Thursday, December 02, 2010

Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre: Break on Through

Have you heard about Dark Jupiter? It seems that we're closer to isolating the Sun's "companion," a giant planet that is hurling comets toward the Sun, like some great mythic war in Heaven. Scientists seem to believe there's something out there- something huge- but there's no agreement on what it may be.
Our sun may have a companion that disturbs comets from the edge of the solar system — a giant planet with up to four times the mass of Jupiter, researchers suggest. A NASA space telescope launched last year may soon detect such a stealth companion to our sun, if it actually exists, in the distant icy realm of the comet-birthing Oort cloud, which surrounds our solar system with billions of icy objects.

The potential jumbo Jupiter would likely be a world so frigid it is difficult to spot, researchers said. It could be found up to 30,000 astronomical units from the sun. One AU is the distance between the Earth and the sun, about 93 million miles (150 million km).

The distances here are staggering- the Solar System is said to be two light years in diameter- that's something like 20 trillion kilometers, or almost 10 trillion miles. And the closest system to ours in something like four and a half light years away. Remember this is in a galaxy composed of billions of stars and an infinite universe filled with trillions of galaxies.

I know these numbers can make some people feel insignificant but they make me feel grateful- grateful to be alive at a time when we're beginning to appreciate the enormity of temporal reality. Maybe I'll live long enough to be able to see some live footage of alien planets and distant suns.

But there's a larger point here. We are stuck in these extremely fragile and short-lived shells, and what little time we've spent outside the atmosphere has shown us how poorly-suited we are to living in zero gravity. I'm sure we'll eventually find our way to Mars, which we'll probably figure out how to terraform along with Venus and maybe even camp out on a Jovian moon or two. But will these shells make it outside the Oort Cloud, even in the event we can create a warp drive or a stargate?

I think these units we're operating are meant to serve old Sol alone. Like Jack Kirby I think any extrasolar exploration will be done by robots, with relays and remote control. As I've said before the more I think about it the more I think that if there are aliens zipping around currently, they are extraterrestrial but not extrasolar (that's a whole other post). Call it a vibe but I just feel quiet and darkness once you pass Saturn or Neptune, at least as far as we're concerned.

But those robots will probably be controlled by something a little more exotic than radio waves, maybe neutrinos or lasers or something crazy like that. I lose radio signals in the Holland Tunnel, Seth - I can only imagine what all that radioactive violence out there does. But we may also transcend even our current genetic obsessions and discover that consciousness is an electrical or an atomic process and that we can be perfectly comfortable on Earth or Mars and send our consciousness out into Galactic Center via whatever bizarre and exotic means we will surely discover one day if humanity doesn't fall apart to shit like it's trying its damndest to do now.

Now we're talking about transmission- until there's a receiver it's just a signal. We'd have to send probes out to wherever we want to virtually travel, at least by my reckoning, probes which would have to be able to transmit a signal back as well. But what if brains come equipped with that capacity? The Monoliths in 2001 were transmitter/receivers that were able to interface with the primate brain, just like the probes in question here. Terence McKenna speculated that psychotropic fungi could possibly be transmitters as well - a real-life Monolith, in other words- but that's all highly subjective. Not every brain has been turned on and tuned in by hallucinogens. In my experience, a lot aren't at all. They just pretend to be.

Now, if we are to make scientific conjectures about other solar systems based on our own, it's fair to say that can also apply this principle to higher intelligence. If an alien race were to bother to make contact with our own (and spend an enormous amount of time and energy to do so), there'd probably be two motivations- either scientific curiosity (coupled with a possible desire to show off their superior knowledge) or colonization. The former (as well as light-body travel) is a theme in the very first episode of The Outer Limits, and in other episodes such as the drop-dead classic, "The Bellero Shield." In other words, the transfer of consciousness through energy, all at a time when most other scifi was still concerned with flying saucers and bug-eyed monsters.

Colonization would come if a race had depleted its own biosphere, decided our own would make a dandy replacement and came in force to evict us and take it for themselves. So unless we see a fleet of motherships hovering over our cities, we're probably safe for the time being.

Or are we? Outer Limits creator Leslie Stevens wrote and directed a powerful and extremely resonant episode entitled "The Production and Decay of Strange Particles," in which an alien race takes over human bodies through some kind of interdimensional energetic transfer. Who and what this race is never explained but they use the splitting of atoms to invade our own dimension. The fact that Stevens was the son of a powerful Naval Admiral (Philadelphia Experiment, anyone?) and was himself involved in intelligence during the war adds an extra kick to the proceedings. I can only imagine the impact this episode had during the height of the Cold War. It's pretty scary as it is today.

This episode also reminds me of the debate over the theofascist Collins Elite, who wasted untold taxpayer dollars trying to prove that Jack Parsons summoned "demons" with his ridiculous masturbation rituals. I believe a reader noted that if something did break through, more likely it was the doing of the armies of scientists all over the world who've been tearing apart the very fabric of reality from the Manhattan Project all the way up to CERN. In an infinite universe of eternal provenance, who knows what kind of sentient energies are floating around out there looking for new homes to implant themselves in? Scientists are warning us about sending signals off into the cosmos, but are they being equally careful about their meddling with the microcosmos?


Researcher Bruce Rux is a huge fan of The Outer Limits and is convinced that Stevens was taking classified material from military UFO research and incorporating it in the series. Were analysts concerned about these transmission scenarios?

Trapped between dimensions in Stevens' "The Borderland"

In addition to the possibility they were leaking UFO reports in their stories, I'm certain that Stevens and his partner Joseph Stefano had some kind of experience with hallucinogens, and might have also undergone a particularly effective kind of psychoanalysis, because their stories are absolutely drenched in the power of the Unconscious mind even when they don't make literal sense. Maybe especially when they don't. Either way, I get the feeling that these guys had extraordinary experiences of some kind.

There's also a very, very powerful resonance kicking around the entire first season of the show, a resonance that borders on the numinous even with the bargain basement effects. I also realize that this show insinuated itself into my own subconscious around the time I was hallucinating leprechauns and giant chevrons and all of the rest of it on a regular basis thanks to 105ºF fevers.

This shit vibrates inside my head on levels I can't explain, especially if you're younger and have no patience for the low-rent production values. Whether those other worlds are inside our heads or out, I have a feeling Leslie Stevens spent some time there.


  1. Every few months, likes to talk about "Nemesis", the brown dwarf or large gas planet lurking on the edge of the solar system:

    I don't understand how something so large and warm could be missed by Hubble or even amateur astronomers. Jupiter was very bright ( in September and I was lucky enough to see it. It was like Venus was on both sides of the sky. I'm still looking out for Nibiru, haha...not really.

    From my own experiences, I believe mankind is going about space-time travel all wrong. I don't think our physical bodies were meant to travel outside of Earth. Radiation, the high speeds, the great distances, particle velocity and all the other limitations we must take into account just make me think that space-travel was meant to be done on an astral or spiritual level. I've had a few out of body experiences (dissociation caused by trauma or psychedelic drugs) that make me think this is possible. From what I've studied about shamanism in my own Diné/Navajo culture and others, I believe humans have been mastering this occult practice for thousands of years. Who knows though, all of this stuff is a trip within itself. Thanks for the great read, Chris.

  2. Hey Chris,

    As to whether aliens are zipping around our world and star-system, and their motivations, I agree with most of your reasoning. But I must confess that I've felt the presence of what I can only describe as very dark forces in connection with all this.

    Now whether that darkness is of a moral kind, or simply the darkness that comes with my limited interaction with something virtually incomprehensible, I can't say. However, I'm glad you're leaving the door open to the possibility that certain hypothetical non-physical intelligences might be a little less than warm and fuzzy.

    I think if there is any truth to these ideas of darker entities interacting with us, I think the bulk of their meaning will be found in the numinous, non-temporal realm. IF they exist.

    There does seem to be a very disturbing element to some of my own personal 'contacts', but I'm perfectly willing to conceede that such experiences were with more primal aspects of my OWN psyche - and not the actions of some predatory non-physical intelligence.

    Since I believe that everything in any meaning-system is fundamentally interconnected, it makes me further suspect that some version of this more psychological interpretation is 'true'. And yet that a more external interpretation is not neccasarily by extention 'untrue'.

    I think maybe this is where we touch upon the idea that haunts me, that figuratively speaking there is only ONE race in the universe: the DNA race, and it is an infinite shapeshifter that has a staggeringly sophisticated relationship with sound and light.

    If this DNA premise is even partially valid then morality and cognizance becomes even more complicated. And any dark interaction between alien races becomes at best familypolitik and at worse parricide.

    But, on a more immediate level I get the sense that there is some importance in your comment about aliens not necessarily being extra-solar. I've often had the (perhaps baselss) intution that this star-system alone is filled with unimaginable secrets. Even if I don't trust the actual information in my own intuitions I trust that their intensity is usally trying to tell me SOMETHING of import.

    I really don't think humanity as we currently understand it was the first to traverse and investigate this little dominion of Sol. I suspect this star-system has a deep, deep history to it.


  3. I think you are dead on right about the McKenna shrooms/DMT connections - even if a user doesn't 'make contact' they can at least get a sampler effect, like a pamphlet of what's to come in human evolution.

    The vast distances of space are, we must remember, very similar to the spaces--relatively--between atoms and molecules... if we take the concepts of fractals and 'the buttefly effect' into account, it's really just a matter of a shift in perspective. Cell phone signals can bounce up and back from outer space instantly, so who's to say humans wont one day be able to do the same, to turn their own consciousness into electromagnetic signals they can beam anywhere, ala remote viewing?

    Ridiculous? Maybe... but the NASA idea of having to lug men and machines out to distant galaxies and the argument not even aliens can travel these vast distances is even more ridiculous. A mere century or so ago, jet air travel would have been dismissed as laughable science fiction. Everyone knew if you wanted to cross the ocean you needed a boat. Modern science can't see the forest for the trees, or they'd know the forest is smaller than the smallest tree, all size is relative to the perceiving consciousness... expand your mind, and the universe shrinks to traversible size. Your mind holds the entire universe in every strand of DNA. At a certain point, shrinking and expanding lead to the same place.

  4. "I also realize that this show insinuated itself into my own subconscious around the time I was hallucinating leprechauns and giant chevrons and all of the rest of it on a regular basis thanks to 105ºF fevers."

    William Burroughs suffered from Scarlett fever as a child and was convinced that this may have created a "portal" into the "other" world.

  5. Nikola Tesla suffered a similar NDE. Here's a link to some very disturbing MI-6 material for mind splitting.

  6. It is intriguing to entertain the possibility that contact beyond our solar system may utilize biological means.

    Controlled Superluminal Communications, a concept first published on the physics database at Cornell University suggests that extraterrestrial communications may be located within a specific frequency band in the human brain (0.1 - 70 Hz) that can be easily monitored using EEG machines.

    The study's author, Fred Thaheld, a quantum physicist and author of a number of widely cited physics papers, proposes that 'quantum entanglement', what Albert Einstein described as "spooky action at a distance," makes possible a direct measurable influence between living organisms. He proposes that all life is connected at the quantum level despite the great macroscopic distances separating biological organisms. Thaheld argues that the quantum influence occurring between all biological life, can be directly measured in human brain waves, and that we have the capacity to host instantaneous communications from extraterrestrials anywhere in universe.

  7. Great post. The thing I can add, and I was pretty astonished when I learned this following. Due to present neurological scientific research, our receptors, receive four hundred billion bits of information per second, yet our brain only process two thousand bits per second. In other words our brain imprints the ability of what we can see. We can only see what we believe is possible. So, who knows what might be happening out there.

  8. A subject near and dear to my heart. I suspect that the rigors of space habitation and travel may be the "catastrophe" that ignites a transhuman "Cambrian explosion" in this century, or possibly the next, creating a new kingdom of life: partially organic, partially synthetic, and partially something we can't yet imagine. Hopefully there's still a niche for old-fashioned Homo sapiens left here on earth.

  9. Your thoughts spark my own
    about this fallacy of space
    vessels actually voyaging in
    deep space.

    We will have to genetically
    engineer a race of astronauts,
    repeating how we were formed
    by a higher species,( space

    We will also use robotics,
    and micro-robotics, "nanotek",
    to colonize/terraform other

    We will transfer our own
    consciouness as understood
    in the film, "avatar", into
    these robots.

    Perhaps we were once ,"bots",
    and another species became
    trapped in our bodies. Also
    we can look at DNA as a bio-
    entity that uses us a vehicle
    to spread it's range.

    DNA is really what we are, as
    our bodies are just earth suits.

    DNA is the ,"Logos code", as is
    the invisible realm of quantum
    particles, all reduced to a
    system of numbers, more Logos

    Therefore Christ, as the Word
    incarnate is a mathematical
    entity, based in numbers, which
    is the Logos code system that
    keeps the Matrix humming.

    Perhaps that Oort cloud object
    is a sentinel....and the actual
    monolith, which is an AI/bot.

    We will understand that the
    Solar system is an ecology, as
    well as an armada of life forms.

    The sun is the master AI. A
    massive quantum computer.

    The heliosphere is a wireless

    I did not know it was 2 light
    years wide...fascinating.

  10. Hello,

    We are the Aliens. They're our future states of consciousness. They were once us, so they help their past selves, becoming themselves, as we should help our past selves, animals, to become us. The future was the past, the past will be the future. And we're right in the middle of it.

    There's really nothing to be anxious about. Do not fear. And keep a cool head. Everything will turn out fine. The phenomenons are just projections of our unconscious.

    Here's a link to a blog post where I mention this in a more detailed way.


  11. I'm glad you haven't felt tempted to comment on NASA's latest B.S.

    More Outer Limits!

  12. I feel that we all experience irony, oracles and what we generally deem as spiritual experiences which I feel are the more conscious ways that this energy presents itself. It is often taken for granted. At times I find that the irony and the oracles can intensify to the point where it almost becomes a joke. Then there have been other times in my life when I have questioned what more there is to life other than what I am conscious of at that time, you know, if anything. Which is incredible considering the strong evidence of such throughout my life.

    I had scarlet fever when I was a teen and was delirious with it. I had some really strange dreams then, some of which I have continued to have throughout my life.

    I have also had a lot of fevers accompanied by sever sickness that has lasted for days at a time. Possibly cyclic vomiting syndrome although it is still not possible to confirm. During these fevers some of same dreams have come back and there have been new ones. There have been hours and hours of my life spent in a place that I can only describe as another dimension when I have been unwell, or dreaming mostly.

    As well as the fever effect, I do believe that state of mind is a huge factor. The thoughts and dreams a person has can largely depend on what is on ones mind. The times when I have suffered almost a torment, is when I have been worrying about things, some big things that are on my mind, and others small things like what I should have done before coming down with the bout of sickness. How are the kids. They are the kind of things I have found that can, almost echo, within this dimension. Even as other avenues are explored within the dimension. Sometimes the two worlds can mingle together, in a sense.

  13. I have only just recently considered dreams that I have had in the past as involving spiritual time travel. Despite the fact that it quite clearly is the case. So far the experiences seem to have only involved travelling forwards in time, not back.

    I can see the connection between flying gods, with or without props and witches on broom sticks. There is obviously much more to that than I comprehend. Again involving energy.

    Hypnosis again is at times tapping into another dimension I believe.

    Someone who used tarot cards once offered me a session by asking me if I would like to spiritually travel through hell. I declined. I am sure that is not normally the way that tarot readers operate. However, tarot skills are yet again tapping into q very rarely talked about spiritual plane/realm.

    It is in my opinion a plane that we may even all operate within, in some form or other. In some cases with and other cases without our knowledge. Depending mainly on state of mind and a persons knowledge or abilities.

    I would say the chances of spiritual (time) travel being used with some kind of unjust intention behind it, is a big risk factor that comes with the increase of knowledge of such a world/plane. Maybe that is partly why religions came about years ago. The Gods and maybe even monks (probably others) being the ones that have had the rights/knowledge regarding these worlds.

    Another possible life concept to this is that we possibly really do keep going round and round because we destroy the planet but discover time travel just before it is too late and mankind goes all the way back to the beginning again. The warnings that are attempted by individuals fail to get through, each time round we never learn. Just a thought. I would not be up for sacrificing my life for something like spiritual time travel though. That's stuff that crosses the sane line for me.

    So much to learn!
    Great work.

  14. SSW- What makes humanity unique- as far as we know- is human consciousness. As to these meat suits they aren't very resilient and haven't held up very well in space so far. It could well be that all of the Transhumanism and Singularity stuff will just be a preparation for deep space travel.

    Raj- I've never been able to imagine beings jumping back and forth across the galaxy in the craft we might be seeing. I can't imagine that kind of travel at all. I realize there are all kinds of theoretical possibilities but the problem here is application- the amounts of energy needed to pull it all off. What we've heard in the UFO literature sounds much more like some kind of localized surveillance network, most probably robotic. But then again, who the hell knows?

    Erich- Again, although it might be theoretically possible it's going to require a lot of effort and energy. We're starting to imagine other means to explore past the Oort cloud that don't require the immense risk that human travel would, and chances are good we can't exist without the Sun. It's certainly reasonable to assume a race with a 200 year head start has come to these same conclusions.

    1202- I'm sure. And Jack Kirby did as well. Something about the developing brain and altered states of consciousness makes for a powerful combination.

    Eric- Wow- another one. Thanks.

  15. Sensei- Awesome-thanks for that reference. This all reminds me of Time's Arrow, the TNG ep in which aliens live in a different frequency but in the same physical space. Very Outer Limits.

    Matt- Excellent info there. You guys are impressing the fuck out of me today. For reals.

    Tim- Well, the Transhumanists seem to think so. Then again I think the TH movement is cheerleading for the privilege of immortality and superhuman power that only the ultra rich and their servant class will enjoy, no matter the drivel about market forces and such.

    Pete- Again, more excellent feedback today. Thanks

    GC- Thanks for the link- some very interesting work there. Your POV makes me think of The 4400 for some reason!

    Nick- Yes, the magical bacteria- that they manufactured. Terrific.

    Wotie- Kids are much more in touch with the Unconscious mind and then these states seem to change their wiring. The first ten years of my life was often extremely unpleasant and I know that it left it's mark. But a lot of that also had to do with my inborn biology and how I processed a lot of the horror and misery I had to deal with. The sickness and fever and hallucinations changed my neurochemistry for better and for worse. As to Tarot and Astrology and the rest of it, I always recommend that people use them as symbol systems for your synchronistic work but never to get caught up in predestination and forecasting and such. To me divination should be using tools and synchrotriggers to understand the present and let the future unfold on its own.

  16. Chris,

    I remember you saying in a blog a while ago that actually sending a human into space seems an awfully inefficient way to accomplish exploration. That really stuck with me. And I have to imagine the Powers That Be have probably had the same thought. It would not surprise me if NASA is nothing more than a useless pork-barrel which hides the real space exploration efforts being done by radio waves of some sort, or some other faculty. Astral Projection maybe?

    Astral Projecting Astronauts would make a great subject for a comic book.

  17. Mark- I think NAZCA exists as a cover for the militarization of space as well as a giant ritual machine. I've debated whether NAZCA is so ritualistic because of the uncertainty of the missions or whether the missions are there to facilitate the rituals. All that aside I think that because we are so limited in our perceptions, we certainly could be surrounded by visitors hiding in the light spectrum or in dimensional phase shifts. I always got that feeling from UFO reports, and now with this phenomenon of digital camera capturing UFOs unseen by the naked eye.

    Astral Projection Astronauts? Edgar Rice Burroughs beat you to it with John Carter of Mars!

  18. happy to be here Chris and
    be a part of the gnostic-
    psychedelic information cloud
    flow...synchronicity as a way
    of life gets me up in the
    late morning., and out of
    bed, because I know that I
    will find something new.

  19. HI Chris,

    Man! the blog is turning out to be an exclusive class of post-post -post graduate in conscienceless, and more.

    I really don't have anything to comment, i am speechless with the level of comment.

    I am sure you're already on it so are the other. Talking about ;Aliens,NAZCA, just announce a new one right here in the US playground with this new bacteria.
    Synchronism or not it fits well in in this debate:

    "In a press conference held at NASA's Washington D.C. headquarters, scientists announced that they had discovered a new form of bacteria, known as GFAJ-1, in California's Mono Lake that has DNA completely foreign to anything ever before found on Earth. It substitutes arsenic at the DNA level for phosphorus."

    As said we're are all aliens, meaning our conscienceless is some were else monitoring this part of ourself living in this fragile vessel here on hearth.
    God "time " is getting fascinating day after day.

    Good job Chris, my only concern is the word colonization. I hope we could find a new word for this endeavor beyond this planet.




    This reminds me of the X-Men, or the series Heroes. Looks like we're entering a fase where this "Aliens" in us start manifesting using their gifts through us. Or it's just our true selves. Anyway I remember that society was not very fond of the X-Men and tried to finish them just because they were different. Remember 13th October?

    Whatever the collective "sleepers" (Status Quo, conformists, etc) mentality perceives as different, they will see it as threatening.
    Not saying they are out to get this guy. Maybe they will even try to use people like this to increase their understanding and apply it for their control systems.

    This reminds me of the "Agents" of Matrix. They were pursuing people that presented a threat to the system.Neo was the embodiment of this awakening that is happening in us all. When Morpheus said that Neo could manipulate the Matrix at his will and have some power in the Matrix. It's has if he was referring to us all, or to the X-Men.

  21. Well well, it seem that scientists have " created life " from poisons. Check todays usatoday. They are " getting us ready " for extraterrestrial contact

  22. "...The former (as well as light-body travel) is a theme in the very first episode of The Outer Limits, and in other episodes such as the drop-dead classic, "The Bellero Shield." In other words, the transfer of consciousness through energy, all at a time when most other scifi was still concerned with flying saucers and bug-eyed monsters."

    It's an interesting question if budget restrictions and special effects limitations forced the writers on these shows to be more imaginative and "out there" when bringing science fiction to the screen (big or small). The explosion of cheap and/or spectacularly realistic effects certainly has not been accompanied by an equal level of imagination today.

    John H

  23. "This episode also reminds me of the debate over the theofascist Collins Elite, who wasted untold taxpayer dollars trying to prove that Jack Parsons summoned "demons" with his ridiculous masturbation rituals. I believe a reader noted that if something did break through, more likely it was the doing of the armies of scientists all over the world who've been tearing apart the very fabric of reality from the Manhattan Project all the way up to CERN. In an infinite universe of eternal provenance, who knows what kind of sentient energies are floating around out there looking for new homes to implant themselves in? Scientists are warning us about sending signals off into the cosmos, but are they being equally careful about their meddling with the microcosmos?"

    I don't know if you intend this, but there are a few interesting meta-narratives in the blog. Just to combine a few disparate ideas -

    1. there are super-advanced races whose substance is basically information (waveform) that can interface with the material world (particulate) through nerve-like electromagnetic nets in various drone bodies (similar to the Qys in Alan Moore and Niel Gaiman's Miracleman comics).

    2. Human bodies and brains are either by design or accident drone bodies that these aliens can interface with.

    3. At some point in the ancient past, a possible larger drone body (Starship like the Carrier in Ellis' Authority series) crashes or lands on Earth. It propagates its alien interface in the form of a fungal and/or single-celled organic matter - possibly the dead drone bodies of its crew.

    4. Precursors to humans eat and are intoxicated by the fungal matter. They begin to develop the interface capacity to connect to the higher consciousnesses - i.e. human consciousness.

    5. However, human consciousness is simply a potential interface. It is not THE GOD MIND that we are growing toward. Instead, our civilization is designed to move toward - look outward - in an attempt to reconnect with the central web of galactic consciousness.

    Essentially, we're achieving the capacity to be wired, but we have not yet been hooked to the central server which can be seen both as an ecstatic divine experience and possession as we leave behind the body and brain for something like the Unimind.

    In a sense, the difference between man and animals is that we are not at home in our bodies. Our consciousness - especially the consciousness of our mortality - hinders our ability to exist simply as living organism.

    just a few thoughts this post brought up.

    John H

  24. Oops - it said my comment was too big. Just an interesting meta-narrative I think is developing on this blog:
    1. The primary consciousness in the galaxy is composed of information (waveform) interfacing with various drone bodies through a neural net (like Alan Moore's Qys)
    2. In the prehistoric past, a major drone body (starship like the Carrier in Authority), came to/crashed on Earth. It released material seeding for drone bodies (possibly the dead drone crew) as fungus.
    3. Protohumans ate the fungus and developed improved mental function as candidate drone bodies.
    4. Consciousness as we know it is the interface necessary for connection with the higher galactic consciousness.
    5. Our cargo cult civilization is attempting to draw the attention of the higher consciousness as a candidate drone species to reconnect with the galactic mind-web.
    6. UFO's, paranormal experiences are an evaluation of our candidacy. The uplink connection can be perceived as either divine inspiration/ecstacy or demonic possession

    John H

  25. Guys, I'll be checking in later but let me just say now that I think the NASA microbe thing is just more total BS from our pals in Houston. Might have some weird ritual connection to that secret space plane that landed today.

  26. Wikileaks' Julian Assange on UFOs

    Many weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant. However, as yet they have not satisfied two of our publishing rules.
    1) that the documents not be self-authored;
    2) that they be original.
    However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs.

  27. Thank you for your amazingly insightful articles. Each is quite thought provoking.

    As a matter of housekeeping, I wanted to make you aware that the link to the alien project is taking the user to the incorrect blog. It is taking users to rather than I am not associated with that site and am merely attempting to be helpful.