Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tom DeLonge's UFO Two-Step

The fun never stops, does it? 

In the wake of Las Vegas I went way out on a limb and suggested that the events there and the announcement of Tom DeLonge's CIA-Pentagon-Lockheed-backed To the Stars project were connected and part of the unfolding we were struggling to decipher. I think a lot of people thought I finally popped my cork on that one.

Well, guess what? The other shoe has now dropped--quite loudly-- and it all leads back to no other location on Earth but Heaven or Las Vegas, Nevada.

To the surprise of absolutely no one who has been paying serious attention to the UFO issue, the government revealed today-- through CIA-Mockingbird cutouts The New York Times and Politico-- that yes-in-fact there actually was a black-budget UFO project funded by Congress and run by aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow.

Jesse Ventura explored these connections on his old Conspiracy Theory show back in 2012, and Tom Bullard revealed that all UFO reports made the government were redirected to Bigelow's operation.

This is a bit different though. All of a sudden the mainstream media is taking this thing seriously, without the usual mocking tone that drips throughout their usual reports on the topic. I can't say for sure this is all leading to some genuine type of disclosure but something sure as hell is going on here.

Besides getting marching orders from their paymasters at Langley, the Times and Politico might be taking this all a bit more seriously because of the material that's being released, including a jet pilot's encounter with an alleged UFO fleet in midair.

Either way, this story vindicates those of us who never believed the government's denials of interest and/or involvement in this subject. I really and truly wish I had a dollar for every claim that this was all being done in the black over the past 40 years. And a dime for every mocking reaction those claims got in return. 

I'm sure that this story is a limited hangout and is coming to the surface either for ritual purposes or because of the intramural spy-war we're seeing in Washington but either way, I'll take the win.

Let's remember what a big deal the Obama White House made about their denials of interest in the subject back in 2011. But please note the very finely-parsed press release they circulated to all their media servants never quite justified the headlines. 

Remember that this was the same White House who said the media was made up of "27 year-olds" who "literally know nothing" and never hesitated to play them like the class wallflower on a Saturday night.

And don't forget that the Federal Gov't denied the existence of Area 51 for 60 years until the CIA acknowledged it in 2013...

...through their cable-news cutout. We can quibble over the long game being played here but the one thing beyond debate is the endless lying we get on this stuff. But speaking of Area 51, let's turn the clock back to October 1st again...

...yeah, this story is starting to take on quite a bit more resonance, wouldn't you say? 

We have Stephen Paddock (or whomever) shooting his whatever at the fuel tanks of Janet Air-- the private shuttle to that secret base that was magically summoned into existence in 2013, where highly-advanced aircraft were suddenly magically being developed-- before opening fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 

Everyone kind of shrugged this off, but given the toe-smashing obviousness that Paddock was an intelligence operative (if not a CIA gun-runner) linked to the aerospace industry, I paid very close attention. Particularly when we saw this very To the Stars project pop up out of the ether 10 days after "Paddock's" bullet-party.

It all gets murkier and more troubling when you consider the involvement of Sen. Harry Reid in this black op, who reportedly brokered the deal between Bigelow and a murderer's row of MIC heavyweights. It makes you wonder what this all about exactly.

All I do know is that-- yet again-- we can't leave the Vegas. They always seem to tag along.

And do note that Bigelow is exactly 10 miles due north of Las Vegas Village, where the Route 91 Harvest was held. 

And along with the story on this black budget project we also hear claims that there's UFO debris sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Vegas. To show just how secret this project is/was, we have this Nick Pope "guitar groups are over" quote from 2016:
But Pope said there weren’t actually any “UFO files”. Since Project Blue Book ended, the US has not had a formal unit investigating UFOs. And the files from Blue Book are already available in the national archives. 
“Podesta’s statements, like Clinton’s statements,” he said, imply something “like in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, some kind of government warehouse where there’s something above and beyond the old Blue Book files.” 
“And as far as I know,” he added, “there isn’t.” 
Pope said that there may have been “ad hoc investigations done” when pilots saw something unusual in the sky, but they were not part of a “formally constituted research effort”.
We all make mistakes.

But what does any of this have to do with this Never-Ending Ritual we've been tracking here?

Let's take a look...

Harry Reid was the subject of some unflattering chatter last year, when he showed up to work one day with his face banged up. 

We started hearing rumors that he got his ass kicked by some Vegas hoods whom he crossed. We even got an obviously-diversionary story that he got into a fistfight with his brother.

Why exactly all this rose up is directly on account of the excuse Reid gave sounding like a battered wife covering for an abusive spouse:

Who the hell exercises in the bathroom? Or is that some kind of euphemism? 

The questions really answer themselves. And the fact that the media was pimping them is further proof that these people aren't even competent liars. 

But if those exercise bands ring a bell somewhere, it's not your imagination. You're just calling this story up from the old memory banks...

What's the connection here? Well, aside from the fact that Cornell died in the Detroit MGM Grand Casino, this announcement today was part of a project shepherded by a name some of you might remember...

... who became a quite dank meme unto himself after the Wikileaks dump of his email account. That in turn fired the rumor mills with stories like this...

...fires which turned white-hot when memes began circulating that pictured the uncanny resemblance between Chester Bennington and John Podesta, that you don't really get a sense of here. 

But whatever the case may actually be, the furore certainly didn't do Tom DeLonge and his project any favors when so much of his target audience started trading jpegs like this.

A fact which DeLonge himself was forced to acknowledge, even as he became increasingly effusive about how wonderful and self-sacrificing the defense industry and their footmen are.

What's interesting here is that DeLonge's sole value to the heavy hitters backing him is his credibility with the audience that the defense industry is trying to reach with this enterprise. 

But DeLonge's involvement with it-- and them-- is rapidly corroding that credibility, a situation not helped any by DeLonge's surfeit of flop-sweat when trying to sell this thing on venues like Joe Rogan's podcast.

And the UFO research community-- such as it is-- doesn't trust DeLonge or his backers, since the basic pitch here is essentially the dire prophecy Carol Rosin has been milking for decades (attributed to Wernher Von Braun) made manifest. Veteran Canadian researcher Grant Cameron has been rather blistering in his analysis of DeLonge and his partners.

What's more, this very, very Vegas-centric revelation is coming on the heels of a whole parade of Vegan revelations, including the stories circulating that Oomingmak Oumuamua (aka the Visitor from Vega) might in fact be an alien probe.

And then we had the NASA-Google announcement of a distant twin of our solar system...

...reportedly in Draco, but spotted more in the general vicinity of Cygnus and Vega.

And as some readers reported, we also saw a rash of grisly and highly ritualistic killings of swans and cygnets in a borough of London.

We also had the launch of Amazon/Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket, which-- gosh-darn it-- sounds an awful lot like "True Shepherd," the original appellation for Orion aka the Hunter aka the Pearly Dew-Drops Drop. 

Suspicions of crypto-ritualism aren't exactly quelled by Blue Origin's new logo, a falling feather. Which reminds us that Vega means "the falling eagle." 

Vega and Orion are somehow linked in all this. How exactly is still anyone's guess. Something Nephilimy, I'm sure.

And the day before the UFO projects' unveiling we had another highly ritualistic event; the launch of the Dragon atop the Falcon-9-- to the International Space Station or ISS. Or Isis.

Remind me to explain to you how all this connects to the Revelation 12 narrative.

Anyhow, even the highly-skeptical are watching all this through the corners of our eyes, since you never know what may be waiting in the wings here. Like this longtime UFO debunker:

Pearl. Dammit, Jimmy O; you just had to go and say "pearl," didn't you?

Pearl, he says. 

Well, why should this particular story be any different?

So I suppose we shouldn't be surprised the Congressman representing Las Vegas is #metoo's latest scalp.

And as the Gods of Sync would demand it, To The Stars published Planet of Blood and Ice this year as well. Foreword by Blink's Tom DeLonge, in case you're on the fence about buying it.

And since Twin Peaks and Cocteau Twins are the Janus, um, Twins of 2017, let's remember that the theme of a secret UFO research project following the Blue Book "whitewash" was the animating theme of Twin Peaks: The Return.

Which we hear called "the Blue Rose."


Which Tracy Twyman reminds us is the central icon in Jean Cocteau's Notre Dame (Our Lady) mural in London.