Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 1

Synchronicity - significant coincidence - is a powerful thing. I've come to realize just how powerful it is and how unacceptable that power is to many people, even though they experience it themselves. A lot of people dismiss it (as a lot of you are aware of) and others strain for agency; acausality (or apparent acausality) contradicts everything we're conditioned to believe. I think a lot of people aren't wired to process it at all.

For the past couple of weeks I've been wracking my brains trying to work up an very untimely analysis of I Am Legend. The film is incredibly dense with symbol, and has parallels to a number of different mythologies and belief systems.

But what caught my eye about the film was the ubiquity of stairs, as well as that beautiful German Shepherd both my wife and I fell in love with. Of course the way my brain works, I think stairway, dog: Stairway to Sirius. Not a symbol non-Secret Sun readers generally look for, but those who do realize just how powerful it is. All well and good, but I wasn't sure if it was enough to warrant anything but a minor post for a two year-old film.

Of course, the big story this week was the bizarre aerial phenomena just prior to Barackobamun's Nobel War Prize speech. There's a lot of theories as to what the event was, and the generally-accepted theory now is that it was a failed rocket test. But it got me to pay attention to Barackobamun's Nobel speech, most importantly the visuals.

The picture above is cropped, but shows Barackobamun at the Oslo City Hall accepting the prize. What caught my eye was- again- the staircase, but also the enormous mural that hung above his head. We'll get back to that momentarily.

While in Oslo the Obamuns stayed at the Grand Hotel- the hotel's site has that pic on it's front page. I thought the design was interesting (vaguely reminiscent of a winged sundisk) but the next page I clicked on - the "About" page- had an even more interesting symbol....

...a stairway.

And even more sync worthy were the spiral designs
, given the spiral in the sky over Norway (Andre has more aerial spirals on tap at The Alien Project). Not having visited the site before, I can't say when that photo went up, but I'm going to assume it was well before the rocket even the other day.

And when you zoom in on the spirals, there's an interesting solar design, with what could be interpreted as a point in circle design. This cuts right to the heart of the issues I'd been mulling over with I Am Legend- the strange connections of our Sol with the star Sirius, at least as pertains to the ancient symbology I'm struggling with.

And of course that aerial event had a bright sphere at the center of the spiral as well, which then seemed to turn into a black hole (or black hole sun, as the old song goes). All well and good, but a minor sync, maybe for an offday post.

But tonight as I was pondering both the Nobel events and the I Am Legend post, I took a break to check the news. And as if summoned there's Will Smith, with his daughter Willow. As you can see, the headline really gave no idea what the context of the story was here...

...but it turns out that Smith and his family are in Oslo, and hosted a peace concert on Friday night.

I got a chuckle out of this picture, because it spoke to one of the themes of the theoretical I Am Legend post, that the film (as well as Hancock) primed America to identify Obama - a thoroughly uncharismatic political plodder- with Smith, probably one of the most preternaturally charismatic personalities in American history. Obama was so surrounded by starpower during his campaign (Bruce Springsteen, to name another) that America was unprepared to discover Obama's utter lack of charisma once the campaign ended.

But of course, the campaign was filled with strange symbolic manipulation, some of which dealt with Sirius. What exactly this symbolism all means I can't say, but I am starting to suspect that it's simply a kind of obsessive-compulsive (or even superstitious) behavior, in which politicians (their handlers, rather) play out these symbolic rituals the same way that baseball players do. Of course, Politics is itself about the manipulation of symbols. The real decisions aren't made in Congress, a fact a lot of people are quickly waking up to.

That being said, I was fascinated to see young Willow Smith wearing a five-pointed star (identified with Sirius/Sothis/Ceres) at one of the Nobel functions.

And just to refresh everyone's memory, all of this started when I noticed that taken together the elements for the hieroglyph for Sirius were embedded in the campaign logos for Obama and McCain. I noticed the stairway after the fact. Some other sites hijacked my work without crediting me (which happens too often for my liking), but long-time readers heard it here first. And of course, we had the charade with Obama and the "major issue" of the dog, who had to have "star quality" and all of the rest of it. You can read (or re-read) the whole election series here.

The symbolism got me looking at the Masonic first degree tracing board, which has angelic beings descending from the "blazing star" of Sirius. The Masonic literature is pretty useless in explaining the meaning (or history) of it, but the picture speaks for itself. Especially in the context of ancient astronaut theory, which probably isn't taught in the lodges. Well, the ordinary ones, at least.

Which brought me back to that Oslo mural. Apparently the mural is meant to symbolize various aspects of Norwegian culture and history, but I couldn't quite account for the blue people in the top center. They don't look like Norwegians- they look like gods. They also look like the angels in the tracing board, and if you look in the lower right corner there's a stairway as well.

The blue people in the center are a mother, father and child- a trinity, if you like. Their skin color rung a bell, since that is more associated with Hindu gods than Nordic ones. But this all tied back to the central conundrum inspired by I Am Legend- the common ancestry of the ancient pantheons, and how a core revelation occurred somewhere in Mesopotamia and rippled out to the rest of the Earth Island- including India, Egypt and Scandinavia- and became mythology. This sounds like standard stuff, but only when safely tucked away in the realm of history. Once you start making connections to current reality, that's when things get ugly.

And if you scroll back up you'll notice that aerial phenomena was a blue spiral.