Friday, November 17, 2017

The Microbes Are Ready

I've seen a lot of media hype on pandemics and outbreaks come and go. And it could well be that it's that time again, time for another round of hysteria. But at the same time we're also seeing some odd predictive programming on the topic and some rather cryptic statements from notable figures.

So I thought I'd present a sampling of some of the stories that have caught my eye and see what the uncommonly intelligent Secret Sun readership makes of it all...

This is never an encouraging sign.

And certainly not this.

"Undesirable." NLP witchcraft never fails, does it?

And timing is everything.

"Antibiotic Apocalypse." You're not helping, Media.

WELL-MANICURED MAN: I feel my colleagues are acting... impulsively and your death will draw unnecessary attention to our group. 
SCULLY: You're not protecting me, you're protecting yourself. 
WELL-MANICURED MAN: Why should that surprise you? Motives are rarely unselfish. 
SCULLY: What kind of business are you in? 
WELL-MANICURED MAN: We predict the future. And the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

2018 marks the Centennial. And this is not 2018.

We know about the card games, don't we?


"Would not consider tissue samples from Ukraine..."

Targeting certain ethnicities for biological agents. "Within possibility in the very near future." 

In other words, "the Microbes are Ready."

Over one hundred prominent microbiologists die prematurely. 

And our old friend, MK Amy....

Sounds great. I mean, what could go wrong? It's not like you're fucking with the human geno....

Never mind.

Clean, shining linen and golden sashes. Right.

What do you think? More fear porn and media scare tactics or cause for alarm? Let me know in the comments.


  1. if you ever used Windows you know Bill Gates loves bugs and viruses. Seriously wtf is Bill Gates doing? Is there anyone with a shit ton of money who is not evil? IBM could have purchased Windows for a song and saved the world from this POS.

    As for your question I would say both.

    1. IBM is just as bad. They helped the nazis keep track of the Jewish people using a precursor to the computer. See below:

      There are other more MSM sources as well.

    2. Bill bought a pirate version of CPM for IBM's new Personal Computer and its 16-bit CPU, and called it PCDOS. Windows came later. Jobs lifted it from Xerox PARC. Bill hired Steve to write a Word Perfect and lifted Windows from Apple. Steve discovered that $7,000,000,000 wouldn't buy him a new pancreas. Bill's karma has been kinder... so far.

    3. "The Stand"

  2. I grew up near Porton, so have been pretty alarmed for a long time. We also had the Common Cold Research Centre. Plus more than one convenient nexus of entertaining test subjects.

    It amazes me that the public seem to have little interest, and pay scant attention.

    I guess being Autistic makes it more obvious to one that society is built by and from mind control, so it is easier to spot in particular instances as well as being the matrix of manifestations.
    I guess using bots to punt memes to minds is an effective way to hijack other people's un/subconscious magical manifestings, esp. the unaware latent folk who refuse to understand the barest basics of what is being done to them. They believe the adverts and trust the experts.

    Humanity seems little more than something else's plaything.

    Keep the sheep materialist lest they ask what the farmer does behind the Grand Temple walls. Moo. What a lovely relaxing slaughterhouse we have now, never mind those psychic senses telling you the truth.

    I also grew up as an Amiga devotee. Did you know the ASCII value of BILLGATES adds to 663, and he is William Gates the Third?

    Bill Gates. ... .Payment Windows. Ha.

    He stole our GUI and made it all gooey.

  3. I'd say start stocking up on vitamin C and D, herbal medicines, water filters, surgical masks, duck tape, and learn some self-healing visualizations and prayers. Pray that the Demiurge's genocidal mania be healed in time.

    1. To improve the immune system

    2. Wow, excellent links, some updated info on things I needed updated info about....thanks for sharing those.

  4. Cosmogenic disease is unthinkable, therefore a variety of mundane explanations must be prepared...

  5. Was the Black Death really such a disaster?

    One third of the English population was wiped out. The feudal system – brought into existence nearly 300 years earlier under William I – was damaged, and the unquestioned belief in the supremacy of the Catholic Church was destroyed. But for those peasants who survived, there was a new positivity about life - taxes went down, wages went up.

    The feudal system served the needs of the rich perfectly. The peasants however were tied to the land, forced to work in order to pay their lord for their land through their servitude. They were effectively slaves, and were treated as such. Peasants had to ask the permission of their lord to leave the village, to ground their corn in the lord’s mill or even for their daughters to marry. The lord could also rape any woman he wanted to.

    In order to address the shortage of labour, many nobles started offering better working conditions and higher wages, and peasants could – for the first time – negotiate their conditions and be paid more fairly for the work they did.

    The drastic decrease in population also meant there was also an oversupply of goods, and so the price of consumables dropped. Those who had survived the plague began to enjoy higher standards of living as a result.

    1. I think what Chris is hinting at is this isn't going to be any natural plague, but a man made one that goes out of control (though I suppose in some way the original was also man made). The elites are the ones who've always pushed the "too many people" mind set, and continue to do so. They are also the ones with the resources and tech to make it happen in a way that only benefits them. Of course, their over confidence will also be there undoing as well.....I suspect any engineered plague that is supposed to only target certain groups of people will inevitably evolve and take out ALL of us.

    2. Hence our current situation.
      And yes I too work for a 'noble', disguised as a Health Care Giver Provider; still intent upon PROFIT, POWER, POSITION.
      NOT at all actually interested in your HEALTH; can't make money off THAT right?
      But I can TAKE your money in order to provide you 'health' right?
      An actual 'culling' of the populace??
      Be wary of that.
      LESS 'LOOSH' available then.
      But a 'harvest' might provide same.

    3. Heh. Remember when the most loosh is created/released? During death and protecting ones progeny or other bonded apes.

    4. Need not invoke a concept such as "loosh"
      If you understand that every life literally is life-time, and that every instant of your lifetime that you cannot live as you want (or would have wantend..) but are forced to "work" for someone or something else is literally life lost....
      so the great crime of civilization is theft, which ultimately is murder

    5. And then ("life=time") we're not even talking about space yet...
      And i mean space, plain and simple, not outer space or anything like that

  6. I actually know something about antibiotic resistance, it relates to my day job. And the main thing you need to know... it's an issue because pharmaceuticals can't be asked to do antibiotic research. They just don't like to do it. Why? They have a lot of good-sounding explanations, but I think the real reason is that antibiotics work too well. There is little money to be made in actually curing people, that's a one-off payment. Instead, they could be chronic patients that need to take pills regularly, that provides a nice steady stream of cash...

    1. Yep, no ca$h in a healthy populace...keep 'em ill.

  7. I think one of the reasons microbiologists could be getting offed at an alarming rate is that there is something there that They don't want us to know. For example, maybe viruses have some essential role in genetic modification and evolution, stuff like that that would shatter the mainstream narrative of life. I also remember reading about how fungi are interconnected and drive evolution, something hinted at in ST Discovery. Perhaps TPTB are finding ways to weaponize all of this - or perhaps they already have and are just testing the waters for deployment.

    I try not to worry insofar as there isn't much I can do as an individual, but it is important to keep an eye on all of this. There's definitely something strange going on with people "snapping" and committing heinous acts. Last week the big news around here was about a 19-year-old who broke into a school and shot a 12-year-old girl 11 times in the face. Later reports mentioned that the kid was constantly trying to kill himself, and couldn't stand the thought of being alive. This all happened very close to another city where there was a school shooting last month. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that one of the biggest Air Force bases in the country is just around the corner. This makes me think: perhaps we should start thinking of mind control not as some sort of Illuminati psychic trigger, but as something more practical - pathogen-based mind control, kind of like that fungus that turns ants into suicidal zombies.

    - Bruno

  8. The fact is that there ARE way too many humans. It is a direct consequence of civilization.
    Doesn't mean murder (ie more of the same) is the solution.
    Nature will balance itself out once it's no longer messed with. But appreciated again.
    It'll take time.
    Murder takes only a second.

    1. And now we get to high strangeness right? Overlords and minions justifing genocide and mass murder under the guise of saving nature or bringing about the Apocalyse.

      And I don’t think that is TOO far fetched.

    2. "Humanity" and all its "creations" is on a suïcidal/murderous mission already. Since some 10 to 13 thousand years. Doesn't need any special intervention.
      That's what happens when you leave (your) nature.

      If anyone is so "elite" as to think they are going to survive, well, dream on.

      I much prefer not straying from actual reality and am (would be) perfectly content being the human mortal animal I am ( if they just let me!)
      Why on earth trade a life of true wonder for a fantastic "life of plastic"? I don't get it. Never did. The disease, that is. Must have immunity.

  9. Speaking about microbes etc.

    All kinds of infectious disease... ALSO a direct consequence of civilization.

  10. Hello Christopher: A reader of this amazing blog for years, but a little self conscious about commenting due to the generally high level of discourse. That changed this week after I stumbled upon a miniseries on the A&E network titled "The Eleven". It's about the efforts of a journalist and a retired detective to reinvestigate the unsolved murders of eleven teenage girls which happened in the 1970s in the area of southeast Texas around and between Galveston and Houston. From watching the first three episodes, the reporter, from the Houston Chronicle, developed a letter writing relationship with an Edward Bell, who is in prison for shooting dead another man who attempted to detain him for police after observing Bell exposing himself to a group of children playing on a residential street in Passadena, TX in the late 70s. In the course of the correspondence, Bell sent the reporter a poem and letters claiming that he was the murderer of the eleven girls. As the reporter developed a working relationship with Bell, he began to tell her that he was molded into a sexual deviant then a killer by his father, who was involved in a group connected with the U.S. government or military he called The Program. Bell, of course served his own stint in the Army after which he amassed a long rap sheet for indecent exposure, rape, etc. around Texas and Louisiana. So, a guy named Bell claims to have committed a series of eleven child murders in the Houston area and claims to be programmed by a secret government group. The aspect which put it over the top for me was a phrase Bell used in his poem to refer to the murdered girls: "The Eleven who went heaven". Whether true or not, the confluence of themes in this show, in my opinion, requires your attention. I know this may be a little off today's topic, but things are happening so fast now it's hard to keep things in nice, neat categories. Please keep up the amazing work!

  11. Christopher, what you put together is the epitome of the phrase, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. Yes that phrase is from an essay that the late William (Bill) Cooper included in his underground publication “Behold a Pale Horse”. People assume that essay only dealt with “social engineering” the real insidious kind that marches people off to war not that frat-house-like nonsense on Youtube where geeks are ransoming calling people trying to get info for $hits & giggles. Silent weapons has traditionally included germ warfare.

    However, before I get to abstract. Let me offer an additional real world illustration how deadly serious and correct your analysis on the subject of bioweapons being quietly used on the public. Nonoxynol-9 is a spermacide that is sometimes applied to condoms to eliminate those seedlings to ensure unwarranted pregnancies don't happen. Excellent right? That's a sign of responsible adults to be that forward thinking about family planing. Well one not remotely small problem with that chemical Nonoxynol-9:

    "Do not use spermicides for protection against herpes . Some condoms come pre-lubricated with sperm-killing substances called spermicides. Spermicides also come in stand-alone foams and jellies. The standard active ingredient in spermicides is nonoxynol-9. Nonoxynol-9 can cause irritation around the genital areas, which makes it easier for herpes and other STDs to be transmitted."

    ^^^Yeah you read that correctly the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 is known to increase sexual disease transmission but condoms treated with that chemical are still sold within the USA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fully aware of that caveat emptor about Nonoxynol-9:

    “FDA Proposes New Warning for Over-The-Counter Contraceptive Drugs Containing Nonoxynol-9”

    “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today proposed new warnings for the labels of over-the-counter vaginal contraceptive drugs that contain the spermicide nonoxynol 9. The warning would state that vaginal contraceptives containing nonoxynol 9 do not protect against infection from HIV (human immunodeficiency virus, the AIDS virus) or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).”

    “The proposed label warnings would also advise consumers that the use of vaginal contraceptives containing nonoxynol 9 can increase vaginal irritation, which may actually increase the possibility of transmitting the AIDS virus and other STDs from infected partners.”

    ^^^^So the FDA didn't do like our neighbors in the North i.e. Canada and ban nonoxynol 9; “I am driven to reprint this article because several clients have told me that they are ordering nonoxynol-9 from outside of Canada because it has been banned here (for GOOD reason!)”

    So in conclusion the U.S. FDA is allowing condom & spermicide manufacturers to continue to use a known chemical that promotes disease transmission during sex making condoms and spermicides using nonoxynol-9 de facto bioweapons. It get worse because that also means a de facto biological field test is being unknowingly conducted on citizens and residents within USA.

    Oh I'm being paranoid or too conspiratorial right? Do a simple google search of the rise of drug-resistant sexual diseases: chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, etc. I'll start y'all off with this one; “3 Common STDs Becoming Untreatable: How Worried Should We Be?”

    ^^^^Yet the FDA sees no pressing need to ban a toxic chemical know used in condoms and spermicide that's known to increase susceptibility to sexual transmitted diseases. Is anyone still thinking that ongoing human experimentation on the American people is just a paranoid conspiracy theory now?

  12. Gates and his ilk are all about profit margins, investment returns, net earnings, maximizing efficiency and whatnot.

    In my view, the core question is: how much are they willing to spend on their Plague? A Black Death epidemic sounds sexy, but they won't unleash it if there's no write-off involved.

    Antibiotic resistance, on the other hand...

    They're spending loose change on that shit. We've been inundated with cheap meat by way of animal death camps since the end of the War, six consecutive generations of constant exposure, most of us absorbing the stuff through every meal of every day of our lives, unremittingly. Now THAT'S unprecedented. And, from the perspective of the elites, the cheapest means of turning billions of "useless eaters" into sitting ducks. Why spend money on Bond-villain pandemics when our relative poverty (I spent 10 years as an organic farmer, but couldn't afford organic food from the store) and dopamine-inspired diets are essentially functioning as sub-contractors for Adam Smith's Invisible Hand?

    Almighty Hand is pointing to a near-term future in which the common flu wipes out entire continents.

    And just to be on the safe side, there are prehistoric super-viruses in the thawing permafrost, some of which are actually older than homo sapiens. Once again, all we have to do is keep burning fossil fuels and emitting greenhouse gas (25% of which comes from industrial agriculture, so it comes full circle) and voila: the customer does all the heavy lifting, while thanking their masters for making life so convenient. It's the Armageddon "gig economy."

  13. Most antibiotics are derived/copies of proteins and other chemicals fungi produce. Bacteria and fungi are symbiotic (bacteria and anything else are symbiotic as well). Supposedly, a fungus uses these the prune the bacteria. The bacteria eventually develops a resistance to the anti-bacterial chemical. Fungus and bacteria have been doing this for eons, supposedly.

    Now, antibiotic resistance isn't necessarily "unusual". Bacteria in the wild are immune to most, if not all, fungi-derived antibiotics. The bacteria that antibiotics work the best on are those that have become symbiotic with different hosts, like say "human" or "cattle". They haven't been exposed to the same antibiotics in forever, if at all, and do not survive them easily. They may, however, have the same genes that protect against the antibiotics, but those genes are not turned on.

    Bacteria also share genes. So, if you get any bacteria from dirt on your skin, it most likely is actively immune to fungi-derived antibiotics and will potentially share that with anything else around it (or eat/kill other bacteria on your skin. or whatever bacteria does all day).

    The point is: antibiotic resistance is inevitable. Bacteria already have encountered most of the chemicals we're using in the wild at some point. Nature has been playing the game with a wider array of chemicals than we could ever imagine. If it hasn't been encountered (unlikely), biology will eventually adapt to it.

    There are things that are antibiotic that all organisms don't seem to adapt easily to, if at all, like copper. A copper surface is basically sterile at all times.

    Look out for prion diseases as the next big media threat. They survive all conventional sterilization methods. Anything else (like say, extremely high heats) would more than likely destroy the human environment that is being sterilized. I don't know how much reporting is going on about it, but the Africa bubonic plague as well as Catalonia and other places in Europe wanting independence are disrupting the New Silk Road project.

  14. If copper is sterile... What is the relationship between that sterility and the electronic/digital age? Symbolically, or not.

  15. As far as the Madagascar plague goes, if the WHO situation reports can be taken at face value, cases are declining but they'll probably cases still occurring up to April. Sadly there's such a thing as a plague season on Madagascar. Now if the pneumonic strain goes international and into a high density population, that's a different story.

    Seeing the reference to the Pandemic board game, surprised you didn't mentioned Plague Inc, a video game which has been around since 2012. It has the reverse goal of the board game, the object of the game is to destroy humanity by tweaking a pathogen.

  16. “This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper” TS Elliot
    The Great Bay : Chronicles of the Collapse by Dale Pendell is a heart rending story of the coming engineered plague and aftermath.
    2019 I IRC is the year the plague is released in the book…

  17. I noted this plague story in a piece I wrote yesterday. Brings to mind "12 Monkeys," where Bruce Willis (sync Willis Tower) says "something bad" is coming in the future. Here in Oklahoma there is a "chemical" test being conducted by Homeland Security in early 2018 that has a lot of people concerned. As a reporter in Louisiana in 2000, we covered a "bacillus subtilus" test by the Army that was to replicate an anthrax release. This was exactly one year before the fall '01 "anthrax attacks" in the mail. Take note when these tests take place. #Zuma

  18. Also, it should be noted that climate change is being blamed - a strong El Nino and a recent powerful typhoon, leading to an explosion in the rat population - for the rapid spread of this plague, which is similar to a plague that was a concern in the American Southwest in the mid-80's when I was working on a Navajo reservation at the time.

  19. Big media uproar today about "imminent" human head transplant. Italian neurologist Sergio Canavero said the operation will cost about 100 million dollars, will be performed in China and take about 24 hours to perform. Canavero also said that human head transplants will bring about human immortality. For the super rich, I guess.

  20. The answer to disease is not antibiotics (or other very harmful "medicine"), it's a working immune system and a healthy gut. Physically as well as psychologically, they're not apart from each other.
    See the 'mind-gut connection', the benefits of natural birth and breastfeeding, the 'hygiene hypothesis', and so on and on..

    Humans used to know all this, and much more, and much better. Until becoming sedentary. "Sitting". Now thát's bad for your well-being! Thát's dumb!

    Anyway, so if "meds" do no longer "work", that's really no problem at all once you know that you do not need them in the first place. A problem is: when what you DO need is being taken away.

  21. Brings to mind the Georgia Guide stones:

    and various dystopian/apocalyptic scifi films of the 70s:

    Esp. this. Quote:

    "Strain” (1971)

    Very much the model of the restrained sci-fi film — there’s very little eye candy on display, including the star-free cast who play the rare movie scientists who look like scientists — “The Andromeda Strain” marks the first movie adaptation of a novel by doctor-turned-novelist-and-filmmaker Michael Crichton, the author who’d later bring us the worlds of “Jurassic Park,” “Congo,” “Sphere” and “Timeline” among others (and who’ll figure several times elsewhere on this list). And while there’s an alien threat at work in the film, it’s literally a tiny one, though no less dangerous for its size. The movie, efficiently directed by chameleonic veteran journeyman Robert Wise (“The Haunting,” “The Sound of Music“) gets underway when a government satellite carrying a microscopic alien organism crashes in a New Mexico town, gruesomely killing all but two of its inhabitants, an old man and a baby. The survivors are brought to a secret underground facility where a team of scientists prepared for this kind of eventuality attempt to find out what happened, and how to stop it. While Wise’s film doesn’t include much in the way of spectacle (beyond some impressive production design from Boris Leven, who got an Oscar nomination for his troubles), it’s no less gripping for it, although it’s dry in spots. And Crichton’s background in medicine shows that, aside from the alien origins of the organism, the whole thing is terrifyingly plausible, at least until it shifts into a disaster movie in its closing stages."

    But then again, wasn't population control bandied about a lot back then? The whole "Club of Rome" agenda?


    "The Limits to Growth is a 1972 book about the computer simulation of exponential economic and population growth with finite resource supplies. Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and commissioned by the Club of Rome, it was first presented at the St. Gallen Symposium. Its authors were Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, Jørgen Randers, and William W. Behrens III. The book used the World3 model to simulate the consequence of interactions between the Earth's and human systems.

    The original version presented a model based on five variables: world population, industrialisation, pollution, food production and resources depletion. These variables are considered to grow exponentially, while the ability of technology to increase resources is only linear. The authors intended to explore the possibility of a sustainable feedback pattern that would be achieved by altering growth trends among the five variables under three scenarios. They noted that their projections for the values of the variables in each scenario were predictions "only in the most limited sense of the word", and were only indications of the system's behavioral tendencies. Two of the scenarios saw "overshoot and collapse" of the global system by the mid to latter part of the 21st century, while a third scenario resulted in a "stabilized world".

    The book continues to generate fervent debate and has been the subject of several subsequent publications. The most recent updated version was published on June 1, 2004, by Chelsea Green Publishing Company and Earthscan under the name Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update. Donella H. Meadows, Jørgen Randers, and Dennis Meadows have updated and expanded the original version."

    Some things just never get old!

  22. I think these pandemic scare stories are rolled out in order to get people lining up for the latest vaccines/ nanobots. There's little that a healthy immune system can't deal with, but fear corrodes and lowers one's natural defences.

  23. Not just the 80s, this year too;


  25. Lions, Tigers and Bears. Brain worms are eating our morphic awareness. Each and every politician should be checked for brain worms! The worms are eating their brains, their hearts have also diminished considerably, due to lack of humility and compassion! Shine forth brave souls! Smile. 87

  26. The biggest risk right now is the over-use of antibiotics in agriculture. Factory farms are experiments in the goal directed evolution of superbugs. Unfortunately agribusiness lobbies are massively powerful so nothing is done.

  27. It's inevitable!!

    Make sure to watch the videos!! Meet Vee! She's Lovin' It! And so will you! It just makes so much sense, doesn't it?

    You will finally be safe from life - and life from you! Phew!

    (I guess I'll opt for the stay-behind network)

    1. Oh forgot. For the BEST and fourth video on the fourth city you'll now have to go to conspiracy-sites for some reason.

      It was years ago that this came out so don't blame me for not knowing that the video moved in the meantime

  28. Could be another Zika, a pseudo-science and media frenzy in prelude to an eventual world-wide "vaccine" roll out resulting in a major liquidity event for big pharma. I've ben wondering for years why the Borg hasn't rolled out a "Children of Men"-style sterilization virus or even another widespread weaponized virus like HIV. This gets back to the question of what they want and what motivates them. Evidently holding on to power is key. Maybe they see us a private game reserve, where they can play their power games and exert control over life and death.

    1. Think animal husbandry for an even better analogy. As someone who has spoken with some of these people privately, their biggest concern is almost always "overpopulation." They see non-elite humans as a threat (they hate sharing) and we ignore their mindset at our own peril.

      And as an aside for you anti-anonymous types who still don't get it, re-read the first part of the second sentence. Chris has done a great service awakening people to this stuff. One of the side effects is waking up some to the awareness they were far closer to some nasty people than imaginable. As such, some have concerns others do not.

      Live and let live, breathe deep and see it's all good. The signal to noise here is still very good compared to just about anywhere else on the net and other anonymous posts have been very illuminating. I'd rather they continue than stop as some have suggested.

    2. Yes, and I don't think they think there are too many people, they can use us too well. For some reason they "need" the large numbers: More people = more people to "advance the species"
      Sponsored by Bill and Melinda

  29. This is way off topic but I had to bring it up- Isn't amazing how the news of Charles Manson supposed terminal state happened the same week Tarantino has been in a bidding frenzy for his next project involving all the major film studios? Today it was announced that Sony won the bidding, offering to foot the 100 million production cost plus an unheard profit sharing scheme with the producer/director. The film is supposed to be about the Bianca/Tate murders and will be released in 2019, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the ghastly events. QT sure likes all things sordid.

    1. Totally talentless Tarantino, Miramax, Weinstein..nuff said.

    2. Totally talentless Tarantino, Miramax, Weinstein..nuff said.

  30. Wow. I thought we were in a plague. Look at all the obesity – all the big guts inflamed and infected by the food laced with bacteria and yeast bred to love the fat-sugar-salt diet their hosts can't stop themselves from eating. The ancillary damage goes on and on but mostly it limits mobility.

    All this "talk" about plagues is just another way to limit mobility.


  31. The image of the group in the biohazard suits reminds of the following from Gods of Eden by William Bramley:
    A summary written in 1682 tells of one such visit a century earlier:
    In Brandenburg [in Germany] there appeared in 1559 horrible men, of whom at first fifteen and later on twelve were seen. The foremost had beside their posteriors little heads, the others fearful faces and long scythes, with which they cut at the oats, so that the swish could be heard at a great distance, but the oats remained standing. When a quantity of people came running out to see them, they went on with their mowing.
    The visit of the strange men to the oat fields was followed immediately by a severe outbreak of the Plague in Brandenburg.
    This incident raises intriguing questions: who were the mysterious figures? What were the long scythe-like instruments they held that emitted a loud swishing sound? It appears that the “scythes” may have been long instruments designed to spray poison or germ-laden gas. This would mean that the townspeople misinterpreted the movement of the “scythes” as an attempt to cut oats when, in fact, the movements were the act of spraying aerosols on the town.

    More here

    1. Uncanny. That sounds just like the Japanese biowar troops in China during ww2, how they sprayed germs through the fields around villages while wearing protection suits. Scary.

  32. Today there were news about a UN panel on killer robots held in Geneva. Discussions centered on efforts to set limits to "machines that can kill without human involvement". Good luck with that.

  33. My best guess would be that all this is part reality and part psyop. The Antibiotic Apocalypse is certainly a slowly increasing reality. And Asimov (a working research biochemist before he decided to write full-time) was writing about ethnic-specific bioweapons something near half a century ago (for instance, see his short story "The Winnowing").

    As for the psyop part: fearmongering is always on the agenda: people who think there's no future usually tend to not kick too hard about the present. And that article about Russian DNA Needed, Ukrainians Need Not Apply looks a lot like an attempt to make ordinary Americans, Ukrainians, and Russians think that we have a way to wipe out our enemies without touching our allies (and the number of people I know who are resigned to the idea that we're going to war with Russia eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, is truly surprising; the vibe in the air is just like the vibe during my childhood in the Eighties, when we all knew that we were going to die in a nuclear war just any day). It has to be aimed at the populace, though: Russia's scientists would know, of course, that Ukraine and Russia (and Belarus) not only started as a single genetic stock, but have kept intermarrying through the centuries; so that it would be impossible to engineer a bioweapon that wouldn't affect them all indiscriminately. Theirs is a political/cultural/linguistic (but just barely) divide, but not a racial one.

    1. if you can understand russian, according to russian popular culture (magazines, tv, etc) a sorts of weapons that put "fringe tv" to shame are already widely used by those in power, especially very very finely tuned bioweapns. hell, just several days ago an episode of a (rather idiotic, in general, nowhere near in quality to chris' excellent analysis', but still, they interviewed a real hardcore scientist and he knew his stuff) conspirateinment tv show aired and it was exactly about that. so trust me, russians (and most probably everyone else) have solved the problem of finely tuning all kinds of weapons strictly to those "undesirables" for quite some time now.

    2. time to stock up on

  34. And Gods help us all:

    They're proceeding with the head-transplant.

  35. Naval Aviators (Water/Nile) draw giant Sky Penis over Washington, tell me it wasn't an Osiris ritual :/

  36. Synch: there's also a 2008 flash game called "Pandemic" but unlike the board game the object is to *spread* disease. The most difficult country to infect is Madagascar, and I believe that if you manage to do so you get a high score or something. It used to be popular on 4chan, go figure.

  37. sheer engulfing madness squared everywhere. shadowy powers dialing it all up to 11. those powers must have a goal, not necessarily an obvious one though... the question is not if this is all happening, it's how to fight it. personally, i don't have a clue, i feel lost, totally lost...

  38. Isn't it fascinating within two weeks of Prince Williams of the U.K. making his ominous warning of Earth overpopulation there's the coup that wasn't a coup at first then became an official coup within Zimbabwe to oust Mugabe?

    "A Strongman Nicknamed ‘Crocodile’ Is Poised to Replace Mugabe" as the leader of Zimbabwe. Yeah that's gonna end well.

    Interesting side note the coup in Zimbabwe took place on the November 16th which is the Birthday of Chinua Achebe the author of "Things Fall Apart". One of the most widely known writings of modem African literature around the world.

    Yes I know Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian National. I'm perfectly aware Nigeria and Zimbabwe are two separate African nations not bordering each other. However, the following info shows the synchronistic connection isn't a streatch"A whole new generation of African writers – Caine prize winners Binyavanga Wainaina (current director of the Chinua Achebe Center at Bard College) and Helon Habila (Waiting for an Angel [2004] and Measuring Time [2007]); as well as Uzodinma Iweala (Beasts of No Nation [2005]); and Professor Okey Ndibe (Arrows of Rain [2000]) count Chinua Achebe as a significant influence. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the author of the popular and critically acclaimed novels Purple Hibiscus (2003) and Half of a Yellow Sun (2006), commented in a 2006 interview, "Chinua Achebe will always be important to me because his work influenced not so much my style as my writing philosophy: reading him emboldened me, gave me permission to write about the things I knew well."

    However, correlating the ongoing coup not coup in Zimabawe to the post at hand. Don't be shocked if it becomes a bloodbath i.e. ethnic cleansing of Mugabe loyalists within that country. Physical ethnic cleansing can be considered the analogue i.e. low-tech form of ethnic-specific warfare while genetically engineered viruses are the digital i.e. high-tech form ethnic cleansing.

  39. At least 3 tabloids are trying to scare people today with Nibiru. This is really being pushed. I noticed this posted on twitter by people who usually follow more mainstream news. Conspiracy theorists are convinced that a recent surge in earthquakes and volcanoes are being caused by a planet which is set to destroy Earth in the next 24 hours.

  40. Nov. 18, 1978- Jonestown massacre. 900+ murdered.

  41. Jonestown marked for me the start of the madness that was the 80s. Carter is seen by many as a saint but to us in Latin America he is a butcher who enabled what was to become our darkest era.


  42. Before the election, the idea was floated that The Donald was the incarnation of Cyrus
    From the Guardian -(https:///commentisfree/2017/mar/23/cyrus-prophecy-evangelical-support-donald-trump)
    "Does the 'Cyrus prophecy' help explain evangelical support for Donald Trump?
    Trump’s obvious faults and flaws only confirmed the prophecy: Cyrus, like Trump, was powerful, rich, and pagan, not at all godly... Cyrus, the pagan Persian king who was called “the Great”, had conquered Babylon in 539 BC, freed the Jews, and returned them to Jerusalem where they would rebuild the temple. He might not have been one of God’s people, the thinking among some Christians goes, but he still served God’s plans."
    According to some statistics, 81% of Evangelicals supported Trump after the pussy-grabbing tape. More than the UFO community, this is a group that "wants to believe." And like the UFO'ers, is ripe for manipulation.

  43. Dr. Farrell over at GizaDeathStar has revealed the potency in a connection between aerial spraying and the strangely isolated fires in California. Structures have been almost completely carbonized, leaving a stray sink and nothing else and the woke viewer agonizing with suspicion that these are targeted burnings. Nano-particulates that cause their host structure to combust when struck by manufactured magnetic field resonance?

    The precedent of medical experimentation upon soldiers and mental patients in Guatemala, late forties, with syphilis, as well as Tuskegee, is an unfortunate given. National Socialism achieved legacy through the sciences.

    We worry aloud about the implications of Bill Gates sticking needles into African children and the potential of weaponized pathogen targeting a single genetic group. Yet real strategy for germ warfare upon the general public over large areas has already been done, the methods already established- by air. Witness aerial spraying in microbiological wargames such as the Dorset Biological Warfare Experiments, conducted in England from 1963 to '75. Initially, they used zinc cadmium sulfide, ostensibly for its fluorescent properties, then moved on to live biological agents with an anthrax stimulant.

    One trial between '64 and '73 involved attaching germs to spiders' webs in boxes to determine how the agent would survive in different locales. Insects make magnificent carriers.

    Similarly, in the annals of black US military fame, Operations Dew and Dew II (1952), part of Operation LAC(Large Area Coverage) also used zinc cadmium sulfide and plant spores. The primary motive was in determining the feasibility of maintaining an aerosol cloud off-shore. Earlier in '50, six simulated attacks were carried out on the San Francisco area.

    Justifying vaccinations is the back end of the more immediate problem: the initial attack used to generate hysteria. The memetic virus of terrorism drove anti-Islamic sentiment following the controlled demolition of three buildings and the purging of those who'd gone to work early that day. What we should prepare ourselves for is the threat of a biological attack, which is the explicit message in these headlines and how They speak to Their subjects. Fear in technicolor: because you can't force people to get their shots while the guise of democracy is still worn.

    Biological attack has been and remains a threat to the 6.5 B enemies of power hegemony because it is the best test-proven means of reducing their number. Based on the historical trend and psychological strategy of creating a phobia or medical need and then exploiting it, reducing them immunologically and producing a curative shot is the likely scenario.

    As for the aerosols? Wikipedia calls Morgellons a delusional parasitosis. Follow the link and you find folie a deux*: inducing a delusion in others. What new condition will the media condemn as 'fake', now that the link between autism and vaccinations has been severed, as part of their collusion with the outbreak narrative? Worse yet, what will they broadcast as the 'real' threat?

    *That damned perfect XF episode.

  44. A problem I have been dealing with lately is that the changes that have taking place in the world since 1945 have been so deep and violent that it is very difficult to understand their magnitude or their effects. These changes seem to have accelerated exponentially since about 1970 and have reached a tipping point in the last 15 years or so. Things have become so extremely strange and cruel that the existence of life itself is threatened. If in the past, since Carthage perhaps, violence could threaten entire nations or large populations culminating with the late 19th century to mid 20th century genocides, today we are at the edge of the total destruction of all life on Earth. That destruction may be of two different orders, or a combination of both. Either the current forms of production/consumption will lead to the death of the biosphere or production/consumption will subsume the biosphere completely to a degree that there will no longer be any difference between the natural and the artificial, a new sphere where nothing within it could be called truly alive anymore. The second alternative, the dominion over all matter, may have been the final objective of Power since its beginnings with the creation of agriculture but the first, the total death of life, can not be ruled out either by the failure of the process of dominion over all matter, an accident, or as the hidden, ultimate product of Power itself - a self destructive urge hidden within it. Death has been at the center of Power since Babylon, human sacrifice its birth ritual. So maybe the creation of its own final funeral pyre has always been its final and most fitting objective. We should remember the most direct and clear fascist slogan of all - "Viva la muerte", long live dead.

    - woody woodpecker 11/17

  45. Maybe Tarantino is up to something. His next movie had been rumored to be about Charles Manson but he denies it saying instead it is "About 1969". A movie about a concept as hazy as that just got a major studio to pay 95 million dollars to get it made! If even Tarantino, a person not known for any deep degree of cultural sophistication, can grasp that something awful happened at the turn of the sixties into the seventies then maybe something happened indeed. Apollo 11 and Woodstock served their ritual work all too well. From there to madness. PS I just remembered that Apocalypse Now is set in 1969. That film was co written by John Millius. He also co wrote the last major Hollywood movie "inspired" by a year, 1941, directed by Spielberg and released in 1979. 1941 is one of the strangest movies of all time, it makes WW2 look like an acid trip.

  46. Re: microbes used as germ warfare agents against specific ethnicities.
    Old news already. Referred to in the CIA expose "A Higher Form Of Killing" and famously the subject of Frank Zappa's musical "Thing-Fish"

  47. Such a consistently high level of research, pattern recognition and speculation. highly attuned, Chris.

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