Sunday, March 25, 2018

Eye Wanna Be Sedated

Bruce Rux, author of the absolute must-have foundational text Architects of the Underworld, had a very interesting take on the definitions of disinformation and misinformation. 

Disinformation, Rux argues, is when an official source feeds you false information. Misinformation, on the other hand, is when an entirely unreliable and disreputable source feeds you true information, which was usually fed to them.

In Rux's calculus, the purpose of misinformation is to tarnish and discredit actual facts so that if and/or when the reality of a particular situation ever comes to light, most people will associate it with the source they've come to associate that information with and then merrily go about their business, untroubled by any unpleasant truths.

It's an argument some people have made about The X-Files-- that it weaves all kinds of truth among the liver-eating monsters and batpeople that people automatically start humming the show's theme song whenever some weird and unsettling conspiracy leaks out in the Normie world.

I have a feeling Mr. Rux may have pinned the tail on the donkey of our times. Because what we see being rolled out before us is a scenario the most unhinged 80s short-wave aluminum haberdasher could scarcely imagine. 

I don't even think The X-Files writing staff could ever have imagined the world we're seeing unfold today. 

Well, maybe they did.

Case in point: A powerful coalition of billionaires, media interests, pressure groups, political figures and intelligence agents have been openly orchestrating this allegedly youth-centered anti-gun movement, which is a protest movement for marchers but a pretext for a get-out-the-vote push for the Democratic Party. The youth vote, in particular, who are rather notorious for habitually sitting the Midterms out. 

And I mean the new Democratic Party, which is simply a de jure front for the intelligence community. I guess they just need a veneer of consensus as a PR face for the distinctly un-democratic dystopia we are now rapidly approaching.

Oh, you think that's a a conspiracy theory? Or a bunch of "alt-right" propaganda? 

Well, maybe you should read--and download-- this three-part series on this new reality on the World Socialist Web Site. While you still can.

Well, so what, right? What's the difference between this and the Tea Party back in Obama's first term? Same deal, right? That's show biz, and of course I mean that literally. 

Well, sure. Turnabout is fair play. But the problem is that all of these new social justice movements seem to be dragging all kinds of potent occult symbolism in tow, leading you to wonder what the actual purpose is here...

I don't know if the Orange bit is going over so well (I saw a bit of Orange in protest photos, but not the sea of it some might have hoped for), so perhaps a fresh bit of occult entrainment is being thrown in to the mix. 

And brother, it's a doozie.

Of course, I'm talking about the Malocchio, or Evil Eye, reportedly brought to us by the creator of the Pussy Hat (which still makes zero sense to me). The same gaggle of NGOs and pressure groups are controlling both movements, so why not keep the satanic entrainment in-house, am I right? 

The Evil Eye is commonly associated with the one-eye covered business we keep seeing hither, dale and yon, as well as the horned hand business that the late, great Ronnie James Dio took credit for introducing to the English-speaking world. 

Hey; don't you go dissing Dio, now. Not around these parts. He was in Black Sabbath and nobody fucks with the Sabs on my watch.

 Ben Singleton, thou art revenged!

Apparently the Ruxian misinformation calculus applies here, since we've had all kinds of disreptuable types sounding the alarums over those little gestures, haven't we? Well, clocks being right twice a day and so on.

I don't know if the requisite amount of Evil Eyes were flashed on the Mall today and I don't know if the sigil caught on with these kids, the preponderance of whom are probably genuinely motivated to stop the unacceptable levels of gun violence in this country, and many of probably looked askance at this blatantly-creepy signaling forced on them by adults. 

Kids have a tendency to resist that kind of thing, especially since they tend to instinctually distrust adults into satanism and witchcraft, and generally regard them as weirdos, losers and perverts. 

Just speaking from personal observation, mind you. Stop typing me your nasty comments now, hear?

Either way, you gotta love this little juxtaposition here, a triangle (actually a play arrow) strategically placed over Emma Gonzalez's eye by CIANN. If you think that's just a coincidence, I've got a few thousand Pussy Hats I'd like to sell you.  

And then there's this subtle little gesture that alleged teenager David Hogg threw up at the DC rally on Saturday. Uncle Benito would be proud, kid. Or not-kid. 

I just hope to God somebody fed young David at this thing. He's wasting away.

Of course, Hogg's Roman Salute goes quite nicely with the armband he modeled for his sister on Twitter, don't you think? The brazenness of youth, it's a rare commodity indeed. 

Plus, the utter fucking cluelessness.


Anyhow, this whole movement is being pointed not only at getting out the youth vote but also defunding the NRA, a major contributor to the other wing of our one-party state and an organization that is no stranger to dirty politics itself.

For his part, Hogg hasn't even bothered to pretend that this isn't all just bareknuckled partisan streetfighting. His own father is one of the several intelligence agents hovering around this story, such as Cruz's guardian and his therapist, both of whom are gold-star military intelligence.

This is unalloyed spy vs spy-type brawling going down here; a classic-- almost archetypal-- scorpion fight. 

Which, of course, is patently obvious by the fact that no one is talking about the stultifying--if not criminal or in fact seditious-- negligence on the part of the FBI and the Broward County Sherriff's Office in relation to dealing with a "known wolf" like Cruz, who literally ran around bragging he was going to shoot up a school someday and was visited by Broward deputies dozens of times over the past couple of years.

What's more, bizarre events like this are being round-filed by the Mockingbird set and pretty much everyone else. Because curiosity is becoming othered, rendered a social infraction at best and a pretext to mouse-click your Internet presence into silence at worst. 

This is where we are now, folks. People look at you funny if you bring inconvenient facts up anymore. Trust me, I speak from experience. 

Hard, hard experience.

So whatever you do, don't mention the Catharsis on the Mall "arts festival," which combines occult entrainment with occult entertainment and was held last October 134 (=17) days before Saturday's march.

The "arts festival" made headlines last November when they were unable to obtain a permit to display the giant Nekkid Lady next to the bonfire and the 6,660 inch-tall Obelisk.  Parks Department party-poopers.

They were able to display the Dragon, who swept a Third of the Stars out of the Heavens Before Himself Being Hurled to the Earth. Unfortunately, he didn't have a Woman to Pursue.

Maybe next year.



Well, nobody seems to be giving up the ghost, so to speak, with the Orange. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the Tower of New Babel to flash the Orange to publicize the marches.

And now there's a National Orange Day, though ostensibly unrelated to the marches.

As one of one spies informed me, New York City is also flying the Orange to publicize a Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, which is connected to another world-famous gender-bending icon.

And add Alzheimer's research to the ever-growing roster of causes flying the Orange these days. 

And as many readers have pointed out, we're seeing an "apocalyptic" Orange snowstorm going down in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Plus, this, in Crete of all places. Does it get more loaded? 

Talk about portents.


Fresh off their gala Tercentennial-slash-Coming Back Out Party at Royal Albert Hall this past Halloween, our old pals the Freemies are engaged in a major PR push in the UK, just as I predicted. 

The Grand Lodge of Scotland has allowed the BBC to film a documentary within its august walls to dispel rumors about the Masons. Plus, to advertise the Craft and drum up some new initiates.

Love the subterfuge here- as if the BBC needs to be allowed in a Masonic Lodge. That's like saying I "allowed" my wife in come in the house from her shopping. Hilarity.

As per usual, the fashion world is a prime venue for esoteric conditioning, seeing as how it represents a highly-desired demographic for enlistment. 

And so the London-based Fortean Times is helping make the world safe for Baphomet, another famous gender-bending icon. Plus, they help plug the ongoing Satanic entrainment project, which never quite seems to take root with the Cowans. 

Probably on account of Satanism being boring, stupid and creepy. 

Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Maybe a more immersive experience is called for; meet Osiris Black, which I guess is some kind of code. As many of you know, Osiris is a cousin of Baphomet, once or twice removed. 

And don't forget the Siren, also part of the same CGI protocol as Osiris there. Because someone's been reading The Secret Sun out in Silcylon Valley, haven't they?

Yes, they have. So much occult entrainment, so little bandwidth. 

If Satanism fails, there's always witchcraft. I keep seeing these stories about how "hot" witchcraft is with Millennials these days, which it probably should be, given how much entrainment for it we've seen over the past 25 years or so. 

But like Satanism, witchcraft can get really boring and cringey in the form that puff pieces like this generally sell. And since most dabblers don't conjure up two-headed bats or at least win a scratch-off Lotto at first blush, they tend to drift out of it.

But of course, real Satanism and real witchcraft-- traditionally as inseparable as Satanism and Nazism have also been for the past century-- tend to be anything but boring but instead start to drift into borderline (if not outright) criminality for initiates. 

And from criminality into atrocity, and from atrocity into a five-album contract with a major label plus a perfume endorsement deal and a branded clothing line at Target.

Because all this stuff we're talking about is about power, which this little promotional piece makes clear. The real stuff, I mean, not the ridiculous Wicca flooferah.

Of course, power never comes without a price and for most folks the price seems to get pretty dear. That's something you never seem to hear about in Elle or Brooklyn Vegan. Wonder why. 

But this is where the world is heading, folks; if you're not lucky enough to get born into money, you're fucked. But you could try more unconventional methods, if worse comes to worst. As crazy old Al Crowley explained, it's really all about drugs, blood, sex and wines that foam, and it's not for the feint of heart or weak of stomach.  It works for some, others not so much. 

Chances are better than even you'll catch something incurable and disfiguring, or end up in jail, or end up an asylum, or end up homeless, or end up as soup-stock for a Spirit Cooking party at a gated estate somewhere in Luxembourg. 

But hey; in the meantime you'll be empowered. And isn't that all that really matters?

In case you think I'm kidding, please read this article on the notorious Oculus Anubis estate up there in rainy Oregon. 

You see, it turns out that maybe the "conspiracy theorists" weren't so crazy to cast a jaundiced eye in its direction. It turns out it is/was the site for boatloads of satanic evil, after all.
 "...when he was 13 years old, Anthony revealed that he had been raped by a family acquaintance to his father. Dr. Neal refused to report it for fear of tarnishing his image. Ironically, it would be his image that would receive the most degradation in this case.
Contrary to the image they portrayed to their patients, Dr. Neal was a long-time victimizer and tyrant to his family. Dr. Neal seemed to be less of a rich-whacky-isolated millionaire in the vein of Howard Hughes and more of a bat-shit—perverse-despot like Caligula, lacking empathy for his loved ones to terrifying degrees as he is alleged to have not only abused his disabled son, but repeatedly bound and raped his wife, Sharon. 
That's the thing I really hate so much about this new reality-sim we seem to live in; having to accept that so many of the truly-wacko conspiracy theories you once scoffed at and sneered upon were in fact true. 

Believe me, I like it even less than you do.