Saturday, July 25, 2009

Must-See TV: The Invisibles

What do you get when you cross Lovecraft's Chthulu mythos and Heinlein's Puppet Masters and throw in a dash or two of Darker Than You Think? You get this nail-biting episode of The Outer Limits. As detailed by Bruce Rux, The Outer Limits was created by Leslie Stevens, whose father was a US Navy Admiral, so the denouement of this episode has added resonance.

After a billion, billion years, the strange forces of cosmic energy have put together nameless nuclei that met and fell to Earth where, although deformed by the fall, they plan to rule by infesting the bodies of powerful and influential humans. These 'alien things' can grow into the body of a man who is useful to them, but form ugly growths and make sickness of the men they cannot use in their attempt to take over.
Luis Spain is planted by the Government Intelligence Agency to get inside the clique of once respected men who are still in positions of power although converted by the invisibles they carry in their systems.

My apologies if this video isn't available for non-US readers, but I strongly recommend you track it down. Grant Morrison obviously did. Here's the link for the (Cht)Hulu page.


  1. Hey, Chris...

    Do you happen to know what episode and what season this is? The embedded video is nice, but it won't go full screen and is a bit cut off on the right...I wouldn't mind seeing it directly on Hulu, but there's seven seasons and many episodes on there...

    Thanks for this post. Looks very interesting. I read the Invisibles in their entirety when they came out and pretty much no one knew who Grant Morrison was--I even still have the Invisibles original comic books, neatly and carefully preserved, tightly packed in a box, which is how they escaped destruction when my house burnt down almost five years ago now. Along with all the original Sandmans and a few others. Though I'm not big a comic book devotee, these called me when I was in college, and I've never been led to all sorts of interesting things, which there isn't space to go into here.

    Thanks again.

  2. Christina- I think most of the frame in onscreen- the part cut off is just the border. But it's in the first season of the original series, that had only two seasons. I'll add a link.

  3. Good stuff. This is one of those shows I always heard about but never got around to watching (the original series, at least). I'll definitely check out more episodes.

  4. MOst of the alien related metaphors of the 50s/60s and machine -similar of the post modern age (HAL/matrix/robot/virus) are as I feel it just variations on the theme over ego death.

    There is no such thing as E.T. comming physically into our system. They are already here as such as consciousness, which is manifested by the "dead" spirit of ego (or in other words nothingness). Ego persists from the black magic of the egyptian overloards because they were the divine race falling into occultation ("The Fallen" i.e.). Read some more on my blog perhaps, have a few ones on that one ..

    may peace and love be yours brother

  5. This is an interesting of Grant Morrisson, he seems like an interesting mate.

  6. Hi Chris,

    Speaking of being invisible...
    Just reading the Sunday paper and secure in the thought that CERN is no longer active at least for a few more months;)...when low and behold the Parade magazine section of the paper with sweet innocent High School Music-er V-annessa Hudgens on the cover seemed interesting.

    I opened the magazine right to a special story section on "The Race For The Secret of the Universe".

    Talk about a red herring! While all interested regular folk had sighed a sigh of relief on the demise of the LHC...

    Fermilab in Chicago has had TWO teams working around the clock after the CERN disaster and doing all the work for the "God particle"

    and "...the physicists at Fermilab began smashing particles as never before— revving up the Tevatron to more than 2000% of its original capacity and working around the clock. Five months later, in February, they stunned the scientific world by making the first major breakthrough in God-particle research in nearly a decade."

    So, right under our noses in the good ol' USA, in President Obama's ol' stomping ground of Chicago; the possibility of spawning a black hole with the God particle search is still with us -locally.

    I'm shocked! And feeling duped, waylayed, bamboozled, beguiled, bilked, burned, conned, deceived,gypped, hoodwinked, scammed, swindled, taken in and any other synonyms you can think of!

    And then all of this is hidden (invisible) in your Sunday Parade magazine.

    Visit the article here:

  7. Also from that first season was episode 3 ("The Architects of Fear") in which "scientists plan to save Earth from nuclear war by uniting it against a manufactured alien foe." If that sounds awfully familiar, it's because it is the exact plot line to Alan Moore's "Watchmen". Whats even more interesting is his claim to have never seeing the episode before writing the comic. Another interesting sync is the title of episode 17, "Don't Open Until Doomsday". Hm

  8. reading Frances Yates amazing "Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition" Decided to look up the date of his burning by the church in Rome for heresy. Wouldn't ya know- Feb. 17, 1600.

    Another part of the elaborate revenge motif, with the cosmological astronomical, encompassing all of us.

  9. Harpocrates the god of silence, interresting tidbit I guess,
    Oprah's company is called HARPO. The Billionaire clique was meeting in secret not too long ago to decide of our fate. the reason why they call them philantropist escapes me,

    By the way, I wonder what is her Dr. Oz project coming up

  10. Do you think Icke may have had this floating in his subconcious? Did they show the Outer Limits in the UK?