Thursday, October 26, 2017

So, an Android and a Mermaid walk into an Orange Julius...

A android named "Sophia" is being carted around the world's chat shows and demanding robot rights. It - or rather its programmers - are also warning of a robotic Helter Skelter.

And there's that Orange again. Holy crap, am I sick of Orange already.

Sophia has become the first humanoid citizen of Saudi Arabia. Which isn't surprising given that the oil sheikdoms are at the cutting edge of the Technopocalypse. You seriously think all those princes with their yachts and their Chivas and their coke and their Russian partygirls give two shits about religion?

Well, they do, of course; just not the religion everyone thinks.

They're going to call this thing "Neom" when "Mega City One" would be way more metal.

The 8 design of Sophia's shirt caught my eye, though. Is a Mobius Strip? Is it two intertwined serpents like Thulsa Doom's standard? It did call Sense 8 to mind as well. 

I went looking around and sure as shootin': Orange. Set your watch it.

I'm kinda thinking when Radiohead inevitably record OK Computer II: Okey Dokey!, they should write a sequel to "Paranoid Android" and call it "Paranoid Transdroid." In honor of Sophia.

Readers have been making excellent suggestions on the Orange Apocalypse theme. I can't get to them all- and the comments sections have been burning up, so I apologize for not being able to respond yet- but there were a few I thought were particularly germane to the apocalypse theme.

Like that little devil there.

Or this street mural, in the same part of Tampa where the Son of Son of Sam is now operating.

Orange hexagrammic mural on left, killings on right.

And this: with our Orange Twin and his N.ot A.ctually a S.pace A.gency astro-chums.

And the story about the death of some astronaut no one ever heard before made sure it tucked in some totally extraneous Orange. 

Plus, Houston.

And Saturn Causeway.

And of course the Astros are pushing the Orange Apocalypse.

And Massive Attack taking us Beyond the Black Rainbow.

But you really don't have to go too far before running into a wall of Orange.

There's this. Of course.

Darker. Deeper. Oranger.

Stranger Things 2 rocks the big O and pays tribute to our NASA Overlords in one fell swoop.

Maybe they'll grow to become astronauts.

Like the twins from West Orange.

And another Orange Day pushing the uniformity message. 

Wait; you're not wearing Orange? What are you, a bully-lover? 

Put the fucking Orange on, you fucker.

I get the feeling this is going to be an annual thing. Then monthly. Then weekly. Then...

And of course, Trump's getting in on the Orange Action while the getting's good.

Lady Sophia of Houston -- sometimes called "Lady Gaga "-- was born this Orange.

Even Saturn is going Orange. Huh. Say, you don't think this Orange business isn't part of some kind of Saturn ritual, do you?

I know, I know; next thing you know I'll be asking if you think 80s New Wave singers are Sybils. Forget I said anything.

But do take time to be Orange today.

The scuttlebutt's that Twin Peaks season four is going to introduce the Orange Lodge. Wait...

The Harvey Weinstein contagion continues to spread so start cooking up the Jiffypop. And of course the old Miramax logo rocked the Orange, all arthouse style.

This poor sap apparently chose Orange for his ritual humiliation portrait. 

Don't count on the end of the world, but do count on Orange.

Speaking of which, this totally fake puff piece not only rocks the BeyoncIsis overmeme, but sneaks in some blood-orange.

You do know these celebrities all drink blood, right? Children's blood? Look it up.

Anyway, this nonsense got so much traction that it instantly got my tinfoil ringing. I'm not sure anything BeyoncIsis does anymore wasn't mapped out and war-gamed long before her grandmother was born, but this was some artisanal bullshit.

And by that I mean I believe the "feather duster" line like I believe the 9/11 Commission. I think the real purpose of this story is to signal that Condon's hip to what it's really all about. Why we really saw BeyoncIsis put on the most blatant Ritual Working since the Millennium Dome went up. 

My take is that the "feather duster" in this case is Corvus, the crow-raven-blackbird-whatever constellation on the south side of Virgo. 

BeyoncIsis -- or her handlers-- seem to be down with the Izlay Aserfray, but maybe Condon - or Condor - is letting the guys back at the club she's not really down with the Beauty and the Beast. 

The daily tsunami of Mermaid stories continues unabated. It's not feeling like a fad anymore. Come feel the Deep.

This particular story pushes the Androgyny Agenda, the Starfleeting of the World Agenda and the Siren theme all in one stroke. Masterful, Yahoo Movies Singapore.

John Stamos invokes a Mermaid and "music" for his marriage proposal? He's a dead man.

And of course the Mermaid-Meme not only advances the Siren Cult, it also advances the Trans Agenda...

...the Transgenic Agenda, that is. 

It's coming down faster than Helter Skelter. It's a good bet they've been beta-testing with other animals for a long, long time.

 You really think those  hawk-beaked wolverine-looking freaks and sea-monsters washing on shores are dead raccoons and Patagonian fart-eels? Think again.

Ray Kurzweil wants us all to be immortal, but if being immortal means being surrounded by Porcine-Americans, Transdroids, and hawk-beaked wolverines in orange sportcoats, I'll take the sweet sleep of the grave, thank you.

I'm wondering if Madonna is going to do a Prince and rebrand herself as MDNA on orders of her paymasters or if, as always, she's just looking to hop on the Transgenic Bandwagon while it's still hipster.  But she is looking rather vat-grown in this ad. 



When I first heard Paddock's brother was busted on a kiddie beef I thought it was the twitchy one in Florida. But it turns out it's Bruce Paddock, which makes this story sound a bit like an old Mad magazine satire; "Bond. Melvin Bond."  

Anyway, they busted this poor sap while he was laid up in a care facility waiting on spinal surgery. Some days your life just sucks. 

The rap dates back to 2014 and sounds like pretty small potatoes (600 images, which is Fedese for 40 or 50 questionable jpgs, tops) as far as those things go. But in the immortal words of Mr. X, "they have something on everyone, Mr. Mulder. The question is when they'll use it."

But of course since this story tilled the fields for the Paddock bit, you know this is more water-muddying on the part of the Feds who want reporters to stop annoying questions about the Las Vegas clusterfuck. 

But you get the sense there's some meta-messaging at work here, since they're telling us Lanza believed children are being brainwashed by adults, which only someone with the critical thinking skills of a houseplant isn't dead certain isn't happening. To everyone.

But the inference here is that he was not only a mass-murderer, he was a kiddie-fiddler. And to top it all off he was a Pizzagater. He was a mass-murderin', kiddie-fiddlin' Pizzagater. 

Those are the worst kind of mass-murderers.