Friday, April 20, 2018

Mother of Pearl: Addenda

Wellesley, you see, is not just a place ... but an idea ... an experiment in excellence in which diversity is not just tolerated, but is embraced. 
The essence of this spirit was captured in a moving speech about tolerance given last year by a student body president of one of your sister colleges. She related the story by Robert Fulghum about a young pastor, finding himself in charge of some very energetic children, hits upon a game called "Giants, Wizards, and Dwarfs." "You have to decide now," the pastor instructed the children, "which you are ... a giant, a wizard or a dwarf?" 
At that, a small girl tugging at his pants leg, asked, "But where do the mermaids stand?" 
The pastor tells her there are no mermaids. "Oh yes there are," she said. "I am a mermaid." 
Now this little girl knew what she was and she was not about to give up on either her identity or the game. She intended to take her place wherever mermaids fit into the scheme of things. Where do mermaids fit into the scheme of things? 
--- Barbara Bush, Commencement Address to the Wellesley College Class of 1990

Pearl Factory, inside Luxor Las Vegas. Thanks to a reader...

Another hot tip.

In the Gold Dust Rush I only genuflect.

Orange, apparently.

Again, celebrity UFO David Fravor as in "Davidson Fraser..."

Jean Cocteau and Lyra.


  1. That woman was not just evil but also nuts.

    1. Secret ingredient in her pizza... I'm guessing it wasn't love... or turmeric...

  2. Strawberry fields. Forever.
    The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.


    1. "If I could I would give you the world, All I can do is just offer you my love."

      Diamonds & Pearls - Prince & The New Power Generation

      (essentially a duet by the purple one & Rosie Gaines (who went on to have a global 'smash hit' with 'Closer Than Close': "Open my mystery... you're the one who has the key... Whispering our secret language in my ear... "))

    2. Wow, that brings me back. Time was you heard that house beat everywhere you went.

  3. Being the massive ALIEN fan that I am, here is an interesting bit of orange lingo I spotted yesterday.

    VR Alien infestation, survivor quarantine, at the Orange in the Orange...

    "Join an elite squad of Colonial Marines sent to investigate a distress signal from a Weyland-Yutani mining outpost. Just before losing contact, the facility reported some sort of infestation. It’s up to you and your squad to contain the threat, quarantine any survivors and get everyone off-world safely.

    Open now at The Outlets at Orange, located minutes from Disneyland (in Orange County)."


    1. Orange, baby. It's a thing. Maybe we're getting softened up for the Osho revival. I'll get back to you on that.

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  6. My stomach hurts. What's next?

    Hand off.


    Charles, behold the man.

    He looks very Crowleyish too.

    Like Barbara and her sons.

    Red face. Monsters.

    When does the End for these come?

    This triad of jew house bank family. A family who left the real last bloodline under a parking lot. Who runs a beastly spy rogue LAM ... the latter who then knocks up the ... enforcer.

    How world dominatrix.

    Ruddy. Anal as asar.

    The Lamassu aloft, succubi and incubi, feeding on the oozing ritual.

    1. Just commenting on the picture of Elizabeth and her offspring shes going to hand the kingdumb off too. She like Barbara got Rosemary'd by some monsters and then birthed some bad actors that deserve a glorious end.

  7. Mermaid manifesters gotta eat too:

    '...a beautiful history of an American dream and a first lady who helped nurture it.', 'The President was enamored.', 'Business was good. But it exploded two years later after a Barbara Bush appearance on David Letterman's late-night talk show. "We were listening to David Letterman and he asked her, I think, what was her favorite places to eat," Rita Hajjar said. "And she mentioned Fuzzy's."', '[My husband] said that really made his business go crazy when she mentioned that," she said.', 'An event space at the back of the restaurant is called the Bush Room. Photos of them hang there.
    And the most lasting reminder: pizzas named after the former President and First Lady.', 'When asked why the Bushes were such big fans of their pizza, Rita Hajjar said they just loved her husband's secret ingredient. His pizzas, she said, are made with love. And she's sure the Bushes could taste it.'

    Another Bush Error connection:

    "It is even visible to the naked eye in clear, dark skies,"

    The colour out of space:

    Promoted with an image of Avicci bathed in orange in front of a deep blue darkening sky.

    The city appears bathed in orange.

    'The tagline for Labo is “make, play, and discover.”'

    Plenty of orange highlighting to be seen in the accompanying photos.


    'Though some scientists like Liu are excited to see Hollywood feature the groundbreaking technology they work with every day, others are worried that inaccurate portrayals in movies like Rampage might give people unfamiliar with CRISPR the wrong idea of what the tech is capable of doing.', '“There will never be, because it’s biologically impossible, a simple single-dose way to make an animal suddenly sprout wings or become huge and aggressive or turn into King Kong,”', '“Scary, ridiculous depictions of science are still ubiquitous,”', 'Most scientific research happens in universities, not in basements and secret warehouses, and the scientists “typically make a pretty measly salary” and are mostly motivated by “a desire to make the world a better place,”', 'Hollywood isn’t solely at fault, either. In a 2016 X-Files episode, aliens use CRISPR to destroy humans’ immune systems, which quickly kills them.', 'Urnov, who’s worked with gene editing for more than a decade, has similar worries, especially about the X-Files episode. “The fact that biotechnology is a force for evil and a tool for villains, that is a concern,” he tells The Verge. “Because in the real world today, biotechnology can be and is a force of tremendous good.”'

    & on that Beastly note a former 1st lady gets the last word:

    The ever-present pearl necklace is joined by an orange top of some kind.

    1. 2018 in a nutshell. It's amazing how many people are starting to wonder what's really being said when you see these riddles and ciphers bouncing around out there.

      I love the CRISPR doubletalk- yeah, no one with a brain is expecting animals to sprout wings or quadruple in size all of a sudden. The work here is programmed into the genome and these changes will be innate at birth.

      Love when shills rock the old NLP and Bernays techniques. LOVE it.

      Thanks for the high density data, Kters.

    2. I wonder how much of this programming is a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' kind of deal with the devil.

      'Mermaid fiction has a long-running problem, though, and that’s physiology. Nothing about mermaids and their interactions with humans has ever been even pseudo-realistic enough for a regular person’s suspension of disbelief. Magic was the best anyone could really offer most days.'

      'Magic' eh? Pah!

      'Aside from The Shape of Water, there hasn’t been a mainstream aquatic humanoid of note in many years', 'Ryn is distinctly ichthyoid, with piranha teeth, fish-like eyes and features, and a barbed tail that meshes sea mammal and shark/ray attributes to complete the sense of otherworldly realism. The webbing between the torso and arms as well as the flattened, nipplel-ess chest are nice, subtle touches.', 'Where Siren really shines though is the attention to detail when it comes to transforming from human on land to mermaid in the water. You see a great example in the second episode “The Lure.” When Ryn dives back into saltwater, her flesh begins to dissolve into ropey ichor between her legs. The strands twist and grasp each other in a process that looks like a cross between alchemy and a caterpillar’s metamorphosis. It’s gruesome yet beautiful.'


      "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are..."

      So, when attention is met in turn with attention difference is not an issue for the higher powers of the firmament, all are chosen, as potential vessels at least, & what does it matter if the many shatter whilst attempting to hold a note? A few here & there will be elevated to join the heavenly chorus.

  8. Are we trying to tell ourselves. The air is poisoned! Take to the water.

    1. We should be more concerned about the deep ones getting angry about what we have done to their oceans and taking to the surface.

    2. That makes a lot of sense, on so many levels. In pre-industrial times, you'd worry about whether water was safe (often full of bugs), but you'd be quite certain air was safe if it didn't smell. Now we've industrialized, almost everyone has access to clean drinking water, but air is often polluted.

    3. Plus, The Titan.

      I'm not worried about the Deep Ones. I can't say for sure but I thought I heard they all choked on plastic straws and six-pack binders. I tried looking it up on Google and got 35 pages of spam. 2018, innit?

  9. & speaking of pearls & all things American--

    For sheer mind-blowing diversity, the discoveries across the state of Ohio may be the richest and most unusual in the country. Not only are there numerous finds of giants 8-10 feet tall, but there are also related finds that are equally astonishing. Among the most significant are the Cincinnati tablets inscribed with hieroglyphs, textiles that resemble those from Assyria and Babylon, a skull examined by a surgeon in Cincinnati that exhibits evidence of brain surgery that “shows knowledge of practical surgery scarcely excelled at the present day,” as well as evidence of metallurgy, forges, slag, iron and even saws. In a mound in Chillicothe, a metal perforated bird was found, in addition to numerous carved pipes, one even depicting a duck riding on a fish. At the same mound site in Chillicothe dozens of skeletons were found wearing copper masks, while at a related site in the same area at a depth of 14 feet “a massive skeleton was found encased in copper armor.” Even more astonishing, in an excavation for a house in West Hickory, workers exhumed “an enormous iron helmet corroded with rust.” In another dig, performed in 1889 in Southern Ohio, a giant was found buried with the bones of panther and another with 147 bone and shell beads made from Conch and Pyrula shells imported from the Atlantic Ocean was unearthed.

    As amazing as all these finds are, the discoveries in Newark Ohio deserve special mention. As reported on the Ohio State University website, several incised and engraved stones with writing and hieroglyphs were discovered, including the famous Newark “Holy Stone,” with a condensed version of the Ten Commandments or Decalogue engraved on it in a peculiar form of post-Exilic square Hebrew letters. Also in Newark, the magnificent skeleton of an 8-foot tall Queen bedecked in opulent copper jewelry and pearls was uncovered, while in Centralia another giant was found encased in copper armor, his mouth stuffed with pearls “of immense size.” In addition, in Bainbridge Ohio, four bodies were found wrapped in pearl-covered robes, while in a related find in the area one mound yielded two bushels of pearls containing over 500,000 individual fresh-water pearls, surrounding two giants wearing copper helmets, one provided with a copper nose. In Cartersville, a team from the Smithsonian found a vault with “the skeleton of a giant 7’2.” This skeleton had waist-length jet-black hair. Surrounding this giant, the Smithsonian team found more bodies and noted in their report that “the bodies had been prepared after the manner of mummies and upon the stones that covered the vault were carved inscriptions.” All this evidence was shipped to the Smithsonian and in the report it noted “this is the most interesting collection ever found in America.”

    Whole article is fascinating.

    1. Copper (wiki):

      'A freshly exposed surface of pure copper has a reddish-orange color', 'Copper is one of the few metals that occur in nature in directly usable metallic form', 'n the Roman era, copper was principally mined on Cyprus, the origin of the name of the metal, from aes сyprium (metal of Cyprus)', 'The commonly encountered compounds are copper(II) salts, which often impart blue or green colors...', 'Copper is essential to all living organisms as a trace dietary mineral because it is a key constituent of the respiratory enzyme complex cytochrome c oxidase'

      The 'element category' of copper 's 'transitional metal', it belongs to 'group 11' ('coinage metals') of the table of periodic elements & It's 'dicovery' is said to be '9,000BC' in The Middle East.

      'Copper, although toxic in excessive amounts, is essential for life.', 'Copper is shown to have antimicrobial properties...' (a pearly-link there)

    2. Excellent link. Thanks for that.

      Pearly? Copper? lucky-lucky penny-pennies? Just curious.

      Love how volunteer shills like Colavito throw 24/7 hissyfits over the giants. Flak, targets, etc.

  10. Dear Chris:
    Was tempted to tweet this to you yesterday
    as it was my 'first morning shocker'.
    Guessed it would find its way to you somehow...
    'A very special birthday present.'
    Man, I melt....

    1. A great soundtrack to torture, rape,drink blood and eat children to...while the spray paint dries.

    2. Oh yes- I saw that on Futurism.

      I mean, am I done here? How can my silly little syncs possibly compete with that kind of attention on that poor woman?

      There's an interesting interview from the meltdown era where our Liz says she used to think the world revolved around her. Ironically, she seems to have been right.

    3. Not the real World! but..the Satanic MSM Fake-Realty Tavistock Institute MK Ultra-sound mind controlled Construct.

  11. Finally got around to watching "Hidden Figures" yesterday. Sync-ers would appreciate the NASA/rocketry/Right Stuff angle for a variety of reasons. But one part of the storyline - about three brilliant, African-American women overcoming racism and sexism in early '60's Virginia, at NASA's Langley Research -Center - involved pearls. For the few women working at the research center, they adorn themselves with pearls, something the key character, Katherine Gobel, cannot afford. Eventually she does get a string of pearls after her white colleagues realize how smart and important to the Space Program Katherine really is. The pearls are offered as an engagement present. Interestingly, I was reminded of another Virginia-set NASA-flavored sync film, Richard Kelly's "The Box," set in 1976 Richmond, Virginia at a NASA facility. And finally, I am working on a new book involving a railroad magnate whose vision link both "Pearl" (the posthumous Janis Joplin album) and a straweberry festival in eastern Oklahoma. Remarkable, really.

    1. I like how your comment about NASA was posted at 2:37pm Andrew...'Room 237'?
      Also Andrew I was wondering if you are related to Mission Control flight director Gerry Griffin, as I see he is visiting Canberra, a city famous for being designed by a Griffin that I know you are related to.

      "Apollo astronaut Charlie Duke and Mission Control flight director Gerry Griffin visit Canberra"

    2. Thanks for bringing up The Box. Such a criminally underrated film.

      Love the pearls bit with Hidden Figures. Love when they lift the curtain like that. Very helpful.

      Thanks Reddie and Brizzie.

  12. 'Sea Nomads' Are First Known Humans Genetically Adapted to Diving

  13. Maria Bamford wearing an orange "power blazer" while her Hollywood agent, wearing orange Buddhist robes, puts her in front of the Netflix A.I. robot to have her consciousness scanned to be approved to create programming for its algorithm.

    1. Season 2 of Lady Dynamite on Netflix. Just watch episode 1, it is going to set off so many red flags for you, or should I say orange flags. The show is LOL funny but unfortunately it is total mind control.

  14. I come from Navarre, I now reside on the banks of the river stix and have thrown my silver, Jasper is but a dream.

    1. I didn't get that movie. Can someone explain it to me?

  15. ^^^^^


  16. + A Bush link in the string:

    'Saudi Arabia looks to the future — by stepping 5,000 years into the past'

    'When it comes to non-religious tourism however, it is in the unique position of creating that industry more or less from scratch, which is an enviable place to be.', '“It means we are able to learn from the mistakes of others and we can take the best from everywhere,” said Amr Al-Madani, CEO of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia’s archaeological treasure house and home to the Unesco-listed Madain Saleh.', '“And we are determined to offer the best in every way,” he added.', 'Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson is the first international investor in the Red Sea development project.', '“If you want to succeed you should have an idea and a plan to implement it and just do it. He is doing that and his heart is in the right place.”', 'Al-Ula should be ready to receive its first tourists in three to five years, eventually accommodating a million to 1.5 million a year.'

    'It's an especially important site to the ruling Al Saud family because it's here where the first Saudi dynasty was founded in the 15th century.', 'Saudi tourism authorities are planning to open five museums inside Diriyah and a research center named after Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, whose ultraconservative teachings of Islam in the 18th century are widely referred to as "Wahhabism" in his name.', 'Tourism official Salah Altaleb, who's overseeing investments in the tourism sector, said visits to sites like Diriyah will help tourists "correct" the image they may have of Saudi Arabia.'


    'No coup attempt in Riyadh. A toy drone/plane got too close too the King’s palace and was shot down. #SaudiArabia #Riyadh'

    A bid to balance the scales?

    1. Yeah, things are going to get very interesting in the old Kingdom there in the days to come. Set your news alerts.

      5000 years into the past-- you mean when the Anunaki were roaming around those parts?

  17. Lyrids?

    A coincidental meteor shower apparently emanating from the Lyra constellation?

    Perhaps increasing in intensity each year?

    It's possible.

    Götterdämmerung suggests a celestial battle.

    The ever enthusiastic evangelisation of WW3 may indicate that celestial phenomena are imminent and will need a reassuringly anthropogenic explanation.

    1. Oh, we'll be getting into all kinds of celestial phenomena in the days to come.

      Two words: cosmic rays.

  18. For the Evil Sheeple of the "G" Clowns "People Magazine Sept.11,2001" NYC Bathed in Orange (September 24,2001) lest we forget

  19. High-rise in Dubai catches fire "Fire breaks out in JLT Almas Tower" It is a fire in a pole at the top of the tower.

  20. Avril Lavigne just made her first red carpet appearance (technically ORANGE) in many years after a grueling battle with Lyme disease. i heard it on the radio today and the radio host specifically mentioned the color of the carpet.

  21. Check out Ms Markle's clutch at the Queen's bash . . .

  22. Probably you've seen this already:

  23. Is there some physical copies of such things? or might it just be an 'ai' or shadow wheelcog manufactoring sentiment to the effect? any other places to find such info about it. microfiche haha, hard to believe anything these days.