Saturday, February 10, 2018

Winter Olympics For One Welcome Our New Vega Overlords

The Winter Olympics opened in a subtler and more understated manner than we've become accustomed to, symbolically-speaking. 

But then again, the Somme Offensive was subtler and more understated than the mass rituals we saw in London back in 2012.

Luckily,  those of you who've been witnessing my descent into a Lovecraft character-type madness reading the blog over the past several months were uniquely positioned to decode the signaling we are seeing this year.

For instance, the Illuminated Vega up top, which some other bloggers might call a Phoenix. I guess it could be, only in that the Phoenix itself actually symbolizes the return of the Vegas from the metaphorical Infernal Realms. 

The word "Phoenix" itself points us to Mount Hermon, the mountain in which the Vegas made their pact to spread their seed amongst the Daughters of Men. 

And where they will one day return to so they can get back to tasty seed-spreading. The name points us to the heartland of the Phoenician Empire, where Mount Hermon sits today.

Plus this.

Of course, judging from all the press coverage, the most earth-shaking event at the ceremonies was the buff Tongan flag-waver who paraded around in the freezing cold shirtless and slathered in coconut oil.

You'd have thought the Vegas splashed down already, judging by the breathless prose this unabashed little display of male privilege inspired in the Fourth Estate. 

Friggin' 9/11 got less attention. 

I just hope everyone washed their hands thoroughly.

And what's a Vega without a Dragon or two, right? Who else can hurl a Third of the Stars from the Heavens with a sweep of its tail? I bet you didn't even consider that. 

UPDATE: Turns out this Dragon is the Bongwhang, the androgynous mythical bird-lizard of ancient Chinese mythology. Let's take a closer look...

Why, it has a Rooster head! And a South Sea (or golden) pearl in its mouth! What are the odds, people! As far as I know, it did not tear asunder what it saw.

By the way, "Bongwhang" is the not the title of a Cheech and Chong movie. That's the Mandela Effect messing with your head again.

I don't recognize exactly which release of the Vegas this one is supposed to be from (I think it's Vega '95). But it will certainly bring peace when the Pearlies dew-drop, all right. 

I believe this model is called the Peacemaker2044®. Peace indeed; I mean, would you try to piss that thing off?

If so, you may want to reconsider that decision. Have another look. 

Wow-- the Peacemaker2044® is really going viral under the Korean brand name, Inmyeonjo. There's one of those newfangled Twitter hashtags and everything. Read this:
The fantastical beast comes from ancient Korean Goguryeo mythology. The Pyeongchang organizing committee called it "the legendary bird of peace" and "the mediator between heaven and earth."  
I think it's actually "Negotiator between Vega and Earth after the United Nations sue for peace" in the original Korean.

And some of you probably remember Inmyeonjo's wife, pictured here with her sisters.

And I'm guessing that's a representation of the Stargate those winged, man-headed dinosaur Vegas will come roaring through. Now won't that be a sight? Keep your phones charged.

Here's another transgenic chimera horror for you. From here, it looks like the old Turtle-Lion-Goose combo, but don't quote me on that. Either way, consider this a sneak preview of the world that's coming. Plan accordingly.

I'm told this is one of the Four Guardians, or constellations, in Chinese Astrology. It's known as the Black Turtle.

And this might seem like just a Plain Tiger to you or I, but the Elite apparently think it's so magical. 

Speaking of technologies so advanced they're indistinguishable from magic, remember those Phantasm-type hunter-killer orbs we talked about a couple weeks ago?  

Well, thanks to the power of Intel, they can apparently be reprogrammed to murmurate like grackles. 

Plus, make funny Shaun White cartoons in the sky over rebel districts before they liquidate their insolent populations as examples to any other willful quadrants that may start to get big ideas about resisting. 

No, I mean actual resistance.

And for a moment there it was as if the Pearlies themselves were a-dew-droppin' from the skies. 

An audible gasp was heard, followed by a solemn hush as the assembled crowd lost themselves in prayer and quiet contemplation of the day when the Pearlies are bound to their souls.

Then of course we saw the Giant Robot Fire Penis, which I expect will be the name of a thousand different metal and horror-punk bands this time Monday morning. 

Hopefully it was well-oiled as well.

But was that thrown out as a red herring to distract the cowans audience from another symbolic message altogether?

Like what, you ask?

Well, correct me if I'm wrong but that flaming cauldron looks at least vaguely Pearly, no?

A reader likened it to the Tripods in War of the Worlds. Makes sense.

And I'm guessing this charming fellow here woke to light the fire. 

And then they threw in some ersatz sacred-geometry Navel of Gazing or whatever, just to throw the YouTruthers and New Agers off the scent.

Then again, that might be a wormhole diagram. Or a remote targeting test.

Yeah, definitely some kind of cosmic GPS thing there. Kind of like "Track your package" on Amazon or something, but more "track your galactic Overlords."

Be that as it may, some local pop stars dropped by to belt out the current heat-seeker in the Amazon category, Top Socialist Anthems Written by Abusive, Dysfunctional Multi-Millionaires, "Imagine." 

All the Davos types sipped on the hot Thiel Farms® child-slave hemoglobin they keep in their thermoses and gently swayed to the beat.  


And of course, the philosophy of that opening many doors will then open a big gate-- a remarkably orthodox Stargate in this case.

The original Olympics were a ritual intended to show off the most desirable pets to the gods watching from above. How little has changed.

Sadly, it wasn't all fun and games and glistening Tongan musclemen last night. Apparently, the "perfect human pathogen" is spreading at the games.

Some choice NLP there; the subliminal messaging here is that "humans are pathogens."

It looks as if it's getting pretty dicey over in SK (and other parts of East Asia), if reports are to be believed. Let's wish all concerned good health, and a speedy recovery to those who've been stricken.

So then we can try to unpack the timing of this little tidbit in the news today. While we're at it, let's all hope and pray that the Microbes aren't ready.

Finally, someone on the FB group posted this fascinating snap of a graffiti observed on the streets of a Chilean city. It reads, "After God is the Vega," which definitely has the ring of prophecy to it, no? 

Certainly to you good Sunners out there in Cyberspace. Let's all hope that prophecy doesn't become our epitaph.