Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mystery Babylon the Kate and the Valhalla Working

Last week on The Secret Sun I looked at the news that The X-Files was returning to TV and tried to unpack the recent revelations that the 1997 Heaven's Gate cult suicides may well have been inspired by an episode of that series, the Mytharc mindbomb, "Red Museum." 

Specifically, the Gate may have seen themselves as "walk-ins", wandering alien spirits who take possession of human beings who have reached a crisis in their lives and have lost the will to live.

Dakota Fanning in Taken

strange latticework of connection and synchronicity built itself up as I tried to decipher this case, specifically dealing with the film named Heaven's Gate and its impossible connections to an incident (or incidents) surrounding bizarre experiments undertaken by the military, experiments that may have involved children and resulted in the death of a team of military remote viewers. 

This event seems to have been allegorized in Wavelength, The Outer Limits, The X-Files and Taken*, the miniseries executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

At the end of all this was the Super Bowl, which had Katy Perry (nee Hudson) perform a halftime show filled with the usual, now-tired symbolic provocations, including a recreation of the Scarlet Woman riding the Beast of Revelations (note flaming dress). 

Most surprising for me was an ad for Squarespace featuring Jeff Bridges, co-star of Heaven's Gate and the remote viewing themed Men Who Stare at Goats.

That's all amusing stuff, esoteric entertainment for the post-postmodern exegete. Two days later, an unspeakable tragedy occurred, one with frighteningly direct synchronistic connections to last week's investigations. 

On Feb 3, an accident on the Taconic Parkway in Westchester County, NY forced traffic to be diverted through a local cemetery in Valhalla, which necessitated a crossing over the Metro-North railroad tracks. A woman driving a Mercedes Benz SUV became disoriented when the railroad warning gate came down on the rear of her vehicle and got out to assess her situation. 

Confused and unsure what to do, the woman drove forward in an attempt to free herself from the gate. Unfortunately, the MetroNorth commuter train barreled down on her at that precise instant and dragged the vehicle down the track. The SUV burst into flames, and the flames spread to the train, killing both the driver and several passengers on the train.

The driver worked for a Chappaqua jewelry store that the Clintons, who live in Chappaqua, are apparently regular customers of.

As shocking and horrible as this was, I was further shocked to discover that the cemetery that traffic had been routed through was called The Gate of Heaven. 

Or Heaven's Gate.

Further, the visuals from the accident recalled one of the most shocking and memorable scenes from Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, which also took place at a town on the Hudson River crossing. In this case the scene was filmed in Athens, NY, about an hour and a half up the New York Thruway. Athens is directly on the shores of the Hudson.

Click to enlarge

War of the Worlds is significant in that it stars Dakota Fanning, who also portrayed the child being used as the psychic medium in Taken for the aforementioned alien-contact scene.

The Taken/War of the Worlds connection here isn't trivial, in that Katy Hudson's set at the Super Bowl began with a Pepsi commercial featuring the Glendale stadium as a giant UFO, possibly in reference to the Phoenix Lights flap, which directly preceded the Heaven's Gate suicides, a fact no other commentator seems to notice.

Also, the Hudson River Valley was also a major UFO hotspot for many years, from upstate New York all the way into western Connecticut. No less a luminary than J. Allen Hynek wrote a book on the subject and it was also the location of Whitley Strieber's cabin, another synchroconnection to Heaven's Gate.

In War of the Worlds, Tom Cruise and his children (including Fanning) are trying to escape from New Jersey to Boston. And just to strain at the bonds of causality, there was another, similar accident outside of Boston the next morning, with a truck getting stuck at a railroad crossing and being struck by a train.

Not only was there a similar crash (though fortunately with far less loss of life), the accident took place on an identically named street. The accident in Valhalla took place on Commerce Street, the accident in Braintree took place on Commerce Drive

And yes, as longtime readers will remember, Braintree is my hometown.

Then a strange detail from the Valhalla crash. The car was number 4333†.

4 and 3+3+3=9. Katy Hudson wore a 4|9 jersey in reference to the 49th Super Bowl. Note the car in the accident was a Mercedes Benz and that Missy Elliot** is wearing a Mercedes logo on her left pant leg. 

The Gyre ever widens.

UPDATE: And widens still. As usual, I think most of these provocations have no real ritual or occult value, it's producers and stylists draining their accounts at the shock tactic savings and loan. But that doesn't mean that other forces can't be inadvertently awoken from their slumbers if someone keeps banging at their doors...

Some have noted that the Valhalla accident coincided with the breaking of ground in Iceland for a new official temple to the old Norse religion (from whence we derive Valhalla), the first to be built in a thousand years. What was not noticed was the fact that the temple will be located off Route 49 in Reyjavik.

Even more interesting is that the scene of the Valhalla accident is nine miles from Andrija Puharich's old estate, which housed Lab9, where The Council of Nine were claimed to have been communicated with, if you took the route that traffic was routed on Tuesday night.

If you drove from the site of the Valhalla MetroNorth accident to the site where the War of the Worlds burning train scene was filmed, the distance would be 93.9 miles

If you drew a straight line a straight line from the Gate of Heaven to the center of Mount Kisco, that line would be nine miles long. 

Mt Kisco is next to Chappaqua, where the woman who caused the Valhalla crash worked.

Mount Kisco is the birthplace of Bruce Jenner, who is at the center of another deadly accident (on 2/7, the sum of which equals 9), this one in the Solstice Canyon area of Malibu, California. One woman was killed and 8 more were injured for a total of 9 casualties.

Jenner attended Sleepy Hollow High School which is on Route 9.

Strangely enough the 4|9 enigma resurfaces again- Jenner was towing a trailer with a ATV with the number 1949 emblazoned on it. Note how the first 9 is faded. Squint and it reads 1-4-9. 

One for the Nine?

That gas station just being the accident scene is a 76 outlet.

The woman at the center of the Valhalla crash was Ellen Brody.

Jenner's son Brody Jenner came to the scene to support his father. Note his shirt is of a lion (double click to enlarge), bringing us back full circle to Katy Perry's Scarlet Woman performance.

Valhalla victim Ellen Brody worked at an exclusive jewelry store, which reminded me of the fate of the Scarlet Woman in Revelations, who Hudson/Perry was so keen to play. From Chapter 18:
11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: 
12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble.
Remember Commerce Street and Commerce Drive? Why would anyone want to identify themselves with the Scarlet Woman?

Jenner carried the Olympic flag at the opening ceremonies of the 1984 games in Los Angeles. Longtime readers should be familiar with the closing ceremonies, since they most certainly have a very strong link to this year's Super Bowl halftime show. And to Katy Hudson Perry as well.

UPDATE: Oh hell, I'll just post it.

UPDATE: Speaking of music-related weirdness, readers of the Siren posts might be interested to find out that Grangemouth is part of a UFO hotspot, claimed by some to be the UFO capital of the world. That story suddenly makes a lot more sense. 

A lot of pagans and occultists don't want to admit because they too buy into the extraterrestrial Hollywood conditioning, but usually when there's weirdness about, glowy sky things will be found lurking in the area.

UPDATE: Raj reminds us that whereas Katy Hudson danced with sharks at the Super Bowl, there was another "Ellen Brody" in the Jaws movies, connecting back to War of the Worlds via Spielberg again. Ellen Brody was portrayed by Lorraine Gary, who also appeared in a number of Leslie Stevens productions, just to make this totally insane.

UPDATE: Now I get it: "Several members of the Heaven’s Gate “Away Team” worked for Advanced Development Group (ADG) that developed computer-based instruction for the U.S. Army.  ADG was also linked to First Earth Battalion, formed by the U.S. military to allegedly handle extraterrestrial affairs including abductions, contact, and remote viewing, and to stage E.T. “drills” using holographic technology." 

Allegedy, indeed. Click that link, by the way. I can't endorse all of it but the writer details how much more serious the Phoenix Lights were taken than subsequent media reports would have you think.

First Earth working with kooks like the Gate makes sense since I believe FEB were used as a disinfo op meant to distract the curious from more serious programs (as I've written before, the people at SRI didn't think much of the Army's RV work), which explains the simpering, sniveling shill who made them famous (and makes me further appreciate how the movie subverts the message of the book).

But there are also scattered reports of Applewhite (including a caller on Ground Zero) displaying psychic powers, so one can only wonder.

UPDATE: Two stories that might shed light on Valhalla. One I can speak to- the hellish nightmare that is driving in Westchester County, especially at night (the Saw Mill is particularly treacherous) and how disorienting it can be to find yourself in a panic situation. And a more disturbing one on how increasingly computerized cars can be remote controlled. Judging from the reports I think Mrs. Brody made a fatal miscalculation, but definitely a story you need to hear.

UPDATE: I want to point out the actual Synchronistic aspects of this case studywas studying the Nine and Heaven's Gate prior to the Valhalla tragedy and its aftermath- it wasn't being processed in the mass media. 

Subsequently, there were semiotic identifiers in the Super Bowl halftime show that further confirmed this as a true Synchronicity, not just a series of conjunctions:  the crash in Braintree (my hometown), Missy Elliott (with whom I share a birth day) and Katy Hudson/Perry's first and middle names being the same as my mother, including the unusual spelling of the first name (Hudson/Perry is the only other person I've seen use that spelling). Home, birthday, mother- syncs don't get any more personal than that.

Too often, mere conjunctions or co-incidents are mistaken for Synchronicities. Sync Logs are about true Synchronicities. Try it at home.

UPDATE: Some have noted the release of the video on Tuesday of the death by immolation of the Jordanian pilot by the ISIS/ISIL maniacs, an event which actually took place earlier in January. Whatever the intent, the atrocity seems to have backfired on the Islamic Caliphate, as all those rich Arab kings suddenly have a target for all of their expensive American warplanes. Jordan (also named after a river) claims to have killed 7000 ISIS fighters in the past week

POSTSCRIPT: Speaking of tragedy, Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina is on life support, having been found face down in a bathtub in her home in Roswell, Georgia nearly three years after her mother's death in a bathtub. Aside from the connection with the town's name, it's bordered on its north and south by Route 9. 

The young singer's boyfriend is allegedly considered a suspect. A friend of my son went to school with Bobbi Kristina so this story seems a bit less abstract to me. Her mother's death (and previous depressing decline) was a shock to me, this is just rubbing salt in the wounds. 

And just in time for the Grammies, which were filled with the usual childish provocation and intentional distractions.

UPDATE: Now there are reports the Houston family plans to take Bobbi Kristina off life support the same date as her mother's death. My God, this is heartbreaking. Please pray for her soul.

*And to a lesser extent, E.T.
† Note the circle of stars is identical to those in the logo of Leslie Stevens' Daystar Productions.
** Missy and I share a birthday, incidentally.