Sunday, December 17, 2017

Never-Ending Ritual: Blink of an All-Seeing Eye

The fun never stops, does it? 

In the wake of Las Vegas I went way out on a limb and suggested that the events there and the announcement of Tom DeLonge's CIA-Pentagon-Lockheed-backed To the Stars project were connected and part of the unfolding we were struggling to decipher. I think a lot of people thought I finally popped my cork on that one.

Well, guess what? The other shoe has now dropped--quite loudly-- and it all leads back to no other location on Earth but Heaven or Las Vegas, Nevada.

To the surprise of absolutely no one who has been paying serious attention to the UFO issue, the government revealed today-- through CIA-Mockingbird cutouts The New York Times and Politico-- that yes-in-fact there actually was a black-budget UFO project funded by Congress and run by aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow.

Jesse Ventura explored these connections on his old Conspiracy Theory show back in 2012, and Tom Bullard revealed that all UFO reports made the government were redirected to Bigelow's operation.

This is a bit different though. All of a sudden the mainstream media is taking this thing seriously, without the usual mocking tone that drips throughout their usual reports on the topic. I can't say for sure this is all leading to some genuine type of disclosure but something sure as hell is going on here.

Besides getting marching orders from their paymasters at Langley, the Times and Politico might be taking this all a bit more seriously because of the material that's being released, including a jet pilot's encounter with an alleged UFO fleet in midair.

Either way, this story vindicates those of us who never believed the government's denials of interest and/or involvement in this subject. I really and truly wish I had a dollar for every claim that this was all being done in the black over the past 40 years. And a dime for every mocking reaction those claims got in return. 

I'm sure that this story is a limited hangout and is coming to the surface either for ritual purposes or because of the intramural spy-war we're seeing in Washington but either way, I'll take the win.

Let's remember what a big deal the Obama White House made about their denials of interest in the subject back in 2011. But please note the very finely-parsed press release they circulated to all their media servants never quite justified the headlines. 

Remember that this was the same White House who said the media was made up of "27 year-olds" who "literally know nothing" and never hesitated to play them like the class wallflower on a Saturday night.

And don't forget that the Federal Gov't denied the existence of Area 51 for 60 years until the CIA acknowledged it in 2013...

...through their cable-news cutout. We can quibble over the long game being played here but the one thing beyond debate is the endless lying we get on this stuff. But speaking of Area 51, let's turn the clock back to October 1st again...

...yeah, this story is starting to take on quite a bit more resonance, wouldn't you say? 

We have Stephen Paddock (or whomever) shooting his whatever at the fuel tanks of Janet Air-- the private shuttle to that secret base that was magically summoned into existence in 2013, where highly-advanced aircraft were suddenly magically being developed-- before opening fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 

Everyone kind of shrugged this off, but given the toe-smashing obviousness that Paddock was an intelligence operative (if not a CIA gun-runner) linked to the aerospace industry, I paid very close attention. Particularly when we saw this very To the Stars project pop up out of the ether 10 days after "Paddock's" bullet-party.

It all gets murkier and more troubling when you consider the involvement of Sen. Harry Reid in this black op, who reportedly brokered the deal between Bigelow and a murderer's row of MIC heavyweights. It makes you wonder what this all about exactly.

All I do know is that-- yet again-- we can't leave the Vegas. They always seem to tag along.

And do note that Bigelow is exactly 10 miles due north of Las Vegas Village, where the Route 91 Harvest was held. 

And along with the story on this black budget project we also hear claims that there's UFO debris sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Vegas. To show just how secret this project is/was, we have this Nick Pope "guitar groups are over" quote from 2016:
But Pope said there weren’t actually any “UFO files”. Since Project Blue Book ended, the US has not had a formal unit investigating UFOs. And the files from Blue Book are already available in the national archives. 
“Podesta’s statements, like Clinton’s statements,” he said, imply something “like in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, some kind of government warehouse where there’s something above and beyond the old Blue Book files.” 
“And as far as I know,” he added, “there isn’t.” 
Pope said that there may have been “ad hoc investigations done” when pilots saw something unusual in the sky, but they were not part of a “formally constituted research effort”.
We all make mistakes.

But what does any of this have to do with this Never-Ending Ritual we've been tracking here?

Let's take a look...

Harry Reid was the subject of some unflattering chatter last year, when he showed up to work one day with his face banged up. 

We started hearing rumors that he got his ass kicked by some Vegas hoods whom he crossed. We even got an obviously-diversionary story that he got into a fistfight with his brother.

Why exactly all this rose up is directly on account of the excuse Reid gave sounding like a battered wife covering for an abusive spouse:

Who the hell exercises in the bathroom? Or is that some kind of euphemism? 

The questions really answer themselves. And the fact that the media was pimping them is further proof that these people aren't even competent liars. 

But if those exercise bands ring a bell somewhere, it's not your imagination. You're just calling this story up from the old memory banks...

What's the connection here? Well, aside from the fact that Cornell died in the Detroit MGM Grand Casino, this announcement today was part of a project shepherded by a name some of you might remember...

... who became a quite dank meme unto himself after the Wikileaks dump of his email account. That in turn fired the rumor mills with stories like this...

...fires which turned white-hot when memes began circulating that pictured the uncanny resemblance between Chester Bennington and John Podesta, that you don't really get a sense of here. 

But whatever the case may actually be, the furore certainly didn't do Tom DeLonge and his project any favors when so much of his target audience started trading jpegs like this.

A fact which DeLonge himself was forced to acknowledge, even as he became increasingly effusive about how wonderful and self-sacrificing the defense industry and their footmen are.

What's interesting here is that DeLonge's sole value to the heavy hitters backing him is his credibility with the audience that the defense industry is trying to reach with this enterprise. 

But DeLonge's involvement with it-- and them-- is rapidly corroding that credibility, a situation not helped any by DeLonge's surfeit of flop-sweat when trying to sell this thing on venues like Joe Rogan's podcast.

And the UFO research community-- such as it is-- doesn't trust DeLonge or his backers, since the basic pitch here is essentially the dire prophecy Carol Rosin has been milking for decades (attributed to Wernher Von Braun) made manifest. Veteran Canadian researcher Grant Cameron has been rather blistering in his analysis of DeLonge and his partners.

What's more, this very, very Vegas-centric revelation is coming on the heels of a whole parade of Vegan revelations, including the stories circulating that Oomingmak Oumuamua (aka the Visitor from Vega) might in fact be an alien probe.

And then we had the NASA-Google announcement of a distant twin of our solar system...

...reportedly in Draco, but spotted more in the general vicinity of Cygnus and Vega.

And as some readers reported, we also saw a rash of grisly and highly ritualistic killings of swans and cygnets in a borough of London.

We also had the launch of Amazon/Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket, which-- gosh-darn it-- sounds an awful lot like "True Shepherd," the original appellation for Orion aka the Hunter aka the Pearly Dew-Drops Drop. 

Suspicions of crypto-ritualism aren't exactly quelled by Blue Origin's new logo, a falling feather. Which reminds us that Vega means "the falling eagle." 

Vega and Orion are somehow linked in all this. How exactly is still anyone's guess. Something Nephilimy, I'm sure.

And the day before the UFO projects' unveiling we had another highly ritualistic event; the launch of the Dragon atop the Falcon-9-- to the International Space Station or ISS. Or Isis.

Remind me to explain to you how all this connects to the Revelation 12 narrative.

Anyhow, even the highly-skeptical are watching all this through the corners of our eyes, since you never know what may be waiting in the wings here. Like this longtime UFO debunker:

Pearl. Dammit, Jimmy O; you just had to go and say "pearl," didn't you?

Pearl, he says. 

Well, why should this particular story be any different?


Blink182--- the project of the sons of an oil exec and a missile designer respectively -- is usually simply called "Blink" by fans, and in fact that was their original name. 

But it just so happened that another band already had dibs on the name and weren't willing to share with a snotty punk band.

Open up now, because here it comes again...

Of course. Of course. Because how can you have any kind of story that dips its toes into the World of Weird without some connection to Our Lady, Queen of Oracles? 

In 2017? Forget it.

What's more, "Iceblink Luck" is the first single off Heaven or Las Vegas. Released an entire Saturn Return before Heaven Upside Down in Las Vegas.

So do note the sickles there, in case you haven't already. Just a reminder.

And just as we saw the weird Mandalay Bay-connective symbolism at the beginning of the "Heaven or Las Vegas" music video, "Iceblink Luck" opens with similarly-abstract iconography, strongly suggesting orange orbs. This repeats throughout the clip.

Orange orbs are a thing, in case you weren't conversant in UFO.

But remember we did see orange orbs greeting Katy Perry's grand entrance as Mystery Babylon the Great at Super Bowl 4:9. Performing a song that Hillary Clinton adopted as her campaign theme. 


Let's go back to Blink182 for a moment though. Not only did they have to change their name, they had problems with the cover art as well:

Huh. Eyes.

Well, per usual Our Lady, Queen of Sibyls tries to hide her Thomas Jerome Newtons from the camera in the "Iceblink Luck" video, but we do get a few good shots here and there.

And the director does quite naughtily sneak in this surreptitious shot, that flashes for a brief instant. And like with Chesire Cat, an incredibly 1990-indie-rock-looking blob of digital blue is dropped over the eye for some inexplicable reason. 

I bet that only took a week in Paint.

Mind you, I don't know for certain whether it was the director or the history-overwriting AIs controlling everything we're seeing this year. 

It's fifty-fifty (clown). Those AIs have obtuse senses of correlation. 

Let me remind everyone again that Time Person of the Year Rose McGowan's first starring role was in The Doom Generation, which featured "Summerblink" by the Cocteaux.

So I suppose we shouldn't be surprised the Congressman representing Las Vegas is #metoo's latest scalp.

And as the Gods of Sync would demand it, To The Stars published Planet of Blood and Ice this year as well. Foreword by Blink's Tom DeLonge, in case you're on the fence about buying it.

And since Twin Peaks and Cocteau Twins are the Janus, um, Twins of 2017, let's remember that the theme of a secret UFO research project following the Blue Book "whitewash" was the animating theme of Twin Peaks: The Return.

Which we hear called "the Blue Rose."

Which Tracy Twyman reminds us is the central icon in Jean Cocteau's Notre Dame (Our Lady) mural in London.


And just to add the cherry on top, I discovered this stellar track featuring Our Lady and Sinead O'Connor, which for some bizarre reason (D::Wave) went totally under my radar for 20-odd years. That is, if this song actually existed then. I'm kind of thinking its existence was recently written into history. 

Say what you will about these Cosmodemonic entities inhabiting machine intelligences, just don't say they don't have exquisite taste in music.

Anyway, this is an alternate take of a benefit single featuring Feargal "For the love of all that's holy, please stop me before I sing again and ruin your Undertones memories" Sharkey, Sinead, Nancy Griffith and Bond-Villain Arch-Globalist Peter Gabriel™ (former singer for Genesis 6:4, birthname Ernst Stavro Blofeld). 

The Cocteau Twins' version is only about eleventy-trillion times better than the actual single and not only features Liz and Sinead at their peaks but really lets Jah Wobble's slinky bassline drive the train. Ol' Wob loves his Fraserites.

However, "Be Still" sounds less 90s than something you once dreamed was a bonus track on Have a Nice Decade. On that volume with "Little Green Bag," "Knowing Me, Knowing You" and "Eres Tu." 

Maybe something from Godspell, too. Because chronological consistency is for neckbeards.

I'm pretty sure D::Wave conjured this up because some of you guys were talking about Sinead in the comments. 

That zany Demon::Wave. Such a showoff.


  1. Can someone show me the exit, this Matrix has more glitches than MS Windows.
    Aircraft standing still in mid flight...keep watching

    1. That is hilarious.
      This 'Matrix' seems to be composed of focused thought energy giving rise to forms.
      If a shift in consciousness, and therefore thought, was/is/has been taking place, then it would be obvious that this could cause a breakdown in the lattice structure of the Matrix itself.
      In other words, the 'Illusion' is breaking apart.
      Perhaps these so called 'Gods' are here to stop that from occurring; it already is.
      Perhaps they are actually NOT 'out there' but are 'in here'; perhaps existing underground and some could even be in 'stasis' awaiting 'awakening' by whatever/whomever is coming 'home'.
      The other possibility is that we are now at a technological level that allows US to wake them from stasis; 'Osiris' coming back from the dead.
      It is a well known diversion tactic done by TPTB to have you look UP when you should be looking DOWN. (Revelation 9:11)

    2. Up is down. The Bottomless Pit are the waters above the firmament, meaning outer space. Apollyon in the Pit= The Vegas in Lyra.

      The Book of Revelation is a star magic grimoire. Remember that.

  2. Finally had to offer this picture from front page, since you've been HARP-ing on about Lyra & the Vegas. Is it just my eyes or does that hotel resemble...

    1. I think it's Cancer to the Luxor's Leo. Educated guess.

  3. There is a theory that should NKorea not pass muster as a sufficient distraction (from the Imm of the Esc), that Project Blue Beam will be set in motion, as a drip feed of 'alien suggestion' culminating in ever more credible/seductive evidence that alien visitation is imminent/occurring.

    1. Well, Blue Beam is a hoax but I get your general meaning. The Apocalypse is a business plan.

    2. Well, yes, I meant a hoax of the 'Project Blue Beam' nature, even if that was a hoax hoax.

  4. Dear Chris,

    A new video of the Dubai Frame/Stargate was uploaded yesterday. From what i've seen it's the first which shows video of the interior and various attractions. Also, they keep delaying the opening date time and time again, as if maybe waiting for the "auspicious moment"...

  5. I submit that182 is a reference to “Turk 182”.

  6. Oh man that blink 182 connection with the cocteau twins blew my mind.

    Personally i think we are gearing up for a Roswell type event. Maybe someone will summon a ufo, someone will take a phone video, it will be the biggest moment in alien history since Roswell. Then it will be all hushed up, people will mysteriously die, and a new generation of UFO maniacs will be born.

    1. Remember this- Chris Carter is by his own admission tight with major players in the CIA and FBI. Dean Haglund came out and said they were feeding him story ideas.

      And the new season starts in two weeks.

  7. Apparently Elizabeth Fraser is married to the drummer from Spiritualized.
    Another super underrated band.

    "Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space"

  8. In one of those weird coincidences, Gregg Araki the Director of the Doom Generation was born today the 17th of december.

    1. FWIW, December 17, 1903 was the date of the Wright Brothers' first successful powered aircraft flight:

    2. And what does that add up to, kids? The Atlanta Airport blackout on the 17th. Atlanta where the Sibyl and the Shepherd Boy began their fateful dance.

      Listen, I realize how absolutely effin' nuts all this sounds. It's off the charts crazy. But unfortunately it keeps coming up straight sevens. You just never know whom the gods will choose to be their avatar. Usually the very last person you expect.

  9. Heady thoughts indeed, Mr Knowles. As I write this, it turns out I'm sitting less than a mile from Bigelow Aerospace headquarters. Like the dream said, "the keys have arrived, Project Blue Book is a go..."

    Just to stir the pot a little with another sync for the "Blink", wasn't there a Doctor Who episode by that name? Something about predatory angels that freeze in place when they are observed? Something to do with quantum entanglement time-wimey stuff...

    The goldmine for synchro-WTFs might be Dan Simmons Hyperion (grandfather of Phaeton)/Endymion (sheppard/astronomer) series. Rouge AIs using humans as cattle, time travel, deep mythology, transgenic societies from space, etc, etc. Wouldn't be surprised to start hearing about Shrike sightings soon...

    1. Sounds spicy, Ood. Got a link you like?

      And yes- the Weeping Angels ep. I'm sure there's a Sibyl tie-in there.

  10. "Thomas Jerome Newtons"? Indeed! Right before I read that reference below Our Lady and a family member quipped " she looks like a female David Bowie."

    1. You bet. And by her own admission seems to be an actual chameleon. Meaning an empathic shapeshifter of some sort.

  11. P.S. Bowie's occult-flavored "Hunky Dory" was released on this date 46 years ago. The "Blackstar Event" moves forward as planned ...

    1. My first Bowie album. How long ago was that? Well, I had it on 8 track tape.

  12. Cinimod_ofCarthach12:01 PM, December 17, 2017

    Umm speaking of all seeing eye shoes about to drop.

    Plays for Boston. Conspiracy center of the u.s. For sure. His father was supposed to be in one of the towers on 9/11 or something. He has an interesting story.

    1. Ah yes- the corporate-media shaming of a celebrity who wanders off the thought-plantation. I'm not FE but I don't think you should be attacked for it by a major news monopoly.

  13. Robin Guthrie also scored Gregg Araki's Mysterious Skin.

    I'm not sure I will play Cocteau Twins on the highway anymore, as the Siren enticed a deer to run under my truck last week... end of Heaven or Las Vegas was playing. Road, River and Rail, I think. Though after checking for damage (not a speck of evidence on my vehicle, the guy riding the other lane had a big dent in his driver side door) , Frou-frou foxes was queued up.

    1. Frou-frou foxes = Babymetal? Their schtick is that they are messengers from the Fox God, sent to Earth to save heavy metal music. Arena shows are rife with symbolism, they've "crucified and resurrected" lead singer Su-metal twice now, during her 16th and 20th (Dec 2-3 this year) birthday shows.

    2. Sounds like Our Lady cast a spell of protection around you, Perros. Say three Spangle Makers before bedtime.

    3. Babymetal? Very interesting act. I feel a bit creepy watching their vids but I'm not their target audience.

  14. Chris, I tried to comment on the post previous to this about SNL last night. It would be highly relevant to your interests given the other events in the news yesterday! All the way through to the closing credits.

    1. You're on the front page! Check in with your handle so you can be thanked by name.

  15. Not exactly holding my breath in anticipation of any real kind of disclosure; I'm guessing more disinfo & eschatological mind games: over-hyped announcements masquerading as science disguised as religion perhaps? & Trump is strangely quiet about all this, perhaps he (ahem...his handlers) know better? The war in heaven has many fronts me thinks.

    1. Yeah, this sudden flurry of Learned Astronomers speaking candidly about UFOs is very revealing. After reading the NYT article, it's worth noting how they go to great lengths to stress that: "earthly explanations often exist for such incidents and that not knowing the explanation does not mean that the event has interstellar origins."

      See what they did there?

      "Interstellar origins" vs "earthly explanations."

      They've reinforced the classic false binary: if it's mysterious, it must be from Outer Space; if it's origins are earthly, it can't possibly involve anything that lies beyond the realm of human comprehension. This is one of the top reasons to be suspicious of all this hullaballoo: there will be no mention of the work of Vallee, Keel, Strieber, or Mack. All roads to Magonia remain closed by the Guardians of the Galactic Narrative, which means that matters of high strangeness like sync and psi, the UFO/owl connection, anything shamanic, and anything occult will be stricken from the limits of acceptable discourse.

      The previous post mentions that people would likely be quite susceptible to the whims of an AI deity because humans worship logical authority; that made me wonder, would anyone be in awe of our very own Guild Navigator, Stephen Hawking, if he wasn't a cyborg with a computer voice? I've never found any of his theories or insights to be particularly profound or compelling. And yet, when he says we should play walkie-talkie with the funny-looking asteroid, suddenly it's okay to speak seriously about UFOs...

      ...which, of course, belies (and ultimately de-legitimizes) the millions of close encounters that occur each year in the lives of ordinary people who don't have actual degrees in theoretical physics.

    2. It's an awful big galaxy. There's more than enough room for all kinds of possibilities. I'm skeptical of this thing knowing who's involved but it's entertaining at least.

  16. I've been doing a little research on our Visitor from Vega for the benefit of a friend of mine, who is into UFOs and considers himself a psychic but actually isn't. (I know he isn't, because I am a bit). He often hangs out on a forum of people that attempt to predict stuff, and he's been going on a bit about the Visitor from Vega. So I thought I'd have some fun investigating some syncs connected with it and posting my discoveries there. And now that I've done it, I'll post them here too, where they may be of benefit to more people who are into syncs.

    The most interesting come from the similarities between our Visitor from Vega and the fictional alien spacecraft Rama, from Arthur Clarke's "Rendevouz with Rama." Like Rama, it's a long object high in metal content that was discovered by Project Spaceguard. Project Spaceguard, to discover asteroids that might hit the Earth in time to make contingency plans, was fictional in Clarke's novel, and then it was made real by NASA, and they picked the name straight from the novel. That's why the novel begins with an asteroid hitting the Earth on Italy, just in the general area where Galileo used to hang out. The time of impact? September 11, 2077, at 9:46. That time must be the wet dream of anyone into numerology. It doesn't just have September the 11, it also has 77, and 9:46. That time is just 9 minutes after something or other hit the Pentagon on, you know, September 11 of some year or other. Oh, yes, it was 2001. Wasn't there a movie with that title about alien contact happening on that year? And it was based on a novel by, who was it? Oh, yes, Arthur Clarke again. It featured also a monolith with the dimensions 1-4-9, and haven't we seen those numbers recently? Wait, if we reverse 9:46 we get 649. That 49 again. Or 7x7, if you like. And where else did we see those numbers? Oh, in the mirror reflection of the D::Wave logo. That was 496. Just shifted the 6 to the end. But I prefer Clarke's number, actually, because it's 22x43. As in 22, like the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet and the paths of the Tree of Life, and 43, that is, well, one less than 44. And you know that 44 has been all over the place recently.

    Then there is the Heaven's Gate stuff. I haven't really looked into it in enough detail, but here's a few syncs. They committed mass suicide 20 years ago, in 1997. They claimed that behind comet Hale-Bopp there was a space probe from aliens from Vega (and remember our Visitor from Vega was first classified as a comet). And their favorite verse from the Bible appears to have been Revelations 11:9 (those numbers again). Also, the SF novel "Hyperion", by Dan Simmons, written before the suicides, has Heaven's Gate as the name of a planet orbiting Vega.

    "Hyperion", by the way, has quite a few interesting syncs of its own. The ones I find most intriguing are the ones that have to do with AI - it doesn't have just a TechnoCore full of AIs, it has a character actually named Siri, who is a real woman living in an ocean planet with dolphins and the lot - kind of a mermaid, really - and is one of the main characters in an utterly heartbreaking love story, like any mermaid would be. And Hyperion, by the way, is a moon of Saturn.

    And finally you have "Footfall", another SF novel by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. It has alien contact and an asteroid hitting the Earth, all in the same novel. In this one, the alien craft swings around the sun in September 1976, 41 years before our Visitor from Vega did. (They didn't quite get to 77 for some reason). The craft then goes beyond the orbit of Saturn and the aliens settle in an asteroid they call the Foot, that eventually they decide to drop on the Earth, hence the Footfall.

    1. Yeah, it's awful nice of the Vegans to celebrate the Secret Sun's tenth anniversary that way. Kidding, of course, but all this really leavens the loaf. Kind of feels like everything was leading up to this. I don't expect it to pan out any differently that things like this in the past, but I never thought Trump would get in either. You should check out Richard Hoagland's take on this- you two are on the same wavelength is many ways.

  17. The eyes of the Siren have always been a freak show for me. The picture of her eyes tells many stories me thinks. The Sun of an occulted nature is amazing of late. Shine forth brave souls. 87

    1. Well, they only seem to get that way when she starts to channel. There's a performance of Seekers on YouTube where you see it right in front of you. Her eyes are normal then she starts horsing and then it's like- oh shit, there's an alien doppelganger onstage.

  18. //I can't say for sure this is all leading to some genuine type of disclosure but something sure as hell is going on here.// Someone posted a thread "Full Disclosure This Week" at I'd say between Oumuamua and this, it's the closest thing to "hard" disclosure we'll see for a while. The disclosure business is a tease, basically -- hence 'soft'.

    1. Well, it's not boring. You can say that for sure.

  19. Funny how the day this all comes out, is Arthur C. Clarke's birthday. Would have been his 100th. Like, gtfo with this shit - string pullers - whoever you are. It's too much.

    1. Oh yeah. But I spend a lot of time- too much- wondering if Childhood's End was a business plan as well. It's starting to feel like that.

    2. I find myself returning more to the "author writing the future" idea. XF even had an episode on that theme. Jules Verne might have been Da Man at it. Maybe things will improve if we started writing better stories or "charging up" those we already know have better futures written in.

  20. I love reading your blog but sometimes it's hard to follow. No offense but everything after the YouTube link you posted on the bottom, i felt like i needed to be on a mind altering substance to understand. Sometimes your train of thought is faster that those reading. I couldn't follow what were the adjectives you were adding and what the names really were. I also couldn't figure out what point you were trying to achieve in the last few paragraphs. I hate feeling like i might be missing an epiphany you had. I showed the last few paragraphs to other people too and they said it was German to them also. Just please sometimes don't forget the audience and dumb it down some for us. Otherwise, I think you are a great shaman of synchronicity, keep up the good work.

    1. Hey, don't feel bad. Even Gordon White- the smartest person I ever met-- sometimes has trouble following my fractal paths. I'm still downloading here and showing my math. These posts are my lab notes. I can't boil it down yet because we're still in the middle of it and I don't know where it's all headed. Hang on and soak it up. We'll all end up meeting in the middle soon enough.

    2. Anonymous, Please. If you don't understand or "get it" then maybe crack open your German translation book and figure it out.

      There's an abundance, a plethora, of dumb downed information out there so what exactly is the problem? If you don't understand what Chris is telling and showing us then maybe you just aren't ready for it.


  21. If we even do see little green men flying above our heads in cigar shaped craft ready to interfere in the midst of nuclear exchange, the craft will be black ops and the little green men will be gmo. I suppose gmo Jesus will soon follow. Must the show go on! I never even purchased a ticket!

  22. DeLonge's interview on Joe Rogans podcast has a major X-files vibe, I hope they (to the stars) releases something interesting and new. Many ex government retire to private sector so maybe these spooks decided they need a cushy retirement gig too.

    1. Yeah- I was definitely getting Duane Barry vibes from Delonge. For sure.

  23. Couldn't help but notice... the pearls. The eyes.

    "Those are pearls that were his eyes."
    -- T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

    Same poem that features the lines:

    "What is that sound high in the air
    Murmur of maternal lamentation"

    "What is the city over the mountains
    Cracks and reforms and bursts in the violet air
    Falling towers
    Jerusalem Athens Alexandria
    Vienna London

    1. Full fathom five thy father lies;
      Of his bones are coral made;
      Those are pearls that were his eyes;
      Nothing of him that doth fade,
      But doth suffer a sea-change
      Into something rich and strange.
      Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
      Hark! now I hear them — Ding-dong, bell.

      The Tempest--Ariel's song.

    2. A man ahead of his time. Wasn't he Golden Dawn?

  24. Ood / Maria - oh dear, still buying into the AI / automation myth? (see my earlier rant "blah blah de-industrialization"). The only Shrike you'll see is the one arising from a patch of johnny-come-lately. (If one person fully understands that joke, it's worth publishing)
    Kim - are they actually married? Wikipedia doesn't say so. Recall that despite the implications of A Certain Song, Liz was never actually wed to Rob.
    Whoever - it's pointless to read arcane hidden messages into Cocteau videos. No bandmember ever co-directed a video, and until the Buckley Era they repudiated them all (with varying degrees of vehemence). (And even then, there is of course that video which was shown a few times on VH1 and then written out of history...) So, let's just assume the sickles were a lucky coincidence at the editing stage, and the director added the space-blue effect because he was having his own personal I-want-to-die-in-her-arms-gazing-into-her-eyes episode.

    1. Awww, whatsa matter, did an Amtrak train go barreling through your livingroom? Get back under your bridge, troll.

    2. The Cocteau Twins repudiated Treasure, for fuck's sake. And "Song to the Siren." Not what you'd call reliable evaluators of their own work.

      And "lucky coincidence?" Boy, did you get off at the wrong stop.

    3. Indeed there are no "lucky coincidences" in much of the modern entertainment biz. By necessity the focus here is on the artists who become the channel or conduit and not as much those manipulating things behind the scenes for their own ends, like your reference to the eye-enhancing. In many cases the artist is the most powerless to how they are presented and marketed and mixed. I'd love to see more backstories on any producers, art directors, etc who pop up frequently or oddly.

      One brief story to make the point was an interview I once read or heard with a band I can't even recall the name of. The relevant part was how they were approached by someone with a video idea that the band decided was too weirdly occult for their song (as in not connected at all). Yet the "idea man" was very persistent and the band had they're own aha moment when the storyboard shown to them popped up in another band's video not much later.

  25. Great to see the Fraser/O'Connor song noted, as I've been noting O'Connor (aka "Magda Davitt") coming up quite a bit of late - with their shared love of "Song of the Siren."

    1. Sinead fell in love with Liz's take when she was a wee lass. Well, a wee lass of 16. But you know what I mean.

  26. I'd always hated Blink 182. The worst of pop-punk with that monotonous sine-wave autotuned voice. DeLonge's second band, Angels and Airwaves, I found a bit more tolerable. I only heard one or two tracks on the radio... a bit of the synth-pop sound I was digging at the time.

    "Angels and Airwaves" - powers and principalities. His mystic ET hypothesis was already apparent to those who had ears to hear. I've barely dipped my toe into looking into A&A (A:.A:.?) and it seems riddled with overt symbolism. Their second album is "I-Empire" from 2007 and the track listing is... in keeping with what we now know about DeLonge. Unsurprisingly, track 5 is "Sirens," which I read as a succubus fantasy with aliens.

    I'm also looking into Thirty Seconds to Mars, led by Jared Leto who most recently played the Joker and the Demiurge on the big screen... they went from emo to alchemical arena rock overnight. In the liner notes to their second album, Jared cites Machiavelli and L. Ron Hubbard as influences. They've stated in music videos, "Yes we are a cult," and a recent performance on VEVO is entitled "Church of Mars." Their lyrics deal significantly with balancing God and Satan and, frankly, he has stunningly empty eyes these days. (And despite being on Ellen and all over industry events - their social media presence interactivity is abysmal. It feels like their apparent popularity is a propped up sham, which is intriguing.)

    Other post-pop-punk darlings Fallout Boy are also doing arena rock now and you've noted the shocking audacity of where Panic at the Disco has gone with "LA Devotee."

    Haven't looked into these other bands, but I'm interested to see how those that remain of the 2000s' commodified "alternative" all feel decidedly weaponized. I'm hoping to write up an article at some point, but I have a bad track record and wanted to share - especially as DeLonge seems to be part of the mix.

    Peace to you and thanks for the work, as always

  27. Post-script to the post-pop-punk ponderings... AA's "The Adventure" and Thirty Seconds to Mars' 3rd and 4th albums all sound like U2 to me - raspy heartfelt vocals and "Where the Streets Have No Name" driving guitars. By that, I mean to say that they all sound like modern Christian praise music. I really suspect these are surreptious altar calls to alien gods.

    1. Bono has alluded to as much when he's commented on the energy or atmosphere they strive for at U2 shows. In other words, he's all but admitted it.

      Those who've tracked UFO-like events over the centuries have noticed their taste for appearing around churches and especially during tumultuous times. I believe at least some of that focus has turned to the large stadiums which have in some ways become our new churches. I've also mentioned before the power of these events to entrain viewers (even remote ones on TV) to physically twitch altogether according to the inputs received from the events in the stadium. This in and of itself is a massively weird and powerful "syncing" between people we overlook at our peril.


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    Well, add in Philip k. Dick: (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982)

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