Friday, July 09, 2010

Mermaids and Man-Things

Or should that say "Best of Sumer?"

Well, summer's here and the time is right for Sirius symbolism. Here's my old neighbor Marky Mark hamming it up with Will Farrell, who'll be playing the part of Oannes for us. That 116 sure is a strange number, until you add it up and get- of course- 17.

Speaking of mermaids, there's this story from Nikki Finke's site. 

Nice juxtapostion with the Avatar story, speaking of Sirius.

Here's an interesting shot of Kanye West, posing with his ginormous Horus bling. Generally, I don't have any interest in photos of Kanye that don't have Amber Rose in some startlingly-immodest outfit, but this will do.

 But I must say that necklace doesn't look very comfortable.

The Restoration Revelation marches on- Egypt announced yet another new "discovery"- what might be the entrance to a massive underground necropolis in Saqqara. Can you say "timetable?"

Speaking of billions of US tax dollars, pilgrims in Iraq gathered at a Shiite mosque with the most fascinating minarets I've ever seen. Maybe there's a clue here as to where all the misogyny stems from.

Did someone say misogyny? It's the lifeblood of haute coutre. German designer Patrick Mohr ups the ante in his new show by depicting his painfully thin models as himself, with his bald head, sunken eyes and facescruff.

But do they look like Mini-Mohrs or some kind of human/alien hybrid taken from old abductee accounts? You know how I'm voting.

Here's the promotional art for his new show, a portentious, vaguely-Kabbalistic symbol Mohr has his been parading his starving androgynes in front of. Which brings me back to Adam Kadmon, the Rebis and all of the other occult androgynes.

Barackobamun is on the case. Notice how un-eaglely those alleged 'eagles' look behind him there. They almost look more like dragons than phoenixes.

The latest meme is that Obama - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall St. - is somehow anti-Wall Street, even though his entire economic team is riddled with old Goldman Sachs hands. But seeing that everything this administration does has some bizarre ritual undercurrent, could we be seeing Obama recast as the new Mithras?

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." Speaking of elongated necks and uncertain provenance, "Ann" Coulter is singing, since Barackobamun is doing all he can to hand over the Congress to its party this November. He's even lost Streisand. But the trends are clear and Congress hasn't had any real power since the Tip O'Neil days. Obama will be able to use the GOP as a foil for his 2012 campaign.

Did someone mention cross-dressing? Lady Gaga continued furthering the nefarious Luciferian agenda by dressing up as a guy for some fashion show somewhere. Rumors of locust plagues, nuns giving birth to pythons and mass-scale human sacrifices following in her wake can't be confirmed at press time. Funny thing is, she looks better as a guy.

Gaga's tedious provocations have inspired desperate divas to follow in her hoofsteps. Christina Aguilera tried her hand at Gaga-like decadent chic, but only the Conspiratainment crowd paid her any attention.

Aguilera's Bionic tour was scotched due to lousy ticket sales. Janet Jackson picked up the cudgel for her new stage act, which features bored looking dancers not even trying to pretend they're turned on by the middle-aged megastar and her bid for her "transgressive" notoriety.

But it's all good. Very clever, actually- keep the malcontents busy with celebrity gossip while the real action goes on under our noses - or over our heads. For instance, we all know about ISiS- the International Space Station- but did you know it was shaped like the Cross of Lorraine?

Which also shows up in some old Alchemy texts. How about that? Pure coincidence, I'm sure. Life is full of them. UPDATES 7/10: The big story this weekend seems to the total eclipse (no, not that Eclipse). Of course Yahoo is on the case... is HuffPost.

Wow, here's a comforting ad. I feel safer already. The black sunwheel there is a nice touch.

And it was recently China's turn to be treated to an ominous aerial anomaly of the exotic missile variety. And it also seems their leaders can't get their stories straight on it either. 

Your thoughts, Mr. Dolan?

Back to Lady Gaga, she performed a live concert for the Today Show in -where else?- Rockefeller Plaza. Catching bits of her performance it struck me that all of the decadence and exhibitionism serves to cover the fact that her music is just a collection of tired old riffs that we've all heard a million times. She out-Madonna's Madonna. 

But then again, some of Madonna's early singles had catchy tunes to redeem them. Gaga's songs leave my head as soon as they end.