Monday, December 14, 2009

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 3, The Spiral Staircase

"Hey honey, look at that crazy blue spiral in the sky!"

In the previous entry in this series I mentioned the strange synchronicities that coincided with Barackobamun's Nobel speech, as well as Will Smith's appearance at the Nobel festivities at a time when I was struggling through an analysis of his 2007 film, I Am Legend. Additional syncs pertaining to spirals (the odd aerial event the day before the speech) and stair imagery tied into the "Stairway to Sirius" meme I saw repeated throughout the Will Smith film.

But perhaps the reason I was struggling was that there was a missing piece to the puzzle- the spiral. Luckily, the Russians or HAARP or God knows who else were kind enough to bring that one to my attention...

In the second part of this series we saw Will Smith's character Neville in the real-life Temple of Dendur- which was dedicated to the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris, Isis and Harpocrates. And in the alternate ending we see him in the temple with his new companions- a woman and young boy, both in from Mary-land.

What's more, both of his new friends have the AN cognate in their names, AN meaning "heaven" in Sumerian. And they responded to Neville's calls to meet him at Manhattan's South Street Seaport "when the Sun is highest in the sky." Interesting symbolism there as well.

So are Neville, ANna and EthAN the film's new Holy Trinity? After all, Neville is working for the salvation of all humanity (through the manipulation of DNA, no less). Let's run the symbols...
We first see Neville hunting deer running through the streets of Manhattan...

...and Osiris was identified with the star Orion, also known as the Hunter.

We also see Neville growing cereal grains (corn, in this case) in a vacant lot in Midtown (just like in the colonial days)...
...and cereal grains were said to grow from the body of Osiris.

We see photos of dead vampire-zombies (or whatever) up on the wall of Neville's wall, which he uses to judge the effectiveness of his various vaccine formulas. In other words, he's evaluating (read: 'judging') the dead in his underground lab.
...and Osiris judged the dead in his underworld kingdom.

We see Neville caught in a snare at Grand Central Station (a temple of Hermes, remember) and suspended in a pose much like the Hanging Man trump in Tarot...

...which has been identified with Osiris by many occultists, including Aleister Crowley. Note the green sun motif at the top there.

Distraught by the death of his incredibly awesome dog, Neville tries to commit suicide-by-zombie. Here we see the car-as-coffin motif we saw in the latest X-Files movie, as well as the car/river conjunction we saw in Pushing Tin (Osiris' first death came when he was locked in a coffin and thrown into the Nile).

Just as Osiris was rescued in his coffin by Isis, Neville is rescued in his about-to-be-coffin by ANna (read: Inanna) and EthAN. Note that ANna and EthAN used ultraviolet lights - sunlight, in other words - to drive away the zombies. Familiar yet powerful symbolism there.

...and ANna then fixes him up some eggs, also sacred to goddess figures - particularly those like Inanna/Ishtar/Easter.

Continuing the Sumerian motif here (which we'll see is vital to the story arc), we see ANna dressed in the sun....

...which was also identified with Inanna. Note the lion- they appear out of nowhere in this film as well.
I knew exactly where this scene was going right away- EthAN watches Shrek in the living room...

... and Neville identifies himself with the "green man" by mouthing his dialogue. Remember that Osiris is green, and the ancient Celts worshiped him as the "Green Man", a trenchant fact given Shrek's Scottish dialect.

Osiris died and rose and died again (by dismemberment) and descended to rule the Underworld. After his symbolic death, Neville has his actual death (dismemberment, surely) in his underground lab as he sacrifices himself (in the theatrical version) so that ANna and EthAN can get his vaccine to the sanctuary in Bethel, VT.

Again, the central motif here is DNA, which Neville is depicted as the master of.

Here we see ANna hand over the vaccine, which Neville created on 9/9. Fascinating to see those numbers again (there were nine major gods in the Egyptian pantheon), particularly in a sync-string that ties back to Barackobamun, the man Smith recently referred to as an "evolutionary flashpoint." A bizarre choice of words and another fascinating sync, as we'll see later.

In the alternate version, Neville escapes with ANna and EthAN to Bethel and takes what road? No surprise there.


But Bethel is fascinating, not only because it lies near the birthplace of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, it's named after the place in the Bible where Jacob had his vision of the ladder reaching into heaven. Jacob's Ladder may or may not also be the original inspiration for the Masonic First Degree tracing board.

Note here that Gnostic visionary William Blake depicted Jacob's Ladder as a spiral staircase, which was obliquely referred to in the first part of this series.

So maybe now we can understand the meaning of all of the stairways and ladders and steps in I Am Legend. Neville's profession is a microbiologist, and what's the primary focus of people in that line of work?

DNA. The original spiral staircase.

Even though the DNA double helix wasn't discovered until 1953, double helixes show up all over the place in ancient art, more so the more ancient you get. And unfortunately for denialists, this icon of intertwined snakes show up in very specific instances, often to do with medicine and/or royal bloodlines. So it can't be dismissed it as random coincidence (though, of course, it always is). This particular image is identified with the Sumerian god Ningishzida, who shares many attributes with Osiris.

And here is a caduceus of Osiris himself. This is part of the reason why ancient mythology - the Egyptian Trinity in particular - is still so important in our culture. We don't realize exactly why just yet, but with the rise of highly advanced science - genetic engineering, space travel, cybernetics- all of the old mythologies are starting to resonate in our subconscious in ways we don't fully understand.

It could also be why Fundamentalists - both scientific and religious- are circling the wagons and readying themselves for a protracted propaganda war (and both spending millions of taxpayer dollars to do so). Perhaps they sense that a massive paradigm shift is coming pertaining to human origins, and are trying to muddy the waters as best they can to protect their own power.

Maybe the story of our true origins is the real disclosure.

Stairway to (the house of) Heaven
Back to the stairs- as we saw, there are several shots in the I Am Legend film that picture the dog Samantha at the top of steps or stairs, signifying the Stairway to Sirius. And the penultimate battle between Neville and the zombie vampires takes place on his seemingly endless staircase, which, though not spiral, is certainly winding.

But my conclusions about I Am Legend sent me back to first principles. My interest in the election or in Obama himself was the symbolism being tossed out like confetti- the Hercules temple, the Victory column, the Phoenix and so on. The Sirius symbolism in the campaign logos turned my attention to the Sirius meme, and the symbolism in the First Degree Masonic tracing board.

So, despite what the Masons themselves believe is the AAT narrative - the descent of alien beings from Sirius or Nibiru* - somehow encoded in that tracing board? Mind you, answering "yes" doesn't necessarily mean you subscribe to AAT yourself.

If so, what about the second part of the story- the alien manipulation of protohominid DNA? Could I find that in any of that in Masonic iconography?

Well, these things are always subject to interpretation, but there is a spiral staircase on the Second Degree tracing board.

How's that for a coincidence?


* Robert Temple translates Nibiru as Neb-Heru, or 'Lord Horus' in The Sirius Mystery. Which makes a lot of sense to me.


  1. Agreed Chris. Man, the pieces seem to pull together...don't they? Retorical question. :) True though. There are no coincidences.

    Great post Chris! (so much for seguels not being as good as he first)'s hmmm...Beatuiful! Well thought through. Thank you my friend.

    I'll goning to do a little research & the see if I can add some humble comments. Enjoy All!


  2. Just a note that might be of interest. [The Green Man] Shrek was originally suppose to be Chris Farley. He died so they gave it to Mike Myers, but since I have seen you talk about the number 33 often I thought I would mention this, cause that is the age Farley died, 33.

  3. My oh my...I'm a excited about this find. Look carefully at the following information. You will see conformation of Chris' discoveries. This was posted LAST goes...


    The Crown on the Statue of Liberty has been closed to the public since the luciferian/illuminati attack on the World Trade Centre of September 11, 2001.

    Announced today:

    May 8, 2009 – or in symbolic numbers – 05/08/09 = Sacrifice/Control/the Fall.

    Enter into the FULL MOON cycle of 05/09/09.

    Just prior to MOTHER’S DAY – MARY’s DAY, 05/10/09 = Sacrifice/Intensity/the Fall.

    Leading into Monday, the 11th, 05/11/09 = Sacrifice/Death/the Fall.

    None of this is without subliminal manipulation, & is part of the escapade a few days back when the Air Force One double 747 jet buzzed the Statue of Liberty for 30 minutes.


    The Statue of Liberty Crown can only be accessed via a 168 step DOUBLE HELIX SPIRAL STAIRCASE.(note..spiral staircase)

    This is the symbol the Caduceus of Hermes, or Mercury, where 2 snakes twine up the pole in the centre. This is the medical symbol of modern medicine.

    (Note...DNA tape next) This is also the representation of our DNA Tape that weaves its way through our bodies. This is the serpent that MOSES raised up on the pole in the wilderness, and all who gazed upon it would be healed. This also symbolizes the INFINITY symbol, or the number 8, and the notion of total control.

    168 = 1+6+8 = 15 the deity number
    168 – coincides with 2 on the 14th clockface – 14+2 = 16, or 4×4, the Foursquare Foundation

    Air Force One and the Statue of Liberty...04/28/09 – Barack Obama’s 99th DAY AS HIGH PRIEST!


    Islam has 99 names for god.

    Mexicans are being sacrificed to the great Allah / LA. Mexico = Megiddo. MEXICO = MECCA. The Battle of Armageddon in the Valley of Megiddo. Drug Wars, Swine Flu, and an earthquake, all in one day.

    SWINE FLU = PIGS FLY = You’ll NEVER BELIEVE what’s transpiring...

    The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the SUN/SON (the torch and the crown of 7 rays) & the MOON/ MOTHER (the crown reflecting the torch and the long flowing robe symbolizing water). Its this reflecting aspect of the sun and the moon, that symbolizes the flood of Noah (or the Age of Aquarius, or the Environmental Green Movement) that’s meant to cleanse the earth in these judgment days.

    ENVIRONMENT = EYE Sacrifice ORION Men Sacrifice Cross

    Some to think about. :)


  4. Why give a speech on September 8?

    But WHY SEPTEMBER 8, 2009? Simply because 08/09/20-09 = 08/09/08-09.

    This is the NATIVITY of the QUEEN of HEAVEN. The day set aside in sun worship, as the Day of the Birth of MARY. Of course, Mary is the Sea, or the SEE, the All Seeing Eye. Being that a pregnancy lasts 9 months (a very symbolic length of time in consideration of the year 2009 and the number of the FALL), Mother Mary’s mother, SAINT ANN (Satan/Shaitan) conceived Mary on December 8.

    It just so happens that December 8, the Immaculate Conception of Mary by Saint Ann, is 66 DAYS before the Vancouver, Mount Olympus, Victoria, Whistler Olympics of February 12, 2010 begin. Symbolically, this day, December 8, refers to 66, Saint Ann/Satan, & Mary, or MAR, the Sea.

    December 9, 2009, near the town of Tromso, Norway, in northern Norway.

    The coordinates for Tromso are 69N/18W.

    69 coincides with 9 on the 6th clockface – 6+9=15 Deity number – 1+5=6 Sacrificer SICKS

    18 coincides with 6 on the 2nd clockface – 1+8=9 FALL number and 6+2=8 or ATE CONTROL number – 18=2×9, or reversed 18=81 or 9×9

    Tromso is a sister city of Anchorage Alaska/the Ankh Sacrifice Cross of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

    Tromso is also close to the site of the Russian submarine disaster on August 12, 2000. Where 44 officers & 68 enlisted crew perished when the submarine sank as a result of a torpedo explosion. The Russian president Putin, refused help from the Britain and Norway to attempt a rescue.


    The Kursk sinking coordinates were 69N/37E.

    69 coincides with 9 on the 6th clockface, etc.

    37 coincides with 1 on the 4th clockface. The number signifies a New Age. 3+7=10.

    Copenhagen coordinates are 55N/12E.

    55 coincides with 7 on the 5th clockface. 5+5=10 and 7+5=12. 55 is 5×11, the numbers of sacrifice and death.

    12 coincides with 12 on the 1st clockface. 1+2=3 the triangle shape of the deity. (note...triangle)

  5. More info on twin snake/kundalini symbolism throughout history:

  6. I started following the numbers again after one of your readers posted a link to vid on that flying pyramid in Russia, and now see that that Sirius pyramid again, it sure looks like the 44 meter (144 ft) high pyramid that Alexander Golod built in Russia in 99.
    This particular link talks about how Alexander Golod has built 17 pyramids in 8 different locations in Russia in the last 10 years.

    Something? Nothing? Reiteration?
    It got my gut going, but then I could just be hungry.
    Thanks for these amazing posts.

  7. Thinking I Am Legend wouldn't have even been thought of being made unless they can slip all this stuff in. Its like they want people to lose all hope.

  8. the william blake painting is referring to the spiral stair case comming from the sun and going to the sun.

  9. An interesting book called the "Shining ones" By C. and B. O'Brian, gives a great amount of detail about Ningishzida, and all of the Sumerian founding pantheon of Gods, the original eden and their DNA soup kitchen. DS888, you can make nbr's fit any design you want. Do you have a blog to peruse? Using the Bible to prove anything is suspect by me. The old testement in particular. Is-ra-el and it's demigod is but a side show. Too many nbrs and too much speculation to make things fit. Great synthesis Chris. Dennis

  10. You comment on route 17 north out of Manhattan. That is how Whitley Strieber would drive north to his fateful cabin.

    Whitley also has a very strange story of traveling to another "dimension" on that road in New Jersey (told in his book breakthrough, I think).

    And - That's where Rod Serling lived, right along route 17.

    Is Bethel Vermont short for Bethleham (birthplace of you know who) and Vermont is the Green Mountain State. Vert is Green in french, thus the Green Man (?).

  11. Dennis, you wrote:

    "DS888, you can make nbr's fit any design you want."

    Except Pi Dennis - it never quite gets there but repeats ?


  12. Awesome. Here's one more thing about Collodi's Pinocchio, courtesy of Wikipedia itself:

    For example, the basic plot in which Pinocchio, through idle curiosity, is transformed into a donkey and is then restored through the intervention of a benevolent female spirit is taken from Apuleius' The Golden Ass...

    That "female spirit" of the Golden Ass was, of course, Isis. I wonder why this connection has been so little investigated?

  13. Few Shots and few words!

    DS888- We're not finished yet! Stay tuned!

    Quark- Farley as Shrek? That would have been a disaster. Thanks for the factoid!

    Suki- Cheers!

    Anony622- Ahh, linkage- always welcome.

    Liza- I did a story on those Russian pyramids- check it out here.

    JustUs- Who says they're even aware of it? Never underestimate the power of the Archetypes to tell their own stories.

    Anony1024- Good to know. Thanks.

    Dennis- Awesome! I will definitely check that out. The reading list grows...

    C!- Oooh, those factoids are going into the master mainframe. Scroll down for the Bethel stuff...

    Newspie- Man I remember buying that EP when it came out! Kepone factory, Minimata!

    Lynnertie- Excellent. Cheers.

    Elelie- Little investigated? Not at all. The Golden Ass (actual title Metamorposes) is one of the primary sources for scholars on the Roman Isis cult. Tres psychedelic, I might add.

    Patternist- Well done! Thanks for the link.

  14. Chris -
    I gape in awe and amazement. What a rocking post! I am highly appreciative of your attention to Will Smith as an Obama resonator ( learned that one from you, and by golly r u ever right about it ) Also just want to mention that the kids on youtube are going NUTS over the Norwegian lights phenomena. I have to agree with many of them- seems it was anything BUT a cranky missile. But that means that the timing, and phenomena itself may be extraordinary in cause and origin. Creepy doesn't even begin to cover it. Check out the youtube entries on the subject when you get a chance. You've held class again this week and many of us came away smarter for it. Thanks as always and of course, Cheers!

  15. "We see photos of dead vampire-zombies (or whatever) up on the wall of Neville's wall, which he uses to judge the effectiveness of his various vaccine formulas. In other words, he's evaluating (read: 'judging') the dead in his underground lab.

    Or 'Osiris' is experimenting on the next stage of human evolution* in his lab. Or as you say:

    "what about the second part of the story- the alien manipulation of protohominid DNA?"

    * At least in the book (and possibly in the alternate ending of the film - which is closer to the book's ending)

    The intriguing change from the book and previous films is that rather than just being a random survivor (basically how the dice fall, leaving the main character the last man on earth) he is not just an expert in the field required to find a cure to the virus but he works for the Army (who are the ones usually the focus of conspiracy theories about diseases from AIDS to ebola, they are usually thought to have originated in an army lab, in fact as an Army virologist he'd be exactly the type of person some quarters would blame for the infection).

    Washington Square Park is the location of an Obama rally in the year of the film's release (it was one of the biggest of the year, apparently).

    The actual ending of the film (which deviates from the book and is rather crucial for the meaning of the title) hinges on synchronicity based on a butterfly.

  16. Chris, yes, I have read the same books on the Mysteries that you have, including The Golden Ass. But what I have asked is why the indebtedness of both Collodi and Disney to the Isisian Mysteries is not more widely acknowledged. The most you will find is maybe an article or two trying to peg it as a Christian allegory, since, of course, Pinocchio is swallowed by a whale, just as Oannes/Jonah was. This must be true in some sense—Pinocchio is the tree spirit, after all—but it hardly cuts to the heart of the matter. I suppose that one of these days I'll have to write a book on it or something.

  17. Is it just me or has this year been much stranger than usual?

    The staircase thoughts have got me thinking of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero" from the summer: "Shaking, like a ladder to the sun..."

  18. Check out the light show and props behind the band in these clips.

  19. sorry if this is slightly off topic , but ive been syncing alot of white rabbits ,black top hats/spirals recently on another synchromystic thread and i keep thinking of the connection to the black and white squares on the masonic thread you write about can you point me to an explantion of the tracing board for me to mediate on ( i synnc the litlle wayne j sean promo to "down" which features the chessboard and the pillars

  20. nice post. thanks.

  21. Interesting analysis. the comment by Jstevekane relates to programming, mainly wizard of Oz -white rabbit and spirals astral dimensional access. doubt he will see this but often symbols are signs of programming that we need to eliminate not enhance. Best regards