Monday, June 29, 2015

The Upheaval Dialogues: The Impetus

Yazidi men being trained to resist ISIS goons

When I wrote the previous piece on the possibility of a coming upheaval, I was processing a lot of information. In many ways the crisis that religious minorities in Syria and Iraq are facing was a major influence on the piece. There are communities that have lived in the Levant and Mesopotamia since before the time of Christ and now face ethnic cleansing and genocide. It seemed to be a bellwether of a major change in the world, a canary in the coalmine.

In America we're fed a media narrative that by and large shuts out the rest of the world, barring some major atrocity or more often, some ridiculous novelty. Even Americans who think of themselves as informed are often simply reacting to the simulacrum of news that the mass media bombards us with, usually a heavy diet of social issues (economic issues-- especially as they concern working Americans-- seem to have been banished almost entirely from the news).

But there is another world out there and it's a world that doesn't much care how the editors and producers of American media think about it should behave. In fact, most of the world greatly resents American presumption, hates the all-pervasive American media like poison (hence the rise of targeting of reporters in conflict zones), and is actively working to reverse American influence in their own countries.

It's what's happening in this world that got me thinking again about a coming Great Upheaval, a kind of oblique fulfillment of 2012 prophesying. It's the war in Ukraine, and the contagion that may well spill over in other parts of northeastern Europe- for example, the Sino-Russian alliance may well discover a pretext to occupy one or more Scandinavian or Baltic states to curb NATO's endless expansion. It's being discussed quite openly in fact.

It's the crisis in Greece, that could also spread to other European states. Spain- with a quarter of its citizenry unemployed- is already looking closely at the Greek example and looking to release itself from German control. More importantly it creates uncertainty- the great bugaboo of financial markets.

And here too we see the potential for geopolitical conflict- what if Greece rents out its islands as ports for Mediterranean bases for Russian or Chinese battleships? On what basis would NATO be able to stop them?

The situation in Syria and Iraq does slip into American unconsciousness now and again, but just how dangerous it is- and just how complicit America and its allies are in the carnage- usually does not.  

And now China- the engine room of the global economy for most of this young century- is reeling under a number of growing economic crises, most recently a stock market crash many are comparing to the Black Friday crash of 1987. China is also looking to automate its factories, which calls into question its plans to morph its economy into a consumer rather than a producer economy. But more ominously, it certainly frees up a lot of labor to be militarized...

A lot of people are conditioned to automatically say "Oh, c'est la vie, it's the way the world goes. We've been here before." And they're right. We have been here before.

Specifically in the early 1910s and again in the 1930s. And how did that work out again? 

There is so much more,  such as the alarming signals that something is not right in the Biosphere. I don't want to come off as a doomsayer, since I'm not prophesying doom. I am seeing signs of an upheaval, one that I hope we will be able to avert. And it all seemed to start- or accelerate- in 2012.  

I'm not going to dwell on all of this- I wanted to put it out there on the table and let it be entered into the record. I know how helpless all of this can make you feel. But at the same time it's important to be aware of what is going on in the world. Many Americans- particularly young Americans- are living in a dreamworld, one they're about to be awoken from with the ice water splash of reality.

POSTSCRIPT: I think it's important to clarify the purpose of these posts. It's way beyond the mandate- or even the capability- of this little blog to do anything but raise awareness in its readership. And the purpose here is to draw attention to an esoteric topic and the apparent- though by no means direct- fulfillment of some of the predictions made about 2012. Something did seem to change- something profound- I thought it was at least worth pointing out the connection. How this is all going to play out is  going to be a lot bigger and more profound than a little Blogspot post.

But since so much had been invested in the 2012 prophecies and so much ridicule and scoffing had resulted when the world didn't become a giant movie set on 12/21/12 I thought it was important to revisit the issue in light of the many profound- and predominantly negative- trends that have emerged since the latter half of that year. Real change is always gradual, often imperceptible.

Social relations have noticeably worsened in the past 3 years, the economic crisis in Europe has reached  a breaking point, the humanitarian nightmare in the Middle East, the dieoffs of the honeybees and sealife- all of these trends have accelerated since 2012.

 Prophecy is usually abstract and couched in metaphor- you can dismiss the externals and focus on the core of the fact that the 2012 prophecies generally predicted a period of crisis as the world moved into a new age (not a "New Age", though the New Age movement has become ubiquitous the past few years, with yoga, "mindfulness", food consciousness, alt.medicine and other New Age concepts becoming quietly yet remarkably mainstream).

All of which is to say, that 2012 may well be seen as a watershed year in the future, when major world changes took hold. The prophecies may not scan literally, but be correct in a metaphorical reading. The implications of that- and we may not be able to say for sure one way or another for a few years- are enormous, since prophecy, like remote viewing,  points to another way of knowing.

We are watchers, observers, commentators. It's our purpose to perceive realities that may elude most people and make them known. That is the reason for these posts. It will be someone else's job to respond to these challenges.


  1. Chris, thank you. All I can say is, you aren't "doomsaying", I think this is a welcome call to examine what is real.

    1. Agree completely. I am as guilty as anyone of burying my head in the sand, just to try to enjoy the here and now. It does no good though to ignore it, and I don't think anyone will be able to before too long.

  2. It's easy to say there's going to be an upheaval, but more difficult to illustrate the agency behind it, and the ultimate goal. One can hope for the best, but one person's 'best' is another person's genocide/economic collapse.

    Declarations like these are simpler than standing along the sidelines, tutting at history repeating itself all over again while patting onself on the back for being so wise, yet doing nothing about it.

    In short, the last two paragraphs are mere throw-aways. Is "faith in humanity" going to prevent escalation of tensions or avert disaster?

    1. No, what I want people to do is start thinking about how to prepare themselves. And I have to say, I'm really not all that eager to get into a conversation with someone named "Mr Anonymous." Thanks for checking in.

  3. Hi Chris, can you expand on the reactivation of the Control System?

    1. I think we're seeing it- the increased activity in the skies. To me this ties into Vallee's thesis of the Control System activating at certain points in our history. The orange orbs are especially interesting...

    2. Chris have you written more on this? I'm limited to a smart phone and I have trouble searching your site but I would love to read more.

  4. Chris, the American media is no worse than the rest of the West's media, it is an unfunny joke everywhere. Of course as you point out the US media is excessively Americocentric, and when it does cover the States it does it in a superficial manner that has no real bearing on the concerns and struggles of blue-collar workers, and related issues.

    I don't think there is anyway you can prepare yourself for any massive economic/political/social collapse or world war; I mean mentally perhaps, but how does one know how one will respond until the cards are laid on the table, when the deal goes down.

    1. Well, Asking yourself the question is the first step really. It's amazing the power of the question and how the mind responds to it. And collectively?

  5. Thousands of people are fleeing war zones and heading to Europe via boat. I keep on seeing politicians flexing their muscles mostly in sync with the E.U. (Europa). If we don't see either an economic collapse, a revolution or a large war I'll be very pleasantly surprised. I've never seen a red orb, I think that was a display just for you Chris.

    1. Yes, I've been following that story. I think a major crackdown is already in the works- the UK is already putting in security fencing and chokepoints in the Chunnel. It's a major issue, one that will major repercussions on European politics. It already is.

    2. I don't think fences will solve the issue somehow. I think it's making politicians question the E.U. but for the wrong reasons.

  6. Given how effective the shock to the psyche can be in engendering compliance, it seems convenient that our youth (and many of their elders) are cowed and lulled a this time by the little glowing boxes (to me, a parody of Mother Box) in their hands, the buds in their ears (buds, growing into their brains?) and the happy little critters and candies dancing within. I have no opinion on whether this was planned, but certainly it is convenient, these Soma-injecting gadgets and their effects. I ride the subway every day and often I'm the only one not using such. It makes me cautious of my environment and situational awareness, knowing how badly many of them will react should there be an emergency, jarred out of their stupor by violence or accident.

    As below, so above. What seems soon to come is not the fault of the form, of boxes and buds, but the vile content they inject so well. Meanwhile, what? Another Wag The Dog? More likely a "real" scenario that was completely preventable, but allowed to happen (perhaps out of ignorance of the consequence, perhaps not) and given maximum coverage and volume. Shock and Awe, indeed.

    I can't say the masses will get in line and march in lockstep on the announcement of a regional or global emergency, but they will more likely stand there in fearful stupor while eager agents enact long-prepared plans (of which even they don't fully understand the long-term consequences). Then, the music is played and the dance must be made. And like so many others here, I can hear the DJ warming up.

    My only question now is, Where? So many potential flashpoints. I have a strange hunch that Turkey will be involved - they have a lot of trouble on their borders, and recent elections did not go well for their ever-more-authoritarian power base. I don't think they'll be instigators, but they will be easily pulled into any regional trouble. Of course, I may be Eurocentric and am missing the obvious in the Asian theatre. Guess we'll see.

    1. Turkey is a bad actor, IMO. The one bright spot in the mess in Iraq and Syria are the Kurds and now Turkey is going on the attack against them. And of course they are a major player in funding all these jihad groups in the first place. There's a sense of unreality to everything that's going on, a theatrical quality. An engineered quality. The problem becomes when it all gets away from the planners, when chaos finds its own special genius and the dogs of war slip from their leashes. At some point we need to ask, what then?

    2. I haven't a clue myself, but I'll pull a few things out of the grab bag for general consideration:

      * I can't measure the magnitude of simmering resentment that exists in Turkey over being snubbed at joining the EU, but I'll bet it will come to the surface at some pivotal moment, when the Europeans need their help most, and the objective(s) in play are less than profitable for the Turks.

      * Charismatic leaders can come from any direction. Saladin was a Kurd, was he not?

      * China has deep pockets, long arms, and a bottomless hunger for natural resources. They would also prefer instability in the Levant, and even Europe itself, if it took the world's watch off their own interests in Africa, never mind the sandcastle building in the South China Sea, or cloning of Russian attack carriers.

      * And speaking of China, I agree that their looming economic crisis will see many men rushing into uniform. Watch for increased friction with India, with whom they have a decades-long border dispute and who also has a gender gap favoring the military. I would also speculate that recent trial balloons re: Japan abandoning its post-war pacifism and rebuilding their armed forces at our (quiet) behest to counter Chinese expansionism and free us up to focus on other interests ( the new season of Game of Thrones, most likely - how appropriate).

  7. I've mentioned, in-passing, in a few places online that I see situations now that parallel some things that lead to the Russian Revolution and the Spanish Civil War. On Rightist sites, that draws abusive language about me being a Commie, and on Leftist sites, a more measured response, along with mansplaining about how we're 'at least a generation away" from that sort of upheaval.

    I don't agree. I think we have a ruling class in the west that is as stupid a collection of delusional non-thinkers as has ever ruled a great power, and their every action makes things worse on the world stage.

    As joyful as the SCOTUS ruling on Same-Sex marriage should have been for me, the reactions I saw were depressing, and frightening to me. The worst of the Right seem to believe that it was an evil result, and the stares I get from old folks when I shop for food while wearing LGBT Pride jewelry are disturbing. And with the lies and disdain I've received from the Left, I no longer even care what out great "Thought Leaders" have to say.

    What answers do I have? . I think Chris has the best idea right now: think. Think about the different ways all this could play out. Read. Learn history, read about the events that lead to the Great War, the Second World War, and the proxy battles of the Cold War.

    Maybe then, we can make realistic plans?

  8. Worrying times. The influx of wealthy Russians now in London particularly now among the old Aristocratic circles may be something to watch. China although large, is facing a future of an aging population with not enough young to replace or care for their elderly due to the restriction on family size.
    It's all a stage and we seem to be players in someone else's game of Chess. Thank you Chris.
    Sorry if I've posted more than once, stupid lady on a smart phone...