Friday, April 17, 2015

The Center Does Not Hold

Deja vu all over again

Things are feeling...strange. I've written about the strange resurgence of the Flat Earth Theory, a revival that seems more vigorous than anyone could have predicted. I heard someone theorize that movements like that were an outgrowth of reality television, a raging misnomer that has led everyone to question the reality of everything they see.

And since everything everyone sees now is on a screen of some sort it all feels fake, varying degrees of Honey Boo Boo Chile. Everything is a sideshow, everything is CGI.

A few years back we heard a lot about Transhumanism, which according to sites like H+ was a fait accompli. Now instead of robot bodies, Silicon Valley is talking about Timothy Leary's old life extension technology, promising that people will live to be 1000 years old. In fact the first generation of Millennarians are already being born.

This depresses the shit out of me. First of all, I don't believe it. I don't believe we're anywhere near dealing with the normal degradation of biologic systems that determine our mortality. Where are the experiments? Where are the real world examples? Right now, it seems like somewhat desperate wishful thinking on the part of fundamentalist materialists, not real science.

I've often said that Science will really impress me when they do something about the tragically short lifespans of dogs and cats. It seems to me that would be a great place to start with this immortality program. The fact that we're not seeing biotech doubling our beloved companions' lifespans is a pretty strong indicator they're nowhere near doing anything about our own.

It just feels like more empty Tomorrowland promises, meant to take our attention away from an increasingly turbulent geopolitical reality.


One of the shortcomings of Conspiricianity, meaning the metastasis of conspiracy thinking into cosmology, is that it doesn't account for the reality of human error. I keep seeing conspiracy gurus who are invested in the selling of Globalist conspiracies insisting that the increasingly aggressive moves by Russia and China, both militarily and economically, are all part of the conspiracy, that they're just playing "bad cop." But I don't think I believe it.

I think the generation of decision makers nearing retirement age- meaning those in charge of the Globalist project in the West- have been outfoxed and were totally unprepared for China setting up its own World Bank, for instance. And since there are so many entry points left unattended because of the assumptions of Globalist idealism-- vulnerabilities that the Russians and Chinese are taking full advantage of-- there is considerable alarm and consternation within the halls of power.

I can't offer much in the way of concrete examples at the present, besides the almost daily incursions the Russian Air Force is making into NATO airspace, or various rumors at sites like ZeroHedge, it's more a instinctual perception.

But there is a definite possibility that Greece will exit the Euro and enter the BRIC orbit, a victory of almost incalculable symbolic importance. The cradle of Western civilization throwing in its lot with the new sheriffs? That far outweighs Greece's negligible economic power.

And the simple fact is that there hasn't been a genuine economic recovery for the overwhelming majority of Americans and to say the social fabric is starting to fray is being extremely polite. Of course, the Globalists don't want a social fabric, but what happens when it becomes a divided world again? Could the US mobilize a serious military force in the event of a major land war in Asia? I doubt it, but you can ask people more tuned into these kinds of things. I think they'd probably agree with me.

China can probably put a million men anywhere on the ground tomorrow in Asia- or more ominously- Europe, while the US Army is falling apart after a decade and a half of quixotic adventures. China and Russia are developing a generation of weapons that make the US Navy's ace in the hole- its aircraft carriers- obsolete.

Russia is sending a fearsome arsenal of anti-aircraft missiles to Iran, a system that negates almost everything in the sky but expensive stealth bombers. Most serious observers say a nuclear Iran is a done deal.

Bye bye, Pax Americana.

We're all used to the assumptions of Globalism, but there are those of us who remember a world before it. And I could be wrong but it seems to me like the BRICS countries are already planning for a world after it. It could be that had been their plan all along, and were simply waiting for a generation of "We Are the World" 60s idealists to leave the barn open wide enough to get what they needed done.

In that context, thinking it's all some grand theatrical performance is a lot more comforting than thinking  world war is around the corner, yet again.