Friday, February 15, 2013

Revisiting the Temple: In Light of Recent Events...

Recent drama at the Vatican didn't happen in a vacuum. It's part of an ongoing struggle, a cold war that could shake the world to its foundations if it were to go hot. 

As Fate would have it, the resignation of the Pope was preceded- by nine days- by the strange death of one of America's foremost warriors, a man who identified himself as a Knight of the Temple, or Knight Templar. This is by no means a fluke; Erik Prince and his immensely powerful Blackwater/XE outfit are also cited as self-described Templars, as was the Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Brevik.

Lost in the media jumble was this story- six days before the Pope's retirement- about the Knights of Malta, who are stepping out of the shadows. And there are whispers on the fringe about prophecies being fulfilled and strange players taking a role behind the scenes. There's even a powerful drug cartel in Mexico that call themselves Templars, and acted as self-appointed security for his visit there.

Two years back I wrote a multi-part alt.history of the Templars, one I find myself returning to in recent days. I recommend you do the same. Here are the links- enjoy the series at your convenience...