Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Enki's Playground, or the Domed City of Dubai

The city-state of Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the great puzzles of our time. Why did a sprawling metropolis that looks like like it stepped out of a Star Wars movie spring out of an obscure strip of sand in the Persian Gulf, practically overnight? Given that Dubai itself has little in the way of oil wealth, who paid for it all?

How does a city that is perpetually mired in debt continue not only to expand but to expand in ways that make the rest of the world's great cities look like provincial backwaters?

When oil was trading at 100 dollars a barrel and up you could see the logic. Maybe. But with the current oil crash showing no signs of ending anytime soon you have to wonder, where is the money coming from? 

Sure, you can see the need for a hub in that part of the world, a city-state for global corporations doing business with the wealthy oil monarchies of the Gulf and an international airport for flights connecting from Europe to points farther east.

But that doesn't quite explain Dubai.

As I wrote in 2008:

Why is so much money being taken from places like Louisiana and sent to places like Dubai and Qatar? Why are these astonishing metropolises being built in these ancient lands, but not in other oil-producing countries? Are these new science fiction metropolises being prepared for someone?

I couldn't help but think of that nutty, zany, totally off-the-wall speculation when I read about this in the news- a new domed city to open within the city of Dubai itself.
The 18-million square-foot hyper-purified, climate-controlled bubble will be comprised of residential, office, hospitality and entertainment. You can live, work and play without ever leaving the dome! 
There will be nearly 300 individual buildings, 33 networked roads, 1,641.496 square-feet of walkways and plazas, artificial waterways, bike routes, bus routes, metro train stations and gondola rides. It will also house the world’s largest indoor theme park...(t)he only things missing seem to be fog, rain and sandstorms. 
Catering to tourists, 20,000 hotel rooms will be available. It is estimated that 180 million visitors will be hosted annually.
"Hyper-purified, climate-controlled. You can live without ever leaving the dome."



Now take another look at that image of Dubai at the top of the page. Then look at this image.

That is Dubai in 1990. That's a little over 25 years ago. If that doesn't astonish you, it should.

This is a city that went from a backwater outpost in the middle of nowhere to perhaps the most impressive cityscape in the history of the planet, complete with elaborate artificial islands and architectural showpieces decades ahead of anything you'll see in Manhattan or Chicago.

In a quarter-century's time. If you can name a precedent for that, I'd like to hear it.


They don't have any resources, but they keep building. They're deep in debt, but they keep building. Their existing spaces are filled with vacancies, but they keep building, even with the price of oil in free-fall, an economic condition that is playing havoc on countries as diverse as Canada and Venezuela.

The oceans are full of oil tankers looking to unload and now Iran is pumping again. The market is flooded and yet Dubai- ostensibly a hub for the petrochemical industry- keeps building. 
Somehow they keep finding the money: 

The Persian Gulf sheikhdom had loaded up on billions of dollars debt during the last decade in a race to diversify its economy which unlike many of its neighbours isn’t dependent on oil. 
The strategy came unstuck in late 2009 when the emirate shocked the markets when it announced it needed to freeze $26bn of debt...Eventually Dubai was able to borrow from Abu Dhabi, its wealthy partner in the United Arab Emirates... 
It looked like Dubai was out of the woods and the economy well on the way to recovery until late last year when the price of oil started to plummet. Although the port city has little crude of its own its mercantile economy depends to a large extent on the wealth and economic activity that is created around in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.
And here were see the ostensible explanation for Dubai. Or at least the ostensible explanation for a city to be used as transport and business hub for the southern Persian Gulf.

I don't know if it explains Dubai

These energy superpowers create the economic activity which sustains Dubai and its large service economic which rests on the industrial port of Jebel Ali and the emirate’s position as a transport hub. 
When oil is trading at $100 per barrel this model works well. International companies base more of their employees in Dubai and this in turn creates demand for real estate and services such as banking and leisure. 
However, with oil now trading at around $50 per barrel and some forecasters warning that crude may even drop to levels much lower Dubai’s economy is once again looking extremely fragile.
'Fragile'. That was at $50 a barrel. And Dubai was deep in debt even when oil was $100 a barrel.

Oil is now far below that and forecasters are predicting trouble for many of the rich oil-producing states such as Saudi Arabia. But the problem is that demand is falling, in large part to the economic slowdown in China, the world's top consumer of commodities. Not only are oil-producing countries feeling the pain, but also countries whose economies rely on exports of lumber, minerals, and other raw materials.

Despite a 10% spike in the price of crude last week, it remains near multiyear lows, often as low as $30. The price of crude has a 52-week low of $26.05 and 52-week high of $65.69. Despite rumors OPEC many tighten supply, Saudi Arabia continues to pump at or near capacity. Demand is slack worldwide, to some degree because of the slowdown in the Chinese economy.
And with the oil market in free fall, Dubai's own economy has felt the pinch. Not only are its gleaming office towers filled with vacancies, not only are real estate firms going bankrupt, many business owners are deciding it's more advantageous to simply skip town than deal with the economic headaches bedeviling the city-state:
Dubai’s slowing economy, the rout in commodities and strict debt repayment laws are reviving a phenomenon that symbolized the emirate’s crash in 2009: “skips,” or business owners who quietly leave the country to avoid punishment for defaulting on loans. 
“These skips are a reminder of what happened after the financial stress Dubai went through in 2009,” Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce, an emerging market economist at Standard Chartered Plc in London, said by e-mail.  
But they keep building. And then there's this:
In 2014, Dubai International took the crown of "World's Busiest Airport" from London Heathrow International. 
More than 70.4 million international passengers moved through the Dubai's ornate concourses, terminals, and duty-free shops in 2014, up 6.1% from 2013. 
There's an important caveat here:
 And for what it's worth, the contest between Dubai and Heathrow is over the title for busiest international hub. If you want to talk about the flat-out busiest airport period, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson hold the crown from most passenger traffic.
Atlanta. Interesting.


You know me, always lookin' for goofy, off-the-wall coinkydinks. Just those weird 'n' wonderful moments when things seem to happen at curiously aligned occasions, almost as if--oh gosh, I don't know-- like someone almost planned them that way or something. 

You want to hear a really wacky coincidence? I mean, here's this city-state that I've been watching for years now, who pulled off this incredible mass invocation of the Anunnaki grand opening celebration for a hotel, that climaxed in these giant artificial islands (shaped like palms, or plants of the Phoenix genus) being lit up by fireworks.

I mean, why not, right? Why not spent millions of dollars for an elaborate display that could only be seen from space for the opening of a hotel?  
Happens all the time.

Did I mention palms were of the Phoenix genus? And that this hotel was called the Atlantis? And that the whole theme of this spectacular was Atlantis rising again?

Well, as it happens Dubai first announced the plans for this domed city of theirs the first week of July in 2014.

Leaders of the wealthy Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai announced this week that they will soon start construction of the planet’s first domed city. The concept of a fully enclosed, climate-controlled city — sometimes called an arcology — has been a recurring theme in science fiction for more than 100 years.

Check into "Another World"

And as sheer, dumb, random luck would have it, it turns that the discovery of Planet X, or Planet 9, or Nibiru or whatever you want to call it preceded the dome city's announcement only by a matter of weeks.
“Although we were initially quite skeptical that this planet could exist, as we continued to investigate its orbit and what it would mean for the outer solar system, we become increasingly convinced that it is out there,” said Batygin, an assistant professor of planetary science. “For the first time in over 150 years, there is solid evidence that the Solar System’s planetary census is incomplete.”
Ain't that just the zaniest, nuttiest, kookiest coincidence you ever did hear? I mean, what did I say in 2008 again? "Are these new science fiction metropolises being prepared for someone?"

What did they just say about the new domed city in Dubai? "Hyper-purified, climate-controlled. You can live without ever leaving the dome."


Dubai is located in a very interesting neighborhood. It's certain an area that's been the focus of a lot of wrangling and diplomacy, especially involving the major powers in the area, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Some are worried that escalating tensions between the two powers might spark a regional war, if not a sectarian war throughout the entire Muslim world. How that would effect Dubai is uncertain at this point in time. 

More certain is the history of this area, and the strange, enigmatic figure that entered the record via one Berossus, who wrote what was then the definitive history of Babylon.

Berossus told of a figure named Oannes, who made his home in the Persian Gulf and came ashore every day to instruct mankind in the arts of civilization. This is one of those episodes in the historical record when something completely insane is recounted entirely soberly, as if it were long accepted as truth. But to our eyes Oannes, who is often identified with the Philistine god Dagon, can only be described as "alien."

At Babylon there was (in these times) a great resort of people of various nations, who inhabited Chaldæa, and lived in a lawless manner like the beasts of the field. In the first year there appeared, from that part of the Erythræan sea which borders upon Babylonia, an animal destitute of reason, by name Oannes, whose whole body (according to the account of Apollodorus) was that of a fish; that under the fish's head he had another head, with feet also below, similar to those of a man, subjoined to the fish's tail.  
This Being was accustomed to pass the day among men; but took no food at that season; and he gave them an insight into letters and sciences, and arts of every kind. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical short, he instructed them in every thing which could tend to soften manners and humanize their lives...And when the sun had set, this Being Oannes, retired again into the sea, and passed the night in the deep; for he was amphibious.
As sheer dumb luck would have it, the Phoenicians were also believed to have emerged from this same area.

Now the zany, goofball, flaky coincidence is that during that multimillion dollar hotel opening (the Atlantis, not to be confused with the resort in the Bahamas)--that climaxed with that display that you couldn't see unless you were in the sky-- we not only saw a bunch of musclemen dressed as Horus (seriously) we also saw this woman on the right, dressed in garb that wouldn't seem out of place in a temple of Oannes, with stylized scales on her dress and a giant eye on her headpiece.

Please, just watch the whole thing for yourself- words fail me.

Seeing as this is SecretSun16 I should mention that there's also the world's tallest building in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa. It only makes sense that Dubai would now become home to the world's largest dome. Why is that, you ask?

Anyone who has been following the blog for a long time remembers the importance of the dome-obelisk conjunction, which we see repeated throughout the world. This example from the Vatican is just one, another well-known example is the Capital dome and the Washington Monument. I am starting to wonder now if we're seeing now a return to first principles.

'What first principles?', you may ask. Well, ust recently several people were living inside a dome in preparation for doing so on Mars, which is to say an alien environment. Or more precisely they were recreating the environment of their own planet in an enclosed space to prepare to do so on the Red Planet.

OK, but what does that have to do with Dubai?

The plans for the Dubai dome- by sheer dint of coincidence- call for an infrastructure that could be very easily repurposed to recreate an alien environment, if the need ever arose.

Like it says, "A hyper-purified, climate-controlled bubble." 
How utterly fascinating then that these plans were first announced mere weeks after the first solid evidence of a major planet outside the orbit of Pluto was also (publicly) discovered. 

What an incredible coincidence. If you believe in coincidence, that is.

Again, what did I ask, almost eight years ago?

Why is so much money being taken from places like Louisiana and sent to places like Dubai and Qatar? Why are these astonishing metropolises being built in these ancient lands, but not in other oil-producing countries? Are these new science fiction metropolises being prepared for someone?

What you or I may believe doesn't matter here. You may not believe that this unseen planet is home to alien life or that Dubai's improbable existence has anything to do with Oannes or the Annunaki. You might not believe in any of that at all.

You don't have to. 

 Because evidence continues to mount that the rich and powerful don't have the same beliefs as the rest of us, begging the question why. People don't spend millions of dollars putting on a fireworks display that was unintelligible from any point within Dubai itself and only made sense from thousands of feet up in the air (and could be seen from space) unless they think they have a compelling reason to do so. Unless they think someone may be watching.

This also puts the new space race in a whole new context. It's not a game. Big players are putting big money into it.

But I keep asking myself where exactly do they plan on going? The Moon seems off the menu and Mars is a pretty tough nut to crack. Can the human body even survive the nine month trip? There are a lot of people who think not.

 Living in orbit might be one option but that requires an infrastructure that is almost mind-boggling in scale unless you wanted to live like they do on ISS, like Spam in a can.

But what if they were just planning to rendezvous with someone in low earth orbit? What if they're anticipating an arrival? Then it all makes a lot more sense. I mean, in its own kind of batty way.

Again, none of this relies on your believing in any of their beliefs. But when you see turtles- turtles- in the logo of Amazon's private space program Blue Origin you have to ask yourself what are they telling us here? Turtles have no connection to space. 

Unless you factor in that they were sacred to Enki, the Sumerian creator god who was one of- you guessed it- the Anunnaki. And then add in the parade of other gods who've been lionized by the space programs and you do start to wonder.

None of this might seem particularly compelling in light of all the other issues that occupy peoples' minds these days. But what if while we struggle and bicker and find ourselves distracted by the ephemeral issues of the day, major changes are being made, changes that will effect all our lives, changes we've been conditioned not only to scoff at but to barely even perceive?  What if there's something coming we can't even wrap our heads around, it's so improbable? 

I don't necessarily believe that's so. But I'm not convinced that there aren't others, far more powerful than myself, who disagree with me.

UPDATE: Uhh...

China is no stranger to inexplicable construction, with its "ghost cities." But simply because we don't know why they've been built doesn't mean they weren't built for habitation or were built to keep local economies humming along. I have a feeling we may not want to know why those cities were built.


  1. Do the Annunanki have a plan to stop climate change? Or perhaps they simply like higher ambient temperatures than human beings. They'd better, because at the rate weather deterioration is currently going, they can expect 160F temperatures with extreme humidity in a matter of a decade or two to roast their pretty little playgrounds. Human beings, incidentally, simply die at those temperatures because no amount of sweating can maintain homeostasis for long periods of time in such a hostile environment. Maybe they've got a solution for the slaves worked out too?

  2. That's an excellent question. Ask them when they get here. Or if they get here. But the city planners in Dubai certainly are not acting like they expect such apocalyptic changes.

  3. Two thoughts on that domed city-within-a-city:

    * They can call it the Infidel District, as it caters to tourists and, by enclosing them in a pleasure done they won't want to leave, can allow them to do all those un-Islamic things like drink alcohol without risk of cultural infection - not that the residents of Dubai aren't aware of our vices or inexperienced in them. A golden cage, acceptable control.

    * My first thought, though, was, "Biodome!" Are they preparing for someone's arrival...or, working out the details for a domed city elsewhere? With all this talk floating around of an Elite "exit strategy" a little dry run here and there would be essential. Voila! A domed mini-city ready for the vacuum of the Moon and the desolation of Mars.

    1. So I wasn't the only one thinking of a bad Pauly Shore movie? That's a relief. But given the brutal Arabian sun I wonder if they're expecting visitors from a hot planet. There are theories that Planet X or 9 or whatever is actually closely orbiting a brown dwarf which provides its heat and light.

    2. From your turn of phrase, am I to assume you think there are "good" Pauly Shore movies? In any event, I was rather hoping we could give him to them as a present, or a warning about our level of culture. "See this guy? It gets worse, pal. It gets worse."

    3. And, jokes aside (if we can say that about the subject to which I refer), The brown dwarf theory, of a planet getting heat and (low) light from it, mirrors a scenario in some of the Shaver Mystery writings, of all things. Egad. I have no idea what to make of that!

    4. Well, the theory goes that planet X and the dwarf are in close, synchronous orbit. But I've also heard theories that Planet X itself is an unexploded brown dwarf and provides life-giving solar radiation that way. One thing I know for sure, if a sufficiently advanced race had the technology and had somewhere else to go they'd get the hell off this planet. Sure it's pretty and all but has a bad habit of wiping out everything living on it on a periodic basis. Even in the so-called moderate eras you have no end of tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, impacts and all the rest. There's a theory that the great civilizations of the past didn't die out, they were murdered, either by invasion or by natural phenomena, volcanos being a major culprit.

  4. >In a quarter-century's time. If you can name a precedent for that, I'd like to hear it.

    I can think of only one - Las Vegas. And even that can't measure to this.

  5. Always like to try to pick the brain of those who seem to know more than I, and again, I wonder what you think Chris of the notion of how 'we choose to incarnate' in to certain beings, your soul chose Chris Loring Knowles, mine chose mine, etc etc etc - I am asking if you agree with this hypothesis, firstly, and secondly, reading what you write here, I ask, what the technodrome were we thinking?

    1. I don't what the technodrome I was thinking. I guess I was thinking I'd like to be a masochist and suffer every day. Or maybe I'm paying for sins in a past life.

    2. Reminds me of the awful joke when the masochist walks up to the sadist and says 'hurt me' and the sadist says 'no'.

      Your response makes me smile.
      Inspires me to share this - you might dig Frightened Rabbit - sounds fitting for the tone of this article in some way -

      'Modern Leper' -

  6. This is quite an admirable bit of work Chris; an inclusive survey of specific and questionable contradictions. Speaking of which ~ does anyone here understand how Oannes could be "an animal destitute of reason" while also instructing the proto-humans in those arts to which reason seems fundamental?

    1. Yeah, I hear you. Some weird translation glitch, some archaic turn of phrase. That's the only way I can figure it.

    2. The contradiction strikes me a bit as 'God creating man in his own image...'

    3. My money is on an error in translation, or rather, some subtle nuance or slang lost over time.

    4. "A being beyond all comprehension" perhaps?

  7. Any idea what kind of material the dome will be made of? After the ozone layer buys the farm, our elites will still need a nice place to tan moderately while the rest of us try to see past our cataracts...

    1. If the ozone goes that domed city will become the world's biggest solar oven. No matter how much AC they pump in.

    2. Good! Build the hollow tower through the center of it's roof and you'll have the world's largest convection power generator.

  8. My first thought, keeping my epistemological razor sharp is that the explanations for Dubai's continued overdevelopment may include any of these factors that ought to be born in mind:

    *High rolling Saudis can unwind in the freewheeling atmosphere of the Emirates in a way that's simply not possible in KSA. They can have all kinds of sex with women from all around the world. Or boys. Or whatever. They're a proud people, used to getting what they want, so long as the Mukhabarat is not looking over their shoulder.
    In fact, the area is probably a law-free zone for the top .001% slice of humanity. That four hundred or so families that control your life. The ones that install Clintons and Mubaraks and would like to get rid of the Putins and the Lee Keqiangs and Ayatollah Whatsisnames (sorry, your eminence!)
    *There's a gigantic pile of cash rolling around the world from all those bonuses bankers and corporate types have been paying themselves..*cough* Oh! I meant to say 'earning'. They want to spend is somewhere safe. And that ain't Looz-ee-anna.
    *Those high rolling Arab princes are surely engaging in bet-hedging by buying spendy digs in a Dubai high rise. The internal politics in the KSA are getting a little shakey lately with succession issues and the endless touch and go with the religious fanatics that the Sauds made that long ago deal with.
    (oh and there's this:
    Hey! if you're a connected dude, you can rape a middle class european woman and skate! W'hoo!

    As to all this Annunaki stuff...I can't help but think of the blasted remnant of Martian civilization and wonder if they had a domed breakaway civilization. And I wonder if it did them any good.

    1. That all sounds all fine and reasonable until you sit down and watch those videos I linked to or actually look closely at that city. Everything you describe can be done anywhere, Monaco or what have you, and actually is. None of it actually explains Dubai or what is going on there.

    2. I'll certainly be taking a close look at all of the links. I just can't help but think that a lot of this irrationality we're seeing is the result of a too-many-rats-in-the-cage syndrome. Just total insane behavior by dysfunctional elites. Which doesn't discount the possibility someone believes they're signaling supersonic nazi hell creatures from the 10th planet or something. There are many possible interpretations of events in Dubai and elsewhere and your own is at least as sensible as mine.

    3. I've been traveling to Dubai for the past 20 years. I agree that a pernicious agenda has taken over the city during this time, and it has nearly eliminated every last bit of tradition, Arabian hospitality and even Islam from local society.

      What was once a modestly ambitious transport hub, seeking to attract trade, services and tourism, has since become completely unhinged in scale and in focus. Everything must be 7-star, biggest, tallest, underwater, and just artificial in a childish degree. "Sharks with friggin' laser beams attached to their heads!" is the marching order nowadays.

      What has mitigated the fall in oil prices is the presence of slave labor. Indian construction workers have their passports confiscated, are warehoused in makeshift barracks out in the desert, and are paid a pittance to perform dangerous jobs in the sweltering Gulf sun.

      Largely unnoticed by the West is how aggressively this bizarre model has been coopted across the developing world. Drive around any Asian city, and what do you see? Feverish construction. Most visitors will actually utter the words, "like there's no tomorrow". Highrise flats are going up left and right. Flats which are priced at upwards of US$200,000, and which the crushing majority of local middle classes will never be able to afford. Who will fill these glistening towers of glass and steel? For now, no one. And yet, as Chris said, they keep building. Supply and demand; lessons learned from previous property bubbles and subprime crises -- no one seems bothered the least bit by any of this.

      Lastly, a weird recollection I have: 10 years ago I knew a well-to-do Middle Eastern married couple. With much fanfare, the husband accepted an engineering job with Abu Dhabi's "no-carbon city" project. Months later, I found out they had packed up and moved to a middle-of-nowhere small town in the UK. An act one might describe as fleeing.

    4. A 2017 update on Abu Dhabi's no-carbon-city project... Surprise, surprise: "It looks empty."

    5. P.S. on Abu Dhabi's no-carbon, now low-carbon city: Some intriguing images, as usual:

    6. Chris, I think you will enjoy quite a diverting 20 minutes looking through Dubai Expo 2020 on Google Images. A lollapalooza of translucent domes, sun discs, flying discs, all-seeing eyes... This is truly a religious project, based on the objects' spatial enormity alone and the feeling of transcendence it automatically produces. But I don't want to be overly sensationalist: I suppose to a degree, the hodgepodge of the different pavilions' international sponsors just want "the best" for their money... So they go to the Fosters and similar architectural studios... The rest is pretty darn predictable by now.

    7. Speaking of "they keep building" -- 10-15 years ago, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was a pleasant, spacious, mostly lowrise city drowning in greenery. A Geneva of Southeast Asia.

      Here's a pic as at December 2017:

  9. "None of this might seem particularly compelling in light of all the other issues that occupy peoples' minds these days." This is entirely more compelling than the emphasizing of the same issues that have always been with us forever: Racism, poverty, wars and rumors of wars. The Follow the Money Principle compels an answer. When their is no obvious return expected on a comically enormous investment, then, why the hell?

    1. You can certainly see the reason for a shiny city in the middle of Petrochemical Alley. But for one so over the top, one that looks for all the world like a Star Trek movie, now with this, to appear almost overnight? That's weird enough but then throw in all the over the top symbolism and you have a REAL puzzle.

  10. Chris, you are really hitting your stride again. This was a beautiful (and terrifying) post. I had a nightmare about aliens taking up residence in a Vegas-like hotel, sort of like we’d treat the embassadors of Babylon 5 - complete with methane gas atmosphere or whatever they required. Makes me wonder about the occult meaning of “tolerance”. Anyway, great work.

    1. That might have been a prophetic dream, Michael. Just saying. My first thought when I heard about this city? Torchwood: Children of Earth.

    2. There seems to be a weird "requirement" of alien domiciles that they be strongly encoded with symbols, religious mostly. That's what the Vegas dream was about, since all the casinos are pastiches of various archetypes all assembled on the plain. Are the aliens the archons of old?

      Anyway, the dream was of an alien who's "spaceship" resembled a 3D print model of a building that was a pastiche of various architectural styles, from neoclassical, etc. People were have a hard time with the idea that the spaceship wasn't streamlined, but I kept saying it didn't travel in the usual way, and so why not?

    3. Well, streamlined spaceships make sense only in the old model of travel. With these new discoveries who knows what will come out of them. Maybe cubed spaceships.

  11. Chris, I think you are on to something once again. At the website there is an article entitled Disclosure, Mass Arrests Rumor: Pope Francis signed off on what is being called a binding “Galactic Agreement” this past Sunday

    Here is an interesting part of the report- Former USA, Inc President Barack Obama will soon be revealed as a Rome/CIA operative, and publicly be made to relinquish Presidential status, and be amnestied to a foreign country – Dubai – it is rumored.

    Now, I know this info. sounds bizarre, but this is quite a synch with this blog post. It could be that Dubai, UAE, Qatar, etc. are all being propped up by non traceable elitist slush funds which in fact are funding their own retirement/banishment safe havens. I have a feeling that things are going to get a lot stranger very soon. This all plays into the disclosure movement once again.
    Signs and wonders.

    1. The Pope and the Vatican play a very interesting double game when it comes to the ET game, very coy, very push-me, pull-you kind of thing. They make all kinds of bizarre announcements and then try to dial them back. I don't know what they're playing at.

  12. That bubble city is being developed by Dubai Holding. Which is a vehicle for the ruler. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I thought I had heard of this guy. Beside the rape story, he's the one who's famously infatuated with horse racing. So infatuated he uses slaves for jockeys and flogs the horses to death. It's hard to know what people like that actually believe in. He certainly poses as a pious muslim, but he could very well be involved in all kinds of Lovecraftian madness. Ultimately he's the guy who green lights all the occult Sumero-Egyptian-Babylonian imagery.

    1. That's the other disturbing thing about Dubai, the slave labor and treatment of guest workers. I hate to think of it being seen as a model by envious city planners in other parts of the world.

  13. Well....shit. Anyone else think that the woman in the ceremonial garb from the ritual...Hotel Opening...looks like the freaky space chick in that surely faked, must be a fake video of the gigantic spaceship on the Moon?

    1. She looks like something. What she doesn't look is Islamic. Dubai is a weird country in their application of Islamic law. There are all kinds of horror stories. The party doesn't apply to everyone.

    2. Laws for Thee, but not for me....what a shock, huh?

      If Miz Anna isn't careful about how she does settings on social media and dating sites, she gets lots of come-ons from gentlemen residing in the Middle East. It's not flattering, more like being seen as a piece of meat to be used and discarded. I certainly don't think all Islamic or Middle Eastern males are awful, but in my experience the ones I've had approach come off as abusive at best.

      I think it's an attitude similar to the stories you reference. Privileges and laws only for a select.

    3. Watched a bit of the Atlantis opening on YouTube. What a vulgar display. 10 minutes of fireworks? Sorry, I'd love to get excited but I'm not four years old.

      One thing is for sure: When you get Kylie Minogue, the Kardashians, Pamela Anderson and other A-list sex slaves in the same room, it is basically the imprimatur of our "global elites".

      On the same note: I always felt ambivalent about Qatar Airways' logo featuring a horned beast - but I was told it was a cute little indigenous animal called the oryx. Okay; oryx it is (although I've never seen one, even on a desert safari). But when you are landing in Paris and the ONE image of the city the airline carefully chose to display on your screen is a bunch of fangled gargoyles from a Parisian rooftop... It certainly doesn't dispel my doubts.

      The Gulf powers that be are lapping up all this occultic stuff like nobody's business.

  14. I don't know, one field of dreams can seem like interplanetary toxoplasmosis from the air.

    All those holes in the troposphere raining down pathogens from dead ghosts. Of course, not really dead given room and time.

    The turtle shell is a mound of resistance to all that snaky stuff. It is interesting that the more culture terraforms the influence, the more artifacts show up elsewhere, whenever.

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about here.

  15. Have you looked up images from inside the hotel? The very first one I saw caught my eye. I think you might want to have a look at this.
    Does that look like a phoenix rising out of the ashes to you? Also, this firework celebration picture reminds me of rainbow colored stadium from Coldplay's performance at the Superbowl.
    I love how they have a water slide made up to look like a Mayan temple called "The Leap of Faith". This is definitely weird.

    1. Looks pretty much like it to me. Very abstracted but pretty on the nose.

  16. I need to clarify, I was talking about the Atlantis Palm in Dubai, not about the dome.

  17. Ah, a much needed fresh take on Dubai. I get the preparing a place for the returning gods, but I'm paranoid enough to suspect it's more like preparing for a virtual reality gone global performance of the return of the gods.

    1. A global virtual reality performance? Why? Why would they need to do such a thing? Never mind the logistics and the expense of it.

  18. I think you may be misreading this Chris. I agree with you on the symbolism etc. It's uncanny. But this is an unconscious process, they do not know what they do nor why they do it. Like the rest of us, with our own dramas. I see these synchronistic processes as deeply unconscious ones, we are pawns in Supernature's (or whatever term you prefer) game. You see this with ufology and similar Fortean absurdities and bizarreness.

    The whole domed city strikes me as hubristic, arrogant, a showing off. They do it because they can, the same reason the highest building in the world is in Dubai. Even if it is built on a bubble that may burst. It is a way to show their superiority to the West, to the world at large. So what if it does not make sound financial sense. Since when did governments and the like care about economic sense and the good of society as a whole? The same as in the West. The same hubris and arrogance.

    As you write above, the rest of the oil-rich Gulf States keep the UAE and Dubai afloat. Even as oil plummets and the debts spiral. Who thinks of tomorrow?

    1. You're not paying attention to the central issue, Lawrence- the timing of the announcement and the exact nature of it. Everybody puts on their smartypants and thinks they can explain Dubai away, but the devil-or the Dagon- is in the details. Uncanny symbolism doesn't just exist- it means something to someone. Especially when they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to produce it.

  19. A question that occurs to me this morning - given that it seems the Superrich 'Elites' are following a program or religion that shows to us on in strange glimpses, I wonder what evidence they have that's causing these moves?

    More specifically, do they *know* someone is coming, or are they only *hoping*? I don't expect any one of us to be able to answer my question with any certainty, it's just what I thought of as I was waking.

    1. It could be either. Or it could be that they're so arrogant that they think they can bring it all about. That's actually my current working theory.

    2. I know you were talking with Gordon about your Cargo Cult theory.

      Perhaps they are invoking something ancient, calling-summoning - the "Old Gods", and hoping to achieve immortality?

      What a frightening thought.

    3. If these rich folk are so interested in the ancient myths, ancient gods, and ancient answers, perhaps they should read their "Epic of Gilgamesh"

      ~ ‘Gilgamesh, where are you hurrying to?
      You will never find the life for which you are looking.
      When the gods created man
      they allotted to him death,
      but life they retained in their own keeping.'

      Just sayin'. KTHXBAI, rich folks.

  20. I like to think that Oannes and Enki would be appalled at the smoke and mirrors that is Dubai. Slave workers and constantly being in debt all of the time. I believe we modern humans learned all the wrong lessons and not enough of the right lessons from Oannes and Enki.

    1. Yeah, there is certainly much not to admire about Dubai, the treatment of workers is high on the list. There is so much slavery and quasi-slavery in the region, it's really appalling.

    2. Another thing that worries me about our alleged anunakki cargo cult is how to avoid becoming the intergalactic version of the anchient Aztecs. Who have mistaken Hernando Cortez for Quetzocoatal?
      I have a hard time accepting that Enki,Enlil, and Ninkursag are still leading the Annunaki after all these years.

  21. Gentlemen,

    Lest we forget, domed cities with purified environments are a life-extension technology. Sure starmen might be on there way to Dubai, but the extra 20 years of life from living under a solar radiation shielding dome with just a little carbon monoxide in the air, not too much would certainly attract a more terrestrial elite as well


  23. I don't know what they have planned as far as shielding solar radiation is concerned. Glass converts ultraviolet radiation to infrared and that means a major job for the AC units there. The Dubai, as ever, is in the details.

  24. Who knows? Just don't be surprised if a lot of big money western families relocate to Dubai when the bubble is up. I've heard a lot of corporations are moving their headquarters there, but it's just something I heard. I haven't looked into it.

  25. Wow. Excellent post. Thank you, too, for the clips of the hotel opening ceremony. The light show in pt. 1 that runs for about a minute starting at 1:50 sort of reminded me of the old Space Invaders video game. Hmmm... that sure gets me thinking...

  26. This reminded me of your article so thought I'd send it your way:

  27. Your piece and this piece and mayhaps a connexion there may be, we'll see -->

    Changing the definitions to align for those who have come to watch the show? Is it a flash to deep space/near space or perhaps a borealis to burst through the veil with resonant (pun not intended) symbolism and architecture? When I read the reason to why they 'unplaneted Pluto' (besides to lay the ground for an epic episode of Rick & Morty) . So the thought came to mind that perhaps the same level of 'whatever' which can re-author the 'meanings of planets' can surely be the same 'whatever' or in cahoots with those who build planetary-sized (or some similar mass of scale compared to the single human body frame of scale for reference) and that makes it something to share here for reasons obvious.

  28. Speaking of oil, one of the most soul-sapping experiences I've ever had was reading, a couple years ago, the proceedings of a 1980 Islamic conference held in Kuala Lumpur. I realized that at the time, there was a genuine sense of euphoria in many quarters, one that could be summarized as: "God gave us oil; and we're going to USE this Bounty of God to transform the developing world, including Africa. No more illiteracy! No more hunger!"

    Today... We have Norman Foster-designed domes and winged discs. So I suppose at least we don't have to ask, "where did the money go?...". It is also helpful to know that just one government officer in the Gulf can easily own 17 mansions, scattered around the world (how do I know?, she told me).

    Let's talk religion while actually using religious language for a minute, and for a change: The oil wealth was a test from God. Not dissimilar from how God tested King (and Islamic Prophet) Solomon by showering him with untold riches. It was most likely the last test. And the Arab peoples failed it miserably. What's next is now anybody's guess, but I have a feeling this blog has already outlined some very plausible scenarios.

  29. Hi! I could have sworn I've visited this web site before but after going through some of the posts I realized it's new to me.

    Regardless, I'm certainly happy I came across it and I'll
    be book-marking it and checking back frequently!