Friday, December 11, 2009

TVOD: Fringe Pierces the Veil

At a point when lesser shows begin to bleed away their mojo, Fringe continues to conjure up the numinous counter-reality of a dream within a dream. The move to Vancouver was the missing link here- the cold, hard, soul-dead streets of Manhattan saddled the show with a depressing glaze that inhibited its humanity. The lush haze of Vancouver and those ever-changing skies are a narrative opiate - it feels like the show is finally where it belongs. The show's dynamics are evolving as well- Fringe is less centered on Olivia in favor of the thorny father-son relationship of Walter and Peter, but everyone's acting game has been raised exponentially since season one (even Agent Farnsworth, whose character has been a bit of a cipher heretofore).

The Fringe mytharc really gets under your skin, with its interdimensional war storyline played out in consensus reality. You totally buy it, which is the acid test for any sci-fi with legendary aspirations. And the less Fringe tries to play like The X-Files, the more it feels like it. Particularly that sense of anything-can-happen and that whoa-where-the-hell-did-that-come-from vibe that the TXF's Vancouver years wielded so well. And this standalone-within-the-arc format is really something that the sci-fi soap operas should pay attention to. Well, should have, more like it- most of the them are going or gone. Advice to aspiring showrunners: never-ending serials are for soaps. And they're all dying off too.

Non-US readers, try this.


  1. SPOILER ALERT! When Walter was being given the Parallax Test his second answer to 'coffin and candles' was 'Peter'! Peter keeps apologizing for never visiting Walter in the boobyhatch and Walter says two times, 'quite understandable'. That's because Earth-One Peter WAS DEAD! The whole point of going to Earth-Two was to obtain a Dimensional Duplicate of Peter!! Am I the first to postulate this?

  2. That's no spoiler, Ned! That was in the previous season, the finale I think.

  3. Hey Chris.
    Just wanted to pass along this story:
    The iceberg ˆ known as B17B
    twice the size of Manhattan is drifting towards Australia,
    it is now drifting about 1,700 km from Australia's west coast.

  4. Chris,

    You mentioned Vancover BC... here is some interesting information on BC & Symbols. This will blow your mind (what left of any of our minds). Well it seems strange to me at least.

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  5. And I posted this before but it goes with the above #4 commments.

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  6. Chris:

  7. Don't know if you've already mentioned this, but a couple things I noticed from Obama's speech:

    Hey spoke of the gnostic "divine spark" within all of us. He also used the Crowleyesque phrase "law of love." Love is the law, love under will!!

  8. I do enjoy Fringe although it seems too much like X-Files at times. Aside from the alternate universe storyline, we've seen most of it before. Even the characterizations are similar--at least in that everyone (except maybe Walter) is always so damn serious. Can Olivia laugh? Did Scully ever laugh? That's more rhetorical, so don't start rattling off episodes and all.

    In the end, I abandoned the X-Files because it simply became too dense, plodding and dull for me. I'm sure I missed some cool stuff, but oh well. I fear Fringe is headed in the same direction.

  9. Some interesting connects between this and the Lone Gunmen episode. I'll try giving Fringe another look, but my past feeling has been with it's nods to the X-Files, that the show plays the notes, but doesn't sound the music.

  10. I am not a fan of the "single serving" episode, I love the over arching themes which progress too slowly. I'd be interested in a Glen Gould style filming. I guess that's like Crash or Magnolia, but I want to travel the globe when I watch t.v. I've seen enough white suburbs.