Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Astronaut Theology: Thetans or Titans?

...Zeus or Xenu? Does the evil trapped within these meat-prisons come from the auras of ancient Thetans or the ashes of ancient Titans? Depends on who you ask....

Director Paul Haggis is the latest celebrity Scientologist to come out and renounce the church, which always gets me to thinkin' how much Mysto-Gnosto-sci-fi there is in Hubbard's theology. This is particulary striking in the Church's secret original sin theology, that only 'super clears' or 'Level 9s' or whomever once heard. First, the Thetans and Xenu, the ancient astronautic overlord:
Xenu was supposed to have gathered up all the overpopulation in this sector of the galaxy, brought them to Earth and then exterminated them using hydrogen bombs. The souls of these murdered people are then supposed to infest the body of everyone. They are called "body thetans". On the advanced levels of Scientology a person "audits out" these body thetans telepathically by getting them to re-experience their being exterminated by hydrogen bombs. So people on these levels assume all their bad thoughts and faulty memories are due to these body thetans infesting every part of their body and influencing them mentally.

Insanely-awesome sculpture 'The Rites of Dionysus' from The Eden Project

Now the ancient myth that found its way into the pagan Gnostic sects, which don't get as much press as the Christian ones do:
A variant from of Greek mythology given in Orphic theology, known from Neoplatonist sources, told an alternative version of the Titan myth, which also involves the separation of body parts but suggests a dual nature for human beings. In this variant, it is said that the young god Dionysos was dismembered, cooked, and eaten by the Titans, acts for which Zeus subsequently punished them by destroying them with a thunderbolt.
Human beings were then created out of the ashes of the Titans; this suggests that, as part of our identity as humans, we have not only a tendency towards violent criminal acts, from the Titans, but also something good, from the parts of Dionysos they had consumed before their own destruction. Dionysos himself was reborn from the one remaining part of his body, the heart, which the goddess Athena preserved.
The Orphic literature influenced many Bacchic mystery groups in antiquity; initiates seem to have regarded the body as a ‘prison’, and believed that they must liberate the divine ‘Dionysiac’ part of humanity from the evil ‘Titanic’ part.- Answers.com
...which in turned influenced the creation of original sin doctrine. Plus ça change, kids, plus c'est la même chose. I once thought the L-Rons would eventually take over Hollywood, but now I have my doubts. What it reminds me of than anything else is Christian Science, which too once had a big celebrity following. Whether or not there will still be movie stars as we understand them is an open question, and I don't see the L-Rons bagging any big game other than Hancock lately.

SYNC LOG UPDATE: Wow, this is timely.



  1. Very interesting connections... Who doesn't love a dancing cow?

  2. Yea, and notice the celtic cross as a drum. "Beat It" - Michael J.

    I personally think L Ron could use another look, without demonizing or sanctifying. Like Joseph Smith. Curious that the most holy Christian sacrament involves eating the body of Christ/Dionysus.

    Athena preserved Dionysus' heart, and Isis preserved Osiris' penis. Two organs that beat as one?

    Word veri: pyrie. A funeral pyre?

  3. Hi Chris

    I remember that sculpture very well. The Eden Project is an amazing place with many fascinating artworks amongst eye popping plants. It opened on Osiris day and my B-day 17 March (2001), partly why I went there during the Crop Circle season of 2007.

    It entrained with synchronicities and high weirdness I still ponder today.

    Peace In

    P:S noted that you posted this one on 12:21 ABBA and solstice (2012 resonating)

  4. Michael said...
    Yea, and notice the celtic cross as a drum. "Beat It" - Michael J.

    Athena preserved Dionysus' heart, and Isis preserved Osiris' penis. Two organs that beat as one?


    Dionysus preserved heart is the drum with the celt cross, being beat with Osiris preserved penis. By a taurus person.

  5. Juss watched Cornel West on the Colbert Report and was wondering how do you get to be a guest talkin about your book(s)?

    Rza of the Wu-Tang Clan can do it and a host of others.

  6. Heya Chris
    The 'L' in Hubbard's name is Lafayette. Loren Coleman wrote extensively about the mystical name Lafayette and how it connects to supernatual events like UFOs and others and to Hollywood such as the movie 'Knowing' and Heath Ledger.

    Also, there's something mysterious about Scientology especially pertaining to conspiracy theories. I know you don't down the conspircy path anymore but I do think there is something to it in this instance. His association with Crowley just fuels it too.

  7. Hubbard's story reeks of 1950s sci fi. How anyone can see it as anything other than embarrassingly dated is beyond me.

  8. Lafayette is a character from True Blood series...cows, horned gods, Dionysian fun in 2nd season

  9. Hubbard is no stranger to occult teachings. He ,apparently, became a member of the AMORC in 1940 and there are claims he incorporated some of their teachings in Scientology (which, we shouldn't forget, is the religious trappings added to Dianetics).

    I teased out some of Hubbard's timeline in my article in Darklore 3. He had been toying with Dianetics for a bit during World War II and he got some advice that if he had problems he should consider turning it into a religion. This advice came from a friend of Parsons' (and a Navy man) and another was passing through at the time. After Hubbard finished his time with the Navy the first thing he did was travel straight to Parsons' house where he moved in and became his magical partner (a pattern that is oddly similar to Marjorie Cameron's who left the Navy and went straight to California where a mutual friend in the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society introduced her to Parsons). Parsons fast-tracked Hubbard's progress through the OTO teachings and is thought to have given him access to information he wouldn't normally have access to, which again is said to have made it into Scientological teachings. It is almost that he targeted Parsons to provide the background he required. So there should be no big surprise that Gnostic ideas sneaked in.

    One thing I suspect might be significant to the LRH story is that, following a possible NDE in 1938, he wrote a semi-legendary missing book called Excalibur. Copies either don't exist or are kept solidly locked away, but it might be considered his first attempt at producing a spiritual book.

    continues (due to HTML limit apparently)...

  10. Part 2:

    What I suppose really intrigues me are all the ways Scientologists hook into a range of... fringe theories (random link grab on this, but there is more out there).

    Peter Moon, the driving force behind the Montauk Project was a member os Sea Org the paramilitary wing of Scientology. There are claims for some shifty goings-on there. Although perhaps not as eye-opening as claims made about Peter Nichols, the other main force behind the MP.

    The remote viewing team doing often CIA-funded remote viewing at SRI was filled with Scientologists like Puthoff, Ingo Swann and many more.

    Marion Martin ("Keech") returned to Scientology after the apocalyptic UFO cult she was running collapsed (as documented in When Prophecy Fails. This is interesting as the collapse of the group is also connected, through Charles Laughead and the channelling done by George Hunt Williamson, to The Council of the Nine (there is also a link through Puthoff and the SRI). See this, for example but Vallee writes about these two as well in a few books as Williamson links to both Adamski (I am still working to get definitive proof of a Hubbard-Adamski link) and occult-fascist William Dudley Pelley.

    Of course, as Dianetics was pitched at sci-fi fans there is a strong crossover with people interested in the early days of flying saucers (the occult-UFO-science fiction crowds all strongly overlap, and the occult/sci-fi mix pre-dated the UFOs - in fact in Darklore 4 I argue that the ideas about flying saucers grew from this group) so perhaps it is not much of a surprise but there is a shifty mix of military intelligence, the Navy, occultists and sci-fi writers cropping up all across the middle of the last century when a lot of influential belief systems sprung into life.

    Anyway great statues and the Fayette Factor is always one to keep an eye on as not only does it intersect with Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (who also seems to slot into the Cameron synchronicities - at least according to Moon) but the ultimate origin seems to be the Marquis de Lafayette journey across America imposing Masonic monuments on the mystical (and Fortean) landscape.

  11. At the highest levels of Scientology, as far as I can tell, one learns that L. Ron Hubbard is Lucifer himself, come to liberate humanity from the tyranny of Xenu/the Demiurge:

    Hubbard: ... when Crowley died in 1947, my father then decided that he should wear the cloak of the beast and become the most powerful being in the universe.... my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan. He had a direct pipeline of communication and power with him. My father wouldn't have worshiped anything. .

    So what we essentially see is Elron coming out of his OTO days and putting a Sci-Fi and very Luciferian spin on Gnosticism and the Mysteries.

  12. World's Largest Pyramid Discovered in Guatemala


    I wouldn't bother to post it here, but the link's got a 17 in it, so I feel obliged. (2+9+1+2+3=17)

  13. Guys, this is some big, juicy commenty-goodness to pore through here. Let me dig through it again tomorrow and respond in kind.

  14. Cool stuff, synchs well with the beginning to a recent post of mine. I also mused on the similarities between scientology and gnosticism.

  15. After reading this I stumbled across the new of a Bigfoot sighting in... Fayette County, PA (although it could be a large man in a balaclava from those sketches).

  16. Michael: Osiris' phallus was swallowed by an Oxyrhynchus fish. And just coincidentally, the earliest Christian texts were found in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt. (ICHTHYS?)

    And yes, I have entertained the possibility that L. Ron was right all along. What seems obvious is that Hubbard incorporated many "real" and high-level esoteric ideas that he had learned in his association with various occult groups. As L. Ron Hubbard, Jr put it,

    Black magic is the inner core of Scientology --and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works.

    And as the official Scientology site admits,

    It is formed in the tradition of ten thousand years of religious philosophy and considers itself a culmination of the searches which began with early religious writings and practices. Scientology is a gnostic faith in that it knows it knows.

    Grey: You know, say what you will about the "conspiracy path," but Chris' blog is partially what has seriously made me consider that most of the big writers and directors in Hollywood are part of some agenda by the OTO and its many splinter groups to influence humanity towards the precepts of the Book of the Law.

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  18. http://www.scribd.com/doc/11574482/Nichols-Preston-B-The-Montauk-Project-Experiments-in-Time

    Nichols and Moon are published free at www.scribd.com

    Montauk is part of the Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard crack in the cosmic egg.

  19. FYI. http://jeditheone.blogspot.com/2009/05/what-is-scientology.html

  20. Hmmm...let's shead some Dark on the matter.


    Exactly 50 years to the day, before the 9-11 attack on the WTC, the countries of Australia, New Zealand and United States entered into a military alliance called ANZUS. This was signed on September 1, 1951. This is 11 days short of being exactly 50 years prior to 911. However, when you add in 11 leap days, the day of signing this treaty is exactly 50 years.

    The acronym ANZUS is a subliminal for the name of the state of KANSAS, which includes the name of the luciferian egregore chief god of Mount Olympus, called ZEUS.


    The name Zeus suggests ZOO, which in reverse is OOZ, or OZ. This little play on words establishes the hypnotic manipulation required to effectively push the control buttons of our reality. The ANZUS treaty shows that the World Trade Centre attack was in the final leg of it’s long illusory journey since the first creation day of 9-11, the first day of this conjured up creation according to the Hebrew Calendar. The trance control of our Paradise State was the purpose of this treaty which was then linked to the 1900 children’s novel, the WIZARD OF OZ. The year 1900, signaled the start of the 20th century, with 20 being a number of total control, the century to take control of our original state, once and for all, by the luciferian THINKERS. By 1939, the movie, Wizard of Oz, distributed by MGM (Mother EYE AM), and their symbolic LION, ran for 101 minutes in length. 101 coincides with 5 on the 9th clockface. Sacrifice and Fall. The year 1939 – 19 coincides with 7 perfection and completion, and 39 coincides 3, the pyramid deity shape.

    The actors in this movie include:

    JUDY GARLAND a J and G name who played DOROTHY GALE, another G name.

    RAY BOLGER played the SCARECROW, a B and G name, alongside the name of RA or RAY, the Egyptian sun god.

    JACK HALEY played the TIN MAN, a J name, and symbolic of the JACK or SON of Sacrifice, as in JACKIN or JACHIN or JUAQUIN.

    BERT LAHR played the cowardly LION, another B name and a reference to LA ALLAH, and RAH sun god and the Lions Lair.

    BILLIE BURKE played GLINDA another B-B and G sequence. The GOOD WITCH of the NORTH, or in this case, the THRONE.

    MARGARET HAMILTON played the WICKED WITCH of the WEST, or WWW, which is symbolic of 666, or the WEB of DECEIT, as in the World Wide Web.

    FRANK MORGAN played the WIZARD. FRANK alludes to the Father and Son, the Killing EYE. MORGAN = Mother Organ, or the Womb of the Mother, the SEA.

    All these names have strong PILLAR names, which in turn are the Water Towers, or COLUMNS of sacrifice. Remember, this is just hypnotic suggestion. It has no basis in truth, but it has been used to create the illusory reality of the world as we recognize it today. Removing this illusory death experience simply requires a reconnection to wisdom, through awareness of what is transpiring, and the reality and freedom we are able to reclaim is of our original Paradise State."

    Enjoy. - DakStar888 -

  21. 17 synchs for your collection:

    Did you hear the one about the Governator's Caustic Acrostic?

    Yesterday, 10/27, Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed San Francisco's own state legislator Tom Ammiano's bill AB 1176 which would allow financial planning for infrastructure maintenance in the port of San Francisco.

    The vetoed bill was sent back with a terse note encoded with a vulgar message.

    Rumor is that this could be retaliation against Ammiano for heckling the Governor when he crashed a Democratic Dinner on Oct 7, calling him a liar and inviting Schwarzenegger to "kiss his gay butt," in so many words.

    I'm not surprised, this is coming from a governor who keeps the prop sword from Conan the Barbarian in his office.

  22. lynnertic...
    as you mentioned SF, have you heard about the Oakland Bay Bridge?

    San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge closed indefinitely
    Oct 28, 2009 2:08 PM

    Truckers crossing from Oakland to San Francisco and points both north and south will need to take alternate routes after the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was closed indefinitely Tuesday night due to the failure of a rod and metal brace on the 73-year-old bridge.

    The rod, which was installed over the Memorial Day weekend as part of earthquake upgrades to the bridge, according to an Associated Press report, snapped during rush-hour Tuesday night. The snapped rod brought down a three-foot section of the brace, weighing roughly 5,000 lbs., California Highway Patrol Sgt. Trent Cross told KTVU-TV.

    A California Dept. of Transportation spokesperson told Fleet Owner the bridge is being evaluated today ahead of any determination of how length the closure will last. The spokesperson advised truckers heading north to use the Richmond San Rafael Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge or the San Mateo Bridge and Interstate 880 as alternate routes.


    Oakland Bay Bridge on Wikipedia

    The I-80 OBB is the James Rolph Bridge

    ...and to Chris, you've got an excellent posting here and some great comments from your readers!


  23. Chris, in true synchromystic fashion you can find crtain terms an keywords associated witht your post and the post comments in the links of my previous post comment.

    TITANS of Steel
    Thin Man
    Emperor Norton
    even Lafayette makes an appearance between Mt Diablo and the Bay...

    and historically...
    "L. Ron Hubbard and his parents board the USS Ulysses S. Grant on 1 November 1923 and sail to New York from San Francisco through the recently opened Panama Canal. "


  24. Wow, more great stuff-I'm just coming off a nasty migraine so I'll try to dig in later. Excellent work!

  25. StrangEye, the closure of the Bay Bridge is really all anyone 'round here is talking about.

    Every time we turn around something else is closing it down. Two weeks ago an overturned truck blocked traffic for 7 hours, and 7 weeks ago it was shut down for the retrofit repairs that apparently failed last night.

    Chris, hope you feel better soon. I haven't finished reading material in the comments either.

  26. Cool link lynnertic, thanks! The "RED C" (of Jake Kotze/Jim/R.Arrowsmith)

    You also told us about that link on a day when there's 311 days remaining until the next man burns.

    ...and again right on the Sync with pagan to mainstream:
    Old gods and New gods, scientology, christianity etc ...

    311 AD was also the Edict of Toleration by Emperor Galerius.

    From Wikipedia on Galerius:

    Christians had lived in peace during most of the rule of Diocletian. The persecutions that began with an edict in 303 AD, were credited by Christians to Galerius' work, as he was a fierce advocate of the old ways and old gods. Christian houses of assembly were destroyed, for fear of sedition in secret gatherings.

    Diocletian was not anti-Christian during the first part of his reign, and historians have claimed that Galerius decided to prod him into persecuting them by secretly burning the Imperial Palace and blaming it on Christian saboteurs. Regardless of who was at fault for the fire, Diocletian's rage was aroused and he began one of the last and greatest Christian persecutions in the history of the Roman Empire.

    It was at the insistence of Galerius that the last edicts of persecution against the Christians were published, beginning on February 24, 303, and this policy of repression was maintained by him until the appearance of the general edict of toleration, issued from Nicomedia in April 311, apparently during his last bout of illness, in his own name and in those of Licinius and Constantine (see Edict of Toleration by Galerius).


  27. i didn't know l.ron and the sea org made an album under the name the apollo all stars. horrible cult-like chanting by the sounds of it. but then what would one expect?


  28. Hey Strangeye, I caught how the bridge named after the 27th Gov. of California was closed on 10/27 in the info you posted about the Bay Bridge the other day. Here's more fun:

    I learned this morning that 10/27 marked Mars' autumnal equinox.

  29. I did a post which also included about Scientology last year titled/Google, Scientology, Antipsychiatry and Psychedelic Healing, and there is an AMAZING interview (video) with an ex Scientologist who is an actor so he knows how to tell a story good. Thing is its a while since i checked the post and the video coulda been pulled :( dunno

    I URGE people who get wise to what a cult Scientology is do not embrace the pharmaceutical psychiatric 'meds' pushing circus!!! This is very important to see through. Yes, I am only too aware that some of the big names are involved with Scientology (though not Scientologists) like Thomas Szasz and Fred Baughman, and I have been incontact with them to ask why...basically they feel more need of support to bring down the heavy all-pervading might of the drug companies that now are even tagetting children and babes with their fukin toxic pills etc!! And ont forget E C T you'll

    But there are big names and others who cannot stand Scientology also, so all I am saying is dont be blind to bio psychiatric cult because they are hated by scientology cult.

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