Monday, November 29, 2010

Stairway to Sirius: Hanuman Nature

George Orwell once said, "to see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle."

Trying to discern what an image is actually saying and not what the so-called experts interpret it to be saying has played a major part in my work on The Secret Sun. It's also been a major part of the Stairway to Sirius series, which seeks to strip away centuries of mystical and metaphorical detritus that has accumulated on powerful sacred icons from the past and struggle to parse what the original intention behind these images might have been before the poets and the priests came along and muddied the waters.

The problem with all of these poetic interpretations is that over time they often calcify into a new- and profoundly stupid and destructive- kind of literalism. This is a process that the elites pour a considerable amount of time and resources into, in order to keep those waters muddy.

Now, I've received no small amount of flack from Freemasons for trying to parse the original intent behind some of their sacred symbols, but as I wrote in "Bringing it All Back Home," the real reasons these symbols may have been shrouded in secrecy by esoteric orders all those centuries ago is that humanity wasn't ready to even understand what the symbols are actually saying.

Which brings us to Hanuman, who's been making himself known because of Obama's highly publicized trip to India, in which he took part in Diwali festivals. Hanuman is a central figure in this high holy day, in that he was a crucial figure in the return of Lord Rama, who flew in his vimana (read: spaceship) and was helped home by his adoring followers who held lights up to guide his way.

Those who've seen the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel will recognize the Vimanas, which vary according to artistic style, but are believed by many researchers to be an advanced form of aircraft flown by the "gods," who in fact are some form of alien or superhuman beings.

Now, Hinduism is a richly embroidered belief system- or systems, rather- but even so we might see vestiges of the original inspiration. Here Hanuman awaits his teacher Surya, the sun god. Surya is much like the Greek Helios or the Roman Sol, with his chariot and flying horses. One of the gifts that Hanuman receives from his patron gods is that of flight. Look at that dome atop his chariot. Remind you of anything?

As I've often wondered, is the sun god actually not our Sol, but that of an alien sun? Note that for all intents and purposes Surya is the same word as Sirius. If Hanuman an embodiment of Human-ity, that would square with esoteric beliefs that beings from Sirius came to Earth to engineer a new race of beings from protohominid primates.

There it is again. Note also that Surya, like many of these warrior gods, is depicted as being highly androgynous, something we see in Egyptian art as well. And there's that blue skin, which played such a major role in the Stairway blowout a year ago.

And here we see Hanuman praying to Rama, also androgynous and equipped with his apocalyptic weaponry which seem to predate nuclear weapons by thousands of years. And there's that dome again. You know what these domes keep reminding me of?

Need you ask?

Then there are the icons of the infant Hanuman with his mother, who is conspicuously non-apelike. They're also highly reminiscent of another mother-son icon....

That of Isis-Sirius and the young Harpocrates, who is born from the Earth Mother's magic and the DNA of his heavenly father who returns to the stars along with Ra, the god of the Green Sun. The parallelisms don't end there- as Secret Sun readers know, they never end.

Here is an altar to Hanuman. Look familiar? If not, you might be on the wrong blog. As I've argued in the Stairway to Sirius series, what we think of as Masonic iconography is actually something much, much older and it's true meaning is completely, um, alien to the Freemasons themselves.

Look at the checkerboard, the two columns, the tiered centerpiece on the altar...

Look familiar?


  1. Excellent post. What you're trying to get across makes alot of sense.

  2. So do you believe that Obama and the Elites know what they are projecting for collective consumption? What if they do not? What if they only think they know?

  3. Tommy- Thanks- this latest stuff from India has been quite rich for the mining.

    Anony- I have no idea, to be totally frank. I do think we ascribe way too much power to the so-called elites, which is symptomatic of a peasant mentality. Sometimes when you play with symbols, the symbols take over. The most resonant symbols all the more so.

  4. I have to reconsider and say
    that I actually do believe in
    the Ancient astronaut theory,
    I just don't think ,"astronaut",
    is the right term. I agree
    that ,"space gods", are the
    right term, temporarily.

    Personally I like your Sirius
    idea, and how you tie things

    I am sure that our DNA as
    humans is the result of
    genetic engineering but I
    always thought it was an
    advanced species that came
    from I mentioned
    in my last comment.

    One thing I know is that our
    collective mythos is really is not just
    a bunch of made up tales.

    I am just dittoing everything
    you say so excuse me for being

  5. Pete, I agree whole-heartily. In fact I've been considering changing the "ancient astronaut" tag, which is loaded and reductive to "Exogenesis."

    Any opinions on that?

  6. Great post! [& a belated Happy Thanksgiving]

    I always wondered if the blue skinned Indian Gods had silver or copper based blood.

    Our blood is red because the iron in our hemoglobin oxidizes. If we had copper based blood, like mollusks, it would turn purple-ish blue.

    Fun Fact: the blood of mollusks, the only way the ancients knew how to obtain purple dye, pretty much fueled the Silk Road and Western trade to the Middle East. Phoneticia actually meant “Purple.” That would be like if Kuwait named itself “Land of Gasoline.”

    So if our blood had been purple, civilization as we know it could have turned out a whole lot different.

    Irony or Synchronicity?

    Anyway, a normal human being can turn blue by consuming large amounts of silver and then getting exposed to sunlight. It's called Argyria. It's basically the photography process happening under your skin.

    Silver overload is rarely fatal, so it's possible the blue Indian Gods represent some forgotten society where its inhabitants consumed large quantities of silver. [Maybe it was in their water? Silver has antibiotic properties so a silver infused water source wouldn't have many contaminants.]

  7. Chris,

    I don't think my comment last night on the Obama/Hanuman Manga made it through (more preview images here), but it got me to thinking about some Super Simian-otics...Symbolic Statues...and Sacred Stigmata...

    I think you covered these photos of "Obamaman in Metropolis" during the last election cycle. (As in the manga above, we have Obama self-identifying with a heroic statue.)

    Alex Ross, around the same time period, echoed his own iconic Superman portrait with a Super Obama painting (inspiring others, after a fashion, to follow suit).

    What intrigues me is that these images in turn echo an iconic moment in the the ancient story of Hanuman, taken from late in the Ramayana and often depicted in devotional posters and statues:

    Shortly after he is crowned Emperor upon his return to Ayodhya, Rama decides to ceremoniously reward all his well-wishers. At a grand ceremony in his court, all his friends and allies take turns being honoured at the throne. Hanuman approaches without desiring a reward. Seeing Hanuman come up to him, an emotionally overwhelmed Rama embraces him warmly, declaring that he could never adequately honour or repay Hanuman for the help and services he received from the noble Vanara. Sita, however, insists that Hanuman deserved honour more than anyone else, and Sita gives him a necklace of precious stones adorning her neck.

    When he receives it, Hanuman immediately takes it apart, and peers into each stone. Taken aback, many of those present demand to know why he is destroying the precious gift. Hanuman answers that he was looking into the stones to make sure that Rama and Sita are in them, because if they are not, the necklace is of no value to him. At this, a few mock Hanuman, saying his reverence and love for Rama and Sita could not possibly be as deep as he implies. In response, Hanuman tears his chest open, and everyone is stunned to see Rama and Sita literally in his heart.

    Behold, it is Super Hanuman!

  8. I'm sure you're familiar with Robert Anton Wilson. I happen to be reading the Illuminatus! trilogy (just finished Masks of the Illuminati) and the syncs are incredible! The fact that I'm reading these books NOW, how I even acquired them, Red Ice Creations' interview with Pierre Sabak, the topics being discussed lately on this blog, and what's going on in my life (as well as the world) are most dizzying and stupifying. All Hail Discordia!

  9. Chris,

    I don't think my comment last night on the Obama/Hanuman Manga made it through (more preview images here), but it got me to thinking about some Super Simian-otics...Symbolic Statues...and Sacred Stigmata...

    I think you covered these photos of "Obamaman in Metropolis" during the last election cycle. (As in the manga above, we have Obama self-identifying with a heroic statue.)

    Alex Ross, around the same time period, echoed his own iconic Superman portrait with a Super Obama painting (inspiring others, after a fashion, to follow suit).

    What intrigues me is that these images in turn echo an iconic moment in the the ancient story of Hanuman, taken from late in the Ramayana and often depicted in devotional posters and statues:

    Shortly after he is crowned Emperor upon his return to Ayodhya, Rama decides to ceremoniously reward all his well-wishers. [...] Sita, however, insists that Hanuman deserved honour more than anyone else, and Sita gives him a necklace of precious stones adorning her neck.

    When he receives it, Hanuman immediately takes it apart, and peers into each stone. Taken aback, many of those present demand to know why he is destroying the precious gift. Hanuman answers that he was looking into the stones to make sure that Rama and Sita are in them, because if they are not, the necklace is of no value to him. At this, a few mock Hanuman, saying his reverence and love for Rama and Sita could not possibly be as deep as he implies. In response, Hanuman tears his chest open, and everyone is stunned to see Rama and Sita literally in his heart.

    Behold, it is Super Hanuman!

  10. Hanuman always makes me think of Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy.
    And I guess I'm not the only one, if you google those two you will get more information.
    Hahnemann's "law of similars" (treating like with like) sounds rather like, law of simians.

  11. Chris read page 313-327 in the "Shining Ones" by Christain and Barbra O' Brian. The exogenisis was carried out in India, (as well as in several ancient locals) The monkey God was a link in the process. Shineforth brave souls! Dennis

  12. Has NASA Discovered Extraterrestrial Life?

    NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe.


  13. Read the post about the nine and flipped thru a magazine my mom had layin around and there is Eva longoria with a 9 on here cell phone, wearin a jersey with a 9 on it, and nine tatooed on her neck. bfd to everybody cept me right?

  14. Oh and they had a pic with Eva and Mario Lopez who is half Egyptian, big f'in deal!

  15. A couple of notes related to this post:
    1. I love Exogenesis as the term for our creation! It allows us to own up to our own universal ethical and moral failures, AND our sucessess without leaving credit in the creator's in-box so to speak! It frees us from the path of religious guilt and shame. Something Gene Roddenberry champaigned all of his life for!!
    2. Also to the poster with an I.D. signature that looks Bajoran Script. You really opened some thought about the biology of these blue aliens, and also The Grays who are involved in cattle mutilation, like at our family cattle ranch. When mutilated cattle or wildlife (refer to the work of W.C Levengood) are tested, they are totally blood-free, and devoid of Nutritional Copper down to the cellular structure. It's always been a mystery as to the use of that copper. The Greys seem to have more of a blue-grey tone, or purplish like a ripe Eggplant.
    Inadvertently you hit upon one of the potiential uses of the Copper!
    3. Another Mother Child pairing would be Jesus and Mary!
    4. Chris you need to contact a regular Coast To Coast AM guest by the name of Lloyd Pye, about the "Starchild Skull" found in Mexico. This coupling reminds me of those Mother-Child pictures above! A small side-journey on this note, if we make a contraction of "Blue" and "Monkey" into "Blue Monkey" we have the Mayan sigal for "Divinity".

  16. If by ,"exogenesis", you
    mean the seeding of life
    on Earth I enjoy any idea
    in that vein I can hear.

    Even if it is coldly logical
    planetary science without any
    ancient, interdimensional or
    interstellar terraformers.

    I also enjoy ideas about the
    stars being conscious life-
    forms that direct creation in
    the Universe as agents of a
    deeper divine power.

    Perhaps Sirius being one of
    those ," angels".

  17. There's something very Jacko & Bubbles about some of those photos...turns out MJ had a special relationship with India.

  18. Hi Chris,
    I really enjoy these topics, and very much like you have been "asking" the same questions and "receiving" the same answers. I wonder WHO is our oracle? Well, maybe if we ask a little bird, we'll may find out... Hey, What the Hell? There's one out there, in the distance, and awake at this hour?

    Chirp, Chirp, Chi-rp... It calls like a mother for their young.'s not dawn, so it couldn't be a Chi-cken, I wonder WHO it could be?

    Anyway, my imagination is running wild I guess, so maybe we can use Wikipidia now, while my Chrono-bilogy tells me that my Seratonin levels are at their peak. Now that I'm all "centered", let's start our decoding of this Hanuman/Obama connection. Tonight, let's do the first paragraph in the descriptions of Hanuman...decoding life takes longer than life itslef, I noticed. Anyway, this will be good...

    "Hanuman was born to Anjana, a female vanara, and Kesari, a male vanara, near Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra. According to the Vedas, his mother was an apsara who was born on Earth as a female vanara due to a curse. She would be redeemed from this curse on her giving birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva, who is also known as Rudra, that is also endowed with the Supreme Power of exalted devotion to Bhagwaan Hari. Hanuman is endowed with 28 transcendental divine opulences, with perfection in each."

    This is just another abosrbtion as a composite of mystery school teaching. First, Anjana is the primordial Babylonian sky god "An", while Kesari is obviously the earthly god "Ki".

    In the Vedas, his mother was an aspara, while The Rig Veda tells of an "Apsara" who is the wife of "Gandharva", Gandaharva are male nature spirits, husbands of the Apsaras. Some are part animal, usually a bird or horse. This is mind blowing to realize because this connects us to the Greek's in their story of Chiron, the horse initiate that died in place of Prometheus so that man can receive fire. He is a centaur and th "center" of a deep mystery. Chiron created the constellations, all 88 of them, and when he died, as he was the principle to Asclepius, "The Healer", and surgeon for the Arganauts, Chiron could not heal himself from Hercules wounds, and died a martyr for man.

    His personification in the Zodiac and in the constellations is that of Saggitrius, while Asclepius, a student of Chiron, who also died for trying to raise Hippolytus from the dead with Athenas blessing however, at the furious request to Zeus from the God who taught Chiron...Apollo, he was then honored for his service to man as the constallation Ophiuchus, entertwined with Hydra, next to his Great teacher and oracle, Chiron, also known as "The Hand".

    This is very important because symbolism is not suppose to be definitive, It is suppose to be kept loose, like the earliest primordial waters. Otherwise, it's fixed, definitive value will render the symbol dead, turning it into a glyph.

    Next, is the curse...the curse is that we are temporarily in our bodies, in these primordial water, and "going with the flow" after all of these years, means so many things. For that flow we had to define it, and the Egyptians were great at defining EVERYTHING, and rendering it...well, dead. But, still a useful tool to get a baby to sleep with a simple story.

    We have our Nile fertility goddess "Hapy" and the we have the primordial waters "Nun". Ha+Nu+Man. An we know this is true, connecting symbolism because the ancient Chi-nese zodiac has 28 MANsion. The divine endowment is enlightenment, that comes from understanding ALL of the zodiacs, their principle players, and comparative mythologies.


  19. I don't know if anyone picked up on this piece of Obama/Superman syncronicity: In Grant Morrison's apocalyptic Final Crisis series from DC last year, we were treated to depiction of an alternate universe where Superman was black and also the President. While he was never identified by name as Obama in the comic, Morrison spoke about it in this interview:

    IGN Comics: How about the African American Superman/President in Final Crisis #7? It seems like you're having some fun with the idea of Barack Obama as this conglomeration of hero, leader and celebrity.

    Morrison: Completely. What I was thinking, because I wrote that obviously last year, was that Obama was getting in in February, and I realized this comic would be out right around that time. I knew it was going to happen. And so Final Crisis #7 has Darkseid defeated, and the good guys have won and everything is bright and optimistic again, I knew that the feeling in America was going to be the same. When Final Crisis started, I wanted to talk about the kind of crushing horror of the George Bush/Tony Blair axis we all had to live through. Final Crisis was my fictional diary of how it felt to live through the early years of the 21st century.

    By the end of that, there's this wind-of-change feeling that Obama brings to America and by extension everyone else – as to whether things actually change, we'll see. I wanted to open Final Crisis #7 with that feeling that the weather had changed. And it's the DC Universe, where anything can happen so here's a black President Superman and we're off! I think this guy's a little better looking than Obama, though. I mean, Obama's a fine-looking fella, but I don't think he could fill out that Superman suit. [laughs] This guy is more Muhammad Ali. So we have him, and we also have Beyonce as Wonder Woman. That's Beyonce at the microphone. [laughs]

    The pages in question can be viewed here:

  20. These are great observations. To avoid falling into the 'literal interpretation' trap you warn about, I suggest that we don't discount the effect that 200+ years of colonial rule by English (Freemasons) would have on an occupied people.

    The checkerboard floor and two pillars are obviously artifacts of colonial rule. To me they show that Hindu/western mythological trappings and characters are interchangeable, more than they show that that the myth of Rama and the myth of Ra have the same origin.

    Parasols are commonly used in the tropics, especially by traveling VIPs. The parasols over these gods' heads do look like domes of UFOs but they also look like psychedelic mushroom caps (mushrooms which are also blue-skinned). There's a school of thought that Hindu gods appeared to people under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms, or that the gods are personifications of the mushroom high. It's not an unconvincing argument.

    What if the story of Ra really is the story of Rama, and a human cargo-cult evolved over time into a drug cult? We know that people of ancient civilizations traded and intermingled, and that people of Egypt and the Mediterranean were not without their own psychoactive drugs.

  21. Hey Chris,

    These india-themed posts really are spooky for me, it feels like all the details are starting to synch with previous research and speculations from my own life. I wish I had more than riffs and poetry to offer in the way of insight, but you've hit all the solid reasonable bases already.

    So, with regards to Ra, god of the green sun, I guess it's not an original observation to speculate that this green sun is some alien star, perhaps even the cauldron of our true exogenesis. Perhaps, in very simplified terms, the alien star IS green, at least symbolically.

    It's interesting to me that the Dionysus-Baccus-Pan deities of old have some resonance with the Green Man and various nature sprites, and Pan's Christianized imagery as the Devil.

    It's also interesting in terms of little green men, and the sci-fi trope that alien blood is often green (Trek, X Files, etc).

    Perhaps, if we follow this line of interpretation, it makes sense that when Fox Mulder finally gains entry to the probable ancestor of the smaller godships - a sinister mothership/underworld buried in the ice-shelf - its interiors are bathed in eerie green light. And when it awakes from its million-year slumber and rises over Mulder and Scully's heads, Mulder sees that the strange green energy is threaded throughout the details of its underside, actually POWERING the leviathan.

    I've noticed the same eerie green light turns up repeatedly in sci-fi, whether it's weilded by aliens or dark sorcerers. What gives?! Obviously something about such imagery creeps us out.

    Perhaps the blue-skinned Hindu gods and the Na'vi from Avatar are refering to those from the blue world - US. Gods descending into manifest forms. Is that too simplisitic an interpretation? Possibly. But if humans are symbolically blue, as well as some of our deities (or our dramatic philisophical extensions) then perhaps the green sun refers to something WAY more profound-psychadelic-disturbing than mere physical aliens.

    What if that eerie green light and the sun/star/energy source it represents is somehow a herald of the fabled demiurge? Something way beyond the limits of space and temporality?

    It's interesting to me that the word demiurge can be interpreted as 'half-desire', or 'half-constrained'. Demi is the french for half, and an 'urge' is a strong desire, force or push, or constrainment, as in "I urge you not to open your eyes." For example. Weird stuff.

    Again, all this is simply one pereptual filter on all this high weirdness. To me, the associations that cluster around any THING are just as interesting as the truth of the thing itself.

    Awesome stuff, Chris.


  22. Do you know over this last year I have found myself staring at black and white checks. They can often be found within the brickwork of houses, and even on the exterior walls churches, often by the back door close to where the alter is.

    The stairways and spaceships (flying machines) make me think of pyramids or Ziggurats. I am wondering if Gods travelled by air as it was much safer than travelling land. The pyramids or ziggurats could have been landing pads. I have only recently realised that pyramids are not all a pyramid in shape. Even the ones that are are said to have had something else sat on top of them once upon a time.

    I had no idea that consuming silver could make you turn blue. If I had of known that I would have eaten some when I was younger and more carefree. With a middle name like 'Blue' it would probably have appealed to me. Probably just as well, I might have gone into hiding by now and people would be calling me a grey alien! Yikes!

    I found this which is kind of interesting and sort of ties in with this post. I think.

    Warning - Don't read it unless you have an open mind.

  23. "Sirius came to Earth to engineer a new race of beings from protohominid primates"

    I think something or maybe even some humans engineered primates a long time ago and got it slightly wrong.

  24. Great post. I just wrote on my blog the other day about CNN's Anderson Cooper dressed in a bunny suit making an offering to a monkey on the "Amazing Animals" segment.

    I related it to the Egyptians worship of the god Thoth in his ape form. But I had no idea the Indian god Hanuman was also an ape-like deity. Spooky.

    As far as the concept of Exogenesis goes, it was the movie "Splice" that really brought this home for me. I loved the idea of Adam and Eve as lab engineers. And Eve's "sin" is trying to be "like God" by splicing her DNA with that of other species to create a new creature.

  25. I expect you heard about the Staffordshire hoard. I have just realised how much it resembles the gold worn in these pictures.

  26. Those are very interesting questions. Of course without access to the personages in question they're also a bit hard to answer! What's more interesting to me is how these blue folk keep showing up in the movies around the holidays.

    432- Well if you're talking Alex Ross, he did his own take on the blue people for the cover of Ramayan#1 from Virgin Comics. That SuperHanuman image? Yikes.

    433- Don't stop there- tell us more!

    530- Ha! I love it.

    540- Yes, it's interesting to see O'Brien's work circulating again.

    1050- Gotta love the numbers there too.

    Justus- Isn't her hubbs some athlete or something? Lopez is half-Egyptian? I hadn't heard that before.

    Doug- Good stuff there, thanks. I've been following Pye's work for years-very interesting work he's done. BTW- Watched Time's Arrow recently?

    Pete Hoge- Coldly logical planetary science is only the result of the reductive, anti-social personalities that gravitate towards the field. A mystic could wax quite poetic about the process.

    1253- Interesting observation!

    Gerald- Very keen observations of Hanuman's parentage and not surprising at all. I definitley subscribe to the belief that all of this originates in Mesopotamia and then migrates east and west. Speaking of mystery tradtions here's one for Chiron is CHI-RO. Chiron, savior of Man, sacrifices himself to save humanity.

  27. Hobus- I'll tell you, it really makes me cringe seeing how so many comics guys fell for the Obama bullshit.

    Lynn- I hear what you're saying but I also think you're making some very reductive leaps here. Freemasonry is a nonsensical grab-bag of random symbols borrowed willy-nilly from other traditions, and is itself an artifact of the colonial age. Don't forget the Oriental craze of the 17th and 18th Century where anything and everything from Asia- especially the mystical and religious motifs- were imported without rhyme or reason. And the Masons were the champs at this. Freemasonry is like a paper mache house that melts away with the first rain of critical analysis. It starts off based in Judaism and the Kabbalah with some leftover bits from Alchemy, and then it claims ownership over whatever fashionable symbols come its way- Egyptian, Arab, Indian- whatever. Never mind that none of it makes any sense. The tragedy of it is that then the snakehandling idiots come along and think everything the Masons ripped off is "Illuminati" symbolism.

    And not to pile on you here but the black-white checkerboard is part of chess, which comes from where? Ancient India.

    Parasols served a very necessary function, so I wouldn't go reading too much into that either. And don't forget the whole aspect of flight and destructive technology (ie the mushroom clouds) associated with those domes. That being said you know you don't have to sell me on the psilocybin links to this narrative and these characters.

    Raj- That whole thing in Fight the Future is taken straight from Orpheus and Eurydice, with the bee standing in for the snake. The green thing has its obvious parallel in nature, but then we have that green sun which has been overlooked forever. And yes the green men, the Hulk, the Great Gazoo, etc etc. The blue being us? I don't know about that- it also seems to have this alien connotation.

    Wotie- It's fascinating to me how we have these pyramids all over the world. Especially in cultures with all of this anomalous history. And yes the Staffordshire Hoard is amazing.

    Sibyl- No doubt. And thanks for bringing up Splice- I still have to see that.

  28. Speaking of blue folk...

    (I wonder what the Sphinx thinks about being dragged into this.)

  29. I have also thought that the Freemason's belief/symbol system is actually a mystery even to themselves. I remember hearing an interview a long time ago with Robert Temple (of Sirius Mystery fame) where he said he was once approached by Freemasons because they wanted to discuss esoteric Sirius-related matters with him. They claimed he had written information in his book that was new, even to them.

    The only condition was the he had to join the Freemasons, because they were forbidden to talk about these subjects with outsiders!

    On another note - Thinking about the idea that the "sun" we so often see symbolised is in fact an alien sun - Superman springs to mind. He is, in essence, a Sun God, drawing his power from Sol, and yet is also an alien.

  30. I'm not sure that the blue colour of these deities means that they're us either, and that kind of Indian artwork certainly has an unearthly quality to it. Even slightly psychadelic.

    But it's fun to riff even if I don't believe the resulant melody. I wasn't suggesting either that Avatar is some thinly veiled allegory about humanity and it's interaction with the Annunaki - it's just that I get the feeling that this is somehow more personal, intimate and immediate than we really understand.

    Truly, I'm not sure that we'll ever know the actuality of these things. I reckon there is some kind of expansion/revealing taking place right now, but the totality of this interconnected narrative must be so vast that I'm not sure we'll ever be able to truly parse it in our current form.

    Here's hoping though.


  31. Well, I don't know if Morrison really "fell for" the whole Obama thing, so to speak. As he said:

    "By the end of that, there's this wind-of-change feeling that Obama brings to America and by extension everyone else – as to whether things actually change, we'll see. I wanted to open Final Crisis #7 with that feeling that the weather had changed."

    I think he was just trying keep the books relevant by channeling the current energy of the times, that feeling of "change" Obama brought to America (and by extension the world) into the story. I don't think he was actively trying to promote Obama as president or anything. Plus he probably picked up on the Obama/Superman synchronicities that were buzzing around the synchromystic sphere around that time.

    What I found even more interesting was that he had Isis-resonator Beyonce as the black Wonder Woman/Diana/Isis. Especially considering her comments about wanting to play Wonder Woman in a feature film:

    "I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?"

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that Morrison's Final Crisis and especially Final Crisis: Superman Beyond are both EXTREMELY semiotic works, especially for mainstream DC summer crossover type material. Definitely not his best work and very hard to follow (partially due to Morrison's apparent hatred of captions telling the reader where/when the action is taking place) but I would still recommend checking them out if you haven't.

  32. Yes Chris it's been a period of time since I saw this episode, "Time's Arrow". But very interesting company these Ophidians seem to keep from Star Trek Myths to reality. Snakes, vipers, the final frontier! Dreams of Nagas, Eve and the Serpent, Ophidian Gnosticism, the Typhonian Traditions, including pesky Masons! Theistic Satanism, going boldly where no reptile has gone before. Gene Roddenberry and the rumors in the evangelical conspiracy movement about certain un-godly views?

    Then we have Blue Aliens who dine off our energy until we die. I'm informed of Human Mutilation, and the cases, if limited. A 16 year old girl in Silver City, New Mexico, reported by Christopher O'Brian. The hunter in Idaho, all the horror of Brazil's jungles. The B-52 Crew in the Vietnam War. The fact that Immigaration harrassment of Art Bell began after Art Bell began inquiries in this area, guest hosting for George Noory.

    Was Gene Roddenberry shading the truth about all of our early encounters with aliens as positive? Potentially, I've felt with my own hands alien mutilated cattle and wildlife. Are we all just food? Ask the shark, not the snake! The Opidians wanted to free us from Guilt and Shame just like Gene did! Worth the risk, HELL YES!

  33. Chris,
    Certainly we should relate Chrion to the CHI-RO, as this is just easiest way to describe what is going on... The other way is by insisting that ORION is a primordial version of CHIRON, and CHI-RON was the greatest astrologer and occultist there was until Jesus it seems. He was known as "THE HAND", since his father was Chronus. What this insists is that Egyptian's primordial god, ATUM's hand inseminated the Earth and makes a resurrection in Akhenatens ATEN featuring the WADJET (THE GREEN ONE) and fertile hands, each holding an ANKH.

    This is assertion of roles is consummated by Plato who receives the story of Atlantis in the city of Seis, where the serpentine goddess of the underworld NEITH and other mystery teachings are disclosed to him. Suddenly we understand with Homer and the rest, that Chiron was a very special factor in the explanation of a sudden, and abrupt change in human consciousness.

    Well, this can also be equated to Hanuman, as India is sandwiched between the Middle East and Russia. I will suggest here that the mystery cults in India absorbed everything around them, through the Arabs on one side and the Ainu "Learned Men" spreading their ancient Australian mystery teachings on the other. That dove tailed with Chinese and Japanese customs for initiates of these schools very nicely. As the faculty, has always been a traveling side-show, with excellent Seamen (pun intended).

  34. I forgot to mention that the Superman represents the Magician in TAROT, while the fool, is MAN in a mercurial state. Mercury is the god of commerce and looks a lot like the Fool on purpose, this represents the BASE. He is depicted holding a kerchief and stick. The Fool carries around symbols in the kerchief, but is oblivious to their meaning.

    The Magician, card (number 1) in the higher arcana represent Man as Superman, or the initiate of higher consciousness. Important because he is seen with those symbols carried by the fool in front of him in sitting on top of a table that looks like a cube. One hand points up with a rod that looks like a baton, the other points down, the Hermetic occultist, one step closer to ATUM.

  35. "The problem with all of these poetic interpretations is that over time they often calcify into a new- and profoundly stupid and destructive- kind of literalism."

    this quote has led me to start a Chris Knowles shrine in my house.

  36. P.S. Aside from the heavy symbolic resonances, I think the realpolitik angle of all this is potent somehow.

    I agree that India is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with, but I don't know how events will actually play themselves out on the world stage. If Obama is forging some kind of alliance with India, gods only know what deals and shenanigans are occuring under the table.

    All this long-term political stategising makes me wonder about the next ten years of human history. Are certain power-broking cliques running scared of something right now, or is it simply business as usual? Strange times, dude.

  37. Just an off-topic question, I'm thinking about getting the Sarah Connor Chronicles on dvd because a mate said it had alot of great character stuff in it. You'd second that thought, right?

  38. Again, I delight in reading the comments that you all make to the blog entries- they are as important to me as the original post.

    I had a chance to spend 8 months in India (Bangalore) and do some traveling around the country as well in 89-90. The temples and art we saw were mindcracking for me. The illustrations of blue gods and animal gods and Kali with her tongue and skulls and the temple carvings opened my eyes to art and information that never had been presented in years of art training (at what were obviously
    2nd rate schools). These were beautifully presented in a literal style that blew Dali out of the water.

    We didn't get to see everything because we were so obviously western and unable to see all sacred spaces but that is OK. I really have never looked at anything the same way again.

    I really don't understand why we are not all exposed to this cultural material (the Brits have known about it for 200+ years) except to keep us more ignorant and stupid and accepting of the pathetic state of western commercial art (no other kind of art and never has been IMHO).

    Then I came home and found the writings on Robert Anton Wilson (Cosmic trigger 1, 2, and 3 for starters) and thanks be to, it's never quit!

    This is more like a personal note than any deep thinking but those other posts above me- what thay said!

    Best Wishes, Delorus

  39. P.P.S

    Just saw your Sarah Connor Chronicles link on FB, from a few days ago. Sometimes I am rather blind. Yeesh. I need to catch up on good sci-fi shows, seriously.

  40. Just thought that I'd serve this platter, since it does add flavour to the already sumptuous feast presented here, David Hatcher Childress' Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis. Cheers, Christopher. See(r) y'all on Fb ~ Anadæ Effro

  41. my bad Lopez isn't half egyptian, but his character on Nip Tuck was, ha.

  42. 547- The Smurfs! Of course...

    Omega- If you scratch at most established belief systems you'll soon find the majority of their adherents either have no clue what they're about or don't actually believe in them at all. It's all politics. And that includes the skeptic/atheist religions as well.

    Raj- You might be on to something, because Avatar is really about the banksters and Blackwater smashing the rest of the world to bits. And that's why the neocons hate the film so much.

    Hobus- Oh damn, I am so on board for Beyonce as Wonder Woman, and I'm saying that as someone who essentially worships Lynda Carter. I kept a picture of her as WW on my wall next to my computer when doing Spandex. Plus it will annoy all of the right people.

    Carto- I'm just tripping on the fact that those glowing orbs we see everywhere in UFO research are sentient beings in the Trekoverse. Time's Arrow, particularly. The snake as Kundalini receptor.

    Gerald- Thank you very much for this fascinating line of inquiry concerning Chiron. Truly valuable information to explore. The centaur as bringer of wisdom- that seems like a very powerful archetype.

  43. Mystic- You mean you don't have one already?

    Raj- I think Doug had it right-India is going to be our ally in the coming showdown with China. The question is who will the Pentecostals side with, particularly those in Africa? If they see China as a rising Christian theocracy and America as apostate will they form a Chinese fifth column against the West? Don't bet against it. Interesting that China and Russia drop the dollar after Obama's India trip.

    Delorus- There's a very potent psychedelic component to it all, as Raj said before. Which is interesting given the connection in the 60s. But I think there's a huge connection between India and Ancient Egypt, particularly the Greco-Roman Egypt of Alexandria and the early Imperial period. A lot of scholars see a lot of Buddhist and Hindu influence in Gnosticism and Neoplatonism and vice versa. Note the lotus, a native Egyptian flower, in Hindu art. Hinduism can really be overwhelming, but I think it has a huge influence on India's technical prowess. Hindus are thrown into this extremely dense and information rich symbol system while Evangelical kids are singing Britney Spears music with vague devotional lyrics and don't even read the Bible at all anymore. It's all light and fluffy and 100% political. It's similar to how the complexity of the Chinese languages plays a major part in their neural development, particularly in music.

    Raj- Sarah Connor Chronicles rules.

    Anadae- Cheers. I did link to one of DHC's articles a few posts back so check that out too.

  44. And we have an airport of the Gods...

  45. We need to be careful about reading too much into the Hindu blue gods/alien/Avatar meme. Even a rudimentary search of Hindu god images shows a full range of colors. Blue gods, yellow gods, green, pink and purple gods. Rather than making leaps to copper or silver-based alien hemoglobin, perhaps the only factor at work is Indian artists' desire to experiment with a range of eye catching images.

    Chris, I am also reluctant to dismiss the freemasons as merely a grab bag of cultural symbols and colonial appropriations. As secret societies, the true origins and meanings of their iconography would be difficult for outsiders to properly identify.

    Isn't that the problem with secret societies and elite conspiracies in general? What is fact? What is gossip? What is deliberate disinfo? How can the little people ever really know?