Friday, June 26, 2015

The Upheaval Dialogues: 2012 Reconsidered

Before my trip to New Hampshire I was working on a post arguing that the 2012 prophecies were not incorrect but simply premature. That 2012 seemed to mark a turning point of a sort, a distinct change in the worldwide weather, if you will. You can point to to 2012 and see a number of trends that have metastasized since then, in the geopolitical situation, but also in our politics, in the economy, in social relations. 

A lot of this is cynical manipulation, a reaction to the legitimate threat once posed by the Occupy movement. We're seeing a lot of gamesmanship at work, a lot of people being given the rope with which to hang themselves. That will become more apparent by this time next year. Politics at every level is all smoke and mirrors today- believe nothing you see.

But there's something much deeper at work. We're seeing mass die-offs of wildlife, particularly that of sealife, all over the world. Most troubling are the mass die-offs of bees, animals that our food supply is so dependent on. Whether through carbon emissions or through geoengineering, we're also seeing dangerous levels of pollen on the increase and the attendant increase in respiratory illness.

And there have been attendant signs in the sky- the Sun seems to have gone quiet, perhaps presaging a long and difficult period of solar inactivity, one that could presage a mini-ice age. After years of mocking "believers," scientists are once again recognizing that there are two giants beyond Pluto (one may be a brown dwarf)*. 

What effect they might have on our planet is debatable (some claim they are the source of all the invaders we've come to worry so much about; asteroids, meteors, etc), there's no shortage of "Nibiru" scare mongers on the Internet preaching apocalypse one minute, then selling "survival" trinkets and gimcracks in order to stave off your doom the next.

We've also seen strange signs on the earth- a rise in earthquake and volcanic activity (a major volcano could block out the Sun for many parts of the world, causing famine), an increase in gigantic sinkholes (massive hollowing out of the surface layer of the earth) and in the Pacific, violent typhoons. Hurricane season in the Atlantic has been relatively quiet since 2012's Superstorm, but that might be the literal calm before the storm.

And of course, there is the endless drumbeat of war. There is the endless slaughter and massive displacement in the Middle East (with ancient Gnostic sects such as the Druze, Yazidi and Alawites targeted for genocide by Jihadists) and the growing tension in Eastern Europe. There's also the uptick in terrorism in Europe (Charlie Hebdo, the attack in France today), although intolerable is not even a speck of the carnage people elsewhere in the world suffer on a daily basis, especially as struggles between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims escalate to global proportions. Syria, Yemen, Pakistan...the list of sectarian carnage is mind-numbing.

Toothless NATO protectorates like Sweden are easy targets for the Sino-Russian ascendancy, which is why the US is moving heavy artillery in the area. But the state of constant war is such that drone pilots are reporting record levels of stress and burn-out

Poltical and social tensions have increased in this country, though in comparison to what's going on in the rest of the world it seems like a footnote (certainly the endless political bickering on the 'Net does). On a personal level, I'm seeing so many people I care about under serious stress. It's as if the entire solar system is in convulsions, from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

As many of us warned about, the corporate Christianity of the 80s and 90s has sparked an enormous backlash, with many young people walking away from religion (and pretty much everything else) entirely. Church leaders are now realizing the error of their shotgun wedding to partisan politics, even as Christianity rises in ways once unimagined in Africa, Russia and China. 

But the collapse of religious faith especially among vulnerable working class populations has left a huge void, one which pandemic drug abuse is filling. 

A deep and abiding nihilism has gripped the entire world-- not just the West-- and all of the chaos and upheaval we are seeing now is a symptom of that. 

What is going to heal that?

Science is increasingly proving itself to be corrupt and compromised. Transhumanism (now just a fading dream, despite some of the hysteria you still see) won't fill the void, virtual reality (which never has and probably never will live up to its hype) won't fill the void, forcing the world in a Borghive will just make magnify the problem, just as the Internet can turn a quiet, Type B "nice guy" or "nice girl" into a raging, misanthropic troll.

So was 2012 the turning point? The beginning of a period of upheaval? Hollywood sells us the myth of overnight apocalypse ("The Day After Tomorrow") but history teaches us that periods of upheaval are slow in getting started, so much so that they are hardly recognized as such until it's too late.

History also teaches us that chaos has its own genius and often turns on the men who seek to unleash it for their own benefit. We're not seeing true chaos on a worldwide scale yet, but the beast is straining at its leash, that's for certain.

And you can also bet the farm that we'll see what Jacques Vallee calls the "Control System" awake from its slumber. It already has, though that too has largely gone unnoticed. But not for much longer.

You will live in interesting times...

UPDATE: Speaking of which, are you watching what's going on in the Chinese Stock Market?

UPDATE: The weaponization of space is proceeding apace, ostensibly to counter threats from China and Russia. There are strange linguistic undertones in the press release, however....

*The reason I don't pay any attention to astronomers' bold claims of distant solar systems is that they have no friggin' idea what's floating around in ours. Or they do and are lying about it. Either way.


  1. Indeed, we have the curse of "Interesting Times".

    I don't know anymore, things are fragmented, and it seems like no one listens to anyone else, truly listens.

    I walked away from my Christian faith a couple years ago because of how people turned on me when I came out Bisexual. But there are no, zero, null, answers in the "Atheist", SkepDick, "we're smarter than religious people so we have nothing to learn and we should be thanked even when we commit the same wrongs" movements. It all looks like the same, vile, small-minded hate and willful ignorance to me.

    I could be accused of retreating to my fantasy worlds of Star Trek, My Little Pony, and Victoria-era adventure. I say "guilty as charged", there is very little that interests me in this so-called life.

    A time of upheaval? Interesting times? Was *this* what we fought for?

    Thank you Chris, for giving us a place to consider these things. I'm really looking forwards to the discussion, there are a lot of smart and good folks here, that probably have better insights than I will.

    1. The Atheist community is exactly a religious community, with sacred texts, saints, and a host of commandments which woe betide the communicant who trangresses. We are religious creatures- our religious impulse simply morphs from one system to another. Cults don't need to be theistic to be religious- it's all about social control and cohesion.

    2. You called it, Chris. I believe the commandments I broke were

      Thou Shall Have a College Degree

      and the biggie

      Chicks Shall Ask a SkepDick's Permission Before Uttering Thine Opinions or having Thine Feelings

      So, this chick walked away.

  2. "Politics at every level is all smoke and mirrors today- believe nothing you see."
    I think you can add Finance to that statement, and probably academia (including science) as well.
    Interesting times indeed.

    1. Oh yes indeed. Deception is the bread and butter of the financial world. I remember hearing a story on NPR about a financial adviser who strongly cautions investors who think they can "beat the street." The system is specifically set up to eat people like that alive. It really is a casino- same rules apply. The house always wins.

    2. There does seem to be an immense amount of dishonesty in the scientific field.

      Here's a good documentary on an early 2000s scandal about a physicist who seemingly made massive breakthroughs in organic transistor technology:

      Ha, just noticed John Alexander appearing as a talking head.

      (note: Video is clearly recorded off tape so has a few distortions)

      Wiki with the details:

  3. But, but...I had someone today telling me that the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage and acceptance of recreational marijuana is proof of the impending techno-socialist utopia, where every government, leader, corporation, private interest and individual in the world is working in total harmony to create this utopia. And the rest of us who don't believe, do so because they just aren't as smart as him. *eye roll*

    1. It's weird how we see these little scraps handed to some of us while the mechanisms of control just get tighter and more intrusive. People can revel in these social freedoms while in fact civil rights and civil liberties for everyone have never been more precarious.

  4. thanks for this piece. In regards to healing,
    i'm looking at the Idle-No-More indigenous peoples movement as well as the resurfacing of psychedelic research.

    1. Keep us posted on your progress- hopefully there are some answers there.

  5. 2009 thru 2013 was a weird time from a paranormal consciousness-energy phenomena perspective - for me anyway, and some other folks I know of. Then after that there's been a shift into something rather different...

    1. People go through different cycles. But I feel as if all of us are now being pulled towards a yawning vortex. I think people in America are less aware of what is happening to the rest of the world and that is concerning to me.

  6. Yes, the self-appointed skeptics — who likened the Mayan calendar discussion to every half-baked apocalypse preacher's prognostications and gleefully mocked them as the rest whose predictions had come and gone with no such End — failed to recognize that they have nothing in common.

    The Mayan calendar makes no definitively interpretable claim to recognizable change the moment the clock strikes midnight. And even if it did, as you say, who's to say the human pyramid of sycophancy dreams of sucking up the self-anointed smartest guys in the room aren't to ID to perceive it even if they were pretending to care.

    1. Yikes. Sorry for the rant.
      "sucking up *to* the self-annointed..."
      "*too* ID to perceive it..."

    2. No worries. You made some very important points. Awareness is always better than the alternative- I hope we are not rushing towards some catastrophe but it's no use ignoring the symptoms.

  7. Couple of questions/observations

    - I noticed in my younger years when I liked to read a lot of obscure history, that if there was a war in ancient times, the first thing you always did was go after the other guy's gods. Some people back in the days of Mesopotamia even would pay ransoms to get their god statues back, and feel like they themselves were hostage while their statues were hostage. Or when Russia converted to Christianity, they I think threw the old gods in the river or something. I remember reading about the natives in Tasmania, that they had no discernable religion, just thought when they died they went to some island off the coast. And it appears they died off very, very quickly after the Europeans came. It makes me think that there is some physical mechanism where people who believe in god are conferred some kind of survival value. Which in turn make me think if people are being separated from god/gods/whatever, this would have an adverse effect on people's survival.

    - Speaking cycles, I wonder if you follow Martin Armstrong? He has some kind of computer program that seems to derive meaning from the multiples of pi. He has said in the past something to the effect that life is kind of based on energy, and all energy travels in waves, so the things that happen in life will have this fundamental waveform to them.

    - then last on the pollen, I wonder if the decline in bees would be related to the increase in pollen? Do you think there could be a linear relationship?

  8. As to your first point the original impetus behind this post was the carnage in the Middle East and the effect it's having on ancient esoteric religious minorities. The bullshit mainstream media is covering up the fact- why, I don't know- but ISIS is especially targeting Sufi shrines for destruction, as well as vulnerable groups such as the Druze. Salafists are quite open in their intent to ethnically cleanse the entire region of all non-Sunni groups, a bare fact that our complicit establishment is doing nothing to even inform us of. As to your other questions, I'm afraid I have no opinions at the moment. My apologies.

  9. Set the controls for the heart of the Sun.

  10. I read your condemnation of atheism pretty frequently, and I have two thoughts:

    1. I don't know if you mean to, but it reads with similar condemnation we see from the Pat Robertson crowd; that people could only possibly not believe in god as a direct act of rebellion against the god whose presence we, obviously, cannot ignore. Rather, I think most atheists are being their intellectually most honest in their appraisal of reality in that, as far as they can see, there isn't evidence, and they aren't eager to adopt good feelings and vague notions as evidence. At least that's how I feel. But I remain staunchly skeptical of all positions (including the value of skepticism, re: is there value?)

    2. I think atheism, even if it turns out to be totally false, is ultimately good for theism/belief in god. It forces outmoded and useless ideas of god into extinction and more beneficial perhaps more accurate ideas of god into the fore. At least that's my thought: whether Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Mormons, Baha'is,deists, universalists, what-have-you, can accept it or not, atheists are doing them a favor.

  11. I think you're assigning good will to a community who has shown none, not even within its own confines. There is certainly no shortage of comment of the endless internecine squabbling within the community, the factional wars, the endless op-eds distancing oneself from the aggression and intolerance within the various sects and power blocs. I think if you're looking for a mirror of fundamentalist attitudes, look there.

    1. Hawk, I can confirm that Atheism has shown me no good will at all. While my dearest friends call themselves 'Atheist', the people I meet that are part of 'organized Atheism' are functionally identical to the worst fundamentalists of any religion.

      They have been disdainful, dismissive of my feelings, judgmental, authoritarian, and elitist. Most of all, atheism shares with Christians the inability to let me be myself.

      While I don't believe in any god, nor do I use the term "Atheist" to describe myself. I guess you could say I'm searching for answers for myself, by myself.

    2. See now I'm open to the idea that there could be several unseen Gods. They could even be at war with each other and we could all be pawns in their game. Who know.

    3. Cindy, I could see that as a possibility, and that kind of "War in Heaven" could explain some of the chaos we see and experience.

      I want to get answers, not blindly dismiss- or blindly *accept - * whatever is told to me.

  12. Anything as a group is garbage. If we started an astro-gnostic church tomorrow, within a decade they'd be heaping acid on everything that isn't it. If we started a church on the premise that everyone deserves a cookie and a hug, within a generation, people would be arguing how much of a hug, and what kind of cookie. And then lambasting other organizations for not giving hugs and cookies. And then are there special hugs for gay people? What kind of cookie should pedophiles get? Or are we compromising our original vision of "everyone gets a hug and a cookie" by giving them to pedophiles.

    Again, as with movements, isolate people from their shitty herd, and they're a totally different experience. I don't think I can name an atheist I know either personally or through prolonged internet contact (via Reddit or Facebook) who isn't genuine and honest about their beliefs. I think the moment you extend your sphere from "things I believe" to "a movement I've part of," you've begone toxification, but that doesn't mean the "things I believe" are the toxic part.

  13. Tell the movements, then. I say, the movements are made up of the people that believe.

    On the very same discussion forum, I've been attacked for being a non-believer, slut-shamed for being Bisexual, subjected to "mansplaining" about "not all Christians" and of course "not all atheists", tone-trolled, gaslighted, and dismissed.

    I literally see no functional difference between Christians and Atheists. Both are authoritarian, rigid, chauvinist, and quick to condemn behavior in others that they themselves engage in.

    Not to mention how even my dear friends react when I tell them I'm interested in the paranormal, in UFOs, and in conspiracy thinking.

    I might wonder too, why in one statement you mention "gay people" and then "pedophiles"? That is every bit as dishonest as when religious people claim that Hitler was an Atheist.

    Again, why do people wonder that I want no part of these movements?

  14. Yes there is a terrible foreboding, and yet life goes on. What choice do we have? re the sixth extinction and the bee die-offs, if you are not aware of the documentary 'More than honey', watch it. A combination of the new insecticides, the neonicotinoids, the bussing of hives in trucks travelling highways to pollinate distant crop fields stresses out bees (who would have thunk it?), and artificial protein feeds for bees (because agribusiness knows better), loss of wilderness habitat.

    Notice how the worse things get the world over, the more moronic, irrelevant, superficial, escapist the media is, Hollywood movies and most new books get (I include the so-called serious books). The more our politicians across the political spectrum from Left to Right lie and blunder and shrill on irrelevant or minor matters. Yet our politicians reflect civil society, not the other way around.

    The thing is the Internet ironically is the only place - aside from the few remaining second hand bookstores - one can find some light in the darkness (given the unfunny joke that is the media), even though it's easily less than 1% of the Internet, or 0.1 % of the Internet. Sure the Internet is mostly junk and very much a part of the problem. Facebook, apps, the dumb smartphones, more mindless escapism and disconnected alienated 'connections' that are not. And it is destroying children and teenagers, on their i-phones endlessly, tablets etc. doing nothing that matters, not exercising their bodies and not exercising their minds. The paradox of the Internet, the paradox of technology.

    As far as the Christian vs atheism thing goes, we really have gotten nowhere in a century, a false choice. As Chris points out, they are both Churches with all the neurotic dynamics of churches, and both think they represent the Truth. The New-Age has largely failed for a combination of reasons, nobody wants to rock the boat, not really.

  15. Let me say, I feel like I've gone down a rabbit hole the last few days. I already knew that the religion I grew up in was full of lies and abuse. With my recent discovery that the "Atheist, A+, Freethinking" movement is also full of lies and abuse, I decided to look at what the A+ SkepDicks consider the height of conspiritard stupidity - the questions about NASA's Apollo program.

    I'm amazed at what I've found. :) I wonder if the Russians were kidding just recently when they suggested taking another look at Apollo? I wonder what might be found? :)

    1. Anna, yes, it's interesting that a "conspiracy theory" that once was almost universally considered absurd now seems to be making a quiet come back. Chris has shared some doubts about the Apollo program, but thinks that there was a staged, public moon landing.....and a real, covert hidden from view one. I think either way, it's an interesting topic.

  16. Bryce Rasmussen4:58 PM, June 30, 2015

    Ah yes, ye olde chaos and oh dear what is happening to the world theme/motif/perception...A question, Christopher, that you might want to ask yourself - is my perception an a priori bias? Is it even my own, or has it been gleaned from immersion in the social media? And what can I do with answers, if there are any? Indeed, what can I do with questions? This is what I do - first, I consider history, because I have found that almost every culture has had it's romantic fling with the notion of oncoming chaos, catastrophe (for instance, in 999 A.D., there were increasing 'visions' of rapture, holocaust, the second coming of Christ, as well as increases in insanity and yet, nothing of a global chaos happened - at least, no more than the usual) then through a consideration/meditation on the observable history, I realize that pondering on the wider picture leaves much to be desired, so I reflect upon my own reaction, my own answers. What can be done? Externally, as an effect on the world, not a whole lot. Internally, however, much. Personally, I've discovered that thoughts such as "what do these connections mean" distracts from "what are the connections?" Not to dissuade you from your research, (as if I had any kind of an affect on you!) but to point out my own perspective. Which usually comes to "It's about the same amount of nasty and/or chaos it's always been and I am but a teeny bit in that giant whatsit."

  17. Maybe nothing. The more advanced a society becomes the more tired, weak and sterile it becomes. Science and technology seem to lead to nothing but enervation and collapse. People seem exhausted, tired of the endless grind of modern life. Perhaps within our lifetime we'll all be subjects of ISIS- whoever's not been done away with by pandemic and war. It's certainly starting to look that way. As to your other points I already addressed them in the follow up.