Thursday, October 26, 2017

So, an Android and a Mermaid walk into an Orange Julius...

A android named "Sophia" is being carted around the world's chat shows and demanding robot rights. It- or rather its programmers- are also warning of a robotic Helter Skelter.

And there's that Orange again. 

Holy crap, am I sick of Orange already.

Sophia has become the first humanoid citizen of Saudi Arabia. Which isn't surprising given that the oil sheikdoms are at the cutting edge of the Technopocalypse. 

You seriously think all those princes with their yachts and their Chivas and their coke and their Russian partygirls give two shits about religion?

Well, they do, of course- just not the religion everyone thinks.

They're going to call this thing "Neom" when "Mega City One" would be way more metal.

The 8 design of Sophia's shirt caught my eye, though. Is a Mobius Strip? Is it two intertwined serpents like Thulsa Doom's standard? It did call Sense 8 to mind as well. 

I went looking around and sure as shootin'. -- Orange. Set your watch it.

I'm kinda thinking when Radiohead inevitably record OK Computer II: Okey Dokey!, they should write a sequel to "Paranoid Android" and call it "Paranoid Transdroid."

In honor of Sophia.

Readers have been making excellent suggestions on the Orange Apocalypse theme. I can't get to them all- and the comments sections have been burning up, so I apologize for not being able to respond yet- but there were a few I thought were particularly germane to the apocalypse theme.

Like that little devil there.

Or this street mural, in the same part of Tampa where the Son of Son of Sam is now operating.

Orange hexagrammic mural on left, killings on right.

And this- with our Orange Twin and his N.ot A.ctually a S.pace A.gency astro-chums.

And the story about the death of some astronaut no one ever heard before made sure it tucked in some totally extraneous Orange. 

Plus, Houston.

And Saturn Causeway.

And of course the Astros are pushing the Orange Apocalypse.

And Massive Attack taking us Beyond the Black Rainbow.

But you really don't have to go too far before running into a wall of Orange.

There's this.  Of course.

Darker. Deeper. Oranger.

Stranger Things 2 rocks the big O and pays tribute to our NASA Overlords in one fell swoop.

Maybe they'll grow to become astronauts.

Like the twins from West Orange.

And another Orange Day pushing the uniformity message. 

Wait - you're not wearing Orange? What are you, a bully-lover? 

Put it on, you fucker.

I get the feeling this is going to be an annual thing. Then monthly. Then weekly. Then...

And of course, Trump's getting in on the Orange Action while the getting's good.

Lady Sophia of Houston-- sometimes called "Lady Gaga"-- was born this Orange.

Even Saturn is going Orange. Huh. 

Say, you don't think this Orange business isn't part of some kind of Saturn ritual, do you?

I know, I know- next thing you know I'll be asking if you think 80s New Wave singers are Libyan Sybils.

Forget I said anything.

But do take time to be Orange today.

The scuttlebutt's that Twin Peaks season four is going to introduce the Orange Lodge.


The Harvey Weinstein contagion continues to spread so start cooking up the Jiffypop. And of course the old Miramax logo rocked the Orange, all arthouse style.

This poor sap apparently chose Orange for his ritual humiliation portrait. 

Don't count on the end of the world, but do count on Orange.

Speaking of which, this totally fake puff piece not only rocks the BeyoncIsis overmeme, but sneaks in some blood-orange.

You do know these celebrities all drink blood, right? Children's blood? 

Look it up.

Anyway, this nonsense got so much traction that it instantly got my tinfoil ringing. I'm not sure anything BeyoncIsis does anymore wasn't mapped out and war-gamed long before her grandmother was born, but this was some artisanal bullshit.

And by that I mean I believe the "feather duster" line like I believe the 9/11 Commission. 

I think the real purpose of this story is to signal that Condon's hip to what it's really all about. Why we really saw BeyoncIsis put on the most blatant Ritual Working since the Millennium Dome went up. 

My take is that the "feather duster" in this case is Corvus, the crow-raven-blackbird-whatever constellation on the south side of Virgo. 

BeyoncIsis -- or her handlers-- seem to be down with the Izlay Aserfray, but maybe Condon- or Condor- is letting the guys back at the club she's not really down with the Beauty and the Beast. 

The real Cocteau Twins.

Speaking of which...

The daily tsunami of Mermaid stories continues unabated. It's not feeling like a fad anymore.

Come feel the Deep.

This particular story pushes the Androgyny Agenda, the Starfleeting of the World Agenda and the Siren theme all in one stroke. 

Masterful, Yahoo Movies Singapore.

John Stamos invokes a Mermaid and "music" for his marriage proposal? 

He's a dead man.

And of course the Mermaid-Meme not only advances the Siren Cult, it also advances the Trans Agenda...

...the Transgenic Agenda, that is. 

It's coming down faster than Helter Skelter. It's a good bet they've been beta-testing with other animals for a long, long time.

 You really think those  hawk-beaked wolverine-looking freaks and sea-monsters washing on shores are dead raccoons and Patagonian fart-eels? Think again.

Ray Kurzweil wants us all to be immortal, but if being immortal means being surrounded by Porcine-Americans, Transdroids, and hawk-beaked wolverines in orange sportcoats, I'll take the sweet sleep of the grave.

I'm wondering if Madonna is going to do a Prince and rebrand herself as MDNA on orders of her paymasters or if, as always, she's just looking to hop on the Transgenic Bandwagon while it's still hipster. 

But she is looking rather vat-grown in this ad. 



When I first heard Paddock's brother was busted on a kiddie beef I thought it was the twitchy one in Florida. But it turns out it's Bruce Paddock, which makes this story sound a bit like an old Mad magazine satire; "Bond. Melvin Bond."  

Anyway, they busted this poor sap while he was laid up in a care facility waiting on spinal surgery. 

Some days your life just sucks. 

The rap dates back to 2014 and sounds like pretty small potatoes (600 images, which is Fedese for 40 or 50 questionable jpgs, tops) as far as those things go. But in the immortal words of Mr. X, "they have something on everyone, Mr. Mulder. The question is when they'll use it."

But of course since this story tilled the fields for the Paddock bit you know this is more water-muddying on the part of the Feds who want reporters to stop annoying questions about the Las Vegas clusterfuck. 

But you get the sense there's some meta-messaging at work here, since they're telling us Lanza believed children are being brainwashed by adults, which only someone with the critical thinking skills of a houseplant isn't dead certain isn't happening. 

To everyone.

But the inference here is that he was not only a mass-murderer, he was a kiddie-fiddler. And to top it all off he was a Pizzagater. He was a mass-murderin', kiddie-fiddlin' Pizzagater. 

Those are the worst kind.


  1. "They're going to call this thing "Neom""?!
    Is that an anagram of the name of a rather famous fictitious orange coloured clown fish?
    I think IT is somehow.
    That's not a good OMEN me thinks.

    1. They're saying Neom stands for "Neo M". Or "Neo Twin Peaks", if you like. They aren't being exactly subtle, here.

      Then, what M means to Muslims may be fairly different from what it means to Christians. So if anyone can provide additional info on the Muslim interpretation, do go ahead.

    2. "Neom" is a contraction of the hybrid Neo-Mustaqbal, "New Future". And, as someone that watches the politics of Saudi Arabia pretty closely, and knows a little bit about physics, I'm going to hazard a prediction: this thing is never going to be built; and I suspect that most of the folks involved in hyping the idea know it.

      Two reasons why I say this. First, Saudi Arabia is going to be facing a succession crisis pretty soon. Not to get into boring detail, but: the kingship of SA has been passed between the sons of the original king, ibn Saud. Now, since all the brothers are elderly, it's necessary to pass the crown to the next generation; but how to do that without cutting out any of ibn Saud's grandsons? So they had worked out an unwieldy plan where the current king would pass the throne to his nephew, who would in turn pass it to the current king's son, after which it would be passed between cousins. But then King Salman (Just this past July; funny how it got no news coverage) stripped his nephew of all political power, and put him under house arrest, claiming that, as he was a junkie, he was unfit to rule. And then Salman appointed his own son Crown Prince. It's pretty clear that Salman intends to establish his own line as SA's new royal house. How hard the rest of the family will kick at being ousted is a key question.

      The second reason that Neom will never be built is that it's the same type of vaporware and handwaving, the-science-is-just-around-the-corner, fake future we've been promised for thirty years or more. For instance: flying cars are a key component of the transportation system of Neom. And all this at the same time that SA will be experiencing a petroleum-depletion/population-explosion crisis.

      The real question is: is the new crown prince a conman, spinning fairy tales of a bright future to keep his subjects restive long enough for him to loot the treasury and flee, or is this 32-year-old billionaire playboy so unmoored from reality that he's bought his own hype?

      There is no answer to that question that won't be painful.

    3. This robot reminds me of Elektro, the General Electric exhibited at the 1939 NY World Fair and that 18th century The Turk chess playing automaton. Clever fakes, good for a laugh. People never learn, twenty years from now it will be some other piece of junk appearing as a technological marvel.

    4. 500 billion dollars to build a 10,000 square miles Megacity? Wow. What are they going to use as building material, plywood? More like a Potemkin village for the poor masses.

    5. I just realized how they are going to build such a yuuuuge megacity with so little money- They are going to use slave labor. Maybe they will have enough money left after they finish to build a pyramid or two.

    6. They may have competition on the pyramid part. And of course, when I searched to find this, guess what color popped up?

  2. Considering the amount of Orange being slung around (but especially the twin giant orange hexagons at that Jason Al-Din concert, and the twinned towers lit up in orange the next day), it might be worthwhile to mention: in most traditional Islamic societies, a condemned man wears orange to the gallows.

  3. Chris, you know about the presence of the organisation called Orange Lodge in Scotland, right? And their connections to fascism and child abuse?

  4. Good God..!


  5. The kids have the Annoying Orange on tv - a talking orange. It doesn't get more orange than that. All it lacks is a hexagon.

    1. Right, that ugly orange thing on youtube. Poor kids. Cartoons today are very ugly!

  6. Something that can be done that is very informative is to separate names or words apart, like this-
    Mad- Onna , Lady Gag- A , Brain- Tree Suddenly you see things in a different light, like for example, why Ms. Ciccone always gave me the creeps. Or why Lady Gaga made me feel like I was choking...

    1. Hey Anon freak. Brainiest anon ever, what is your name? Who are you? Why the Anonymous? To shine forth is key. 87

    2. Why I log in as Anon.? I will tell you but I bet you are not going to believe it - I am too lazy to log in... Now back to Zzzzz.... PS there are several people here posting ads Anon.

    3. Anons = Dennis. How do I know who you are?


    4. Dennis, you do realize anyone can post under Anonymous, many people post under the name, and that "Dennis" isn't exactly any more revealing? Surprised to see your comment on a blog that encourages critical thinking like this. Shocking really.

  7. Our current social order is completely based on adults brainwashing children. If it was not it would collapse overnight.

    1. Not only that. It is based on sacrificing your very own children. That same old same old religious myth. You literally have to turn them in when you go 'report the birth'. And that's for starters.
      THEY do it. They already have before the child is even born. But they still make YOU do it.

  8. The US is such an strange country. In most countries in the world, if 58 persons were killed by gunfire in a single act the people would be terrified and very angry, asking all kinds of questions and clamoring for answers and for the resignation of officials. In the US these things are almost forgotten almost overnight. But then we only have to realize that it is the same country were someone like Walt Disney is considered to be something like a saint.

    1. If 58 American tourists were murdered in some third world country a few hours later American planes would be sent to bomb some slum back to the stone age. If it happens in the USA the only things sent are thoughts and prayers. Which are cheaper I guess.

  9. There's the brainchips and all that totally crazy stuff planned for the very near future, but meanwhile there's also the "noninvasive" form of brainhacking that Tristan Harris "warned" us about - oh no, he just wants "a better Way" of doing that. You know, the race to the bottom of the brainstem.

  10. According to a certain telecommunications company in the 90s, the futures bright... Come 2015 they'd become the twinned EE.

    1. Someone once told me EE stands for 'Everything Everywhere'.

    2. Everyone else..?

    3. 33. Kevin Bacon. EE.

  11. And in addition to that (the brainhack post):

    And THAT'S what we have legs for. So we can WALK. And walk away.
    But THAT'S why 'They' immobilized us by claiming all space for themselves and littering the landscape with visible and invisible roadblocks
    And THAT'S because "we" became sedentary
    And THAT'S because something (whatever it may be) tricked us into believing that some artificial metaphysical mindfucking 'Fool's Journey' would be WAAAAYYYY better than the real, tangible, authentic, continuous, truly intelligent, and fully satisfying journey each human life once was.

    Each of us is still born with that expectation.

    1. That's one way of looking at it.

      And then, there's the bull-roarers.

      And you start thinking: is there any place in the world where people aren't lying bastards, especially those people with power, even if it's only power over a bunch of hungry villagers? And you realize: No, there probably isn't. Humans are lying bastards, and lies work. And societies of honest folks may not work as well as societies with lying bastards. That's all there is to it, at the bottom.

    2. "Some artificial metaphysical..." Fools Journey" That reminds me of PK Dick's idea of Mercerism, a VR religion for our times. Yeah, life is not what it used to be, the last 20 years have been hell.

    3. SO, ABUSIVE RELATIONS WORK BETTER THAN LOVING ONES? And lies work. But truth doesn't.

      Wow. What does one even say to that?

    4. Ha!

      Sophia doesn't have legs. Nor a mind (thus 'less mental defects than a human').

    5. The legacy of Reagan/Thatcher, alive and kicking almost forty years later. It functions by giving people an excuse to be evil and do evil things to others- they say "Don't blame me, everybody is doing it! If you had a chance you would do it too. It is only human nature" The perfect sociopath excuse.

  12. and here it is
    (annoying) Orange - Apple - Hexagon

  13. What rhymes with door hinge

  14. Midna is the beast to woman in the first considerably very dark cultural touchstone series The Legend of Zelda [titled Twilight Princess]... In which Link (yes, Link) turns from human to wolf and back. Midna, or MDNA.

    To Briz's point, Omen. Look for the upcoming adaptation of Good Omen, starring Ten or DW (just LOOK at that TARDIS, Stargate, w/e)...

    Of course, Occult Fan is founded on June 6 2006. That day to mark to occasion I saw The Omen which opened that day.

    1. Oh, I see, M-DNA.

      You know, I came across once a spirit that was going on the significance of letter M. He said something about the moon, then Virgin Mary, and then something that really got my attention: that in Egyptian hieroglyphics, letter M was a sacred ibis. I got all excited. That was something I could check. If a spirit tells you something you didn't know before, well, then you know spirits are "out there" and not just your imagination, right? So there I go checking Wikipedia for hieroglyphics. And letter M was a hawk. Damn.

      And then, I scroll further, and there was another version of M, and it was an ibis crouching down, searching for its food in the mud.

      So that's what M is about. Magic.

    2. You just picked it up somewhere sometime. And it was in your implicit memory.
      There's a term for that phenomenon, but I forgot. I am not going to look for it, but if I happen to remember it or happen upon it coincidentally I'll post a link.
      There's no "spirits". Honestly.

    3. M for the surrealists was - Madame Eurydice, Reviendra Des Enfers

    4. Maria, it's cryptomnesia

  15. It was posted on YouTube October 24.

  16. That black rainbow looks more like the shades of grey that any normal healthy naughty woman should indulge herself in. If not, she's not Liberated! And that's a NO-NO!
    'Unity' is a violent concept after all.

  17. A song, an incantation is also a spell. When performed, it is a ritual. Now you have a large population performing the same ritual. That type of power can invoke....anything. So what are the current mainstream artists, no, let's not call them that. .. witches is more appropriate invoking? On a side note, astros win world will be everywhere.

  18. Songs are really incantations, or spells. When performed, they are rituals. And the audience sings along. That type of power can summon...anything. What are the mainstream witches of today, trying to invoke?

  19. ORANGE - Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit (as per utility codes). Orange indicates the second highest threat level of terrorist attack. I predict the astros will win the world series. Orange everywhere soon.

  20. Found the probably inevitable Agent Orange link I thought would pop up. On the 23rd the world didn't end, though the FB showed a band reference to Vietnam vets and a Truthdig article about the military use of Agent Orange and the resulting birth defects, including REPRODUCTIVE ISSUES.

    Here's the Truthdig article:

    Orange seems to poison children more ways than one.

    1. Orange, ha,ha!

    2. Here's a song from 1973 about Vietnam by a French kids group called 'les Poppys'.
      Someone later made this video to go with it.

      It has 'the child that asks why (Y)'... to ominously end with a call to the United Nations..

      I don't know why this group was named Les Poppys, but the poppy flower dóes have a lot of significance to WW1, Remembrance Day.

  21. I wonder if anyone considered this wasn't the best color to paint the street in Seminole Heights.

    Orange chakras: "sacred creation" manifests in the reproductive organs.

    also the street painting has a few more star points than this but it's not far off from the houston astros logo

  22. I can never look oranges in the eye again...

    1. It's not their fault they're being abused..

  23. Indeed. Its all looking very Clockwork at this point. Kubrick & Burgess were a little too prescient, me thinks. Talk about hangouts, limited or otherwise!


    "As Kubrick points out so many times in his films, the establishment that purports to cure man of his ills and “perfect” him is, in so many cases, a large part of the cause of his ills – Kubrick even has Alex’s case worker/social worker molest him! With the prevalence of sexual and pornographic art throughout the dystopia, we can deduce the normalization of sexual traumatization and abuse, possibly even pedophilia. This also fits with Burgess’ other dystopia, The Wanting Seed, where the whole society is homosexual. Alex, we see, is a subject of sexual-based traumatized mind control throughout his whole life. It should come as no surprise that a social order that protects and allows and propagates these crimes is unable to ‘cure’ man of anything, other than dosing him full of more drugs."


    "Burgess’s best known novel is A Clockwork Orange, which became an international success once it had been filmed by Stanley Kubrick. Burgess came to hate it and told Playboy in 1971, of all his books it was the one he liked least. But without A Clockwork Orange would anyone have taken an interest in Burgess?

    This question becomes more interesting when considered in light of information revealed in Roger Lewis’s controversial biography of the novelist. Lewis was a fan of Burgess, and started his biography with the man’s knowledge. Lewis then spent twenty-years working on his Burgess biography—the time it would take Burgess to write twenty novels, several screenplays, a library of books reviews, and the odd symphony or two. Lewis was scathing about Burgess, like the love-struck schoolboy disillusioned by the humanity of his object of devotion—this time it’s Anthony, not Celia, who shits!

    It’s a scurrilous biography, but does capture something of Burgess, bit all too often this is lost in Lewis’s almost tantrum like rancor. Around the 280-page mark, Lewis details his meeting with a British secret service man who informed the Welshman that Burgess was not wholly responsible for A Clockwork Orange. Rather it was a work of collaboration with the British secret services.

    Lewis was told by his source that A Clockwork Orange was about:

    ....the mind-control experimentation conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal, between 1957 and 1963, and the Remote Neural Monitoring facility that operated out of Fort George Meade. The CIA were funding controversial research programmes into electronic brain stimulation. They induced exhaustion and nightmares in patients; they put hoods or cones over people’s heads to broadcast voices directly into their brains; they irradiated the auditory cortex or inner ear. When patients had their own speech played back to them, incessantly, they went insane. There was a misuse of civilians in these covert operations, and intelligence on these devices remains classified."

    Now orange you glad I brought that up? & calling that robot "Sophia", talk about false gnosis. More transhumanist bs religion for the masses. The technocrats never sleep, apparently.

  24. Continuing the Vegas/Kill theme. The Killers - The Man, big single from new album.

    "Who's the Man, with the plan, I'm the man" Indeed.

    1. Anon, what is your trip. Been with this Blog for years. Do you have any idea that you post too much. 87

    2. I had no idea that this blogging platform charges money to use question marks. Or so it seems.

    3. Dennis, anonymous is an option to post with on the blog, so every anon post isn't necessarily the same person.


    1. I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned sooner.
      That Orange Twin is a record label and land trust in Athens, GA, USA.
      Founded by members of Elephant 6 bands (Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power, Olivia Tremor Control, et al).
      Not sure how it relates to all this, but I'm CK can sniff out a connection if one even remotely exists (complement and/or show of confidence).

  26. The EU has been making laws for quite some time to establish "personhood for robots".

    Plus, I remembered reading thís last year:

    1. Ha! Law on Mars, please. Those guys have watched too many Luc Besson movies and read too many 2000AD comics. Idiots.

    2. Well yeah.
      how about this then?
      The next (10th) Beyond Humanism Conference will be about 'cultures of the posthuman'.
      We also seem to get a squared orange inside our heads, against an otherwise black blackground.
      I guess, as always, WE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL!

  27. the 8 on the tshirt looks like the twin serpents of Hermes Caduceus.

    1. It is the infinity symbol

    2. Upright it means death. Sideways is infinity.

  28. A quick search return for famous organge logos:

    Not sure they're all relevant though food for thought on some we may have missed.

  29. I can't find any reason why orange was chosen for the Ukrainian putsch. Or who it was who chose that color. The Ukrainian flag doesn't feature orange. Does the State Department have a machine that randomly selects 'colors' for these coups?

  30. Pyramids...

    I have recently spend some 100 hours or so looking into pyramid scams for someone who clearly is on their suckerlists bigtime. The evil... Beyond belief.

    To get a small glimpse read The Verge, Scamworld.
    It goes much, much further than that.
    Don't get me started.

    Anyway, I just read this bizarre thing:

    Their Ethical Org offers "a new ethical perspective in which people are either parasites or producers"

    They also somehow 'have children' (much like the Finders "we had the children") for their "Rainbow Cultural Garden", a 'Golden Child' even.
    They seem to be involved in other experimentation too. And never really run out of money or contacts.
    The Dalai Lama seems to have ties with them, his visit to head quarters in Albania was cancelled eventually though because it would be bad publicity for the Godking who himself found all the accusations really baseless.

    Oh, but I see here that he is a selfproclaimed Demon!

    Oh in that case, there's no problem. Haters gonna hate. That's just natural. Vampires need to eat, too. Blame nature if you have to.

    One life
    But we're not the same
    We get to carry each other
    Carry each other



    Let's just laugh and joke about it all, or at the very very least, be neutral about it. We're all One remember, let's all be peacekeepers. There's enough division as it is. And TERRORISTS!

    Remains the question why the MSM would choose to post this story as part of their "NEWS" on Oct. 17 out of all the possible things they could have picked for 'news'.

    1. Hey look. A Weinstein connection.

      "Instead, Kreuk is giving interviews championing women who speak out against male abuse. She condemns Harvey Weinstein, but not Keith Raniere.

      In a Hollywood Reporter story she waxes hypocritical : The title “MIPCOM: Kristin Kreuk Predicts More Female Stories in Wake of Harvey Weinstein Scandal.’

      Here are some of Kreuk’s comments."

      OMG she's in Beauty and the Beast!

    2. Oh look. And here we have Rumi again. And the Infinity Symbol, as a necklace which is worn following the branding of the women.

      And we also learn that once you are without character you can build one, "the character of me".

      “I have always wanted to change things in the world. Wanted to be a woman that helps to redefine how all women think and feel about themselves. I have wanted to be a superhero in my own right…." says miss Mack.

      If it weren't so devastatingly terrible, it would be COMICal.....

    3. The world economy has been a pyramid scheme since 1970 or so. It can only keep going by adding new victims constantly. Credit cards, real estate, student loans, etc, etc, they are all part of the endless fraud. It will end, like all Ponzi schemes, in tears.

    4. In fact, all of civilization has functioned like a pyramid scheme from the beginning of 'history'. Which was sort of implied in my post indeed.

    5. Regarding the credit card pyramid, after making notes on my bills I'd abbreviated one as CAP ONE, then realized anther obvious way to put it: CAPONE.

    6. Wow... CAPONE=capital one. A protection racket indeed. It is right in front of us, until one day we see it. Thanks

  31. 1967- "She is a witch of trouble in electric blue, in her own mad mind she is in love with you". Cream
    1977. "Blue, blue, electric blue is the color of my room" Bowie

  32. Las Vegas in Blade Runner 2049

  33. Ciccone = Mad Onanist see Revelation 17:5

  34. Sorry if this double posts. Some more famous orange logos to consider.

    Has Orange Crush (song or soda) come up anywhere recently?

  35. Glad you bring it up, REM 1988.A song about agent orange. The video is like David Lynch on peyote, full of symbolic imagery. Worth a look.

  36. You know, if someone had told me ten years ago to look up Madonna in the Apocalypse I would had thought that person was nuts. Today I take it as the most natural thing in the world. I go-"Sure, why not, let's see..." Welcome to the new normal.

  37. LOL Tom Delonge featured on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast today. Gonna have to give it a whirl. Never noticed how orange old Joe's logo is. The syncs. The burst I heard had him speaking on how fiction must be used to condition people for the great reveal.

  38. While this can certainly be explained by capitalizing on the popularity of a hot new show with a sport trying to find a young audience.... Stranger Things World Series promotional ad floating around social media...

  39. Today two teens in Georgia were arrested for plotting a Columbine copycat attack. Terrible times we live in.

  40. MDNA. Kind of sounds like MDMA..the drug known as Ecstasy.

  41. Bruce Paddock's age at the time of his arrest is pretty telling, isn't it?

  42. The end sequence of Full Metal Jacket is a blaze of orange, then it cuts to black and Paint it Black plays over the credits. Stanley!

  43. When the DMT mainstreamer and the UFO ancient alien cult religion mainstreamer have a conversation during a time of high witchery.....

    Gee I hope we were genetically engineered long ago to use spice and to become Guild Navigators because of how our minds work. Give or take some electromagnetic radiation. Can't wait to choose which interstellar mining company I'm gonna go work for.

    1. Can't wait to join, too! My favorite thing about Lynch's version of Dune is how he turned The Guild into leather clad 50s gang thugs.

    2. Dude that is frightening.
      The 'Ancient Alien' bullshit is 'psyops'.
      Of course there are other races in the galaxy, and there are over 100 billion in our universe alone, and that is just from this 'limited' dimensional expression.
      But to say that 'humans' come from 'aliens' is just FALSE; plays into 'ET' being "GOD" right?
      What they DID do is -UCK with our genetics; limiting our 'DNA' to 'dumb' us down.
      It is our inherent 'Divine Spark' that holds the key to our release from this -ucking 'HELL' TPTB have unleashed in this 'realm'; Illusory at best.

  44. Hi Chris I think you yourself and other commenters may have bought these things up already but just a quick recap of some things I thought of -ps I lost a comment so if this makes it a double please delete one.

    a) in the movie Trading Places back in 1984 orange juice Futures are what bring the two wealthy Brothers down and one of these brothers themselves take offs on David and Nelson Rockefeller?

    b) in the movie Capricorn One OJ is in obviously and the topic of Mars and fake reality being seen as real.

    c) in the movie "Requiem for a Dream"an orange juice truck is used in a scene with drug dealers and I believe it shows an orange also being peeled and eaten by one of the drug dealers also Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars is in that movie.

    d) the rock group Supertramp used the color orange and orange juice in many of its album covers- liner notes -and such-- Breakfast in America the waitress holds a orange glass of orange juice Aloft in place of where lady Liberty's torch would be.

    e) Lower Manhattan was first electrified in 1882 and 119 years later 9-11 happened and also in the movie Ghostbusters werent the spirits kind of kept in that grid by the use of electricity or power?

    f) the dog that peed on President Macron's fireplace his name was Nemo that Nemo /Omen reversed or maybe Neo?

    If anyone else here grew up in the Denver area in the 70s and early 80s does anybody else remember that delicious smell in the air that the orange julius stand used to make mixed with the air from the fountain in the center of the mall? thinking of it still brings me back to child-young adulthood!


    PS I am still not seeing a donate button on my mobile for Secret Sun tomorrow I have to get out my laptop so I'll look then as maybe its just my mobile phone?

    1. Not to mention that the Denver Bronco's defense was nicknamed "Orange Crush."

  45. If you want to get some real insight into the world of bio-engineering etc. and how that works il/legally, plus how all that is argued and framed, you should invest some time (quite some time actually)into this course:

    Not for the feeble minded.
    And I mean that in more than one way.

  46. Infinity!YEAH!!

    'We do what we want and we do it with PRIDE'

    2 Unlimited - No Limit (1993)

    This was a huge hit back then in the Netherlands

  47. Pig/Human engineering was a topic of the new TV series 'Electric Dreams' C4's replacement for 'Black Mirror' - see ep4

    Maybe mentioned already but the 8 is a 3 flipped horizontally along vertical axis / mirrored

  48. Like a children's rhyme- "This little piggy went to the (Stock) market..."

  49. Why were both Paddocks brother and Marilou Danley in wheelchairs after being brought in by the authorities? Was she awaiting surgery too?

    1. Maybe they were worked over by the boys in blue. The third degree they used to call it. It seems to be making a come back.

  50. Sophia is of course also connoting philosophy, as in the notion (Aquinas) that 'philosophy must be the handmaiden of theology'.

    Which in turn reminds of Margaret Atwoods dystopian novel The Handmaid's tale'.

  51. "A particular quote from The Handmaid's Tale sums this up: "The Republic of Gilead, said Aunt Lydia, knows no bounds. Gilead is within you" " - the Handmaid's Tale


  52. The open version of the symbol: 'Absolute Infinitus'

    Boundless. Inside and out. The final dis/solution.

    1. 'Absolute infinitus' is a concept Spinoza came up with btw.
      The philosopher. Jew, protestant, pantheist...
      What most people don't know is that he was a rosicrucian.
      His ring with a rose and the word 'Caute' were probably referring to that, too.

      Rosicrucianism has Dr John Dee at its beginning, the original Agent 007.


    2. 'Spinoza was also exposed to the philosophy of Giordano Bruno (*), who some say, influenced his own philosophy.'

      'the House of Orange'

      'His name became well known in intellectual circles to the extent that he was wooed by English philosophers of his day, The Royal Society.'

      (taken from one of the rosicrucian websites that write about Spinoza)

      * From "the binding forces" I referenced several times in different posts before

      The question is what was Spinoza réally doing when he wrote about 'God', the Absolute Infinite?

  53. It was announced today that Stanford U. "Doctors" are going to study Paddock's brain in search of "anomalies". Gee, I feel safer already. Will they blame everything on a brain tumor, like some tried to do with C. Whitman? BTW,how come Stanford U. always comes up in such dark subjects? MK, bio war, etc...

  54. Jackrabbit symbolism... came across this reference to your blog (which I've been reading) on this Reddit:

    The picture references jack rabbit's palace. On the right it says to put something from that place in your pocket.

    Also, the official newsletter for the Burning Man is ... Jackrabbit Speaks

    Jackrabbit or a type of dessert Hare (genus Lepus) - from Wikipedia, The hareand the rabbit are often associated with moon deities and signify rebirth and resurrection.

    Hare hieroglyph:
    More on Hare symbolism:

  55. 'The Circle', Mae Holland, Apple Park

    An 'appled orange' may actually be red.. Like blood.

    In the Netherlands the word chosen for a new law doing almost completely away with privacy is 'aftapwet'. The word 'aftappen' is actually the word you would use for drawing blood.

  56. Aunt Lydia, knows no bounds. Gilead is within you" " -

  57. Aunt Lydia, knows no bounds. Gilead is within you" " -

  58. So a hobbit who nearly died in a lava-flow walks into the Hawkins General Store and says: "I'm not a big fan of orange" after the absolute orangest 15 minutes of television ever...

    1. Yeah, that one really made my ears perk up too! Plush the whole pumpkin patch throughline...Also, is the monster this season the Thessalhydra of series one's final D&D session? Chris has been pointing to some Hydra constellations syncs. I'm only 4 eps in at this point, but definitely curious to see where it all goes.

  59. Orange, the Golden Dawn, the new morning of pouring out of the new age of Water.

    Lord Krishna said in the way that you worship me, I answer you.
    Lord IHVH said in the the way your make your idol, I answer you.

    Ding! Our interior micro point (ISO) and our exterior world, ie the fruit of the magical process (EXO) is one.

    We as specie, in the age of Iron, Kali Yuga, are being answered by how we have crafted our void, vacuous, non sacrificial, non interiorally magical, dead scientific world. The ISO is answering us in our EXO.

    The first words out of the dead Sophia of iron and splintered ISO made EXO says "fu, you're delusional, you're so wrong, etc." to one of our scientific visionaries.

    Sophia as HEK 8. We are the 808 stone Joker Biker fool. Who does not know the 191 stone, the ISO point of all being. We cannot call forth the light of the morning, the light of the evening, the liminal magical daemonic intelligence of the living simulacrum, the earth, ha eretz, Adamah, Agdistis.

    She alone wields daggers. Our bardic forefathers, as Rishis, as Druids, knew Iron was evil and would be our burning death point into the next age. One of flood, deluge, washing away, the end of the fake structures of broken Atlantis.

    Atlantis being Orange Water Copper, the binding of the red/white by an interior vision that saw thru to the ladder that reaches into the liminal.

    Prepare to see the dead robotic petrefecation of EXO masquerading as ISO .. die a its anti QRST death.

    If we only were the Ante QRST we should be. The remnant will know. After all the Kahcina dolls say as such, being the living theurgical ISO that they are .. to a remnant who has warned western man .. turn back .. the science is dead, your masters are monsters, the iron is evil ..

  60. It seems to me that someone (with more candlepower upstairs that I have) could make a sort of Venn diagram or decison-tree of all these symbols (orange, Sophia, robots with rights, sirens, etc.) and discern what the intent or motivation is behind this this apparently building "working" (is that the right word?). Of course, there is more than one group of demons out there and this may be more than one working. I would also hazard a guess that this working is something of a "Hail, Mary" pass, to use a sports metaphor. I strongly suspect time is running out on the demons running this show and their desperation is, I would argue, palpable.

  61. Nov 4-6th, during the big antifa day parade.
    >Elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will conduct a “communications interoperability” training exercise November 4-6, once again simulating a “very bad day” scenario. Amateur Radio and MARS organizations will take part.
    "MARS organizations." Huh, didn't we just hear something strange about Mars recently....? Well I guess it's just more heaven or las vegas.

  62. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12)
    'Dark' humans punking themselves and us out to 'Dark GODS'.
    You can't pay 'Demons' with gold and silver!
    They want BLOOD!
    'Essence', what we call 'loosh' or 'chi' in particular.
    They also FEED off of FEAR, and this is why sacrificial victims are often tortured before being put to death; the stronger the fear and terror generated, the better the 'feast'.
    SICK ass SHIT!
    Truly an 'abomination'
    Oh, and the BEST victims for this are INFANTS and CHILDREN!
    Happy Samhain!

  63. Meanwhile in Russia: Weird Glowing Skies

  64. I do not think those in charge of all this psychic driving really know what they are doing. Just crossing memetic feedback loops, mining data, and phoning that in.

    Of course, they are crossing the streams. Secret Suns, and all that.

    It is like some death wish that sets fire into the sky.
    Orange crush. Fission. Very disconcerting.

    1. Very good point.
      And there are 'other intelligences' at work here.
      Yeah and I got that too about the 'Orange'; FISSION.
      FIRE, 'NEMESIS' (the 'secret sun'), BURNT skies.
      Great post Neal.

  65. IT’S more than extraterrestrial. It’s extrasolar. A strange object has been spotted - is it our first interstellar visitor? *From Vega

  66. Re: James Toback Toback has said that in 1964 while attending Harvard he took "the largest single dose of LSD in history". He stayed drugged for eight days, wandering around Cambridge "carrying a loaded .38" in a suicidal, psychotic state until he was given an "antidote" by none other than neuropsychologist Dr. Max Rinkel - "who had brought LSD to America" .Toback has said that due this experience he "lost all fear of death". Sounds familiar? I mean, how did a college sophomore happen to find such a large dose of LSD in 1964 plus a loaded revolver? And how did he just "found his way to" Dr Rinkel?



    "Colors stood at the core of theosophy as practiced by Madame Blavatsky and Anne Besant, and indeed it has played an understudied role in the whole arc of Western occultism. In his 1704 book Opticks, Newton’s arbitrary division of the spectrum into seven colors (ROYGBIV) resulted in the quasi-color indigo, whose questionable differentiation from blue befuddles schoolchildren to this day. This was not the act of Newton the scientist, but Newton the alchemist: he had been guided toward the number seven by the seven musical notes and the seven planets, not by scientific necessity."

    "The orange had a hatred of sexual unions."

    Plus Jack Parsons.

  68. Jesus! Is that Odo? I mean, Jennifer Lawrence?

  69. & Trump's halloween hat that sells for $45? The standard non-seasonal MAGA versions go for $25

  70. Katy Perry concert "malfunction" gets stuck on "Saturn" prop.. in Nashville. the Orange state... goes on about seeing a shooting star.. a "shooting star coming" !?!?

  71. Ready for it?

    Ready for what??


    Question for the female robot: 'what makes the robot female?'

    Going dark.

  72. Recall the Twin Towers here in the background of the poster for 1984's mermaid movie Splash,

    A gender-bending, cross-breeding re-make has been in the works, albeit production has apparently stalled, starring Channing Tatum as a Mer-Man.