Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten Thirteen: I Want to Believe, part 1

"That poster on Mulder's wall, I think, says it all." - Chris Carter

If you asked most people what The X-Files was about, they'd probably say something about aliens and conspiracies and monsters of the week. If you asked me, I'd tell you The X-Files was about Acid, Abuse and Ancient Astronauts.

Why the discrepancy? Well, most people look at the surface elements of the series, whereas I look at the subtextual narrative, often expressed in mythological symbolism.

Now to clarify, by "Acid," I mean visionary and shamanic experience, hallucinogenic and otherwise, which was an integral part of the series from very early on. But I also mean DNA, itself an acidic compound. By "Abuse," I mean the constant undercurrent of child abuse- systemic or intimate- that lurks beneath all of the alien abductions and tests and the rest.

The very first episode is about children being abducted and abused, as is the Mythology of Samantha's abduction (and certainly its resolution in Sein Und Zeit/Closure). That resolution ties back to an earlier episode called Red Museum, which deals with hallucinogens, ancient aliens as gods and DNA manipulation, all of which is exposed by the actions of a sexual predator. Both stories hinge on the concept of "Walk-Ins," a type of spiritual intervention popularized by UFO cults in the 1970s.

I always saw the aliens in the first six seasons of the series (the "Colonization" storyline) as a metaphor for the Nazification of America, since the Syndicate conspiracy was headed by Conrad Strughold, a not-so-thinly-veiled stand-in for Hubertus Strughold, the Nazi/NASA founding father who used mescaline in many of his horrific experiments at the Dachau concentration camp.

He became two characters on The X-Files (Conrad Strughold and Victor Klemper), both of whom are introduced in the episode Paper Clip, which was based not only on the Nazi-importing program of the Cold War, but was the third installment of a storyline that dealt explicitly with Pueblo shamanism. Though not seen until the first XF movie, Strughold owned the mines in West Virginia (which we'll get to later) where DNA of alien abductees was being stored.

Hallucination and visionary experience is tied intimately into alien identity and AAT throughout the series. An early episode called Space had a Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt, a former astronaut in charge of the Shuttle program, experiencing hallucinations of the the Face of Mars. It's later revealed that Belt was being controlled psychically by aliens to sabotage the space program so that humanity couldn't leave the biosphere and would remain ignorant of ancient civilizations in the Solar System.

That's part of the surface narrative of The X-Files. It's what lies beneath the surface that may be more enlightening.

Through the series, episodes centered alien identity and AAT would be preceded by episodes dealing with either hallucinations and/or hallucinogens. The first explicit inclusion of AAT in the Mythology was The End, which was preceded by an episode about an insectoid vampire (nearly identical to the ancient Martians from Quatermass and the Pit) that disguised its appearance by psychically implanting a hallucination of itself as human in the observer.

The major revelations of Biogenesis/The Sixth Extinction (with "Dr. Sandoz" and his revelatory "alien tablets") was preceded by the giant magic mushroom in Field Trip, as we looked at previously. The episode in which we first saw Scully's baby (conceived following her exposure to ancient alien technology) was produced right after Via Negativa, an episode about a Iboga guru who kills his victims in their dreams. William's alien identity was explored in two separate arcs: in TrustNo1, aired after Lord of the Flies which had a Syd Barrett subplot, and in Providence/Provenance, preceded by Hellbound which dealt with hallucinations of murder victims.

Ancient mythological symbolism was used throughout the series, eventually reaching a point where a careful observer might come to believe that the writers believed that the ancient fables trace their roots to human/alien contact. Certainly, all of the major characters would explicitly express a belief that humanity was the result of alien intervention in primate evolution, perhaps even in the terraforming of the Biosphere itself. It was never certain if the genetic engineers were the same as the Colonists, since their human/alien replacements were puzzled by the genetic structure of Scully's alien baby (see Essence/Existence).

Weaving throughout all of this is androgyny and psychic ability, since both are part of the alien dreaming and the Mythology throughout the series. As early as the first season, aliens were shown to be shapeshifters who could change genders. And the smoking gun of the alien component of human DNA was telepathy, which was first explained in The End.

So what does all of this have to do with the last X-Files feature film, I Want to Believe? It has everything to do with it- you just have to know how to look.



  1. I was thinking about mind control, child abuse, MK Ultra, and systems of control today, but on the smallest fractal level--the family. The revolution underway is the breaking with our programming. How does one raise a child? Abuse, coercion, force, FEAR?

    We are the aliens. The things that we've abducted are our children. What is it that we will force them to undergo, and how will they deal with these traumas as adults?

    Or. To become King one kills the old King thus becoming the new King, but also staying the old King. The action begets the result.

    Heal the Fisher King.

    The Revolution is being televised.

  2. Happy "belated" Birthday wishes to a one, Gillian Anderson :) the way, good post Chris.

  3. I watched 2 the other night. I watched one with the Blind woman who could see shit in her mind, I think it was called "minds eye" only thing that synced for me was the killer was carving a "C" in the people he killed but I watch another one about this guy who invented this thing that froze people and it wound up being used for time travel and not a single sync. It's strange shit like Stargate and other "right there" shows and movies produce very little sycs for me but something odd will have literally like 100 or more syncs.

  4. I posted comment to Sibel's blog and within 24 hours, Google had blocked her access to write a new blog and my post had been deleted. I prefer that technique to the one where the gatekeeper won't let me post no matter how many times I try to get it in. I will have to move my work to a host I can trust. Hmm.

    I think you missed the point of the dot mil psyops moving the pschedelics into the public domain and supplementing the cosmic consciousness with a couple of bones like X-Files. Ask not for whom the drum beats.. I think you all realize that you do your best work when you have a sounding board that synchs like you synch. Sibel Edmonds deserves better.

  5. This made me laugh :),
    I hope I'm not messing the flow of the conversation,

  6. Interesting start Chris. I've been waiting for a while now for a post from you on the last X-Files film. I shall be watching it again later today and anticipate the next instalment here.

  7. This is off subject but I thought of your work on the number 17. Here is the link to an article on a Kansas man that has won the lottery 2 times in 2009. The number 17 jumps out in the 5th and 6th paragraphs.

  8. My ongoing question:

    A) Is this mythology of sub-text a creation of a very insightful series of script writers?

    - - -Or - - -

    B) Were the scriptwriters just trying to create an interesting story, and these elements just seeped in from a deep unconscious place, and took root in this series.

    Sadly, I would be disappointed if it were the "insightful script writer" scenario. I would prefer the the much more intriguing Jungian mythos seeping up from "behind the curtain"

  9. Doug- it's up to you to break that programming with your own kids. It's important, I know.

    MH- Thanks for reminding me!

    C- Yes- I talk about those eps somewhere in this series. Cheers.

    Eric- OK, good luck with the move. Let us know where you'll be.

    Daniel- that is great!

    Justin- Cheers. I'll try to keep it interesting.

    Anony- Very interesting indeed. Cheers.

    Mike- Chris Carter told me that at some point the Mythology itself took over and wrote itself. They always said they didn't have a bible or a roadmap and let intuition and the subconscious process take over. I think this is where the AAT and LSA stuff took hold- just picking at the deep subconscious contents- exactly the same as Kirby. The show had so much clout at that point they could do what they wanted.

    The whole phenomenon is interesting- the show was just an afterthought, tied into the success of Sightings. But the other big show Fox put all of their money into died (Brisco County) and they were on the hook for their Friday sched. Then they noticed that this little scifi show had a very dedicated following. I think it was the internet that really put the show over. Otherwise it probably would have died like all of its clones and all of the rest of the scifi shows they stuck on Friday nights. But it was very dicey- at one point during the first season they had no money and Fox wanted Gillian fired.

    It was Beyond the Sea- which Chris Carter put all his chips on the table for- that put the show on the map. Which is why there's a lot of that ep in the movie.

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

  10. Did you catch the Owl Crop Circle from yesterday?,+Nr+Alton+Barnes,+Wiltshire.+Reported+10th+August+2009.jpg

  11. Facts are becoming so much stranger than fiction right now Chris - Huffpo just reported that in 2003 George Bush told French President Jacques Chirac that Iraq must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog, the Bible’s satanic agents of the Apocalypse.

  12. C- That is freaky as all hell. Cheers.

    Astronut- Yeah, I don't know what to make of that story. Does Bush really believe that or is that meant for his base? Maybe it's all a cover story for the Stargate agenda?

  13. Chris,
    The episode Folie À Deux is one (just one) of my favorite. I think its similar to 'They Live.' The fact that the creature is insectoid adds intrique when you think about aliens/demons in disquise.
    More importantly, however, this show has been on been on my mind for months now, ever since Celtic Rebel left a warning to us saying "don't enter the light." I found this statement profound, it destroys everything we previously thought. "It hides in the light." I wonder, what does hide within the light. Maybe when we enter the light after death we reincarnate, here, back in prison. And maybe the warden's guards hide among us, looking like us.

  14. It might just be me, but the name of the character "Strughold" played in Angels and Demons is quite interesting in this context. The resemblance is quite intriguing, too. But then, maybe it's just because they're both German.


  15. Jason- I just noticed that Armin Mueller-Stahl was born 12/17, too. Strauss was born 6/11 which makes, uh...

  16. Thanks for this Chris! I have JUST recently re-watched Season 8 and halfway through Season 9 and I think "Trust No.1" is another nice one.

    Glad you did this so others can become more symbolically aware...but with Eugenics subliminals, Hollywood, GMOs/Vaccines/Meds, etc. etc. it makes you wonder if our brain chemistry is being altered and not in the Shamanistic style...since they've taken the nutritional value out of the food in our western diet and since the Medical Industrial Complex seems to think "everyone is sick" [so everyone gets prescribed wonderful drugs], attacking the body is the quickest way to weakening the mind...thusly altering a person's thinking patterns, and for those that are symbolically unaware, these styles of story-lines do not make sense.

    Be well bro!

  17. Well, obviously the X Files is the exact opposite of that process, don't you think? Obviously you do, if you've been rewatching the entire series. Plenty to chew on, plenty to discover, plenty of information. The XF symbolism is explicitly shamanic- so it shows you that there are still powers of good at work, IMO. I'm not ready for the tarpaper shack quite yet.

  18. Interesting insight on Strauss' birth date, Chris. It's one I hadn't considered. What makes it stranger is a new realization. Strauss died on 9/8, the month and date adding up to the same number as 6 and 11. This was in 1949, just 17 years before the first air date of the original Star Trek series.


  19. Just found this today... An interview with David Lynch, talking about Richard Strauss.

    I will only say, I concur.


  20. Hi Chris,

    Great start, looking forward to the part 2.

    Pardon digressing, but your observation about Fascism is interesting. In light of current events, I'm trying to understand. Why do some keep courting Fascism as a viable Philosophy / form of government, when it's been proven it doesn't work? It's as though some keep believing a form of fascism can be created that will be manageable, when history demonstrates this is a beast that cannot be controlled. We keep seeing the same patterns repeat over and over again, when governments lean fascist. Is this interest just human nature? A search for easy answers / solutions? Any thoughts on this?

  21. I think Fascism is a defensive posture, essentially. A reaction to crisis or for many a perception of crisis. It's analogous to rigid discipline aboard a ship sailing through dangerous waters. But it often becomes a situation where the crisis is manufactured by those trying to instill a fascist regime- the Reichstag fire, or the perception of constant crisis you hear on talk radio or on rightist conspiracy sites.

    But its also a fantasist posture- a glorification of the iconography of phallocentric energy and male narcissism.It creates an illusion of strength and security- the ultimate big daddy. This can be appealing when a society feels itself in some kind of mortal danger from within and without.

    Just my .02...

  22. I think that is the main reason people should be cautious of to much communism and/or socialism cause history shows again and again how either two of these forms of Government lead directly to Fascism.

    Fom the Script of the late great John Hughes:
    Ferris Bueller: "Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me." Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people."

  23. I don't know if I see any appreciable difference between Fascism and Communism(Socialism is word everyone throws around, but no one seems to understand). They both suppress the individual in favor of the group and they both tend to solve their internal contradictions through warfare. The only difference is whose ox is gored, but in the end they seem to evolve into a very similar state.

  24. Thanks for this post Chris. Looking forward to more. Your mention of Beyond the Sea got me thinking of the Sea of Tranquility, and this blast from I came across recently. I thought you might find it interesting.

  25. Awesome- BJH were a great band. I'm working on parts two and three right now.

  26. That's hilarious about the episode with the Iboga Guru. Definitely not something that happens.

  27. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.