Sunday, August 01, 2010

AstroGnostic: The Dreaming Mind and the Invisible Hand, part 2

Tracy Twyman just posted part 2 of our conversation and this time the gloves are off. Just a quick bit of Sync Log-style background- I'd been thinking the morning we spoke that I needed to do some more podcasts in order to hone my chops, since it's been a while. Doing this sort of thing is a question of exercising some muscles I usually don't work with and I really wanted to get back into shape.

And lo and behold Tracy contacts me that day and we talk just a couple hours later. No notes, no talking points, no pre-interview here- just Tracy and I tackling some of the weightiest topics imaginable straight off the cuff. The ostensible starting point was this posting on The Solar Seminar that had Tracy and I throwing down over Gnostic creation myths but we take it to places that neither of us alone have traveled.

So from Gnostic creation myths and esoteric Biblical interpretation we go into explorations of consciousness, neural programming, Infinity, Eternity, Chaos, the Anunaki, Catastrophism, the Primordial waters, genetic engineering, spirit channeling, paranoid awareness, psychedelic philosophy, Philip K Dick and the Vast Active Living Intelligence System, Synchronicity and synchronizing your own life, levels of empiricism, expansion vs. reduction, the Bloodlines, Star Trek, the Archons and on and on and on.

A lot of the issues Tracy and I discussed will be explored here in the days to come, so you can take this a sneak preview. Check it out here and let me know your thoughts on the discussion.

SYNC LOG UPDATE: Strangely enough, this is the episode of Star Trek we ended up watching tonight, an episode I don't remember ever seeing. If you listen to the podcast you'll notice several of the memes Tracy and I discussed show up in the plot. And yes, this was re-written by Roddenberry, so much so that the original writer had himself credited under a pseudonym. Uncanny echoes of a later episode in Gene's life...

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  1. We are a limited species (perhaps deliberatley) in our normality. When we loose words we are just arriving at what we already know. Also, when we finally get all the answers there will only be another set of questions. It is eternal. Yet... All the while enjoy! Just took a little trip researching "hypostasis". Wound up with Pythagoras and the Vedas. RA

  2. Some very excellent conversation on this podcast, Chris.

    I've had similar thinking regarding the Archons for several years now, after discovering the Nag Hammadi. But had not thought of the Archons and our politicians here on earth specifically in terms of "as above so below", but it is a perfect way to describe what I've been mulling over lately. I've definitely perceived the increased governmental controls and this move towards a world government as being orchestrated by the Archons. In fact, the word Archon might as well be written across the foreheads of some of the talking heads on Fox and CNN. ;-) That said, I'm not sure I believe they are literal beings or spirits or something else ... possibly they are a part of us.

    Also resonate with the idea that something our rulers are quite terrified of is on its way, but don't know what it is either. There are probably several scenarios from which to choose. It often crosses my mind when I am driving across our increasingly deteriorating roads. I wonder if there's a reason why they are letting things fall into a state of disrepair, beyond the obvious financial ones.

    I don't know what all of this means, but I do feel very strongly these days, on a gut instinct kind of level, about learning to be a farmer. I'm no doomer, but I am harboring this idea that knowing how to raise livestock and grow things could help save my ass, and those of my family and neighbors, sometime in the future. Although I really hope that's not the scenario in store for any of us.

    Appreciate you sharing your travels.

    Pax. Kimberly.

  3. You made an insightful and revelatory comment during part II from 1:02 to 1:05.

    I'm referring specifically to your use of the term decision in the context of "cutting away". This is a unique and interesting use of the word. Incision is internal or to "cut in" or to "invade" whereas decision is external or, in your words, to "cut away" or also to "expel".

    As for the comment that the PTB are afraid of "something", I see it as nothing more than an external manifestation of their fear of losing power & control.

    If "something" of an ill nature is truly coming down the line I don't think we will be able to alter its course as we have not yet mastered the art of prophecy as prevention. I don't mean to be doom and gloom but we have to be realistic. Just my opinion...for what it's worth.

    WV: doses

  4. :: Wonderful ground-breaking conversation betwixt you & the Twymaness. Hey man, if things are so oppressed looking (Archons & other entities) there're always high Pagan celebrations like the one we're in this weekend to make things better, Lughnasadh ~ the Feast of Lugh. More on that celebration here & one of these days you & I just have to swap stories of our life-changing fever dreams. Happy Feast of Lugh ~ Anadæ Quenyan Effro ~ (•8-D

  5. Hello Christopher,

    I listened to your interview and enjoyed your thoughtful answers. Theoretically speaking, the invention of God which through science, now physics, is the idea of the singularity, with minions below who rule humanity is a man-made phenomenon, rather than the noumenon. Personally, I think of the Egyptians, and many civilizations/religions, including but not limited to the Hebrews, Hindus, etc., as the original patriarchal cargo cults. Through conquest and assimilation, the "as above, so below" actually became, through the entrance into dreamtime, "as below, so above", unfortunately.

    In living time, this will be corrected as humanity reawakens to the Earth, to the understanding that we may re-dream our reality, rather than live in the dream of those dead, long before us who were unable to interpret the earlier wisdoms already known by the conquered and/or oblliterated.

    Yes, I am convicted that other beings, do assist us, that the nightmares of our current age have been due to the half/brain approach to life; that our brain as receptor to Mind, whether universal, and/or local, will, once we move through these various limited inventions, allow us to return to the place where all that which lives, iives closer in accord with the dimensional laws rather than the limited ones, our fathers before us, invented, rather than intuited.

    I found your host's views of the Book of Genesis, as very simple, more faith/belief oriented than objective. The onset of the written word allowed the mythmakers of only certain tribes to effectively control the dream, and to control the species.
    Yet, as individuals we still have the potential to break through the veil, into the places beyond, like the infinite stars you described--

  6. Great conversation, well tuned symbiotic speculation. Fun, up the good work

  7. I really enjoyed this conversation and the ideas you two have explored, especially the parts about coming to terms with spiritual and physical realities, infinity and eternity.

    Nassim Haramein is an interesting fellow who has sort of made it his life's journey to reconcile infinities and finite spaces/experiences. His website is The Resonance Project and his 4 DVD-long symposium, called Crossing the Event Horizon, is full of esoteric, mystic, scientific, and ancient intersections and is an enjoyable and wild ride that I recommend to all.

  8. Great work Chris, it gives me a better sense of your thought process. Many aspects of the discussion is beyond me, I have to admit. Speaking from a pop culture standpoint. When you were commenting on the submersion of the ego in part 1. It reminded me of an experience I had, while at the gym recent. On the big screens, there were two programs, no audio, one dealt with a lecture from an Asian Monk about Buddhism, and his expression was so happy and tranquil, contrast this with some pundit on either CNN or Faux News, which just looked so angry, or screaming, we're not being offered many options in America right now.

    Listening to Tracy Twyman's thoughts on Noah's Ark and the flood, and while this is a silly observation, I was wondering if Tracy has much affinity with George Pal's "When World's Collide".

    You know, when you were commenting, I think in pt 2, about the National Geographic Astronomy photos that left such an impact with you, I had a mental image of one of the few better scenes from "Immortal Beloved", during the Ode To Joy, as the young Beethoven jumps in the lake, and it's revealed that he's floating in the Cosmos.

    As always, interesting insights.

  9. Stillprog- Ah, memetic adventure safaris. The best thing about the Net..

    Flying H- I think the main reason things are the way they are is the move towards a more militaristic state, and the reorganization of our infrastructures. There are a lot of people who think this country is too chaotic and too many things just kind of popped up over time. I can a time when the entire middle section of the country is emptied and turned over to logging, mining, farming- it's happening already. But I still don't buy the usual reasons for the US defense budget being larger than every other country combined. Something else is going on.

    Venefica-Yeah, probably what is coming is a fait accompli. Let's hope the best and plan for the worst.

    Anadae- Right on! The more holidays the merrier is what I say.

    Song- Scintillating ideas well put (and you know where I stand on the cargo cults!) Thank you, Song.

    628- Arianna is into some wild ideas that she doesn't much talk about in public.


    Bufton- Thanks for the links and the kind words!

  10. Who owns the rights to the picture of the saucers over the pyramids? I may want to use it. Thanks.
    Jack Sarfatti