Friday, February 09, 2018

Go Go Vegas Go!

The floodgates are now open. All of the huge marketing and PR consulting firms have cashed their seven and eight-figure paychecks and the marching orders have all been handed out to the media. 

The word has been passed down from on high, and the word is "Vega." 

Of course, you can't really get too much mileage off of "Vega" itself without arousing suspicion, so "Las Vegas" and "Vegans" will have to do.

For now.

But even so, the messaging behind the memes could not be clearer. Aliens are always better in every way than stupid, primitive non-aliens, so of course, aliens are vegans! 

Plus, Vegas.

Meat-eaters are goddamn cavemen, vegetarians are OK, I guess, but fuck those guys anyway. Why? Because shut the eff up up and go Vegan, that's why. We're all superheroes

Plus, aliens.

I think whoever made this meme here didn't quite get the message. The third caption is supposed to read, "Letting the Vegas eat you." Typos. Don't they drive you nuts sometimes?

Translation: The Vegas have landed. They are here. This is their world now. Run. 

Dammit all, we missed Vega-nuary. I kept meaning to write about it but it's come and gone. Well, maybe you can still take the pledge to serve the Vegas.  

I think the photo editor goofed here, though. Understandable.

Vega-nuary did boost the Vega numbers in the UK. Or did OuMuaMua start sending out its landing pods already? Or maybe they hitched a ride here on the Falcon Heavy.

"The Future" again.

The Vegas are the FUTURE, bitches.

The future, but not for livestock farmers. Well, human livestock farmers, maybe. I hear that's a real growth industry. The Vegas are major foodies and love them some Spirit Cooking! With extra soy-cheese!

But look out; Vegans don't take any sh*t. They'll fuck you up. Even their women are badass. 

Because Vegans are always fucking starving. LOL jk

Vegaistas are going after farmers, coincidentally just as we saw in Zimbabwe. Which led to massive food shortages and the ultimate overthrow of the President. Well, after 40 years or so.

It's a simple and time-tested formula--get rid of the farmers, starve the population.

Hungry people are desperate and therefore easy to control in the long run. 

But that could never happen here, right? 

An autocrat could never seize control of the food supply 
in order to punish noncompliant populations, right?


Or is this just more divide and rule politicking by the Oligarchs, similar to the mind control that's literally driven so many college students clinically-insane?

Or is it just another new religion? And by new, I mean old.

Like Communism, which is suddenly all the rage with insanely hyper-privileged college students who have fed like pampered princesses on Capitalism's cream their entire lives.

You'll be the very first against the wall when the Revolution comes, kiddies. You do understand that, right? 

Oh, that's right; you don't learn real history anymore. Sorry, sometimes I forget.

Carry on.

But it could all be a psyop, just a way to atomize the population further while bashing that All-Important "Vega" thought-contagion into everyone's brainpans.

You know how I'll be marking my ballot.

Like here. And you can damn well bet the plant-based farm those Vegas have "outlined their global expansion aims," all right. 

Outlined them right down your fucking throat, Dr. Zaius. How do they taste?

The Vegas have even set their sights set on chip-making monopoly Intel. Who, wonder of wonders, have run into a spot of bother of late. 

Astonishing coincidence. Look at my shocked expression.

Even hideous transgenic freaks are hopping on the Vega bandwagon.

No surprise it's the Orange one, right? Cowabunga, Michel-Orange-o!

You may have missed it but Kentucky residents were asked to wear blue and Orange (translation: mostly Orange) in memory of a school shooting at a high school there. 

"Asked" in air-quotes, of course. They know what's good for them down there.

While we're at it how many causes have wearing Orange been attached to by now? I seriously lost count.

Even the crocodiles are wearing Orange and they're crocodiles.

Speaking of increasingly-compulsory ritual genuflection, the Siren Song is coming to your town tomorrow, Perthites. (Perthers? Perthians? Katy Perthies?)

Make sure the funeral homes stay open, Perth. No joke.

Speaking of Horrors from the Deep, there's a new breed of self-cloning mutant crayfish that are taking over, apparently. And wouldn't you just know it, no one can possibly imagine where these little darlings could possibly have spawned from! 

Why, it must be evolution! Darwin, though art revenged!

And by "evolution," I mean "black-budget CRISPR mega-labs." I get the two confused sometimes. Don't you?

Speaking of the Mengele Effect, Luciana Vega drew a big, big crowd at Amy Bishop's old stomping grounds, Huntsville. And by Amy Bishop, I mean Wernher Von Braun and his PeenemĂźnde City Rollers.

Because those SS men were really hired to take us to the Moon in tinfoil-wrapped tinkertoys. Had nothing to do with Redstone Arsenal right next door or anything. Nothing to do with genetic engineering or bioweapons or anything unseemly like that.

And there's the Anno Lucis Vega herself! Love those Pearl boots and dropped-Pearl necklace there, Anno Lucis! Current!

And don't forget everyone's favorite Pearly Dewdropper, Danielle. Played by the incomparable Charlotte Vega. 

Hey- don't eat that dog, Vega! ;-) lmao

Danielle Vega, not to be confused with that "Fantastic Woman," Daniela Vega. Are you getting the message, you nonplural beings who self-identify as toxic masculines out there?

You're doomed. It's over. Dustbin of history for you, then.

Go on. Away with you. Go die already.

Wait- don't go anywhere yet, Conan. We need your filthy tadpoles for the 3-parent babies.

But who are the "third parents," you may ask?

The Vegas, stupid! They need to acclimate their genes to our savage realm. Get in the bathroom and start spanking. There are some magazines under the sink.

And in case you never bothered to look at depictions of angels going back, oh I don't know, forever, the Vegas look a lot more Danielle and Daniela Vega than Danny DeVito Vega. Quite a lot more. 

Yeah that's Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel up there. Deal with it, Urko. 

What; you never noticed the Angels all look like Byzantine housewives in ancient icons such as this? Don't go all crosseyed at me- go look. I'll wait until you get back.

Good, you're back. What, you're shocked? Seriously? I mean, haven't you ever been contacted by the Ashtar Command? Get with the program, Fred Flintstone!

No, that's not an 80s hair metal band. Who do you think gave all those idiots their makeup tips?

That's right; Vegas.

Speaking of terrible music, I was reminded by a studious reader that Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker of Blink182 formed +44 after Tom DeLozenge ran off to hang out with John Podesta and his merry men. 

Hoppus' dad was a missile designer for the US Navy, so odds are good he's been read in to the All-Important 44. At least the broader strokes.

The All-Important 44, wheneth what hath Fallen shalleth riseth once moreth.

Speaking of Rose, the Pearly Dewdrop, this is a tragic story but rather interesting. How is it interesting? 

Well, if this woman died on Wednesday why was it reported as a suicide on Thursday? Editors are usually a bit more circumspect than that. 

Has there been an inquest? Was it done down at the Quickee Inquests4U ("Suicide verdicts in 20 minutes or less or your money back™") on Sepulveda?

Those guys have made a couple mistakes in the past, you know. Don't take their word as gospel.

Moving east a bit, we see that the Two Witnesses reached the 32nd floor of the Vega Hotel without permission.

Don't worry, they were were captured by the G4S men and taken to the subbasement which is called Sodom and Egypt, where the Vega torturers peeled away their flesh in layers so thin they were actually transparent, and then started in with their subcutaneous nerve endings. 

They were still at it, last I heard. The Dark Heralds of the Endless Abyss will be singing hymns to the sublimity of the interlopers' suffering for millennia to come.

And in case you were wondering, Vegas has gotten hip to the OA tip. I was getting a lot of emails asking when they'd get around to it. It's been on everyone's minds. The wait was killing me, too.

Oh, if you haven't heard already, floors 31, 32, 33 and 34 of Mandalay Bay have been renamed 56, 57, 58 and 59.

They may have well called them Bob, 237, $&@# and Tunafish Sandwich, for all the sense that numbering makes, at least to me. Because I don't worship the Two-Hundred. So I didn't get the new Keys.

And the Farce rolls on, with this story based on the word of an unnamed call-girl who kinda knows this other unnamed call-girl a little, OK, and she goes, like, I mean:

"Government experiment?" Oh, you mean like Orion Krause, twenty-three days before Las Vegas? OK, that at least makes some kind of sense.

Even so, I don't know what to make of this horror. Is this just more Giuliani-esque urban renewal or do the Keystone Feds need to turn all the cameras away from Mandalay Bay?

This is reminding me a bit of the Tampa shooter back in the Autumn, but I have to say that "black SUV" part of the story sounds a little bit too "security firm motor-pool" for my liking.

Well, where was this when we needed it back in September, right? Ever notice the draconian surveillance measures never seem to stop mass shootings? It's going to get all Puppet Masters on us before this nonsense cycles out on us, don't you think?

I mean the Heinlein novel, by the way.

Say, did you hear that scientists identified "anxiety cells" in the brain? It's true; scientists turned them on and off. 

But mostly on.

"Patent mind control?" Precious. It's like fish trying to patent the ocean. But hey; gotta love that media disinfo, eh? Quite tangy, indeed.

Speaking of which, funny that the Precrime logo is the same "trinity" shape as Mandalay Bay, eh?

Funny stuff.

Programming note: we're going to dive into Minority Report soon and dive deep. And it's going to get extremely Frasery around here when we do, so just be advised if you need to stay off the Internet that week. 

Hey; quit hollering at me. I don't put all that stuff out there. Blame the Cult of Frase. They're the ones trying to make my OCD go critical. I think I ran over their dog without realizing it or something, because this shit is balls crazy. Really.

Seriously, I think D::Wave was running around the clock on this one. Invest in Freon™! 


  1. They actually called it Precrime. Wow.

  2. I presume you've read The Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson? It seems to have some prophetic elements.
    For those are unfamiliar with it, it's a comic series (originally published, 1984-1986, in the British SF anthology comic book 2000AD) set in the 50th century where most people on Earth are 1). unemployed and 2). vegan. The titular character escapes her boring life in a floating housing project called The Hoop to journey into outer space. One of the planets mentioned in the story is 'Rulf's World' in the Vega system, where a character called The Glyph stows away on the Clara Pandy, the ship Jones works on as a hostess. The Glyph is gender neutral after having undergone 49 gender reassignment procedures (which are instantly available in the 50th century).
    The Clara Pandy is piloted by a dolphin (aka a 'cetacean') a species which is capable of navigating hyperspace. Halo, who can speak the cetacean language, becomes the pilot's companion, swimming with it regularly which, I suppose, makes her a kind of mer-maid.

    More info here:

    It's my favourite ever Alan Moore comic, which sadly went unfinished due to a copyright dispute he and Gibson had with the publishers of 2000AD. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    1. Not really a huge Alan Moore fan myself but I do really like Halo Jones. Maybe it is the influence that Ian Gibson had over it that makes me like it.

      One thing to note is the robot dog "Toby" which matches up with those Boston dynamics videos and is another shared element with that Kingsman movie. Tho' Toby itself was probably a reference K9 from Dr Who.

      A prophetic element is how it extrapolates the "different drummer" movement from tech like the Sony walkman. People implanted with technology in their heads that makes them respond to the beat of a different drum, making them unpredictable, irrational and violent. Always attached to a drum beat of information, mob like, prone to suddenly turning nasty? Nah, that's crazy, nobody would put up with that.

  3. Hey Chris keeping hitting it out of the park.

    Did you notice that the Freemasons call for end to 'discrimination' of members. This came after several articles on theguardian highlighted that several members of the parliament are freemasons and claims by scotland yard that Freemasons are hindering reforms.

    My favourite part of this article is that.

    Under the headline "Enough is enough", chief executive Dr David Staples said the organisation raised more than £33m for good causes last year.

    Haha the balls on them. Gotta love it.

  4. I see it, but...once you know, what are you supposed to do? I've been binge-reading your site for the last few weeks, so much knowledge to absorb. I am left wondering what any of us as individuals can or should do when faced with all of this. Same as it ever was, maybe? Keep our heads down, pray to our own God, be excellent to each other and so on? Is that enough? At any rate, what you are doing is fascinating, and thank you for all the time and effort put into this work.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Long-time reader here over the past couple years. Just wanted to comment and say thanks for all your work here and mention a few of my own sync-related things.

    I think you've hit a power line with these posts (at least for me?), especially after the Altar to an Alien God post as the Lyra and Vega syncs (and Cygnus, too) have come in a swarm to me. Here's some of them.

    I recently played through the Jak and Daxter video game series and the first two games mentioned in the credits a guy named Orpheus; the third game has an antagonist named Count Veger (Jak's sidekick Daxter even insults him halfway through the game, calling him Vegan).

    Played Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 and its expansion as well. The eagle emblem for the Allies, their Chrono Legionnaires (they erase things from time), time travel in the expansion and even a turtle in one cut-scene (Sulafat, or Gamma Lyrae, means 'turtle' from Arabic), it really got my attention.

    I recently got a music CD called Falling Time by a dark ambient artist. The cover has an eagle or similar bird on the cover, too.
    And just the other day I listened to the metal band Necrophagist and someone left a comment on one of their songs (that has 2 million+ views) describing it as 'vegan Starbucks grindcore' or whatever!

    The moon also has the Vega Crater, not named after the star but after the Slovene mathematician Jurij Vega.

    I'll stop there before this becomes an essay. There are like over thirty or forty of these over the past two months and numerous other occurrences of relevant names, not to mention I see the number 44 technically everywhere.
    I will add that a video game series I'm really into right now is the Touhou Project and it has two characters of interest, Lyrica Prismriver and Star Sapphire (from what I know, 'lyric' derives from 'lyre' and Vega is described as a sapphire star).

    Also, February 13 (the 44th day of the year) is coming up. I checked it on Wikipedia for anything interesting and in 2012 the European Space Agency launched its Vega rocket on that day.
    Wikipedia also mentions Lyra's boundaries being a 17-sided polygon, but I only count 14. Don't know if the uploaded image is wrong or someone's posted something else, but yeah.
    Oh, I was also writing some stuff earlier and a typo showed up. I tried to spell 'fan', what I got was 'VGan'.

    And that Siren song thing in Perth, I saw the news on that and thought this place was too far away for that stuff. Guess not.

    Stellar work here, thanks for everything. I guess I just wanted to speak about some of the things I've encountered recently after wondering if I should. The things that have shown up in my work as well, years in advance, is astounding; time, AI, even orange. Bonus points for Australia having the super lyrebird.
    These syncs astound me all the time and it's a really interesting stream I find myself in! Something big is going on and I'd like to find out as much as I can about this Lyran stuff going on.


    1. Re:"And that Siren song thing in Perth, I saw the news on that and thought this place was too far away for that stuff."
      Why do you think we call ourselves AustrALIENS AM? ;-)

  6. Re the suicide of Jill Messick. We should have seen that the whole Hollywood rape, sexual assault and MeToo saga would lead to this - a suicide. In retrospect, it seems tragically inevitable. And the suicide of an innocent, as it were. One of the inadvertent pawns in the Hollywood game of coverups, betrayals, threats, bullying, lies, revolving around the hub of sexual predation.

    Really can we move on now? Can we end it here? Probably not. Meanwhile young Kurdish women are in the front lines fighting and dying against a resurgent NATO armed Turkey, whose tyrant Erdogan dreams of a new Ottoman sultinate. But Western feminists' concerns don't seem to reach that far - the brave Kurdish women and their sisters in Iran who defy the regime there by removing their hijabs - risking imprisonment, torture, rape, and murder at the hands of the Iranian regime. Where is the march on Washington for these brave females?

    1. Did some checking into her suicide. So sad. This article had some good info:

      The more I read and learn about Rose McGown, the more I dislike her.

      Very valid point on where are the marches for the brave women fighting in Iran. The audacity of McGowan to call herself or title her bullshit book, brave, is appalling.

    2. 'Western feminists' are simply unhinged CIA Mind Control victims thanks to Agent Gloria Steinem,US Academics and Corporate-State Media.

    3. What still isn't clear, though, is how much of that MK stuff remains unknown. Pondering the weird turns of our nation after the 60s, recall how Dr. Spock's nurturing parent views conflicted with the authoritarian "spare the rod, spoil the child" apprach still common today. Virtually every effed up person I come across seems to have this parenting issue in the background. It appears that this battle was much more profound and the extremes between the two were somehow amplified. This may well have been the true purpose of the 60s psyop. Which is to say the generational damage that occured, and the crapfest we live in now, may well be due to unknown "amplification" efforts to polarize the authoritarians from the nurturers way back in the 40s and 50s when, imo, parenting took a turn for the worse at a time it was allegedly taking a turn for the better.

  7. Chris,

    I'm guessing in the original Planet of the Apes (Apis) films Charlton Heston and his fellow space travelers should have been women instead to make the movie series more accurate to history and the future.

    1. This I find fascinating.
      My personal belief is that almost everything that occurs in this 'reality' is just 'duality' expressing itself.
      So if 'Regulus' gets 'Occulted' by 'Venus', or even the other way around could we actually perceive this as FEMALE/MALE 'hidden' creation agendas?
      MALE rules, but once FEMALE ruled; and wants to rule again, or vice versa.
      What does it really matter then?
      So did ISIS fuck over OSIRIS to gain the 'throne', or the 'opposite'?
      So if 'Venus' is 'Lucifer', then 'Vega' is ?????
      And WHAT is with all this fucking KILLING? (sacrifices)
      And YES Chris, I do NOT worship the '200' either!
      But I can see the possibility that 'they' got FUCKED because they lost the 'game' (WAR)
      NOT an excuse for making us their fucking SLAVES!

  8. Cinimod_ofcarthach9:25 AM, February 09, 2018

    Rose McGowan ex manager committed suicide at 50. Color me shocked!

    1. Parrot MSM fake news much? Or a Suicide(d) by hanging such as bennington/cornell with help of hired 'former International security/intelligence agents'?

    2. Yeah right.
      And I am fucking 'Satan CLAWS'.


    So now they are pushing chimera/transgenics at LEGO. Wonder when that LEGO movie will come out...


    This popped up in my google feed this am and I had to just laugh.

  11. Don't forget the current WH correspondent for ABC news.

  12. Jill Messick; suicide or suicided? We'll never know.

    1. If the media says suicide then it was probably murder and we may get the truth unless she is already cremated.

    2. TPTB just fucking KILL anyone that threatens them.
      The 'sacrifice' becoming 'essence(FOOD)' given to the 'GODS'.
      VEGAtarianism anyone?

  13. Thanks for the shoutout Mr. Knowles. Glad I could contribute 👍

    1. Just curious. Is your email provided at the bottom of your profile still current? I forwarded some links to that account. Cheers.

  14. Directly after reading this post I went to one of the news aggregators I like to check daily and wouldn't you know it, the first item to meet my eye was the story of the Guinness Book record holding senior class of New Trier High School, so awarded for it's incredible 44 sets of TWINS. And one set of triplets.

    1. i looked at that and said 44 2s is 88 + 3= 91 !@#$$%# ...its just math, right? i always used to say, when seeing idiocy, "Go figure" i'm starting think that needs a DON'T in front of it..."and so it goes" Guitardave.

  15. Chris, check out this trailer for the new movie, The Titan. The plot line is just priceless; resources run out and changing men into strange creatures.

  16. & the homeless of Las Vegas often live in sewer & access tunnels beneath the city, morlock-style. Quite a lot of them, from what I've heard. & now someone's hunting them, like Predator? Or The Alienist? One wonders.

    1. I'm not kidding when I say this, start smoking tobacco.

    2. More info on this recommendation, please.

    3. Yes I agree; WTF?
      And I used to smoke.
      Tobacco is grounding for sure so??


  18. Man, Chris, you're killing it.

    You probably already have, but it might pay to look at that plane crash that nearly killed Travis Barker. The pilot was a 31-yo woman, so I figured inexperience. But no, she was flying since 16. Inexplicably aborted the flight when the underinflated tires blew, when protocol says go way above abort speed. Flight ID N999LJ, fyi.

    In Columbia SC, home to Fort Jackson which trains half of all army recruits, and has a school associated with the black budget Defense Inteligence Agency.

    Seems to be a lot of plane and train crashes in the area...

  19. One really useful thing to know about Vegans is that, at least in sci-fi novels, they are into voodoo, santeria, or whatever you want to call the weird stuff that Cuban witches are up to. No kidding. A couple of examples:
    1. The Vegan guy in "This immortal" by Zelazny demands going to a voodoo ceremony.
    2. In "Hyperion" by Simmons, poet Martin Silenus, after working in a planet called Heaven's Gate that orbits Vega, discovers his talent. Eventually he concludes his muse is a peculiar creature/robot/horror monster that has as a hobby impaling people. Like, why go for voodoo dolls when you can stick the people themselves on giant pins?
    3. "Count Zero" by Gibson, the sequel to "Neuromancer", best known as the novel who came up with the concept of cyberspace, follows what happens to the AI entities in "Neuromancer", that in that novel were created by the Tessier-Ashpool family, some bunch of ultra-rich people who live in a place that's something like Las Vegas for the super-rich, in orbit around the Earth. Well, it turns out that these AI originally hatched in Las Vegas on steroids decide that their best way of interfacing with humans is to take the appearance of voodoo gods.

    1. Mass. mother said she stabbed and killed her sons in a ritual

  20. Just found another intriguing Las Vegas sync. "Starman" isn't just a Bowie song, it's also a movie. The main character is an alien coming in response to the message in the Voyager 2 probe (that was, by the way, launched in 1977 - those sevens again). It's unclear where exactly the alien comes from, but never mind, because in the trip that he must take to get to the rendezvous point, he goes to Las Vegas. Funny how in movies nobody ever agrees to meet in places nearby, justifying extended travelling.

  21. The whole gender neutral thing...just a way to homogenize humanity...all these pearly drops of wisdom, they make me mostly think of urban dictionary sex keeping with my idea of the syncromess, the lowest and dirtiest level of symbolism/connections and meanings seems to work. While I am writing this, watching a prerecorded winter games ceremony in Korea...the word 'rainbows' suddenly leaps out of nowhere. But the phallic monolith tardis looking thing at the beginning was cool. So, are these guys trying to tell us the Vegans are coming? I thought it was some other race...reptiloids or something. Can't keep up with all these different would be world invaders who probably only want our primitive gender neutral savages and our rock and roll. To have careful laboratory clean sex with. Oh, oh, and that's why we have to become vegan. The invaders simply cannot stand the horrid odor and sweaty disease meat eating causes in our bodies. Sure and they want to slum with us for a bit of hanky panky, but for Vegas sake, clean yourself up already!

    Well, that's my untested off the cuff theory, anyways.

  22. Another amusing Vegan post Chris and I have to wonder if Suzanne Vega's music will become popular again in the pop-cultural world.
    I met her in 2014 in Australia at the Byron Bay Bluesfest and she signed her latest album at the time called "Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles", which I wrote about here -

    I guess I should have seen this album as the Vegan's way of telling us that Trump was going to be their choice for the White House in the coming years ahead?-)
    If Suzanne comes out again I'll ask her to "take me to your leader" and see if that doesn't get me an eye full of pepper-spray.
    I was also talking to Grace Potter in 2016 when Trump was running for the White House and she told me that if he won the election that she was moving to Australia to live.

    It's a shame she reneged on that promise, as I have a spare bedroom in my townhouse that she is more than welcome to have anytime she likes;-)

  23. 'Reality' didn't get sick and die.In fact it is just hidden.You can still find it if you are looking in the right place. Like old-reality "JCPenny" store advertisements

    1. JC Penny - "Smoking Gun" Residuals

  24. Oh okay, if we're diving into the Minority Report, I'll stop bitching. Allamaraine!

  25. I went to see the movie 'Lady Bird' yesterday and there is a big scene in it about the merits of being a Vegan and there was also the Justin Timberlake song 'Cry Me a River'...a song he also sung at the Superbowl halftime show.
    I must confess that I was stunned by this movie.
    Stunned because I kept thinking how can a movie as ordinary as this be in the running for 'Best Film', 'Best Director' and 'Best Actress' on Oscar night when 'Lady Bird' is clearly outclassed by most of the other movies, directors, and actresses running against it?
    It will be a bigger boil-over than the Eagles winning the Superbowl if 'Lady Bird' walks away with any gold statue on the night, I think.
    Looks like Margot Robbie is in with a real shot after all for 'Best Actress'.

    1. You may be interested in reading Miles Mathis' take on Lady Bird. After reading it I won't be surprised if the movie wins something. Of course it won't make sense but the the connections Mathis points out in combination with the obvious attempt to appeal to a desirable demographic makes it quite probable.

    2. LOL! Come on! If you follow all of this, you gotta know that the merman movie Chris refuses to see is going to win everything! It's inevitable. The Vegans want it! How else will we know it's the Mermaid Apocalypse?! Well, it'll win everything except best actress, which will go to Frances McDormand for playing the hell out of the world's angriest woman. And best actor, which will go to Gary Oldman for that Churchill movie no one's seen.

  26. Is it ruddy suns or pearls? Dropping in Vegas...

  27. Financial markets were talking about the Vega on VIX for sometime now. Goldman wrote a memo on the Vega because everyone knew the financial market was a casino at Vegas.

  28. Dr. UU: This just in...the aquatic walrus creature that Luke Skywalker milked in The Last Jedi is referred to as a "Thala-Siren".


  29. Today in on NPR’s 1A in discussion regarding Steve Wynn:

    ‘It seems like Las Vegas has been playing a bigger role in politics in general... I assume Las Vegas is not just becoming a political thing…I don’t know if there is more to read into this.’

  30. Vegan cheese is usually "Cashew,Almond,Hemp or Pea based" not Soy.Also you flesh eaters should know that most of the fast food and Supermarket processed food you eat contains SOY! Read the fine print at the bottom of the label. FYI : Most educated Vegans avoid Soy products.

    1. I love the projection that most of us "flesheaters" eat fast food and supermarket junk.
      Vegans need to get over themselves. I eat meat, haven't touched fast food or processed, mass produced food in 20 years, and look and feel the same as I did at 30, now being 48.
      On the other hand, most vegans I know eat enormous quantities of processed food, but they get it at whole foods, so it's all good.
      Ever tried textured protein ? It doesn't get any more processed than that.
      I know vegans who eat that crap every day.

    2. And if you haven't heard yet, Caleo, Whole Foods apparently is using sewage sludge on it's "organic products." Another reminder certain people/companies truly do want to sell our shit back to us.

    3. I worked corporate for Whole Foods two years - DO NOT EAT THERE

    4. My memory was slightly off, it's apparently the non-organics they sell (?!?) with biosludge sewage:

  31. scary as 4-letter word...
    brilliant analysis, chris.

  32. eat meat like a viking and you won't have to worry about vegans

  33. Don't know if he is a Vegan but user 'Defnotjrossiter' on the Reddit "Retconned" titled sub forum claims his pupil "has turned into a Hexagon shape" and provides a photo leading a few others on the forum to chip in a "me too"!

    1. "Welp,my pupil appears to be hexagonal...That's New"

  34. We're Doomed

    Living la vida locus,

  35. Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side?
    Rainbows are visions, but only illusions, and rainbows have nothing to hide.
    So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
    I know they're wrong wait and see.
    Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
    The lovers, the dreamers and me.

    Who said that wishes would be heard and answered when wished on the morningstar?
    Someone thought of that and someone believed it.
    Look what it's done so far.
    What's so amazing that keeps us stargazing and what do we think we might see?
    Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
    The lovers, the dreamers and me.

    All of us under its spell.
    We know that it's probably magic.

    Have you been half asleep and have you heard voices?
    I've heard them calling my name.
    Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors.
    The voice might be one and the same.
    I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
    It's something that I'm supposed to be.
    Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.

    1. Read this with kermits voice in my head.

  36. Keen eye as always, my man. Props to you for seeing all this crazy shit before anyone else did. I guess the powers that be have no interest, or need, in being subtle about this symbolism.

  37. Have you been keeping up with the new MGMT album?

    They have a song on it called "me and michael"

    The single cover art for it has crusaders. So is "michael" the archangel michael.....i wonder

  38. Brilliant. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I foresaw vegans becoming the new kosher a long time ago. Soylent Green? Ha. Give up meat for Lent.

    I do wonder though... and I say this with trepidation because I know how it goes. Google, etc. gives us super synchronicity powers and if we search for key words they will appear in the most uncanny ways. Although I will grant you that the Pink Supebowl/Frazer 2012 outfit mashup was extremely weird. OK, never mind, I'm on board. Fuck.

    1. Have you heard of Soylent ?
      All the kool kids in Silicon Valley are drinking it. it's a highly processed meal replacement "liquid" that you imbibe in between coding and your next MandatoryDiversityAudit. Just don't be the fist to stop clapping.
      I'm serious, look up Soylent. Disturbing and disgusting.

  39. One more thing: The Tesla Falcon launch. It goes without saying the heavy falcon (eagle?) carried more than we are told. Perhaps the first VALIS satellite, or MK Ultra Project blue beam. I figure if we are going to P.K. Dick land through Minority Report, then we might as well get ready for the pink laser beams.

    So... if things begin to bend a little your way for once, like maybe those chronic aches and pains finally stop, or you finally get that raise you deserve, or the book deal, or the wife, or you become supreme leader of the rebel galactic federation, then I would say that is the sign that the Matrix/Forbidden Planet has been officially launched. Be careful what you wish for.

  40. Minority Report may be a good source of syncs but it is a mediocre movie. It has about a dozen major plot holes and the acting of all major actors goes from weak (Von Sydow) to terrible (Cruise). Poor P.K. Dick, hollywood has never been kind to him. I only hope they leave him alone soon.

  41. It occurred to me while reading...

    It's psychic driving in everyday everything by being in just enough.

    You saw it because it leads. Just there beyond the periphery of your mind.

    Such would be those who hide in plain sight, hidden in their solar nimbus brow shadow condos.

    "the kingdom of the heavens is spread upon the face of the earth" _ J Dog.

    1. "The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed". William Gibson

  42. Chris,

    Every time you talk of Vega, I cannot help but think of the Chevrolet Vega, that notorious failure of the 1970s. Hardly an auspicious precursor!

    1. PopularMechanics has an article titled "How the Chevrolet VEGA nearly destroyed GM"

    2. The Vega was a truly crapulous car that would rust from mere exposure to salty air, which made it pretty short-lived for owners anywhere near an ocean. It was twinned with the almost as crapulous Pinto, affected more by fire than water. Shitty steel was a hallmark for almost all US cars of that era, though.

    3. I drove a Chevy Vega! The car lasted about 6 years. So much fun in the winter; drifting, spin outs. Great for doing donuts in a parking lot! I'm amazed I lived through it.

  43. It occurred to me while reading...

    It's psychic driving in everyday everything by being in just enough.

    You saw it because it leads. Just there beyond the periphery of your mind.

    Such would be those who hide in plain sight, hidden in their solar nimbus brow shadow condos.

    "the kingdom of the heavens is spread upon the face of the earth" _ J Dog.

  44. Secret Govt Cloning Tech? While many fans of Stranger tHings noticed MBB is a doppelgänger of Elizabeth Perkins since celebrity clones seem to be a thing.Elizabeth Perkins actually starred in the 1979 sci fi / horror movie "Cloned".


    quite the door keeper, very Janus.

  46. Vagus = wanderer = planet = navagraha = square of Saturn.

  47. New theory: 'They' know about Chris and like to give him cool stuff to write about...don't like that one? Okay, the elite poopyheads that think they run this shitshow are actually dumb as all get out. The overt symbolism aint because they care not for you and, it's for them. So it has to be made obvious and repetitive because that inbreeding has really taken it's toll. Don't like that one? Well, the Vegans are the Pleaideans are the tall Nordics are the greys are the reptoids are the Klingons and we're all in hot water if anyone one of them shows up, other than creeping around in dank caves underground and our bedrooms, the slimy perverts. Now, if that don't work, oh I dunno, just fake an alien invasion. So long as there are sharks with headmounted lasers flying through the sky and torching people. Fun fact that relates to not much: D.O.A wrote an album in the 90's called Thirteen Flavours Of Doom. Because doomsy stuff was haute and hawt back then. The Space Brothers will save us. Well, they wqere supposed in 1983, the ads in the back of Argosy magazine never lie. Not certain what kind of a sync that is or isn't, but that's never stopped me before.

  48. Hi Chris,


    How are you? To surmise the themes that you have  been gravitating us all towards for the last year; and anyone else, please feel free to chime in; are you saying that the lead singer of the Cocteau Twins, Elisabeth Fraser is a conduit for demons and that she is being used to conjure up a staged apocalypse with the Book of Revelations being used as a templet? Also, are you saying that sometime around 2044 the Nephilim or there progenitors the Elohim will arrive from the distant star system Vega and force us all into servitude? Are the Archons extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial? Are they from a distant star system or have they always been here? I'm sure there are quite a few people who could use a bit of clarification into the essence of your belief. You're blog is so interesting but we have been really out there lately. This would be a good time to collate this sea of synchs and put a few sentences together that can give the audience a clearer picture into the construct of these acausal explanations.





    1. In answer to your questions: Absolutely not, Our Lady is the Sibyl. Possibly. I sure hope not. Yes. Yes.

    2. Translator on site.

  49. A rather chilling sidestory to the Vegas homeless murders is this event in SF.

    Again with the black SUV. This looks more and more like the behavior of a corrupt banana republic. Those folks should hang some surveillance cams of their own to document this BS.


    first the vagus cop as door keeper

    Now widow of slain cop as magic bullet keeper, Lord of the dead.


    first the vagus cop as door keeper

    Now widow of slain cop as magic bullet keeper, Lord of the dead.