 'Portman' is starring in 'Pale Blue Dot':

    'Based on true events, an astronaut returns to Earth after a lengthy mission and begins an affair with a fellow astronaut. She heads into a downward spiral as she loses her connection to her family — a condition that can afflict those who spend a long time in space — and when her lover begins another affair with an astronaut trainee, the bottom drops out.' (wiki)


      Portman's star-made ascendency:

      'Leon' as protégé assassin (/) jailbait trauma based mind control template.

      'Developing' 'nuff said.

      'Heat' as suicide attemptee.

      'Beautiful Girls' as a lolita-esque 'Marty, who describes her thirteen-year-old self as "an old soul."'

      'Everyone Says I Love You' as 'Laura' & directed by woody allen.

      'Mars Attacks' as the daughter of US prez.

      'Star Wars The Phantom Menace' ...the original 'raped childhood' movie.

      'Anywhere but Here' 'a 1999 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film'

      'Where the Heart is'...

      'Zoolander' starring Davy Jones in a judging role.

      The tagline on the 'Annihilation' poster stated 'fear what's inside'.

  39. Chris try tryptophan. I take 3-4grams on a bad night. No grogginess next morning. It was banned decades ago due to a contaminated production source but it's now available again and safe. Not addicting. Available at Vitamin Shoppe. The guy in the store on rt 36 in Eatontown is like the Cliff Klavin of supplements.

    1. I'll look into that Anonyody. The theanine worked pretty good last night.

    2. Ashwagandha works wonders for me.

  40. The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan drowned after drinking, inquest finds.
    So officially Dolores died from drowning.

    1. Well, we called it.

      Shootings today in Ohio. Fountain Square. "The Genius of Water."

    2. As stated in the article Delores 'had recently divorced from former Duran Duran tour manager Don Burton at the time of her death' syncing with the above mention of the Fraser & co. 1st cover appearance.

    3. Fountain Square, Fifth Third building, straight shot up Vine from the Freedom Center (and, more importantly, the river). Apparently the shooter loitered so he could begin the attack at precisely 9:11AM.

  41. MC again.

    First thought - so then, re my "dream-messages" (?) from over a month ago, correlation in that so far there's been one major event in September involving (oh-how-I-adore-)Her. Cue: sigh of relief, that it was neither a tragedy nor an emigration.

    Evidence against this - on September 3 I was in London (but not in Soho) - and I didn't have any sixth sense suggesting what might be going on, not even slightly (...then again, it may be simply that she knows better than to send any more psychic messages to a dangerous lunatic like me)..
    Curious detail - (signposted above) brings up repressed memories and "jouisssance" but fails to clearly make the connection between the word, the phenomenon and you know who + certain songs on a certain album soon to be re-released.

    1. Hey, wait a minute; I thought *I* was the dangerous lunatic here. Don't go poaching on my land, MCHammerody.

  42. Been reading your blog off and on for years strange week I live in the path of Gordon / rural Mississippi my sisters bday is Sept 2 and she introduced me years ago to the Cocteau Twins my dog who’s nickname is Jebi died suddenly on 9-2 of Lupis weird days

    1. so sorry about the loss of your pooch- we love them so much.

  43. Just a few more syncs for the pile (none particularly earth-shattering, alas)...

    I did a little research on the pseudo- or quasi-aurora known as Steve. So far as I can parse, Steve (and, man, I cringe every time I write that; they've made an unwieldy backronyn for it- Something Transmission of Excited Something Whatever- but it still sets my teeth on edge that such an interesting phenomenon now permanently has a dumb joke as its name; sorry, geek rant over!) is one of those topics where the science is valid, but the reporting is timed for some ritual purpose: after all, Steve was discovered in 2008, "brought to the attention of the scientific community" (?) in 2016, and the data that nailed down exactly what it is was collected early in 2017. Anyway, the syncs...

    Steve was discovered by citizen scientists in Canada. It was named for a character in the animated flick "Over the Hedge", which is set in Chesterton, Indiana; Chesterton lies in the area of Indiana that used to be known as LaPorte ("the Door"), from the way the forest there abruptly gives way to prairie (there's still a county and a town called LaPorte there; coincidentally, I spent a good chunk of my adult life near there). So, Steve,which was originally thought to be a type of aurora, was named for a character who lived in the prairie...

    Which syncs with one Steve Prairie, who went to a Harvest Festival in Las Prairies, and, after he wounded one Jesus Prairies, proceeded to massacre a large number of innocent folks who had gathered to see the show. Just like had happened a few years earlier in Aurora. And a surprising number of Steve's victims were Canadian.

    Not a synchronicity, but just High Strangeness: it turns out that Steve (the quasi-aurora) is actually pretty common. All the pictures I've seen of it have been pretty striking, like a glowing rope up into the sky. Which demands the question: if this thing is so striking and so common, why was it only discovered in 2008? Either it's a new thing happening, or it's a normally rare occurrence that for some reason is now happening much more frequently. And however one answers that, the next question has to be,well, Why?

    Almost forgot: minor sync with Japan and the typhoon. Shortly after this glowing rope up into the sky made the news, Typhoon Jebi hits Japan. According to the Shinto scriptures, the Father of the first Emperor, Jimmu, was a minor god who climbed down Earth from the Plain of High Heaven on a shining rope, and found himself stranded here when the rope was broken by Susano-o, the storm god. Sync with the horrors of the deep that have been washing up on the World's beaches: Jimmu's father married a sea goddess who could assume the form of a beautiful woman...but who had to revert to her real form (a tentacled horror that seriously reads like Great Cthulhu as a Shinto Kami) while giving birth to Jimmu.

    Hope these syncs are of some use, or at least entertainment. As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    1. The name Steve was reportedly taken from the film "Over the Hedge" to describe something unknown.Apparently, "Steve" was known by amateur night sky photographers for decades and was only formerly 'discovered' by professional academic Astronomers in April 2017, after Alberta Aurora chasers provided them with photo evidence.After witnessing a Steve (before it was named) in person during early Spring of 2017,"a shimmering serpent rope coming down from the Sky" is a good description of this mystical vision.Reminds one of song lyrics "a golden ladder reaching down...when the man comes around".

    2. Hypothetically of course... Steve may be more common due to the increase in magnetic field interactions, as Earth is dragged by the Sun (in its orbit about the secret sun) further into an oppositely polarised field.

  44. Lodestar? So I guess it's on like Donkey Kong...

  45. //Just between you and me, I don't think Stingarini really had the first clue what Synchronicity is really all about.//

    Just between you, me and the infoverse, I apprenticed to a genuine(?) live, nasty sorcerer around the time that Synchronicity was released. Learned how to play with P.O.O. -- Power Over Others, until I couldn't stand the stench any more, then turned the tables (just like album suggested!).

    However erratic your postings, you more than compensate for with bad-a55 synchromusic. Writers, artists, musicians are the handmaidens/handymen of coincidence. Even the bad (stinky) ones.

  46. Cranberries singer died from drowning while drunk, inquest hears

  47. Slipper's found a twister's (re-)born turning things 'Upside Down' dragging souls To Davy Jones' Locker & dredging Titan spawn from the depths.

    The 'TWOO' trailer states 'Dorothy is Judy Garland', 'Dorothy', the 'gift of god', is Judy Garland, 'Judy' being her stardominated staged-name (born Frances Ethel Gumm).

    The ruby slippered Gale went on to star in the 1954 remake of 'A Star is Born' (after she was released from her o.g. starmaking contract with MGM due to her 'erratic behaviour').

    The Coop/Gaga twinning 'Star Born' is unleashed on Humanity October 5th a week before 'First Man' begins projected transmission.

    Davy Jones lurks again: the 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' melody clone-spliced for 'Starman', the very 'Space Oddity' surrounding the Apollo missions...

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow / Starman / Star Born / First Man

    & trailer #2 of 'First Man' includes footage of Armstrong's wife sticking it to 'the man': "You're a bumch of boys don't have ANYTHING under control".

    A shot at stardom is an act of human hubris sure to be punished by actual firmament dwellers, what's Buzz Aldrin up to these days? Shilling Quaker Oats on one-eyed monster streamers.

    There's so very much Oddity resonating throughout 'TWOO' ("The owl's are not what they seem") so not surprising It's a keystone in conspirasyncery, It's a proto-ritualised-culturing later pop-occultations draw so very many of their 'Upside Down' energies from.

  48. More ruddying of the waters as Marco Rubio claims to not "know" who Alex Jones is as they meet face-to-face at a press conference yesterday, the unpersoning ('Mengele' Effecting?) is real effective on some It seems.


    Which samples Jones sobbing about "mad scientist" created Human/fish chimeras on 'Phantom Zone'.

    1. & that's Alex "chemicals in the water that turn the frigging frogs gay" Jones.

      As for 'experimenting' what did 'Judy Garland' singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" result in turning?

      'There was certainly an awareness and appreciation of Garland among Stonewall Inn patrons. Because the bar had no liquor license, it was passed off as a bottle club and patrons were required to sign in. Many used pseudonyms and "Judy Garland" was among the most popular. Regardless of the truth of the matter, the Garland/Stonewall connection has persisted and has been fictionalized in Stonewall, Nigel Finch's feature film about the events leading up to the riots. Lead character Bostonia is shown watching Garland's funeral on television and mourning, and later refusing to silence a jukebox playing a Garland song during a police raid, declaring "Judy stays."'

      As Prince "am I straight or gay?" controversially sang "Something In The Water Does Not Compute".

      Humans being 50-75% water, depending on the body, & Earth's surface being just over two-thirds water in what way do the Workings undertaken on Humanity alter planetary goings-on & vice-versa - 'star collisions to send us messages' = influential ideas in the shape of firmament refracted cosmic rays? & to what end? Something that would make Jones' rantings seem the lesser of two evils?

    2. I'm sure that there a plenty of people or nonhuman thoughtforms worse than Alex "I'm CIA, no really" Jones. I'm also somewhat confident that he would have no problem associating with many of them. He is a professional false witness as called in the trade.

      As to where the name Judy Garland has been "occulted" then it's placed quite openly in Twin Peaks. Perhaps many noted this programming of their subconscious. In terms of personal synchs for Lynch his girlfriend at the time of the Kennedy assassination was called Judy and he has talked about how much the killing upset her.

  49. Taking a peep into one of them is similar to taking a
    peep into nirvana itself. There's no need to be completely paranoid,
    but it's a reality that you have a lot of people around that go after the lonely.

    It takes time, especially when you're romancing someone from your different country
    whose culture and background is probably not exactly like yours.

  50. I cannot imagine our world without this blog and your new book and you, Chris. Your friend, Eltyody (born 9-9)

  51. You need an astrologer Chris! Saturn and Mars. Mars is back direct again, throwing us off the precipice into 0 Aquarius, right where it was when Trump was 'elected'.
    This week Saturn goes direct again, taking the brakes off the crazy.

    Gloom is an appropriate Saturn word.

  52. Can't wait to hear about what you think is barreling toward us.Bright Ruler with counsel / Burt Reynolds died at Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter Florida today at age 82.Celebrities including Reba McIntyre - McEntire and Sally Fields - Field tweeted condolences to "the bandit".

    1. Burt will be alright, as he drove a fire-bird as "the bandit", so he should rise from the ashes OK;-)

    2. What do you say when there are no words?
      Feel It
      Feel a song that's never been heard?
      Sing It
      How do you know when ya hear the call?
      What do you do when you've done it all?

      It's not what you do
      It's how you do it.
      Be anything you want to be
      It's not what you got
      It's how you use it
      You be you
      And I'll be me
      It's just a matter of style
      You can't fake it
      Mile after mile
      Feeling free
      If you got the soul
      you can make it
      Move-em out (move 'em out)
      Let 'em roll (let 'em roll)
      From sea to shining sea

      'Cannonball Run' by Ray Stevens

      Burt kidnaps former Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett & keeps her hidden in the back of his van during the movie, probably a situation analagous to that which FF had resigned to being familiar with as a 'starlet' considering her stardoomed descent into substance abuses in later life - just like ruby slippered 'Judy G' "somewhere over the rainbow".

    3. Anonny717 above mentions Jupiter, FL - Yesterday (9/6) was Thurs/Thors/Jupiter-day... and 1,2,4 we're just positively screaming way past super ultra blue in the face... this video has been making the rounds this week... a lot of people feel like this is the move that is proof that there will be justice coming to the corrupt - I mean, that's high hopes, but here, here is this mini-historical (soon to be remembered as much as anything in current times?) - shot on location in Jupiter, Florida.

    4. Jupiter likes 1, 2, or 4, so here's part II where I actually include the link I was referring to!

      HUZZAH ^^

    An Elizabeth Fraser has died, aged 88

  54. The Alex Chilton connection is interesting. Just recently I watched a few YouTube videos about the Replacements, who wrote the song "Alex Chilton", where they actually mention the Cocteau Twins. In one, Paul Westerberg talks about how he and the band were fans of their music. In another (what's in my bag), Tommy Stinson chooses Blue Bell Knoll as one of his favorites.