Friday, April 02, 2010

Sex, Psychics, Shapeshifters & Psychedelics

Spend Good Friday in Vancouver with The Outer Limits as they do their own spin on Solaris. A heaping helping of Secret Sun memes on hand, as you can see in the title. The Outer Limits reminds me a lot of old school X-Files, even if the writing isn't quite on par. 

Since this was a cable series, there's some nudity so don't watch it at work. Flashdance and L Word fans will note that Jennifer Beals co-stars.

Two random bits of brain static for you to muse upon:

It's interesting to note how often shapeshifting and psychic ability show up in alien lore, and even well before it what with the faerie folk and all. The memes repeat often enough to make you start to wonder (it's interesting as well to see space and psychedelics show up in tandem on TOL again).

Another funny thought crossed my mind today - I wonder if all of the recent revelations with the Vatican are in any way related to their recent cheerleading on the ET issue. It was just one of those errant thoughts that breeze through my mind several hundred times a day, but it this one has been bugging me. 

I'm sure there's nothing to it (and it has been extremely gratifying seeing the truth about the cover-ups finally come out) but if there was ever a reason to go to war over it would be to best position one's institution for eventual alien contact.

Don't you think?

UPDATE: Here's a great bonus ep of The Outer Limits called 'Music of the Spheres'. It's ripe to bursting with Synchromystic resonance, especially of the Secret Sun variety. Joshua Jackson of Fringe and Kirsten Dunst of Spider-Man and Eternal Sunshine star as teenagers being mutated by an alien signal. Dr. Johnny Fever guest stars, appropriately enough.

I hope that every regular reader of this blog checks out this series. I'd been an Outer Limits purist for years and avoided the revival, but it is absolutely loaded to the gills with symbols, syncs and sci-fi prophecy.