Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Coming Back Around Again

As I've mentioned before, I'm continually amazed by how many themes and issues I covered (read: "obsessed over") over the lifespan of this blog are re-emerging just as I reactivated it. 

I found it fascinating that Annie Lennox and Sia (both of whom I wrote about way back in May of 2008) appeared on the Grammies, considering that Lennox has been invisible for a long time and Sia (who wants to be invisible) seemed a bit too alt. to make it to prime time. People were more impressed by their performances than I was (Sia's seemed on the disturbing side of weird) but it was interesting nonetheless.

Monuments to the old gods and supernatural beings have been a thruline here on the Secret Sun, most recently the giant Kelpies in Scotland we saw in the Siren series. Back in 2010 we saw the Watchers being installed on Manhattan rooftops, designed by the same artist who created England's Angel of the North. Similarly in China we see this astonishing snow sculpture, described thusly:

Sculptors make a final touch to their creation “Moon Goddess” at the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park in Changchun, Northeast China’s Jilin province, December 25. 
The thematic sculpture, 25 meters high and 80 meters long, features a goddess unfolding a flag. The lake’s name Jingyue means “Clear Moon” in Chinese.

In 2012 I warned about the emergence of the new Atheist religion, and the dangers it posed. Tragically, we've now seen a clash of religions, with a militant atheist apparently gunning down three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC. The Media is predictably vague about his motivation but I took enough screenshots of his Facebook page to realize he's one of the Atheists who takes it beyond religion and into a hate movement.

I often feel that haters latch on ideologies almost at random, that what it is important to them is choosing a side from which they can lob the brickbats. I'm sure most people reading this have experienced this for themselves, and have been on the receiving end of that abuse, especially from atheists and debunkers. 

But I don't think we've seen the last of this kind of eruption, unfortunately.

Finally, there's a bit of a tempest taking place in the tiny teacup known as the Nuts 'n' Bolts UFOlogy community-- more accurately, in a small subset of that community-- over what has claimed to be slides taken of aliens recovered from the Roswell crash. 

One of the slides was released and the disenchanted yet ever hopeful ETH believers commonly known as "debunkers" pretty quickly dispensed with them. And not without cause-- they actually seem to be someone's vacation photos of a mummified child taken at the Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato in Mexico.

This follows on the recent Boyd Bushman controversy, where a retired (now deceased) Lockheed Martin engineer produced what he said were photos of a dead alien, only to see it "debunked" as a plastic doll sold at K-Mart. 

Yet UFO researcher David Sereda went on Coast to Coast to claim that the doll was part of a disinfo campaign and YouTuber put out a call for proof the doll indeed exists as a consumer item and it being sold in KMart. So far no debunker has taken up the challenge. I've yet to see any packaging or anything proving the doll was sold as a toy.

However, no one found the original images compelling enough to care. 

Personally, I found the entire story somewhat confusing and strange. We've all been down this road so many times before that it just didn't seem worth the trouble.

But the problem is that the Roswell slides and the Bushman photos come from the same line of thinking, that government secrecy is so lax that proof of the Roswell crash is going to be found in an attic or an estate sale somewhere. As if anyone who was involved in such a major operation wouldn't have been vetted and surveilled and searched from that day forward. 

It comes from a misconception that I wrote about in 2010:
There's a very dangerous meme out there that has it that governments can't keep secrets. It's absolute nonsense, and the same goes for corporations, crime networks, secret societies and on and on. So how do we account for all of the conspiracy media we see out there?
This is why you must be very careful when you read about this leak or that revelation. Governments have a whole host of ways of punishing whistleblowers, and the threat of facing an angry Uncle Sam is quite often enough to keep most people quiet. Always exercise your better judgment when presented with "mindblowing secrets revealed."

UPDATE: I thought I'd make a quick comment on Brian Williams, the NBC news anchor who's been caught making several fabrications. The media is going out of their way to protect and cover for him, as they do often when one of their own is caught lying. 

The New York Times reached a new low, if you believe that's possible after their risible "End of Snow" bollocks last year. The Times claims he's a victim of False Memory Syndrome. Hard to believe, but it's true. 

UPDATE: This is rather extraordinary. Someone involved with the Heaven's Gate cult released a new documentary film in late October 2014. It was posted by "Heaven's Gate Portal" here. So obviously this cult is not dead- someone is still out there.