Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 4

The basic story of I Am Legend is this - an Army microbiologist named Robert Neville is working to reverse a plague that wiped out most of the Earth's population, and left many of the plague's survivors in a feral, cannibalistic state, totally lacking in higher brain function. Using his own blood Neville is trying to develop a vaccine, which he perfects just prior to his death in a lab explosion (shades of Jack Parsons). He hands the vaccine to two survivors, a woman and a boy- to take to a mountain sanctuary where plague survivors are working to restore humanity.

We looked at the Osiris symbolism in relation to the film, but there is also the more obvious Christian symbolism as well, itself preceded (if not derived) from the Isis and Osiris Mysteries. But Osiris/Asar and his equivalents (Ashur, Anshar, Ahura, Arthur), and his wife Isis/Aset and her equivalents (Asherah, Astarte, Ishtar, Inanna, etc), as well as his son Horus/Heru and his equivalents (Helu/Helios, Surya, Mitra, Heracles/Hercules) are themselves drawn from even more ancient archetypes from Sumer and other cultures in Mesopotamia. Those antecedents themselves might be mythologized renderings of even earlier characters.

When you look at the iconography of these figures, you can't help but notice that A., a lot of them are winged, B.. others are identified with flying disks or boats, and C., many of them are associated with strange apparatuses that look like machinery.

Which in this day and age makes the whole prospect of studying these characters a bit touchy, since if you even bring up the possibility that these figures may not have been "gods" but technological-advanced extraterrestrials, you face the prospect of being forever branded a heretic by the scientific establishment. Even though the science for AAT exists - at least in theory - by this point.

Even so, starting with Charles Fort, up through Morning of the Magicians and Chariots of the Gods?, heretical freethinkers have been looking at the ancient myths in the context of modern science and drawing the obvious parallels. And thus "Ancient Astronaut Theory" was born.

AAT was widespread in the 70s (TV stars like Rod Serling and William Shatner both starred in AAT documentaries), but then a funny thing happened: at the exact time that AAT gathered momentum, hundreds of millions of dollars - if not billions- began pouring into Fundamentalist religious movements, as well as into very powerful telecopes and other space detection technology.

Then an army of so-called "skeptics" arose bashing memes like AAT, but conspicuously avoiding any criticism of established (read: 'majority') religious systems. Following them was a coterie of Fundamentalist conspiracy theorists who demonized not only UFOs and AAT, but UFO and (particularly) AAT researchers as well. Almost as if someone wanted to study this mystery but scare everyone else off.

Wholly unrelated phenomena? Maybe.

But here's the thing- after years of near-total invisibility AAT has begun creeping back into TV shows, movies and video games in the past few years, concurrent with the implosion of the Fundamentalist movement in America. Coincidence again? Even stranger, we've also heard pronouncements from the Vatican about the spiritual nature of ETs, even though they've not given us any evidence that said ETs exist.

So last year we looked at all of this in light of all of the Sirius double-entendre and Phoenix symbolism thrown about. I said last year that there seemed to be a subliminal effort to identify Obama with King Tut, which certainly was confirmed on his Egypt trip. Assuming this isn't all pure coincidence, it may in fact speak to an uncertainty on the part of some of these players- ritual behavior is usually the result of anxiety.

Call it a hunch, but I genuinely believe that the PTB have no real idea what's going with UFOs or with the possibility of alien visitation, but like the rest of us they sense something might be coming. I won't argue here whether that sense is justified or not, but the rush to build all of this new space hardware during a worldwide economic crunch may well be a contigency move, at the very least. I've been through all of this before, so I'm not keen to make any predictions. Partly because predictions on UFOs are almost always wrong and partly because I've no real idea what's going on.

So what does this crazy-talk have to do with I Am Legend? Well, we looked at Will Smith here before, and the explicit connections to Horus in his superhero (read:Heru) film Hancock. And we looked at the Osiris symbolism in I Am Legend, or at least the Osiris parallels. Given that some of the same people are involved in both films, it's not unreasonable to wonder if the two films are companion pieces.

What's important here is that Osiris was seen as the creator of civilization in the ancient mythology, and was often identified with Oannes, the fish god of the Persian Gulf that we've also looked at. Both these characters figure into the AAT continuum (as well as John the Baptist lore, which we'll look at another time).

And if you look again at the basic plot of IAL, you could make the argument that it's an Intervention Theory allegory: an alien scientist using genetic engineering to create thinking human beings out of feral protohominds, exactly as Neville is trying to do with the zombie/vampires in IAL.

Again, that's my personal interpretation, but not an unreasonable one. Let's at least agree that the parallels are there, intentionally or not.

Now, back to the Obama synchronicity in Norway. All of this Sirius business began for me with Obama's campaign, and the strange UFOs floating near the Franklin Institute (where I saw the Tut exhibit in Philadelphia) during an Obama rally. And now we have another odd - if not unexplainable - aerial phenomenon over the skies of Norway just prior to his acceptance of the Nobel prize. Something which I'm happy to say people are generally skeptical of. But we still don't know it was and we still don't know what it might have meant to whomever was responsible for it. Wouldn't it be funny if it was in fact some kind of extraterrestrial manifestation?

Equally important for my syncstream was the mural under which Obama delivered his speech. Not only did it picture decidely non-Norwegian looking blue-skinned deities, but the composition was highly reminiscent of Egyptian murals, particularly those that depicted everyday activities in a tiered fashion, all lorded over by the gods who are often situated in the same spot that those strange blue creatures were as well. Again- maybe all a coincidence, but the coincidences keep piling up, don't they?

What also fascinated me is the sync of Will Smith tagging along with Obama in Oslo and then his odd statement that "the idea of Obama" represented an "evolutionary flashpoint for humanity." I still have no idea what he meant by that and I can't help but wonder if it was scripted by somebody else.

But for our purposes it ties right into both Intervention Theory (literally) and I Am Legend (figuratively)- the genetic transformation of feral prehumans into thinking human beings certain represents an 'evolutionary flashpoint', no? And again, the parallels to Sirius symbolism with the two celebrities is pretty astounding in the overall memestream we're wading in here.

But while working on all of this I suddenly remembered another reference to the Stairway that we've looked at in the past, and how that ties into this overall constellation of symbolism and scientific speculation. Come back tomorrow and keep your seatbelts fastened.



  1. I wonder what the Greek word for "Will" might be...

  2. Anon: Thele—ohhhh...

    The mural might depict the Four Worlds of Kabbalah (Atziluth -> Beri'ah -> Yetzirah -> Assiah). And if you plunk a Tree of Life over it, the blue child fits into the sphere of Tiphareth, the suffering Son of God.

  3. "an alien scientist using genetic engineering to create thinking human beings out of feral protohominds." Thats why i come to the sun, cuz i never would have thought about it like that.

    When you abbreviate IAL, it looks like HAL. Advanced technology e.t. Like Wall-e!

    Hey man, i have an 11 year old nephew, do you have any pointers on how to try to get him into this stuff. Did you study semiotics in college or what? Like Todd Haynes who did a movie on Susan Carpenter, Velvet Goldmine(David Bowie), and I'm Not There(Bob Dylan).

  4. ritual behavior is usually the result of anxiety.

    I come for the psychology too!

  5. Rod Serling lived off route 17 in New Jersey.

    And - In the bible, when Jesus disappears from the tomb, his followers are confused when they don't find him there. They talk with the GARDENER, and he says that Jesus is not here. Gardener translates (to me) to Green-man.

  6. Hi all, after a few days of absorbing and percolating this blog I just can't resist joining in the fun!

    Do read 'The Cosmic Serpent' by Jeremy Narby. Here is a story that stuck in my mind since I read it a few years ago (will be rereading over the next few days).

    The book relates a story taken from a book by Anthropologist Michael Harner, in which he describes his first experience of Ayahuasca. After some visions of barks/barques containing bird-headed humans and other episodes, he thinks he is about to die -

    "Then he saw that his visions emanated from "giant reptilian creatures" resting at the lowest depths of his brain. These creatures began projecting scenes in front of his eyes, which informed him that this information was reserved for the dying and the dead:"First they showed me the planet Earth as it was eons ago, before there was any life on it. I saw an ocean, barren land, and a bright blue sky. Then black specks dropped from the sky by the hundreds and landed in front of me on the barren landscape. I could see the 'specks' were actually large, shiny, black creatures with stubby pterodactyl-like wings and huge whale-like bodies...They explained to me in a kind of thought language that they were fleeing from something out in space. They had come to the planet Earth to escape their enemy. The creatures then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence. Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation-hundreds of millions of years of activity-took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to describe. I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man."
    "At this point in his account, Harner writes in a footnote at the bottom of the page: "In retrospect one could say they were almost like DNA, although at that time, 1961, I knew nothing of DNA."

    Chris, I hope that wasn't too long a post, please keep up the good work!

    93, 93/93


  7. Read the Lemurian scrolls from the himalayan academy.


    1 ¶Mankind migrated to this planet in his divine soul body during the Sat Yuga, the age of enlightenment. He had reached a final stage of evolution on his native planet. The risk in migrating to a fire planet was great, but so was the reward. They were, however, at a place in evolution requiring a planet with fire in it to catalyze them through new experiences into completing their unfoldment to the final realization of the Self. Souls came from the other planets to Earth for one of two reasons: either they came to realize the Self, because they had not previously done so and were just drifting in bliss, or were great beings who already had the Self realized and came to help the others. They came from everything in a state of status quo. They had come to this planet to get jostled around in the fire to continue their unfoldment

    In the Sat Yuga, the air was thick and the Earth lush and tropical. The thick clouds of gases and healthful substances floating in the air were the materials the divine souls that came to the fire planet, as they referred to it, would use to materialize a physical body around the etheric body of the soul to express through while living on Earth. As more and more came to Earth in their etheric bodies, ceremonies were performed in a scientific way by those who had already arrived, offering food and flowers, cut fruits and other ambrosia before them so that they could absorb some of the organic essences into the etheric body and materialize around and through it Earth bodies. Their etheric bodies became dense, firm and more defined during these food-offering ceremonies in what were to later become the temples of the Treta Yuga. They continued to absorb these food-offering essences until they began to smell and feel and acquired a full physical form and could eat normally, as the animals did on Earth at that time.

    its vivid

  8. Nice, those two above accounts are quite Gnostic. I just had a synch too. Just before I came on here I was on the blog A Few Shots to Shaman in which 'The Cosmic Serpent' was talked about too. So I'm thinkin that's the Universe telling me something. Got to check it out.

    Also, does anyone know why sych-bloggers are calling Will Smith "Will Y2K Smith" or "Will Millenium Smith." I see that over and over and cannot figure it out.

  9. Grey:

    there is a pleiadian connection to all this.

    Lemuria is one of our most prized and puzzling mysteries--a memory of Earth's brightest spiritual civilization and epoch burrowed in our collective subconscious. Lemurian Scrolls presents a remarkably detailed, clairvoyant reading of how beings from ancient planets in the Pleiades star cluster traveled by mind-of-light-powers to colonize Earth four million years ago. Earth was a young, atmospherically-rich planet bathed in far stronger kundalini forces than our present era, and therefore was a spiritually challenging world for the new inhabitants seeking the experience necessary to attain the final realization of the universal Self. This non-fictional saga unfolds how these beings—the Lemurians—manifested sexless, semi-immortal bodies, kept contact with their Pleiadean home worlds, how they psychically evolved our present human body, the spiritual societies and civilizations they developed, diet and cultural practices of the Lemurians, how reincarnation for humans began, the nature of yuga time spans in relation to cultural/spiritual developments, what happened after Lemuria and more. Includes the most extensive discussion of kundalini in relation to individuals, earth and the galaxy available

    Migrating to this planet in their subtle bodies, many of our forebearers traveled through the Sun. The beginnings of mankind's mission on this planet came in a far-away time, when the atmosphere was dense with waters and gases. Flowers and animals were larger and more exotic than today. At first, the transformation from etheric to physical form was difficult, but ceremonies evolved which, using the fragrances of fruits and flowers, brought devotionally to special pedestals, assisted in bringing through beings who absorbed these organic essences to materialize a denser, earthly, fibrous body. These beings loved the many jewels and golden ornaments that were crafted to bedeck and help support their flexible forms. Human life did not evolve from lesser earthly species.

    Yugas before mankind arrived on Earth, celestial beings in wingless spacecraft spread seeds from other planets. Souls arriving in the last Sat Yuga eventually formed monasteries in which experiments were conducted into the nature of life, designing forms it should take on this planet. Their flexible bodies were light and easily flew in the dense air. Occasionally, one would be devoured by an animal, thus capturing this soul in the incarnation cycle of that species. Through the long mutative process of repeatedly reentering these instinctive bodies, they finally cultivated a body similar to, yet cruder than, the first fibrous bodies. To release a soul caught in an animal reincarnation cycle into human birth, ceremonial sacrifice was conducted, with the knowledge and silent consent of the animal

  10. Roland Emmerich did a film called

    Das Arche Noah Prinzip (aka The Noah's Ark Principle)

    The year is 1997, and World Peace seems to have come, with most classic weapons of mass destruction having been abandoned. However, orbiting the Earth there is the European/American space station FLORIDA ARKLAB, capable of controlling the weather at any location on the planet underneath. A civil project by nature, it might be abused as an offensive weapon, since it could deliver devastation to any potential adversary simply by creating natural disasters such as storms and floods. No wonder the space station soon becomes the central point in rising political tensions between East and West, next stop World War 3 (as indicated by the tagline "The end of our future has already begun"). We follow the main protagonist Billy Hayes, an astronaut aboard the station, as he wades through a plot of secrecy and sabotage trying to tell friend from foe in the process

    Emmerich directed

    Independance day
    Universal soldier, The Patriot
    The day after tomorrow,
    10 000 BC
    The visitor series

    When lead scientist Dr. Brackish Okun and his team attempt to remove a "bio-mechanical" suit from the alien, the specimen regains consciousness, attempts escape, and takes control of Okun's mind


    Trailer of Noah's ark principle 1984 weather war

  11. You were right Chris. Having great fun with this series of post. Although this is all in fun & interesting...the seriousness of the symbolic meaning are...sick, sick, sick or 666. :)

    The Democratic Party’s Donkey is there symbol. One might assume it has something to do with the stubborn attitude of the Donkey, or Jackass. This is the cover story revolving around this symbol, but in reality, the subliminal attached to this symbol is:


    Saint Francis, on his deathbed, is supposed to have thanked his donkey for carrying him on his journeys. Supposedly the donkey wept.

    WEPT = WATER EYES, the suggestion of WATER, plus the notion of a DAWN KEY, or the KEY to the DAWN, the coming of the LIGHT, or Kingdom of God in the New World Order.

    In all fairness, the Republican Party of the United States has an equally odd symbol, namely, the elephant.

    ELEPHANT = ALLAH-FAWN-T = ALLAH – To Bring Forth – To Fawn – To FLATTER in a SERVILE WAY – Pertaining to SLAVES or SERVANTS
    ELEPHANT = LA FAUN = Los Angeles / Rural Roman Deity with horns and a tail.

    Also note that in 2004, G.W. Bush had the stars turned upside-down (stars point down now like a pentagram) on the republican logo???

    The Land of the Free ???

    The Democratic Party logo symbol refers to the Key which will herald the Dawn of a New Age, & the Republican Party logo symbol refers to Allah, the All Seeing Eye egregore group entity that will bring forth the New Age of SLAVERY.

    During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama had, for his campaign slogan, these words:

    CHANGE We Can Believe In

    Being that this was going to be the first black President to be elected, with the enormous symbolism connectiong Barack Obama to President Lincoln, and the SLAVERY issue, this slogan actual means, from a subliminal perspective:

    CHAINS We Can Believe In!


  12. The word Oasis comes from the Egyptian word ‘oiuh’, meaning ‘dwell’. With a little sound / shape association applied to the word ‘oiuh’, the similarity with the French word for ‘yes’ is ‘oui’, pronounced ‘we’. The English word ‘yes’ is simply a subliminal word that means ‘eyes’ or ‘Isis’. Likewise the French word ‘oui’, also sends a similar subliminal thought, by pronouncing ‘oui’ as ‘oye’ or ‘eye’.

    These eye words are referring to the ‘eye’ of Isis, Osiris and Horus, the All Seeing Eye of the energy light atom.

    Also insinuated in the word Oasis, is the link between the Eye and Water. The Eye is the energy light atom. Energy is measured in watts. The word watts comes from water.

    The Egyptian word ‘ouih’ is also implying this thought, that of the eye, with the addition of the letter ‘H’, a reference to the sun god Horus. The son, who is one with the father, is also linked through marriage to the mother Isis (in mythological and religious teaching the mother marries the son). Together, the mother, Isis or Mary, which is the matter of the eye (the electron), and the son, Horus or Jesus (the neutron), who is the pupil in the nucleus hex of the eye, and the father, Osiris or Jehovah (the proton), the IRIS, the COLOUR, (colour in reverse is ROUL-O-K), form the trinity of the light atom particle.

    The ROUL-O-K, or the colour of the iris of the eye means RULE OF KILLINGS or RULE OF KINGS, and implants the suggestion that the elite in the world have the god given right, or the Divine Right of Kings to Rule.

    This trinity of religion and science, which in turn is simply magic or hypnosis, is the basis of all intellectual knowledge.

    Intellectualism is demonism and it’s manipulative strength is hypnosis. The depth of the trance state becomes very apparent, when measuring the level of intellectualism in the world. For this reason, the ability to come out of the trance and to reconnect to wisdom and awareness challenges ones sanity.

  13. Memphis pilot spots triangle UFO 'size of a football field'


  14. Anony212- Thelema Smith! I love it!

    Elelie- Do it and put it up for us!

    Justie- Don't get your 11 yo nephew into this stuff! Let him enjoy his childhood! Just tell him to enjoy his video games and movies- that's the best training right there...

    C!- Do you know where in NJ? I'd like to visit his old haunt.

    Tara- That's fascinating. Well, I've been toying with the notion that the Collective Unconscious is a kind of biocomputer and that entheogens are an interface, and your story ties into that quite nicely. Thanks!

    Anony125- Great stuff- thank you for the link. i bookmarked that site.

    Grey- that has to do with his album, which came out around 99 or so. Check out the K2 link and check out Jake's vid.

    Anony306- Interesting- I will look that up. Brackish has to do with the water Oannes lived in, from Berossus' account.

    DS888- Obama is exactly like Bush, aside from the rhetoric (and not so much that either). So maybe the Elephant and the Donkey can be genespliced into some kind of hideous chimera and exist as a living symbol of our inane political system.

    Quarkie- Interesting. They should have built in cameras on these planes. Or do they?

  15. Speaking of Sirius, I just finished the second VALIS book, and in it the "devil," Belial, came from the 4th planet in the Sirius system, same as the alien Visitors in V. In my own research I found out that in the "New Age Religion" section of the United Nations website (not sure if it's still there), it is indicated that an alien presence from Sirius has affected earth in the past to some untold degree.

  16. Great posts. I have an obsession with the spiral, so it's nice to see how it appears in observations around the web...

    2 things for fun:

    1) PHARAO atomic clock to be attached to IS(i)S

    2) Caleb was the sons name in KNOWING (Noah was the working name). I wrote about that on my blog a while ago, but thought it was interesting to note since KNOWING apparently has some symbolical import and it rises here again. I gotta watch I am Legend again.

  17. Justie,
    Chris is right. I really don't think its a good idea for a youngun to immerse themsevles in mysticism and whatnot. Although all of this is exciting. It can be depressing sometimes. Even maddening, obsessive. blah. I tell you this with sincerity, friend.

  18. The Walls of America Come Tumbling Down.

    The demise of America, the perceived judgment of the lord, is perpetuated by the elite who run America & who run the world. For instance, George W. Bush appears to be a dumb-founded president with little sense. He was taught this from birth on his Freemasonic father’s knee. He was taught to play dumb. Consider this, nobody but nobody is as stupid as George W. Bush appears to be. It’s absolutely incredible how famously he’s played his role as the buffoon.

    America & the world has bought into this buffoonery that has created the reaction, resentment, resistance & revenge that is meant to bring about the long promised flood.

    The number 4 is pronounced as FOUR, which eventually works its symbolism to express the BARK of a DOG. This DOG represents a GOD, & is the DOG STAR called SIRIUS, which coincides with HAWAII. This is the birthplace of Barack Obama, (on official forms), whose nickname is BARK and/or BEAR, and his name BARACK relates to the BARK of a DOG GOD, & suggests the BA sacrifice on the RK or ROCK.

    The whole inauguration process began, January 20, 2009, from the Blair House, where Obama travelled in his NEW CADILLAC LIMOUSINE called ‘The BEAST’, down 8th STREET (control) to St. John’s (OANNES the fish god) Episcopal Church. This church has 6 COLUMNS (the sacrificer) & is painted YELLOW & WHITE, (Holiness unto EYE-T God). The swearing in ceremonies began at 12 NOON eastern time, which made it 11 AM in Cairo Illinois, right in the fork of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. In Kansas, (Kans-OZ), & YELLOWSTONE, (Holystone), this event took place at 10 AM and in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mount Olympus & Vancouver, at 9 AM. What symbolically transpired with these time zone changes, was the symbolic seismic locations of Cairo, Yellowstone, & the Western States, was another 9 representing the FALL, and an 11 representing DEATH, in the fork of the rivers that symbolize the NILE.

    After the church service, the 44th High Priest is off to the White House Temple to have COFFEE and TEA with the 43rd High Priest (Bush).

    COFFEE = KHOFU and KHAFRE and MENKAURE, or KOFFEE, EEFFOK, or the name of the FUCK GOD. Tea = T, the sacrifice CROSS.

    All this chit chat occurred in the BLUE ROOM of the White House, or symbolically the WATER & SKY ROOM, symbolic of where NUT, the Night Goddess gathers the dead unto herself, ‘to protect them’.

    The Oath of Office to swear in the next High Priest is only 35 words, which coincides with 11 on the 3rd clockface, yet another 11.

    As one can see, this is not just a simple transition of power from one political leader to another, this is the highest form of symbolic SUN GOD WORSHIP disguised as some common aspect of the democratic process.

    There is no such thing as a democratic process, anymore than there is a tooth fairy.

    Something that mustn’t be overlooked is the date of the inauguration itself. January 20, 2009 translates as:

    01/20/2009 = 01+20+20+09 = 50 the number of sacrifice with intensity.

    This is the same number 50 that appeared on the $50 bill, 2001 series, with the subliminal implant showing the 2 World Trade Centre Towers collapsing, that ultimately killed almost 3,000 people.

  19. Alright, here is the mural overlaid with the Tree of Life. I am not as familiar with the nuances of Kabbalah as I should be (who is?), so perhaps others can offer their input.

  20. QUOTE: an alien scientist using genetic engineering to create thinking human beings out of feral protohominds, exactly as Neville is trying to do with the zombie/vampires in IAL.

    ...After the fall of the predominant civilization, no less. Is that how WE got here? And why we have no memory of whoever came before us some 12,500 years ago or so? The last time things fell apart on a global scale...

    Are we being conditioned for a repeat?

    Also, I wanted to mention that Will Smith's character in I, Robot was dying in a car underwater too when a robot saved him instead of a little girl, which is what made him prejudiced against them --- they could not discern that they should save the child first...

  21. Eleleth said...
    "I am not as familiar with the nuances of Kabbalah as I should be (who is?), so perhaps others can offer their input."

    Yes, I can help with that. I'll post relevant comments on Chris' post if it apply so it will give people an Idea of what it about. I'm not an expert but I have studied it for several years now & have gained a fair amount of knowledge on the subjest.

    I'm planning a detailed series of posts about Kabbalism on one of my blogs soon. It's the best way because it will take hours to compile the notes for the post but well worth it.

    You got me inspired. It's an area a lot of people don't know much about, Kabbalah! And it's much more important than most seem to understand. You will see!


  22. i dont know if you saw this, but....


  23. A friend just mentioned that he recently went on a tour of the Freemason Grand Lodge in Drury Lane, London and was told by the guide that they were very proud to have Will Smith there for the 'I Am Legend' launch party.

  24. Hi Chris,
    I'm a follower of your blog, and after listening to last night's CoasttoCoastAM program, I thought of you. It was all about how there is a brown dwarf star in our solar system that can't be seen (due to the nature of being a brown dwarf - it emits radiation and gravity, but is too cold to shine). It's effecting our world and causing all these earthquakes and strange polar shifts - a true secret sun! Here's a link to the program: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2011/02/21