Thursday, February 15, 2018

"Everyone Predicted It."

No doubt you've heard by now. I don't even know what to say about this shit anymore. 

I actually don't want to say anything at all, that's how bone-weary I am of these events. 

But unfortunately, this all played out like the Secret Sun Scrabble game from Hell. And it's yet another example of something we all could have avoided if we took a holistic and synchromystic view of the world we're all stuck on. 

Or maybe even just some basic common sense.

It's being reported that a "lone wolf" gunman stormed in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, FL and started shooting with an AR-15. 17 people are reported as dead with many more injured. 

The alleged shooter, Nickolas Cruz, was a former student at Stoneman Douglas and was arrested, unarmed and apparently without incident, by police not long after the events. 

17 is an interesting number for anyone who's been following this blog for the last 10 years or so.

Today was Valentine's Day, an ancient day of blood sacrifice dating back to the Etruscans and probably long before that as well. 

But the first thing I thought of was David Bowie's final single during his lifetime, "Valentine's Day," which is itself about a school shooter.

Today was also Ash Wednesday, a day when Christians are told to remember the reality of death... having the Cross daubed upon their foreheads. Or in Spanish, la Cruz.

We're also in the waning days of the Year of the Rooster and on the cusp of a new moon and a solar eclipse. Just in case the rest of it weren't enough. Pretty heavy synchronistic weather, in other words.

And in a stunning plot-twist, the "lone wolf" turns out to be a known wolf, tagged by everyone who knew him as the kid most likely to go Columbine. He wasn't even allowed to carry a backpack to school, that's how concerned staff were about his potential for violence. 

So what happened?

Cruz was also the victim of bullying and ostracism at the school, as is so often the case with school shooters. 

A fact which you never hear raised during the tired and programmed partisan debates you hear about these horrific events.

And Cruz had been subjected to a number of traumas and stressors recently, including the loss of his family home and the death of both parents. 

So his obsession with guns was well-known and he'd experienced a number of personal tragedies recently and yet law enforcement didn't seem interested, as far as we can tell.

This is all starting to feel bit like the Book of Job here, only with a messed-up gunfreak in pre-Apocalyptic America instead of a prosperous merchant in the ancient Middle East. 

And as blind Fate herself would will it, Cruz also has connections to the military. 

I know; shocking, isn't it? 

In fact Cruz is wearing his Stoneman Douglas JROTC shirt in the arrest photos. And was wearing his JROTC hat in an Instagram profile pic. I sure would like to know when this kid went through JROTC and when he started going totally off the rails. Simply out of curiosity.

As a sidebar, I'd like to just touch on the information coming out last week about accused Las Vegas shooter allegedly telling his favorite call-girl that he was a government mind control subject and that "they can hack his brain." Which as we know, has been a longtime goal of MK doctors. 

Eldon Byrd of the Naval Surface Weapons Center has spoken about this technology for several years, as have many others.

And in a nearly-novelistic stroke of coincidence, Parkland is just a short drive from the Navy's Surface Warfare Center.

I don't know what that means-- or if it means anything-- but interesting nonetheless, don't you think? 

I certainly think so. 

Even if it didn't look as if this kid needed much entrainment, if everything we're hearing from students at the school is anything to go by.

Speaking of Las Vegas, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High was first opened in 1990, 9+9+9 years before the Las Vegas Shootings. And the same year Heaven or Las Vegas was released, as some of you may remember.

Incidentally, Parkland was established as a city in 1963, 9+9+9 years before the release of Heaven or Las Vegas. And interesting for other reasons, including the death of JFK.

And Marjory means "Pearl," derived from the Latin margarita. And in a weird turn of events, margaritas are all over the news lately. Maybe it's in anticipation of National Margarita Day on February 22nd. I had no idea that was even a holiday. 

As I said, the Pearl is most definitely a rising archetypal dominant.

And apparently locals refer to the school simply as "Stoneman?" I couldn't really get a sense of that. But I do know that Douglas ("Dark River") is a name we've looked at recently as well.

But here's a weird sync for you: the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Eagles...

...use the same exact logo as Super Bowl Champions the Philadelphia Eagles. Pretty wild. 

Are the two organizations connected in some way? I'll have to look into that.

The school is also the home of the Eagle Regiment, a well-regarded marching band that has appeared at a number of high-visibility football games.

Including the Super Bowl, oddly enough. 

Nine months ago Cruz bragged on YouTube he was "going to what he did (sic)", referring to Charles Whitman and the University of Texas mass shootings that we looked at recently

Whitman is the second mass shooter in American history, after Howard Unruh's killing spree in 1949.
17 years later we have Charles Whitman, the University of Texas at Austin shooter. Whitman too was an Army vet and just happened to start at UT at the same time MKULTRA Subproject 138 did. 
Whitman soon began a personal tailspin that culminated in the shootings in 1966. An autopsy revealed a brain tumor,  which the medical examiner declared had not had an influence on the shootings. 
Texas Governor John Connolly decided otherwise and had the inquest findings revised. So far as I know Connolly was no neurologist.
I find it a little curious that Cruz used his real name as his YouTube handle, especially when making threats like that. But who can figure the mind of a madman, right?

Incidentally, the autopsy report for Stephen Paddock apparently lists his TOD as being several hours after police and every single, solitary media outlet on the planet claimed it as being. 

What's more there are reports of extensive bruising on his extremites as well, a fact not attested to by any of the official narratives. 

People are now starting to wonder if....

Oh, incidentally, Reader Jenny turned our attention to a story in the LA Times that cited some interestingly-named witnesses such as an "Ocean," a "Vega" and this...

"Hannah (read: 'Inanna') Siren." Weird; I've never heard "Siren" as a surname.

So, this is a bit odd. Cruz was arrested at the entrance of the Pelican Pointe development. So what, right?

Well, the big news out of Hollywood this week is the looming release of Anthony Pellicano, the notorious fixer known, rather uncreatively, as "the Pelican."

Apparently he's got a lot to say about the Hollywood execs who double-crossed him and more besides. I'll be watching that story, to be sure.

UPDATE: Yeah, they were warned about this guy. And did nothing:
At a press conference Thursday morning, the FBI confirmed that it had received and looked into a tip about the "professional school shooter" comment on Bennight's YouTube channel, but could not uncover any details from the account. 
"No other information was included in the comment, which would indicate a time, location, or true identity of the person who made the comment," special agent Robert Lasky told reporters. "The FBI conducted database reviews, checks, but was unable to further identify the person who made the comment."
Yeah, it's not like the guy signed his real name or anything. Oh, wait...

Even worse:
(AP) — The leader of a white nationalist militia says Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his group and participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee. 
Jordan Jereb told The Associated Press on Thursday that his group wants Florida to become its own white ethno-state. He said his group holds “spontaneous random demonstrations” and tries not to participate in the modern world.
These groups are all heavily monitored and/or infiltrated by the FBI. There's an absolute zero probability that the Bureau didn't know exactly who this kid was and exactly what he was planning.

UPDATE: Well, well, well. Thanks to Reader Roel.


  1. The pearls fall, the crosses are raised, the eagles march - sounds like the Roman Empire's coming back, as Gordon White has been noting

    1. Starting around 2010 several Hollywood movies have portrayed the Roman Empire as "the good guys", bringers of civilization to the heathen barbarians. The worst may be one titled The Eagle (2011), one of the most blatant attempts at erasing the terrible history of Roman imperial rule in Britain.

    2. The Empire never ended, as PKD said.

    3. And I'm sorry to tell you, but the guys that were in Britain before the Romans weren't quite the heroes you may have seen in the movies. Deciding who were the "good guys" is a tough one, but I think I'd go for the Romans. After all, they weren't the ones that had druids that performed human sacrifices.

    4. Most progressives and liberals, and I used to count myself among them, still have a very deep attachment to the myth of the Noble Savage. Archaic/pre-civilizational cultures could be quite brutal, both amongst themselves and certainly towards outsiders. Casual violence was quite common, as well as cultural practices that would make the average modern human recoil in horror.
      That doesn't mean they deserved to be steamrolled by modernity or it's ancient equivalent, but they weren't a bunch of hippies either.

    5. Yes, just look at what the 13 colonies turned into as soon as the Civilized Europeans had to abandon the place. As we know from documents of British officers the colonials were a violent, savage bunch that had degenerated into the customs of the indigenous peoples and were driven into unspeakable
      , insane acts. Just read the letters of the British officer in charge of putting down the rebellion in South Carolina, the atrocities he describes are still shocking. To tell the truth, a lot of people all over the world would be better off if the British had prevailed in their just cause. Why, if they were only trying to bring the blessings of European Civilization to such a forsaken land, were they treated with such unwarrented hatred? "Peregrinus expectavi pedes meos in cymbalis..." . - Ech-Pi-El. Providence, R.I.

    6. Well Maria, you of all people should know. After all those savage guys living in Britain were close relatives of those savages fighting the Romans in Iberia at the time. Also some from farther south. "La tarde loca de higueras...". -Buenaventura

    7. >>>I think I'd go for the Romans. After all, they weren't the ones that had druids that performed human sacrifices.<<<

      So do mass crucifictions not count as human sacrifice? What about gladitorial blood spectacle? Or is it just the idea of tree wizards being involved that you're against?

    8. >>>Yes, just look at what the 13 colonies turned into as soon as the Civilized Europeans had to abandon the place. As we know from documents of British officers the colonials were a violent, savage bunch that had degenerated into the customs of the indigenous peoples and were driven into unspeakable
      , insane acts.<<<

      Being that this was posted anonymously I'm hoping and should probably just assume it's trolling, so I won't bother to respond in detail.. But if you actually believe this you really might want to brush up on your colonial history.

    9. I was responding to an user called Caleo, since you answered I guess TreeFrog and Caleo are one. Right? And I did sign the post. I have read some history of the British colonial war in the 13 colonies, those documents describing the war have been cited in many books, for reference I recommend War in the Shadows by Robert B. Asprey, vol. 1, 1975. And in the future please do respond in detail. -Ech-Pi-El

    10. Ok the grain of truth may be that certain British officers developed certain associations about the concepts "savage" "civilized" "unspeakable" "degenerate" "European" and "indigenous", which you seem to be accepting at face value. Of course actual history is way more complicated than some cut and dry distinction between civilized European Brits and savage colonial degenerates. To go into detail would fill a whole textbook. But by civilized Europeans do you mean the people who, after they couldn't find gold, chose to pout and starve rather than learn to survive on the land? And by degenerate savages do you mean the people who learned how to hunt and cultivate corn from the native people? If you take the view of a colonial British officer from the outset, I guess it might make sense.

  2. Stellar post on a horrific subject. I'd just add a couple more small synchs to the pile....This horror happened in Parkland, Florida. I have to wonder if parkland would qualify as a paddock, un campo...or a Vega.

    1. Parkland Memorial Hospital, just for the resonance.

  3. I'm surprised you didn't mention th e latest XFiles MK Naomi episode. Talk about a 1000% synch.

    1. The Sheriff's last name is "ISRAEL".The big story the day before was Israel PM is facing indictment was called to resign.

  4. Lupercalia is a 'cross quarter' Solar festival. Lupus the she-wolf is being sacrificed on the Milky Way by Centaurus (next to Scorpio). Also straddling the 'string of pearls' that is the Galactic Equator is the Summer Triangle which contains Vega.

    Beneath the constellation Lupus is the Masonic 'Square + Compass' (indicating *G*alactic centre) which go by the name of Norma and Circinus and we all know how 'Masonic' the Las Vegas ritual was.

    The constellation Ara (beneath Lupus) is the 'altar of sacrifice'. This mass shooting occurs nearly 6 months after Qixi - 28 August 2017.

    "The general tale is about a love story between Zhin├╝ (the weaver girl, symbolizing Vega) and Niulang (the cowherd, symbolizing Altair). Their love was not allowed, thus they were banished to opposite sides of the Silver River (symbolizing the Milky Way). Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day."

  5. This blog is like a cyber Ratatoskr running up and down the cross of news.

  6. Vegan Paradise for affluent sybarites awaiting splashdown

  7. So with the school motto can it be seen as 17 fallen eagles or 17 fallen Vegas?

    Chris, I really think you are homing in on the actual network of reality as humanity has never understood it before. Signs, clues, and hints about our world and its true functions are all being scattered about the roadway of time like unread signposts and billboards that are ignored by the "most intelligent species on Earth".

    Case in point, I alluded in a previous thread to the old film Hangar 18. I went back and watched the ending again as I felt like I was missing something. This time I saw it. The alien ship has a structure resembling a mini-downtown skyline of a city (Example at 1:28:29 mark of below link). The 'agency' uses a remote control jet to fly and destroy this 'downtown'. Inter-cut with these scenes we see Darrin McGavin and his men viewing the alien ship's film with the first scenes showing the ship flying in toward the southern tip of Manhattan (the Trade Center is just out of view) but alien language appearing and changing across the bottom screen suddenly spells out Apoolyonn at the 1:28:39 mark of which I'm quite sure you'll realize the significance of the misspelling to hide something ominous considering the context.

    Add to this I was just watching the old Vincent Price film Diary of a Madman which reveals beings (spirits?) called Horlians (whore-lians?) that travel back and forth from an alternate dimension and boast about "having always been here" and manipulating humans. Chris, you probably saw the movie (I'm guessing on one of those Saturday Chiller or Shock Theater things we all used to watch) and might remember that the eyes of humans possessed by the Horlians look exactly like those of Elizabeth Fraser in the many pics you have posted!

    Hangar 18 shows 9/11 twenty-one years in advance and its obvious to anyone understanding the occult that a HUGE spiritual doorway was opened that day altering the entire planet's reality while Elizabeth Fraser, just a few years after Hangar 18's release, was channeling more events to come in advance. My point here is that I find it hard to believe humans could be this smart to plan so far and detailed in advance. Someone/thing is planning and running all this. The very worrying thing is they seem to no longer feel a need to hide behind thousands of years' worth of stories/religion and stagecraft as its becoming more and more evident a revelation seems to be on the near horizon. The real question? How the hell would we, along with everyone else, really react when confronted with final proof everything of our existence was/is a lie?

    On the plus side, I guess at that point the health ramifications of eating a box of Hostess Twinkies would go out the window! :)

  8. Margot Robbie is up against 'Hanna'(Snow?) and 'Lady Bird' (siren?) actress Saoirse Una Ronan...oh, and 'The Lovely Bones', which features 'Song to the Siren'.

    "Margot, a French pet form of Marguerite, is a name that's suddenly a star again.
    After a nearly-half century absence, it hopped back on the Top 1000 list in 2013 and rose more than 150 places in 2016, when she reached her highest ranking ever at Number 433.
    The Margot spelling now outstrips Margo more than two to one...
    Australian actress Margot Robbie has made an impact here in the film 'The Wolf of Wall Street'"

    Talking about wolves and Wall Street, wasn't the stadium the Eagles won the Superbowl in named after a bank?
    Wall street has been a bit shaky since the Superbowl, too.
    And as I have been saying Margot is playing Queen Elizabeth to Ronan's (Roman?) Mary Queen of Scots.
    In Ronan's last movie before playing 'Lady Bird' she played a girl named Marguerite Gachet in 'Loving Vincent'.
    Ronan also plays Merida / Aurora / Jasmine in an episode of 'Robot Chicken'titled 'Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone'.
    And in that boring movie 'Lady Bird' there is a scene where she is receiving the Ash Wednesday cross on her head along with the rest of her classmates by a priest in her Roman Catholic high-school.
    There is probably more but I'm dog tied after spending all night up at the Buddhist temple seeing in the new year of the dog.
    It's 12:55 am over here in Oz and the Rooster is no where to be seen anymore.

    1. Robbie is being used of course just like Fraser.

      That movie is a project. Rolled out a bit too late but meant to pepetuate a false dream (she gets into Columbia...ring bells besides being a spook school?), denegrate religion and make the generation of her parents (Gen X) look like losers.

      Hollywood isn't about innocent entertainment.


  9. //We're also in the waning days of the Year of the Rooster and on the cusp of a new moon and a solar eclipse. Just in case the rest of it weren't enough. Pretty heavy synchronistic weather, in other words.//

    On the mantra side we (and I do speak, humbly and unofficially, for a low-key small community) been doing our part to discard the old year's negativity. It is atrocious and toxic but sure beats ostrichville. The Fire Bird has been a terrible year in so many ways. The Earth Dog can be made tame and obedient, even if she emerges traumatized from impoundment in the firey Bird-Mother. The word from the highest eminence of our acquaintance is, this is a good year to build with your hands, or to cooperate with others.

    So goes my thinking also. This New Year can be 'nicer', especially to those of us with earth/water astrology predominating in a natal chart or in terms of animal-element combinations.

    Air and Fire folks should be able to feel more grounded too, if they choose to be.

  10. And talk about the Eagles, Superbowl and football synchs -

    "A Florida high school football coach "died a hero" after being shot while shielding students from gunfire in a deadly attack that killed 17 people."

    "Reports emerged on Twitter that the school's varsity football assistant coach Aaron Feis had stepped in to cover students and was himself shot.
    The school's football team later tweeted that Mr Feis had been shot as he "selflessly shielded students from the shooter".
    "He died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories," the MS Douglas Football department tweeted."

  11. Twice today, mermaids.
    At the Jet Blue terminal in NY, NBC coverage of the olympics, "Meet the Mermaids" about the Japanese women of the 40s who dove for pearls naturally, with no gear. And, Nick junior, on the plane, "Bubble Guppies" where the animation is all mermaids and mermen, episode after episode.

  12. Why was the shooter firat tsken to what I presume to be the psych ward of a hospital?

    But forget conspiracies for a moment -- schools run endless fire drills which are highly unlikely to hurt anyone in a modern school layout, but haveno real answer to the school shooter threat beyond duck and cover... or thr football coach using his body as a human shield.

    Some real training and tactics for volunteer staff to take down a shooter (you don't even need to be armed, really) might at least reduce the casualty rate. Military vets will tell you your best bet is to charge right at the shooter... the prey becomes the predator.

    Not that it'll happen in a thousand moons in our current cultural lionization of the victim. It's like the schools are teaching kids to lie down in the face of immanent threat to life....

    1. The answer to this would seem to be more surveillance. By AIs because fools like the FBI are merely mortal and miss easy tells, like YouTube comments posted without an alias.

      Seriously though, all classrooms taped and an actual couple armed human security guards monitoring would mitigate this and not be super intrusive (you know... For armed human security guards!) but I doubt that is where it stops... Or even starts.

    2. A friend joked today that kids today are being trained to "duck, cover and text" (their parents presumably).


  13. I think the universe obviously operates by principles of music and mythological balance. The story arcs all lead into each other like complete yet interconnecting dance steps. The myths are all the parts of one single symphony for this moment, each song will create harmony with at least a dozen other serving as the next note. It's possible to play with it, to strike a note which the higher gods respond to. That creates a following event or series of events which create a harmony with what was placed. Automatically. "Unconsciously" to us. It's obvious a score is already being played before anyone was born and all were born according to the score. Interacting with it happens at the level of being, where the music is made, but artifcial worlds, notes that have notes inside them, can be made, so long as the higher score is not thrown out of tune. All who become power hungry are seduced into believing they can control the external score, and in that belief they become slaves, forced to take part in the darker elements god requires to maintain the music of creation. Yin requires yang. We know this but still bitch about it as if it could be improved with out causing what is to become not good enough. The deaf see this melody as synchronicity. Children hear the music before they get into self simulation games.

    1. Very well said. Thank you.

    2. As a musician that was beautiful and the part about trying to control the external score is profound. If you read enough musician interviews there is a common theme, at least among the humbler ones, that we don't write songs, we find them already "out there" and bring them down here. Producing a CD (or even sound file now) is the ultimate magic of making a dream into a real earthly thing. Understanding that it is not us and avoiding the ego traps ties in with what you wrote so nicely. Knowing those things first hand I again thank you for putting such a difficult concept into such well-written words.

      Also thanks to veghandra for pointing out there are positive signs among the stars. Add to that our knowledge the corrupt astropriests are well aware of these dates (seriously, yesterday was rather obvious given the Chinese New Year and the eclipse plus Valentine's Day) we should stay aware they are trying to manufacture an overlay (false revelation or action/reaction/solution?) to match up with what they already know the stars will do. It's an ancient trick and we should remember the true message and/or power in the stars may well be much different from what is being presented to (or perhaps pounded into) us.

  14. I had to go to the hated, infernal “valley of the sun” A.k.a. Phoenix a.k.a. fall in Eagle. All over the place or campaign signs for Tempe city Council rock in orange and the name vega
    I don’t know anything about Phoenix politics but I bet you this lady wins.

  15. I was skeptical of the name "Hannah Siren", but after a brief Facebook investigation I have confirmed that there is a Siren family in Parkland, Florida which does indeed include a teenager named Hannah.

    1. It's in Facebook, so it must be true.

      I've had enough experiences already of things being on the Internet that weren't exactly a one-to-one correspondence to reality, that I can imagine several ways somebody could fabricate a completely credible profile of a Florida teenager with the required name, in a short period of time, that people looking for confirmation could encounter and be satisfied said teenager actually exists.

    2. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, Maria. I'm well-enough versed in conspiracies and media fakery to have become reasonably adept at discerning the authenticity of social media profiles or other online content as it relates to this type of thing. Perhaps I should have elaborated.

      Hannah's profile appears to have been created in 2010 and its contents are limited to a few photos of Hannah around age seven, so this profile by itself can be discarded as evidence.

      However, several members of her immediate family have profiles as well. Her mother's, which is particularly active, contains a large amount of content including posts mentioning Hannah and other family members, as well as photos of them, dating back to 2010.

      Even a cursory perusal will prove that this is not something that was thrown together a few days ago with some dubious photos and scant information. This is, by all indications, a real family. There are even photos of Hannah's brother in his football jersey with "Siren" visible on the back. If this is all fakery, someone deserves a gold medal.

      As stated, I was originally skeptical of this person's existence, so I am not coming at this from a place of gullibility or acceptance of what the media is putting out.

  16. Great work, Chris. This seems to be a world of unending brutality, violence and ugliness. It's fucking exhausting trying to keep up with it all, or stay ahead of it in an attempt - however seemingly futile - to maintain some form of basic spiritual hygiene. Which is why, to my mind, art and meaning and spirituality of any description is so important. If we can't try to make meaning and sense out of all of this hideousness then we're highly likely to fall prey to it. Either through infection or orchestration by those who stand to gain the most from it. I guess what I'm trying to say is if we don't engage literally and symbolically with each other and the universe itself, then we're just casualties in a vast and staggering war that we can't even comprehend. If we don't search diligently and rigorously for meaning amidst all this horror then this world basically becomes Hell, for all intents and purposes. That might suit the predator-class, but the rest of us not so much. But people say, "WTF can I do? I can't tell truth from lies anymore! It's all so alienating and confusing!" Well, that's exactly where predators want their prey, right? We have to start by interrogating all forms of official information and media, as you're doing so deftly with these posts. It might be a mammoth task, but we have to start somewhere if we want any hope of resisting the onslaught of psy-ops, outright lies and terrifying mental illness all around us. As always, thank you for everything you do, Chris. It ain't easy being your brother's keeper these days. I commend your sobriety and dedication, brother.

  17. Interesting what this old geezer said from BBC website;

    "Lanny James, 77, has a place five miles away in Margate. He comes here for the sun. He was playing golf when he heard the news. "This is supposed to be 'paradise'," he says."

  18. Quatermass 1979 by nigel kneale- required viewing fr our times.
    In the near future, civilisation has broken down to the barest fragment of recognisable life. Young people are forming gangs and dominating the wrecks of cities like London. But the strangest Earth-children are the Planet people, following plumb-bobs to sacred sites, waiting to be "Taken Up". Professor Quatermass, seeking his granddaughter, teams up with Joe Kapp, who is trying to analyse strange signals from space using the last working pieces of electronic equipment. They find the Planet People at a nearby stone circle, a light appears, the signal appears, - and the hippy children are gone. Russian plot? Nirvana? Or something altogether more sinister?

  19. I have to say the most interesting twist emerging today in the "synch scrabble game" is the reporting from.... who would have guessed... a Houston Astro beat reporter (KHOU reporter Matt Musil) in Florida for the start of the Astros spring training in West Palm Beach. He interviewed a senior at the pearl eagle high school who claimed that she ran into the shooter during the chaos and interacted with him, leaving her to believe he could not have done it. While she could be mistaken... the earliest reports of the shooter moving about the school in a gas mask (concealing his identity no doubt) does leave one to wonder, was Nicolas brought in as a patsy while the op was conducted by the professional?

    This combined with the reports that the FBI were made aware of him through his disturbed commentary on Youtube does leave the speculation open... did "they" find "their guy for an op" when this occurred, or was he already nabbed during his stint in ROTC? By the way... his comment that led the Youtube channel owner to report him... "I'm going to be a professional school shooter" leaves me thinking the later is very plausible. Ramp up your broken patsy with ideas that he could be a "professional school shooter." Seems like a very odd professional aspiration that wouldn't get you far on your resume unless you were applying to be some kind of mercenary.

    Ash Wednesday/St. Valentines day while using the shooter/patsy named Nicholas/Victorious-conquerer of the people de Jesus Cruz/Cross at the Eagles of the Pearl School and sacrificing 17 people.... it's like the limited variables used by the programming of reality only have so many puzzle pieces to work with for mass consciousness events... or the magi conducting the rituals for who-knows-what are true professional monsters with a very strict spell book.

    -MM (not the reporter though)

  20. The Eagles Regiment played Super Bowl XLIV? Why, that's 44 in Roman numerals!

    Curiously, however, their Awards and Accolades page makes no mention of it.

    So, I looked up the history of the Wikipedia page, and the mention has been there since 2010; so it wasn't put there recently to deceive us... The original statement was that they were "invited by the NFL to participate in the pregame show of Super Bowl XLIV in Sun-Life Stadium in Miami Gardens."

    The edit, appropriately enough, was on Line 44.

    Best wishes

  21. The ashes used on Ash Wednesday are the remnants of the palms used during Palm Sunday, the prior year. 12 mos plus 40, typically, a little over 13 months. Good call on "Parkland." And Trump accused Sen. Ted Cruz's father Rafael of being involved in the JFK assassination. I wrote a piece involving Ash Wednesday and Bowie two years ago, or exactly one month after Bowie's ascension ...

  22. These events seem to unfold more like computer programs (or viruses) now than anything else.

    "This is all starting to feel bit like the Book of Job here, only with a messed-up gunfreak in pre-Apocalyptic America instead of a prosperous merchant in the ancient Middle East."

    Indeed. Deprive a kid of everything he needs to thrive & then act surprised when other kids die. Input & output. Of course its always predictable, of course its always preventable, of course it always happens, regardless. So one has to conclude its by design. The scenario repeats itself, replicates itself, like a virus. Always with symbolic significance attached, like easter eggs planted in a video game. The repetition just drives the point home, again & again.

    Or, perhaps its invocation. "Call & Response", if you will. Call on those charged symbols, something always responds. & not in a pleasant way. & again, perhaps that's by design. & if folks think MK-ULTRA is still going under another name (& many do), then why not MK-OFTEN as well? Just my 2 cents.

    1. FBI Was Warned,Failed To Act-Warned About What?

  23. An afterthought, seeing Cruz's comment on the Charles Whitman video on Youtube oddly coincides with the distasteful joke that was bantered about yesterday in gallows humor fashion, so many people made the joke about giving out Whitman's samplers for Valentines day yesterday....

  24. blonde espresso starbucks is the default ad currently on Bowie's youtube...they aren't any really within 40 miles of where I am, and I'm not a customer...intro'ed the "valentine's day" video and again when I went to watch "where are we now?"

  25. When the feast of the bridegroom comes, Lord QRST calls the BIRDS OF THE AIR to be the guests at the wedding feast. Descending to eat the flesh of Kings, Captains and Mighty Men, all being the same who made cups of Tophet with Maritime Law, the Lady Whore over the waters. Tophet as being children made food, made drink, made into everything tax slaves with CAPITAL letter fictions. Thanks Whore. There is no stopping the occupants of the air from manifesting on all levels here, above the surface of Adamah, at the surface of Adamah, and just under the surface of Adamah.

    "William aptly putting on display the 'Feast of Ascension' as the tale of the table of Gehenna and who the meal is. The meal is our children, ourselves, in service to giving ourselves over to the idol. The doll-r in your pocket has been collaterized against your physical body. The law of vessel-dumb was, as has been iterated above, was the beast-child of St. Francis, Doge 44 (Mass of the Phoenix), and will be echoed in a finale by Pope Francis. Anywhere and everywhere that the mail box and the birth certificate has gone, and yes all governments pass these out like candy, the false fellas (Guy Faux) have been created via exchange of real being with paper being, real being with fictional identity, real being with corporation as personhood. It is all the idol's answer. Finis."

  26. The biggest problem in this country is its mental health system -- or lack of it. Connecticut used to have one of the best treatment systems in the country. I should know because because I was the Director of Library Services for one of the hospitals that had an APA certified residency programmes for psychiatrists. I was there as the state destroyed that system because of greed. They thought it would be cheaper to put these patients either on the streets or in nursing homes. Arson murder in a nursing home by a "former" patient still did not teach the dimwitted the folly of what they had done. Statements such as those in Facebook are evidence enough to bring someone in for evaluation for involuntary admission. Did the school inform the PD about the ammunition? Obviously the boy's mother could NOT take care of him. She should have had him admitted to a long-term hospital. We are too wimpy to do what needs to be done. We are a culture of violence and when we are presented with enough evidence we must act before something happens and NOT wring our hands afterwards,

    1. The biggest problem in our country is cowardice to accept corrupt FBI false flags and msm BRAINWASHING.

  27. Heavy Gnostic vibes on this incident.
    Valentin(us) Day, Ash Weds, and of course the sad origins of the shooter N. Jesus de la Cruz: adopted, loss of adopted mother recently, etc.
    Broward County Sheriff: Scott Israel

    From the perspective of a Gnostic: yikes!
    Even if it's nothing more than his schizo brain making these syncs subconsciously to end in a horrifically staged crime, it has implications - like the other mass killers - about the gestalt of "normal" people in our society.

    Also, his guardians allowed him to keep possession of his firearm in a lock box beneath his bed. From a practical standpoint: WTF???!!!

    1. The FBI found a Patsy on YouTube and Black OPS were go!

  28. 17 has been everywhere in my mind and life lately. Have always seen the number as a good sign, or at least meaningfully "neutral," but this revealed a darker aspect. Shit has got to stop. Terrifying.

    Appreciate the work you do here Chris. Thanks.

  29. Been seeing the number 17 pop up quite a lot recently. Decided to do some research and found this, literally days ago:

    The Flood in the Bible

    The flood described in the Bible started on the 17th day.

    “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the deep burst forth and the windows of the heavens were opened.” Genesis 7:11

    Noah’s ark also came to rest on the seventeenth day. “and in the seventh month on the seventeenth day of the month the ark came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat.” Genesis 8:4

    Which lead me to this:

    Keep up the great work. One of my top 3 websites on the net.

  30. Stoneman could be read as a synonym for Mason . . .

    1. You beat me to it. Stone Cutters, Freemasons.

  31. The key thing about these events is that they are enthralling.


  32. "But here's a weird sync for you: the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Eagles...use the same exact logo as Super Bowl Champions the Philadelphia Eagles. Pretty wild.

    Are the two organizations connected in some way? I'll have to look into that."

    Please. This is ridiculous. Many little league, Pop Warner, and school teams use exact replicas of pro team mascots and/or fonts. It is utterly common. But hey, knock yourself out Stretch Armstrong.

    1. All of which goes to show you missed the point entirely.

      Run along, little doggie.

  33. is this what a falling eagle looks like?

  34. See video here,she contradicts the 'official story'...

  35. Marjorie/Pearl; Siren; a lone wolf on Lupercalia; solar eclipse on Ash Wednesday; sure, just a coincidence.

    Valentine's Day has had numerous massacres in history.

    Reading through your post a name in one of your images really grabbed my attention:

    "Most kids ignored him . . ." Parodie continued.

    Parodie!? Or is it PARODY? Coincidence is a deep dark current. Informative post, thanks. Syncra

  36. The shooter being an adoptee means that's not his birth name. It's the one the courts wrote down on his falsified birth certificate.

  37. And while ABC, the Associated Press, the ADL and whoever else gets may or may not have boogey man informed motives to spread a convenient narrative, the local Tallahassee law enforcement have yet to confirm the allegations put out by the supposed Republic of Florida militia leader "White Supremacist Nut" (FBI plant?) Jordan Jereb.

    We will have to see how this plays out.

    Jerub... Jerubbaal: He that defends Baal

    1. Local Law Enforcement : NO ties between Militia and (alleged) school shooter.

    2. Local Law Enforcement : NO ties between Militia and (alleged) school shooter.

  38. A number of intriguing details of the school shooting:

    1. The shooter's mother died on the first of November last year, or 11/1
    2. The original title of one of the earliest news reports was "at least one dead" (you can see it on the URL). That quickly changed to "at least 17 dead". That's a substantial change.
    3. There's an orange connection. The number of pupils of the school is 3,158. That's the double of 1,579. This year was marked in history by the Treaty of Utretch, that was how the current country of the Netherlands started. William of Orange was involved in that whole business.
    4. The name was originally reported as "Nikolaus", which is the usual name for St Nicholas in German, then changed to "Nikolas". This is an unusual spelling, so I googled to look for other people with that name. I found many news reports about the shooting, and then, a certain professor Nikolas Rose. I went into his website, and his latest book is called "Neuro: The New Brain Sciences and the Management of the Mind". The cover has artwork from Joan Miro (head of a Catalan peasant), with a cross in the middle and what looks like a lunar eclipse.

  39. Alexa Miednik Says She Talked To Nikolas Cruz During Shooting : 'Definately Had To Be At Least Two Shooters' #KHOU11 "she never saw a gun but says she knows the alleged shooter"

  40. Check out this video of witness who walked out with Cruz whilst shooting was taking place in another part of the building. She says there had to be another shooter.

  41. Some relevant Q post suggest hinting at MK-ultra and Cell Phone weaponization.

    Where are the tweets from HRC, BC, CC, Hussein, others re: the shooting today?
    Do you believe in EVIL?
    Make no mistake, they will all PAY THE PRICE.
    Read very carefully.
    Unreleased [CLAS-HIGHEST]:
    Ability to use frequencies [incoming sig]/modify/code/program over 'x' period [designate] mobile phone to 'control' target subject.
    OP conducted/ORIG outside of US.
    CAR control?
    Statement by the driver?

    What [3] scientists were killed who were researching the SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users?
    Why was the research deemed CLASSIFIED?

    Target subjects are pre disposable to certain mental illnesses.
    Target subjects are scouted over a period of time to study and arrange 'THERAPY'.
    'THERAPY' takes [x] to break the mind into a functional/programmable device.
    Science Fiction?

    Crazy times we live in.

    1. That sorta sounds like the crazy Uber driver who killed a number of people in Kalamazoo a few years ago. He swore things started appearing on his screen and gave him commands. These commands were not Uber instructions or maps, just to be clear.

  42. Harvard-educated Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie is former Chicago Schools Administrator who received his position due to connections with Arne Duncan US Dept of Education and Barack Obama.He caused a controversy in 2016 when he forced the School Police Chief to Resign and replaced the position with Dept of Human Service workers who had zero law enforcement training.(RED FLAG)

  43. JROTC is the army equivalent of the civil air patrol. Back in High School I met many CAP cadets, including a girl who later travelled, without evident financial resources, to a middle east American allied country every summer for a few years. When she returned she seemed a different person, the most likely MK/ monarch subject I have ever met. Lee H. Oswald was a CAP cadet in New Orleans in the late 50s, where he met David Ferrie. Just consider how well being in the CAP worked for Oswald.

  44. More Justin Timberlake/Superbowl connections?
    I listened to Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio's Miguel Conner discuss two great movies and their hidden meanings with Robert Sullivan, author of Cinema Symbolism 2 and
    A Pact with the Devil (Witches of Highgate) and wrote a post on Valentine's Day about it (we are a day ahead of the USA BTW) -

    Valentine's Day also falls on Ferris Wheel Day, February 14th and what was the last movie Justin Timberlake starred in...and as a lifeguard patrolling the ocean?
    Woody Allen's (ex-husband of 'Rosemary's Baby''s Mia Farrow) 'Wonder Wheel'.
    Timberlake's song 'Cry Me a River' is also featured in 'Lady Bird', the movie showing an Ash Wednesday service at Lady Bird's high school where students get the ashen cross placed on their forehead.
    Robert Sullivan's novel 'A Pact with the Devil (Witches of Highgate)' features a main character Elizabeth BURNWOOD, too.
    Ash Wednesday?

  45. Here's an article connecting one of the students to Unruh

  46. In other news The Top Story Yesterday would of been about the corruption-plagued administration of South African President Jacob Zuma being forced to resign.New S.A. President Cyril 'lord' Ramaphosa vows anti-corruption drive as he is sworn into office.




    Labored breathing.

    Like Paddock and the hose.

    Judas Iscariot and the symbolic and literal intent of crucifixion is "stop breathing". Lips kiss. M. Apotheosis and drowning and baptizo.

    Jesus says he lays it down and picks it back up again. Enter Simon.

    Jesus says to Peter, aka other Simon, that others will come and carry him there and tink tink some IRON. When they do, they flip him upside down. Thus making face as ass.

    Judas hangs himself, by himself, in The Potters Field, on a tree with no iron.

    Holey fake wood! Triple Cross.

    Someone after spilled his guts on the ground. Fulfilling, springs of living waters shall flow from your bellies.

    The other two...

    One went away, comes back, leaves again after thousand years, returns yet again, then, finally, consumation.

    The last, was truly, adversarial. The guy who fooled everyone by disobediently obeying. The one who ate the undivided meal.

    So much in fact so ... that when it was over, they thought he got up to go shopping. Shopping!

    This after fighting over who was the greatest? Then who was the betrayer?

    The cosmic joke of this is preposterous.

    No wonder the gospel of Judas says your star will rule them all.

    Doesn't Vega become the pole star on the other side of circle of 25,920 years from now ?

    Wobbling all the way back to the Priest King of Nemi.

    The summertime across from the age of Pisces Rahu.

    Methinks yah.

    The light is haunted.

  48. some weirdness i see. check out the meaning of the surname of the first victim

    scrolling through some feeds and see an ad for a new show called Siren. first ive seen this ad and i pay attention. show comes out on 3/29 on Freeform which is owned by Disney. Heres the part that unsettled me the most. I took a screenshot of the ad to incase i never saw it again. the video is blacked out with the words "this is real" flanked by the word Siren and the freeform logo

  49. 18 shootings in 45 days makes 'predicting' pretty easy but when it happens on Valentine's Day, Five Years after the release of the song and the album it definitely makes You Feel So Lonely You Could Die.

  50. On the Day of the Shooting, Teachers Were Told There Would Soon Be a “Code Red” or “Lockdown” Drill:

    "Earlier that day at a staff meeting, teachers had been told there would soon be a “code red” or “lockdown” drill — in which teachers and students practice their response to an immediate threat — but they hadn’t been told the date."

    There was also a shooting incident in front of the NSA/Ft. Meade:

    NSA Shooting: 3 in Custody, Officer Injured After SUV Stopped at Fort Meade Security Gate

  51. What's the point of being a prophet? #spoileralert

    Crown of thorns 7049

  53. Crown of thorns

  54. Indus

  55. September 17,1990 to be exact...SYNC-monster
    [Speaking of Las Vegas, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High was first opened in 1990, 9+9+9 years before the Las Vegas Shootings. And the same year Heaven or Las Vegas was released, as some of you may remember].

  56. I've been binge reading this blog for about two weeks now and cannot pull away. I'd never heard of Lady Lizzie (lizard? -that's too Ikish), until coming across the THC interview, which led me here.

    Anyway, since then I see too many synchs. Even searching a simple pixie haircut late at night had her face appear in the search with her eyes giving me that bone chilling stare. Friends are sewing pearls on their clothes, a friend's autocorrect changed what she meant to write as "I should've seen that," to "I siren seen that." Lots of weird little things. Winks from the universe.

    Yesterday, while walking the dog, sirens were blaring for what was a small car accident nearby. It was a hell of a lot of sirens for such a small accident, which strangely lasted too long. It hit me how we call the sound of something that brings nothing but bad news and even death as sirens. The high pitched wailing sounds of doom = sirens.

  57. Crown of thorns.
    I Am With You, Even To The End Of The Age.

  58. And from the Miami Herald:
    "Earlier that day at a staff meeting, teachers had been told there would soon be a “code red” or “lockdown” drill — in which teachers and students practice their response to an immediate threat — but they hadn’t been told the date."

  59. I saw this news story today -
    "Russia and China Could Soon Become More Powerful Than the U.S. and Valentine’s Day Is to Blame"

    "On February 14, 1950, the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union signed the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance. Less than five years after World War II and only months after the guerrilla forces of Mao Zedong expelled the Chinese nationalist Kuomintang government to Taiwan, the world’s two largest communist powers joined forces at the onset of what would be a nearly half-century Cold War between Moscow and Washington. Already wary of growing U.S. influence in Asia, the two nations vowed to defend one another in the event of an attack from U.S.-backed Japan or any of its allies."

  60. Did you know the first school shooting in the USA was 4-9-1891 and that from that day until sandy hook is 44,444 days.

    Also from 7-4-1776 the birth of america until the birth of cruz is 222y 2m 10d


    Dude, latest shooting happened right down the road from a NAVAL AIR FORCE BASE! I think you're onto something connected...

    Also, Mark David Chapman's Dad was a Sergeant on a Naval base in TX...