Friday, April 02, 2010

Alien Dreaming: Sex, Psychics, Shapeshifters & Psychedelics (UPDATE)

Spend Good Friday in Vancouver with The Outer Limits as they do their own spin on Solaris. A heaping helping of Secret Sun memes on hand, as you can see in the title. The Outer Limits reminds me a lot of old school X-Files, even if the writing isn't quite on par. Since this was a cable series, there's some nudity so don't watch it at work. Flashdance and L Word fans will note that Jennifer Beals co-stars.

Two random bits of brain static for you to muse upon:

It's interesting to note how often shapeshifting and psychic ability show up in alien lore, and even well before it what with the faerie folk and all. The memes repeat often enough to make you start to wonder (it's interesting as well to see space and psychedelics show up in tandem on TOL again).

Another funny thought crossed my mind today- I wonder if all of the recent revelations with the Vatican are in any way related to their recent cheerleading on the ET issue. It was just one of those errant thoughts that breeze through my mind several hundred times a day, but it this one has been bugging me. I'm sure there's nothing to it (and it has been extremely gratifying seeing the truth about the cover-ups finally come out) but if there was ever a reason to go to war over it would be to best position one's institution for eventual alien contact.

Don't you think?

UPDATE: Here's a great bonus ep of The Outer Limits called 'Music of the Spheres'. It's ripe to bursting with Synchromystic resonance, especially of the Secret Sun variety. Joshua Jackson of Fringe and Kirsten Dunst of Spider-Man and Eternal Sunshine star as teenagers being mutated by an alien signal. Dr. Johnny Fever guest stars, appropriately enough.

I hope that every regular reader of this blog checks out this series. I'd been an Outer Limits purist for years and avoided the revival, but it is absolutely loaded to the gills with symbols, syncs and sci-fi prophecy. If you're a non-US reader, search for these eps online (Amazon has them for rent) or on DVD. I can't recommend them highly enough.


  1. That's some wild speculation about the ET Revelation and the Vatican... though somehow it seems oddly plausible!

    I've noticed however the linking of the NOT-ZEE meme, following the (Cas)Sandra Bull-OX Jesse James scandals and the Pope.

    Several prominent celebs and shows recently, like Colbert Report, have touched on the taboo Papal NOT-ZEE yUth connection.

    I did mention to Andre Heath several months ago in his post comments that soon we'd witness the deep dark secrets start to emerge en masse as the stars (astronomy/astrology) were indicating a coming time of "Revelation".

    (Had to adjust the words (Phonetically) as it seems Blogger is censoring certain post comment phrases and words again!! Posting the censored words results in an ERROR message.)


  2. Interesting viewpoint in this blog. Pop culture and esoteric themes. :-) I've also noticed lately how more and more spiritual themes come up in the movies and tv shows. It reflects the global spiritual change, I think.

    I've also wondered about that shapeshifting lately, it being such a common theme in fiction and folklore.

    And I just heard about the Vatican and ETs! I think they have some big secrets in there, freemason style, but all the filth that's come out disgusses me. But I believe there's a reason why all this has come out now. If the 2012 change is real, then all the filth and evil must come to the daylight before a real change is possible.

    Now I sound like a crazy person, but I'm not. :-D

    Great title: Our Gods Wear Spandex! Must read that. :-) I bet my comic hero husband would be interested too.

  3. Huh? You mean the Vatican is being exposed to make them less likely to be the contactee?

    I also was wondering- why NOW with the Vatican? I mean c'mon, as if this wasn't just waiting there, amongst a million other crimes- Do they need further weakening in the ongoing struggle in the factional SS (secret society) world? Who is distributing the hits? It's well known Masonic deeply infiltrated the Vatican. Once maybe they were the same. Why else would they have vindicated Maloy on his death anniversary?

    Is Ratzinger the Gorbachev of the Vatican? Is their time up? Is Obama the Ratzinger of USA?

    Perhaps the Templars dissolution was all just staged, like a John LeCarre spy being tarred so his identity is safe.

    The war with the Persian's continues- to whose benefit? Clash Of The Titan?

  4. Strangey- I don't know if I'd even raise it to the level of speculation, as I said it was just one of those random musings. The timing struck me as kind of odd, is all. I have tremendous respect for the tradition of the church, in that it's a keeper of the ancient liturgies stretching back to Egypt and Sumer (high church Anglicism and Orthodoxy more so, though) but less than zero respect for the organization behind it. And that disdain goes all of the way back to the old Roman bishops of the early church. Maybe even before.

    Helena- Well, our culture is our cult- that's the basic philosophy behind the blog. MInd you, most of our culture is a fever swamp of stupidity and vulgarity. If you click on the culture tag you can see that I used to cover more of the gossipy stuff but it's all so empty and vapid you end having to construct all kinds of weird projections upon it just to keep interest. Not only that but you attract legions of trolls . I'm proud of my readers and the comments I get here and want to keep it that way!

    Middley- I can't answer those questions, but I do know that there is a major - and secret -propaganda war being fought all across the world on a number of fronts. I'm tempted to start a political blog to sift through it all.

  5. @Chris,

    Yes, it's definitely true that they are the keepers of ancient liturgies... but those that truly elevate the soul they've kept exclusively unto themselves.

    And... as a result have become the example of the divine penalty of witholding what is dearly needed from those who dearly need it.


    you asked WHY NOW?

    and all I could think was: "it kinda seems long overdue".

    I liken it to a cousin I have who, when we were younger, broke his leg trying to prove he was indeed Superman. Cape and all he climbed the tree on our grandparents' farm and with all the belief he could muster, leaped.

    Somewhere in the brief moments following his excellent full-crouch launch position, which sent him several yards out from the tree, his fantasic and entertaining delusion collided with reality. His sudden awareness of his predicament was reflected in his horrific and terrified expression and flailing limbs as he hit the dark earth with a snap.

    I recall now, with mature retrospect, how he hobbled about on his crutches seeking sympathy and signatures on his new white support. His leg may have snapped but his primary pain I'm quite sure, came from his wounded pride and the realization that he was just a man.

    Yet he hobbled about seeking sympathy for something foolish he himself did. He thought he was more than human and therefore beyond the force of gravity. Funny thing is, he was one of those cute cuddly kids that's just downright lovable and sympathy he did receive, everywhere he hobbled.

    Well the months passed and with every weekly visit the doctors repeated their recommendations to remove the now well inked and crumbling wrappings from his leg. Although their x-ray photos proved otherwise, my cousin insisted that he was sure his leg had not mended and that it was not yet time to remove his beloved cast.

    Of course looking back now I see quite clearly that for some time after the cast's recommeded removal he continued to hobble around seeking sympathy, even though enough time had long passed and the leg was surely mended. The sympathy is what he still sought.

    The sympathy made up for the real wound that would outlast the mending of his bones - his wounded pride at the moment of that snap and its result of having to accept that he was just a man.

    But sympathy he did receive, everywhere he hobbled.

    I'm sure he would have continued his effort to salve his wounded pride for decades if he could have - had his mother not be wise enough to finally insist on the removal of his cast and crutches.

    Anyway, to shorten this story, at long last he gave in to inevitable fate. He finally gave up the cast and crutches and grew up to be a high-school track star.

    His story reminds me that, in the course of every natrural development, there comes a time to grow up. To put away the crutches of our youth as painful as that parting may be. To realize and accept when they are no longer necessary for our safe healing. To accept that if we do not move beyond our crutches, they may in fact become the very thing that hinders our further progress and development.


  6. great story Strangeye- A modern day proverb and the meaning is clear! Thank you for sharing it, great food for thought. Delorus

  7. Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

  8. But I think some institutions have pretty good reasons for hiding their esoteric information. Most people are not yet ready for that and it could be badly misunderstood and misused.

    I also wanted to ask how seriously you take this popculture and the symbolism in it? Or how did you become interested in it? Just to avoid misunderstanding. :-) I think that our beliefs, myths and dreams strongly affect popculture but I've also wondered how much this is the other way round - culture affecting our subconscious and our beliefs.

    Ps. You might be interested in the video I just posted. (Or maybe it's old news to you.)

  9. WaPo headline:
    Obama's 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman's claim of being 'over-taxed'

  10. Agreed- words to ponder, Strangey.

    Helena- Wow- there's an open-ended question for you (or me)! I take it all very seriously- it's my life's work.

    Alan- Don't forget the 17 yo Black Widow in Russia too...

  11. Chris, this Outer Limits episode reminded me of an interesting quirk regarding biblical translations. The Hebrew word 'nachash' in the book of Genesis has been translated as meaning 'serpent,' but it also has another meaning: 'the luminous or shining one.'

    Kinda puts this mere TV episode in a whole new 'light,' don't you think?